Brandy and Monica’s Kids Follow In Their Footsteps

02/22/2012 at 09:00 PM ET

A lot has happened in the 14 years since Brandy and Monica charmed the world with their Grammy-winning teen rivals hit “The Boy is Mine.” Now they’re back with a new duet — “It All Belongs to Me” is out now — and are both mothers.

Brandy’s daughter Sy’rai, 9½ (dad is her ex, producer Robert Smith), has the talent to follow in Mom’s footsteps, but the singer isn’t ready to let her — yet.

“She’s into her school work and her education but singing is all she does, watching videos and making up routines,” Brandy, 33, tells PEOPLE. “I’m seeing the signs, but I want her to hold on a little longer and have a regular childhood.”

“Rodney is a drummer,” Monica, 31, explains of her eldest son (dad is her ex, rapper Rocko Hill). “He is only 6½ and is in the third grade. He wants to go to college like [my husband] Shannon and he’s serious about musical intent — he plays his drums daily and asks for lessons.”

Kwaku Alston

“He asked me, ‘Can you call Travis Barker and have him come give me drum lessons?'” says Monica, who recently ran into the Blink-182 drummer at an awards show and showed him a video of her son playing during his school talent show.

As for her youngest? “My 4-year-old [Romelo] is everything from an acrobat to a soccer player. He is a live wire! He’s sociable like me, a free spirit — all over the place!” she laughs.

And with both Brandy and Monica in loving, committed relationships (Brandy’s dating music publisher Ryan Press; Monica wed NBA star Brown in November 2010), they hope to become mothers again.

“Oh yes,” says Brandy. “Absolutely,” adds Monica, who hopes for “maybe two or three” kids with her husband.

Till then, both are planning play dates at Chuck E. Cheese, hoping to hit the road together this summer and relishing their renewed friendship.

“I just feel blessed,” notes Monica, whose album New Life is out April 10. “We had to get here as people first before we could do anything musically [again] and be the artists that we are, the mothers that we are.”

Brandy, who plans to release a new record this summer, sums it up: “We are ready to sing!”

For more on Brandy and Monica’s lives now and their last moments with their friend Whitney Houston, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jessica Herndon and Marisa Laudadio

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Stella Bella on

Awww. So sweet. I bet they are having fun together!

Anonymous on

Sounds like Rodney skipped a few grades (since most kids his age are only in first grade). Very impressive! 🙂

TanyaT on

Monica must have a genius on her hands to have a six-year-old who is in the third grade. Anyways, I’m glad she and Brandy is back! I wish them both success in their music and their personal lives.

Hea on

I bet Travis Barker would do it too. He seems so sweet with kids. 🙂

Lady on

Yes, Monica has said Rodney skipped a few grades after passing exams to do so, he was too smart to be in with kids his own age. So nice their still close friends after all this time!

Shannon on

Two beautiful mommies! Love them!

Anonymous on

Hea- I agree. What really impresses me about Travis is that, for awhile at least, we saw him spending time with Shanna’s daughter Atianna even after they divorced (I don’t recall seeing them together recently, but given Atianna’s age that could be very well be her choice, or perhaps Shanna decided to stop letting Travis see her). The fact that he was willing to spend time with his ex’s daughter and treat her like his own speaks volumes, in my opinion.

The world could use more men like him!

Terri on

They are both beautiful ladies and mothers.

Jane on

I’m happy to hear their doing so well, but I’ve seen pics of Ryan and Brandy together and he looks very blah,does not exude any passion at all..hope Brandy isn’t settling with him. She should have considered her former dance partner Maksim.

Caroline on

I love how the way the description of the article is worded, it sounds like Brandy and Monica have children TOGETHER. Who proofreads this stuff?

ruby on

Brandy should be less flippant when talking about her children, since her negligence lead to the death of a family.

Silly K on

Obviously both mothers are uneducated noting as they both misuse grammar extensively. The writer of this article is also a poor excuse for a journalist or writer since adjectives that use “-est” as the ending refer to three or more items being compared; yet, the author indicates only two people. It is no wonder why this country’s young people are pitiful role models for the future.

Mad@Myself4Commenting on

Whatever why can’t people just look at the children without all of the negativity? Be happy for them.

Ans on

@ Ruby – what are you referring to?

Anonymous on

Okay! Glad I’m not the only one who picked up on the fact that Monica’s son is too young to be in third grade. Misprint? Or fabrication?

dconeray on

both nice girls with great voices. Nice role model type girls.

chuks on

@Ruby, Brandy was not negligent. Also no charges were brought against her. She was cleared of any wrong doing.

What happened was simply a tragic accident which she will forever be mindful of. She has done her best to acknowledge the gravity of the unfortunate incident several years ago.

She’s put her entire career on a break after the accident of which was not her fault. For you to write that she was negligent is simply callous and misleading.

BRANDY YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED ARTIST! I love your music and wish you and MONICA all the best on your new collaboration.

Peggy Smith on

Great role models? Didn’t Brandy have a child out of wedlock? Not such a great role model, if you ask me. Let’s hope that her child DOESN’T follow in her footsteps!

Zoe Moon on

I am so happy to see Brandy and Monica looking great. They are great examples that their children can follow. Way to go Monica and Brandy. I am proud of your success. You deserve it.

Ever on

@ Ruby- your comment is ridiculous! Brandy was in a car ACCIDENT- a very common occurance. that would be why it’s called an accident. She was not drinking and driving. She was not texting and driving. She did something many, many of us have done and got into an accident. It’s unfortunate that someone was killed. to be technical, 1 person was killed, not an entire family.

She rear ended someone when traffic slowed, that car hit the one in front of her, slide sideways, hit a traffic divider and was hit by another vehicle. Truthfully, though she didn’t survive the accident, had another car not hit the vehicle after it was hit and hit 2 other structures, the driver may have survived brandy’s hit, we’ll never know.

brandy immediately felt guilty about the accident and has always blamed herself- a hard thing for anyone to live with. especially one that could have happened to anyone… I pray some small misdead never be caused by or happen to you. I also hope that you find a tiny bit of empathy and try it on for size.

Jessica on

@ever. Sometimes there isn’t enough evidence in the law to convict somebody, that is why she got off…insufficient evidence. At the very least she was following too closely.

What doesn’t get resolved in court, gets resolved in civil court…where she was deemed culpable and made to pay $300,000 to each of the woman she killed children. She also settled lawsuits with the womans parents and the womans husband.

Innocent, I don’t believe so much.

Linda on

Wow ever I hope you take the time to read your post, because Life is precious. And to say what Brandy did wasn’t bad because she didn’t kill a whole bunch of people, she just killed one person . That sounds like life doesn’t mean much to some people, when in all it should mean everything. Look at the recent losses that have happen , and the whole world mourned for that 1 person. We all should care that much about each other. God Bless

Anonymous on

I remember seeing Monica on some late night show and she did talk about her son had skipped a couple of grades after taking test

ToRo on

Can someone tell me the difference between a child born “in wedlock” and one “out of wedlock”? Is one child better than the other? I was born out of wedlock. Does that invalidate me as a person somehow?

Nicole on

@ToRo- Well said! Exactly, what the hell is the difference? Times have changed people! It’s not the 1800’s anymore.

Tara on

they may be successful in their careers but suck at picking partners! seriously.

rafiki on

Would be nice to see such gorgeous black women not have kids with several different father’s. Oh… brother! Oh well… kudos for being good mothers and the little boy who’s in the third grade at 6 years needs a pat on the back.

Rocco on

I hate this word but all I see are “haters”…really? Such a nice article of grown women excited to do music together, and are raising artistically enriched kids out of the spotlight…(yes Monica child skipped grades it is not a fabrication like someone said up here)..then..Someone points out grammar? Someone else pointed out a child born out of wedlock? Then the accident? Why?…

According to lawsuits that were made against Brandy AND the lady that was killed’s estate…it was said that the lady killed had hit someone in front of her before Brandy had hit her which caused a chain reaction…I got into a similar car accident luckily no one died but my car was totaled. 2 cars ran into a median in my lane causing the lady in front of me to slam on breaks and then I slammed, stopping in time to only bust their back light…

These ladies went through their trials and failed relationships and declines YEARRSSSS ago…literally almost 10 years ago. Get over it, they are adults now, allow them live a wiser life now without throwing their past repeatedly in their face. It isn’t like they abused drugs and were big party tweens, committed adultery, or even had sexually explicit & violent music…they worked extremely hard and were human. They could have been far worse off. Look at the tweens out today for example…..

jamel on

Wow !!! After reading the comments people are funny grammer lawsuits and her son is smart get over it folks, both of the ladies are just fine. If thats all you have to worry about GOD BlESS YOU !!!!! Peace

amerie on

rafiki ,What are you talking about? their children do not have different fathers Brandy only has one child and monica has two boys and they are both by the same man she is now married to someone else so watch what you ASSume .

J.L. on

OMG is some of you posting here stupid?

Brandy was in a car ACCIDENT, something that happens everyday! If you ignorant idiots actually took time to read the FINAL report of what happened you will know that the woman who was killed had traces of marijuana in her body and had already hit the car in front of her when Brandy rear-ended her! Why should Brandy be blamed for that?? She didn’t do anything wrong!!

Y’all have brains to think with, try to use them!

Dee on

WOW….It is funny how quickly we are ready to throw the past in this woman’s face!!! Because well, we are all so perfect right???

And to the poster who commented about black women and having different baby fathers, exactly how does this differ to white women or men who have multiple baby mothers/fathers?

Seriously people…..what the heck is wrong with some of you?

Being born out of wedlock is a crime? Since when?

They suck at picking partners? uhm….who asked you?


Congrats to two beautiful and talented sistas, you make me proud to be a black woman and I look forward to hearing your music in the future!!!

Get a grip haters!!!!

boohoobytch on

THE-BOY-IS-MIIINE…used to love that song lol

Rhonda on

To the People that are Bashing on Brandy for the Car Accident..


Judge Not Lest Thou Be Judged!!