Baby on the Way for Joe Nichols

02/21/2012 at 02:05 PM ET
Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Joe Nichols is expanding his family!

The country crooner, 35, and wife Heather are expecting their first child together this spring, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“After trying to have a baby for so long, we are thrilled to announce that I am pregnant,” Heather says.

Adds Joe, “I have to give all the credit to my wife — she has been a trooper through all of this, and I am so happy.”

The “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” singer married his wife in September 2007 in Georgia, although the couple knew each other since age 19, when Joe performed in Heather’s father’s Texas club.

The Grammy nominee is already father to daughter Ashelyn, 13, from a prior relationship.

— Sarah Michaud

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Ashley D. on

Congrats Joe & Heather! 🙂

Amanda on

Good for them. Sounds like they had a tough time, so it’s especially nice to see that they’ve finally realized their dream.

Susan on

Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raisethetaxesontherich on

Does this mean you will get a hit song?

Reese on

Best wishes to the two! I know they’ve had trouble getting pregnant and have suffered a loss so I hope Heather has an healthy and uneventful pregnancy.

Jesslyn on

Congrats to Joe and Heather!! They will be great parents!!! I got to meet Joe Nichols in 2010 and he is just a sweetheart.

Tee on

Aw, I’m so happy for them!

Jessica on

Geez…that baby is gonna be from some great gene pool lol!! Congrats!

Terri on

Congratulations and God Bless to you both.

Anonymous on

Reese- Heather had a miscarriage previously? No wonder they waited so long to announce this pregnancy (the article says she’s due in spring and it’s already nearly March, meaning that she’s at least at the end of her fifth month- which would make her due in mid-June, at the end of spring- if not further along)! I would too under those circumstances! Anyway, congrats to them, and I hope this pregnancy is a succesful one for them! 🙂

Anonymous on

Also, just out of curiosty, does anyone know if Joe’s daughter’s mother is a celeb, too?

Anonymous on

Sorry for the triple-post, but it just occured to me that, since Joe is 35 now and his daughter is 13, that means he was only 22 (or possibly even 21, and as I have no idea when his daughter’s birthday is, and for all I know she could be turning 14 very soon) when he became a father for the first time! Not knocking him or young parents at all, I assure you. It just gave me a bit of a shock to realize that is all! 🙂

Lisa Rosa on


Jillian on

Anonymous, she is due in spring… So she is due between march and June. Nowhere does it say she is 5 months. She could be due at the end of March and be 8 months. And why are you shocked that he had a child at 21/22? Shocked?! What am I missing?


Reese on

Anonymous, yes. I remember reading an article about it a few years back so, as you said, it’s completely understandable why they would wait to share the news.

Catca on


If you’re going to criticize someone else’s post, at least make sure you read it correctly first. Anonymous said they waited awhile to announce and it makes sense if they had a previous miscarriage. Anonymous then said she is at least at the end of 5 months if she is due in the spring because spring ends in mid-June as anonymous already pointed out.

Again, anonymous said she’s at least at the end of 5 months, not that she is at the end of 5 months. Perhaps you read it too quickly and misunderstood, but if you’re going to criticize someone, slow down and read their post properly.

Jillian on

I didn’t criticize her post. If you are going to summarize someones post, you should do it correctly. I know what she said. I can read and comprehend just fine. Here is a quote after the five month thing about her due date which is what I am referring about…,”which would make her DUE in MID-JUNE, at the end of spring- if not further along)!”

You shouldn’t summarize peoples statements. She clear as day said the baby was due in June……I thought maybe she read it elsewhere. Maybe she did. Do you know? No you don’t. Why are you involving your rude self? Cause that’s what you do!!!

Mary (not Jillian)

Shannon on

That’s so nice. Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Mary- I apologize for the confusion. Catca is correct about what I meant. When I “the article says she’s due in spring and it’s already nearly March, meaning that she’s at least at the end of her fifth month- which would make her due in mid-June, at the end of spring- if not further along”, what I meant is that IF she IS indeed five months along, that would make her due in June, not that she IS five months along and due in June (that’s why I added “if not further along” at the end).

As for being shocked that he had a child at 21 or 22, I didn’t mean that as a bad thing at all, and as I said last night, I didn’t mean it as a critcisim against him or younger parents in general. Anyway, maybe shocked was too strong of a word. Surprised probably would have been the better term to use. And why was I surprised? Mainly because, I’ll admit, it’s unusual for me to hear of someone having a child that young. Most of my friends, family members, and acquantinces were at least in their late 20s when they had their first child.

Again, not saying there’s anything wrong with having a child that young. It just took me by surprise a bit is all.

Jillian on

Anon, gotcha! I was confused and no way meant to criticize you. I know stars often make an initially announcement, than a follow up. I thought maybe you read somewhere that she was due in June. So please I hope you understand I meant nothing rude.

I Know you didn’t mean it as a bad thing. I guess the word shocked confused me. Surprised does too. The reason is because we don’t know these people personally and people have children at this age all the time. If I were to have had a child at this age it would have shocked and surprised my family but my friend has four children starting at 17 and that hasnt surprised anyone. I don’t have feelings like that about others because I don’t know them personally.