Mini Must-Have: Naleigh Kelley’s Pretty Dress

02/20/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Naleigh Kelley is seeing red!

On Nov. 27, we spotted the 3-year-old wearing a fun, patterned ensemble while window shopping with mom Katherine Heigl in Los Angeles.

And from the adorable mix of stripes and polka dots to the sweet knit bow, we loved her head-to-toe look so much that we had to get the details on her outfit.

Turns out, Naleigh is wearing Le Top‘s Candy Stripe and Dot Sweater Dress ($51) with their Red Polka Dot Tights ($14).

Love it too? Just add red Mary Janes and your little princess will look equally as cute.

— Anya Leon

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Bree on

Love it!!
I am seriously considering one for my DD, it would be perfect for my Husband’s Uncle’s Wedding and all the Christmas Parties we have in December!!

huh on

I like the dress and the tights, just not together. Too busy for my taste. She’s so cute, though.

Peggy Smith on

Cute, but don’t know too many “real” people who could afford to spend $65 on a child’s outfit.

nikki on

I think its adorable. I personally don’t spend that much on my kid’s outfits, but she does have some expensive ones that have been given to us. Its very popular where I live to dress your toddler in $60+ outfits. Adorable, but crazy!

Catca on

I think Naleigh looks adorable and what is also great about it is that it looks comfortable too. I see a lot of parents where I am spend big bucks on their toddler’s clothes only to buy doll like clothes – i.e. looks great but not comfortable at all to play or move around in.

Steph on

I love le top clothing, they are some of my favorite things to dress my daughter in. I had no idea it was so expensive though. I find this brand pretty often at the thrift store.

Maryanne on

Adorable! Reminds me of Hanna andersson. My dd is 9, wouldn’t happen here but I would buy this if I had a 3 or 4 year old. $60.00 isn’t too crazy.

molly on

Fashion don’t. Yuck!

Shannon on

OMG she is adorable!

lifeasahouse on

I know plenty of people who would spend this on their toddler. I choose to get it on clearance or at Goodwill, or just go with a cheaper brand. However, this is adorable and LeTop is comfy and soft.

Marky on

Naleigh looks so adorable in this outfit! Some need to remember Naleigh is this couple’s first child and part of a broader family. I had 2 daughters 15 months apart, so I didn’t mind paying a little more for #1’s clothes (who, like Naleigh, was Korean), so little sister could wear nice clothes, too. I bought quality, not quantity, and therefore, neither had 50 outfits, but what they had was nice, cute, and could last through however many girls I had, or be passed to nieces. I thought that was a reasonable price for a complete ensemble. Love the way this little girl dresses; so cute and so….normal!

Magnus on

This is a little off topic, but how do you pronounce her name?

NickyAngel on

Naleigh is such a cutie…and her cheeks are almost as red as the outfit (lol)

Ellie on

I saw her on the View with Katherine and she is a real cutie.

Hea on

What does DD stand for?

Sarah K. on

Magnus, it rhymes with Hayley

Hea, I think it stands for “dear daughter”

Naleigh looks adorable, as usual!


Hea – DD stands for “dear daughter”.

I LOVE this outfit! Usually not a big fan of polka dots but this outfit is seriously cute! If I had a little one – and could afford to drop 65 bucks on kids clothes – I would definitely dress her in it. 🙂

annachestnut on

This child pulls off stripes and polka dots so well! Very Cute!

Anonymous on

Does no one else think she looks like a clown? That was my first thought. Hideous outfit. Looks like a halloween clown get up.

Indira on

I think its so cute that she’s dressed like a CHILD and not a mini-adult. If she were an adult, she’d look crazy but, shes a little girl so its adorable. Not exactly on trend but definitely nice for a small child!

Marky on

Anonymous, that was just rude and uncalled for! What the heck is the matter with posters who insult a child’s appearance, and ridicules their clothes, etc? I don’t always think Gwen Stefani’s boys look the best, but most of you do, and I’m sure not going to say some rude insulting comment about what her children look like!

Jillian on

Cute outfit! I would pay $65 for this outfit. I don’t think that is super high and I don’t make millions like her parents!!


Lori on

I love Le Top Clothes, too! This complete outfit is $38.00 here: :o)

Chrissy on

Naleigh is so adorable! I read somewhere that her name is a combo of Heigl’s mom’s name and Heigl’s sister’s names: Nancy and Leigh, so that would be more like Nah-Ley, not Hayley, I’d think. As for the outfit, LeTop is so outrageous with their prices! I find their clothes to be not only way overpriced, but low quality, made-in-china, but pawned off as made in the USA. I have no problem with products made in China, but don’t insinuate they’re made in the US when they’re not!

Lori on

I love Le Top! Great clothes and friendly company. This complete outfit is sold for $38.00 here: