Sarah Michelle Gellar: Charlotte Thinks My Job is Getting My Hair & Makeup Done

02/17/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Stefani Keenan

As the star of Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s workday often involves long hours on the set, but don’t bother explaining that to her daughter Charlotte Grace, who thinks mom’s career is far more glamorous.

“She totally knows what my job is. My job is to get my hair and makeup done,” the actress tells PEOPLE of her 2-year-old, who frequently visits her while she films the show.

“[She thinks my job is] to go in the hair and makeup trailer.”

While the little one is not allowed to watch scenes from the decidedly adult drama, Charlotte has found a home base on set, often joining costar Ioan Gruffudd‘s daughter Ella on playdates.

Pottery Barn Kids actually came to our set and did a playroom for all of the kids,” says Gellar, 34. “We have a place where they can come and be a part of it, so [the parents are] not missing out.”

Her fondness for the brand is also what led the actress to partner with them for an Operation Shower event on Wednesday in L.A. The baby shower, which was sponsored by the company, as well as Carousel Designs, provided 40 military spouses and moms-to-be with the necessary products expectant mothers need.

“I was telling my daughter before I left today — I said, ‘Mommy is going to go to a baby shower for people who don’t have other family here and don’t have everything they need,'” Geller explains. “She said, ‘I want to give them something!’ It’s just so cute for her to understand what I was doing; it was important to me. She wanted to donate a stuffed animal.”

Though she’s been able to seamlessly juggle such events, shooting and spending time with her daughter up until this point, Gellar calls finding the balance an ongoing challenge.

“It’s a learning curve, it’s definitely a learning process,” she says. “My hat goes off to anyone that juggles all of it because it’s very hard. You always feel like there’s a part of you that’s not giving enough to one, whether it’s work or your family or your charitable donations.”

— Kiran Hefa

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Tee on

These two appear to be very good parents. I love hearing stories about Charlotte. How sweet of her to donate one of her stuffed animals! And I think it’s wonderful that the set of this show has welcomed the children there. Nice that she still gets to see her daughter while working during the day. It’s a shame that more everyday jobs aren’t like that.

Anonymous on

For anyone who’s wondering, PopSugar also has an interview with her up, and in it she hints that a pet rather than a baby might be the next addition to their family. So it would appear that she’s not pregnant at this time, despite what some of us have been thinking. 🙂

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that a lot of actors’ children seem to have the same idea about their parents’ job that Charlotte does. Naomi Watts and Jennifer Garner have said that their children think they each work in a trailer, Angelina Jolie said a few years back that, at the time, Maddox thought that she and Brad played dress-up all the time (and thought it was weird!), and I think other celeb parents have made similar comments (I can’t remember specific ones right now).

It’s funny the way kids think sometimes! 🙂

Katie on

Very slow news day I see!

Jillian on

Cute story! I love reading anything about her.


es on

hmm, pottery barn did not do a playground at my work…. hmmm, I need to talk to my CEO to get things straight

Jm in NYC on

More celebs should take a cue from SMG. Smart, polished and classy. No doubt her child will grow up with values and grace.

Shannon on

Huh? Why can’t she explain to her child what her job is?

Kim Wattman on

It’s refreshing to see a really good celeb parents like Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze Jr. They seem like really good parents.

Karen on

Getting her hair and makeup done kind of IS her job.

Kat on

I’d love it if my job were like hers, if my kids could be at work with me so I didn’t miss out as a parent, if Pottery Barn created a play area for my kids, if my meals were made for me…sigh.

Jen on

Finally, an article that is about some nice people. Always liked Buffy. At least don’t have to read about people throwing tantrum at funerals like the other articles.

Anne Marie on

Your job is getting your hair and makeup done and you are very good at it. Charlotte is a highly observant child.

Debbe on

Sounds like Sarah realy understands. I am a single SINGLE mom. There is a big difference than single mom of one year, single mom of three years, and single mom with money or single mom with a boyfriend or help in some way. I have family that has come to my side to help financially when I needed it at times, but usually the stress was always on just me, the entire 18 years it was just me worrying about my son, his well being, anyway, would not ever have another baby after seeing that side of motherhood, it is too difficult and many times cannot even enjoy being a mom because of worry of bills or working too hard, all work no play, anyway, glad some that are not in my shoes at least can empathize. I wish I could warn young girls, and older girls how hard single motherhood is, I would never do it again. If you really give your all, it is really hard.

Jillian on

Oh Shannon……..