Jason Bateman & Amanda Anka’s Baby Buys

02/17/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Carousel Designs, Inset: Kevin Winter/Getty

While Beyoncé and Jay-Z opted for a more modern nursery for daughter Blue Ivy, it looks like Jason Bateman and wife Amanda Anka have decided to take a more traditional approach to their newest arrival’s baby room.

The new parents — who welcomed daughter Maple Sylvie on Feb. 10 — enlisted the help of Carousel Designs‘s Nursery Designer tool to create a classic set of all-white coordinated custom fabrics.

“Jason and I were so happy to find Carousel Designs. We were able to customize our crib bedding and drapes so easily,” Anka tells PEOPLE. “They are so pretty and exactly what we wanted.”

But Maple won’t just be snoozing in her beautiful crib space. She’ll also be drifting off into dreamland in so-ro‘s Cradle ($800), an award-winning wooden rocker that is designed to gently sway your baby from front-to-back instead of side to side.

Bateman and Anka’s other baby buys include Mabel’s Label‘s pretty heart Sticky Labels and Itzy Ritzy‘s Snack Happened reusable bags in both Color Me Heart ($10) and White Canvas ($10).

— Anya Leon

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Tate on

I love the name! I hope that they will remove the crib bumper though.

My Thoughts on

It’s a beautiful crib. I love Jason Bateman and it’s nice to see that he has a solid and loving marriage. Congratulations to this beautiful couple, big sister and the new arrival. Wishing them a lifetime of love and joy spent together.

joan on

decorating with all white must have been a huge challenge.. (cough cough)

RealRuralHousewifeOfCalifornia on

Love the baby’s name AND nursery. Good for them–congrats!

Chandra on

One good diaper leak-through will add a little color to that nursery.

mommy2b2012 on

This is really pretty, however you can tell they have hired help. can you imagine cleaning this up after Maple has an accident or spit up? LOL Oh and bumpers are safe if they are breathable!

Tee on

All white in the nursery? They are braver than I am!

Sarah S. on

@Chandra…that’s what I was thinking–LOL!

bh on


Allison on

White…in a baby’s room. Yeah, it wont stay white long.

Island of Grief, Mountain of Joy on

sounds like maple syrup with the middle name being sylvie. THere is a lot of name dropping in this article, sponsered much?

Holly on

This whole story is just an advertisement where to buy these expensive baby products. I think baby companies plant various baby things so that we’ll see them and want to buy them. It happened to me when People magazine wrote about Selma Blair’s baby in the Rainforest Jumperoo.. so of course I had to go out and buy one! Luckily my babies love it, but I was a sucker.

And.. for baby sleep safety, bumpers are not recommended in cribs anymore, so I hope People magazine and these actors will stop promoting unsafe sleep practices.

Mag on

2 thoughts:
1. Did they really need a nursery designer tool to come up with that? Really?
2. They’re really going to regret the all white look the first time little Maple Syrup has a big diaper explosion. My son shot poop straight across the room within the first week.

Math_Diva on

Just wait till the first diaper blow-out…all-white is never a good idea with kids. Although, I’m sure the help will clean up after Maple Syrup.

joan on

“We were able to customize our crib bedding and drapes so easily,””

Well, its white, of course they could. not like it was blue or green or yellow where there are different shades.

s on

that looks nice, but funny to have to hire help to pick out all white… seems pretty straightforward

gottabelieve on

I wish he was MY babby daddy 🙂 I’m better looking than his wife too. Don’t see what he saw in her. When you’re done with her Justin, let me know.

sandy on

Just wait until the first diaper overflow. White…may not be right.

Sarah on

I think it’s pretty and my 2 kids would have had no issues with an all white room but I wanted brighter colors. Thankfully no diaper blowouts! Full ones but never blown out (even with cloth diapers)!

Love the name; wonder where they came up with it (hopefully not at the breakfast table)?!

Melanie on

We did my second son’s nursery in all white and let me tell you, it’s great!! This kid had the worst gastrointestinal problems and we just bleached the s–t out of everything any time something happened. Honestly it sounds like a bad idea at first, but it’s really not. So easy to keep clean.

Ginger on

That is the least traditional style of bed I have ever seen. It is as modern as the bed selected by the Carters.

This is SO an advertisement. This is not an article.

toleen on

I love the white, but would have put black as accents and maybe a black/white print.. Babies love geometric black and white. Black and white are the first colors a baby sees.

Jennifer on

maybe I’m lost, but since when has it been hard to coordinate an entire white room? It’s one color.

Lala on

Wait… am I missing something?? All I see, is one picture of the crib. I was expecting a little more than that… :\

lisa on

That is the most unexciting drab nursery I have ever seen. YUCK

Marlena Montagna on

LOL sure that’s practical with an infant.

jenjen0703 on

An all white room is not going to stimulate their baby as much as contrasting and bright colors will. I agree, I could have put this together myself, without wasting a ton of money on a “professional”. I hope they have a professional diaper changer, too, because the first explosion will change the colors before long.

anon on

Their nanny will be cursing this color palette the first time the baby’s diaper leaks.

Itzy Ritzy on

We’re super excited to be included in this article! We’re blushing and celebrating with 20% OFF new purchases at http://www.itzyritzy.com for 48hrs!

Promotion Code MAPLE20 gives you 20% off!

lifeasahouse on

Those of you with colorful nurseries, did you not clean up after your baby because the mess was disguised by the decor? Regardless of the color you will have to clean. I doubt it is all white though since they picked out all the different fabrics. If it is, that’s their prerogative.

Alicia on

I love how they said that they were able to customize the drapes and bedding with the help of that nursery designer. Umm, it’s all white. A chimp could have “customized” that!

texas_mommy on

Gottabelieve, his name is Jason…not Justin 🙂

Krystal on

All white? In a baby nursery? Ok….

sheila on

It’s a beautiful crib but there’s no shots of the whole nursery, I would love to see the entire room. I’m sure it’s beautiful, nice clean and crisp looking. For now.LOL

JoJo on

Believe it or not, white is actually the easiest to clean/take care of. And you notice *dirt* right away which means it usually gets cleaned up right away (doesn’t build up). I have a white bathroom and absolutely LOVE it, despite some apprehension (similar to what I’m reading on this blog).

Also, not all babies have ‘accidents’ or are messy – I had two and never, ever encountered flying debris or soaked through sheets. I would most definitely have a white baby room but maybe with a few splashes of colour so the child doesn’t go stir crazy!!!

Alisha on

I grew up thinking he was sexy and I think he still is. He has a beautiful family and I love the look of the nursery. Best of luck to them!

Amber on

Bumper pads? Come on! Educate yourself! I would seriously hate to see a report of his newborn dead in her crib because she suffocated into them, had them make a pocket of air that got stale and full of CO2 that consequently depleted the oxygen to her brain or in the latter part of her first year, used them as a stepping stone to get over the railing and broke her neck. UGH.

amsjll on

You can call it impractical, but you can BLEACH anything solid white very easily. Getting a stain out of a print is much more difficult.

Liz on

Ummm. Sponsored post and sponsored celeb? They really needed help with this? Realistically they could have purchased their white sheets and curtains at Target and left the bumper in the store. All the other products are just throw ins. I definitely expect more from people.com When you ‘feature’ a nursery FEATURE the nursery not just a white crib and jute rug.

ELC on

I love white but for a nursery a little color would make the baby’s world much brighter.

As for the name…givemeabreak!Maple?Come on these stars are really getting ridiculous already. Although, Amanda is the daughter of Paul Anka and her sisters names are all a little strange. I guess being far-out is a norm with these people. Apple, Maple, Blue…how sad to saddle one’s child with such names. They aren’t being special..they are being way too wacko for one’s taste. May be their parents should have given them names that others would have made fun of because their child will have to spend a lifetime defending the weirdness of her name.

sharkweek12 on

All they need is just one diaper blow-out …

Denise Smith on

The good thing about white is it can be bleached!

kelahel on

Get rid of the bumper pad.

gigimama on

Inspired by nothingness, emptiness, and milk.

m on

We’ll, it’s their nursery but when the baby spits up or a diaper leaks…goodbye white.

Leslie on

I think all white is brilliant! I would probably make a very similar nursery myself.

That way you can bleach it and make sure it’s really clean. You will never be able to get a bad stain out of a patterned or colored fabric, but white can be completely washed out and like new again.

I like white bed linens for the same reason, especially in hotels. You know it’s really clean.

Terri on

Is it me or do the designers not know that all the bedding in the crib contributes to potential SIDS…?

andrea on

not sure how a baby is expected to crawl around on that rug without scrapping all the skin off it’s hands and knees

Sammie on

do these stupid people not realize baby needs stimulation and a plain white room is not that? so hollywierd of them. Or I should say of Mom. And also nice name NOT. I’m so tired of these hollywierds. I couldn’t even read the article. Poor kid,

Sue on

Crib space? My first two babies slept in a crib. My last two slept with me.

JessicaB on

who choses an all white nursery? new parents, who have no idea (because they have goven zero thought) to what having a baby will involve. poop, pee, barf. take a pix of it in about say, 8 months. blech!

Pixie on

I think it looks cold and sterile…kind of reminds me of some of those scary futuristic sci-fi movies, like The Island. Anyway, they obviously didn’t get the memo about the dangers of bumper pads.

Tam on

I like the white nursery, but the name Maple? Really?
Maple Bateman? Rolls off the tongue like Maple Bacon…

Bree on

While I would have added a couple splashes of colour I don’t see anything wrong with all white. Bleach is an amazing thing!!

The only diaper explosions we had with my daughter is when we were trying different brands of diapers, once we figured out what kind worked best the diaper explosions ended, and we never had anything shoot across the room.

Everyone needs to get off the bumperpad soapbox. Everything is a potential danger to babies, including the exposed bars you get when you don’t use bumper pads. My nephew suffered serious brain damage because my brother and his wife didn’t use bumper pads, he was rolling around and banged his head on them.

And who says they are going to put the baby in the crib right away anyway?? We still have the bumper pads in my daughter’s crib because she is still sleeping with us or in her bassinet. Maybe when she starts sleeping in her crib we will take them out or replace them with breathable ones but for now they look nice and my daugher likes looking at the flowers on them when we put her in there to fold the laundry.

Karen on

The So Ro Cradle would take about $20.00 to make and they paid $800 for it? I’m thinking someone got ripped off.

Deanna on

It is really pretty to look at, but I guess when you a lot money you to afford many back up set, otherwise I can’t imagine keeping this room clean (I am very particular). Between the spit ups, barf-ups (esp projectile) and poopy drawers that run out of the diaper, it would be a real challenge. But then again, I guess that is the housemaids problem.

Anne on

I cannot like him after watching Juno! lol I can’t help it.

Stephanie on

good luck keeping it white!!! one blowout and ull have a brown and white room! yall need to add some color anyways.. stimulate the babys eyes….

Jen on

Who needs all of that? Co-sleeping has worked for most around the world for centuries…certainly hope they give it a shot. OH, and please no comments on how dangerous it is…that’s just the silly American school of thought…anything different is dangerous…ugh.

apeng on

very stimulating for the child….

Jennifer on

So nice to see a celebrity couple decorate a nursery tastefully, instead of making it into a huge production, for a room the baby is never going to remember!

Educator on

Great–nothing to stimulate the child’s eyesight AT ALL. If they knew anything about child development, especially with babies, they would know they are doing a great disservice to their baby by not giving it anything to stimulate the brain and develop eyesight. Though pretty, it actually hinders the child’s development.

Tyler on

blah! Needs color!!

debbie on

Congratulations to them on their new arrival. I actually went to school with Amanda at Hemmingway Elementary, and tho she’d never remember me she was a good friend of mine. I am so glad she has a loving solid marrige and family…

April on

Simple, sweet, and lovely. Congrats on the new arrival!

Chrissy on

White: difficult to keep clean, get clean. Not stimulating visually for the baby. Boring and kind of cold looking. Just my opinion, but it’s a weird choice for a baby.

stew on

Give me a break! Maple? What an idiotic name! What is she a tree? And that all white thing won’t last, as others have pointed out. This article is annoying. What a waste of time and space. And I like the guy, too. What a disappointment.

DD on

Dear People:

It would be a wise to simply not allow comments on this site.

Brittany on

I thought a baby needed to have colors in their nursery.

skee on

Newborn babies only see contrast – tha’s why black and white mobiles are so effective.

This room has zero contrast, poor choice for developing vision. Go to any NICU, you’ll see black and white pictures and geometric designs in the cribs – not pure white.

slozudo on

All white is sure to stimulate Maple Syrup’s vision and brain. Probably grow up to be as blah as her room. This is an ad for the designer, not an article.

kjc on

I doubt this is the babies actual nursery everyone. The bedding may be all white, but I’m sure the walls won’t. I’d also venture to guess they’ll have colorful artwork on the walls, toys, maybe a mobile above the crib.

The crib itself is very nice. I’m sure Maple will be quite happy in it.

Susan on

This is a very pretty space, but the first “colors” children see are contrasts, then primary colors. A childhood development specialist would never recommend that parents decorate in all-white for a baby or young toddler’s room. It’s not in tune with what kids want or need to see and experience!

krystal on

How very politically correct to ungender their child, they are determined to have an attention getting eunuch, poor kid.

NeeNee on

I like the white but I would definitely add splashes of color to give it some warmth and stimulation for the baby’s benefit. Bumper pads are NOT that big a deal, they keep the baby from banging it’s head against the wood railings and also prevent those legs and arms from going through the railings and getting stuck and twisted, and once the baby is old enough to stand on them and use them for possibly launching themselves over the sides…they can easily be removed and by then their legs and arms are chubby enough not to go through the railings and if they bang their heads…oh well, they will learn to stop that soon enough.

I always made bumper guards that were like round neck pillows that had enough extra material at the bottoms to tuck and tie under the mattress and they were very tight so that the baby could not move them or get caught in them or under them, they can be adapted to be perfectly safe. Besides I was never one of those moms that park their babies in a crib all day long, they were never in there crib for anything other than their naps or all night sleeping. I always kept a close eye on them either by getting off my rear and checking them or using a baby monitor.

Patty on

You would think that these people would educate themselves on how an infant views the world in their first 3 months of life. They see color in contrast that’s why many people decorate in primary colors or you see mobiles in black and white. This poor child will think life is like a rubber room.

Karin on

All white isn’t very stimulating for a baby. High contrast is needed for a baby’s brain development. I bet this kid will do everything just a tad slower on the developmental timetable. Pretty I guess.

mom on

have always liked him. he was great in horrible bosses. congrats on the new baby. their daughter, francesca , is adorable. the nursery is lovely. love all white interiors.

Bebe on

I’ve always liked Jason Bateman and i like Maple Syrup too.

Romy on

must’ve been really hard to come up with these ideas….plus not all stains come out with bleach. I’ve actually rubbed bleach on tough stains on my daughters’ white shirts and the stains are still there.

Leslie on

everyone who says the baby needs visual stimulation needs to get off the soapbox. The child will have plenty of visual stimulation throughout the day. This is a bedroom… meaning the baby will be sleeping! You want the baby to calm down not get excited.

thevalster on

An all-white nursery?? Rookie mistake!

pookiewookie on

What are boring dull room and scratchy rug. Hope the baby looks like him.

gina on

@Gottabelieve…..what makes you think your prettier than his wife? It is not all about looks. He loves her and that’s all that matters, and his name is Jason not Justin!!

ln on

I see absolutely nothing special about this nursery. The crib, itself, is pretty. But it looks completely boring and blah…this isn’t a living room. It is a baby’s room. It should have some color and warmth…some interesting stimulation for the baby. This room is sterile and completely plain and unimpressive. Love the actor but hate the room. Sorry. You should get your money back…all white is not the most creative idea.

amw on

the people talking about how they can bleach the white to keep it stain-free…you do now that is an extremely harsh chemical to be washing little baby stuff with? their little mouths and noses will be pressed right up against that stuff if they roll on their tummy. inhaling burning chemicals…hello asthma.

jennrae on

My goodness, I always make it a habit not to make a comment if it has already been said seventy times before! How many times does the phrase “diaper blowout” need to be repeated? And maybe that picture isn’t from their nursery? Criticize the company, not the Batemans. And I agree, white is awesome because you can bleach it. Apparently that bears repeating. Any stain that can’t be gotten out with bleach probably couldn’t have gotten out of color, either. Instead of the criticism, maybe you all could accept that maybe they know what’s better for their own lifestyle than a bunch of strangers.

regina on

This is their second child so I am sure they are aware of baby messes. Also, they are not the average parents. They may decide when it is time for the the baby to sleep in the crib and needs stimulating colors, they can add additional colors to the white color scheme.

B.J. (the girl) on

I have an issue with my sensitive eyes where looking at a lot of pure white gives me terrible headaches. This all white room makes my eyes burn!

Shannon on

Looks too sterile and plain.

unclefunkel on

I can’t believe that any magazine of any significance would write an article about such nonsense. Even better, I can’t believe anyone of any intelligence would buy or subscribe to such a trash periodical.

cheryl on

I think the nursery is beautiful. Very simple, calming, nature like, almost zen like. As far as bumper pads go, I think they are a good idea, especially for very small babies. When I was an infant, there were no bumper pads and I kicked my legs around alot. One day, my Mom came in to check on me and she found me hanging out of the crib by my head. If she hadn’t come in just in time to rescue me, I could have died or had severe brain damage. As far as the name goes, I am not in favor of naming a child after a food, didn’t like Apple either and still don’t. Don’t know why people insist naming their babies names that aren’t really names but foods. They could have named the baby something similar that really was a name, like Mabel. Sounds very close to Maple and the child wouldn’t be taunted the rest of her life because of it (most likely).

Gail on

Not very smart to buy all white-stains too easily with baby poop and vomit

Emily on

Heh, those diaper blow outs can stain the common pink and blue crib sheets as well.

At least in my experience.

Steven Austin on

Thats what i looking for, im currently arranging plan to renovate my house