Jason Bateman Welcomes Daughter Maple Sylvie

02/16/2012 at 12:15 PM ET
Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Double the daughters for Jason Bateman.

The actor and wife Amanda Anka welcomed a baby girl, Maple Sylvie Bateman, on Friday, Feb. 10 in Los Angeles, the Horrible Bosses star’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The new addition joins big sister Francesca Nora, 5.

Anka’s pregnancy was announced in August by her father, singer Paul Anka, who said, “I’m going to be a grandfather again!”

Bateman and Anka, both 43, were married in July 2001.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! As for the name, since her father is Canadian (like I am) all I can think of is maple syrup…I like Sylvie as the middle name though.

Brooke on

I absolutely LOVE the name Maple….Love to see it used.

Karen on

Maple leaves in the fall are lovely. I have a framed one in my house! Congratulations!

RKF on

Maple? Wow- I really have no words. I was hoping I read the headline wrong. “Mabel” I could understand, but Maple? What is wrong with people?

Amy on

Congratulations but can’t say I’m crazy about the name. Weird.

abbyc on

Congrats to them! I could see the name Mabel, because that’s a real name. Maple is a food product. Come on now.

kat on

That’s a really…. interesting name. Trying to figure out if the odd naming thing is a celeb thing or if there is a huge segment of the general population that also names their kids weird stuff…

Andrea on

Maple? Really? It’s bad enough when certain celebrities reproduce ( Britney Spears, Courtney Love ) but giving your child a stupid name like Maple? Francessca is classic and elegant, Maple is just stupid.

jones on

Congrats to them! I adore him and they see like a normal, great couple. Maple is not my cup of tea (I actually like Sylvie Maple much better), but the important thing is she is healthy and they like it.

Abby on

Tribute to Amanda’s dad’s Canadian heritage? Was Amanda also born in Canada, or Los Angeles?

April C on

Jason Bateman isn’t Canadian unfortunately (I wish we could lay claim to him) but his FIL Paul Anka is.

Meg on

Good Grief! Such a silly name!

Ashley on

I second RKF and Kat…wow. Wasn’t expecting this one! Bet she’s cute though.

Karen on

Maple Sylvie sounds awfully close to Maple Syrup. :S

canada girl on

Congrats Jason!

Tina on

Give me an @#$%$ break. It would be one thing if it was “weird” but sounded good. Maple Sylvie sounds like a disease. What an awful name.

Mz B on

Maple?? Really??? didnt see that one coming.. since his 1st born has a ‘normal’ name!! hopefully there is an AMAZING story behind this choice!! Poor kid, has to grow up with that name & live with it.. or until she is 18 & can legally change it!

Mira on

I think in the first post “her father” means “the mother’s father”, rather than “the baby’s father”, i.e. Paul Anka is Canadian, not Jason Bateman.

Anyway, I also think the name is a bit silly. Maple Bateman has a nice ring to it, but the older sister definitely got a considerably better name.

Lau on

Congrats to them! I love Jason =D

As for the name, I don’t think Maple is bad. I don’t particularly like how it goes with Sylvie because it makes me think of maple syrup. And I also thing it doesn’t “match” Francesca really great. Just my opinion, though.

gingercat on

FYI… Maple is actually a real name… a very old name, my friends 90 year old mother has a sister named Maple. I love seeing old names brought back. I think its cute !!!

Mom on

Love Jason…. he seems funny, kind, smart….. I think some of the people having babies should take a IQ test though….. Maple… that is just mean… really…. just because she is not going to be poor… does not mean she is going to get away with that name…. wow… they have baby name books people…. I hope that she will be beautiful!!!

Romy on

I glanced away while reading it and actually thought it said ‘Maple Syrup.’ I dislike Maple a lot. Francesca is super cute.

meme on

Geese, I don”t think it is that bad. Sure it is not commonly a name, but I don’t think it is that out there. I did think of maple syrup right away, however, on a day to day basis shw won’t be referred ro by both names.

meme on

Just realized my ipod changed geez to geese! Lol

Jester on

I’d like to know why people thought my girlfriend and i we’re weird for naming our son Alexzander Zander for short.And then i read this!what was Jason Bateman and is wife thinking when they named their daughter Maple Sylvie? i feel sorry for her when she’s old enough to be in school. Were they eating pancakes with maple syrup at the time? LOL

sas on

why do stars do this to their kids. Maple–really! She’ll be called syrup her whole childhood. poor kid

chrisyb on

I quickly glanced and thought for a moment that the name was Maple Syrup, but Maple Sylvie is close enough—yuck…

Nancy on

Oh no. here we go… Now celebrities are going to start naming their kids Evergreen, Pine, Linden, Oak etc….

anonymous on

Hey everyone! Jason Bateman is SUPER sad you don’t like the name 😦 Additionally, he has asked to review, mock and scrutinize the name of all of your children. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Susan on

Congrats on the birth of the baby. I’m not sure on the name, as I agree with a few other posts in that it sounds too much like maple syrup. Even though Maple is a name, it doesn’t make ME think of an adorable little girl…rather, it makes me think of a 90 yr old woman! If I had to choose between being named Maple or Apple though, I would choose Maple. I think Apple & Moses were stupid celebrity baby names. (I know, that was a bit off topic…it’s just Maple reminded me of Apple.)

N. Hawley on

It doesn’t matter what any one thinks of the name Maple, she is not our daughters. The parents obviously like it and that’s what is important.

Lissette on

When I first read the name I actually read it as Maple Syrup.

Sigh. Maple is ok, its different and unique but not paired with Sylvie.

If I did it accidentally, I am sure the kids on the playground will do it intentionally.

guest on

Stupid name. Hollywood stars named children wierd and stupid names.

guest on

I dont like the name.

B.J. (the girl) on

I think Maple is a wonderful name, and I think Sylvie is going to be the next Sophie, once people notice it’s a great name too!

Erin on

I know it’s their kid, they can name her whatever they want, but so sick of celebrities and their enormous need for attention when naming their children…Maple?? Really? The first thing I thought of was “syrup”, closely followed by “leaf”. Sure, it can be cute to some for a baby, but she has to live her entire life with this name. All celebrities need to get over themselves, always one upping eachother with the name game. If you want to name your child something questionable, how about calling them that as a nickname, while giving them a decent name they can be proud of in life, beyond her life with them? Their first daughter, has a beautiful name, Francesca, which is lovely for her Italian heritage, I cannot imagine, Maple will feel the same.

Belle on

Really love the name Sylvie… but Maple? *sigh*

ruby on

Maple? Please let that be a typo. That’s even worse than Peaches and Apple o_0

Alise on

oh geez, yes the first that comes to mind is “maple syrup (sylvie)”. i wonder if it is intentional??

Stayce on

Maple Sylvia sounds too much like Maple SYRUP!

CCT0303 on

She must be as beautiful as her big sister Francesca, Cause Francesca is one gorgeous little girl!!

J on

I get that some don’t like certain baby names, but the exaggerations and how some act like a different name is the end of the world is ridiculous.

Kimberly on

I actually like the name Maple. It’s nature-ish.

JMO on

Maple sylvie is too close to maple syrup! I am sure she’s beautiful though.

Samantha on

I just find it fascinating when people pick names that are very stylistically different for different children.

Francesca and Maple are very different sounding names, so it’s interesting to me that the two same people chose both those names.

Kat on

Congrats on the baby…but the name? Yikes…

Sylvie Maple would have been a better choice. I’m starting to think celebrities are deliberately trying to pick the weirdest names just to give their children a reason to change them later in life…just like so many celebs have done.

In this case though…I gotta wonder if it is an old family name…and simply a case of them trying to honor a grandmother or great grandmother in their family.

Math_Diva on

When I first read the name, I thought it said, “Maple Syrup” Congrats on the healthy baby…stupid name, though.

Leigh on

I imagine it’s a missprint and her name is really Mabel. Francesca is lovely; I hope they followed suit.

Tams on

what exactly is wrong with them CHOOSING to name their daughter an actual name? it’s not like they just made one up? Maple is a name…it’s an old fashioned name that isn’t exactly heard very often in younger generations but IT’S STILL A NAME…geez…if you don’t like a name someone chooses then here’s a thought DON’T USE IT FOR YOUR CHILDREN.

it’s not that hard..

not that it matters but i happen to like to the name they chose and i think it fits with their other daughter’s name as well, so congrats to them

Anonymous on

I totally read that as Maple Syrup and giggled. I reread it and saw that it was actually Maple Sylvie, and giggled again. The name’s not my cup of tea but she’s not my child. Congrats to the happy family on their new addition!

kelly on

Do they want her to get beat up on the playground? Seriously Maple syrup is going to be her name her whole life, then comes waffle, pancake etc.

maple on

It’s not a stupid name, I’ve had it for 29 years and have suvived very well with it and LOVE it…Just because its not your typical Jennifer or Katie? Get over yourselves people…Also, most of your names, which are listed on your posts, sound as boring and stupid as the people you most likely are…Your parents should have been a lot more creative…

whatsinaname on

Next will be Oak, Elm, Poplar, Teak, Spruce… ;o)

GL on

Oh no, it sounds like Maple Bacon.

Molly on

Maple Bateman sounds like maple bacon, which is admittedly delicious, but…

Better him than Kevin Bacon.

justicemsb on

@Jester, I LOVE your son’s name. Alexzander is a GREAT name for a boy.

Now Maple for a girl……..I don’t care HOW old the name is, that is just ridiculous. Especially paired with Sylvie. Switch them around and it’s a WHOLE LOT better than the way it is now. How could they saddle their daughter with such a weird name, considering their first daughter has such a pretty name.

Catca on

Apparently I’m in the minority but I like the name.

Anon on

Might as well just look at something and name the kid- Floor, Lamp, Book, etc. lol.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I think Francesca got the better end of the deal compared to her little sister’s name! Like others have said, automatically think of the syrup. Bizarre. Sylvie’s cute though. Congrats on her safe arrival – main thing at the end of the day of course!

Daffygrams on

Mama always told me if I can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. All I can and will say is “no comment”. I do like Jason, though.

Romy on

when I give my opinion here I am speaking to other commenters, I am not trying to address the Batemans. I don’t think they are looking for our opinions. I know people think that and get upset that we give opinions! Anyway, Sylvie would have been a *sweet* name instead of Maple.

kelli on

How ridiculously stupid.

Jayda on

I like the name but I’m surprised. Their older daughter has such a pretty classic name and while Maple Sylvie is also pretty it’s very naturey and trendy. Francesca and Maple? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me

Brooklyn on

Yes, in my first post, I mean her father as in Amanda’s father (Paul), not Maple’s father (Jason).

Jenny on

They can name their kid whatever they want.

Leslee on

I’m trying to figure out if they are fans of poet Robert Frost or they have never read his poem Maple.

talie on

Love the name Maple! Yes I’m Canadian and it’s symbolism is a proud one. Congratulations to the couple.

molly.one on

I agree with Karen, Maple Sylvie is too similar to maple syrup! However, I actually like both names, just not togethe but I am sure it has some special meaning that makes sense to the family! Congrats to them!

Anon on

I reckon it must be a joke. Jason is a bit of a kidder, and with their first daughter having such a pretty and normal name, surely this is just them having a laugh. Right?! Maple Sylvie is just toooo close to Maple Syrup to be true

molly.one on

Okay…from Molly.one to Molly-
So funny! I hadn’t thought of that but so true…maple bacon is yummy!

Samantha Lowry on

Maple Bateman sounds like Maple Bacon. This kid will be rediculed. Absurd name. Try saying it 3 times, it’s so awkward sounding. Just plain silly. Way to go parents. The last thing I picture is beauty when I hear Maple Bateman.

nseraf on

love that adorable little name. love bateman .. one of the more grounded actors that took his career and family life seriously.

namesoiree on

“That’s a really…. interesting name. Trying to figure out if the odd naming thing is a celeb thing or if there is a huge segment of the general population that also names their kids weird stuff”

@Kat . . . I have a blog dedicated to baby names and it isn’t just celebrities that use unusual names. NAMESOIREE

tlm on

Think they should have named her Batgirl Flyaway …. yep, Batgirl Flyaway Bateman … now there’s a name for the playground. Poor little baby girl …… it does make Maple sound almost normal tho!!

kendrajoi on

Maple SYRUP must have already been taken.

Hen on

Sounds like they let Francesca Nora name the baby. If that’s the case they have an excuse at least.

cupcake on

oooh, i like the name maple – i think it’s cute and different!

Brielle on

Not a fan of the name whatsoever, but it’s their choice not mine. I thought it was a mistake at first. Maybe Mable Sylvie. Maple sounds too weird to go with Bateman. Maybe Maple should have been the middle name instead. Congrats to Jason and family.

Alecia on

FYI ignorant people Maple isin an English name pronounced as MEYPahL…Congrats to the Anka-Bateman family on the addition of their little one.

Marilyn on

Kids are going to be calling her Maple Syrup. Just wait.

gigimama on

Maple is cute. Does it sound ugly? Does it mean something awful?

I hardly think the daughter of a famous, wealthy celebrity is going to suffer on the playground because of her name.

jessicad on

I LOVE the name, it sounds classic to me. I prefer unique names though, lots of popular names have come from trees or flowers and I don’t see the problem here.

Boo-Boo on

I’m sorry “Maple Sylvie Bateman” sounds too much like MAPLE SYRUP BACON!! And as a child that was given an odd name, I can tell you now, in a few years, she’s gonna hate their guts for giving her that name!!!

Kelly on

I like it, but who cares what I think! And so what if the kids call her Maple Syrup, it’s not like it is something bad or gross….maple syrup is awesome. I’m just saying, if that’s the worst she ever gets called in school it’s not too bad.

klutzy_girl on

I see “Maple Syrup” every time and I can’t help but laugh.

Congratulations to them, though.

Charlotte on

With a sibling name as wonderful as Francesca Nora, I didn’t expect Maple…sounds a lot like Maple Syrup to me as well. Anyway, congrats nonetheless to Jason, Amanda and Frannie 🙂

Kaytie on


Maple is NOT a real name. I would lay down all the money currently in my pocket that your friend’s mother’s name is MABEL, which IS a real name, but may sound similar to the ear.

Me on

Jason Bateman is awesome and I am so happy for him and his wife. Maple isn’t such a crazy name, but I have to admit that having the middle name start with an “S” made my mind immediately read “Maple Syrup.” I was very happy that I had misread it when I looked again : )

Kaytie on


For your information, ignorant girl, my whole family is English (by the way, you are slaughtering the language laughably for someone who thinks they are an expert Anglophile) and Maple is NOT a name there. At least, not one that wouldn’t make us all go, “huh?” The name you are thinking of, I believe, is MABEL. MABEL, MABEL, MABEL, people; not Maple, Maple is NOT a name! Poor, poor child…

Kristi on

I was looking forward to finding out the name of this baby. Francesca Nora is such a classic, under-used name. Boy was I surprised when I saw “Maple”. At first glance I thought her name read “Maple Syrup”! Oh well, to each their own, I guess. Me, disappointed in the moniker they chose.

ELO on

I’m torn. I think its a sweet name, definitely different. Its very surprising when their first daughter’s name is something very classic and traditional like Francesca and then they choose Maple for the new baby.

I also would never have expected it from Jason, he seems like such a traditional guy. To each his own I suppose.

Jorja on

I like it! Reminds me of the tree and nature. I love the name “Meadow” for a girl. I love nature names and Maple is not out there. Its unusual…but its not like he named her Dogwood. Its pretty.

Please Stop It on

Here is a list of things that matter more than what a stranger names his/her baby: 1. Everything.

RKF on

@Please Stop It – Apparently it was important enough for you to click on this article and comment on it. Reading these articles are called “diversions”, do you really believe anyone thinks there aren’t more important matters in life?

Generally in a comment board, especially one where a name is given, people *shockingly* comment on what they think of the name. Tough concept, I know.

Katie on

So not a good name. She’ll be jealous of her sister, Francesca her entire life!! Was maple syrup his wife’s pregnancy craving this time? Ugly!

Shannon on

Reminds me of Maple Syrup.

Please Stop It on

@RFK Lololololol

Eh! on

Ah ignorant Americans! Maple as in “maple leaf” which also happens to be the symbol on the Canadian Flag. Maple’s Grandfather Paul Anka is Canadian. Are you seeing the connection? How about learning about other cultures before commenting about a parent’s choice of THEIR child’s name.

marlee on

Hmmm… maybe they will call her Sylvie? I think their older daughter goes by Frannie. I really like Frannie and Sylvie together…

lm on

I don’t mind Maple as a name so much. What bothers me more is that it doesn’t “go” with Francesca at all. Two totally different tones. One classic, one trendy.

mazie beth on

well, where the child’s name is Maple, you may think my first thought was syrup, right? wrong. I was thinking of the maple leaf on Canada’s flag. and where Paul Anka is Canadian (like I am), it seems fitting that Amanda and Jason would give her such a name to honor Grandpa’s roots (no pun intended). congrats to the family.

Anon on

I have no issue with the name Maple. It’s unusual, sure, but pretty and not weird. But it’s the middle name starting with ‘Sy..” that just forces your brain to read it as Syrup.

Even Maple Silvie would be better! Plus Maple and Francesca are such different styles.

But either way congrats to them on a cute baby girl – love Jason Bateman!

funkytown on

i immediately thought about JR Martinez saying they weren’t going to name their daughter “Apple Cider” or “Salami”!!!

love jason bateman, but could not possibly hate the name more. WTF IS WRONG WITH CELEBRITIES AND THESE RIDICULOUS BABY NAMES???????

Julianna on

Maybe it’s because of Agatha Christie’s character Miss Maple?

Congratulations to Amanda and Jason for the birth of their daughter.

Juanita on

Maple????? It’s a joke right?? They’re pulling our leg right?? Are you kidding?? For goodness sakes!!

AllisonJ on

Congrats to them, but…Maple? I thought I read it wrong, and it was Mabel, but, no. Maple doesn’t seem to go very well with her older sister’s name, Francesca.

I can see it coming:
Teacher: “Is Mabel present?”
Maple: “It’s Maple.”
Teacher: “What?”
Maple: “It’s Maple with a P.”
Teacher: “Oh, I see it now. Sorry.”

Hope the baby is healthy and has a good sense of humor!

Sarah S. on

Say Maple Bateman 3x fast and I swear you’ll start saying Bacon instead of Bateman!! 🙂

missy on

It is a real name, do a quick google search and it comes up on multiple baby name sites

#5875 on BabyCenter

* Gender: Girl
* Origin: English

* Meaning: Maple
I like the name but the full name does sound like maple syrup bacon

Brenda Scott on

What is wrong with people! These children with these wild and crazy names are going to be teased and bullied all there young life because of the stupid names they were given! Francesca is adorable, but Maple? All I can say is poor girl, she is going to hate her name

Kitty on

Some of these comments are hilarious. Especially @AllisonJ. Oh my, thank you for the laugh.

Pandabear on

I love the name! Why is it so bizarre and off limits? Willow, Thorne, Fern, Ash, Birch are all names I have heard of. For the nay sayers, indeed nasty little kids raised by nasty parents WILL find a way to make fun of it. Those kids would make fun of ANYONE. I think it’s super creative, unique and awesome. Congratulations to them!

megan on

Too close to Maple Syrup Boat for me

Kim on

What is it with celebrities, in picking the stupidiest,weirdest names ever heard. Maple really….or how about Robert Downey Jr’s kid Exton and Beyonce’s Blue. Do they realize these kids have to grow up with names! When they join the workforce one day, how embarassing is it going to be for them to put these names on their resume. I don’t know anymore….

T on

for those people saying Maple is not a name, perhaps you should learn how to use Google?


and as some people have stated, if you don’t like the name then you don’t have to choose to use it, should you have a child

Meela on

Jason is of Jewish decent, did it ever occur to anyone that it maybe an old family name for a deceased relative.

Would I pick that for my own child, No however that is their choice!!!

Simone on

Good golly people, get over the name thing. Every truly unique beautiful baby deserves an equally distinctive name. Maple is absolutely SWEET!

Anonymous on

Susan- What’s so stupid about Moses? I understand why a lot of people react negatively towards Apple (although personally, while I wouldn’t name my child that, I think it sounds kind of cute!), but Moses is very much a real name, one that has been around since biblical times!

kat- It’s defininitely not just celebrities. A few years ago, for example, there was a fairly well publicized case about a couple who named their daughter, I’m not kidding, Tallulah Does the Hula in Hawaii (luckily for the little girl, the courts stepped in and ruled that the name had to be changed!). I also once read about an Australian couple who named their kids Kitchen, Bedroom and Garage….after the locations each child was concieved in. And just a year or so ago, there was a news story about a college guidence counselor whose name is Marijuana Pepsi.

There are even websites about weird baby names, including these two (the first is an article about the “growing trend” of unusual names, the second lists and discusses some the most bizarre things people have named their children. Some of the names are so off-the-wall that they almost make even the oddest celebrity baby names sound normal!): http://www.rd.com/family/bizarre-baby-names-a-growing-trend/ and http://www.neatorama.com/2008/05/19/10-strangest-names-evar/

With all of that out of the way, congrats to Jason, Amanda, and Frannie! I was beginning to wonder if their baby was ever going to get here (or if she HAD arrived and they simply opted not to say anything about it, which I would have completely understood), and for what it’s worth, I actually like the name!

Melissa on

First of all, I think the name is adorable. A little different, yes, but it’s sweet and quirky. Plus, let’s look at it with the baby name checklist: Easy to spell, easy to pronounce, recognizable, honours family heritage, uncommon (especially paired with a common last name like Bateman), similar in sound to other more “normal” baby names like, Mabel. Plus, she has an adorable, more “traditional” middle name that she can go by, should she ever choose to. Ummm…kind of sounds like Jason and Amanda hit the baby name JACKPOT.

But seriously, Maple Syrup? How are you guys getting this? I see the “sy” similarity, but the pronunciations are totally different. SEE-rup or SIR-up as compared to SILL-vie.

Then again, I also think Apple is pretty adorable. I sometimes wonder if Apple wouldn’t take so much flack if not for the HUGE DEAL that erupted after Gwyneth picked it.

Melissa on

(And also, I know the readership on this site is mostly American, but don’t forget that Amanda’s family is Canadian. I’m from Canada, too, and while I love maple syrup, the word “maple” brings up images of trees and classic Canadiana first, and of pancakes second.)

Melissa on

Also! It’s a bit of a stretch, but Polly would be a flipping adorable nickname for Maple, and go quite well with Frannie.

Anonymous on

Kim- Well, if Blue grows up to follow in her parents’ footsteps, then she’ll probably love the fact that they made it so that she doesn’t have to adopt a stage name. 😉 All joking aside, though, I DO see your point. At least Blue, Exton, and Maple all have a fairly “normal” name (Ivy, Elias, and Sylvie respectively) to fall back on if they don’t like their first names.

Meela- Very good point! Naming children after deceased relatives is a common Jewish custom (and incidentally, naming a child after a LIVING relative is something that ISN’T usually done in Jewish custom. I think it’s considered a bad omen or something). So perhaps little Maple was named after a great grandmother or something.

Julianna- The Agatha Christie character is named Miss Marple, not Miss Maple. 🙂

Anyway, I have said this before and I will say it again: There is no name on the planet that kids won’t find a way to tease. Jason and Amanda could have named their newest daughter Elizabeth and she’d still probably get teased for it.

Debbe on

Congratulations, now they have two little cuties. Francesca is just a little doll….totally looks like Jason’s sister. So happy for them.

stacey on

very weird name

ham on

It’s like hollywood just doesn’t want to pick a normal name. like they will fade away if they named their kid sarah, or jessica or beth…. No it’s apple, bears and pilots. mannn ..

Kat on

It IS a stupid name, and she WILL get the shi& beat out of her.

And YOU, Maple, age 29, YOUR name is stupid too. You know you’ve been harassed all your life and are pleased some Hollywood brat will now be F’d up by her EGOTISTICAL parents enough to name her MAPLE SYRUP and take the heat off of you, my friend…

Sad, very sad. Maple! Meet Buttah! Buttah My Bread! Cool name, eh?? NOT.

Therapy…Years of psychotherapy!

SAR on

Congrats to the family; I like Jason, he’s a really good comedic actor. But Maple Sylvie? That I just don’t get. Sylvie Maple would have been better. They chose such a lovely name for their first daughter; why Maple for their second?

Stella Bella on

I like the name Maple, but Maple Sylvie sounds like maple syrup and Maple Bateman sounds like maple bacon. Just terrible. Were they stoned when they named her, or just eating at an IHOP?

Leigh on

@Kat…..geeze!!! Calm and come down from your tree!!! Hiss hiss!!! Badgering poor Maple at age 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How mature!

Nadia on

How absolutely stupid. If they weren’t rich, this name would have never happened. A girl named Maple better not need a job. And she doesn’t.

So I guess, Blue Ivy , Apple, Moses, Maple, Moxie Crimefighter (Penn Gillette) and Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee) can all play together in the preschool of famewhore names.


Corissa Boydstun on

First of all, congratulations on the birth of your healthy baby daughter. Above all else, that is the biggest blessing! As to her name… Why would you do this to her? Francesca’s name is exotic enough, but Maple is just odd. Maybe it has a personal meaning to you two, but please think to her future. You, Jason and Anna, have regular names, why would you saddle this girl with such a horrible first name? Please, at least, call her Sylvie… You are going to have an extremely unhappy adolescent on your hands! It is not too late… change her name.

Tara on

i love the name!!! mmmmmm

Wendy on

Maple Bateman? Maple bacon? Dog tease video? The maple kind, yeah? lol

Sophia on

Aah! I’ve been waiting for this announcement for ages! Maple Sylvie is suuuuch a cool and beautiful name- I just love it! Maple’s been one of my favourites for a while. I don’t really think it goes with Francesca, but in general it’s a gorgeous name. Congratulations to Jason, Amanda and Frannie, and welcome baby Maple 🙂

brenda on

What are couples thinking of when they name their children weird names. I am surprised they didn’t name her Maple Syrup. Maple………really. Poor kid.

Anonymous on

Personally I don’t like Francesca Nora or Maple Sylvie….Maple seems weird to me, Francesca, Nora and Sylvie are all old lady names, but names that were common among those born in the 20s and 30s are becoming popular again.

Leanne on

Maple is a cute name. We all had a chance to name our own children, let them choose the name they wish without people griping. A lot of people in other countries name their children unpronounceable names.

loretta on

when these kids grow up with these stupid names they will hate parent of change their own name

gail on

Guess what I don’t think they really care if the public likes the name or not. They do and truthly that is all that matters.Best of luck to the whole family.

MommyBunny on

Dude, people quit hating on the name… It’s cute– and yes, while out of date, a “real” name that was once popular in use. (A VERY long time ago, granted, but still.) It’s not Pilot Inspektor (yes, Jason Lee even misspelled it) or Reign Beau, at least. Geesh.

Coach on

I must admit when I first glanced quickly at her name I thought it was Maple Syrup. Wow, new parents again at 43. That means 59 on her sweet 16 birthday! Good luck to them.

leon on

Why not Aunt Jemima ?

bridgette on

My comment is directed to Anonymous, who posted on the 16th….Your post made me cry, I laughed so hard! Posts like yours are the reasons I occasionally wander down to the comments section at the end of an article. Thank you for my laugh today; you made my Friday! Sarcasm is so highly underrated these days…..

Anne on

Yes, the name is cute and quirky and isn’t she sweet, but I wish ego-centric celebrity parents would stop treating their children like their cars and giving them vanity plate names. Okay, Jason, Gwyneth, Penn, etc. we get it. You have an imagination. Now that you’ve demonstrated it by giving your child a unique and joke-worthy moniker, I hope you can put your egos aside long enough to raise a mentally healthy person. And have the wisdom to deal effectively with the teasing they will have to endure.

whitney on

Well, at least Kevin Bacon didn’t name his daughter Maple. Now, that would be bad.

Karen S on

Why do these Stars have to come up with horrible names all the time –it is not cute !! Apple,Maple Blue Ivy,Ivy Blue whatever !!!!!!!!,

j on

maybe apple and maple can have a play date and make an apple crumble. These people are so stupid. They better make tons of money so their kids never have to attend public school or have real jobs.

Sandy on

So..do actors have their own STRANGE book of baby names? Don’t they think about what this will do to their kids in school (ie. name calling, teasing)? How selfish!

Cécile on

WOW!Amanda and Jason really belong to the popular group. She’s 43 and no one here called her a selfish, irresponsible mother for bringing a child into this world at this geriatric age . No, apparently, your name has to be Sam Taylor-Wood to elicit such compliments. Oh, the perks of belongin to the “good” crowd.

Marsha on

More and more often, I beleive we need to enact a law that enables children the option of changing their names,with no court costs, when they turn 18. That poor child has to go to school with that name!

Shiv on

Oh good lord…honoring someone in the family? Really? Why not name her Paula then if they’re naming her in honor of his father? Hey, I was born in New Jersey, maybe my parents should have named me Tomato. After all, Jersey is well known for their tomatoes. Please. The name is ridiculous. She’s a condiment.

larry vine on

I guess “Butterworth” did not sound just right..

larry vine on

So I guess “butterworth” did not sound quite right??

sharon rybak on

Boy O Boy…..these Canadians really stick together….Paul Anka’s daughter weds another Canadian, and they come out with the Canadian SYMBOL….MAPLE!!!

Jim on

Maple Bateman. Well I guess it is better than naming her “Master”.

Ellen on

Why not just name the poor kid Maple Syrup. You know how other kids are – that’s what she’ll be called!

butterfly14 on

My brother just had a baby last Thursday and named her Maple…I was wondering “WTF”…now I see he isn’t the only one.

Linda on

Hmm … I’m hungry. Sounds like Maple Syrup Bacon.

Barbarad on

Another designer name for these poor Hollywood babies. Maple Syrup.. will be what her friends will call her as she grows up. What’s wrong with these people?

Lori on

MAPLE? Wow… a lifetime of saying, “No it is MAPLE… no MABLE.. yes, like the leaf!”

Carey D. on

Congratulations!! I love the name Maple ❤

Kit on

As a Canadian, when I first read this I rolled my eyes, then I shook my head and finally I facepalmed. Ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that his first daughter has such a lovely, classy name. For all intents and purposes, it’s gonna look like they really loved the first one…..and the second…not so much.

cherylannemarie on

I bet the baby Maple is really cute and by the time she is in school everyone will be used to her name — wouldn’t loose sleep over it. Maple. Maple Sylvie. Mapley. Maple.MapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMaple. Love it. Maple. xxoxo

Todd on

No rap song? He clearly doesnt love his Daughter as much as Jay-Z…LOL

kjc on

I personally think Maple is very cute. …but I also like Apple, Blue etc.

If parents would raise their children not to judge others, then we wouldn’t have schoolyard bullies who make fun of a child because of her name.

Kat – chill out. I wish we could collapse that comment. What a nasty thing to say.

Dani on

It sounds like Maple Syrup…

Amanda on

Maybe I should name my next child Star, or Stripe? Or maybe Cheese since my father was born in Wisconsin.
I feel sorry for this little girl, her big sister has a wonderful classic name and she’s stuck with…Maple, ugh!

vail lynch on

bottom line the kid will be teased being called maple syrup again a celeb with a stupid name for their kid

vail lynch on

gee i wonder is she will be teased. do ya think? stupid name

Sharon on

my aunt name was sylvia close to sylvie i like the name maple is different though

B.J. (the girl) on

I think it’s absurd that everyone is reacting as if Maple isn’t a real name. I’ve known two people named Maple in my life (and an Apple, for that matter!), all were of Asian descent. I never once thought their name was strange… well, Apple is weird, but Maple is pretty.

B.J. (the girl) on

P.S… Everyone keeps saying her first and middle name sound silly together (which I don’t agree with). How often will they going around calling her Maple Sylvie? Probably never.

I have a feeling all the ladies who commented here have kids named Alyssa, Aiden, Kate… Boring, uninteresting names. Maple is interesting and I love it!

J on

How original Dani…

Vail, grow up.

Ash's Mom on

Hey now…don’t criticize!!! Kids today are all named Emily or Katelynn or Adam or Jonathan. Super common names. Many people out there are naming their kids something different and just because they may be celebrities does not mean you have to super-criticize. Maple Sylvie is a name that can be cute as a little kid and as a teen or young adult it will be nice and fresh and new and who knows!?!?! maybe she’ll have a nickname. Maple Sylvie is beautiful in its own way.. I personally love it. She’ll grow up with a new generation and that name may just become the new Emily or Katelynn and she will have started it all…..

Marisol on

Some of you people are fullash$t. You love a name like Maple Sylvie, but you had nothing but nasty things to say about the name Blue Ivy. I guess that’s because Blue is Black and Maple’s white

Sunny on

“Please pass Maple Syrup!” OH sorry! Is that your name Maple? What are these people thinking?

luvya on

Marisol…Maple Sylvie sounds cute and pretty. Blue Ivy is just wrong, considering ivy is green. Truth.

Anonymous on

she will be called maple syrup all her life.

Sylvie on

As a “Sylvie” I can tell you that the name originates from “Sylvan,” meaning a woods, or a sylvan glen. Apparently there were maple trees in that sylvan glen.

Anonymous on

Marisol- I think the reason people have been putting down Blue’s name is because (for some reason that I can’t figure out) they can’t stand her parents. Maple’s parents, on the otherhand, seem to be much more well-liked. I don’t think the babies’ ethnicity has much to do with it.

Nadia- Do you really honestly think that odd names are only a celeb trend? As I said in my post last night, plenty of “ordinary” people have given their children odd names too (a lot of which are WAY more out there than Maple Sylvie!).

Also, to everyone saying she’ll be called maple syrup all her life….What’s so bad about maple syrup? I can think of WAY worse things a kid could be called by her classmates than maple syrup! And who knows, maybe Maple Syrup will become an affectionate nickname that her friends call her….with her full approval! Really, I don’t know why people are assuming the worst. She might be teased and hate her name, but she also might not. And really, considering the kids she’ll be going to school with (the Apples, Peanuts, Petals, etc.), I would think she might actually have more of a chance being teased if she’d been given a “normal” name.

Daisy on

I’m really surprised at the outrage over the name. Of all the unusual names to be dumbfounded by, Maple doesn’t seems so innocuous to me. It’s not like they named her Eucalyptus or Oak.

ham on

gonna go get some pancakes now

lucy on

Maple reminds me of red leaves in the fall! Gorgeous name and I hope all these people saying it will be made fun of on the playground raise their kids to NOT bully others! Reminds some of maple syrup…so what? Syrup is sweet and delicious!

Maisie on

I went to the top four baby name websites. Not one of them lists “Maple” as a name. One search yielded, “There are no names that match your search. Maybe you were looking for ‘Mabel.'” Anything can “be” a name if you give it to someone, but that doesn’t mean it’s an acceptable name to the general public. Yes, they have the right to name their baby anything they want…I also have the right to dislike it. Celebs or otherwise, I have seen so many people try to come across as artistic by naming their child a ridiculous name. All it does is come across as posing, not being artistic.

Anonymous on

Maisie- I couldn’t find it on most of the main baby sites, either, but I DID just find it on BabyCenter’s baby name section: http://www.babycenter.com/baby-names-maple-71245.htm

That being said, I want to say that although I don’t agree with parts of your comment, I like how you worded it. You managed to state your opinion and explain it a bit without coming across as snappy, defensive, or even downright rude, something that unfourtnatelly alot of the rest of us (including myself!) aren’t always the best at doing!

Shannon on

Poor kid. rotfl

Terri on

Well that’s an interesting name. Definitely invokes a feeling a sweetness. Sylvie is pretty.

Terri on

of not a…and glad to learn that it’s an old English name. I think maybe Sylvie or Sylvia Maple could have been cute.

Dot on

Maple Sylvie? Isn’t that on the Cracker Barrel menu?
I pray to God this little girl goes by “Sylvie”, otherwise, she’ll be teased constantly:(
Regardless, I wish only the best for her:)

Cheryl on

Maple Batalia? Was she named after the recently slain Canadian actress, Maple Batalia?

michele on

why are people having childern so late in life?I think they need to think of the kids.What kind of parent are you when you get older and you can’t be there like you could be if you are younger besides not be there because you won’t be around to see there life most likely!

Anonymous on

michele- Not be around to see their life? Jason and Amanda are 43, which means that when Maple is 20 they’ll be 63. That’s not all that old (granted, it’s not young either, but my point is that most people live well past their 60s!). I understand getting annoyed when men in their 60s or 70s (or even late 50s) have children, but in this case I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Put it this way, if women weren’t meant to be able to have children at 43, menopause would set in at an earlier age! I also want to point out that not everyone plans to have children at 43. Maple could have been a surprise baby, for all we know!

Anonymous on

I don’t ever post negative comments on here. However, Maple Sylvie??? Poor kid, I hope she isn’t taunted Maple Syrup her whole life. These celebrities, really!!

Susan Albert on

Maple, you got to be kidding, right.

suzie on

Somehow I get the feeling that she had a craving for maple syrup throughout her pregnancy but why should the kid have to pay for that??

Carey D. on


Gorgeous name! My daughter’s name is Maple ❤ I obviously adore it otherwise I wouldn't have chosen it for my own child.

Maddie on

OMG – I thought it said “Maple Syrup”!

J on

No you didn’t Rochele. You’re just repeating what others said so you can sound imaginative too.

Georgina on

Maple is not my cup of tea in the slightest but it does beat Pilot Inspektor, Bear Blu, Reignbeau, etc and I agree it can be quite lovely. So, may I add can Sylvie. Yet together they sound like Maple Syrup (yes I know, others have pointed that out too) and when placed with the surname sounds like Maple Bacon. Yes, it could have a special meaning i.e. after a family member and I respect that, but you MUST look at the name as a whole and not its parts. One of my Mum’s friends is from Ukraine and wanted to name her daughter Katya after her mother. Nice name to some and sounds good by itself. However, her husband’s surname (and ultimately her child’s) was Wood and one of her friends pointed out that Katya Wood sounds like ‘cut your wood’ and in realising this, she decided on Nicola instead. Children pounce on this stuff and I am sure will do the same for Maple. Ill thought out name groupings can be just as bad, if not worse than ‘unique’ names. I am not being rude or mean, just stating that they should have properly thought about how the name would sound as a whole.
Congratulations nonetheless for her birth 🙂

B on

It is a beautiful name. I appreciate when people take the time to really think about their child’s name instead of picking what is popular. Names are like roots that say something about the family and the culture you are born into. In 2008 I named my daughter Maple and she is who she is…. full of self confidence and complete with maple syrup in her hair sometimes too 🙂

P. on

I can’t believe the amount of adults making fun of Jason’s baby’s name. I mean, children do that, but adults? Relax, don’t let things like this get to you so much. Hate to break it to you but there are much worse things going on every day to be upset about.

Is it ruining your day that they chose this name for their child? Bother you this much? Seriously…