Sienna Miller Debuts Baby Belly

02/15/2012 at 08:30 AM ET
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Bump alert!

Sienna Miller, who is reportedly expecting her first child this summer with boyfriend Tom Sturridge, stepped out Tuesday night in Hugo Boss‘s form-fitting black dress, which clung tightly enough to reveal the British actress’s baby belly.

Miller, 30, was attending a fashion video exhibit by Solve Sundsbo in New York City.

Despite the fact that the event was held on Valentine’s Day, Sturridge did not attend with Miller.

Last week, Miller was photographed in London wearing a diamond ring, prompting rumors that she and Sturridge are engaged, according to the Daily Mail.

But neither has confirmed the status of their relationship nor officially confirmed news of her pregnancy.

Kristina Bumphrey/Startraks

–- Liz Raftery

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Shannon on

That dress is not flattering and she looks pretty sad.

Katie on

I don’t like her and she does look evil and pretty pissed off. I don’t like the fact she called my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA Shittsburgh!!

Mira on

OMG, she suddenly looks like a washed up Playboy model who took her implants out. Ouch.

Ellen Smith on

Are we sure it isn’t Jude Law’s baby?

Siera on

I agree not the best picture of her. Someone needs to tell her she doesn’t need to suck in her cheeks like Keira Knightley for each picture she takes.

kendrajoi on

So who is this Tom Sturridge fella actually married to? Just wondering, since Sienna cannot get it up for a guy unless he’s married….

Tee on

Wow, she looks sad in those pictures.

Romy on

she’s normally so pretty, but she looks so rough and harsh here. not a nice look on her at all.

Amanda K on

Usually I find her gorgeous but pregnancy isn’t becoming on her. At least not in this pic. I guess we can’t all be so lucky to get the pregnancy glow some women are lucky enough to have.

Sophia on

Well I think she looks gorgeous! A smile would’ve been nice but she still looks amazing.

Anonymous on

I wonder why her boyfriend didn’t go with her? Sounds odd that he wouldn’t want to be with her on Valentine’s Day! Hopefully he just had other commitments he couldn’t get out of and the relationship isn’t already on the rocks. I also hope they didn’t get engaged just because of the pregnancy!

Anonymous on

Also, I don’t think she looks sad. Just like she’d rather be at home with her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day rather than on a red carpet. I don’t blame her, either.

Sarah on

I agree, the halterneck dress does nothing for her … neither does the tatoo. I can’t say I like her very much ….

Hea on

Oh wow, look at you all blasting a pregnant woman. Because she said something about your hometown and didn’t smile? Classy.

“Sounds odd that he wouldn’t want to be with her on Valentine’s Day”

We don’t know that he didn’t want to be there. I for one don’t care about Valentines Day at all. It’s a day like any other and perhaps it’s the same for them? A lot of people don’t need a special day in order to be spontaneously romantic and show the people they love affection and attention.

I think Sienna looks good. The dress is not the best I’ve seen her in and sure, a smile is always nice. But for all I know she could be nauseated beyond belief or have a terrible headache. If she forced a smile, people would bitch about that as well if it was even the least bit obvious.

J on

Hea, she’s had that purse lip, sucked in cheeks pose for years now.

Not sure if blasting others on a website is classy either.

Marsha on

Sadly, she has that same expression I had for the first trimester of my pregnancy. I was trying not to throw up in public as the morning sickness lasted all day. Pregnancy can make women feel sick so that usually is the reason for a sour expression in a picture; at least that was the case for me. And the morning sickness doesn’t always stop after the first trimester. Thankfully, mine did.

Cut her a break for the facial expressions in these pictures. Benefit of the doubt for now.

Stella Bella on

Thank you, Marsha. Come on, folks, a little kindness goes a long way! 🙂

Anonymous on

J- I don’t think Hea was blasting anyone. She didn’t say any of us were idiots for having the opinions we did or anything like that. Just pointing out nicely that some of us (myself included!) may have gotten a bit carried away! 🙂

Hea on

J – I did not realize that I was blasting anyone? Who did I blast?

Sasha on

Hea, You blasted the blasters!!!! 😉 c’mon get with the catty program here on CBB…

Rosey on

She’s normally so cute and pretty… I bet she’s having the first trimester nausea. Cut her some slack… She’s still a pretty gal and will be cute once this phase of preggo is over 🙂

Jessica on

Well I don’t like her b/c she talked smack on Pittsburgh… who is she anyway? Some actress who sleeps with married men … classy. her stylest needs to remind her shes pregnant and expecting a baby and its not about her anymore. She looks like total trash with her gold chains … shes a miserable B*tch

Ellen on

Wow, she has the potential to look really ugly while pregnant. Most women exude happiness, she just has a bad vibe.

Alia on

Wow, the women in the baby section of People are such prudes! If it was Jennifer Aniston or someone in same dress and pose, you all wouldn’t have said anything!! Only because Sienna has had some complicated relationships and she has a few tattoos. She’s pregnant, so what if she’s not married…she doesn’t deserve all the trash talk, where if it was Jennifer Garner you guys would be like, awww, so sweet, wish her the best…

Get over yourselves! Not everyone is perfect!

Meg on

Alia, Are you saying that now that she’s pregnant, we suddenly need to forget morals ever existed and that now she’s so sweet. She did the deed that got her pregnant in the first place, which took place out of wedlock. Society’s sudden need to tell everyone, “It’s ok, do whatever you want & we won’t judge you” is what has gotten us to this point in the first place. Only 1 in 3 kids are now born to married responsible adults. People’s judging is what keeps society from falling to pieces. How quickly everyone forgets that she has broke up multiple marriages with no regards to the other woman in the picture. Not the kind of person I would choose to hang out with.

Good eye Siera, she does appear to be sucking in her cheeks, funny.

Although, I do think she’s cute, that looks is diminished in my eyes because of her choices & behaviors.

liz on

Yeah, sorry Sienna but Pittsburgh folk don’t care for being bitch-slapped by B-list actresses here on a visitor’s pass. You called Pittsburgh “Shitsburgh” because some bouncers would refused your admittance into a club even after you pulled the “Don’t you know WHO I AM?” routine. We just don’t do “celebrity” here. The closest thing to a celebrity in this city is a Pittsburgh Steeler. But even their celebrity is not without strings: if they lose a game, suddenly they are treated like elected city officials who failed to meet their electorate’s expectations and now run the danger of being voted off the island. If you get run out of Pittsburgh, don’t come back. Nobody ever moves out of here and generations to come will know of your disgrace and uphold the ban against you. So, I guess the dour face we see on Sienna in this photo? The same face we saw in Pittsburgh. Spoiled brat Sienna. Snarky Sienna. I like her, and think she’s a good actress. But I can’t admit it. I’d have to move to Cleveland.

Dawn on

GROW UP ALREADY. Seriously, two people have to be married to be responsible adults, I don’t think so. Look at all the responsible married couples out there KILLING their children. And seriously, she made fun of Pittsburgh, WHO CARES!!! People make stupid comments all day every day, is that what you really want to hold a grudge about. And who cares if she does sleep with married men. IT IS HER LIFE NOT YOURS!!!!! Meg, I am sure she didn’t just waltz into a perfectly happy marriage and ruin it, please, it takes two to have an affair. Thank you and have a good day.