Look for Less: Harper Beckham’s City Chic

02/14/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Sweater dresses aren’t just for moms-to-be!

On Sunday, a cozily-dressed Harper stepped out with dad David Beckham in N.Y.C. to attend mom Victoria‘s fashion show at the New York Public Library.

And the adorable 7-month-old looked oh-so sweet in Caramel Baby & Child‘s Ostrich Baby Dress ($159), a Chloé knit beanie and cream cable knit tights.

Love Harper’s pint-size polish? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $25!

Courtesy Gap


Keep her warm — and unbearably cute! — in babyGap‘s Bear Hat and Mitten Set ($12).

Courtesy 6 pm


From the pretty hot pink accents to the full striped back, she’s sure to turn heads in Primigi‘s Knitted Dress ($25).

Courtesy Pumpkin Patch


Keep her little legs toasty this winter with Pumpkin Patch‘s Cotton Cable Tights ($4), which are also available in bright pink.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

What a little doll!

Anne on

Aww! She’s adorable. Wish I could smooch those chubby little cheeks.

Brooke on

Harper is an absolute doll. (And Daddy ain’t so bad either) 🙂

Rhymes on

James Bond holding an adorable baby, happy land

Abbie on

she is sooo cute!!!

Steph on

She is such a little sweetie…Smoochable cheeks!

Elisa on

I was in NYC that day and it was freezing!! that dress must be quite warm!!

Maryanne on

There is a baby in the pic? I must have missed her?!?

Simone on

Awww cutie patootie…

Melissa on

I think she’s the cutest celeb baby out there. Mom and dad aren’t bad either.

meghan on

So looks warmly dressed to me, elissa. Knit dress, thick tights and a knit hat covering pretty much everything but her face (and I would assume a onesie underneath the dress). She is abosulety adorable!

Tee on

Oh my goodness, that is a darling picture!

krista on

Harper is so beautiful…and her Daddy is pure hotness. LOL
She looks cozy and warm in her adorable outfit…it’s not like he’s walking the baby down the street in NYC dressed without a coat, they are exiting a vehicle and entering a building, and I am more than positive both are heated.

Pammy on

While I have never been a fan of Victoria, I am absolutely in love with Harper. I love how they dress Harper – although, I must admit, I am surprised she is not in frilly, over-the-top girly outfits considering how prissy Victoria is.

Lucy on

omg that baby it TOO cute with the fatness…LOVE!! But THIS pic takes the CAKE from that same day and shoot: http://www.dlisted.com/files/imagecache/photo-preview/files/galleries/spl359562_007.jpg

Lucy on

@ maryanne…LOL!!

ForeverMoore on

CUTEST pic I have seen of her! She is a little doll…love how they dress her, so classic!

matthew on


Rachel on

I think my uterus just skipped a beat!!

Karen on

Great picture…sweet baby. OMG Lucy, that picture should be on the website too….so precious!

crg on

“Harper is an absolute doll. (And Daddy ain’t so bad either)”

Totally agree.

J-Lin on

I love to see babies dressed classically. She looks beautiful.

Renee on

Okay, this kid is the cutest baby I have seen in a LONG time!

Traci on

OMG Rachel, I’m LMAO at your uterus statement. I’m on the floor.

Harper is a gorgeous baby. I’ve never been a fan of Victoria but I t hink David’s pretty HAWT.

p on

SUPER cute!!! both of them!

Lucy on

Suri better just bow down now to this one…

Pandabear on

she’s so adorable! Chubby little cheeks to kiss all day!

Lisa on

Harper is absolutely adorable!!!!! What a doll 🙂

B.J. (the girl) on

Love those Spice babies! Harper is adorable.

Meela on

That chick is looking right into the camera!

Watch out Victoria, this girl will be T-R-O-U-B-L-E!


Ashley on

Like some of the others here, I have never been a huge fan of Victoria, but Harper is such a doll. As for Daddy, one word describes him. YUM!

JM on

David please come over and sort out this England manager stuff. they may listen to you.

what a cute baby!

Elena on

Oh my goodness, she’s a precious little munchkin 🙂 SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

SushiMonkey on

If you look at other pics, you can see Harper actually is wearing a brown knit thing underneath her dress so I am sure she’s fine and I watched a video and it’s literally a 3 second walk from the car to the restaurant.

But omg she is the most beautiful celebrity baby ever! Absolutely gorgeous! And I loooove how Victoria dresses her.

annachestnut on

a beautiful baby – she looks old fashioned.

Amanda K on

What a sweet pic. She looks so cute!

kimmie on

Sweet mother of God. Is he married?

(p.s. all I can see is his underwear)

sat on

what a doll!! she’s got a twinkle in her eye!

Marky on

Victoria doesn’t get the credit she should for the good job she seems to do parenting. The boys always look as if they are so happy when they are with either parent, they seem well-behaved, and they look well-dressed every time the leave the house with either parent. I think she does a good job with all her children, and Harper is adorable, and dressed to the 9’s! My Brit GDs dressed the same way…. so cute!

SushiMonkey on

Marky, I agree. I love Victoria. She does seem like a great parent to her kids as does David. Her kids dress their age, are always well-behaved and look happy. Victoria really doesn’t get enough credit thanks to the press. I am a huge fan though. She’s such an hardworking and talented woman. Her fashion career is getting fantastic reviews and she’s finally getting the success she deserves.

All the Beckham children are beautiful but since Harper is the baby and I have a thing for chubby babies, she just makes my heart melt. Such a gorgeous baby!

marlowe on

what a lovely little chubchub. oh how i wanna bite those cheeks.

i cannot abide her father tho.. have any of you actually heard the boy SPEAK? such a terrible voice…. i cannot disregard it, not matter how handsome he looks

Sarah S. on

Puddin’ has such a kissable face! 🙂

NickyAngel on

Is that a actual smile? But then again if I was in David Beckham’s arms I would be smiling too (lol) 🙂

Alise on

absolutely adorable!

Silly Silly on

Harper’s thoughts, “Don’t you wish your daddy was hot like mine? Don’t cha…Don’t cha..”

Silly Silly on

I thought this man couldn’t get any hotter. Well, I guess I was wrong!

Silly Silly on

I just wiped my mouth. Which ever way you may go, that man is hotter than hot when carrying a baby!!!

cara on

She is so absolutely cute ! Love her outfit and those cheeks ….

Too funny how, without fail, her outfits are always coordinated with the parent carrying her ! Perfect photo opportunities, they really have it down to a fine art.

MiB on

Harper is gorgeous! And Elisa, even if it is freezing outside, she is just going from a warm car indoors (where it’s probably warm enough), so she’ll be outside for what? Less than a minute? That has never harmed anyone! (Unless they are allergic to cold, but that is a totally different matter.) Harper will be fine! Daddy doesn’t wear anything over his suit either.

Hea on

Too cute for words.

Ashley on

Yes, a smile! Go figure, she’s with her dad, not mom. It’s funny because in previous photos with Victoria, I’ve never seen Harper smile, ha ha. I was beginning to think the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree….she is a cute baby.

virtual_insanity on

it looks like Becks has a pony tail

JM on

marlowe i do agree with you. david beckham, though a stunning looking man, has a horrible voice. not my kind of thing. was a damn fine footballer in his day though.

christa on

She is the cutest little girl.

Shannon on

LOL she’s so chubby. Those cheeks! 🙂

melissa g on

I think she is so cute, but I dont know why the tights no shoes bug me for some reason.

Tara on

OMG those cheeks!!! Also, have to say I think they dress her so adorable. Such a precious baby.

A on

Aw, such a cutie! She REALLY looks like Cruz a lot, I find.

Brooklyn on

Oh my goodness! SO CUTE!

torgster on

Melissa g I’ve noticed that too from the time she was a newborn. I’m surprised Victoria doesn’t ever seem to put sweet little shoes with her pretty dresses. In any case she just gets cuter the older she gets.