Baby No. 3 on the Way for Jason Lee

02/10/2012 at 01:45 PM ET
LuMar Jr./AFF

Three’s company!

Jason Lee will welcome his third child — a boy — in June, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The actor, 41, and wife Ceren are already parents to daughter Casper, 3½, as well as son Pilot, 8, from his prior relationship.

Lee — who wed his wife in July 2008, and renewed his vows last November — is currently guest-starring on NBC’s Up All Night, playing opposite Maya Rudolph as Ava Alexander’s love interest Kevin.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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cannat on

His wife is absolutely gorgeous! I have loved Jason since Mallrats, and it’s great to see him in such a good place. Can’t wait to hear the latest name 🙂

Mom Of Twins on

Wow, he looks very different.

Pammy on

Loved him on Memphis Beat. Kinda scared to find out what he names this child. His wife is absolutely stunning though.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

After Pilot Inspektor and Casper, I cannot wait to hear the next name.

ELO on

Congratulations! How exciting for them. I love Jason!

kim on

hopefully his wife has more sense than he does and won’t allow their child to be named go go gadget or something ridiculous like that!!! and she is really pretty.

kjc on

I am looking forward to the delivery of this boy. I can’t wait to hear his name! I personally think Casper is a great name. I know everybody dislikes Pilot Inspector, but when you drop the middle name, Pilot really isn’t that bad. Would I name my child that? No, but who am I to judge!?

Congratulations! Here’s to a healthy pregnancy and baby boy.

Susan Albert on

Congrats to the couple. I also loved him on Memphis Beat. Am kinda scared also to know what the name of the new baby will be. Please give him a normal name.

Stella Bella on

What a stunning woman!

Melanie on

He’s SO great on Up All Night. Perfect foil for Maya’s craziness. Anyone else watch and love?

Congrats. Also kind of scared to hear the name, but I’m sure it’ll be something equally interesting to match his siblings. 😉

Terry on

He can call this one Cable Installer

Jen on

Pilot and Casper?? Smh….why do they do this to defenseless kids.

ruby on

He’s so nuts, and I’m not sure it’s in a harmless way :/

His wife is lovely, don’t know what she sees in him, but to each her own. Hope this kid gets a better name than Pilot Inspektor (personally I think Casper for a human girl is worse than Pilot Inspektor).

Sarah S. on

Congrats to Jason and Ceren!

megan on


Shannon on

They should name this one Mike or Mary.

Alana on

Does she have any say so whatsoever in the choice of the baby names or is it his idea? God forbid it’s both their ideas. It’s like a they are playing with action figures or dolls and giving them silly names. How about Humperdink, Fridgedaire, or Cyclone for the next one?

Aimee Colbert on

Wow… so much hate and judgementalism on this thread. You don’t like the names, you unoriginal mainstreamers? Don’t name your kid that.

Congrats to Jason and Ceren and to new big sibs-to-be Pilot and Casper. And by the way, they are fine names.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Corrie on

It’s funny, for the longest time every time I looked at Jason Lee with his mustache (during “My Name Is Earl” I kept thinking, “Wow, that dude doesn’t look like Jason Lee.” Now I look at him without it and think the same thing!

Congratulations to him and Ceren – sure it will be another…um…interesting name, if nothing else. 🙂

Jayda on

I actually like his daughter’s name (Casper) and his son’s name didn’t really bother me till I heard that they got their inspiration from Pilot’s name from the song “He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot”. I honestly hope the poor kid never finds out about this or his self-esteem will surely drop to a record low. Wonder what they’ll choose for their new boy….

Ann on

Alanna she’s not Pilot’s mom, just casper and this new baby. There’s nothing wrong with Casper as a name. It’s not the first time a celeb has used that name for a child.

Jillian on

Aimee, I won’t and don’t think others will. We have every right to discuss in dislike, as others do in like. It’s called …….opinions…….on a discussion board.

SMiaVS on

I think Go Go Gadget would be AWESEOME! 😉 😛

Amanda on

CASPER AND PILOT? Can’t imagine what this one’s name will be. Poor kids they’ll have to live with those names unless they can change them wow parents EVEN celebrities need to think about what to name a child Casper and Pilot could be nicknames but real first names wow Im stunned

Anonymous on

Amanda- How do you know that Pilot and Casper won’t grow up to love their names (or at least like them enough not to change them). Look at Frank Zappa’s kids, for example. He has a daughter (at least I think it’s a daughter) named Moon Unit and a son named Dweezil. Both of those kids are well into adulthood now, and neither has changed their name (even though with their father’s money that probably wouldn’t be a problem). Nor have I ever once heard either of them complain about their names.

Maybe Pilot and Casper will embrace their names, too. Or maybe they’ll end up changing them, like David Bowie’s son did (his birth name was Zowie, I forget what he changed it to). Whatever the case may be, I’m sure they’ll be fine, especially with their dad being who he is. 🙂

Anonymous on

Also, for all we know it could be Ceren, not Jason, who chose Casper’s name. Maybe it’s a family name on her side or whatever. I don’t get why everyone’s putting the blame on him for Casper’s name (Pilot’s I can understand, since, being Ceren is not Pilot’s mom, she obviously didn’t have any say in his name!).

sara on

What’s the problem with Casper? It’s a real, if uncommon, name. It was the name of the Secretary of Defense in the 80’s.

Stephanie on

I kinda like the name Casper for a girl, it’s certainly unusual but I don’t dislike it, though I wouldn’t name my child this.

The thing with Pilot is that it doesn’t just end there, his full name is PILOT INSPEKTOR!! He could at least have given him one normal name.. Seriously poor kid..

I can’t wait to see what this child is gonna be.

Patrice on

Isn’t Memphis Beat coming back? I enjoyed that show.

kasia on

suggestion of Cable Installer is awesome 😀

Brenda on

What dumb names they name there children…

Amy on

The mother of his son “from a previous relationship” is actress Beth Riesgraf from the show “Leverage”. Funny how that isn’t mentioned.

Anonymous on

Amy- I was thinking that same thing myself. Sometimes PEOPLE will mention who the other parent of a child from a previous relationship is, sometimes they don’t. Makes you wonder just how they decide when to mention and when not to. 🙂

Teren on

I’m less offended by the kids’ names than I am by Jason Lee being a Scientologist. Pilot Inspektor and Casper will grow up learning that they’re fighting a galactic battle against the evil being Xenu. So yeah, their oddball names will be the LEAST of their worries.

justme on

i think thought and imagination and originality is a wonderful idea it makes a person / and or child come into the world unique, original and so much more

Irish on

Casper is not a nice name in my opinion, but I guess they can call her Cass or Cassie. Pilot isnt too bad. At least they didnt name their kid like Dogwood or something. John Travolta named his kid Jett so whats wrong with Pilot…maybe they are fans of aviation.

The ONLY time I see something wrong with weird names is when you name one kid like “Mary Elizabeth” and the next kid like “Sunshine Outerspace”…then it is wrong. If you like odd names, then stick with it. If you like normal names then stick with it. Dont mess with the kids’ minds.

jennrae on

Yeah, every time a celebrity names their baby something you won’t find in a book of baby names, people judge. I can’t imagine any of you appreciating someone telling you what you should name your own kid. I like the unconventional names because those kids usually live up to their name and grow into interesting adults. I doubt the parents are thinking of themselves and how they will look in the press. Like any other parent, they choose a name they think suits their baby that sounds pretty, cool, strong–whatever it is they’re going for–that’s a hope for the person they will become. I always wanted a more unique name than what I got and I’m surprised more people don’t feel the same way.

Guest on

you guys shouldn’t hate on the names jason lee chooses for his kids. i mean look at the characters he’s played and just who he is as a person. his personality and the characters he plays are pretty far from normal, so why would his kid’s names be normal? i praise him for bringing creativity into the world.

i need a name on

…. well how about Maple Sylvie. I don’t know if I would believe someone if they said ‘Pilot and Maple are coming over today’….

However, if these names don’t work, the kids can always change them. I doubt the parents mean any harm. Maybe it all the make-up from work that affects their thinking.

Sharon Reekers on

It’s not our business to judge what Jason Lee and the mothers of his children chose or choose to name their children, Any more than it would be their business to judge what we name ours. He’s a great father and I’m sure his children love their parents very much. I hope they grow up to appreciate their unique names. And I hope we grow up to realize how silly it is to think our opinions of them matter.