Beyoncé and Jay-Z Introduce Blue Ivy

02/10/2012 at 07:45 PM ET

Meet Blue Ivy Carter! Jay-Z and Beyoncé have introduced their 4-week-old baby girl, sharing multiple photos of her on a new official website.

Born last month, the little one — who has a full head of dark hair — is shown on her own and also being cradled by each of her famous parents, who are clearly beaming with joy.

Courtesy Carter Family

A handwritten note posted to HelloBlueIvyCarter reads, “We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.” The note is signed “The Carter Family.”

Courtesy Carter Family

Just this week Beyoncé, 30, made her first post-baby appearance to celebrate husband Jay-Z’s double concert dates at Carnegie Hall.

Courtesy Carter Family
Courtesy Carter Family

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Vicky on

Omigod! She is so beautiful! Looks alot like her maternal grandma to me. What a divine little princess! Congrats to Bey and Jay Z!

Kelsey on

I knew Beyonce and Jay-Z would make a beautiful baby! Blue Ivy is gorgeous!

Daniela on

Beautiful, despite rumors, they definitly have an angel with them, no wonder they made such a big deal, they’re proud parents. ❤

erica2 on

Blue is beautiful she looks like a mini beyonce…congrats to the carter family! The other pics on the website are adorable…jayz is a proud papa!

Janie on

Very cute! She looks like a combo of her mom and dad.

Lucretia omahen on

An angel from heaven.

Sarah S. on

Wow, look at all that hair! She’s a beauty all right, with her pretty features–just like Mama!! 🙂

Amber on

Look at all that beautiful hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Carter family!!!

Katie on

I’ve seen way cuter! And that first pic is so staged!

Amber on

I thought the same thing; she looks alot like Tina IMO!

joy on

She is a very beautiful baby!

sarahjohns on

Wow, what an ugly baby

Lisa Scott on

She is so very beautiful,God has surely blessed you two.She is one of many of Gods gifts.

Mom Of Twins on

@Katie, they say your mother said the same thing about you when she first laid eyes on you. Why so hateful? This isn’t a survey about if you thinks she’s cute or not. Trust me, I bet her parents are like most, don’t care what you think. Mighty funny you chose to read the article.

Mom Of Twins on

Congrats to the Carter Family, she’s beautiful.

Helen Dawson on

Real pretty she favors her dad more than mom right now but babies can change quickly. She has jay’s nose and mouth would love to see his baby picture.

mstawk on

Lil Miss Blue Ivy is so cute and adorable. She favors her cousin Juelz. Congrats to the Carter Family. What a blessing!

Heidi on

What an adorable little girl with that gorgeous head of hair.

Also to Katie – who cares if the first picture is staged. Many parents take staged pictures of themselves with their kids to share with others. Nothing wrong with that. To each their own.

People can be very mean. It seems like so may are saying because they are so loaded they will pass their child off to nannies and don’t really care about her, etc. It’s pathetic.

Congrats to the new parents on their baby girl! Thanks for sharing some pictures.

Amanda K on

Wow,look at all that hair! How precious is she? I see a strong resemblance to Tina Knowles.

JM on

What a GORGEOUS baby – she is stunning!!!!

Congrats to the Carter family!!

da_hides on

When looking at the pics up close to see Blue Ivy’s features, I think that she has Jay-Z’s eyebrows, Beyonce’s eyes and nose, and Jay-Z’s mouth and chin-the perfect combo of Mommy and Daddy!!

Katie on

I feel bad for your kids, Mom of Twins! SO sad!

Nichole on

Gorgeous baby!! Just like her momma!!

Megan on

Despite how they were in the hospital, you both have a beautiful little daughter, she is to precious!!! Congratulations to you both!!!

Maryanne on

Who doesn’t love a pic with the daddy? I love that picture. She is cute.

Mar on

Her features are the perfect blend of her mother and father’s features. When I first saw the picture I thought she looked exactly like Beyonce, but then I scrolled back up and thought she looked exactly like Jay-Z. Now I see them both in her. Cute.

Crystal on

Blue Ivy is the SPITTING IMAGE OF HER MOM!!! She’s adorable! Congrats to the new parents! She is so GORGEOUS!!! They look sooooo in ♥ with her!!! :))))

Ang on

I love the first pic-she’s like “y’all called me WHAT?!”


God Bless this bundle of Joy. I pray she is taught to fear GOD respectfully!!!

Toya L. on

She’s beautiful, I see the Knowle’s genes with a little of Jay-Z’s.

Ericka Chatman on

She is beautiful.



Tina on

Just beautiful. I see Lil Miss Blue Ivy has her 1st hater. way 2 go @Katie, find a cliff and leap

Romy on

she looks different, like no one to me right now. a lot of newborns seem that way at first. I like the big chair cover they put on.

Crystal on

She actually looks like her cousin Julez!

Anonymous on

Way too cute for her own good!!!!! Lol
They r so lucky….:..CONGRATS
@ Katie ure blind nd even if its staged the baby is real nd so is the mama zoo hush jewelry honey kaii
@sarajohns shut up if jealous so go somewhere.:.:…… Jealous of a BABY?……SMH
U too haters really need to go somewhere ASAP

but anyway that baby is gorgeous!!!!
bill’s parents should be proud and they are

Erin on

2 words…simply beautiful!

TeeTee on

All those rumors just ruined this. I can’t even look at their pics without thinking: was she really pregnant?
But congrats to them anyways!

jasmine on

she is so precious.

Lotus on

Adorable! I didn’t expect to see these so soon but I’m glad they shared them. I think she’s a great mix of both parents.

Anonymous on

I never get the “staged” argument about photos like this. Yes, that first picture is probably staged….but so are a lot of family photos. In fact, I would bet everything that the vast majority of us have at least one picture like that first one in among our baby pictures.

Anyway, Blue is a cutie, and for all you doubters, Beyonce definitely has the “I’ve just given birth and I’m exhausted!” look on her face that most new mothers have in those first pictures of them holding their newborns (it’s pretty obvious that the first picture was taken while they were still in the hospital as that is clearly a hospital bed that Beyonce is lying in).

And that photo of Blue with her daddy is precious! Personally, I never get tired of the newborn-on-daddy’s-chest pose, especially with baby girls (probably because I’ve always been very much a daddy’s girl and have a picture of my dad holding me like that when I was a newborn!)!

Hen on


me on

All hail the second coming. *eye roll*

Queen Beyonces tummy looks awfully flat in that pic. Just sayin’.

Lola on

You people should be ashamed of yourselves talking about a baby!

Blue Ivy is beautiful just like I knew she would be…gorgeous blend of mommy & daddy – Congrats to the Carter family!

Anonymous on

She’s cute, but I’ve definitely seen ‘cuter’. If I was walking down the street and I saw her I wouldn’t stop to “awe” or anything.

AllisonJ on

Such a cute baby! Love all the dark hair. I thought, “Wow, she looks a lot like Tina Knowles” when I saw the pics.

Auto on

Satan child is born……

Ali on

Wow! She looks JUST like Tina Knowles! Crazy how that works!! I don’t see Jay-Z in her much yet but she is still so tiny. How sweet!

Sasha on

You are ignorant. You should be ashamed of yourself for talking about a baby like that. Even if she does not meet your standard of beauty, she is a precious innocent baby. So please troll, crawl back under the rock you came from.

Jane on

I agree with Katie. I also have seen cuter babies plus considering the child parents well father I am suprise the baby looks average.

Shannon on

She looks like her cousin Julez, who looks likes his grandmother. Tina Knowles has strong genes! lol

Janet on

Beautiful! Look at all that hair! She looks a lot like Beyonce’s mom.

A.S. on

How can ANYONE say a child is ugly. Shame on you. Are you so low that you make fun of physically challenged children as well? Just remember we all meet are maker oneday, and I wouldn’t want to be you.

Lillian on

What a beautiful baby! She definitely resembles grandma to me.

cynthia on

what a beautiful little girl god bless yous and blue ivy <3<3<3

SiSi on

Baby Blue is beautiful & regardless of what anyone thinks of Beyonces pregnancy, Blue has nothng to do w/ it. But anytime someone is doing better than u or a #HotTopic, there will always b haters. So congrats Blue, like mother like daughter, 1month old & ur packing the haters boo. You are beautiful & congrats to Bey & Jay.

cynthia on

what a beautful little girl god bless sweet blue ivey and her parents enjoy they grow up to fast ❤

Daze on

OMG…she is sooo beautiful. They were right. Not just proud parents, which they are of course. Their little girl is a real beauty.

Jacqui on

Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

zpute on

wtf? did they photoshop the baby? make up on the baby? why doesn’t that look like a normal baby!?! /:

Gail maxey on

Oh Sara, don’t be a heater, because CAMERAS Break anytime your picture is taken. Their baby is very beautiful

shannon on

I’m surprised that Jay-Z and Beyonce made pictures of their daughter public, but they did it in a way that puts them in control and takes the competition out of the tabloids and paparazzi. There was a bounty on Blue’s first pictures, and someone was ready to shell out megabucks to whoever got the pictures first. And I agree that she is very cute.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Jay-Z and Beyonce! She’s PRECIOUS!!!

DawnJacquelyn on

Blue Ivy is just precious. I’m glad to share in this family’s joy.

proudlefty on

Negative or positive, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What one person finds attractive another is not always going to find attractive as well. That doesn’t mean they’re wrong or a bad person, it means their tastes are not the same as yours.

I think Blue Ivy is a cute baby but I understand the people who don’t. Its the same as my not thinking that Mason Disick is cute. I know a ton of other people on this website who think he is absolutely adorable. I don’t agree with their opinions but I understand and I respect that as well.

Tee on

My goodness, that is one absolutely beautiful baby!

You know, there is always someone that will say something nasty, no matter which celebrity the article is about. I don’t get it, the nasty attitudes towards innocent children. But you know what else I don’t get? The people that come back and are so nasty and rude towards the original rude commenter! Why on earth would you stoop to that person’s level by saying things like “you’re jealous” and “the camera broke when you picture was taken?” My question is serious here… can someone explain it to me?

silkie on


No matter if Beyonce birth this child or had a surrogate; this is HER and JAY-Z’s baby.

Any level minded natural parent or adoptive parent will tell you that there is nothing like the love for a child.

Why not rejoice with them? We did for Brad and Angelina, Madonna, Sandra Bullock and all the others.

AND if they chose to not share their “Private Decision, That is their right AND THEIR BUSINESS !

Bugsmum on

She’s adorable!!! So cool of them to release pics.

Jillian on

Most photos I take are staged.

I have to laugh at all of the people getting worked up over the negative comments and trying to leave witty comments in return. Just ignore them. You look foolish.

Marky on

when I worked newborn nursery as an RN, we had a mom who delivered a baby girl with dark hair 3 inches long and super thick. I worked in a hospital that prided itself on their care of newborns, and we would comb her hair and put bows in it; she had that same “calm” look and gave the impression of being a bit older than she actually was, even at 2-3 days. Just her nature. She was adorable and I have wondered if she ended up being a model, she was so cute and had such wonderful hair! This baby is adorable and cute as can be!

You haters are getting waaaayyy to venomous, and it’s irritating. It’s not an “opinion”, it’s just mean. You must have been the meanest bullies on the playground–I feel sorry for your kids!

JM on

Beauitful baby. i don’t usually say this with babies because i think it’s usually too early to tell with newborns. but i will say that i think she has jay-z’s mouth.

definitely a real cutie.

Mom Of Twins on

@Katie, Don’t feel sad for my kids, feel sorry for your own parents that they birth someone so full of hate. What’s your parents address, I would like to send them my condolences.

Fab on

BEEEEEUTEEEEEFULL!!!!! And all you “NEGATIVE NANCY’s” can eat BLUE POOP!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Jealous negative folk make me SICK!!!! Welcome little Blue!!!

Niko on

sarahjohns and auto: two miserable losers who loathe themselves and their lives so much they resort to attacking a baby. Truly sickening.

Abbie on

She is soooooo cute, love her hair! Congrats to the happy family!

marlowe on

what a beautiful, conscious little girly. aw

M on

aww! looks just like her dad!

Lyoness on

Awwww… She has the cutest little cheeks!! I think she has Jay’s mouth but when I first saw her I thought, “Wow… she looks like Juelz” They really have strong genes in their family. I’m really happy for them!!! I’m surprised they released pictures based on how private they are but it’s understandable with the paps. I like that they did it their way. Good luck to the new parents.

Shannon on

Who cares if she didn’t carry the baby. The baby is obviously theirs biologically since she looks just like once and Jay. Nicole Kidman didn’t get this much hate when she used a surrogate for her youngest children. Let it go! Congrats to Beyonce and Jay!

tlc on

She is definitely adorable…love her hair.

I, like Tee, am soured though because I keep thinking “Is she or isn’t she their biological baby.” Either way, she is just beautiful and has striking eyes. 🙂

Can’t believe they are trying to copywrite her name though. Ivy is a long time classic name and blue is a they can expect nobody else to ever use those names is beyond crazy!

ChloeRAWR! on

I’m so sick of everyone saying that it’s wrong to say babies are ugly.

How do you get ugly people? There HAS to be ugly babies! I was a hideous baby…

She’s not ugly, but she’s not adorable…she’s just…a baby haha

Honey B looks hot though 😉

Still a dumb, dumb name -_-“

lola on

it’s just a baby folks. why this one is so celebrated i have no idea. she is pretty but i agree with katie, i’ve seen cuter. she’s still in that new born stage where they are squishy. i’m sure she’ll get cuter as time goes on. no, i didn’t read this article, but i lost tons of respect for both of them when i read elsewhere they have 6 nannies. get real.

debbie on

Love her gaze at her mommie and her hand gesture. Looks like she’s got alot to say!! What a gorgeous baby girl now and forever!!

Jenna on

I think she’s precious. People are so mean! She’s a little cutie pie!

Whitney on

I am so confused by all the people who think she did not carry this child. There were pics of her in a bikini, her tummy was obviously distended. And look at the pics of her out now. Her boobs are huge.

Name calling is a thing if jealousy.

Not ALL babies are cute but all babies are beautiful. Blue Ivy looks just like her dad. No doubt about that. And if Beyonce loves him like we know age does then that’s all that matters. Congrats to her.

I do dislike their need to spend millions on material things… That I think is ugly.

Barbi on

Beautiful baby and I love the way she’s looking at her mother. Whether she carried this baby or not, it’s nobody’s business. She’s the mother. He’s the father. Be happy for them. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

AllisonJ on

I think it’s hilarious that people STILL think Beyonce didn’t give birth to this precious child. Have you seen pics of Beyonce recently? She definitely has a post-baby body. She still looks good, though! Congrats to Jay and Beyonce on little Blue Ivy!

Romy on

when I look again I see Jay’s face so much. looking at the close up of her and then his face in the next, she resembles him a lot.

MollyF on

I love it when people say horrible things they say it’s their right. Yeah it’s your right, but be aware of the consequences of what you say. Hurtful things DO hurt feelings. What you say haters, makes you all look ugly.
Blue Ivy is adorable and I love her head of hair. And that picture of Jay-Z is great. He’s a proud papa. I’m not a fan of his, but he looks so happy. Congrats to him and Beyonce. 🙂

Sarah on

what a beautiful baby! Congratulations to the Carter family on the birth of their first child. Happiest moments of my life, I’m sure it is for them too!

Evelyn on

What a beautiful baby…she is precious…wow…CONGRATS TO A WONDERFUL PAIR OF PARENTS…GOD BLESS

Jules on

She is so adorable! Clearly a lot the people making ignorant comments have never had a baby before or they are jealous that Beyonce looks really good after having her baby and they look busted! You can tell in her face that she has had a baby and the baby is a month old in the pictures like the article says and Beyonce probably works her ass off to keep in shape with the best trainers, nutritionist, chefs money can buy! Well keep hating they will still be happy, rich and doing what they love and you will still be a jerk who probably has nothing going on but posting negative comments and passing judgements on people you don’t even know

KylasMom on

She’s absolutely beautiful.

Michelle on

Oh my goodness. Are you people serious. Of course she gave birth to that baby girl. No one goes through that much trouble and fakery – not even divas. There is no stigma anymore for using a gestational carrier (Nicole Kidman, Kimberly Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Banks). Why would they lie.

And recent pics of Bey clearly show she has a post-baby body.

That baby is very cute and a nice mix of both her parents. I see more Jay in her though. It’s the lips.

I know you have freedom of speech which allows you to say anything you want, but please try to remember that freedom of speech is no excuse for bad manners.

kimmie on

Wow, little Blivy has so much hair ! Cute !

Massey on

Back in 90’s we adopted a greyhound from Gulf Greyhound in LaMarque, TX. She was a beautiful blue 4 year old greyhound that did not race any longer…her racing name was Angel’s Blue Ivy. She was our big baby for 10 years. When we heard the name of the Beyonce & J-Z’s new baby, we just looked at each other and smiled.

Beautiful name and baby.

babies are cute on

I just realized that they released the pics on Grammy weekend! Mommy and Daddy are proud to show her during an important weekend for them! So cute!

Rachel on

She is a beautiful baby! Congratulations to the happy family 🙂 And seriously… to the commenter who said something about the first photo being ‘staged’, erm, it’s a PHOTO, taken by a photographer. Most of them are.

babies are cute on

Just realized that they realized the pics Grammy weekend!

Congrats on

Looks just like Beyonce.

Alise on

cute baby, and she kind of resembles the late Michael Jackson in the first pic with mommy.

Jen on

I think she is just beautiful! I think she has her mom’s eyes and looks like a perfect combination of both mom and dad. And to those who do not think she is pretty, who are you kidding? She is gorgeous! (Imo hands down the most unattractive baby I have seen is Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane’s daughter Billie). Blue Ivy is beautiful and precious!! Congrats to the family!!

Christina on

Such a sweet little angel!! I’m so happy for Bey and Jay, they’ve wanted a baby for a long time. I’m sure she will be cherished and spoiled rotten (as she should be!) You can tell she already has Daddy wrapped up!

I think she favors her cousin Julez and grandmother Tina ALOT!! Those genes are very strong!

I’m glad they released pictures because if they hadn’t the paparazzi would have hounded them to no end. This way they’re in control. Good for them.

Indira on

She doesn’t really look like either of them to me. She does look like Jay z’s supposed other child tho. I guess she looks like tina, looks pretty alert for a “newborn” most babies look like they’re snarting.

AtlantaLady on

She is beautiful and is the spitting image of Beyonce’s MOM, if you ask me.

Lola on

So sad how miserable & rude people are. Glad I don’t have any association with people like this in real life.

Blue, you’re beautiful & look like ur daddy & Mama Tina. Congrats to the Carters!

Angel on

This is one beautiful baby girl! So happy for the new parents! I have never been a fan of either one (not for any particular reason; they’ve just never been on my radar) but I really respect how they chose to release their baby’s pictures and didn’t accept an astronomical sum of money as they very well could have done. They are going to be amazing parents!

Kasee on

As people said, everyone has a right to have an opinion, and even express that opinion. But think of how you would feel if you posted a picture of your baby and others with those same rights talked about how ugly he/she was. And something tells me you feel a lot freer expressing said opinions while sitting behind a computer with a made-up name. If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, you shouldn’t say it at all.

krista on

Who ever said the first photo was “staged”….if you’ve had a baby recently, hospitals do family portraits now instead of the old fashioned ‘baby laying on a nursery background’ photos they use too right before discharge. Every new family in America has staged precious moments with their newborn taken in the birthing unit.

Those of you that had negative things to say about a sweet newborn (this one or any others), Karma has a very scary way of biting you back for meanness…I’d be careful if I were you, you never know how you may be paid back for your ugliness and nastiness.

As for baby Blue Ivy…she is so sweet and so beautiful!

Mia on

Blue doesn’t look anything like I thought she would…but I see a mix of Jay + grandma for sure – will be interesting to see how her looks change over the next few months.

stacey on

looks just like dad. not cute.

Pgh Girl on

Congratulations! Enjoy your Beautiful Baby. May God Continually Bless Your Family.

Anonymous on

Everyone is thinking it nobody is saying it. That baby looks mixed.

Monique on

She is a beautiful! I’m so happy for them! They have the new parent glow!

Shame on all the evil people saying rude and hurtful things about an innocent baby. Children are innocent, until they meet hateful, rude, and idiotic people like yourselves. God help your child, if you ever decide to have any. If you already have them, then double shame on you. I feel so sorry for them.

Catca on

A lesson in etiquette to those posting on this site. The right to free speech has always existed but before the Internet, people understood the difference between the right to free speech and when one should keep their opinions to his or herself because expressing them would be hurtful to others. The fact that you are not facing that person when you say it doesn’t make it less rude to express it. It is still very hurtful speech. And don’t kid yourself that celebrities aren’t aware of the comments being expressed. Several of them (Katie Holmes, Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari, etc.) have talked about being aware of the comments. The right to free speech allows you to say “f*#@ you” to a police officer when passing the officer in the street. Obviously, exercising that right would be a bad idea. This is no different.

candykane on

Yes its a cute baby but it is nor breaking news anymore

unknown on


Jillian on

You are exactly right. Many celebs read this page or others or have someone else read it. They have addressed the comments in follow up posts of theirs.

J on

Catca, if you don’t like it then don’t read it. I’m sure these celebs who read the comments just brush the comments off and move on. They probably hear worse from better people. Spare us the scoldings.

Whitney on

To say the baby looks “exactly like Tina Knowles” is crazy…BEYONCE looks just like her mother, and this favors Beyonce a lot. Why dont people acknowledge that this child looks just like her mother instead of skipping over her and going straight to someone else. Just my opinion.

Lulu on

Ohhh my…this little one looks wayyyy toooo much like dad….maybe she will grow out of it!

TLH on

Baby is cute. And as far as the other comment regarding Nicole Kidman. Nicole didn’t get all the negative comments because she didn’t lie about using a surrogate.

Whether they used a surrogate or not, I don’t care, but if they did I hate the dishonesty.

barbarajoallyse on

Very cute baby!

I wish people would get off the whole Queen Beyonce and King Jay-Z crap. They aren’t royalty anything. But congrats to them.

Shawna on

How many days can this be kept under “breaking news”? This is ridiculous! Some new news please!

lola on

Interesting looking baby.

Anonymous on

the babies intials spell B I C. hahahhaha
she’s not that cute, just like her dad. hopefully she will look like her mother when she grows up

Veronica on

Ummmm, am I missing something? Because that baby looks creepy as hell, it looks like a baby monkey lol.

mg on

whatever. at least we got it out of the way. life can go on now.

Me on

The baby is beautiful, I think I would be much happier for them had they not mistreated the other ‘regular’ people in the hospital at the time of the birth. I would not want to be around people like that…

Hello12 on

How does the first one look staged???? The baby is beyond beautiful makes me want a daugther any baby is a good blessing no matter who they are born to

Bv on

Beautiful baby, & @sarah.. ur such a big liar! @ anonymous, ur such a coward!

Danielle on

She has so much hair!!! Beautiful little girl.

Maddie on

I think she’s adorable.

She looks sooo much like her dad, it’s precious.

Mom Of Twins on

@ Anonymous, Everyone is thinking it nobody is saying it. That baby looks mixed.

You should read up on Beyonce, family tree. Then you wouldn’t make such a stupid comment. Black folks, come in a lot of different colors.

KAY on



torgster on

Simply lovely! I have a feeling that the people spewing the bull***t here about this beautiful babys looks will be the same ones peeing their pants with glee when the spectacularly average Jennifer Garner delivers another spectacularly average looking child.

Anonymous on

Really, who care what anyone else thinks. And seriously, torgster, what makes you any better than the others that are saying she isn’t cute. You just basically made fun of jennifer garners “average” children. And the person that made the comment about Eric Danes child, what makes you any better than any of the others making comments because they don’t think this child is just the most beautiful child ever created. We’re all supposed to think she is beautiful because of “all that gorgeous hair, and beautiful eyes”…blah, blah, blah. Newsflash…not everyone has your opinion.

torgster on

No anonymous, I’m making fun of starstruck fans like you! How is saying Garner and her kids are average making fun of them? 99.9% of us are average!

Berry on

too cute ❤ … she looks like jay and bey.


deelee1 on

Are you for real people? Ivy is a beautiful baby. There was definitely a surrogate involved or adoption. How many african-american babies have you ever seen with straight long hair like that? None! It’s always the little tight curly hair. And since JayZ is really dark that predominant color would have passed to the baby. For goodness sakes, she was out shopping and was at the hospital later because the surrogate/adoptee went in to labor. That’s the purpose of taking over the hospital floor and blacking out windows so no one would see the truth. What other star has been that secretive with a baby. And don’t forget that fake tummy folding up on TV.

Jazmine on

The baby is way to light, the hair is stright, ok they talked about her not really being preganet.. so I wonder … thats all…

Angela on

Cute, cute little baby girl. The first thing I noticed were her lips, she got that from her daddy. Congrats to both of them and blessings on their family.

P. on

She’s so precious! She looks a lot like Julez, Solange’s son. Actually, they both look like their grandmother. Beautiful baby!

Sandy on

People who comment on here are just so lame and pathetic. That anyone would post a negative comment about a baby is beyond me.

This baby is obviously a VERY cute baby. I’ve seen a lot of babies, and not many have a ton of gorgeous newborn hair and perfect features like this baby. I assume there is A LOT of jealousy out there, especially with the black women- who can only wish their babies looked like this beauty. Be happy for them and stop with the JEALOUSY!! Green with envy- that’s how many feel.

MaryD on

Your baby is adorable. Congratulations on your new daughter. Welcome to Motherhood and I know Grandmother Tina is excited. Enjoy this year with Blue Ivy, as she will be walking in 12 months and calling you Da Da and Ma Ma. What a day to look forward to. BEAUTIFUL GIRL.

Mamaie on

OMG, that child is SOO UGLY!!! It looks like a Jay-Z’s Minie-Me :)))

Harmon on

She is Precious!!! Congrats to the family!

Anonymous on

she’s pwetty bubba

Cathy on

Congratulations on that beautiful baby! The haters that comment on seeing way cuter babies, so what. How would you like for someone to say that about your child. Also to the one who said the baby is ugly. Please post your picture so we can see what you look like….I CAN GUARANTEE YOU WON’T DO IT. I pray that God has mercy on your heartless soul. You can tell the people who have messed up lives by their comments. Secure people can truly be happy for another couple who are blessed to have a baby.

Marky on

Deleesz, and Jasmine, have you ever SEEN newborn AA babies? I’m thinking you may not have, because AA babies are light when they are born and many don’t have curly hair until they are 6 mo or so. I was a nurse in the newborn nursery and NICU, and I never saw a really dark AA newborn or one even 1 month old. I’m surprised Blue Ivy is as dark as she is. You haters need to pull it together. If they announce they used a surrogate, fine, but unless they do, why not assume she was born to Beyonce? Hate is getting old.

Nicole Kidman used a gestational carrier for her last baby, but no one has announced she used one for Sunday Rose. She has said several times she had her through a normal pregnancy.. Let it go, people! What is it to you? Really?!

LU on

to deeleei you seem to think you are an expert on african-americans hair and skin coloring..Do you not know that african-americans come in all colors from very light to very ranges from very straight to very curly(or nappy you might say).It would freak you out if you would see one of us with dark black skin and straight hair…But trust me it happens all the time…you need to do some more research on what you THINK you know about african-american

ycats on

Beautiful baby but I’m sorry that is a horrible name. Why do people do this to their kids? Life is hard enough w/o having a dumb name that kids will make fun of you about…

diana on

Yes, she is a beautiful baby… a gift from God. Resembles both mom and dad. They are truly blessed! But, she is not an angel(heavenly or anything else). Angels are angels and we are who we are- human. God bless the Carter Family either way!

Kari on

The baby looks so much like the father and good luck you receved a beautyful gift.:)!

Lulu Goff on

B&JZ i was so happy for the sharing Blue Ivy with the world in such a modest way, i applaud you for been so kind to her.. Keep her safe , she is the most beautiful baby i have seen for a while.. even that there all angels… Take good care of each others..Lulu

Lulu Goff on

She is lovely and good luck to you all.

LuvBigCity on

So pretty! I love how alert she is!

sizziline on


Danielle on

I don’t get the hate. She’s a beautiful little girl. All children are a gift. Anyone who’s saying the baby is ugly or this is staged should remember what goes around come back around. Congrats to the Carter family and what beautiful little angel.

Anonymous on

Take good care of each others


Jolanda on

Blue Ivy is the single most stunning, gorgeous baby I have ever seen! Breathtaking..

Anonymous on

I find people who call babies ugly fascinating. Can any single one of them explain the value of making a negative comment about a baby? What is it you hope to gain? Does it make you feel good or somehow powerful or edgy maybe cool or something? Seriously what do you get out of it? Really what is the point?

Lora on

It is wonderful and refreshing to see two people that are so famous but do not wish to have their privates lives blasted all over television and magazines. They deserve their private time, especially with the new addition to their family, which by the way she is BEAUTIFUL!! They are the type of stars that I adore, never do you hear anything negative about either one of them, they are TRUE STARS.

KB on

Ok if any of you women believe she gave birth in 4 months you clearly are delusional do the math its not brain surgery! also if any of you are mothers you would know that newborns eyes are usually closed most of the time so therefore that is not there baby! hello adoption?? it just goes to show how FAKE Hollywood celebs really are! chew on that!

Fab on

KB you OBVIOUSLY have never given birth! My children were wide eyed from day one!!! Get over your dumb self!!! She had her baby and CLEARLY it wasn’t in 4months… She is beautiful and you need to stop being soooooooo hateful!!! #sooooooooIgnorant


Beyonce looks fabulous and Blue Ivy is one incredibly beautiful child!! Congrat’s!!

dezi13 on

People get so worked up over celebrities. The baby looks like any regular baby, nothing special. Taking nothing away from their baby but I have seen way cuter. Everybody in the world excited over this baby like yall gnna get something if you post the most OMG comments. Beyonce and JayZ ddnt post a pic when yall had yall damn babies, did they? Hell Naw! But yall o quick to try and get mad at people for their opinions. If yall want to worship B and J, thats yall perogative. But dont get made because there are those of us that are out here who TRULY dont give a fuck about them or they baby.


Lynette on

I really see some very negative comments and it’s very disturbing. g.
I love this saying, It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

dolors on

To all the HATERS do or die Bed-stuy Blue is our princess!

TAsi on


TAsi on


jody on

shes cute honestly dont undastand why these people are so judgemental a baby stays a baby she didnt ask to be here

imyonokoi skinner on

Isnt she lovely she’s beautiful…best moment in #Bey life is when #Blue was created….Best wishes to Bey an Jayz new family…XOXO hugs and kisses!!!!

Savannah on

thoe people are called HATERS, and they are so JEALOUS of B and J, why, money, money, money, dont hate on that baby she did not ask to be born, i bet the haters will NOT post pictures of theirselves or their kids, lol, u do not talk about babies and old people, just plain haters