So Cool! 4 Moms’s Origami Stroller

02/10/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy 4Moms

It’s not often you find baby gear at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but that didn’t stop 4moms from debuting their new, high-tech Origami stroller ($850) there last year.

And, rightly so. Not only does it have a smooth ride, but it’s the first-ever power folding model available meaning it opens (and closes!) at the push of a button.

It also features a LCD display screen, running lights and a built-in generator so you can charge your cell phone while you’re on the go.

Available in blue, black, green, red and silver, it’s already a celebrity fave.

Last week, we spotted new mom Melanie Brown pushing daughter Madison around in it while the family spends time in Sydney, Australia.

Want to see how it works? Check out the cool video below:

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Krileigh on


That’s just DUMB.

allie on

Very cool. I’ve never really understood all the hype on the other really expensive strollers. But sold on this one! I only wish I could afford it.

amie on

It’s on my registry. Now, I just need some generous individual to buy it for me.

JM on

Definitely the coolest push chair i have ever seen. i wish i could get one.

Frauflick on

Just don’t forget to take the kid out before you push the shut-down button…

Molly on

It doesn’t close with weight in the seat, so that’s not an issue.

Bree on

IMO it is not worth the cost because it is not compatible with a car seat so can’t be used as long. It doesn’t have all the gadgets but I will take my $500 stroller over this one. There is also no baby cup holder and the seat doesn’t lie flat, two features we use all the time and would be lost without

Leslie on

I’m researching strollers right now because I live in Manhattan and walk a lot with my baby. Going up and down subway stairs is a drag with my current stroller, and this one might make my life easier with how it closes down into a smaller footprint that I can carry easily.

I just checked what Bree was saying that it doesn’t work with a car seat, but on the website it says it’s compatible with one and even shows a picture of it being used that way.

I also saw that it has a cup holder that can be used for a sippy cup and the car seat lies flat.

I’m still researching comparable strollers, but this one is definitely on my list right now.

MiB on

@Frauflick, don’t worry, the safety sensor won’t allow the stroller to fold if there is anything (or rather anyone) in the seat.

As for the generator, well I think anything that uses batteries should have it’s own generator, in fact, I’m still waitong for a cell phone with one as I constantly forget to charge mine! I guess in the meantime I’ll just have to go for the Origami with the additional cell phone charger 😀

e on

That’s a 29 lb stroller, which won’t be the easiest to drag up and down subway stairs, especially as your child gets heavier.

I don’t live in NYC, but I’ve visited several times with my son. We’ve tried out 3 different strollers (Maclaren Volo, Bugaboo Bee+, and Micralite Toro). Although I sold the Toro for other reasons, it was by far the best for bumping up and down the stairs. It has large rear wheels, folds flat upright, and weighs just under 19 lbs. It also rolls upright like luggage, which is awesome for navigating crowds on the platform. I thought it was by far the best stroller for urban situations, especially if you live up a flight of stairs.

My son is now 3 and can do stairs safely on his own. The Volo (or any Maclaren under 20 lbs) is best for the subway, but not very comfortable for long walks compared with the Bee.

LuvBigCity on

Ok this thing is pretty damn amazing!! I would have LOVED this when I had my first born, then the money wouldn’t be so outlandish since it would have gone through 3 kids HOWEVER it only goes up to 40lbs….that is bad for a stroller especially $850. Don’t get me wrong, kids should be walking not riding in a stroller by a certain age but if we are somewhere for a long period walking, ex. a zoo, a museum, a large city, any of the disney’s…they need a little break. I would have still loved this anyways : )

Emma on

Just bought my daughter the origami for my grandson and it’s fantastic, all the features are top quality and all the little extras too. Perfect for a modern mum.