BumpWatch: Kristin Cavallari Debuts Barely-There Belly

02/09/2012 at 01:30 PM ET

Red hot!

Kristin Cavallari strikes a pose at Wednesday’s This Means War premiere, held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

“Such a fun movie,” the expectant reality star, 25, Tweeted. “Here is a pic from last night’s premiere and [you] can see a little baby bump.”

Cavallari wore a dress by Maria Lucia Hohan and accessorized with Isharya earrings.

She and fiancé Jay Cutler announced the pregnancy in January.

“We couldn’t be more excited,” the Chicago Bears quarterback, 28, Tweeted.

“We don’t usually comment on our relationship but for the record I never broke up with Kristin. It’s unfortunate some people are saying hurtful things during such a joyous moment in our life.”

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Ashley on

She is so pretty! Congratulations to her and her fiance 🙂

Catca on

I think she looks great in this photo as well – and very happy too!

Shannon on

Thats what my midsection looks like on a good day, and I’m not pregnant!

Tigs on

She is so pretty here. Congrats to the happy couple. GO BEARS!!!!

Mimi on

Pregnancy agrees with her, but I’m really sick of everyone in the media rudely referring to a pregnant woman’s growing baby as a “baby bump”. It isn’t a “bump” it’s a baby. Have some respect!

Kasee on

While I was skeptical about these two (and still sort of am) I think this is the best she has ever looked and it is really nice that Jay stuck up for her.

Sara on

That’s not a “bump,” but, boy, does she look lovely.

ruby on

Aw, I hope it was really Jay that said that, and not her logged into his account. So many women (people I know irl), have their husband’s passwords and send messages fraudulently. *cough*my stepmother*cough*

She looks great with that lipstick on, too, not everyone can pull it off.

Anonymous on

She looks fantastic, Pregnancy agrees with her. Nice to see positive comments as opposed to nasty, negative ones.

Emry on

I feel bad for that baby, i have no respect for that woman, shes annoying as hell.

KRS on

Aw come on…since you are not actually seeing the baby, what’s wrong with calling the protruding pregnant belly a bump? It’s not like someone is calling the actual baby a bump. Silly nitpicking.

Siera on

@Anonymous. Looks like you spoke too soon. Anyway, she does look lovely, but I concur with the others, that is not a “baby bump”. They need to do us all a favor and come up with a new term, something normal like “pregnant belly”?

Melanie on

KRISTIN is the one that called it a “baby bump”. Would you rather they misquote her?

Mimi on

– Melanie – Yes, I’m aware of that and it’s stupid and disrespectful. It’s a baby, not a bump.

aimee on

She’s Beautiful….dont be haters cuz she got a tiny baby belly…..she’ll end up blowing up lol………still she’s one of my fave reality show people.

Becky on

Wow, she looks so pretty! She’s got that pregnancy glow. How nice of her fiancé to say such kind words. Not use to hearing men gush about their ladies like that. Very sweet.

msfaye2u on

isn’t this the same woman whose boyfriend broke up with her, and she got him back for a few minutes anyway with sex and then announced she was pregnant therefore trapping him. i was there when she told him “i won’t let you get away, my pretty”.

Kim on

I have absolutely no idea why this woman is in the news all the time. She is not really a celebrity with no talent to speak of but I will say she looks great.

Sammi on

Why would you even have this pic on here at all? If no one knew she was pregnant, it would look like every other pic…come on People. Slow news day, huh?

Bree on

@Mimi what right to you have to judge how this woman refers to her belly while pregnant.

I personally loved it when people talked about my “Bump” and never saw it as disrespectful, they were excited and happy for me and as they couldn’t actually see the baby, and we kept the gender a secret, what else do you suggest people call a pregnant woman’s belly??

There is also more there than just baby, and right now most of what Kristen has is not baby at all but amniotic fluid, placenta etc..

Kristen looks great, not a huge fan of hers, never really got into the show she was on, but I always love seeing pregnant woman showing off their baby bumps with pride and love.

I have to agree with @Shannon, although it will take a few more months before that is even a good day midsection for me!! (In my defense my daughter is only two months old, still working on getting rid of excess belly 🙂 )

Anne on

She doesn’t look pregnant at all; she looks like she ate a burger!

Nunyz on

Ugh can’t she just fade into oblivion? She got knocked up to keep Jay and his millions after he decided he was finished with her. I guarantee you this poor baby is the by-product of a one night hookup post break-up.

Tee on

Mimi, I don’t care for the phrase “baby bump” either! I know a lot of people use that expression and they are certainly in their rights to do so but I won’t use it. I don’t like “preggers” or anything along those lines either. To each their own, I suppose!

Lisa on

Bree-I completely agree with your statement! I personally love the term “baby bump”. It’s cute. Babies are inside women’s tummy’s, causing them to look like a bump. What is wrong or disrespectful about that? People need to lighten up and stop taking every single thing so literal or politically correct. People take such innocent terms and try to twist and turn them into something horrible. Enough already!

There, that said, I think Kristin looks fantastic! I wish their little family nothing but the best of luck and happiness in their future.

Lily on

@ Mimi. The term is “baby bump”. The word “baby” referring to the baby. The word “bump” referring to the belly. Nobody is calling the baby, a bump. The baby is making a bump. Seriously. Enjoy your life instead of looking for something to complain about. I loved my baby bumps when I had them 🙂

Anonymous on

It doesn’t matter if it’s called a baby bump. It’s the baby’s bump. The baby is making the bump so it’s a fine term. Come up with something else if you want. There are still people going to call it a “baby bump.” My advice is to deal with it and move on!

ecl on

It’s fine if “baby bump” is a pet peeve of yours, but why share it? It’s not actually something worth complaining about in a public forum and you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind anyway since it’s so trivial.

Melissa on

Have no idea what she does or why she’s famous, but she looks really happy.

Amy on

Aw, she looks cute. Bump? Eh. But there will be!

Shan on

Ummmm, excuse me Mr. Cutler but if you never broke up with Kristin, then why on the night that you went to watch her perform on DWTS was she nervous backstage telling her partner she was freaked out because her “Ex-boyfriend” was in the audience to which her partner replied “What? The football player? He’s here?”

Jusssst watched it back on my tivo because I’m bored on bedrest after surgery and literally have nothing better to do.

FeliciaChicago on

Chicago doesn’t give a crap about Kris C., given how poorly she treated the waitstaff, hotel staff, retailers in Chicago….I would feel very confident in saying that the majority of Chicagoans want her to take her fake ass home to L.A…………………Chicagoans don’t want her here !

Jen on

@Tee: I agree, I hate the word “preggers” myself. It sounds as if someone is talking baby talk to their cockapoo. Fluffy is preggers, isn’t dat ceuuoot? She looks okay, at least we can watch her stomach get bigger and see if it is real, unlike Beyonce’s. Poor Khloe can’t compete with her, but she didn’t want a baby any way by the sounds of it.

annie on

Maybe someday you can show a picture of a MARRIED pregnant woman. And people wonder why teens today thinks its so wonderful to be pregnant like their idols.

JM on

annie, maybe because those people who think marriage is the be-all and end-all for a lasting relationship are the same people who think it is somehow dangerous to teach children about contraception instead of abstinence. because somehow if teenagers find out how to put a condom on properly or get a prescription for the pill they will run around having mass orgies everywhere.

Janie on

I don’t know what’s worse, a bunch of women on the internet arguing over the use of the word ‘bump’ to describe a pregnant belly or the fact that I spent 5 minutes of my life reading through it and contemplating the pros and cons of it.

Anonymous on

Wow she looks great! Congrats to her and her man. I love the red lipstick it looks great on her.

Sherri on

Not sure if I know what Jay Cutler is talking about..maybe it’s something I didn’t hear about,but I know they were broken up last year..but got back together.I don’t really know anything about Kristin Cavallari..but I personally think any woman can do better than Jay Cutler.Ewww.

Dave Herrington on

baby bump, baby daddy, preggers, it will be a wonderful day when those phrases can be stricken from our vocabulary. Not everything needs a catchy phrase.

Sara on

I don’t have an issue with the word “bump” I just think her stomach is pretty flat.

And @annie the teen pregnancy rate is at the lowest it has ever been since 1972.

Source: Guttmacher Institute 2010 Study based on the US NCHS’s annual vital statistics report.

Romy on

she looks pretty. never was a fan because I never watched their show, but heard her fiancee is not the best guy. she does look great and happy though. the word bump is fine and cute imo. we all know what it means, and it’s sort of a term of endearment. pregnant bellies are nice. to me, anyway.

Romy on

well maybe he didn’t break up with her, he just chose to see other women on the side?

Amanda K on

Does anyone know when her due date is?

look on

Wow, you can totally tell she’s having a boy!

Allison on

No we can’t!

Anonymous on

Jen- From reading the recent article about Khloe, it sounds to me like she DOES want a baby as she said she and Lamar are still hoping to have kids. Now, I could be totally wrong, of course, but I personally think that Khloe and Lamar are having infertility issues (Khloe’s alluded to that a few times) and she says things like “I’m relieved I’m not pregnant,” to try to downplay things and hopefully get the media to lay off her and Lamar about having kids. She may also be trying to make herself see the positive in what is probably a very frustrating time.

Anyway, getting back on topic! I think Kristin looks great, and I’m pretty neutral on the term “baby bump”. I don’t usually use it myself (generally I say “belly” or “baby belly” instead), but I’m not against other people doing so. I’m definitely with Tee and others about the word preggers, though, along with preggy, prego (I’m sorry, but refering to woman who’s with child as being a brand of spaghetti sauce just seems weird to me!), and other similar terms. Can’t stand them! To each his/her own, though! 🙂

sat on

how sweet! Congrats and I hope they enjoy their wonderful adventure! hopefully they go ahead and tie the knot 😉

sat on

seeing as how they have a bump and all!

Lj on

Ugh! She totally baby-trapped her, “fiance.” He broke up with her, then they got back together and then she got pregnant fast!

Mercy on

I guess she wanted to hurry up and get knocked-up before he changed his mind about marrying her again….

anon1 on

what i find ridiculous is that people are constantly blaming her for the pregnancy. it takes two to get pregnant and cutler is just as capable of using a condom as kristin is with contraception. Even if that is the case, what business is it of anyone outside them and their family. people need to get a life and stop acting like they know everything that happens in a relationship between celebs that are complete strangers to most of the posters on this site.

Kate299 on

He said: “for the record I never broke up with Kristin. It’s unfortunate some people are saying hurtful things during such a joyous moment in our life.”

SHE (kristen C.) told the world on Dancing with the Stars that “my EX-fiance is in the audience…”

So don’t *itch at us, talk to your fiancee.

Jacki on

I wonder how far along she is. Kinda weird that Jay said he never broke up with her- obviously they did take a break. Anyway, she does not fit in with Chicago people at all and really needs to go back to LA!

RainbowStar on

she’s a gold digging skank… Oh and by the she is not a star or actress…

alicejane on

Maybe he is trying to subtly say that she was the one that ended the relationship initially, not him, in an effort to get people to quit saying that she got pregnant to trap him?

I don’t know why people think they know what goes on in their relationship, and this “trapping” thing is BS in my eyes… like someone else said, a man is just as capable of protection as a woman.

She is looking good and I wish her a healthy pregnancy.

Shannon on

When’s the wedding?

Jillian on

Jacki, she most certainly fits in with a large population of Chicago. Just from seeing her on television for years I could tell you where she should live, bars to hang out and places to eat. I have met them once and….yep….she fits in fine. Chicago has a wide variety of people, rich, poor, snobs, preppy, etc. Anyone can fit in.

Jane on

They were together for, what, ten months before Jay dumped her. Kristin and Jay managed to date and become engaged in that period of time without her becoming pregnant. Then Jay dumps her because he is with someone else. That girl dumps him and he goes crawling back to Kristin for rebound sex. I’m going to assume that Jay probably thought she was still on the Pill or getting the shot. I don’t think he expected her to stop her b.c. when they got back together. Jay’s mistakes were rebounding with Kristin (since he doesn’t love her) and not wrapping it up. That said if Kristin REALLY wanted to avoid getting pregnant by him, then she could have used Plan B, gotten an early abortion, asked him to wrap, or gee…maybe not have sex with your ex-fiance who unceremoniously dumped her. They get back together, she says they want to take it slow. A month later, they’re re-engaged and almost two months later, they announce she’s pregnant. I can guarantee you that Kristin told Jay she was pregnant so that he would ask her to marry him again.

Gina on

Chicagoans don’t care about Kristin and her phoniness. She hates Chicago anyway. She’s an LA girl through and through at this point.

Tracy on

I doubt people even care about her in Chicago. I also doubt she’s that big of a deal in LA either. Also I hope everyone realizes we have Jay Cutler to thank for keeping this Z lister relevant, so thanks Jay *rolls eyes*

Jillian on

Gina, how do you know she hatesChicago?

Anyone that cares about a celebrity fitting in or living in their state has issues! Worry about something else.