Marla Sokoloff Welcomes Daughter Elliotte Anne

02/09/2012 at 10:45 PM ET
Justine Ungaro

She’s here!

Marla Sokoloff delivered a daughter, Elliotte Anne Puro, at 8:05 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8 in California, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Baby girl weighed in at 7 lbs. and is the first child for the actress and husband Alec Puro.

“Mom, dad and baby are happy as can be and completely in love with each other,” Sokoloff, 31, tells PEOPLE.

The Chateau Meroux star blogged about her pregnancy for PEOPLE, remarking in her last post that “in the grand scheme of things, these nine months went by pretty quickly.”

“Yes, there were weeks that seemed endless and yes, I’m currently complaining about my feet swelling up like balloons and the general discomfort that comes with the end of pregnancy — but all in all the journey has been one that I will never forget,” she wrote.

— Sarah Michaud

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Lacey on

I actually love the way she spelled Elliotte! Very creative! Congratulations!

MIchelle on

YAY!!! Congrats. I love her name and the spelling is very cool. 🙂

Camaalis on

Aww Congrats!! I actually like the name and the spelling!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Now that I’ve thought about it for a few minutes, I like the name. Wonder if they’ll call her Elli(e) or something like that.

Tee on

Can I just say I LOVE the name Elliotte for a girl!

Haha sorry, but I really do … I’ve heard of little girls being called this but with the spelling “Elliot,” which looked to boyish for me, although I liked the name for a girl (so I was torn haha!). But this spelling makes it girly and cute!!

Love it! 🙂

Holiday on

Congrats to her! Little girls are so sweet 🙂

J on

Congratulations Marla and Alec. 😀

Stephanie on

congrats!!! i loved reading her blog! i love the name! wishing you a very happy life with your new bundle of joy!! its gonna be an amazing roller coaster ride!! trust me!! my son is 17 months and WHEW!!! lol

RKF on

I actually love the name. It’s unique, yet not “out there.”

mks on

Congrats to Marla and Alec on baby Elliotte! Love the name, unique but not in a crazy out there way. Even though Elliotte is not traditionally a girl’s name, Elliotte Anne just seems like a classic name.

Loved Marla’s blog and happy for her because she always seemed so excited to be a mom and now she is.

Lucy on

How do you pronounce Elliotte? Like Elliot for a boy?

krissa on

Excellent news!

And a very cool name! Congrats!

Meghan on

Super cute name! I know the baby is beautiful!!! Congratulations, Marla! 🙂

Shelley on

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new baby girl! Enjoy her in every stage of her growing years as they do pass very quickly. What a lovely name that you have given her. Not the crazy and ridiculous names that these celebs give their children.

P.S. Just a quick question?? Who is this woman? I have never heard of her. She is probably on a show that I don’t watch. Could that be it?? LOL! Anyways, Congrats!!

Marky on

What a nice name! I love the sound of “Elliotte Anne”, and think it is both feminine and pretty. It’s been fun to read her blog, and hope to see more great news from her now that Elliotte Anne is here!

edelo on

Congrats to Marla.

What a terrible name, though. I cannot stand boy names on girls. At least she has Anne to fall back on.

Bree on

Congrats Marla, Alec and baby Elliotte!!

Love the name Elliotte for a girl 🙂 Although she is NEVER going to have her name spelt right but the way they have feminized it it will be easy to add the extra te (Not trying to criticize, just stating reality based on years of working in a classroom and with Guiding). This is by far my favoite spelling of this name for a girl (I have seen it spelt a couple other ways that did not look right) and I love that it can be shortened to Elly (Okay slight bias, my daugher’s name is Elianna and we call her Elly 🙂 )

Good luck to Marla and Alec, my husband and I welcomed our first child almost two months ago and Elly is the best thing that has ever happened to us, she us utterly exhausting but every sleepless night, every stinky diaper ever second of screaming is worth it when she falls asleep in our arms, or grabs our fingers or smiles up at us. You are in for the greatest adventure of your lives 🙂

ruby on

Elliotte. Sigh.

dinamarie on

I love the name. I wanted to name my oldest son Elliott. ET was still popular and I passed on the name. I tried to be different and named him Taylor. This was 25 years ago and Taylor was unheard of at that time. I actually suggested the name to Taylor two months ago. I hope this is not the “IT” name like Taylor became. I have always liked the unisex names. I have Taylor, Sydney and Drew.

Me on

I’ve been checking her twitter account to see if there were any updates. As a matter of fact, I checked her around about 2 minutes before going on People’s website.

I’m so happy for her and her hubby! Hopefully she still blogs for quite a while longer. 🙂

Ivy. on

I love the name! It’s so great!

KRS on

Reminds me of the main character in Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion – her name was Anne Elliot. Wonder if Marla is a fan? I like many of the names from that era that have come back around in popularity – Emma, Charlotte, Lucy, Jane and others. Never did care for Fanny or Harriet though!

Alexandra on

I wouldn’t exactly say that “Elliott” is a unisex name……

Tee on

Such a lovely name! I know they are enjoying their brand new daughter and I look forward to hearing all about her!

Shelley- I know her from the show “Full House.” She played Stephanie Tanner’s friend Gia. Not sure what other shows she has been on.

Rose on

I’m loving the name! Anne Elliot was the name of the main character in Jane Austen’s Persuasian!

Sara on

I just read that according to the Social Security Administration, the name Elliotte was the 703rd most popular name for baby girls last year IF you include alternate spellings like Eliotte, Elliott, etc.

Kelly on

Isn’t it pronounced “El Lo Ette”

sara on

Shelley, she’s an actress. She’s easy to look up on IMDB. Or you could have just googled her.

mimi on

congrats to her and her family!

how do you pronounce the baby’s name though? is it like “elli-ot” (like the way the french would pronounce that name) or “ellie-lotty”? i’m assuming it’s the former?

B.J. (the girl) on

Interesting spelled. I must admit, I rather like it!

Daisy on

Congrats to her.

I just can’t with that spelling, though. It looks like it should be pronounced “elli-ah” or “elli -OT” with emphasis on the second syllable. Should have just left it as Elliot or Elliott – the last e is unnecessary and makes it confusing.

Rita on

I really like that she feminised the name. Eliot and Eliott are very masculine. Elliotte is lovely on a girl, it reminds me of Charlotte (also a feminine form of a masculine name, Charles).

guesto on

Nice way to spell it – ends well, like Charlotte – the ‘e’ at the end really feminizes it

sara on

Wow, I was just thinking last night that if I had to name a daughter Elliot I would spell it Elliotte to make it more feminine. And then I come here and woah! lol

I’m not sure how I feel about the name, Elliot/Elliott is one of my favorite names for a BOY, I hope it doesn’t get popular for girls.

Julianna on

Congratulations, Marla, Alec and Coco! I like the name, it sounds very elegant, classy and delicate.

Shelley on

Thanks Sara, just when I thought I knew all the celebrities on here, another one pops up that I don’t know! LOL!

gigi on

love love LOVE the name for a girl!

Betsy on

What ever happened to calling your baby Mary or John? These names are ridiculous.

Madeleine Spivey on

Elliotte Anne and Maxwell Lou should be besties! 🙂

Heather on

Like Rose and KRS, I immediately thought of Persuasion too.

Hannah on

Elliotte is an actual french name for a female. It happens to be my middle name and was my great grandmother’s name.

Amanda on

You know, I usually hate the boy name on a girl thing and made up spellings but I have to admit I really like this one. Maybe it’s because if my 5 month old had been a girl we were going to do Eliana with the nickname Ellie..

Congrats to the family!

Ellen Smith on

Congrats! Beautiful name, and I’m sure a beautiful baby.

angel on

Beautiful name. It has a musical ring to it, which makes sense considering she and her husband are musicians.

ELO on

Conrats to Marla and Alec. Pretty name.

canada girl on

Congrats!! I love the name and I disagree with Bree as long as she remembers to double the L’s and T’s she wont have a hard time spelling her own name!

I am not a mom but I enjoyed reading her blog, she seems like a very nice and grounded person! I wish them all the best!!

nay_nay on

Adorable! Love the name. Congrats to them!

Heather on

Really? after all the credits Marla has they listed her as “Full House” star?? She was in 8 episodes and played a character no one even remembers… I remember her from The Practice. But Full House, really?? Come on People, you can do better than that.

Rikki on

Congratulations are in order for the happy family, I wish them the very best!

Jeremy Topaz on

Mazel Tov!

Khuff70 on

Who was she on Full House? I don’t remember her being on the show. Was she Danny’s girlfriend in the last episodes or Joeys? They will probably ending up calling her Elli…

Casey on

Congrats to them! Love the name. “Elle” or “Ellie” will make such a cute nickname.

Drew on

Congratulations Alec and Marla from the UK

Shelly on

Elliott is about as feminine as John or Michael.

Shiv on

Although I’ve never considered Elliotte as a girls name, I think it pairs nicely with Anne. And I like that she tried to make it appear more feminine.

Jen P. on

Congratulations!!! Love the name!! Can’t wait for your next blog! 🙂

Abbie on

Elliote Anne, what an adorable name. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Ashley on

Congratulations, I’m sure she’s a cutie 🙂

Janie on

Elliotte? This a boys name with an e on the end. Why can’t women stop stealing boys names for their daughters? Seriously.

Imagine what it feels like for a 15 year old boy to be asked if he is a boy or a girl (through the internet) or a 40 year old man for that matter? So annoying…

My children have classmates with boy and girl Jordan / Ryan / Taylor. I can confirm that these boys are annoyed that they share their name with a girl.

kjc on

Congrats! Cute name.

Marla played Gia, Stephanies friend, on Full House. That is where I know her best from, so I see nothing wrong with People listing that in her credits… Hey, they could have listed ‘Dude, where’s my car’ – as those are the only credits I know her from.

Larry in OKC on

The link on AOL said “Full House” star delivers baby girl…was she ever on Full House (much less one of the stars?) the name and face is not familiar???

Brooklyn on

Congrats! I love the spelling of Elliotte. Makes it a bit more girly.

Jennifer on

We named our baby girl Elliot 10 months ago, and we LOVE the name! Congrats to them!

RKF on

@Khuff70 – You are asking if she played Danny’s girlfriend on Full House? Really? It was an 80’s show, and she’s at least 25+ years younger than him!

Cute name.

Valerie on

My 4 year old daughter’s name is also Elliot (Ellie for short) so we also love the name! Congratulations on your baby girl.

Rikki on

Thats the name of my girl cat and it is the French way of spelling. I love that name!!!

Lyoness on

LOL!! I’m with the ladies who thought of Ann Elliot from JA’s Persuasion. It’s my favorite book! I really like this name. It’s unique and feminine. Good job!!

V on

Elliott is spelled wrong, it’s a boy’s name, and misspelling it doesn’t make it feminine or unique.

J on

Well Janie those boys need to get over is and so do you.

Bree on

@canada girl, sorry to confuse, I ment other people (teachers coaches, parents sending party invites etc…) will make assumptions, I am guilty of doing it all the time!!

@amanda, Elianna is my 2 month olds name (we went with two nns though) you are only the second person I have heard of that has even heard of the name before, and we call her Elly all the time!!

crg on

I cannot believe the name Elliott is being used for girls!! Another name the boys have lost. And I think the spelling is horrible. It makes me want to say it like the last syllable rhymes with pot.

Toya L. on

Congrats to them, I like the name and the spelling.

Gabby on

I think Elliotte is a cute name and I can see how the extra t and e make it a little more feminine. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned Dr. Elliot Reed on Scrubs. You might not think of Elliot (or Elliotte) as a typical girls name, but its not too out there and its definitely something that a grown woman or a little girl can carry proudly.

Jane on

That’s male French spelling of Elliott. There is no female form of Elliott. It’s a male name! This disgusts me. Name her Ella, Elle, Eleanor, Elena anything female that starts with El.

Rikki on

Ok, seriously??? If you don’t like the name, and personally I do, then keep it to yourself! I am pretty sure they did not consult you on your opinion for the name of their child! Who are you to criticize? John, Micheal, obvious older generation boy names are fine if you like that kind of thing, but there are many who like to be unique and there is NOTHING wrong with that. My children’s names are Jeffrey “Kyle” and Kaylin LeighAnn…not exactly unique today, but 21 years ago Kyle was not a commonly used name like it is now and Kaylin, in any spelling, was virtually unheard of. I tried to feminize the name Kieth and that was the way I liked it best. Now I have people who consistently mispronounce her name as Kaytlin and even spell it that way, and those that simply just misspell her name and those that tell me it is a boys name. Bottom line..IT IS THE PARENT’S CHOICE ON WHAT TO NAME THEIR CHILD(REN) AND IT IS NOT ANYONE’S PLACE TO CRITICIZE OR PUT DOWN THE NAME THAT IS CHOSEN FOR SAID CHILD…if you like it say so, if you don’t say so but acknowledge that it is only your opinion and you do not have the right to judge them and tell them they are wrong, stupid, crazy, can’t spell or whatever your choice words or thoughts may be! Now, have a good day and God Bless…

I like it…it’s very pretty and unique and stands out…

m on

Well, I ADORE the name Elliotte for a girl. I think she chose a beautiful name. And while I like the name for a boy, “Elliot” is NOT masculine at all. When I suggested it for my son, the entire room of 20+ people said it was a “sissy” name. I love it on either gender and mean no offense, I just wanted to stand up for those who see it as a unisex name.

Janie on

“Well Janie those boys need to get over is and so do you.

– J on February 10th, 2012”

OK, J. If you say so. Thanks for the insightful advice.

I know a 35 year old man named Kelly. He hates his name. This trend of giving girls boys’ names is disrespectful to boys. To anyone out there with a boy, imagine 5 years from now his name started to be given to baby girls…I don’t think you would like it much, would you? I personally tried very hard to choose boys’ names that wouldn’t make the cross-over to girls. I wanted my sons to have strong, masculine names. And my girls have strong, feminine names–they do exist!

TV on

Thank you Hannah! I kept thinking the way they spelled her name that it had to be French. The name looked familiar to me spelled that way too and knew I had seen it somewhere before and then I remembered that was my great-great grandmother’s name and she was French-Canadian.

meghan on

janie, let it go. There are bigger things in life to worry about.

SarahJane on

Congrats to her! I love the nickname Ellie..

However, no matter how femininely you spell Elliot the simple fact remains when you say it, it’s still a boy’s name. I don’t know how people can give birth to a pink bundle of love and call it by a man’s name. It’s like naming your son Sarah.

Sara on


Kelly is a very traditional man’s name; it actually means “war” in Gaelic! Seems pretty masculine to me!

Anyway, Kelly only became popular as a woman’s name over the last 100 years.

I’m sure 100 years ago there were people like you getting all upset when someone named a girl Kelly.

kirsty on

I just talked to someone that is planning on naming their son Elliot, I dont care for this trend at all. Lets stick with boy names for the boys, I swear all the celebs are trying to out do each other.

Anonymous on

V- It’s not spelled wrong. As other posters have said, that’s the French spelling of the name.

m- Thank you! I don’t know why some people refuse to realize that some names (like Kelly, which another poster used as an example of a “boy’s name given to girls”) are unisex names. Maybe a lot of them started out as boys’ names, but their being given to girls as well (while some former “boys only” names, such as Ashley, are now almost exclusively female, the vast majority are still used on boys as well as being used for girls) now doesn’t make them boys’ names turned into girls’ names. It makes them unisex, or used for both genders.

Anyway, congrats to the new parents, and I think the name is beautiful! Incidentally, isn’t Elliott (without the “e” on the end) Hugh Jackman’s daughter’s middle name?

Jayda on

Janie, you do realize the Taylor has been primarily feminine for probably about the last 60 years or so, so unless your child is 61 I highly doubt you weren’t aware that the name was used for girls at the time of his birth. That is something you should’ve thought through. You chose names that are unisex and have been for quite a long time, I went to school with 3 female Taylors, 2 female Jordans, and a female Ryan, there were no male Taylors, one male Jordan, and a couple Ryans. And for the record, your children do need to learn that there are bigger problems in life they will face then having to “share their name”. I shared my name with a boy and it was never a problem for me (there was a boy named Caleb who just went by Cay).

Lucky on

Super cute! The name reminds of Sarah Chalke’s character from Scrubs 🙂

Jane on

male names don’t become unisex. They stay male. No matter how many girls have those names they are still male. All of the females I know with male names absolutely hate it. I know men named Stacy, Lynn, Ashley, Kelly and even Lacey. Their names haven’t hurt them at all. Usually when a boy and a girl share a name the girl is teased. The boy isn’t. That’s just my experience. I think as women we should be proud to be female and celebrate it by giving our daughters strong FEMALE names. A woman can be strong and feminine at the same time with a female not. Not male. Not unisex. Female.

DMarie on

My Daughters Sis-In Law wanted to name her Baby Girl “Elliette”. Though they chose another name in the end- I thought this version was beautiful!

Sarah on

Congrats Marla!! Love your daughter’s name! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

RS on

Ok, I’m curious but who is Marla Sokoloff ? I don’t think I’ve seen anything with her in it. The most I know of her, is that she and actor James Franco used to be hot and heavy for years. And before people think I’m being mean, I’m not. I’m just curious to know who she is.

Susanne on

finally…a darling name! kind of unique, but not too crazy. i love it–especially the way they spelled it.

lisa on

Beautiful name…It’s the parents choice, I have a daughter named Jordan there is nothing wrong with a child having a unisex name or a unigue name, my granddaughters name is Natalynn

Anonymous on

In addition to what’s already been said, I want to point out that sometimes whether a name is masculine or feminine can depend on the country. For example, here in the U.S., Jan is almost exclusively a female name (usually used as a nickname for Janet, Janelle, and other names). However, if you were to go to a slavic country, you’d probably get some pretty strange looks if you told people your daughter was named Jan. Why? Because Jan is the slavic form of the name John, meaning that i slavic countries, it’s an almost exclusively MALE name.

Same thing with the name Jean. That particular spelling of that name is considering very feminine here in the states. In France, however, Jean is a male name. Just as Jan is the slavic form of the name John, Jean is the French form of the name John (although granted, in France it’s generally pronounced like John but with the J sounding like the s in leisure rather than like Jean as in blue jeans).

My point is that the definition of what’s masculine and feminine in terms of names is extremely varied around the globe, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” answer.

great name on

Love Elliotte. If you watched Scrubs Sarah chalk played an Elliot. I really wanted a girl with this name…but we had a son

anonymous on

She will go by Elle.

e on

another traditionally male name co-opted for females in the US. what a double standard that we think it’s cute to give a baby girl a traditionally boy’s name, but heaven forbid we name a little boy ‘jules,’ ‘ashley,’ or even ‘riley.’

names are rarely TRULY unisex. they tend to skew in either direction, usually toward female names. ‘robin’ is a good example of this. i know several older male and female ‘robins’ (40-50 yo), but under the age of 40? i only know female ‘robins.’ same goes for ‘riley.’ lots of 4-8 yo male and female ‘rileys,’ but now it seems to be skewing female.

ashley on

We named our daughter Elliotte in January 2006. I was on the hunt for a more substantial girls name that didn’t end in the “eee” sound like every other girls name on the planet. I liked the sound of the name, but chose to feminize it a bit by spelling it the French way. We have received countless compliments on her unique, but somehow old-school, name. She does sometimes get “Ellie” as a nickname, but we prefer “Elle” 🙂

KRS on

I really quite like Elliotte, but I prefer it spelled like the poster above- Elliette. Reminds me a lot of Juliet or Antoinette. Nothing boyish or masculine about those names! Wouldn’t surprise me at all if this name totally took off and became quite popular with non-celebrity parents.

Anonymous on

My daughter’s (3 years)name is Elliott Adele. I love that this name is becoming more accepted.

Anonymous on

Why can’t people mind their own business when it comes to naming babies? Who cares if they are named Apple, Banana, or Tonka Truck? Really, as long as the baby is healthy – In fact, I may name my baby Blueberry Cheesecake just to tick critics like you off.

I’m just partial because I LOVE Elliotte for a girl…and I named my 9 month old Elliott Mae. So to each their own.