Hank Baskett: Wife Kendra Is a ‘Super Mom’

02/09/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
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While he’s had plenty of practice on reality TV, Hank Baskett was nervous about making the jump to acting — until he learned his first role would involve a subject close to his heart.

“When I saw the script, I definitely thought this is going to play into my natural life,” he tells PEOPLE of playing a father and husband in the web series Super Moms, about a group of women whose superpowers help them juggle their parental responsibilities.

“To get that as your first opportunity to act, it was like training wheels.”

And lucky for Baskett, 29, he has the perfect person at home to run lines with: Kendra costar and wife, Kendra Wilkinson.

“Oh my goodness, no casting director can hold a candle to her when it comes to being critical,” he says. “Whenever I have an audition or as with Super Moms, the script, she comes home and makes me practice. I say one word, and she’s like, ‘No, do it again.'”

But despite her candid input, having his wife on board only strengthened Baskett’s commitment to the project, in part because he recognized Wilkinson and even his own mother in the work.

“I’m like the biggest mama’s boy you’ll ever meet,” he says. “I think this is a message to all moms out there, from the director and the producer and everybody behind this, saying, ‘Thank you. We know what you do, we know that you work all day and then you still know how to take care of the family.’ It’s just saying moms are secretly superheroes because of all they go through.”

And when it comes to the mother of his own son, 2-year-old Hank IV, Baskett is equally effusive in his praise.

“I believe she does go above and beyond when it comes to being a mom because she doesn’t want to be known as that quote-unquote celebrity that just passes her kid off,” he says. “Last night, I shot a little video of her. At the end of a long day — she filmed some stuff yesterday — she was sitting in front of an easel where we do letters and shapes and numbers and she was teaching him stuff. That’s just the way she is.”

“She wants to be hands-on, every part,” he continues.

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Alysssa on

Eh… sure

Lisa on

Please.. somehow I envision the teaching lesson going something like ‘hey baby Hank, here’s the bong and here’s the lighter…’ in a few years. 😉

Tee on

At the risk of having people jump down my throat, I’m going to be completely honest here. When Kendra first announced that she was pregnant, I cringed. She and Kourtney Kardashian (not sure I spelled her name right) announced that they were expecting at right around the same time and both of those announcements made me really wonder. But to the best I can tell through the media, Kendra has been a fine Mom to her son! I did not give her enough credit before her baby was born and I can admit that. I do not agree with a lot of the choices that she has made in her personal life but she seems to be a very hands on Mom and for that, I give her credit.

Mia on

He’s so in-love with his wife + family – Congrats for the 3 of them.

Amanda K on

Little Hank is just the cutest! I wonder if they will give him a brother or sister in the future?

Shelley on

Kendra is not a super Mom, Kendra is a super slut! She makes me want to vomit! If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a duck! She will always be linked to the Playboy mansion and will never be that “Super Mom” after leaving that place. I feel sorry for that child she has and how he will be razzed by other kids about his “Super Mom” and how she started out in the business! She should be ashamed of herself!

sue on

Kendra is a great mom. You can see how much she loves her son.

sar on

Shelley, With does being a playboy model/Hef’s gf have to do with no being a good mom?? She did all of that before she had a child, that is all irrelevant.

Luciana on

Some people just love to hate Kendra.

Shannon on

Did he get picked up by another team yet?

Hea on

Shelley – Shame on you for judging people for the rest of their lives for what they’ve done. It’s not like she’s committed murder. If Hank says she’s a super mom to their kid then that’s what she is to him and probably their child. Who are you to define what a super mom is? Climb off the horse before you fall off.

momtoKB on

Shelley, you should be ashamed of yourself for being so judgemental. She doesn’t consider her past something to be ashamed of and frankly, you don’t have any right to do so either. She seems to be incredibly involved with her child’s life and that is most important. He seems happy and healthy and outside of that, nothing else matters.