Nickelodeon Launches New Franklin and Friends Show

02/08/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Nickelodeon

Your favorite pre-school aged turtle is back with a brand new CG-animated series.

Premiering Feb. 13 on Nickelodeon, Franklin and Friends explores a more grown-up Franklin who has developed new skills, overcome some of his fears and deepened his relationships with his Woodland pals including Bear, Beaver, Rabbit and more.

“Franklin is older, wiser and coming out of his shell in this updated version that encourages kids to learn from their mistakes and discover the world around them,” says Teri Weiss, SVP, Nickelodeon Preschool.

As always, the popular show will continue to highlight the importance of family, friendship, community, personal growth and helping others — all great lessons for your little ones.

For more information on the new series, go to And for a sneak peek of the first episode, click here.

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cn tower on

all great lessons for your toddlers.

toddlers? I thought the show’s demographic extended beyond the toddler (1-2)years! My oldest is 5 and although he’s not a regular viewer, Franklin is among the “commercial-free” kids shows he’s allowed to watch.

Kellie on

I’m 20 years-old and I’m excited! I use to watch this show when I was a little kid.

Sarah S. on

My kids (now 11 and 14) used to LOVE Franklin…makes me wish they were that young again so I can watch too. *Sniffle*

Erika on

I babysit for two toddlers on a regular basis, and I love Franklin. It is so much less annoying than all of the other children’s shows on now. I remember it being on when I was younger as well, though not preschool age- maybe like second grade or so. But it’s a cute show.

sarah cliff on

My Daughter loves Franklin! This is exciting news! She is a toddler and Franklin is one of the shows my husband and I adore!

MIchelle on

I cant wait. As a nanny for the last 18 yrs all the kids I have watched LOVE Franklin. Today my niece and I were watcing Max & Ruby and the promos came on and she was sooo excited and she is 3. SHe had me program the dvr right away. 🙂 Cant wait.

Anonymous on

Oh yay, another cheapo computer animated tv show all about lessons and learning. Why can’t they just have any fun well done animated shows about something else like they did in the 80s and 90s??

Don't ruin it on

I thought Franklin was intended for older kids like maybe 4-7 not so much the toddler crowd. Nick Jr shows have way too much attitude and whiney characters that I don’t let my kids watch it too often. I really hope the writers don’t ruin Franklin. It’s one of the few shows I let my kids watch.

amysewell15 on

WHY must they ruin things that were great in the past?? Just because you CAN make a show with CG crap, doesn’t mean you HAVE to. I caught an episode of this new awful version, and while the story and characters are still great, it looks so UGLY.

Sabrina on

while the story and characters are still wonderful, i am really quite upset that they would change the animation to what it is now. i liked how franklin looked! and the kids i babysit are confused about the appearance change. i liked the way the old show looked, and i dont appriciate this new fancy cg look AT ALL.

Jeff on

Meh, the original is far better. This one lacks some of the warmth that the old one had. Computer generated animation is a big fail as well. And if I hear one of them say “coolio” one more time I may puke. Bring back the original.

Anonymous on

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