Beyoncé Debuts Her Post-Baby Body

02/07/2012 at 09:15 AM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

She’s back.

A month after welcoming daughter Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé cut an enviable-as-ever figure late Monday night in New York.

Celebrating husband Jay-Z‘s double concert dates at Carnegie Hall, the new mom, 30, made her first public appearance in an orange, hip-hugging Alice Temperly dress – and a pair of towering Christian Louboutins, no less – that showed off her post-baby bod.

“It was amazing,” she told New York’s Daily News Monday night of her husband’s debut show (benefiting his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and the United Way), which included an emotional performance of the song that features his newborn.

“I ain’t think I was gonna make it through that one,” Jay-Z, 42, told the audience after performing “Glory,” which concludes with the cries of a 2-day-old Blue.

A smiley Beyoncé was spotted heading into the afterparty at the 40/40 Club, arriving 20 minutes after hubby Jay-Z, who pulled up in a Maybach. The singer skipped the red carpet, and headed inside through the side door to join her husband.

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Stephanie Rygorsky

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Loa on

Look at those post-baby cans!!!! Lol, she looks great, but I’m not a fan of such a bright colored dress. Other than that, she is rocking her post baby body!!!!

Catca on

This should finally put the conspiracy theories to rest – while she looks fabulous – she is clearly sporting a just had a baby figure.

Shannon on

Someone is definitely breastfeeding or at least pumping. I am a bit sickened though at the way People words the opening of this article or that they have to flaunt yet another post partum celebrity who looks amazingly thin immediately after birth. I’m willing to be she’s wearing spanx and all kinds of compression-wear and most likely EXTREMELY uncomfortable!

Lady on

She looks absolutely stunning!! Before they change the picture let me say thing, not like it will stop the haters.

1) All of the pictures on her website are NOT from this angle, so of course it looks different.
2) She clearly has a post baby figure, hips, boobs, glow.
3) Can we just let someone be happy please without always trying to tear them down to whatevre level you negative people are on.

I dont really & never will understand the amount of hate for this beautiful, positive woman, maybe that’s just it. She doesn’t ask people to follow her, critique her, write about her in the magazines constantly….she doesn’t need the attention or care about it. Honestly, to believe all the rumors about her is just silly & ignorant.

Janie on

She looks like she had a baby! So, maybe the conspiracy theorists can move on now (although that tummy-delflating video was so weird!).

J on

Oh clearly. (rolls eyes)

LoK on

Yeah, she totally looks like she just had a baby which is weird considering that video… hmmm

Amy on

Is it just me, or does her head look disproportionate to the rest of her body? Im sure its the camera angle, but it freaked me out for a sec!

Missy on

Those are definitely breastfeeding breasts. They look like they will burst at any minute.

Julianna on

She surely has the breasts of someone who is breastfeeding. And I love the color of her dress, it’s such a difference from new moms who squeeze themselves into dark-colored clothing.

Tigerese on

She has that “happy-tired look”. And, I mean that in a good way. I still long for my gigantic breast-feeding breast. I felt like Rita Hayworth. Unfortunately they deflated after a year. LOL

Fab on


Sarah S. on

@Tigerese…deflated is such a correct term–LOL!!

Demi on

For those who still think she had a baby, go here.

mg on

“I ain’t think…”. Nice grammer.

Kim on

“I ain’t think I was gonna make it through that one” ….uhh..ok…wow…learn how to talk.

chelsea on

Oh come on, she clearly had breast implants to make it look like she was breast feeding…hahahaha just kidding

Jen A. on

Sigh… I remember those post pregnancy boobs… Having been sorely deficient my whole life, that was a really awesome perk! Though mine weren’t anywhere as huge as Beyonce’s.

She looks really good. Yeah, I agree with whoever above said that she is definitely wearing some Spanx, lol. But that’s to be expected. It is really is super unusual for a woman to be back to pre-baby weight as soon as some models are. And in their case, they blessed with those crazy genes that led to their being models in the first place. Beyonce looks normal. (And really great! She looks happy to be a Mom.)

meghan on

Yes, Demi, if a blogger says it, it MUST be true! Give it up.

Lotus on

She looks great…curves, Spanx, and all! I hope she doesn’t feel too much pressure to get back down to pre-baby size so quickly. Congratulations again to the Carters.

anon1 on

Demi, that link was sooo convincing i am ready to jump on the bandwagon….not.

that blog post showed very little proof at all and actually really made me think the accusations are out of hate and jealousy and not accurate at all. so thanks for posting the link, it really shows what type of people who are making the accusations.

roberta on

Clearly post pregnancy hips…poor thing! She def didn’t have a c-section, she’d be much thinner. Sorry, not a beyonce fan.

showbizmom on

She looks great, and a bit sleepy. Good for her and Jay it’s important to still get out of the house when you can. I’m pregnant with my 3rd and yes, my husband is looking forward to the little one, but I suspect he’s looking forward to the post baby boobs the most! I mean really ladies, PBB’s as I call them, is the second best thing to happen after having a baby, right?

JM on

Lol Demi, are you really that simple that the ‘evidence’ in that blog was enough to convince you? do you also know that the grass is pink and the sky is green?

my favourite part of that blog was this:
‘But as time progressed, I wondered why more shots of the Grammy winner on vacation on St. Bartz with a glowing belly weren’t popping up. Remember, this is Beyonce. The woman clearly knows how to promote given that she decided to launch a maternity line along with her pregnancy. So if she really was with child, wouldn’t she be sprawled out on one of Jay-Z’s yachts all three trimesters in a bikini — giving the press increased shots at her growing belly so that she could keep the conversation going?’

😀 yes really, why WASN’T she thrusting her bump in our faces at every given opportunity. it’s almost as if…. it isn’t any of our business.

ForeverMoore on

She definitely looks like she just gave birth (that’s not a knock on her at all, I just gave birth too!) She’s got those baby curves and I think those are absolutely beautiful!

Amy on

No one care about selfish, inconsiderate, spoilt heifers…who cares!

Lillian on

Beyonce looks like any new mom. She looks thicker in the waist, her boobs are ALOT bigger and she looks tired. She still looks great.

RKF on

I love how people mention, “She looks tired!” She has SIX nannies, so I highly doubt she’s losing a second of sleep. I don’t see a post-pregnancy body whatsoever…she looks exactly as she did before she was “pregnant.”

B.J. (the girl) on

I agree with RKF. It doesn’t really matter if she was pregnant or not, Blue is her baby (*resisting the urge to sing Blue’s Clue’s*), but to me, she looks pretty much as she did before she got “pregnant”…

Lily on

Amazing. Add a couple of pads in the right places and most of the sheeple (Humorous play on sheep + people for the people that think it’s a spelling error) will believe.

I’m with RKF on this, she looks like she did before getting “pregnant”.

All I see in this photo is strategic padding in the right places to fool the majority.

Romy on

looks like some chicken cutlets and padding 🙂

Amanda K on

I’d rather see a pic of the baby, Beyonce is way overexposed whether or not she did indeed have the kid naturally.

Tainabelle on

For the naysayers: you do know that in the state of New York, it is ILLEGAL to hire a surrogate in any way, shape, or form?!?! Don’t believe all that you read on blogspots. She looks fantastic and has the new mommy glow. Congratulate and her move on. If you don’t like her so much, why waste your time reading?

Lillian on

Why do you people come on here just to bash someone? If you don’t like her fine(even though you never met her). But your catty and immature comments about her really do no good. That is unless it makes you feel better inside and sadly it probably does. Get a life and you will feel alot better.

SMiaVS on

I’m torn. Yes, she does look great, but let’s not forget that she has a huge income and more than likely a personal trainer at her disposal. That’s obviously something going for her that most other women don’t have. On the other hand, she IS a performer. She had to be in great shape before her pregnancy. It’s much easier for any woman, regardless of income, to get back into shape post-pregnancy when she was in a good place to begin with.

Shannon on

She looks amazing! Wow!

anon1 on

my question to all the people accusing beyonce of faking a pregnancy and claiming they can “see the padding” is what makes this celebrity pregnancy any different than the others posted on this site? why is Beyonce the only celeb accused of faking a pregnancy? what makes it “sooo obvious” that she faked it when there are other celebs that never once are questioned.

Lola on

anon1- Did you follow any of her “pregnancy”? There were obvious clues left and right that Beyonce did not carry that child.

I personally do not have a single problem with Beyonce. I do think that she faked her pregnancy and doesn’t want to admit it. I don’t know why, there is nothing shameful about using a surrogate.

Anonymous on

anon1- Mostly it’s because of that so-called “belly collapsing video” (although all I saw was some folds in her dress). If that hadn’t happened, I’d bet almost anything that we wouldn’t have been hearing accusations that Beyonce used a surrogate, or at least not nearly as many. Also, Beyonce is not the only celeb accused of faking a pregnancy. Just over a year ago, Kelly Preston was acccused of faking her pregnancy with Benjamin (albiet not nearly to the degree that Beyonce was/is!). About two years before that, Nicole Kidman was accused of faking her pregnancy with Sunday (mostly due to the fact that she carried so small).

And going even further back, Katie Holmes was accused of faking her pregnancy with Suri. Not only that, but that was nearly as big of a controversy as the whole Beyonce thing was! So it puzzles me that people say it’s just Beyonce that’s been accused.

JM- I agree completely! To add to what you said, that blogger clearly doesn’t follow Beyonce and Jay-Z that much, because if she did, she’d know that Beyonce and Jay-Z are EXTREMELY private (they didn’t even confirm their marriage until over a year after the fact, and only a few months ago did we see a picture of Beyonce’s wedding dress). Stuff like that (“thrusting the bump in everyone’s faces” as you put it”) isn’t their style at all. I’ll also be very surprised if they sell photos of Blue (as the blogger claims).

In fact, if we get a glimpse of her before she turns one, I’d say we can probably consider ourselves lucky!

In anycase, I agree that she looks like she definitely had a baby…and she is definitely breastfeeding! 🙂

Anonymous on

Taina- They could have just done the hiring in a different state and arranged for her to give birth in NYC (minius the giving birth in NYC part, that’s what Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, who also live in New York, did. Their surrogate lived in Ohio, so it was Ohio’s laws that applied, not New York’s). That being said, I don’t think they used a surrogate.

anon1 on

Lola, i find it interesting how you say there are “numerous clues” yet don’t list any. if the dress video is one of them that could just as easily been folds in her dress and the angle the camera was in. what other supposed clues are there?

anon1 on

anonymous, you are right there are others that were accused of faking pregnancies. i feel that for some reason this one is more intense than the others though and is still going strong after the delivery while I feel like the others seemed to die down a bit faster than this. maybe it is because the others didn’t have a video of a dress that made it look like her belly deflated. I can’t say for sure whether it was faked or not, but i don’t understand why everyone is soo angered by the supposed fake pregnancy.

Indi on

I read another artical, regarding were this pic was taken, and it said that Beyonce and Jaz z stayed out till 4.30am in the morning, WHO the heck stays out that late when they have a little ONE MONTH old child at home!!!!!!

Jillian on

“I ain’t think”

Wow! I don’t think he could sound more uneducated if he tried. I sure hope that doesn’t rub off on their child.

In regards to the surrogacy laws, anonymous is right on!


Anonymous on

Indi- If they left in the evening, Blue was probably already in bed for the night anyway.

Siobahn on

It’s really great to see all of you bashing Jay-Z (clearly an intelligent BUSINESSMAN) using BLACK ENGLISH in a very emotional moment. There is no doubt in my mind that he knows the proper way to say what he said, but chose to say it in a way that was comfortable and natural to him. It doesn’t make him an idiot, he’s just comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t feel the need to conform to please a bunch of uppity white people who think proper grammar must be used at ALL times. Sheesh.

As for Beyonce, she looks GORGEOUS as usual, glowing and enjoying her post-baby body. I always thought she looked better with more curves, a la the “Bootylicious” days. Lovely!

Shelby on

BLACK ENGLISH? Oh my goodness, these two are something else…

Kim on

Siobhan- So it’s ok for people to talk like they’re undeducated as long as there is a name for it?? Black English?? Puh-leeze. There is no such thing. Have you ever met a real black American businessman? They don’t talk in Black English. You sounds just as ignorant as the term Black English. I’m actually LMAO at how stupid that is.

As for Beyonce, the photos I saw of her today, as she was out again last night, don’t look like a post-baby bod AT ALL. Her breasts are much smaller in the new photo. (She’s wearing a black, beaded Monique Lullhier) Look at those photos and tell me she doesn’t look like she did pre-birth.

JM on

Siobhan, you do realise that by calling it Black English you are actually being more offensive than anyone?
every single black person i know, knows perfectly well how to speak correct English. incorrect English is nothing to do with race. please let’s not attach that label to it.

Indi on

@ Anonymous – What and little 4 week old babys dont wake many times during the night, for let say 3hourly breastfeeds??? The baby is 4 weeks old surly any mother wants that bonding with breastfeeding.

ForeverMoore on

I haven’t paid any attention to the hoopla regarding B’s pregnancy but after all these posts I decided to Google the video that everyone is talking about. And WOW, that does NOT look like a real bump at all…it totally concaves. But I do remember seeing pics of her on the beach with Jay Z and if I recall correctly it was a bare belly shot….it definitely looked like a real bump there. So I don’t know and I won’t judge.

Anonymous on

I don’t agree with the “black English” comment, but I get where Siobahn is coming from. Jay-Z is a rapper, and the way he talks is common among rappers, especially black rappers. That doesn’t mean that he (and other rappers) doesn’t talk normally in his private life!

Stephanie on

I think this explanation makes the most sense:
She is truly pregnant BUT (can’t really excuse the “collapsing” belly video) she wore
a prosthetic belly in the video to look bigger than she was in an attempt to throw the media off for privacy.

I can’t think of anything else that would make sense.

Anonymous on

Stephanie- I think that’s the most likely scenario (if indeed there was a prothestic bump that collapsed. As I’ve said before, it just looked like folds in her dress to me.) too. I think she may also have padded her belly a bit at the VMAs so that it would be more prominent for her announcement (and as you said with the video incident, probably trying to throw people off about her due date, too).

anna on

this, coming from a personal assistant: celebs only want to pretend that theyre private individuals. its all apart of the illusion of hollywood. beyonce and jayz s wedding was front page news the day it happened. they did not take months to confirm. also her wedding dress has been on blogs for years if ur searching the right blogs that r n the know. and her babies pic has already been released for all of those who thinks shell wait, she posed 4 a pic holding the baby in the hospital after the surrogate gave it over to her. the surrogate kept the twin… inside info 4 those who need to know. and u ll never hear from that surrogate or the other baby. bottom line is everything is like a true soap opera, its all thought out and timed for the public to indulge n. try something out and if it dosnt work u can always change the outcome because like sand down our bathing suits….these r the days of our lives. this is an honest and true account and u ll never hear any celeb comment on such matters as these. furthermore, they will never b questioned of such matters due to the fact that all of their lives are planned and thought out for the illusion. ive been in the industry for almost 10 years now and everyday im amazed at what i learn and what i have to keep secret so that the public wont find out about it or spin a story to a pr so that they can tactifully echo it to all the nations.

Grace2 on

I do not get conspiracy theories. But I also do not get how anyone who has been pregnant could watch that video and justify what she saw. Since I wasn’t in the delivery room, I cannot say what is true. But, something is up. A pregnant belly, that is stretched with fabric like her dress was, does not collapse and fold like her belly did. It just does not.

And to me, she looks just like she did before her “pregnancy.” also, just to throw out more fire to a conspiracy theory, you can induce lactation even if you haven’t been pregnant. Not that I’m saying she did this. I’m just saying, the boobs can be explained. But seriously, I don’t understand why she’d fake it. But the video is so bizarre.

Siobahn on

Excuse me, but I actually happen to BE black, and there is a such thing as black english if you would just USE GOOGLE. There has been more than one program held at my university to discuss the use and the implications of black english, or African American Vernacular English if you MUST be PC. It exists. It is not an excuse, it is an EXPLANATION.

And there is no such thing as SPEAKING like you’re uneducated. I know people with PhD’s who are more comfortable using black english. It’s called code-switching, ALSO something that you can look up.

Educate yourselves before you’re so quick to judge, please.

Heather on The only thing Beyonce did in that hospital was get a boob job.

Jane on

I cant wait for Beyoncé to release a music video eventually to showcase her pregnancy, where they show a sonogram or something that will shut up the haters. What happened is once again people hold on to something negative about a star out of jealousy or simply because they can. Others have moved on or some have doubts but do realize that at the end of the day it’s not their problem but the haters really show anger about the whole thing and it’s simply disturbing to see. It doesn’t matter what she did- Beyoncé is known as a SINGER and she doesn’t want to people to focus on other aspects of her life, that’s it. She could have kept her pregnancy secret but i think she revealed it to take the pressure off to avoid causing harm to her pregnancy, because stress is never good for pregnant women. I admire how she lives her life, she doesn’t scream for attention and protect her privacy. Good for her.

Terri on

Looking good girl!

Jessica on

I’m not that into beyonce, and who really knows. But I’ve been pregnant twice, and let me say… The dress on the video is expensive and made maternity. Its not just Extra fabric, flowing. It is actually pre-shaped for a bump. You can tell by how FITTED it is under her belly/around hips/legs, and above belly. The dress should have been worn a touch later when her bump was a touch bigger. But she is a BIG HIPPED woman, as am I, and sometimes every part of a dress doesn’t fit as the other parts do. So her bumped out part of the dress wasn’t skin tight, ergo, it folded in a little. SHE is also extremely tall, and in heels, having to bend way down to sit. There is no conspiracy. If you know clothes, which I do, and you know maternity, then the explanation is OBVIOUS. Also not everyone is HUGE every day of their pregnancy. I eat a lot but because of the way I am built, long torso and lots of hips, my pregnant belly changes all the time but is usually smaller. It can even change size and location more than once a day. If she used a surro then GREAT but in all honesty I DO NOT understand why everyone cannot see the obvious explanation I can see. Just my two cents 🙂