Mini Must-Have: Nahla Aubry’s Cozy Thermal Shirt

02/06/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Ramey; Courtesy Splendid Littles

That one! Last Friday, we spotted Nahla making a tough decision regarding her socks while hanging out with dad Gabriel Aubry at a Beverly Hills park.

And besides the adorable dad-and-daughter exchange, we couldn’t help but notice the 3½-year-old’s comfy blue and white top. After a little digging, we found out it’s the Fair Isle Thermal Tunic ($68, also includes leggings) from hip L.A. brand Splendid Littles.

Love Nahla’s shirt, but don’t want to break the bank? Check out the KBL Fair Isle Sweater ($10.50) at Target — it’s equally as cute!

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Katie on

He seems like such a great dad! He was always photographed holding her. I think he said he wanted more kids. Too bad him and Halle didn’t make it. What a good looking couple they were!

DawnMiller on

Interesting choice of pictures, considering this is a man recently accused of pushing his nanny with his daughter in her arms. This event being after he yelled racially charged obscenities. Innocent until proven guilty, yes, but maybe refrain from making him look like the “Father of the Year” before he does go to court. Too soon, People.

Hea on

Or perhaps he really is father of the year for his daughter? Why contribute and make him out to be an evil and abusive person when he may very well not be one? I’ve always thought that he seems nothing other than very loving towards his little girl.

Shannon on

“DCFS found absolutely no basis to the claims that Gabriel physically assaulted the nanny, or has ever physically abused Nahla.

‘There was nothing found to substantiate the nanny’s claims, and social workers felt that a restraining order that Halle was seeking wasn’t necessary, and would actually harm Nahla by keeping her from her father.’ “

Sarah S. on

Nahla’s adorable and I love her outfit…especially since the top and leggings are one price for both. 🙂

Kayte on

He has always seemed like a great, very loving father. It’s a shame that Halle can’t separate her personal feelings about her ex from his role as their daughter’s father. Maybe someday she’ll mature enough to realize that if she truly loves her daughter, she’ll allow her to have a close relationship with her father. It’s not a competition.

Sarah K. on

I’ve never seen a picture where Nahla was acting scared or uncomfortable with her father. In fact, she snuggles into him, which indicates she’s looking to him for comfort. There’s no evidence he has ever been abusive towards her. What happened between him and the nanny will probably be one of those unsolved mysteries since it’s just he said/she said. As long as Nahla looks comfortable with him or there’s more proof, I have no reason to believe that he’s anything but a loving father.

Robin on

I feel so sorry for this little girl. Her parents obviously aren’t seeing eye to eye on the key issues, have to use a nanny as a go between and all this is being played out in the public. In my opinion I think “Parental Alienation” is a tactic that is being used here and as a result this poor baby is caught in the middle. Glad to see that a judge is suggesting that BOTH parents go to parenting classes together. Seriously, if you once loved each enough to make a baby then why can’t you come together to do what is in the best interest of the child? I hope and pray that as Nahala gets older and has access to the internet that she won’t be embarrassed by her parents public mudslinging.

Amanda K on

She’s so cute. I think her daddy gets a bad rap because her mommy is nuts. She basically used him as a sperm donor and was hoping he would just go quietly into the night.

He has every right to be in Nahla’s life. Look at Halle’s past track record, suicide attempt, leaving a hit and run accident, hasn’t been able to keep a steady relationship.

RKF on

@Amanda K – I 100% agree with every word you said.

Terri on

Whatever. Gabriel’s not saint, and neither is Halle. I hope they work things out for their daughter’s sake. Actually, I’d like to be able to just enjoy the pictures of Nahla & her daddy without even thinking about all that mess.

Cammy on

Wow. Lots of comments about the parents, when the blog is about the shirt! I’ll comment on the content – cute shirt but pricy…

Marky on

Can’t tell you how many times I saw this when I worked for DHS; mom decides to dump dad and decides the best way to keep the child all to herself is to bad-mouth the dad and accuse him of everything she can think of. In this case, mom can pay off the nanny to say whatever she wants her to.

It is so sad, and you can’t call it love unless you’re just nuts….. I remember when she wanted a baby and just thought he was amazing. She got the baby and kicked him to the curb. He was good enough to make a baby with, but not to live with. She makes everyone miserable that she’s with. Sad for Nahla…….

barbarajoallyse on

I so don’t know what to think of this guy but he always looks thrilled to be with Nahla, which I thick says a lot for a single dad.

NickyAngel on

Little Miss Nahla is so obviously the apple of her Daddy’s eye 🙂 i hope that him and Halle work everything out.

Sun on

@Robin and @NickyAngel — well said! — let’s not lose sight that we (the public) don’t truly know these people and their personal business. It’s not fair to pass judgment when we’re not actually in their lives and don’t have all the facts.

As a child of divorced parents, I do think it’s very sad when parents cannot put their kids first, and instead heap so much anger and bitterness on the other parent that it colors the child’s view of the parent(s). I am speaking about my personal experience only — I am not projecting on Nahla, Halle, or Gabriel.

Sarah K. on

Marky, it wasn’t even until Nahla was born. Halle was saying Gabriel was an amazing dad all the way through Nahla’s first year. It wasn’t until they broke up and later filed for more custody that she began releasing public statements. I think I would be more likely to believe all of the allegations if she hadn’t already raved about him as a father.

But, even if he really is so awful, releasing a public statement saying that your child is scared of him, that you fear for her safety was way out of line. If it’s true, handle it privately in family court. There was absolutely no need for her to release that statement and it made her look even worse when he denied the allegations and pointed out that this shouldn’t be in the public media. Even if he did all of those things he’s accused of, the way she’s handled the situation has her looking crazy/vindictive and him smelling like roses.

Marky on

Sarah K. that’s what I mean; I’ve seen women do this before (I’m sure men do it , too, I just haven’t seen it as much) because they don’t want to share. They know nothing will happen to their child, but they think of the child as belonging primarily to them. It is sad for the child to be deprived of a parent who cares about them and Halle clearly stated Gabriel wanted a child very much. People should be aware of what these things do to their children. I have a grandson who would so love to be able to spend more time with his daddy and mom uses the child as a weapon all the time. I feel sorry for them all, but the child the most!

Jane on

Trust me if he was racist he would never date someone that is non white period. Maybe in slave days the Master would rape the slave women so he can have more slaves to work for him for free. So this is not the case I know how racist people act their would not have kids with a known white person. Plus I am black I do not think he is racist plus he is Canadaian and Majority of white Canadians aren’t racist toward blacks but towards natives.

Terri on

There are plenty of racists that have had children with non-white women, long past the days of slavery. Not saying that Gabriel is a racist, but the idea that he couldn’t be racist is wrong.