Baby on the Way for Jackson Rathbone

02/06/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Jackson Rathbone is set to become a dad.

The Twilight star, 27, and girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi, 24, will welcome a baby this summer, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The couple “are thrilled and excited to be expecting their first child,” reads a statement.

The actor, best known for his role as Jasper Hale in the vampire series, also plays in the band 100 Monkeys.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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krissy on

So excited for him!!! He’s going to be a great dad I’m sure!!! Congrats to Jackson & Sheila!

Anonymous on


DeeAnna on

Congrats !!!!

ilovecbb on

I love Jackson! He’s going to be an awesome daddy!

Amanda on

I was Kind of dissapointed when I found out Nikki Reed got married and I am now finding out Jack is too. Because when they are single, it is not akward in the movie I mean it seems like there is more chemistry real chemistry. Not just acting like there is chemistry. I mean at least Jack and Ashley do a great job and so do Peter and Liz.

Anonymous on

perhaps it’s old fashioned of me, but has everyone forgotten the concept of marriage before children? I’m glad they are excited about becoming parents but becoming spouses more than 9 months beforehand is also quite a blessing.

kristan c. on

While I feel it is better to be married and establish yourselves as a married couple prior to having children. I also know and understand marriage isn’t for everyone. No point in condemning them for not being married.

Siera on

Awww. Congrats to the happy couple. I love Jackson Rathbone and his girlfriend is beautiful. @Anonymous. By today’s standards, most would call it old-fashioned. There’s no law written in stone that says couples should get married before they have children.

Amanda on

Jackson and Ashley probably have great chemistry because they dated while shooting the movies. I guess I was most surprised by this since him and Ashley were together until 2010 I thought so it just seemed sudden to me.

That being said, I think he’s awesome and will be a great daddy.

Jen on

I guess when he is making films the other 99 monkeys must be left to make music on their own. Oh well, no put downs this time, need to say something nice or not at all. Good luck to them and I like his parts on film. But hoo hoo hoo, hoo hoo hoo is she?

Gypsy on

They aren’t married because she was a one-night stand that got pregnant. I hope he’s smart enough to get a paternity test before getting too attached to the baby. In my own opinion, even if it is his, he shouldn’t just stay with her for the kid if he doesn’t truly love her. It would lead to resentment between them and an unhealthy environment for a child.

heath on

Dating since Sept and preg since Sept!!! From bar stripper to celebrity girlfriend – entrapment or just good times?

heath on

heath and gypsy – I think you both are right. Does this whole relationship between Jackson and the “stripper” not seem like entrapment? Just starting to go out and pregnant all within the same month. She has went from a sideshow questionable burlesque act to pregnant all within a month from when they announced they were “seeing” each other. Jackson has never been photographed with girlfriends before and then all of a sudden he is literally joined at the hip.

Gypsy on

@Heath Entrapment for the win!

tahillia on

Celebrities really should be more careful when having casual sex with strangers. I wish him all the best but it has been clear from the beginning that this pregnancy has not come out of a relationship. The relationship has come out of the pregnancy. They were never serious about each other… then she finds out she’s pregnant and they’re together all the time? Suspicious.

heath on

tahillia, gypsy, and aerialla – it is very suspicious especially considering that he never mentioned her until Oct. She would have known she was pregnant by then. The only time he mentioned FL as far as the 100 monkeys tour was that he got so drunk that he passed out and had absolutely no clue what happened to him. Up until the pictures in Rome he never even mentioned a girlfriend or even a “friend”. I’ve seen her show (its on youtube) – its definitely not burlesque. Burlesque is classy, erotic and sexy – everything her act is not. She is a stripper who plays with fire and because she wears pasties calls it burlesque. It’s more of a freak show. Jackson’s parents are highly conservative and can’t be happy with this, they seemed rather stiff with her at the Breaking Dawn premier.

hippy on

I have to say that this sounds like a one night stand gone wrong. Very suspicious that she is pregnant and dating in the same month. Not my business, but a relationship and production of a child that is not going to end in a happy way.

KRS on

Wow ladies, entrapment?! Some of you are acting like he’s some innocent bystander instead of a direct participant. Anytime a man or woman doesn’t want to become a parent, there are many methods of birth control available. If they happen to fail, so be it, by why place all the blame on her?

hippy on

I am so disappointed…I expected him to be a lifer. Choose a sweet girl, court her, then get married and have babies. I wasn’t expecting a one night stand gone wrong. Bummer.

Anonymous on

Am I the only one that saw that all they said is that she’s due in summer? Last time I checked, summer was three months- June, July and August. Therefore she could be due any one of those months…and could have gotten pregnant as late as November. I don’t know where everyone is getting that she got pregnant in September, or all this other info they supposedly know about the couple (like that it was a one-night stand, that she trapped him, etc.). You can’t believe everything you read!

Anyway, congrats to them!

heath on

hippy – I agree. Since the pictures from Rome got around in Oct something must have been said to her. She’s lightened her hair, and covered her tattoos and she’s trying to convey a better image, but it doesn’t work when all she does is scowl at the fans and make Jackson look uncomfortable. I feel bad for him because if it is his child and a one night stand gone wrong then that is something they all have to live with. Money and fame won’t buy this girl happiness and could lead to fans turning away from Jackson which could jeopardize his career.

Anonymous on

KRS- Exactly! A lot of the ladies on this board seem to think that men are total idiots, and I don’t understand why. We talk about how sexiest men can be towards women, but then we turn right around and treat them the same way!

Anabell on

Congrats to Jackson and Sheila. I am excited for you both.

guest on

It is strange we’ve not heard of her, but if you want to be with someone famous, who better than a star from the Twilight franchise. Some how I don’t see this relay lasting very long. Of course they will always be together, because of this child. Seriously, a burlesque dancer some how I thought he would have done better. I thought I read an interview were he talked about the type of woman he wanted to settle down with, I don’t remember him mentioning a stripper.

Anonymous on

Has anyone stopped to consider that -maybe- the reason there’s been no word of her or Jackson’s relationship with her is because… I don’t know, they’ve been really private about things? I mean, if Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz can get away with surprising EVERYONE by a relationship and marriage no one saw happening or coming, why can’t a couple surprise everyone with a baby?

Erica on

lol, definitely a one night stand gone wrong. Sheila’s set for life. And Jackson should have wrapped it up!

Julie on

They look like a train wreck. I give it about a month after the little bastard is born, then they’re done.

ginny on

I don’t get why everyone is putting him down for getting someone pregnant. He was probably like every other celebrity and trying to keep his relationship/life private, that’s why he’s not dating another celebrity and why no one has heard of her previously. But when she got pregnant he decided to tell people he was with her so that someone wouldn’t leak it to the press and people weren’t talking about them in a bad way and saying it was just a one night stand with a stranger, which all of you are doing anyway.

And who cares that she is a burlesque dancer, she doesn’t work in a nasty strip club or anything like that, so I don’t see why people are judging her. If they weren’t happy and didn’t want to be together or didn’t want the baby, i’m sure they wouldn’t be doing it. But if they are announcing it to the world, obviously they want this and they are happy.

So congrats to them both, i’m glad they are happy. Everyone should just leave them alone and let them be happy and stop acting like you know what’s going on in their lives and that your better than them.

Amanda on

According the all the so-called “legitimate” news agencies, she’s 5 months pregnant – He desperately wanted to be a father, I guess he got his wish! Though I’m sure his ultra-conservative parents would have preferred a sweet little texan girl, with a proper marriage first, than a 3rd rate burlesque dancer with blue hair who was pregnant within a month of meeting him, and moved right into his house. Don’t forget, Jackson’s color blind, so he doesn’t have a clue what she looks like anyway. The videos of her “dancing” with black electric tape pasties were all removed immediately.

I thought he was a smart kid…guess not for forgetting to wrap it–hopefully he’ll be smart enough for a pre-nup–maybe there’s an agreement there; have the baby and leave it with him–either way, she’s set for life!

I wish him all the luck in the world with this new project!

Hea on

But he’s supposed to marry me! lol

Jessica on

LOL @ all the Twilight fans who are “so excited” and either thinking he’ll be a “great dad!” or jealous because he got someone else pregnant and not them! haha

Anyway, congrats to these two!

Anonymous on

Congrats – and I agree with another poster on being married and having your children…. Even Edward would agree ; )
Unfortunately after New Moon, I lost interest in the series…

Tiffany on

Entrapment would mean that he didn’t willingly “make this baby.” Hello, it takes two people to make one! Who cares how the relationship started. My husband and I started out in the same situation, oh crap I’m pregnant. We’re still going strong after 10 years. So get over it. If they break up they do, if not, yay for them. It’s a baby not a death sentence!

Katie on

wow. some of you are just horrible. did it ever occur to you that maybe, just MAYBE they are keeping some parts of their life private? do you KNOW them personally? if not, than stop being so judgmental!

Tams on

I was going to add to the marriage debate that a couple doesn’t necessarily have to be married before having children although to me it would be ideal. For instance, I was with my husband 5 1/2 years before we tied the knot and if we had gotten pregnant before marriage it would have been a “whoops” (no birth control is 100%) but we were committed to each other and after the initial shock, it would have been a blessing. Besides, not every married couple plans pregnancy, there are a many “whoops.”

With that in mind, from the comments I read this couple pretty much started seeing each other and pregnant within the 1st month, now that’s the kind of thing I don’t necessarily agree with. That’s just another topic of debate.

meghan on

You Twilight fans are pathetic.

Christian on

What rock did you just crawl out of? Actually, there is a BIG LAW that says you shouldn’t have children until you’re married. It’s in THE BIBLE. Not that I’m judging or anything but it IS a law. People like you who think they are above God crack me up. Seriously? Anyways, congrats to the happy couple.

guest on

As an unmarried mother of three (they all have the same dad) I understand the whole oops thing. I know a few people that were casually seeing someone and then the oops happened and now they are married and happier than ever that the baby brought them close enough to realize that there was more between them. Congrats to the happy couple and soon to be parents.

Katie on

Guest, you said it perfectly! @ Julie- calling an unborn baby a bastard is just awful! Shame on you! Every baby is a gift regardless of how she/he comes into the world!

Katie on

@Christian but not everyone in the world believe in the BIBLE. don’t shove your beliefs down other peoples throats.

Anonymous on

Whether this was a genuine “oopsie” or the oldest trick in the books, the pregnancy is a reality. We can only wish that they have a healthy child in the Spring (at 5 mos along, that’d be in the May/June timeframe). I’m sure Jackson will make a great Dad. Can’t comment on the girlfriend as I know nothing about her other than she was a roller derby princess and burlesque performer.

kristan c. on

@Christian – sorry, the bible is not a law. if you choose to live your life according to something that was written like a thousand years ago, so be it. it is not set in stone, it is not regulated by the government, it is not a law. not everyone believes in what the christian bible says.

Anonymous on

I wish them the best. This was more than likely an “oopsie” baby and while it does seem suspicious to me that Sheila went from being a burlesque dancer to Jackson’s live in girlfriend (with all the monetary benefits that entails), the fact of the matter is that no amount of degrading comments will make the baby go away or make this less real.

I’ve been in the “one night stand goes wrong” scenario so I know it’s scary. I didn’t try to trap my child’s father, the pill really is just 99% effective. We didn’t stay together but we do parent together. Sometimes surprises just happen so all you can do is go with it.

Do I think they’ll last? Nope, not a snowball’s chance in hell. I just hope they can co-parent effectively and that Sheila doesn’t try to take him for all he’s worth. I also hope he is smart enough to get a DNA test because you never know these days.

Hea on

I just want to point out that I am not a Twilight fan. My comment was for fun because I think he looks good. He was the only one that made the first movie watchable. I had hopes he was going to portray Varg Vikernes in a movie about him but I don’t know what happened to that project… It would have been interesting to see what Jackson would’ve done with a role like that.

Annoynmous on

First of all calling a child a bastard is AWFUL no matter how you put it and entrapment really?? Its not like she didn’t want to have sex with him , it takes two to tango. So this is on both of them. They only dated for a month or two before getting pregnant which is really Yes, I don’t imagine Jackson’s parents are too happy but I guess there going to have to deal with it. Jackson doesn’t even know that she has green hair. But she at least is giving it a try and trying to clean it up. She’s gotten rid of her hair and shes slowly getting rid of all her tattoos. She should be a little nicer to fans since in November he will be doing more twilight press.

Either way i hope that it ends well for them. Jackson’s a great guy and very good to his fans so all the best to them.

Jacob's Girl on

OMG everyone, no one knows that he had a 1 night stand and got her pregnant! Just because he didn’t mention that he was in a relationship with her, it doesn’t mean that you guys have to judge him and say that it was a ‘one night stand’ GROW UP YOU LOW LIFE PEOPLE AND DON’T ASSUME!!!!!! And congrats to Jackson and Sheila, I am sure they will make wonderful parents <3<3

Anonymous on

Jackson is WELL aware of who she is, what she’s done for a living & having shared an elevator with them together last summer, when her hair was bright green, I’m pretty certain he was aware of that, too.

Entrapment, one-night stand or whatever…nobody ‘forces’ a 27-year old to be in a relationship. Perhaps an unplanned pregnancy, but the relationship between the two is certainly not an ‘accident’.

Best of luck to their whole family.

CD on

I hate to say that it does look like an “oopsie-baby”. I will say this for what I’ve seen about Sheila. She has looked like she’s trying to clean up or acting a little more maternal than her face expresses but hopefully she understands that being around paparrazzi is part of being with Jackson (no matter how much they try to hide).

If this is a one night stand gone wrong, at least Jackson and Sheila both are willing to make this work. I don’t agree with having a child before marriage (no matter how old-fashioned you think it might be) but I really can’t talk myself because that did happen to me as well. It was hard and my boyfriend and I tried but it didn’t work but we do co-parent pretty well. At the very least I hope the same for Jackson and Sheila (if they don’t make it).

And keep in mind Sheila probably isn’t used to (no comfortable) with all this media attention, especially surrounding this situation, so she’s probably (hopefully) trying to adjust.

And nobody should call ‘any’ baby a bastard for whatever reason. A baby is a blessing. Mine has been a blessing to me.

lauren on

Why on earth are you people making those assumptions? I know Sheila personally and the relationship did not stem from the pregnancy, it happened the other way around. She was NOT a one night stand and she is NOT a stripper. Get your facts straight. You people seriously need to look into getting a life. Pathetic.

J on

Jen, maybe it’s just a side band for more than one member of his band.

CD, well as long as you approve… Good Lord.

Tara on

did NOT see this one coming …. SO thought he was gay!

Marky on

As the grandmother of a baby who was born to the “unhappy” couple after they got pregnant 2 weeks into dating, I think it less than mature of anyone who refers to the child as “the little bastard”! What most people don’t realize is how miserable the child may end up being because the parents aren’t together (and perhaps act like Halle Berry, etc), don’t get along because they don’t really know each other, and may not ever be able to treat the child as the important person s/he really is. It’s all about how the couple or non-couple feels and what they want; not about the child.

I’ve watched another grandchild grow up in agony because he is never as important as what the parents want or care about, and no one cares as much about him as they do themselves. It’s not enough for me to care deeply; the pain is tremendous sometimes for that child. In my family, everyone is upper middle-class, so it’s not poverty that gets him down; it’s the selfish attitude of people who had a child they weren’t really ready for. That’s why some say, “Get married, get to know each other, and decide you both want a child. Whether you know it or not, to do less is to cheat your child!” A child adopted by a single parent copes much better, because their options are different. Both of these children in my family would have been better off to be placed for adoption with caring people who really wanted a child, than be raised by people who are too selfish or immature emotionally to put their child first.

Adria on

I’m just surprised because I thought Jackson was gay.

Liz on

Well, there goes any chance of a career for him. Jackson barely makes enough to support himself and 100 Monkeys is not going to support a wife and child. This was really irresponsible of Sheila but I guess that is one way to trap a guy! I wish he would of ended up with someone more attractive. Atleast he will have memories to look back on after he joins the ranks of the normal non celebs. I’m having a hard time seeing this girl as an actress at all so you know she won’t have a future either.

Anonymous on

Sooooo, Jackson, did she provide the condom that didn’t work???

Kiya on

Sheesh people, leave them the hell alone. They’ll figure it out one way or another. I’m sure they both know what they’re doing, they ARE adults after all. It will most likely be tough on both of them in the begining, but if they truely want it to work out and give the child a healthy living environment then they’ll work through any problems that come up. I wish them both the best and hope that wether or not they stay together that all three of them end up happy. Jackson, you are an amazing actor. ^.^