Willow Smith Shaves Her Head

02/03/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

No more whipping her hair back for Willow Smith! On Thursday, the 11-year-old pop star proudly posted a photo on her WhoSay account of her newly shaved head.

Willow Smith's photo:

Was big bro Jaden her inspiration? The actor and budding hip-hop artist also recently clipped his curly locks for a more tapered look. And on Jan. 27, the 13-year-old debuted his new cut while attending the 76ers game against Charlotte in Philadelphia with superstar parents Will and Jada.

Courtesy Jaden Smith

Whatever the reason for little Willow’s sudden hair-change, we admire her risk-taker attitude. And whether she’s wigged out in a bright pink Nicki Minaj-inspired do’ or swinging her colorful braids, she always looks adorable.

Jenisha Watts

TELL US: Would you let your daughter shave her head?

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Y on

Ew..she is not cute.

annie on

These kids always seem to have such attitude. I feel bad for them that their lives appear to have always been about show business rather than just being kids. I notice the famous Scientologists seem to push their kids into show business and away from school. Sad.

andi on

I think she is a cute little girl. She looks so much like her dad now!

ClaireSamsmom on

why willow, why?

Elisa on

now she looks even more like her father… too much I must say!!


Kate on


Sharon on

She is a cute little girl, but I don’t like the shaved look on her.

LW on

Why would her mother let her do that? She is eleven years old! Her mother still has the say about her body and hair. This is wrong.

Marissa on

She is not cute at all

Sabrina on

It’s just hair, it will grow back! People get bad haircuts all the time, kids aren’t immune to them.

krystal lepe on

I can’t stand these kids or their parents. Poof be gone!!

Big Matt on

Oh my. The wide-angle lens close-up of a cell phone camera is NOT a friend to those two kids. Children aren’t supposed to look totally baked.

shelly on

I think these 2 kids have way too much attitude for their age, no matter who their parents are. What kind of adults are they going to be in 6-8 years??

Samantha on

She looks just like Will in this picture! Jaden is such a cute boy, he’s going to be a ladies man when he gets older. Like father, like son!

Aejay on

She looks just like Will Smith’s character in Shark Tail! Not cute at all!

Tiffany on

Maybe she did it to support little girls who have no hair, kinda like they’re trying to come out with bald barbies, to support kids with alopecia and cancer. You don’t know the story behind it..

KHluvsu on

she is so young. dont shave your head hun.

Jill K on

There’s NO way in hell my mom would’ve let me do that to my hair! Not that I would have wanted to do that, but still! Don’t like it 😦

Pat on

These Smith kids are too “out there”. I would have shaved the mustache first and worried about the hair later.

Jester on

I wonder why these kids always sport a cocky look? I have seen both as guests on different shows and they also come across as being bratty, JMO. As far as Willow shaving her head, big deal. It will grow back and where’s the harm in it? Don’t any of you remember doing silly things around this age?

Trish on

Both those kids need the attitude smacked out of them. Shame on Will and Jada!!

Why does it matter? on

They look a lot like Dad!

Irenah on

She is not cute….
Did you notice this was filed under BABIES and not STYLE>…

Michelle on

I like Willow’s new do. Maybe she is trying to make kids with cancer feel good but still fabulous. As for you Jaden Smith, Your hot ❤

boston on

Heck no, I wouldn’t let my daughter shave her head. One word– BRITNEY.

Brooklyn on

I don’t have anything nice to say, so I won’t say anything at all. 😉

boston on

No and one reason why– BRITNEY.

Just Visiting on

I think she is definitely dancing to the beat of a different drummer…GOOD FOR HER….she does not need to conform to what is “hot” or “cute” even if it is for attention, let her use her hair as a way to stand out…it does grow back!! BTW…did anyone else notice the Cosmic Dancing Bears shirt?? Her bears are dancing to the beat of a different drummer too!!

Kayte on

These children often seem to be begging for attention with their ‘unusual’ clothes and hair styles. Of course in celebrity circles this may be perfectly normal. If her parents don’t care what she does, the only person that needs to like her hair (or lack of) is Willow.

Melissa on

Oh boy, who cares what she did to her hair. She’s not doing drugs, or turned into some big loser. Both Will & Jayden have let them do what they want, AKA showbiz. They have not pressured them, or forced them, so before you assume, read your facts!

Lily Smythe on

Paaaalease….. Poof be gone why do we give a ****, she is annoying even that song about her hair!!! Who are these people that call this music lets WHIP them!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaSonia on

I prefer little girls with hair, but I like that she is making a statement that hair is just hair and it will grow back and we, particularly African American girls, can be really obsessed with hair and tie so much of our identity in with our hair and hairstyles. i think it is cool to see young gifted talented Black kids openly displaying confidence we have come a long way.

joy on

Wow, as if that makes her look any better. 11 year old normal girls do not shave their heads! something has never registered as quite normal about this little girl though. She tries to act like she is in her 20’s….too much showbiz and fame in her family seems to have been negative in many ways for her.

Shelby on

These kids are full of themselves just like their parents. They will do anything to get attention. Sometimes I think they are seeking it from their parents. This is really too far to go foa young child. What kind of teenagers will they be? I see rehab in the future!

doodlbeug on

I agree the hair will grow back. But why is an 11 year old acting like a teen. ELEVEN. She is still a little girl. She is growning up way too fast. Truly sad.

cindy on

I have to agree with Kate “WHO CARES” with that look she has on her face she looks like she has a “REAL BAD ATTUTUDE”

Jorja on

So all you who are saying ew ugly, do you find girls with cancer ugly too?

I’ve always wanted to shave my head and start with fresh hair and do as little damage to it as possible, but I still have yet to grow the balls to do so lol.

Yay for Willow who is unique!

Greyson on

These insufferable brats are merely children of privilege and should be pitied. They aren’t being taught the value of anything; mommy and daddy simply hand them what they want; Willow’s heinously obnoxious ?song? being a primo example. The photo of Jaden at the basketball game recently depicted someone stoned out of their mind. Maybe the self-centered parents should remove their heads from their asses and pay attention to their children whilst trying to tech them about the true value of hard work INSTEAD OF imparting “With enough $$$, you can buy whatever you want, even a “music” or “acting” career.

Ella on

Who cares? She is young and experimenting- like we all did when we were kids. Isn’t it bad enough that she is a child and being judged by adults. Don’t criticize her. Let her be a kid.

Guest on

That is disgusting.

Anne on

Ugly! She used to look so adorable and this is not a flattering “do” at all. Don’t her parents do any kind of parenting?

Kristen on

From the first time I ever saw her I thought she was a lesbian. She continues to prove my point.

Rebekah on

I love that she doesn’t care other peoples opinions of her! She isn’t insecure at all! I don’t know of anyone who is bold enough for that look! #hatersgonnahate

lol on

The poster who wrote that they are are too “out there” is absolutely correct. They are entirely too young to walk around with earrings (Jaden) and Willow with her shaved head. Yes, children should learn independence as in cleaning up after themselves, making their own lunch for school but shaving her head?!? Too grown!

Shan on

It’s hair, it grows back, if my daughter wanted to shave her head and was old enough to make that decision her self, by all means I’d let her.

Mileysucks on

No longer whippin’ that hair back and forth. Thank god.

Italy on

Willow will always be beautiful, and i sincerely hope that all of you who have the nerve to say shit about an 11 year old, get cancer and all your hair falls out.

bea on

I think she is bold and that is a good thing. She is her own person and does her own thing and is having fun just being a kid rather than dressing like a child prostitute like a lot of other kids her age.

Monica on

Wow! Is it such a slow news day around the world, that an actor’s daughter’s haircut made the headlines!?!?

I personally think these two kids do have an attitude and I do hope I am wrong.


How is it so easy for mothers of children to call other children ugly or not cute… sad lonely women with no life.. freedom or not you should really consider what you say before you say it.. and remember you lead by example… what type of example are you for your own kids.. if insulting someone elses is ok with you.

Karen on

Acting out because of what’s going on at home? Sad.

lumu on

Is this little girl craving attention or what? Maybe her parents should give her some one-on-one time and explain to her about good and bad choices. Sad….

zaidi on

Crazy parents. Crazy kids.

mia on

I guess she can’t whip her hair back & forth anymore.

I’m sorry, but she looks like a boy with a bald head. She needs a bow..Something to look feminine.

Kylee on

Yeah I dont see a girl here at all!

hillary on

It looks horrible and she looks like a freak! Please put a wig on!

Anonymous on

She can be Jaden’s exact replica now!! Dont like this decision she made!

mia on

I guess she can’t whip her hair back & forth anymore….

I’m sorry, but she looks like a boy. Give her a bow ! Something to make her look more feminine.

kyla on

You can have a shaved head and be feminine. Femininity can also mean being strong, beautiful and bald! Mainstream society is the one that tells us we need to be “pretty” and “girly” in order to be feminine. I had cancer, lost all my hair and had both breasts removed and I feel quite feminine.

kjc on

Gosh, why is there always do much hate towards these children and their parents?!?
It’s a hair cut people, it’ll grow back (if she wants it to).

I was tempted to do the same when I was about 12, but didn’t have the guts. LW – had I had the courage, my parents wouldn’t have been able to stop me. If they wouldn’t have given me permission, I’d have just done it at a friends house.

Antiquus Gnosis on

Goodness! NOw, im gOnna get sO cOnfused between the two of them! But the heck, they are still as charming as their father! 😀

Kim on

Not cute at all and the haircut is butt ugly. She is way too young to shave her head not to mention the wrong sex.

dee on

IT’S JUST HAIR. It will grow back. Good for her. The subject of hair is very touchy and full of drama in the black community. People get teased for having nappy hair, short hair, unprocessed hair, etc. Maybe she is trying to make a statement. Good for her. Life is about more than our hair. GO WILLOW!

mememe on

U G L Y ….too young and wrong sex to shave the head! This is what happens when parents allow their children too much freedom. They say it is allowing them to express themselves to be unique. That’s right! This is unique, all right. And downright U G L Y !

ripizzo on

I hope she did this because she wanted to.

mememe on


joan on

Attention seeking… interesting.

JayGee on

It is my understanding that people of color (black) do not grow hair as fast as other people (white, latino, etc.) So how long will it take her to regrow her hair? Years, unless she has wigs, extensions, or whatever. So, who cares?

Louise on

I love Will and Jada, but their kids come off as arrogant, snotty brats. They should not be in the public eye.

amy on

so we all say brittany spears is crazy when she shaves her head, but an 11 yr old girl is dubbed cute when she does it !?!?!

Hello on

I can’t stand these kids, sorry. They seem so bratty.

Bella on

Parents let the boys do whatever with their hair; as long as good grades, no drugs, no drink so why not girls. I learned this from my 2 grandsons while they were growing up! Hair grows back!! I know. Had cancer and had no bad hair days. Started fresh!!!

Kristen on

You can’t turn a lesbian into a debutante.

Kim on

It looks like somebody needed some attention so she shaved her head….poor little rich girl..

Yo Mama on

There is nothing wrong with shaving her head and anybody acting like there is needs a reality check. It’s HAIR, It will grow back! And if you think saying these children aren’t cute, that makes you not cute. Being mean about someone else’s child’s looks is not an attractive trait. I thought we had started to get to a point where we didn’t judge everyone based on their looks. It’s her head and she has every right to do whatever she wants with her parent’s permission. These children have not been made to live their lives in the public eye, so whoever said that needs to keep that falsehood to themselves!! If you don’t like it, don’t comment.

notoriginal on

Trying too hard to be “out there” is getting old. Like Lady Gaga…just because you wear outlandish, unattractive clothing or make a spectacle of your self with your hair does not equate to inventiveness or artistic genius. It just means you like to be weird to get attention.

kendrajoi on

Absolutely not…

Sofia13 on

Is it me, or are these two the most annoying kids in Hollywood??!! They should just go away……………….

guest on

Man is she an ugly kid. And her music sucks too!!!

Catherine on

LOL @ kjc~~~at her age I was trying to get me some more hair.

I think it’s a bit extreme for a pre-teen BUT on the other hand is this any diffent than letting your young child dress them self…Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (sp?) Every time I see a picture of these two kids in magazines I always wonder…all that $$ and this is how they let their kids look.

To each his own I guess.

tiffany on

ok she looks cute and stop saying that her parents did this if you were in show biss as a young girl/boy will you like them to be talking like that to you and your parents just shut up its their life 😡 and willow smith you look cute 😀

wheezielover on

I agree, Its such a shame that these kids dont even get that there is a problem, They are so used to the lifestyle,,, Actually I couldnt care less if she shaved her head… What about the kids who dont get mentioned who have real things to talk about!!!

Kayla on

I dont Like willows hair shes way 2 young to . . . . Jaden Did this for a movie , but he looks like will with the haircut : )

Yep on

Yuk! All I see is a guy! Is this what she is trying to come across as a dude?!!! I mean her mom Jada always had attitude but I think needs to reel this child in some. Is this a sexuality statement? I am sorry I do not see anything feminine about her now at all. I don’t think she would be singing or anything if she didn’t have the last name Smith. I don’t see any talent there to be honest. I hope it grows back soon!

tammy on

I hope all that hair went to locks of love at least.

Anonymous on

What happened to parents being parents? To much freedom at such a young age. I agree she is NOT cute!

Gaby on

omg really? shiloh shaves her head and everyone says its adorable willow does it and people call her ugly brat etc etc

Oranges on

Why is this posted under Moms & Babies? That is kind of weird.

Billie Lee on

Yes I would totally let my daughter shave her head. It is hair it will grow back. 🙂 As long as her grades stay good and she is kind to others, I don’t care what she does. She is 10.

shalay on

Ugly. Annoying. Lesbian. Brat. Trying too hard. Crazy. Full of herself.

^ See anything wrong with these words? I do. It’s the fact that they’re directed toward an ELEVEN YEAR OLD. Defend yourself however you want. Say that she puts herself in the limelight and deserves to be criticized. Say that you have the right of free speech. It doesn’t matter. What DOES matter, is that you’re berating a child you have never met based on her looks and how she “seems”.

The act of hating is so draining. Is it worth it?

Shannon on

It’s just hair. *yawn* On another note, both of those children will have wrinkled foreheads by age 30.

cb on

I think experimenting with hair is a fine and safe way for kids to gain a feeling of control and independence. However, baldness is something only a very few people can pull off and still look good. This young lady is not one of those few, but who cares.

ghost on

These kids have no talent and horrible attitude. If not for famous people, they would be beyond average

KLP82 on

Ugh, these kids seem so spoiled to me. Jaden always has this “my sh*t don’t stink” look on his face, and Willow’s music is just straight up annoying! I hate to say this about kids, but they just seem like little brats to me.

Mandy on

She is probably the most annoying little girl a celebrity has ever given birth to. I understand that we need to empower our children, but she walks around acting entitled and doesn’t seem to understand the idea of humility or honesty.

The Smiths still have a lot to teach that kid.

Eileen on

I am beginning to worry about these two children and what the heck their parents are doing to them in the quest of a show business career.

I have heard of kids shaving their heads in sympathy for someone they love who is undergoing chemo. I would never question that gesture.

But for attention which people magazine is providing is insane.

Guest on

Don’t really care for those kids…

MrsKiwi on

Will and Jada used to seem like such good parents, protecting their kids from all of the show business garbage. But since when was a 10 or 11 year old girl old enough to be a pop icon, much less shave her head. Disgusting! I guess it won’t be long before they are running wild.

April Wright on

So…you all really hate black people, then?

black_gal on

i remember jada saying they dont give thier kids flack abt things like that. i respect jada for that. but boundaries shud be made. i love the msg she gives willow to be her own person AND hair doesnt define a person. but i hope she prepared her for the haters that think she’s less of a beauty bc of the shave. (black women are obsessed with hair so she will be dealing with ALOT of snickers and hating. but its jealousy.,

Donna on

Hey, honey, bald and duck face are so yesterday.

Sarah K. on

Not seeing the big deal. It’s just hair. It will grow back. Until I see one of the Smith kids causing some scandal, I have no reason to question Will/Jada’s parenting. So far all three kids seem to be hard-working, motivated, good kids.

Girl on

I really like it. I am so mad that people think that women need hair. It’s just hair, it will grow back. She is not to young to know what she wants for herself. I am very happy for Will and Jada for allowing their children to be themselves!!!!!!

RJ on

How is she going to whip her hair back and forth? 😉 I admire that she does not care what others think and does what she wants. That just proves to me that she has high self esteem and is not afraid to take a leap. She has way more guts than I, or many others ever will!

Lotus on

I don’t like how it looks on her due to her facial features, but I do admire the nerve it takes to do something so gutsy. There are so many vain people who think they need hair and makeup and whatever else to be attractive and feel comfortable with their appearance. Hopefully this will send a positive message to other girls that they don’t need to hide behind hideous weaves or process their hair to death. However, it appears the adults on here have taken a very cruel and immature stance so who knows how their children will react to Willow.

Monica Sermeno on

EWWW….she is learning that in order to get ratings, fame and the need for peoples attention is to do drastic things…yeah well, she can stay anonymous she is not pretty and her attitude sucks…its a shame that they are Will Smith’s kids…both Willow and her brother are brats…how sad

amw on

these are way too overexposed. ugh.

batucada358 on

“Y-eeeeeeee-ikes!!! It stings when I look at it Mommy.”

Lotus on

And may I add that I’ve seen more than one picture of her shaved hairdo. It seems PEOPLE chose the less flattering of her. And for those who say Jaden always looks arrogant, have you considered that maybe that’s just how he looks? I mean, if a person’s face is set a certain way every time you see them…

ELC on

NOT AN ATTRACTIVE LOOK!She’s not attractive either way but this new look is pretty bad and not in a good way!!

ELO on

They both look like they’re on dope.

shiley on

These kids are so annoying. And what is UP with the stupid expressions? Never did find them cute.

Little gangsters in the making. Nice.

Willow on

Spoiled brats, period!

Sky on

Whyyyy would she shave all her hair off? Jaden looks really good though.

Dee Dee on

Wow they could be twins! I do believe young children should have a say, be taught independence. While I say this I also believe there should be boundries and guidlines in the home. Rules should be followed for the simple reason that we are the parents and they are the children. Many parent make the mistake of bieng ‘friends’; they aren’t and never will be. I was by no means a perfect parent, I did what I thought was right as I’m sure all of you did. Sometimes as a parent you say no and don’t give a reason why, as I use to say “because I said so”, I am the parent and I make the rules. I think this is what should have been done here. I might be wrong, but hey, I’m the MOM

Lindy lou on

This is so sad to hear, I thought will and jada smith were better parents then this, what kind of statement is she trying to make, kids can do what they want now days and other wonder why they turn out this way. duh…………

G on

what the hell jada and will you two r either so wrapped up in your careers or in who you two r going to swing with or why a open bi or gay marriage just doesnt work that you re not paying attention to your kids why why would ANY ONE ALLOW a baby shave her head yes she s a baby and so what all you none parents who thinks that it ok for an 11year old to shave her head its not OK not s not it s not the point that it will grow back its the principal AND some of you think that its a bold statement what kind of statement can a 11year old really make really you all are just a weird as this family to think that thats cute it not these are black kids not white or mixed thats something they would do holy smokes way to go will and jada your little girl looks horrible thats not a good look unless theres is some kind of illness may god be there with those kids becaues the parents sure arent

Jewel on

Horrible spoilt brats! They have no morals nor respect. Talentless little brats whose parents cannot say no to. what nasty pieces of work they will grow up to be!

Jewel on


JJ on

Why are we keeping up with the hairstyles of prepubescent children? WHO CARES!

Jillian on

So…you all really hate black people, then?

– April Wright on February 3rd, 2012

Huh? Why must you make it about race? People commenting about not liking her attitude or her hair being shaved, dislike it bc it stinks and isn’t cute. Nothing to do with skin color! Geeze…

stacey on

how lovely!!!! Why did this website become SOOO boring? It’s mostly just a bunch of advertisements.

vanessa on

ugly they are so annoying

Robin on

Watch out brti brit, there’s a new loon in town!

Carice on

It appears that some of you know the Smith’s!! I mean you are on here telling US how THEY raise THEIR children and how they MUST have attitudes.

“These kids seem like they have attitudes!” You seem like your jealous, stupid, and bored with your own lives. Interesting and pathetic all at the same time.

Especially those who click on the article, READ it and THEN put “Who Cares?” Apparently you do fool … cuz you just posted.

If her parents who raised her the way THEY wanted to, not according to public opinion from some poll on twitter, allow her to cut her hair, why do you think your opinion even matters?

Some of you are legends in your own minds. But in reality you look real stupid behind your computers.

vanessa on

ugly she looks like a boy

Bobby on

It’s not the hair. It’s the smug attitude. Both kids have that “I’m too cool” attitude and not in a normal “kid” way, either.

Motheroftwo on

Why would you let your daughter do that? I get individuality and all I was very independent when I was younger, but this is too much. Her and her brother could be twins now. Terrible look for her. At least it grows back…

Mandi on

I think people are too caught up in her age… Its hair. Shes young… It will grow back people.

Nastashia on

You people are such a disappointment to the human race! Do you see what you are typing? She is 11! How would you feel if someone called your daughter ugly because she did something spontaneous with her hair? Just because her family has money, does not mean that she is a brat, or spoiled. You all sound like jealous little mongrels. Do you live in their home? You obviously know exactly how Will and Jada raise their children. You must know it all don’t you? Get over yourselves! Just because their parents are famous, and they too are famous because of music and movies does not mean that they are any different then any other family out there. And we don’t need to sit here, and follow every little thing they do. Stop judging other people’s lives, and maybe look at yours.

BG on

Seriously? I think these kids are talented, particularly Jaden, but they’re also attention seekers. Willow shaving her head is a total cry for attention, not because she woke up one morning and decided she’d look cute with a shaved head. She needs to concentrate on 3 things: 1. school, 2. being a kid, and 3. working on her talent. The antics and theatrics are simply distracting.

Jewel on

P.S. who will end up in rehab first? Willow or her brother

Mandi on

Seriously people. Its just hair people. She is young, she has her whole life to grow it back and please YOU. Smh

Patsy on

well I can see where the Smith kids are going to end up! to much to soon and the parents think they are in control,ha 11 and shaving her head,this is where it starts the kids end up thinking it’s ok and their better than other kids their age.What are these parents thinking???? I had a lot of respect for Will but my opinion has changed. very foolish. the mom well she’s another story (snob).I guess these parents haven’t learned from other kid star parents mistakes. good luck!

Snookie on

What a freaking idiot!

TLH on

Does anyone actually parent these children or are they allowed to just do whatever they want?

anouk on

Loving the fact that she did this! She is not tied to her hair or looks. I am now a fan of this little girl.

tahillia on

I actually admire her for doing it. I think she must be a very secure young girl and that’s great.

cest la vie on

So wrong in so many levels. Where are this kid’s parents? This girl will be in drugs or pregnant by the time she is 16. Ugly girl + shaved head=permanent damage to my eyes.

tori on

why should we care about this? Famous people’s spoiled kids showing off. show me a picture of a celebrity’s kid getting an education and then i will be impressed

sue on

I love how kids are able to express themselves through self-expression..If it was my daughter I would totally support her in her decision.

Holly on

Something is going wrong in that family. They’re putting their kids in the spotlight too much and too early. Now 11 year old Willow is shaving her head? Little girls usually love their hair. I can’t imagine why she would do that, or why her mom would allow it.

Snow on

I think this is an improvement over what her hair use to look like. Sorry, but the shaved sides belong in the 80s and should stay there.

Annonymous on

My 13 year old son wants Facebook and email accounts and we say no! Its called being a parent …until they are 18 there are rules. What next? Are they going to allow tattoos and guns?

acorr on

it’s the kissy face thing that gets on my nerves, soooo annoyinggggg!!!!

Sylvia on

I LOVE her cut and would definitely let my daughter get a similiar cut if she chose to. I’m a non-conformist & love the Smith children for their individuality

kate on

Im not going to say anything about how they look because they are just children. However I do find something wrong with 11 and 12 year old children posting pictures of themselves on the internet. I know kids do it all the time but it just freaks me out. I feel like parents should let young kids post photos online for creepy old people to stare at and comments about.

Sarah S. on

Why would an 11 year old girl WANT to shave her head…seriously? Her hair will grow back, yes, but it’s just weird unless she’s becoming a monk or something.

guest on

the entitlement of these two is repugnant.

Sarah S. on

No, I would not let my daughter shave her head unless it’s for a medical reason…

Sam on

These kids are so very annoying, I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel. Their attitudes are awful!

Sam on

You know, his first son seems to be really humble…down to earth. These two…HOT MESS!

ST on

She’s 11. Are her parents paying attention to her at all?

Jen on

a pop star? WTF? I am hoping this kid shaved her head for a good reason. If not, I agree, she pulled a Brit. I don’t care for these two kids either, they got the typical, predictable look of the stereotype of thug, attitude carrying gangsta. It’s not cool. If they are so smart and clever and talented of a family/parents, they would figure that out. Hopefully the boy cutting his garbage locks off will be a good thing for him to turn his ways around in the reputation department.

Felice on

What the heck!!!! Why doees this CHILD, and yes Jada and Will, she is a child, get so much leeway? Why would they allow this. I am a parent, and the word – NO – reigns in my house when something inapporpriate is requsted. Perhaps these parents should learn the word!

Harold K. Green on

O.K., I get that Smiths are trying to become the second Black Family Dynasty in Show Business… However, allowing an 11 year old child to cut her hair completely off is extremely irresponsible of both Dad and Mom… This little girl is an amazing talent as is her brother, but to much to soon is a recipe for disaster…Come on Dad and Mom, You guy’s no better… She’s got her whole life in front of her, God Willing. Enjoy her youth with her and teach her how to enjoy it as well… It’s hard enough for any kid these days to grow up with a healthy and safe attitude about life… Be parents you guys, you can be friends later… Just one mans opinion…


They are such cute kids, but I agree with everyone here – they look like total brats.

Annette S. on

I can’t believe she’s only 11 – my daughter is 10 and she would never think of wearing the outlandish clothes that Willow wears. Even if she did, I would not allow it. It’s one thing to dress wild for an event – but certainly not for every day. These kids need some discipline and lessons in reality.

Mya on

I love the attitude these kids have! So confident and sure of themselves 🙂 They know whatever choices they make – Mom & Dad have their back! That rocks.

gma22littleguys on

She’s a young girl but this is sadly NOT the best thing to do to herself. She needs hair…She doesn’t have the kind of face for NO hair. Not pretty to say the least.

DOTSmom on

Seriously people, she’s cute???? She is actually not a good looking child at all…they are good looking parents but their kids are not cute at all…

Lovechele2 on

There is nothing wrong with her hair! This is what BLACK people do when we go natural! We do the big chop or transition. Leave this girl alone she is beautiful!! I love it!!!!!!

Deenie on

seriously! Enough with the attitude! Future Lindsay’s in the making. Oh except, I forgot, they have Dad and Mom’s money to prop them up when they crash. And yes,they are going to crash big time. So sorry a Baltimore girl didn’t raise her children better.

Phyllis on

She is much too young to be doing most of the things, she have been doing over the last few years. She doing whatever she wants to do. What do she have to look forward to went she become a teenager.

I blame her parents, they need to say no to her. She is growing up much too fast.

Susan on

Where were her parents when she was shaving her hair????? That little girl is way out there and I don’t mean it in a good way.

dee on

its amazing how many people are just judging these kids u know NOTHING about them other than what you read the fact that she shaved her hair off means nothing wrong, lets be honest you or i know nothing about the life they have lived or how they got brought up: and the fact they are cocky as you say just means they might need to be to be strong and have strong attitudes doesnt mean one bit they are bad really why talk about people and things you dont know about smmfh

Tammy Scott on


Menace on

she looks like a girl will smith. kinda scary.

Diana on

These two kids are growing up way too fast, and I can happily say they are not mine. I hope she donated her hair to a good cause.

kashna on

I think she whipped her hair too much and lost her mind!

Jessie on

Who cares if she shaved her head? I don’t understand all the comments about where are her parents. It’s hair, nothing more and nothing less.

She looks EXACTLY like her father now, though. I would think it was a picture of him as a kid if I didn’t know better.

catherine on

to those who are being mean do you realize your pretty much being a bully to kids? you dont know them. yeah its weird but everyone makes bad fashion choices at some point

nettrice on

It’ll grow back!

BFD on

It’s just hair & will grow back!! At 11, she’s old enough to decide if she wants to whack all of her hair off. It’s a form of self-expression & isn’t permanent like a tattoo…

Anonymous on

NOT a good look. Not everyone has a nice enough head shape and nice facial features to pull off the “no hair” look.

Rae on

I don’t believe Willow was or is thinking of Brittany. It’s funny that you people are. This girl has ATTITIDE because she has confidence in herself and dosn’t give a rats back end what any of us say and think. I wish my 19 months old to have ATTITUDE and confidence with in herself like WILLOW. WHIP IT GIRL>>>>>>>>

Keli on

I wanted to shave my head when I was in third grade. My best friend had cancer and when she was in the process of loosing her hair she was really scared. I didnt want her feeling alone in class. My parents wouldnt let me though and she ended up moving soon after. Its just hair and it will grow back, just will take a little time getting used to.

Rebecca on

For all of you ignorant folks saying she needs the attitude smacked out of her, she is ugly, etc. – did you ever stop to think maybe she is doing this for a friend (maybe) who may be undergoing cancer treatments or some other form of treatment that could have caused them to lose their hair!

When I was in high school my best friend became ill with Hodgkins Lymphoma and we (all his) best friends all shaved our heads in support! Before you go calling someone ugly for a bald head make sure you know exactly why that head is bald!!!

Julie on

and so what if she shaved her head in support of a friend or family member with cancer? Then you would all be praising her. Let her do what she and her family think is okay……it doesn’t matter what you all think.

dee on

It’s not even a matter of her being cute or not with the bald head..she wasn’t cute with a head full of hair..the point is she is eleven years old..and does whatever she pleases..makeup, acrylic nails, shaved head..and some of this was going on since she was NINE!! what kind of parents let a nine year old make these decisions!! Will and Jade give these children entirely too much freedom and if they end up on drugs or teen parents they will have no one to blame but themselves

stacey benge on

well i kinda had to shave my daughters head once do to the fact she let another girl cut her hair to the point of no return..so i had no choice but if my daughter really wanted it shaved then hey who am i to judge her…and willow does still look cute and it will grow back..

Rebecca on

Come on people, this is a KID. A little girl. And while I never would have shaved my head at 11, I dont see a problem if it is her choice and she understands that you cant un-cut hair so no whining later about no hair. Seriously though, some of you people on here are such bullies! It is astounding to me that you cant find someone to pick on besides a little girl. I agree with Shalay, how do you actually feel good about posting comments berating a kid and calling her all kinds of nasty names. And excuse me, but as a parent- my kid has been pretty annoying and snotty in public- its called being a kid and not having fully developed social skills. You dont know that her parents didnt reprimand her later for bad behavior in private, just because it wasnt published in a magazine. Please focus on making sure your child isnt as big of a bully as you are, instead of poking fun and encouraging others to verbally abuse a child that you have never even met.

sharkweek12 on

Look at these kids’ faces! Someone needs to wipe those smirks off. That whole family needs to be brought down a peg or two.

J-Lin on

Shiley – when did a smug look make you gangster? Oh – a smug look and being black – got you.

Many of you do not understand the struggle black women have with their hair. We’re told we are not beautiful if our hair is not long, straight, and silky. I love she’s rebuking that bs.

Why don’t you all say I hate black people that are richer or smarter than than me and my average self and average kids that my husband ignores so I type mean comments anonymously on a random blog? Willow is laughing at you simpletons all the way to the bank.

JD on

As a mom of eight, all grown (and normal, well-adjusted) now…I would just like to say here that if these were mine they would NOT even be “known” to the ” outside world” until at least the age of 18-21. If they were making these ridiculous bids for all this attention I would reel them in, PRONTO!

Children need their growing-up years to discover who they are & who they will become…a little at a time, not by the age of 10-12, but by the time they are ADULTS. Any sooner and their perceptions of the world become warped…off-center…

Will & Jada, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Linda on

Obviously, Will and Jada are raising their children to be unique individuals who are not afraid to express themselves. Bratty? I don’t know about that. Creative? Yes; this is the environment in which they are being raised. Several years ago, while in her teens, some of the ways my daughter used to express herself included a turquoise mohawk, safety pins on her clothing, chains, studded collars, and even handcuff earrings. She was a good student who was never in any trouble. Today, she is an intelligent, fabulously creative, gifted 22-year-old artist and photographer who I am proud to say was raised to be a free-spirited individual. I wouldn’t change a thing about her or the way she was raised. Give these kids a chance!

dahlia on

“Risk-taker?” Try “attention-seeker.”

Me on

I don’t know which is worse. The hair or the ugly duck face. Ugh.

Niche on

The bus to hell made a pit stop in the trailer park today. All the residents wanted to give their opinion on something they know nothing about. Its really a shame that black people and their children don’t get the same respect as whites here in the states. One would think we were back in the 40s.

Take a moment and make google your new best friend. Black women are no longer conforming to Western standards of beauty. Many black women and girls, myself included have made they choice to wear our natural hair in its natural state, kinky and curly. Many of these women and girls have opted to shave their hair and start over. So before you judge and make ridiculous statements about this child and her family, take the time to educate yourself on the differences of cultures.

Carry on… ignorant bitches.

Fefe on

Her confidence in herself is awesome and noticable. It funny how people can like or dislike a 11 year old… She is a child ….. what if someone was talking about your baby ? Her parents are her parents funny how people are also have opinions of their skills when they dont even know them. I mean is any of your childern doing way more than these 2 kids ? The family is a family ….. and it is so obivious when haters are hating. and when that happens that means they are winning !!!!!!!! They are beautiful child as your kids are and mine…. I let them be kids … like we were …. being different is being a leader instead of a follower

Conda on

And she looks just like a little boy or a butch lesbian. Horrid look. Get that girl a weave ASAP!

Jen on

Why do these kids have their eyebrows raised up all the time? Look at all the wrinkles it is causing Jayden so far. Is that an attitude look? How are you supposed to interpret it other than that?

slp on

who cares…….

slp on

again………who cares……………

slp on

shalay…………get a grip………yet again, who cares……….

Anonymous on

I absolutely love it. She is young, and wants to express herself. And good for her, and her parents letting her doing this at her age. I know my mom would’ve murdered me if i did this at her age. Even at my current age, she wouldn’t approve, and i’m 25. People should allow their children to express themselves more, and now just when they are going through their awkward teenage phases. It gets it out of their system. I was never allowed to even colour my hair, now at 25, i find myself wanting to do these outrageous things to my hair, but feel too old. I feel like a part of me has died in this regard, because i wasn’t allowed to do so as a child/teen.

Tiffany on

Some of you people seriously need to get a life and stop concerning yourselves with what other people do. Just a thought: If you hadn’t noticed before, the sides of her hair were already shaved. Maybe she wants to start growing her hair back out… Which would be a lot easier to do if all her hair was the same length to start.

Datch on

Do these children have parents?

Laura on

Why must we continue to endure what these brats do or dont do? These two behave in such a horrible, spolit way and the parents must get a visit from child services soon to check for their well being. Where was the mother when she post this pic? Why does she appear in tv, sing, etc???? Child services must work for Hollywood scienctologists as well as poor people.

Heather on

I always wanted to shave my head but never had enough courage to do it! Good for Willow!

Ang on

Ava Phillippe=normal tween these kids=drug addiction dead ahead. Seen it too many times with too many celeb kids. Jodie sweetin anyone?

sheila on

I know these kids are gaining popularity but they always look so smug and with an attitude.They seen to be looking down on everyone when I see them on TV> I hope there not going to be some spoiled rich kids that think they are better then anyone else because of there fathers fame.

ecl on

I see little 3 year old boys with shaved hair all the time. Is that too young? Since my guess is the haters would say no, we can see that the problem is that she is a girl, not that she is too young. It doesn’t hurt you or anyone else so who cares? Let her do what she wants with it.

yikes on

It’s just hair. Maybe there was a practical reason for the shaved head – lice -from school, from a wig or hat worn by someone else, from wherever. Give the kid a break – she didn’t choose weird parents – she just got them. From hearing Jada talk – she loves her kids. Oh BTW for the commentator that said she thinks people of color take years to grow their hair – where did you hear that? I think black people’s hair and white people’s hair and asian and whatever, grow at the rate that is normal for your self. My “people of color” niece has hair that grows fast and she is constantly cutting it just below her shoulder – she’s 10. Her 6 yr old sister can’t grow her hair that long – it just grows slower – but not because she’s black – but because she’s her.

yikes on

Also, she doesn’t look that great in that pic cuz she took it herself with her phone camera – so the pic is distorted cuz it’s so close to her face. Like I said – give the kid a break.

marlowe on

for god’s sake.. it’s HAIR.. it’ll grow back. so many worse things in this sad world

dilind on

I don’t think she is a bad looking child. It’s that the parents have not set boundaries and limitations like most. This hands off approach may backfire on the Smiths in the long run. These children, because of their parents, are in the public eye. One can’t help from forming opinions because they appear in the media. My opinion is the same as other posters. The children are very annoying. This is not their fault, it’s how they have been raised. Smith’s other son does not appear to have these disturbing qualities.

Bert on

You want to talk about BRATS….let’s look at Suri Cruise a 5 yr old who does not know what the word No means. Sciencetology doesn’t not permit parent to say No to their kids or deprieve them of anything they want. At 5 yrs she has designer clothes and shoes worth $3,000,000.00 for Christmas daddy bought her a pony $100,000 and diamond earrings. She allowed to wear Make -up, NOT PLAY MAKE -UP, MAKE UP N LIPSTICK to go out. At home only 1 nanny is allowed to speak to her. No set bed time or dinner time. If she want cookies at 3:00am nannies get’s up and bakes her some. Also have you seen pictures of little Suri having a tantrum at a store…the best I’ve seen! So when you speak of the Smith kids, they may have their issues but look what’s comming up at 5 years old!!!!!!!

Jia on

Shame on you all calling her ugly, or saying that she is ~weird~ for doing this, or that she’ll grow up to be a drug addict, way to reinforce negative body images. She is 11 years old, this is a -child-, save your harsh criticisms for the adults. It’s hair, it grows back. Something tells me it’s because she’s a girl, if this was a little boy no one would be saying anything. Whats sad about that is that I guarantee most of you are women. Way to internalize all the misogyny already directed at women today, and turn it around on the next generation. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Lovechele2 on

I think her hair is pretty! This is what black people do! When we go natural we cut all our hair or just left the relaxed hair grow out. I love it she is showing young girls to be comfortable with who you are! Leave this girl a lone and get a life.

dottie on

Give me a brake.. its. for a movie role. they dont’ do anything unless it has money attached to it…

Ashley on

First. All of you who are calling an 11 year old girl ugly; i.e. : “Ew, she is not cute.” People like you need serious counseling..you must feel pretty ugly yourself for having the nerve to say something so pathetic. You probably look like Richard Simmons and Rasputin had a baby. These children are INDIVIDUALS. And by now you SHOULD know that kids are gonna do what they wanna do..the parents can just SAY what they dont want them to do. Them being scientoligists have nothing to do with it. The child lives with the consequences, not YOU. I personally thing that she looks beautiful, and Jaden’s haircut looks amazing. It was probably a hard decision for him to get rid of something he has had for a long time. And as for their parents, THEY are raising them to be proud oof who they are and to WORK FOR WHAT THEY WANT. They aren’t pushed. They are following in their parents footsteps because they want to continue their legacy and they enjoy doing it. Will and Jada did fine with these children ; what 13 year old kid can turn an 80’s remake into another worldwide box- office hit? And what 11 year old girl can write hit songs like Willow? These kids work for what they have and their parents SUPPORT them 100%. If you don’t like it, then that’s fine, but don’t be deroggatory and negative. Some people in this world make me seriously doubt the intelligence of humanity.

Ashley on

I wish I was Will or Jada, and I was able to beat the living **** out of all of you pathetic people. You are calling an 11 year old girl UGLY. You really got nerve. So God forbid if you kid gets cancer, how are you gonna explain to them why people call them ugly? We are trying to teach kids to look past what’s on the outside and look within, but everyone criticizing them from the outside, because you DON’T know them, is busy steady calling them spoiled and snotty brats and ugly. You people need help.

a reader on

Why do they both always make that same furrowed forehead cocky little punk faces. I can’t stand either of them.

Kidd on

They started dressing this poor child like an L.A. hooker when she was nine. Willow is not the example I would encourage my 10 year old girl to emulate. I blame that on her parents.

Emma on

Who lets their 11 year old DAUGHTER shave their head? Will and Jada should be ashamed of themselves!

MollyF on

I’m ashamed at you who are calling her ugly? As someone else said, would you call a child with cancer who is bald ugly? Would you not let your kids support their friends by shaving their heads for cancer research? She’s not ugly, she’s a unique person and more power to her. I don’t know Will and Jada, but they seem to be good parents if they let their kids try things out instead of being ultra struct. I wish those of you who criticize them would go back to to the holes in the ground where you came from.

Jane on

These comments are terrible. Willow is a cute girl. Her hair will grow back. It’s not that big of a deal. She didn’t get a tattoo or a nose ring.

krystal lepe on

Ashley: Thanks for the laugh. You can now get off your high horse. He’s not a good actor and you call what she does music. It’s our opinion and we are entitled to it. Just like you’re entitled to yours. She wanted the attention good or bad and she wanted people to talk about it. Why else would she send/post the picture? They are kids, the line of work they do we as the public get to state our opinion and that’s what we did.

momiac on

Little girls shoud be cute. She’s not.

impy on

“These two” are appropriate for their lot in life. Entitled? Probably, but they had the fate of being born to famous, wealthy parents. She is young, and experimenting. LET HER. It’s hair. It grows. It’s not a crime or a tragedy.

I just wonder???????

How’s she gonna whip her hair back and forth now?

Lucy on

She’s a freak – just like her mother.

JM on

willow and jaden are kids. to the negative bullies on this thread. what’s you’re excuse?

Annie on

Wow personally I think she absolutely ROCKS the shaved head look like very few can! Yes she’s young, and I can’t say that if she were my daughter i’d have let her, but that’s just it – she’s not my daughter, she’s theirs, and if they think it’s ok then go for it! I love this family and the truly independant, unique children they are seemingly raising. Good on the Smith’s for proving you can be unique and different and still be beautiful instead of conforming to some preconceived status of is considered traditionaly ‘pretty’.

Jen DC on

Adorable. Those full lips and big eyes are now in the spotlight. And those hilarious Will Smith ears – those are his babies, alright!

Y’all need to calm down. You don’t know their attitudes from a picture. Every child these days taking a pic of him/herself with a cellphone makes “duckface.” It’s not indicative of any particular mindset, thought process or general attitude. Check your own kids’ cell phones – they have the same type of crap on there too.

I love it – a little girl LITTLE GIRL cuts her hair and she’s “ugly,” “growing up too fast,” or, my personal favorite, “a lesbian.” You don’t think the haircut is becoming on her, fine. But SHE is not ugly. You think her parents are letting her “grow up too fast,” fine. But they have to live with her, not you (and not she with you, luckily). Also, if she’s old enough to comb and style it herself, why not let her decide how long or short it is? You people are CONTROL FREAKS and your children will not be able to make the simplest of decisions without checking with you first. I’m out in the world and I know some of your kids and let me tell you… They NEED their mommies, can’t figure out a lease on their own, can’t take criticism from a manager without internalizing it as a personal attack. CUT THE APRON STRINGS. Letting a child choose his or her hairstyle is a quick and HARMLESS method of teaching decision-making. Because almost no matter what you do to it, it comes back.

Finally, lesbianism. I was first … “accused” I guess is the right word, since it was supposed to shock and scare me … I was first accused of being a lesbian at age 13. Short haired tomboy, too big clothes and no close girlfriends but a couple of close male friends. It shocked me, but it didn’t hurt my feelings. I thought how sad for that person’s lack of imagination.

And that’s what I think about most of you when this label is bandied about with regard to small children: How sad you lack imagination.

I still rock short hair and my tough girl attitude. I am sometimes mistaken for a man (a very small, 5’5″ 130# high-voiced man!) and have to gently inform the lesbians who hit on me that I do, in fact, prefer men. But I’m ok with that, because I am ok with myself. Willow is ok with herself. You gotta be to bare your head to the world! She must love her face, those beautiful eyes and thick lashes; those crazy Will Smith ears; and those full lips. She’s a gorgeous little girl and her brother is a handsome little boy.

And y’all are pathetic people who pick on children. Hope no adult is verbally abusing your child like this, including you.

Jen DC on

I hope her parents are giving her the same message my mom gave me: Baby, people are just not going to like you for whatever reason. You have to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

She’s a confident girl, so she cut her hair. She has a beautifully shaped head, a pretty face… Big eyes, long lashes, full lips – she always has been a pretty little girl.

But you know what’s not pretty: People on this board. I hope no adult is badmouthing your children (if you have any) the way y’all bad mouth these poor kids.

Suzy Hager on

Am I the only one that sees that these two are spoiled brats? I never see photos where they don’t have expressions of total narcissistic self-centeredness. If I had young children still there is no way I’d allow them to see, hear or buy anything from these two. It’s sort of like why Amish people have a 0% crime rate. They teach their children to respect and care for others. I think Willow and Jaden are learning that life is all about money and what they can purchase. They can make good Republicans I guess.

Suzanne on

This is what happens when there is NO proper adult supervision. Apparently these kids are raising themselves.

Roxie on

I enjoy Will and Jada Smith for a lot of reasons (talent, engaging personalities, friendliness, etc) but I hope these two children (Willow and Jaden) learn something about humility, gratitude and charm as they grow up. Just the look on their faces is an outward sign of their inward ‘attitude’ and smugness which is not appealing at all. They could have the world by its tail (and I’m not talking about money) but they won’t unless they learn from other child actors who are, indeed, gracious and grateful children.

Ann on

HOW OLD IS THIS CHILD? Evidently she is grown so will be all burnt out before she turns 12…..her parents need to be reminded she is a child not an adult!!!

mari on

i must say out of all the celebrities’ kids…these 2 have such a bratty attitude! at 11, seriously!? you see them in pics and they have this “i’m rich-look at me-look what i have” attitude! i expected Jada and Will Smith to do better

Sandy on

When you have your dad’s ears, you do NOT shave your head!!

Looks like her career needed a little boost.

Very dumb but hey, she can buy as many wigs and head scarves and she wants. I’m sure in their home it’s what Willow wants, Willow gets.

skyler on

she probably has lice

stacey mc on

can you say ghetto!

Diana on

I hope she donated her hair toward a good cause. It’s the only reason worth going to that extreme. I don’t live in Will and Jada’s home. Their reasons for letting these kids live their lives the way they do is a puzzle to me. Hope they know what they are doing.

CuriousCat on

I suspect head lice. It’s one of the few reasons girls her age get very short haircuts and shave their heads. It’s especially hard to get rid of in typical African American hair. I know a lot of people think that African Americans can’t get lice, but it’s not true–they do and it’s very hard to get rid of. That would explain both of their short cuts.

Pogue Mahone on

I shaved my head too(to support my son with leukemia) but I must say it’s a pretty brave thing for an 11 YR old to do!

Catca on

Willow’s song was a smash hit (obviously some people liked it), her brother’s movie was also a huge success and yes their parents are successful. When I hear the parents interviewed, they speak about issues such as believing that african americans should learn proper english and grammar and not ebonics. There may be some that disagree with them, but it’s hard to fault them for promoting values like education and speaking skills. This family also gives a lot back to charity. Willow is a 10 year old girl who likes to experiment with fashion. I see nothing wrong with that. She is not having a nervous breakdown and shaving her hair like Britney Spears in a cry for help. She is simply experimenting with an edgy style – big difference. While I’ve seen young women shave their heads as a fashion, I’ve never seen a girl as young as Willow do something that even a 10 year old would know would generate controversy. What that tells me is that she is precocious, not abnormal. I gotta give Willow my respect!

Pogue Mahone on

I shaved my head to support my son with leukemia but I must say it’s a brave thing for an 11 YR old to do!

Kyla on

To all you posting crap about attitude.. SHE IS A FAMOUS 11 YEAR OLD OF COURSE SHE IS GOING TO HAVE ATTITUDE. How dare some of you say “needs the attitude smacked out” She is a a CHILD looks like the GREEN-EYED MONSTER is rearing its ugly head. Ya’ll are just to jealous. ANd the ones saying “eww i dont like it” or “i cant believe her mother let her do it” if my 11 year old (yes i have an 11 yr old daughter) wanted to shave her head, I would let her. Your hair doesnt make you who you are. What is wrong with trying something new? Its just hair! It will grow back. Leave the poor kid alone!

omg becky on

She looks like a boy now. Her ears are too big and People magazine is just being nice since her dad is the real star. U-g-l-y

Anonymous on

Really. .? Who cares! I can’t believe you wasted your time reporting about this

LA on

She is scary…..

Ser on

Who cares? She is only in the spot light because of her parents. I see no talent and she is not cute!

Amanda on

“No morals”? “No respect”? “Bratty,” “entitled,” “gangsters in the making,” “ugly,” “out of control,” “the wrong gender to shave her head” (really????!?!), “spoiled,” “lesbian,”… And this is just a sample of what you people are saying about a LITTLE GIRL. I don’t care if she “looks like she has an attitude” or “seems to be stuck up”…anybody remember Fresh Prince? Will oozed attitude. It was a good thing, and got him far in life. Back to the point, though…this is a child, you are not her mother, hair grows back, girls should be able to shave their heads just as boys can without the gender stereotype police making fun of a little girl’s supposed sexuality. There are truly some horrible people here, and if People had any sense, they would delete these awful comments. Because, DAMN.

Ams on

Who cares? This is newsworthy?

Sunny on


tina on

Why is this in the baby blog section?

Well, she’s awfully young still…I was controlling my children’s hairstyle at 11 years of age. There’s plenty of time for their self-expression when they get older. This is just another attention seeking act on her part.

Canuck on

Go away, little girl. Go awaaaaaaaaaaaay. You can’t sing, and you’re going to be the next Hollywood kid gone wrong at this rate. Actually, all you Smith’s go away. Boring, no talent, blah blah snore.

Linda on

It is so sad that the adults in this world are bigger bullies than kids are. I hope none of you have kids, what kind of example would you be. You sound like you are Jealous of these 2 beautiful and not to mention talented kids. Jaden and Willow keep doing what you are doing and piss these people off and laugh all the way to the bank.

Juicy on

To each their own, i guess, but there’s no way in he!! I would let my 11 year old daughter shave her head! And I do have an 11 year old (and I’m in control until she’s an adult, spotlight on her or not) It’s not something I would allow, but Willow is not my child and if her parents think it’s ok, then who am I to tell them how to raise their kids. I hope it’s for a role though, then it would be a bit more understandable.

Cynthia on

I like Willow’s buzz…very “Swaziland”

JMO on

I don’t think the haircut is cute or does anything for her. She really does look like her dad and for a female that isn’t always a good thing.

With that being said, it’s only hair. It will grow back or she can get extensions or a weave. No biggie. I agree with those that say there is worse that kids can do besides shaving their head.

I don’t find her music all that good. She’s only getting where she is in life bc of who her parents are. Same with Jayden. I don’t find his acting to be all that great either. But oh well any celeb baby will make it just fine in the industry no matter what talent they lack.

Cynthia on

Very “Swazi”…I like !

Anonymous on

I don’t care for her hair style choice, but really, she’s 11. Calling her a “lesbian” or “ugly” is mean spirited and immature. She is a dead ringer for her dad though.

Corina on

These kids should be taught the value of money and they should be put to work…otherwise they*ll soon start on drugs and who knows what…

Anie on

So sad to see these kids are so full of attitude instead of being just kids, is very clear that their parents don’t have control anymore, good luck!

'Lishia on

Ok…WOW..99.99% of these comments are pathetic and just plain ignorant. This is a CHILD we’re speaking of here. Have some darn sense. What if your children came home to you complaining of adults and children all around picking at them just because you let them wear drastic make-up or certain clothes or even about his/her HAIR. Get a hold of yourselves and go to the store and buy some knowledge. What you people are typing in these comments could be seen by this girl or her parents, and this could affect the girl greatly at this age. Jesus christ, think before what you say, write, OR TYPE.

mary on

Why would anyone call a child or an adult a name like lesbian? I don’t get it what in the hell are you trying to prove? Its people like you who breed intolerant bigoted hateful children! It’s because of you the hate keeps spreading! If you don’t like the way someone looks that’s one thing, but to insult or insinuate is deplorable.

J on

Exactly, Krystal Lepe.

These kids can stop with the smug little faces and attitudes any day now. I suppose that shaving their hair and making these faces are the only things that get them attention so they will continue to do it since they are 15 minute famers in everything else they do.

Pat on

Should have shaved mustache firsout of control

Mazy on

Wait, is that a boy???

Amanda on

Most of these comments have made me question what remains of my faith in humanity. Why do she and her brother make “attitude” faces? Maybe because they’re having their picture taken and that’s what kids do. Where was her mother when she shaved her head and posted the picture? Maybe she was holding the clippers because she cut it for her. Maybe she helped her post the picture. Why ANY of you assume that you know anything about ANY celebrity’s life, and I mean really, truly know what happens behind closed doors? Because a tabloid says it? You know for a fact that Suri Cruise makes the nanny bake cookies at 3 in the morning? You KNOW that Will and Jada are absent parents who let their children run amok? Because a magazine or the Internet told you so…I see. And you’re saying horrible, awful things about a little girl. Completely atrocious things. Never mind the inherently sexist idea that because she’s a girl, she shouldn’t shave her head. Maybe her parents said, “If Jaden asked to shave his head, how would we respond? Should we respond differently because Willow is a girl? What would that teach our kids?” Because that’s certainly what I’d want to impart to my children…the idea that your gender doesn’t limit you in any capacity when it comes to doing things in your life. Bottom line is, you all are judging a little girl because of her facial expressions in a few pictures and judging her parents because they made a different decision than you would have. I hope none of your children are being bullied or are doing the bullying, because their parents sure are setting a good example. That means YOU all.

Kathy on

First off, Will & Jada are NOT Scientologists, per their own words. Second, I’ve NEVER liked Jada. I think she’s arrogant as hell, has a bad attitude and I think that unfortunately that’s rubbed off on Willow. She had 1 hit song and her head swelled WAY too big. She acts so “too big for her britches” as my Mom would have told me. It’s sad but true that MOST Hollyweird parents aren’t “parents”. They see that word as merely a noun and don’t realize that “parent” is actually more of a VERB! These Hollyweird kids’ parents seem to all have an “anything goes, anything they want to do” attitude and that is NOT doing those kids any favors!!

Ashley on

TO Krystal Lepe- I am in remission and was forced to shave my hair. So I have more than enough right to be on my high horse. So you can take your finger out of your ass and get with the new millenium. And if you ask me, Krystal, your opinion isn’t worth the tissue I wipe my ass with. You are a pathetic hobbit who gets kicks from insulting CHILDREN than looking in a mirror. As as her posting the picture, it’s called REALITY. There are girls all over the world doing the same thing. And it’s her hair, it grows back. Sorry if you can’t afford to give your little girl everything that WIllow and Jaden have..maybe when people start calling her ugly, you will grow some compassion. What a complete prick.

BL on

This is news? This family needs to go away!

SeriouslyDisappointed on

Wow, some of these comments are horrible. And yes, I do believe that race is playing a huge part here. When famous White children are in pictures they are beautiful, but these children are smug and ugly. These facial expressions are common in all children, but when these children do it, they are ghetto and gangsters. I know my comment really doesn’t matter to most of you, but I wanted to share anyway. Think before you speak/write.

dee on

On Willow shaving her head, personally if she was my daughter at 1100, i would not allow it, unless there was a very good reason, as in a close friend having cancer or etc. I know my parents would have not allow it at all, kids at that age imo needs limits. of course this is what i believe.everyone has there own opinion on this. I have a feeling when Willow grows up, i think Will and Jada will have there hands full, again just opinion

Kelly on

You people are ridiculous!! She is 11! Stop saying how bad and not cute and ugly she is! She’s just a little girl! I think she is a cutie and let’s get real – kids in show business are often allowed to do things us “regular folk” might deem inappropriate. From shaved heads to little girls in heels…it’s a different world for them. Let it go! And who’s to say she even got permission at all? Little kids are always cutting their hair without permission.

Anonymous on

I think her parents must have instilled tremendous amounts of self confidence in this little girl. She is an inspiration to other girls her age (and mine) – I say go for it. She’s gorgeous.

Alise on

Blame it on the parents.

Mira on

The homophobia on this thread is really frightening. The racism is disgusting too.

Other than that, I agree– these kids are two spoiled, ugly brats.

mom on

people mag: please report on adults. she is 11 and shouldt be encouraged to live life to get on ppl mag”s website. she is 11!! this is NOT news, people mag. you have to draw the line….not the 11 year old. this isnt jada speaking about her daughter…….willow is a bit too young to be working the pr circuit.

Isabella on

Willow still looks pretty even with her cut short, but she looks so much like dad Will, she looks like a boy. Maybe she’s trying to tell her parents and the world something about her gender preference…

Patti on


Nancy on

My goodness!!1 268 comments over a girl shaving her head? At least she isn’t getting pregnant, taking drugs or in jail!!

Geez people. Her hair will grow back!!! Or her rich mother can buy her a wig.


I’m JALU just because she cut her hair doesn’t make her different from any of us I like it she is cute.shout out to willow:don’t let anyone tell you not to be yourself your still the same willow and almost bald is brilliant beautiful bold and original and it’s how you are willow. Totally a wsr fan ( willow smith rules) wsr I made it up I have always have a dream of meeting you and your hair doesn’t change a thing wsr to the max.bye

Anonymous on

wow, a lot of comments about a child shaving her hair.

Jada was on Oprah before, an made a comment about how she thought it was great that willow did not let her hair define her beauty. I must say, I agree. Willow is obviously confident enough that she does not feel she needs a full head of hair to be considered beautiful.

However, I think people get turned off because these kids do emit a cocky, over confident, better than though, attitude. Hopefully, they are more down to earth, than they appear.

Also, I do think Willow is a cute child, regardless if she has hair or not!

rhonda on

I think a lot of you are missing the bigger picture here. How many children lose their hair do to health reasons? How quickly we are there to try and build theses kids up after this blow of losing their hair. The remarks from a lot of you make me sick. But how many of you would in a heart beat shave your own hair to support them. Willow is making a point whether you people get or not. Its not the hair that makes a person who they are. Its your character and how you follow through with your life choices. To you these kids have attitude to me these kids know who they are they know where they come from and they have an idea on who they want to be. Kudo to the Smith’s for Bringing up 3 equally smart and talented children.

Shannon on

She needs to be in school and playing with her friends, not shaving her head and posing for Internet pics. Will and Jada where are you???

elizabeth on

omg she looks horrible!!!!! i am so glad my parents say no to some of my hair choices. but they know i will never do what willow did.

Anonymous on

i love it

wpsegura on

I hope these comments are not from adults, if so shame on you. How would you feel if someone spoke of your child like this. Anyway you don’t know these people, this is why kids bully, they get from their parents,

meghan on

Rhonda, you are missing the point. This has nothing to do with children that lose their hair to chemo. This is about an attention seeking little snot whose parent’s need to learn to tell her no. She’s shaving her head at 11, what’s she going to be trying at 16? Nothing good, I can tell you that. Kids need to know that they can’t do everything they please.

Jennifer on

Such an edgy girl. I like her. Will and Jada have great kids.

Barbi on

Hollywood and it’s pathetic drama. The “Father Knows Best” era is definitely gone and buried in this world. These children are far from being role models or hip and trendy…then again, that’s Hollywood for you.

Hea on

What the *beep* is wrong with Will and Jada when it comes to their kids? Exploiting them in any way possible the way they are right now. Let them be kids! I don’t care if she shaved her head but that duckface pout she’s sporting is bugging me a lot. I see tons of teens with that pout obviously thinking they are alluring and sexy and this girl is not even a teen yet. It freaks me out. Parental guidance, HELLO?!

Hea on

This is a hairstyle as well as any other but sure, people seem to have strong opinions about it. I feel strongly against the mullet for example. I’d sooo much rather see a shaved head than a mullet. 🙂

MollyF on

to meghan, do you know Willow personally? How do you know if she’s really an attention grabbing little snot? Has she done something personally to you?

I love it when people come here and attack an 11 year old CHILD like they know them, and it’s to me bullying. No matter how badly she may act, she’s still a ChILD and calling her a snot and ugly is bullying. I feel ashamed at some of you in here. Yeah, she’s a celebrity child, but that doesn’t give anyone the x=excuse to bully her or her brother.

Sandy on

All I can say is GET A LIFE PEOPLE! I am in awe of all the completely stupid and ridiculous comments posted here. She must be rolling on the floor reading these comments. So she shaved her head. So what- she got publicity which is prob what she wanted in the first place. Now she’ll go get a weave or put on a hat. Next story please.

Kerry Crowley on

wow. That is all I am gonna say.

azalea on

Who cares!

Tracie on

Maybe she is going natural? My roommate did that when she decided to do that. It isn’t that serious people. It is JUST HAIR. If your entire being is depended on what is on your head than I feel sorry for you. Maybe cultures shave off their hair every year to prove this damn point.

Sarah on

I think Willow can easily rock any hairstyle, even this one!

It does appear that Jaden and Willow are too cocky for their age, but I hope that is just good fun and they are really respectful, well brought up kids. Alas, who knows what their home life is really like; it is none of our business.

Amy on

She was already a homely kid, now she just looks like a boy.

Brienne on

wow……..tragic………….why would her parents let her shave her head?

J on

Sadly Sarah celebs make it everyone else’s business when they allow photos of their kids to be posted here and other plaves.

Amanda K on

It all comes down to her getting publicity and attention. Judging by the amount of comments on this thread she got what she wanted.

Terri on

It’s just hair. Calm down.

Sheryl Moss on

Willow looks fine. She have that beautiful neck that carries it off. If she wears some jewelry or earring and a little makeup she has a good look. She’s nothing if not daring. She get’s that from her father. I love Willow. She’s smart and talented and knows how to present herself. She’s wonderful. She may be acting out a little because of the divorce or split of her parents. It could be worse.

lola on

wow. these two kids are just awful…such attitude. jayda and will are just as annoying. i hate it that they have spent time with the president? why should they—they are awful role models. and i’m a therapist…i say this girl willow will be doing drugs within a few years. no boundaries from her parents= kids doing drugs. and her older brother is the next ray j. will and jayda will be grandparents very soon! ha, how sad!!!!

Amanda on

Shaving head = teen pregnancy. Huh, I would have never made the connection. I would have just thought that she wanted a haircut. I never would have connected a haircut with parents giving no boundaries. Good thing a therapist cleared it all up for us. Being in the same profession, I would have thought a therapist would be way less judgmental, especially without knowing any facts about the true situation, but I guess all we can do is hope that the above poster is never our therapist. Personally, my masters degree in child psychology tells me that there’s really not much to worry about. Why the double standard? If this was a boy who shaved his head, it would be a nonissue. Sexist much, fellow posters? I had a fishing pole in my hand from the time I could walk, but that didn’t mean I wanted to be a boy. See how ludicrous that sounds? That’s because it’s ludicrous.

lola on

child psychology. good for you. and i’m a therapist working with people who have mental illness and substance addictions. no boundaries in their lives is exactly what led them to where they are no.
letting a child do what they want including shaving their head for attention then taking a photo like that with that smug look on her face- no boundaries. let a kid be a kid. not what these parents want her to be…their toy. but lucky you- it’s job security for you–just think all those kids that follow this young woman are potential clients for you. how sad for them to have to work with you! thanks for making the posting turn silly.

Rave on

Lola, you don’t sound like a good therapist. As a therapist, one, you are not supposed to make judgements, and two, you are always supposed to think of possible reasons why someone would do something. Ever think Willow went and shaved her head to donate her hair for children who don’t have any due to various diseases? Sounds like you didn’t.

Tiffany on

In May of 2011, my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. She started Chemotherapy ASAP, of course since then she has lost her hair and has NO choice but to be bald. I would say prior to our “situation” I probably would not have let her shave her head…now?, I totally would if she wanted to support a friend or family member’s unfortunate ride with cancer. I am not saying this is why Willow shaved her head; but if she did it in support for the little girls going through what my daughter is going through, I commend and support her 100%!

Marisol on

I am so sorry to say this but I have never thought that she was pretty at all! She is one ugly little girl..

Bancie1031 on

I seen these pictures and the first thing that popped into my head was WOW!!! I never knew that Willow looked so much like Will! She is a spitting image of her father 🙂

Hea on

Tiffany – Wow, I feel for you and your daughter and I wish you all the best and a full recovery. I have survived a chordoma and I have a four year old cousin recovering from a very angry brain tumor which took 2 major surgeries, 18 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation to knock out but it’s looking good so far! 1 year in remission and it’s promising. The little ones are STRONG.

nettrice on

I love Willow Smith and her family. I LOVE that so many of the commenters think she’s “bratty” or arrogant or whatever negative labels you try and place on this child. They are taking all that negativity straight to the bank so keep it coming. Plus, I think it’s weird and kind of scary for adults to be so critical of what a pre-teen does with hair that will grow back and her attitude that I think is just fine for her age.

Liz on

The hair doesn’t bother me. Its that puckerish duck face she’s making that I find irritating.

showbizmom on

Please do tell what degrees you have? I have my BA in Television and film with my MA in Business administration, yet I know that mental illness isn’t caused by lack of boundaries. I also know that your theory of lack boundaries in regards to substance abuse is also BS. Let me guess, you don’t believe in science? Please tell me you don’t practice in and around LA? If you do give yourself a little shout out and let us know where we can avoid the likes of you, and so the crazy internet trolls that agree with you have some place to go.

The rest of you, make me sick absolutely sick.

Brooklyn on

It’s a hairstyle. It’s her head, not everyone else’s. She can do whatever she wants to her hair because it’s HER HAIR.

Kim on

The arrogant smug look on both of their faces is disgusting..

DawnMiller on

To Michelle who said (very early on in the posts): “I like Willow’s new do. Maybe she is trying to make kids with cancer feel good but still fabulous. As for you Jaden Smith, Your hot <3"- Michelle on February 3rd, 2012….Do you realize he is 13? 13. Again, 13. If you were a man and made that comment about Willow, all of the posts thereafter would have been about you being a pedophile, but apparently, it goes ignored with the double standard. None the less, I will call you out for making a predatory comment. You're disgusting. He's a child.

For Suzy who said: "It’s sort of like why Amish people have a 0% crime rate. They teach their children to respect and care for others.", um, I hate to break it to your idealistic view of our beloved Mennonites, but http://www.poeticatheist.com/2011/10/13/amish-crime-rate-exploding/ . Not to mention the amount of Amish children hurt or killed in farming accidents every year, due to their way of life and the unreported annual rapes. But that is a bit besides the point as to how you could possibly compare the world we live in with how the Amish live. It's basically comparing modern day behavior to the 1800s…it's just apples and oranges. If you're going to make suggestions to someone, it's a good idea to give examples they can relate to.

To "Therapist" Lola, you are probably a receptionist at a rehab facility. And, trust me, you're not qualified for that job.

Everyone else: If she were a boy, no one would give a shit about the shaven head, could you be any more gender biased? To the black people pulling the "We make bold statements" crap, you're racist. For those calling an 11 year old ugly, gay and big eared, you're bullies and hope that you never have to hold your 11 year old who comes home crying because someone said those nasty, horrible, heartbreaking things about them. Haven't you seen or read the news lately? CHILDREN are killing themselves because of things like THAT said to and about them. KILLING THEMSELVES. For those calling them spoiled brats based on a couple pictures you've seen, you are judgmental morons. Criticizing the parents, who you don't know, have never seen parent their kids, hmmm…..I pray to God that no one ever judges your parenting skills by a bad haircut, dirty face or a tantrum, because the majority of us are in trouble. Maybe putting down celebrity children and their parents make some people feel better about the fact that they are losers. Next time you feel the need to call a child ugly or say someone that you've never met is a shitty parent, maybe you should ask yourself why you feel the need to.

Melissa on

wow,thats not a good idea for a child much less any female to shave her head.It takes soo long to grow back in.For men,its ok because so many like their heads shaved and short but not for females lol.Some do look ok with short hair like that but most dont.I have curly hair and got it all cut off in oct and its still real short and hard to manage.

Anonymous on

YOU GO GIRL! Its only hair it will grow back

Amy on

These kids come across as being such brats…like all should bow before them….they are NOT attractive kids and their outward behaviour just makes them uglier. I don’t care who the hell they are, the need to be brought down a peg or two…or a hundred…..million…ya get the pic!

Amy on

Hey Dawn Miller, get off your high horse! People have opinions. They are ugly, spoilt brats. So much attitude drips from them…there ya go, how bout making cancer patients feel good about that (with this holier than thou attitude they sport) Sop trying to analyze everything people have to say and accept that not only you can share opinions! And, btw, you shouldn’t condemn others for voicing their opinion and then turn around and be the biggest hypocrite and do the same as they are doing. People like you are the kind of people that I’d like to use a stapler on…to your lips!!!

DawnMiller on

Hey Amy…what does spoilt mean? lol….hmm…So, you’re ok with being mean to a child and fine with threatening physical violence to an adult. Shame on you! But, just for clarification, you’re condemning me for voicing my opinion, yet saying it’s ok for others to have an opinion as long it as agrees with your thoughts, kinda doesn’t make sense, does it? Sorry that you are clearly stupid, but I will not silence my intelligence to make you feel better about yourself.

annie1728aa on

Why would her parents let her shave her head like that specially she is not cute at all

Lynley on

Kids don’t come much more annoying than this…

Dee on

Some of you people are TRULY TRULY DISGUSTING!!!!!

So brave are we to sit behind a computer screen and trash an 11 yr old girl.

Take a look around you people, at this age they all have a little attitude, further more these kids are in the public eye all the time. Half the pics you see them in are….let’s say it…P-O-S-E-D!!!! Meaning you all need to go take a look at your kids’ facebook and twitter and myspace page, better yet take a look in their photo albums in their phones and I GUARANTEE you will find pics of them posing…giving attitude to the camera.

What a bunch of HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Pick on the adults but for God sake leave the kids alone!!!

If Willow wants to shave her head, she must have a good reason and I applaud her parents for letting her express herself. It’s freaking hair, it will grow back.

As for that RUDE, disgusting comment about thinking she was a lesbian when you first saw the pic….WOW, may I call you a moron now because last I checked your statement was a stereotype. I guess all the brave bald women out there battling Cancer must be lesbians too right….I mean they are bald!!!!

SMH!!!!! What planet did some of you come from????

Rosie on

Wow, I am constantly surprised by ugly comments left by people on sites like this. How on earth can having short hair inspire so much ugly hatred?? It’s hair. That’s all. Don’t forget that she’s just a kid (albeit a kid with an annoying song under her belt). Kids never deserve to be called ugly, arrogant, spoilt brat, etc.

I give any woman or child who has the guts to shave her head a million kudos. It takes a lot of self confidence that most people lack. Who cares if you have that confidence as a kid or an adult? Most parents who force their girls to keep their hair long lack the confidence in themselves and force their own prerogatives on their children. Parents should encourage individuality and confidence in their children. If that means letting their child shave their head go for it! Newsflash: if the child doesn’t like their haircut – IT GROWS BACK.

Anna on

It makes me laugh to see how threatened ADULTS feel by young children who express confidence! Judge Will and Jada all you want, but they’re doing for their kids what many of you secretly wish your parents had done for you: LET YOU BE WHO THE **** YOU ARE!!! They don’t tell their kids how to dress or wear their hair and, excuse me, but since when is the word “brat” defined by a child who can clearly express herself and her identity?

Also, I think it’s horrible that grown women are calling an 11 year old girl ugly. Real mature.

Lola on

It’s posts such as these that clearly highlights people’s ignorance and mean spirited attitudes. First off,like one commenter pointed out she could very well be transitioning from relaxers to being natural. And for females of African descent to remove those chemicals from our hair we need to shave our heads. Not everyone has the confidence to do the Big Chop, but clearly Willow does. And even if it’s not the case of “going natural” it’s simply an expression of her personality. Hair will grow back, can be bought, glued, or sewn in! Why are we insulting a child for choosing to shave her head, a style worn by millions of women of African heritage still till this day?? Yet not judging other child celebs for wearing extensions and clip ins for a more voluminous, womanly appearance?? Would the majority of you that posted negative, hurtful comments “eww, she’s ugly” or “NASTY” or “Ghetto”..(you know who you people are) still say those things to a person that had undergone chemo therapy and lost all their hair?? I doubt it. It’s clear that the only standard of beauty that reigns supreme is that of European beauty, but that doesn’t mean all black people must subscribe to it. We have the right to cut our hair, shave our heads, wear afros, dreads, twists and/or braids and still be confident and be seen as beautiful too.

Save your negativity for your own personal self-image issues, don’t project onto this girl, cause her parents are raising her to be confident in how she looks and expresses herself to the world.

Carmelle on

Rebellion because of the parents behavior and problems…

Carrie Jo on

I can’t believe people are getting all riled up over her shaving her head. As if you’re surprised. It’s just not that big of a deal.

Nhzinga on

Willow is still precociously adorable. Kudos to her for being bold and experimenting. Shame on all of you posting negative comments and questioning an ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD’S sexuality! She is a child for crying out loud. As for Willow and Jaden’s facial expressions–raised eyebrows are just raised eyebrows–something that is probably automatic for them when they’re taking pictures of themselves. It doesn’t mean they’re cocky! Stop analyzing every little thing to death! It’s NO big deal!!

IndustryKnows on

What else can you expect from this family? People in the industry know that Will and Jada have an open marriage. If they “ask permission and get it” then it’s not cheating, according to their rules of marriage. And it doesn’t have to be an opposite-sex person, either. Anything goes in this family. If you knew what these kids saw, had access to and were permitted to do, you would throw up. It’s even a bit much for people in the industry who have seen it all. Willow having a bald head is the least of that kid’s worries.

gvb on

i love it. it is someting different.

Sarah on

Its todays world. Kids are growing up much faster and its disgusting that you’re judging a child for being bold. No matter what, she did it for herself and she is going to grow up to be an independent confident woman. Get your heads out of your asses and realize that most children today are coming out of their shell. Thank God for kids like her who show other children that it is okay to be unique and different.

Gabby on

I’m the same age as Jaden and I have as much attitude as him and I’m not famous.

Anonymous on

i think that it was DUM for her top cut here hair if she didnt want to whip her head back and forth she just should have talk to her parents and go to reg school with famous kid or with the presidents kids

Star on

So because these kids have famous parents, and their own careers, they are spoiled brats and arrogant? Please, first off, it is hair. Hair grows back. Maybe she did this to donate to Locks of Love and maybe not. If my child wanted to shave their head, I’d let them, no matter the sex, it grows back. Will and Jada’s children are not out causing scandals or partying it up, so if their children want to shave their heads who cares? Those of you calling her ugly and a lesbian have more issues than the Smith children. She is an 11 year old little girl, she is beautiful, with or without hair. And for the lesbian part, really, using the word lesbian as an insult to an 11 year old child? There is nothing wrong with lesbians to begin with, its 2012 people, get over this homophobia. With all of the media coverage of bullying (particularly cyber bullying) lately, you would think that people would take into account that by calling this CHILD names they are partaking in cyber bullying. How do you think she would feel if she were to see comments saying she were ugly? What if this was YOUR child? Regardless of whether she is in the spotlight or not, she is still a little girl, and should be treated just like any other person. Yes, she has a famous family, yes she is in the spotlight, but that does not give anyone permission to bully and criticize an 11 year old, or anyone for that matter.

opinionator on

I think jaden looks nice with his hair cut and with all the hair. He might have wanted a change.
As far as Willow I don’t think she should have cut her hair because it could have grew long and beautiful with all the stylist she might have or if she doesn’t like long hair she could have gotten a cute short haircut to match her face but if that’s what she wants her hair to look like so be it. Who are we to tell her how to wear her hair. I’ve seenthem on talk shows and they never once to me came across as beats or stuck up. They are a cute family and I don’t know what they really act like but out in public they seem to be well put together. Willow is a cute little girl and she has her own personality so maybe her parents admire that and let her do whatever fits her personality.