Jamie Lynn Spears: I’m Afraid of Not Being a Good Mom

02/02/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
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Jamie Lynn Spears may be kicking her music career into high gear, but says her number one priority is still her daughter Maddie Briann, 3½.

“These days, the only thing I’m afraid of is not being a good mom,” Spears, 20, tells Glamour in their March issue. “As long as Maddie is healthy and she loves me, the rest doesn’t matter.”

She’s been taking performance advice from her older sister, Britney, and says motherhood has helped to bridge the 10-year age gap between them.

“Maddie loves her Aunt Britney’s songs,” according to the younger Spears, who adds that her little girl often has playdates with cousins Preston and Jayden.

“She loves dancing and singing and all of that. I definitely think music is in her genes.”

Spears said she’s using her own music to be honest about her pregnancy and how she feels about being a young single mother.

“That’s been the coolest thing — realizing that it’s okay to just be myself and really tell my story,” she tells the magazine. “I expect the scrutiny. The last time anyone heard anything of me, I was 16 and pregnant. All I can do is be my best — there will always be people who will never like me.”

As a teen, Spears says, she was embarrassed to see a doctor and ask for birth control — even more so because of her position as the star of Nickelodeon show Zoey 101.

“I was 16. I’d had one boyfriend. It doesn’t make it perfect or all right. But I was judged for something that probably most everyone does,” she notes. “I was young. I was in love. I was like every other teenager, except I had this last name. And I made a decision that is forever my decision.”

But the backlash that Spears experienced when she announced that she was expecting still stings.

“I had to make a decision that I could sleep with every night,” she explains. “I did feel responsible for the young girls and the mothers who I probably confused and let down. I apologize for that. But I wasn’t trying to glamorize teen pregnancy. I hated when [the tabloids] said that. Everybody is dealt a hand of cards. It was my choice to play them the way I played them. But the hateful comments hurt.”

Spears soon found herself under the watchful eye of the media and moved from Los Angeles back to her home state of Louisiana. In June 2008, at age 17, she delivered her daughter.

“I just wanted to get away from it as much as I could … move to a town in the middle of nowhere and just raise my child. All I could be was a good mother. If anybody had anything to say after that, there was nothing I could do,” recalls Spears. “I was very OCD about Maddie at first. I didn’t want anybody to watch her or touch her. I wanted to do it all myself. I breastfed for almost a year; I couldn’t leave her at all.”

Though Spears and fiancé Casey Aldridge split in 2010, they are both fully committed to raising their daughter.

“I do wonder about how [Maddie] is going to feel about the fact that I was young when I had her and that her father and I aren’t together anymore,” she admits. “It’s sad because my and Casey’s love had to turn into an adult relationship so quickly. There’s a slim chance of two young people making it through high school and all that drama, but making it as parents?”

“We tried,” she says of her relationship with Aldridge, who takes care of their daughter one weekend a month. “We really wanted to do it right. We loved each other. I will love him as Maddie’s father until the day I die.”

As for dating? Spears says that’s not her number-one concern right now.

“I’ve been on dates here and there, going to dinner or a movie, but nothing further than that. I’m a mother first,” she explains. “I have a little girl, and until I’m serious about someone, he’s not going to be around her. … The one thing that does get me excited is one day having that relationship. I look forward to that — I really do.”

— Liz Raftery

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abceasyas123 on

Good for her. It sounds like she has her priorities straight.

Guest on

Seems to be doing the right thing, good for her.

Mya on

It’s nice to see both Spears girls have made a good turn around. I was worried for them.

mileysucks on

You know, she has done a pretty good job of raising her kid outside of the nastiness of Hollywood. You have to give her props for really striving to be a good mother.

Janna on

How does someone “not like” a teenager because they got pregnant? She was young and dumb, and has made nothing but good decisions since. What’s not to like?

Would you like her more if she got an abortion?

Would you like her more if she gave her baby away?

She made a mistake that millions of people make every single day. Why would anyone attack her for it?

All you can do is your best, Jamie Lynn. Let the haters hate. It’s their problem, not yours.

Tammy on

She may have been a child having a child but she obviously grew up fast… and well.

guest on

She sounds like she has really matured and is taking the role of motherhood seriously. Good for her!

lillyj on

Jamie Lynn should be commended for making the best of a situation that was not ideal. She’s right, it could happen to anyone, since a majority of teens are sexually active.

And despite the “burden” of becoming a mother so young, she took it on and seems to be doing very well. Sure, she’s rich and people probably think that makes it simple for her, but I disagree. If anything, having money might make it easier for someone to pawn off the responsibility of parenthood on hired help, but she seems to have done very well for her daughter.

Way to go, Jamie Lynn! Taking responsibility for your actions is a great example for all of us!

gnlw on

I was pleasantly surprised at how mature she sounds about handling her situation! Good for her, putting her child first and taking care of what needs to be taken care of. That mindset is going to take her a long way in good directions throughout her life. Bless you and your daughter, Ms. Spears.

Jester on

Well what do you know? She sounds so much more responsible than middle aged JLo. I am very happy to hear that she is doing well and I hope she does find that special relationship.

Denise Harvey on

You made the best choice for you and moved forward with your child. As long as she is cared for and loved, that’s all that’s necessary. The public should never run your life because they are not caring or paying for your child.

Linda on

Being a teenager and pregnant must have been really tough. I think she has handled it all very well. Good for her!

jessicad on

She has me almost in tears! She sounds so grown up, she’s doing a great job as a mother and should be proud.

Lady on

I loved reading this. Jamie Lynn really seems like a great mom!

JMO on

I understand what she is saying but this should be a note for all teens. No matter where you are at in your life (or possibly your career) NEVER be embarrassed to do THE RIGHT THING! Is it more embarrassing to come out and say you’re 16 & pregnant or more embarrassing to say you’re taking responsibility for your actions by getting on the pill?

I’m glad she was able to move out of LA and go home and raise Maddie normally and she seems to have done a good job. All she can do now is move forward. Being in this business you have to accept the criticism but at the same time not let it define who you are as a person.

Manda on

I remember very clearly the backlash that Jaime-Lynn received while Bristol Palin was commended. They were both teenage mothers, and they both made the decision that was best for them.

I too was a teenage mother and chose to raise my baby girl. She’s 14 now and reminds me every day of the best decision I ever made!

I am proud of how Jamie-Lynn has handled herself. She’s obviously doing a fine job as a mother and will continue to do so.

Bravo Jamie!

Christine on

Good mom! Wish more young mothers thought this way….good for you jamie-lynn.

Thursday on

I have nothing but respect for Jamie Lynn. How mature of her to move away from the spot light and raise her child. I respect her far more than I do Bristol Palin and a host of Hollywood moms.

Lisa on

Jamie Lynn seems to be a mature, loving and responsible mother. Kudos to her for staying out of the spotlight and focusing on her baby girl these past few years. Good luck to her with her music career, or whatever career choice she decides to make!

As for the love/dating situation-I hope she’s able to find a good, decent, hardworking man that will accept not only her, but Maddie and the whole Spears family as well.

Nancy on

I think Jamie Lynn was ignored throughout much of her childhood with her sister at that time being one of the biggest stars on the planet and her parent’s constant fighting.

It is good to see that she has grown up and making good choices.

cmw on

She is incredibly articulate and mature. Very well said Jamie Lynn.

sam on

you are an amazing mother, it doesnt matter what age you had your child at. as long as you love her and give her your support than thats all that you can really ask for. and if people dont like it, than they shouldnt comment.

Nicole on

Placing a child for adoption isn’t merely “giving them away”. It’s a very selfless choice that deserves no less respect than parenting.

Kaily on

I’m really proud of Jamie. I was born to a teenage mother. My mom was 16 when she gave birth to me and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people say rude things to her or look down on her because of it. My mom never gave up, she worked her butt off, made sure I made it to all my softball and basketball games, was there for every awards banquet, graduation, move-in to college.

I love my mom and I personally think she is a better mom than those who plan their children. She finished high school, got her associates degree and has a great job and I’m currently a Freshman at App State. It’s not the situation that makes the person, it’s how they handle the situation that makes the person and my mom handled it full on. I love you mom!

Beautiful kids on

She seem more mature than her older sister and seem to be a great mom at such a young age. She has a good head on her shoulders and is doing the best for her daughter.

Mary on

White trash with a 9th grade education. Thankfully she is rich because if she wasn’t, I would be supporting her illegitimate kid though welfare and food stamps!

Andrea on

I’m so proud of Jamie Lynn! I thought Maddie was in for a very troubled life but what a shock! I honestly think Jamie Lynn is a better mother than her 30 year old sister. Good for her! Obviously her wealth & family helped her situation but she’s doing a wonderful job!

Danielle on

JAMIE LYN has help from her sister Britney….otherwise it would it be impossible to raise a child and finish her High School at the same time….so tell the truth……having a baby when you are a teenager yourself it’s not the right thing to do….prepare yourself first….before bringing another person into your life….!

Shar on

She sounds mature beyond her years. She sounds authentic — her answers did not sound scripted. She sounds like a good mother. Much love to her and her daughter.

M on

Nice to hear from her. So glad she is doing well. So impressed with her maturity. I bet she is a wonderful mom.

Bob on

Good for her. Critics who criticized her for becoming pregnant at such a young age forget that no one is perfect. If you do not make mistakes, you are not human because we all learn from them. She turned around from the backlash and ridicule to produce a beautiful child and a promising future. She has good things in store for her.

Kaili on

I was in the same boat as Jamie … I’m only a year older than her, but my son is the same age as her daughter. I remember seeing all the publicity and controversy over her pregnancy and it was everything people were telling me!! It hurt so much to read all the negativity and hate from people, it felt as though it were directed at me.

I’m so proud of her for staying strong through all of this. I’ve been wondering in the last few years what happened to her and I’m so so so happy for her that she’s doing well and is happy!! And I’m proud to say her and I are still in the same boat – our child first!!

shrimperdan on

—To Mary:

I am glad for you that you never make mistakes.

Kaili on

Danielle – it’s not impossible to finish high school!! I had my son in high school and I still graduated on time with my class … now I’m going to post-secondary and although it’s really hard, it’s absolutely doable. It’s the negative attitude which tells these mothers that they CAN’T do it, and it’s easier to believe it than to try.

I agree that bringing a baby into the world when you’re a teenager isn’t ideal, but to make it taboo isn’t right. It happens. Whether you think it should or shouldn’t – it does. And rather than being condescending, be helpful and supportive!! That’s the right thing to do.

Kaily on

To Mary:

My mom was a very responsible person and was caught up in the moment but used a condom and SURPRISE it broke. Things happen and I believe they happen for a reason. Don’t be so self-righteous.

K.W. on

Sounds like she is a great mom..just cringe at the thought of a 5yr old girl listening to Britney Spears songs..

Sherry on

I am so proud of how much she has grown up and that she has always put her daughter first. The Spears girls have both come a long way and i couldn’t be happier for them both….

krisczer on

Britney could learn a lot from her younger, much wiser sis. Kudos to you Jamie Lynn!

Allison on

CHRISTINE- instead of hoping all young mothers were that way, how about lets hope that all mothers, no matter their age, were that way.

I was a young mom, got married at 20, had a baby at almost 21 and had my second at 24. My husband (their father) and I have been married for 7 years. I have many friends who are young moms who are also excellent mothers.

I always get offended when people single out young parents. What every mom needs is other supportive moms around them, not judgmental ones.

Hayley on

For a young girl who had the world at her feet career wise then found herself pregnant at 16 she sounds incredibly mature.

Well done to Jamie Lynn for stepping back and focusing on her gorgeous little girl. She sounds like such a level headed woman and a very attentive mother.

I loved that she breastfed her, I know breastfeeding among teen mothers isn’t as common.

Marguerite on

I think this is something ALL moms believe. Her family should be proud of how mature she has become in such a short period of time. Good luck to her.

Harley on

I’ve known quite a few teen mothers who accepted 100% responsibility for their actions and have been FABULOUS mothers to their children.

My ex and his first wife had their child at 18 and 16, respectively and couldn’t be better, more loving parents. They co-parent extraordinarily well. It wasn’t easy because you still have to deal with some immaturities in the beginning, but there was no glamorizing it – it was what it was and they had to learn just like everyone else.

I’m extraordinarily proud of Miss Jamie-Lynn for seemingly maturing into a beautiful young woman and mother. Kudos to her!

Kasee on

K.W., I thought the same thing at first, but I think she is probably editing which songs Maddie is allowed to listen to.

Marguerite on

i am almost 40 and have worried about the same thing. i am not white washing the fact that she got pregnant at a young age but at least unlike the morons you see on tvs teen mom she got her act together. hopefully young people will learn a valuable lesson about not having sex until you are capable of handling all the potential consequences.

Nicole on

Much of the reason Jamie Lynn has been able to provide a stable environment for her daughter is due to the fact that she was financially secure. Her’s is a unique case. The average high school student couldn’t be a full-time parent. Good for Jamie Lynn, but she can’t be held up as an example of what most teen parents can do.

sal on

I like her because she took responsibility for her actions and grew up and became a mom.

I became pregnant when I was 18 and it was a HUGE change to my life. I am now 32 and still very much in love and happily married to my son’s dad and we have another son now as well.

Parent hood changes you…at least it SHOULD. We both had to grow up overnight and realize life was no longer just about having fun and the two of us. I would not go back and change a thing, our two boys are our life, we love them more than we ever thought possible.

Anonymous on

Jaimie your a wonderful mother keep it up, you will have some trying time and I know that first hand I was a single mom to three kids by the time I was 21. It was hard but I wouldn’t change anything

Anonymous on

Danielle- Considering the fact that Britney had a complete meltdown (and was hospitilized TWICE nfor it!) just a few months before Maddie was born AND didn’t even have custody (and only limited visatation if even that) of her own kids at the time, I highly doubt she was helping with Maddie while Jamie Lynn finished high school (and actually, if I’m remembering correctly, she techinically dropped out of school just before or after Maddie’s birth and did whatever was neccesary to earn her GED later).

In anycase, Jamie Lynn sounds like she’s a great mom who has her head on straight. I also love what she said about Casey, especially “I will love him as Maddie’s father until the day I die.” Clearly the two of them have an amicable relationship and are comitted to doing whatever it takes to give Maddie the best upbringing possible. How refreshing to see a celebrity (or in this case a half celebrity couple as Casey isn’t a celeb) ex-couple actually putting their child first! I can think of several other celebs that could take notes from them (although I’m very tempted, I’m not going to name names)!

Anonymous on

I also want to say that it makes me sad that people are still giving Britney such a bad rap. Yes, she’s made some big mistakes, but she seems to be a pretty darn good mom now (heck, even Kevin has praised her parenting skills, saying that the boys are thriving in her care among other things). I, for one, am just glad that Preston and Jayden were able to finally get their mom back after all the struggles she went through! 🙂

Anonymous on

K.W.- Maddie is 3 1/2, not five. And I agree with Kasee. 🙂

Jennifer on

What saved her reputation was moving away. I’ve seen videos/pictures of her flipping off cameras and drinking underage. If she stayed in Hollywood, people would think of her as another Teen Mom type.

Krissy on

When I first heard that Jamie Lynn Spears was Preg. I have to admitt I was sooo annoyed I had a young daughter that I was so picky about what she saw on tv and after seeing the show zoey 101 a few times I thought it was cute and non offensive. In an age wher Hannah Montanna was all the rage, and I WAS SOOO agianst.I felt I had to find something that my little girl who suddenly had moved on from cartoons could see with my approval. It seemed shortly after we started to whatch it together Jamie was Pregnant and I was SOOOO ….. Anoyed!!!

I admit now I forgot that I too was a young mother I was 19 at the time but still just as scared as jamie must of been. SHAME on me for judging her the way I did! I feel realy bad about it. Noticing a few years ago that she had disapeared from the tabloids I did reconize that she MADE THE BEST CHOICE!! for her and her baby Well before this or any other articl was posted!! If you dont hear about some one FAMOUS in the magazines then they have Done SOMETHING RIGHT !!

and Jamie SOOOO young made a better choice than MOST EVERYONE ELSE in HOLYWOOD THE LAST 5 YEARS!!!!! KUDOS TO YOU GIRL!!!! I REALLY HOPE YOU KNOW THIS!!! I Freakin!! WISH I COULD SEND THIS MESSAGE DIRECTLY TO YOU !!!! sorry I mis judged you at the beggining…..

J on

I am so proud of her for keeping her child and raising her. She is the biggest blessing of her life. It’s not like she did not have the means to raise her properly. Jamie Lynn could have done what SO many woman do…mostly because of fear. But now she has the most amazing gift of her life. Always stand tall Jamie Lynn. Congratulations.

Shea on

I was 17 when my oldest was born. I went to night school and graduated and worked to take care of my baby. I was never on welfare, and had no financial help from anyone. My baby is now 26 and a beautiful and talented, educated young woman who has been married 8 years and has a beautiful 5 yr. old daughter.

I have raised my kids knowing all about the unwise choices I have made (I would never say “mistakes” because though she was a surprise, my daughter is not nor was ever a mistake). They were raised with love, guidance, boundaries and truth. They learned well…my daughter, though she got married young, she waited 3 years to have a child of her own (she married at 3 months shy of 19 because her husband is a soldier and was being transferred away), my 16 year old is more interested in getting into a college as a pre-med student than dating and having relationships with boys…she says she has plenty of time for that once she is done with her education. My little one (age 4)has two wonderful role-models in her older sisters. I am proud of my girls and I am also proud of myself for the job I did raising them.

stacy on

Good for you, there are many teenagers have babies and it’s not fun but you are special because you have a good head, being a single mom it doesn’t matter what age you are it is very hard. I know i am a single mom i was marry but it didn’t feel that way because he was near around and my son is autistic and ADHD and was very sick a lot when he was a baby but I made the decision to love my baby matter what. So I tiring to do is see if more people out in the world need to stop passing judgment and help and do more for special need children because not everyone knows what its like to be a single mom with a special need child. Thank you

lovestojog on

Jamiie Lynn is a fabulous mother. She is from a really good family. We are very proud of her.

Brett R on

Any woman who says, “I’m afraid of not being a good mom,” has nothing to worry about. The bad moms never have that thought.

Lisa on

She was too embarrassed to ask for birth control, then maybe she shouldn’t have been having sex at 16. Really? So many young girls looking up to her, she had a responsibility to be a good role model.

Gossip Girl on

Lisa I agree with you in a way, but JAMIE HAS HER OWNLife too .YOUR NOTGIVING HER SUPPORT AND THATS THAT SHE REALLY NEEDS NOW EVEN THOUGH SHES GOT IT UNDER CONROL. Her life and her babys life is not your desicion. Jamie has made a fantastic descision and well, Good for her. I Would tresure every second with her if i was her child. I Was so sad when found out jamie left zoey101 because it was my favourite childhood show but i got over it because her pain of all.this critsism from tabloids makes me even more sadder than loosing the show. I Could write five hundred pages of why she is the best and why i like so much but i cant because i have a slow computer which laggs.

kazumi on

wow, she sure has matured a lot and my admiration for this young woman grew with her words… “I had to make a decision that I could sleep with every night,”..she knew her career would be over but she opted to have her child and not get an abortion…

Good for her!

Peter on

She says “I’m Afraid of Not Being a Good Mom” and the only things that are important are that her kid is healthy and loves her.

That’s it.

So is that good enough to be a good parent?

At least she’s aware that parenting is difficult, and she’s asking for advice, not platitudes.

Bancie1031 on

Brett R – I agree! I’m proud of Jamie Lynn 🙂 Good for her!

Sage on

This is a very encouraging story to read. After seeing all these pics of JLo out with her boyfriend instead of with her twins, it’s nice to see someone a lot younger than her doing really well for herself. Go Jamie Lynn!!

Jenny on

Most people reading this are probably adults, but for anyone younger that might read this….I was embarrassed to see a doctor and get birth control too. I did it anyways, and before I ever had sex. The nurse that I saw actually HUGGED me and said she wished more girls would do the same thing. I left feeling awesome and grown up. Don’t make sex into something to be embarrassed about. Take charge.

Proud on

I commend Jamie Lynn Spears for her actions. Teenage pregnany is not something that is easy to deal with, let alone in the public eye and in the shadow of your older sisters meltdowns.

Kudos to the Spears family for turning themselves around. Britney is happily engaged with two wonderful, beautiful boys and Jamie Lynn has a beautiful daughter. I’m proud of the woman she grew up to be.

Congrats Jamie! Proud of your growth!

phre on

she sounds pretty grown up for a 20 year old young woman. good for her and her daughter.

Tim on

She’s gotta be doing something right musically, because not only is my favorite artist Pam Tillis helping write with her on her new album, but also singing on a duet with her. And imo, PT can do no wrong……so good luck, Jamie Lynn.

Ishaba on

She sounds so mature now. That’s so great. I’m so happy she’s gotten her priorities straight and that her number one concern is her daughter and nothing else. She’s a great mother and I’m glad she’s thinking about nothing else but Maddie.

Linda on

Maybe Jennifer Lopez should take some life lessons about motherhood and priorities from Jamie Lynn!

Stephanie on

This family has been in the spotlight for almost 15 years, and they’ve experienced all the highs and lows possible. And yet, they all came through with their head held high.. And they did every bit of it in the public eye.

We all make some poor decisions and have choices to make, about how to handle them. I applaud Jamie for making the decision she did; she took responsibility for her choices, and the reactions that followed. To say she was beaten down for these is an understatement. She’s right, most teens are having sex. Its just a fact. Im a huge supporter of the Spears family.

Alicia on

It’s all about the money. She’s trying to say the right things so people will like her again and she can cash in. The statement that she “was just doing what everyone does” when she got knocked up just shows that she still doesn’t get it.

Jessica on

WTG Jamie Lynn!!

I got pregnant with my first child at 16 and my husband (then boyfriend) was 17. We lived with his parents until I turned 18 and we got married and I got a job. We have been on our own since I was 18 years old. I am now 31 and we have been married 13 years (together for almost 16) and now have 3 wonderful children.

For all those saying she was able to do what she did because of Britney is possibly true for her, but there are teen parents who make it and don’t have anything.

My husband and I own our home and our vehicles and live debt free (thanks to Dave Ramsey). We did that without family help because our family didn’t have the money to help. If a teen wants to be a good parent they can!!!

JRW on

Hey Manda – in what world was Bristol Palin praised for having a baby so young? She was called horribly vile and nasty things on this very website….

So glad Jamie Lynn was able to concentrate on being a good mom regardless of any obstacles and/or opportunities she had in her way.

Sandy on

Wow, she sounds like a very mature young women! Jumped right in and took total resposibility for her life and child. Those girls on that16 & pregnant TV show should take some lessons from her- as well as Britney- on how to behave.

Although I don’t agree with her comment that she did what most other 16 year olds are doing (I didn’t and most of my friends didn’t either) I am very impressed with how she went back to her hometown to take responsibility for her actions. And for that I think she is a good role model for young girls.

Tracey on

She sounds more honest than any other celeb teenager that has a child. The fact that she said she was “embarrassed” to go to a doctor and get birth control. I remember those days and I was a nobody, so yes, I can totally understand where she’s coming from. For what it’s worth, she is nothing like the Bristol Palins of the world, using her name for fame and money! Good luck to Jamie and Maddie, I think they’re going to be just fine in life!

M on

When she got pregnant, I actually thought the way she handled it made her MORE of a role model, not less of one. She accepted responsibility and did the right thing for herself.

It must be hard for any teen to announce she’s pregnant–let alone one who is about to face an enormous backlash against herself, her family, etc. (remember, her mom was about to publish a parenting book at the time). She handled the situation with grace and maturity: in those moments, she became a role model.

Aja on

She sounds very mature and pulled together. I commend her for stepping up to the plate in a difficult situation and putting her daughter first. Nice to see her being so responsible and loving her daughter so much.

barb on

She really sounds like a lovely girl who had to grow up fast but has done a great job,, good for her! And for you nasty commentors out there…don’t judge! I am sure you aren’t perfect, we’ve all made mistakes in our life!!!!

Karolina on

She sounds so grounded and grown-up! Very few people truly impress me, and she really does. Made the best out of a difficult situation – what’s not to like about this young woman?

mmh on

Good for her!!!!

Jen on

Wow, four ladies whom I shall leave nameless, are full of venom on this thread! There are plenty of people out there willing to help moms in trouble, myself included. We volunteer our time, efforts, donations, money, homes, etc.. However, you do need to ask for help. Help is out there if you want/need it. Props for Ms. Palin and Ms. Spears, I’m proud of ya!

p on

she SHOULD be afraid! good grief…

Kay Pasa on

ALL moms worry about being a good mom. Jamie seems to be doing a great job, props to her. God Bless.

Kate on

you are an amazing mother, jamie!!!! i’ve always loved you and britney 🙂

Lauren on

She has a lot more insight and maturity than most adults I know.

Kitty Litter on

People did not like her getting pregnant as a teen because she was on Nickelodean and was a role model. I am glad she is a good mother because her sister sure as helll wasn’t.

I don’t think Britney OR Jamie Lynn have any talent. They both need to go away.

michele on

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by how mature and well-adjusted she seems. That’s more than I can say for some other celebrities twice her age.

Alexia on

I am impressed with her maturity. She has handled a very difficult situation very well by focusing on what’s most important: raising her daughter and maintaining the best possible relationship she can with the father.

I have to add that I’m surprised she was accused of glamorizing teen pregnancy. I don’t believe she did that. A lot of girls in her position would have had an abortion. Not only did she not have an abortion, but she also didn’t hang her head in shame–that is not a good attitude to have when welcoming a child. She decided to have her daughter rather than abort her and she decided to be a good mother, so she needed to celebrate and be happy to welcome her daughter into the world. No one should fault her for that.

Marsha on

It may not have been ideal to get pregnant at 16 but I have to say, she comes off as very mature and has learned and grown from this experience. It is nice to read that a single mother is putting her child first and not running out trying to jump every man she finds. Good for her. I wish her and her daughter the absolute best.

PS on

Lots of props to Jamie Lynn. I had my life changed with an unplanned pregnancy at a young age once upon a time so I know how hard it is to be in her position. I get the feeling she’s received a lot of support from her family (and hopefully from her ex-fiance’s), which can really make a huge difference.

She’s got her priorities straight, she sounds very mature… and kudos to the Dad for continuing to stay involved and help raise their daughter without any vitriol. A lot of young couples who split can be so nasty afterward and put their kids in the middle, and it sounds like they’re putting in the effort to not go there. Good for them, and may it stay that way so their little girl can grow up happy.

I’m also glad to see so many folks in the comments section being nice with what they have to say. The haters can stuff it.

Lisa on

She’s doing great! As long as she doesn’t turn out like the girls from Teen Mom, she’ll be fine! 🙂 I am really happy that even though her relationship with Maddie’s father didn’t work out, she is extremely mature – in fact, she’s more mature than some of the 30-year-old moms I know!

Rebecca on

Sounds like a mature woman….great story!

Leslie on

Way to go Jamie-Lynn! I remember all the negative press over her pregnancy at 16 and I felt bad for her at the time, partially putting the blame on her mother who allowed her teenage daughter to sleep under the same roof with her boyfriend. I’m glad to see she’s doing well and enjoying her life. It’s clear she’s grown into a very mature young adult, perhaps too soon, but she seems to have embraced it.

As for “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” – those shows were designed to illustrate what it’s like to be a teen mother, saying, “this is how difficult it is so DON’T DO IT!” There will always been that one stupid kid who goes out and screws around anyway, no matter what’s being shown on television. If shows like those are supposedly “glamorizing” teen pregnancy, I ask you, what the heck is a show like, “Secret Life of an American Teenager” still doing on air? Does that not glamorize teen pregnancy as well?

Christina on

As a mental health counselor at the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder institute, and a volunteer at the International OCD Foundation, I find it very insulting when celebrities say “I was so OCD about…”

OCD is a debilitating disorder and it is not something to be made fun of. People need to learn about the disorder instead of insulting people diagnosed with the disorder when you use the term in a rude way. To learn and spread awareness go to ocfoundation.org!

Meg on

I agree with her her first thing in her if needs to be Maddie stay the way u are Jamie!!!

Parson on

Did everyone here miss the fist sentence….??? “Jamie Lynn Spears may be kicking her music career into high gear…”

Ladies and gentlemen, the work of a great publicist. All those who are proud of JLS, they gottcha hook, line, SINKER!! Or should I say SINGER….??

Mike on

It is great that a wealthy young single parent is doing well…

how about all the others out there that are doing the same without the silver spoon?

Why is this even news?

Larry on

I really like this kid. I watched her show, Zoey 101 with my grandson and we both enjoyed it. I think that Jamie Lyn taking any advice from Britney is a mistake. Britnye is f****n crazy. It’s not her fault, she had a mother that exploited her and was not a proper role model. Jamie Lyn is beautiful and talented and should be able to reactive her career. Good luck to her.

Marcie on

Wow, I was impressed with reading this! She is wise beyond her years, then again having a child and raising them the RIGHT way will do that to you! Good for you Jamie Lynn. It sounds like you are doing very well for Maddie.

I was 26 and married when I had my first and that was difficult enough–I can’t imagine being 16/17 and going through the same thing only magnified 100x because you’re in the public eye! And kudos for breastfeeding for almost a year! That’s no simple task either 🙂

Earlesgirl on

I must admit, I was shocked when I first heard of her pregnancy at such a young age. Since day one, Jamie has made incredible sacrifices to put her baby first, never seeking lucrative reality show deals, and puts “Teen Moms” and Bristol Palin to shame. Well done, Jamie Lynn! I hope the world welcomes you back with open arms!

Charles Sansing on

Don’t worry about it “Zoe” everything will be good for you. I am still a fan. YOU stepped up when it was your turn and all is well. Great success to you.

Rick on

Should have put her up for adoption. Both your lives would have been better, but especially hers.

v on

Well good for her looks like shes growing up into a pretty good young adult!!

Sally on

Jamie is 20 with a 3 1/2 year old? She was a kid herself. Wow, I had no idea. She’s done a hell of a job raising her child when she was a child herself. I realy didn’t pay much attention to the younger Spears, since her older sister was out of control for a while. How did Jamie manage to stay out of the limelight? I’m glad to see Brittany get her act together.

boohoobytch on

hats off to her, she sounds like a very intelligent, loving young woman…I was on the “wtf” bandwagon when I read about her being pregnant b/c my niece loved that show (she was 8 at the time) but I will say she’s done a wonderful job of minding her business and staying out of the spotlight…she’ll be a great mom if she stays on this path…

looove the comment about dating, the child/children do NOT need to meet every single “date” b/c that’s confusing to little kids and you can only have so many “uncles” before you realize your mom was a ***

joy on

im so proud of jamie and for those people who sit there and act like their so perfect…reality check YOUR NOT! noone is…im glad jamie did the right thing for her and her baby getting away from the press was a great choice i think people need to stop judging her on what she did in the past and focus on what shes doing right now, which is being a good mom… good job jamie im proud of you and keep up the good work 🙂

Holiday on

She sounds so mature and responsible. She seems like a great mom who is doing everything possible to give her daughter a normal life. Maybe this will shut up the people on here who go on and on about young mom=bad mom.

I was a young mom too (not as young as her, I got pregnant at 21) and I love to hear of other young moms who are happy and doing great for themselves and their families.

Sierra on

Awww, good for Jamie Lynn! She sounds like a smart young lady and a wonderful mother. Being a young mother is tough, but as long as you put your baby first, everything else will fall into place. What a wonderful example for all mothers, young and old!

. on

She shouldn’t have been having sex if she was too afraid to get birth control.

Shannon on

She seems quite mature for her age.

shalay on

She shouldn’t have been having sex if she was too afraid to get birth control.

– . on February 3rd, 2012

Wow, useful information there. I’m sure she’s never thought of it that way.

p on

I am truly enjoying all the grammatical errors in many of the post supporting this… “celebrity?” please…

Jen on

@shea, if any one could put patting yourself on the back into words, you certainly made an attempt. Jamie Spears having a 3 year old has nothing to do with your high schooler wanting to get into premed. Why do people have to put in all of their personal stuff into these comments as if they are writing their own eulogy or something? We are talking about Jamie, not about your little Einsteins and Barbies, OK? And all you talking about getting pregnant young, I am glad my teenagers and older kids arent’ reading this bad influence. I constantly tell them “do not have any kids.”

tahillia on

She seems to have her head on straight. And she definitely sounds more mature than most 20 year old girls. Hopefully she’ll be there to raise her child right and won’t run into the same problems that her sister has. (I also think she’s much prettier than Britney… she kind of reminds me of Carrie Underwood.)

tahillia on

I think she made the best decision she could have possibly made by moving back to Louisiana. Raising her daughter out of the spotlight was better for her and Maddie.

tami2828 on

She may be young,but she’s doing an awesome job as a mother,she is putting her daughter first,and at the end of the day that is all that matters. Good for her and way to go!!

Jjja on

It’s a lot easier to be affectionate with someone you love than to go to strangers and talk about how you want to have sex, especially with all the JUDGEMENTAL people around…not to mention lack of education. Maybe if there was less judgement and more openness than teens wouldn’t be afraid like she was.

HotChoc on

People should stop judging. Look at yourself first? Are you perfect? I wish her the best. I can’t imagine being a young mum, kudos for stepping up.

Summer on

Jen – people put their personal stories on here because of judgemental ignoramuses like yourself. Is having a child at a young age ideal? Certainly not. But it doesn’t mean the mother is going to be a bad mom or end up on welfare.

I had my daughter at 17. She’s now 13 and top of her class. I’m almost 30, have a masters and a job I love, and am happily married to a pharmacist. I was never on welfare and worked very hard to put myself through school while raising my daughter.

While not together, her father is still a big part of her life.

I think success stories are a lot more common than people realize.

marmaduke on

Now she’s afraid? Why wasn’t she afraid to spread her legs? Ultimately, she’ll be just fine because nannies will be there to do what she should be responsible for. Nice role model, huh?

marmaduke on

Now she’s afraid? Oh, and yes I can pass judgement. When you are a so-called “celebrity,” in todays society, I have every right to ridicule you. I know that todays idiots,’er teens don’t know anything about how the world was in the ’80’s. But, to me, it wasn’t that long ago. And to see how far we’ve slid, in terms of decent and indecent, is so sad. It’s not that I am looking for something to complain about. Todays society just makes it so easy.

Shona on

Obviously if Lyn Spears had been a responsible mother and not stuck her head in the sand to the fact that her daughter had a boyfriend and was probably going to have sex she would have made sure Jamie Lynn had the depo provera injection which guarantees birth control for six months.First thing I did when my teenager announced she was going to start seeing a boy was to march her straight to the family planning clinic and be responsible needless to say there have been no surprises!

Mar on

Good thing she’s rich and can afford to take care of her child. Too bad the same can’t be said for all teen mothers. The truth is that over 80% of teen moms end up asking for government assistance at one point. That is completely unacceptable. Welfare to teen moms and all people who can’t afford to take care of their children should be cut.
Can’t afford to raise a child? Have an abortion or don’t get pregnant in the first place! Hard working tax payers shouldn’t have to pay to raise a stranger’s child.

Evelyn on

She sounds very happy and very mature. I’m very happy for her. I wish her the best.

Anonymous on

Leslie- While I don’t think Lynne Spears is a model mom by any means, I don’t think it’s fair to blame her for Jamie’s mistake. I’m sorry, but I think it’s pretty naive to think that Jamie wouldn’t have had sex as a teenager if she hadn’t lived with her boyfriend or her mother didn’t allow her to. If a teenager wants to have sex, they’ll do it regardless of what their parents’ stance on the matter is.

And for those saying that she shouldn’t have had sex if she was afraid to get birth control, I’m sure she’s well aware of that fact. In fact, the comments that she made in this article makes it pretty clear that she knows she did a stupid thing. And I, for one, love the fact that she’s admitted that AND isn’t trying to make excuses for it (in my opinion, saying she was doing “what everyone was doing” was admitting she was stupid rather than making an excuse). Kudos to you, Jamie Lynn, for owning up to your actions and taking responsibility for them!

Anonymous on

Also, in response to the comments about J-Lo, I agree that she seems a bit immature, but I think it’s silly to basically say that her being seen with her boyfriend so much lately and not her kids means she’s not a good mom. We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, and the paparazzi don’t catch every move a celebrity makes (thank goodness!). Or maybe the kids are *gasp* with their father right now?!

Anonymous on

One other thing about the J-Lo thing. She seems to be one of those celebs who can’t win no matter what they do. If she takes the twins out and people blast her for “pimping them out” or using them for a “photo op”. If she leaves them at home, she’s neglecting them. Can’t have it both ways, people!

southerngal on

I don’t know this chica but teens, use a condom!

Annie on

Good for her! I think she appears to be doing really well.

Jillian on

Can’t afford to raise a child? Have an abortion or don’t get pregnant in the first place! Hard working tax payers shouldn’t have to pay to raise a stranger’s child.

– Mar on February 4th, 2012

Have an abortion is your solution??? Ever heard of ADOPTION????

Jillian on

It is great that a wealthy young single parent is doing well…

how about all the others out there that are doing the same without the silver spoon?

Why is this even news?

– Mike on February 3rd, 2012

Plenty of non wealthy young parents do it everyday. Whyis this news……um it’s a celebrity page and she is a celebrity. A celebrity by definition is someone who is well known. And that she is for sure.

Randy Mayes on

Jamie Lynn’s statement about being too scared to get birth control pills is exactly why we need organizations like Planned Parenthood to help kids like this NOT get pregnant. I do wonder though, why couldn’t she go to big sis for help with that? I think Brit could have gotten her some birth control pills. I thought they were supposed to be close. Maybe she was on tour. Oh well, Maddie is cute, they have enough money to raise her well and eventually Jamie Lynn will get back into show business. She was tremendous in Zoey 101. Maybe Nick would consider a reunion show??

Christina Harris on

At least she isn’t like those girls on 16 and pregnant or teen mom who have a baby at 16/17 and still go out and party like they have no responsibly. She’s taken good care of her daughter and will for the rest of her life. I love Jamie Lynn for doing that instead of throwing the baby to anyone who will keep her so she can party.

popcorn on

to Mary, who r u calling names name, r u a degree holder, if u r, ur more trashy than Jamie, so self righteous, u can not called a person just like that, everyone make a mistake and we learn from it. Each and everyone of us has our own story to tell, but this girl she’s trying to be a good mom and the best person she can to her baby, so let her have her moment. peace

Anonymous on

thats good proud of her

joe on

if she knows that she is a good mom now she should not be afraid of n being a bad one.

Janna on

marmaduke — Do you know why your comments are so ridiculous? Because you’re ignorant. Teen pregnancy rates have been DROPPING steadily since the 1980s, not increasing. How does that fit into your idiots/teens in “today’s society” argument. It doesn’t BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

You’re a moron, and yes, I can pass judgement.

Trillion shiffer on

She wants a career in music? Her head maybe saying yes, but her talent is saying, Ahhh HELL NO!.

mark on

who cares losers

Lisa on

Way to go Jamie!

Michelle on

I have nothing but respect for you Jamie. My mother was a teenage mom also.

She did what she had to do to make sure I was raised right and how she saw fit. She gruadated highschool while raising me. Granted, my aunts and uncles were a huge help and that made our family even closer. I love my family for that. She carried a job since she was 16 to put food on the table and put me through school. She is my hero, my idol.

Now I’m 24.. I just hope that I’m as half as a good mother as mine was and still is. I have learned a lot from her.

Though, I do firmly believe in starting a family after marriage, I may not be the way I am today if it wasn’t for my mom. Thanks mom.

To ALL the great moms out there, young, old, adoptive, or step. Thanks for doing what you do.

Mich on

I commend her for having her daughter and focusing on her daughter’s well-being. She is mistaken that at 16 she was doing “something that probably most everyone does.” The truth is that most 16 year olds are virgins, and — even today — the majority of Americans are virgins when they graduate from high school. The wise ones wait until marriage.

Mar on

@ Jillian

Yes, I’ve heard of adoption and I’m against it. There are already too many kids in foster care being taken care of by tax payers. Its less complicated to just have an abortion. The world doesn’t need any more children, especially ones being born to irresponsible teen parents.

Pamela on

Wow she has a really good head on her shoulders… I respect her so much for overcoming such an obstacle at an age where she was still pretty much a kid herself. But her attitude to accept the situation as it is and love her daughter and be the best possible mother truly reflects the type of person she is. Kudos to you Jamie Lynn. I will forever love the Spears sisters! ❤

Bria on

Related to Brittany Spears? Sorry youre already a failure as a human being.

Mae on

Bravo for her! I think she sounds like a very responsible young Mommy. Keep up the great work Jamie! You are right you are a mother first and it sounds like you are doing just fine. I was 22 and married when I had my first daughter, and it’s not easy no matter what age you are.

Sophie on

I have to say, I really looked down on Jamie-Lynn at first (I was 13 when she got pregnant) and I was concerned that she would be far more interested in fame, money, and boys than her little daughter. But it seems like she has her priorities straight, and I know she had a horrible amount of scrutiny that she had to deal with.

I just hope Jamie-Lynn goes down her own path, not the one her sister did. As long as she is being a wonderful mother to Maddie, she has my complete support. Children should always come first.

sand on

If Jamie is concerned about being a good mom, the first thing she should do is not let her kid walk all over her. Jamie was not afraid to go out and get pregnant. I come home pregnant at her age my parents would wait intill after the kid was born, then kick my a*s.

Erika on

She seems to be doing a great job! I know plenty of mothers who are in their 30s who are nowhere near as mature as her. I’m glad she was able to grow up quickly and accept the responsibility.

Lynn on

I give her props for being responsible…they only thing that bothers me is when she said she felt pressure not to ask for birth control…I knew tons of girls that asked for it in high school and most said to help calm their periods…yeah ;)…but even if she was scared to ask for that, HE (being 19) could have bought stuff for himself. Honey, you weren’t the only one to blaim…he could have done something too!

But good to get out of Hollywood and raise her in normal conditions. Although money DOES help. She’ll still get the snickers and angry comments, but unlike other teenage moms, she doesn’t have to add the stress and worry of living paycheck to paycheck.

kris on

You are smarter and caring than most you owe no one an excuse,you lift your head high your child watching and it seems too me u care

Nicole on

There are no shortage of homes for infants. Choosing to place a child for adoption in no way adds to the amount of kids in foster care, most of whom are older and hard to place. Domestic infant adoption is a completely different system.

decent person on

omg its nice that she’s trying to be a good mom.. but her reason to be a teen mom isnt rape… its indecent to have a child that young… so dont praise her of having a child! congratulate her for her maturity instead. if anything u should be saying that its good that she wants to be good to her lil girl, but praising her is not right, at least for me

Jessica on

Mary – Your comment makes you sound narrow minded as well as uneducated. oh, i think you meant to type ‘through’ and not ‘though’.

decent person on

i agree with ‘decent person’ but i just think that itS nice that shes trying to keep her daughter safe.. teen pregnanCy befoRe marriagE is a sin and Will forever be… its evil in a different sense that its against GOD’S RULES. but still jamie should be back with the baby’s dad… casey sHould be morE conceRned about hid daughter…. now read the capital letters only ecxept for ‘GOD’S RULES’ but make sure u follow

Anonymous on

decent person- I think most of us are praising Jamie Lynn for her maturity and handling of the situation, not for getting pregnant at 16!

Mar- Clearly you don’t have a very good understanding of how adoption works. The vast majority of babies whose mothers decide to give them up for adoption while still pregnant will never go anywhere near the foster care system. In fact, most domestic infant adoptions are secured before the baby is even born and the adoptive parents take him/her home from the hospital just a few days after the birth.

And since there’s hardly a shortage of prospective parents waiting to adopt newborns (in fact, the opposite is true. There are far more prospective parents waiting to adopt infants than there are infants available!), there wouldn’t be much, if any, danger of newborns not being able to find homes if more women put their babies up for adoption instead of aborting them.

You may be against adoption, but you know what I’m against? Innocent babies being violently killed (in most abortions, the baby is literally ripped apart and removed from the womb piece by piece) just because they’re not wanted!

And as for your comment about welfare…It’s not always about chosing to have children when you’re not financially stable, especially in this economy. Some people run into hard times money-wise AFTER their children are born (sometimes even several years after their children are born), due to job loss or whatever else. Do you honestly think we should just let the children (or even the adults, for that matter) in those families starve?

Obviously there are people out there who abuse the system, but I don’t think that completely cutting off welfare and other programs to people who can’t afford to care for their children is the answer. Bottomline: Sometimes things happen and people who were previously able to keep their children fed and such can’t, due to circumstances that are out of their control.

Anonymous on

Randy Mayes- The most likely reason that Jamie didn’t go to Britney for help was because at the time, Britney was, frankly, a mess. She was right in the middle of her downward spiral at the time and if I had been Jamie I wouldn’t have asked her for help either. Yes, they’re close, but there are times you just have to distance yourself from a person no matter how close you are.

meghan on

Jillian, you act like it’s SO easy to carry a child inside of you for nearly a year and give it to strangers to raise. Not everyone can handle that.

Marcia on

Girl, all I can say id that, reading this article, brought tears rolling down my face. I am so very proud of you, and for what it’s worth… you did the right thing!!! God’s richest blessings on you and your dear lil’ Maddie!!! :))<3<3<3

Erika on

Decent person- why did you agree with yourself?

The posts about teen mothers on welfare are ridiculous. I think there are people who abuse the welfare system and it is definitely flawed, but some people really need the assistance. I think that as long as the person has a paying job, or is actively looking for a paying job, they should be able to get assistance if they can’t make ends meet. Someone who is physically able, but has no desire to work should not be permitted to live off the system in my opinion. I’ve met many people on welfare where only one parent works and the other hasn’t made an effort to get a job. I know it is nice to stay home with your kids if you can afford it, but if you need welfare checks, then you clearly can’t afford it. Some others (whether they have kids or not) just have no desire to work. *Those* are the people that abuse the system and it’s what gives welfare a bad reputation. Not people who are honestly trying to make a living but can’t make ends meet.

Anelas_Mama05 on

I was so happy to read this article about Jamie Lynn and her beautiful daughter Maddie! She sounds mature, articulate and like she is moving in the right direction. I had my daughter on my 18th birthday, and was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with her for 5 years, until she was in school full-time. I am now half way through my LPN program, and living off grants so I don’t have to work AND go to school. While it’s not always easy….NOTHING in life is! But it’s working for us, and my daughter ALWAYS comes first! She is smart, happy, healthy, and the best decision me and her dad EVER made! While teen pregnancy is not ideal, it can work if you’re committed and it seems like Jamie Lynn is….GOOD FOR HER!! 🙂

Stella Bella on

Wow. I’m impressed with how she has handled herself. She is right- the haters will hate, and you have to make decisions that you can sleep with.

jorgie on

can’t knock the fact she is trying to be a mom before anything. so many woman and little girls now a day have kids and can’t even “man up” to the responsibly of it. so good luck to her and her child. as a parent i will say what was done in the past is done make the time to change you need as well your child needs right now…

Becky Old on

While I commend Jaime for taking responsibility of her daughter, I was hoping that she would be a positive role model for younger girls. My daughter is 18 & is still a virgin (it does amaze me!). The media and society are almost saying sure it’s okay to have sex when you’re under 18 & not take precautions to prevent pregnancy. Look at the teen mothers show on MTV. You have some that are being arrested for assault, having their child taken away amoung other things. How about instead of show a bunch of immature kids trying to play house with grownup consequences have mature kids who have chosen to control their hormones until the right one comes along. I’m not saying that they’ll wait until the wedding night but at least they’ll wait until they’re very sure and old enough to raise their child without having to have their parents raise them.

Anne on

Parsons: A person can have a music career and still be the parent one needs to be. Besides, better for her to have a music career and do what she loves than be one of those flipping burgers and hating their jobs so bad they envy everyone else, or be out their prostituting or stripping…

Decent Person: Yes, morally speaking, it is ideal for people who have children stay together and marry, and more ideal if children came after marriage, but instead of wishing for Jamie Lynn and her ex to get back together, we shall respect that if they don’t get back together, maybe there is a reason for it. I have learned myself having a child is not enough to keep you with someone or it means that is someone you should spend your life with. Too complex where I am getting at.

As for those saying things about JLO, just because she is dating don’t mean she is not with her children. She may be a mom, but she is still a person. A dating single parent just needs to have the right balance and making sure that they are not letting their dating time cut in on parenting time. And you cannot believe everything the tabloids say!

As for people speaking of young mothers and welfare, not all teen mothers are on welfare, and instead of people constantly throwing things at the mother, how about instead making them guys legally support those kids. There are women who abuse the system, yes, but instead of bashing mothers and patting on the guys’ backs all the time, how about realizing that if women can do wrong, so can men. Let us not keep up the double standards here!

As for abortion, I am not going to judge anyone who has had an abortion, that is between that person and God, but I will say there are lots of mothers out there who do not abort for it is against their spiritual or moral belifs. As for Jamie Lynn, I commend her for taking the responsibility for raising her child. It is better for teens if thet kept the child provided they won’t abuse or neglect them, than to automatically put up for adoption, because at least that teen is saying, “I am going to raise this child who did not chose to be here because of something I should not have done, and that is risk getting myself pregnant.” And for abortion, it is easy to say someone should have abortion, but a person cannot know how they would really feel until having had one, and trust me, once you abort and have that guilt and pain afterwards, that is one regret that can never be undone. After that, only God can heal you from that pain.

As for being embarrassed to ask for protection, yes, ideal to avoid sex, but I can understand why she was embarrassed. She, being a celeb makes everything harder, privacy wise. And asking Britney, that could have ended up in the tabloids! Her boyfriend, could have done something yes, but I won’t judge him.

As for expecting Jamie Lynn to be a role model, we should not expect celebs to be role models for they are people like us, the only difference is they are more known than we are, and more money. But after all is said and done, they are still as much people as we are, and they are created by the same God as we are. She made her mistake for reason, and though it was not ideal, she can turn that negative into a positive and make the best of it. Who knows why she went ahead and had sex, but it is none of my biz, and like a couple people saying on here, the need for more Planned Parenthood, and non-judmental people, yes, I agree. We need more education out there, and maybe even have some private Planned Parenthood for celebs so they can care for their business and not worry as much as if the papparrazzi will find out if they are getting birth control….But on top of that, we need to stop having a sex-sells world, and stop having it where you can no longer watch tv as a family, because now sex is allowed on network tv, and just stop having sexual connotations everywhere you look! It is sad you cannot even watch a clean Kenny Loggins song without a guy talking about being “excited” hearing his voice, or cannot watch a religious clip on youtube without wondering if someone will say Jesus turns them on ( in that kind of way! EEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!)
I’m not saying that people are not responsible for their own behaviour and the things they do, but with there being more and more females who not only “jump” willingly, but even quicker than guys many of them, it is not easy for a female to embrace celibacy like back when I was a high-schooler in the first half of the ’90s. I’m not saying celibacy is not possible, it sure is possible. But us adults cannot just talk about right from wrong, but we should be exibiting in front of young eyes as well. They follow what they see, not what is said. Can’t tell them not to cuss but you do it in front of them. Cannot tell them not to dress skimpy when they see adults doing it. Too complex where I am getting at.

I wish Jamie Lynn the best on her journey, and wish for a complete turn around for Britney, and a second chance for her to get her path on where it needs to be for her.

As as for young = bad junk, there is good and bad, mature and immature in all age levels and generations. Not one generation or single age is blameless ( perfect ) and blemish-free. I know some teens who have more maturity than someone my age ( soon-will-be late 30s).

Thank you to all who read my post! And for those who shared your testimonies about being a teen mom, or born of one, bless you for sharing the enlightment.

Jillian on

Meghan, huh? The comment was made that If you can’t afford to have a child, in reference to Jamie Lynn, abortions should be had. The response was, haven’t you heard of adoptions? No one ever said adoption was easy, but abortion should never be used as a birth control method AND should, can and is used by many every year! Suggesting that if you can’t afford to have child the only solution is abortion, doesn’t make any sense. And on the flip side, it’s not so easy for people to have life inside of them and have an abortion. Many, many people are pro life….which is why there is adoption.

Mar, you are against adoption? You really need to educate yourself on adoption and foster care. Curious, what do people do who are pro life who become pregnant?

Kerry Crowley on

For someone who had a child so young, she is very centered and is quite mature. Best of Luck Jaime Lynn

Mar on

@ Anonymous

I know how the adoption system works. You are wrong. There are some infants that make it into foster care. I know a woman who has fostered children for over 20 years and she’s had newborns placed in her home 6 times. Its not as rare as you think. Not every teen mother has the resources or knowledge available to her to reach out to adoptive parents while she is still pregnant. Many mothers, especially teens, are ashamed of their pregnancies and hide them for as long as possible. Many of them then abandon their children at safe havens. Its not as easy as you think.

Speaking of more common situations, I am fully aware that there are many prospective adoptive parents and a shortage of infants available. However, they should open their hearts to older, disabled, or minority children in foster care. It seems like all adoptive parents want a perfect newborn. I’ve read parent profiles on adoption sites just out of curiosity and many of them are ridiculously picky. They have preferences when it comes to gender, race, etc. If someone is so desperate to become a parent, they should just take in foster children. It is much easier to become a foster parent and you can have a child placed in your home in as little as 6 months as opposed to potentially waiting YEARS until you find a pregnant mother willing to give up her child.

As for welfare–I am against it. Welfare should be reformed and should only be given to people who truly deserve it such as the elderly, disabled, or responsible people who once had a job but lost it due to the bad economy. I understand that many families are struggling now because of the bad economy, and I think they deserve help during these tough times because they were responsible up until that point and did not willingly bring children into a life of poverty. Poor parents, however, who give birth to children knowing that they will not have a quality life deserve no help. Tax payers should not pay higher taxes to raise an irresponsible person’s baby. Can’t afford to have a child? Don’t have one!!! Yes, poor people and their children should be left to starve; perhaps it will teach them a lesson and will also teach future generations to be more responsible because they will know no that no one will help them. It sounds harsh, but I don’t care. I shouldn’t have to work hard to pay for other peoples’ kids–oops–i mean mistakes.

I’m not even going to comment about what you said regarding abortion because its completely false. Nice try.

Tiffany on

Its people like you who need to be aborted
And thats where im going to leave this message.

Terri on

Wow, she has grown into a beautiful, smart, responsible young woman and mother. Good for her!

JN on

Mar – You’re a disgusting human being. I can only hope you’ve chosen not to procreate so you don’t spread your ridiculous views on to anyone else. Yikes. I can only hope you’re a troll and don’t actually mean the hatred you spew. I hate to think anyone’s life must be as miserable as yours to project so much hate on others. If you are for real, I hope you are able to find help.

Good for Jamie Lynn for making the best out of her difficult situation.

Anonymous on

Mar- Not everyone can handle taking in an older child. A lot of the kids in foster care have been through unbelievable situations and as a result have serious issues that not everyone is equipped to deal with. It’s not as simple as people just not wanting to adopt older children.

And as for abortion….Just google “Abortion pictures”, and you’ll see plenty of pictures of aborted babies literally in pieces (really, it’s downright disturbing! I’m not kidding, a lot of them made me almost vomit!). So what I said was not false. And if you meant that my saying abortion is killing a baby is false, then we’re just going to have to agree to disagree. Clearly you’re pro-choice and I’m pro-life (and stand by my comment that abortion is the murder of an innocent baby). We have different views. That’s just the way it is.

W-back on

Teen pregnancy is rampant among Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, that’s why the Spanish names Marias and Joses are still rising on the top 10 names list. The schools and playgrounds will soon be filled with Marias and Joses.

doug fisher on

“But I was judged for something that probably most everyone does,”

Anyone with half a spine and 1/3 of a brain should puke after reading that.

It is sad we live in a world where right and wrong is determined purely
by how many people do something, and that is the age-old excuse to get out of anything.

“As long as Maddie is healthy and she loves me, the rest doesn’t matter.”

I hope she does what’s best for Maddie, whether Maddie likes it or not.
I hope she loves Maddie whether Maddie loves her or not.

Other than those comments, she should be commended.

“Can’t afford to have a child? Don’t have one!!!”

That’s a nice imaginary world you live in. In my world, you either take care of others’ kids or you are “selfish” and my favorite, “mean.”

selfish: devoid of consideration for others’ selfishness

In their defense, I’d love to move to your world where everyone is an island.
It would be much more fair to the enlightened, perfect, flawless people like you and me.

In reality, that world will never exist, irresponsible banks and corporations will be bailed out time and time again, and corruption will continue as usual.

There is too much momentum. We are sinners in and out, every one of us.

It is wrong that because you were busy studying in school instead of partying and getting laid, now you have to pay for others mistakes. Join the club.

But it is even more wrong that you could possibly think things would or could ever be another way.

As the Onion says, fun-yuns still outselling responsibility-uns.

Sky still blue.

News at 11.

Lighten up. We all suck in different ways. Everyone of us.

That’s what humans do. We are only human. It’s our job.

blessedwithboys on

Jamie Lynn, I really hope you read all the way down to my comment. You sound like you are a very mature and responsible mom. I got pregnant the week I turned 17. I also had only ever had one boyfriend. I can totally relate to your description of yourself as an OCD mom! I had to prove myself to everyone, too. I never left my son to go out, and I, too, breastfed my baby. Teenagers probably shouldn’t become parents, but if they do, they can be just as good a parent as an older person. My son is almost 18 now and is a wonderful boy. If your interview here is any sort of indication, I bet Maddie will grow up to be a wonderful young lady herself! Best wishes to you both. 🙂

Glenda on

To Mary…

I was NOT rich and famous when I got pregnant at 17. My daughter’s father and I got married…had two more children…and have adopted four more a couple of years ago. We never recieved one cent food stamps…no welfare!! I GRADUATED high school, my husband and I always had jobs, and raised our own children. Your tax dollars never had to support any of my children, nor the four we took out of the system and are raising now. We have been married 36 years now, I went on to become a firefighter, and he has had the same job for almost 25 years now, and though I stay home now and take care of our adopted kids, he has never been one day without a job in ther 36 years of our marriage. Jamie could have paid a nanny to raise her child…she grew up and did it herself. No matter what her education, that is not a stupid person, that takes strength. I don’t know how old you are, you sound very uneducated and “trashy” for judging someone for actions made as a child. I feel pity for you, you sound like a sad, miserable person. Shame on you, Mary. Way to go, Jamie…I respect you and where you have taken your and your daughter’s lives. Keep up the good work!

Clarissa on

Hey, i dont blame her many people get pregnant young, my mom got pregnant at 17 with my brother and i still love her, i love Jamie Lynn Spears, when i found out they were canceling my favorite nich show a couple years back because she was pregnant i was pretty mad at her, but not anymore i understand better ,but i still wish Zoey101 was on 🙂

Griffin on

she was supposed to be thought of as a role model for kids since she was on nickelodeon. im 12 now and ill always love zoey101,i was mad when they canceled it because she was pregnant but that didnt make me think it was okay to get pregnant when your a teen. i learn from other peoples mistakes like my mom had 1 kid while she was a teen and it was really hard and her life didnt turn out how she expected because of it. I’ll go and look at all those people who got pregnant as a teen and ill see whats bad and i’ll be like thats why i wont get pregnant as a teen.

Tiffany on

The fact that people can be so rude to teen mothers goes to show that your children will grow up to be just as bad a person as you, some of us teenage mothers s acrific more than any mother would dare give up. Im an 18 year old mother, my son is 6 month’s old now. I work my ass off everyday at two jobs i give my son everything he needs, i graduated school, i still have huge plans for myself as well as my son now, i was on birthcontrol, and now i rent a place for myself and my son, i buy his food, his diapers, his wipes, his clothes , everything i pay my bills and i do this all on my own, i dont know 40 year old women who could do any of the things i do for my son. So before you judge look in the mirror and look at how good of a mother you truely are for judging young women who are doing ahell of alot better then you.

Jax on

There is something about Southern States and living in “the middle of nowhere” that is very appealing and soothing. I’m Canadian myself, but thinking of moving down to TN!

AmandaC on

She is a great example of how a young person that gets pregnant should act. She wasn’t afraid to make decisions and stick to them, do right by her child, and not jump in the first relationship because god forbid she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

mama3 on

she has her head on straight, good for her.

maryhelenc on

It seems like Jamie-Lynne made the choice that was best for her and put her child first. She should be commended for taking a precarious situation and making the best of it.

Terri on

Jamie Lynn handled the situation very well. Congratulations to her on her engagement.

itznia on

You’re not the bad mom…..your mother is.

Anonymous on

hi i am aliyah why would you have a baby at that age