Harajuku Mini Debuts Spring Collection at Target

02/02/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Target

Are you (and your little ones) in need of a Sweet Escape?

Well, get ready to set sail with the latest collection from Gwen Stefani‘s Harajuku Mini line for Target.

It is filled with sweet, nautical-inspired clothing — mini boy and girl sailor rompers, anyone? — that is reminiscent of summers spent at the shore.

In addition to the chic sailor blazers, mermaid graphic tees and striped leggings, there are also tons of super cool accessories. How cute will your little beach babe look in the red anchor shades ($7)?

Other standouts include the adorable Navy Dot Dress ($20) for girls and the Sailor Jacket ($20) and Long Sleeve Sea Monster Tee ($14, left) for boys.

Shop the full collection at target.com.

— Anya Leon

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chelsea on

99% of this line is crap. I would not put any of those on my kids.

KellyGreen on

Chelsea – totally agree! Most of the stuff is in the discount racks at my Target…and STILL not selling! Disappointing stuff, Gwen Stefani

Jen on

Agree with Chelsea – I’ve seen this in Target and don’t like any of it. It looks rediculous and overpriced. Nautical theme? Please it’s cartoony pirates. Not cute.

Grace2 on

Those clothes come close causing a seizure when I look at them. Not a fan. But I love Gwen’s music!!

cn tower on

There’s no way my kids would wear any of this stuff – unless it was Halloween. Ridiculous.

Kati on

I feel like this is an example of a celebrity liking a style and assuming the general public wants that too…not so much.

Robin on

I was so excited when I saw that she was creating a children’s line for Target and then when I saw the actual clothes I was so disappointed and how cheap and poorly made that they were. Not impressed at all.

Cali on

I honestly LOVE her line. Im a big fan of the Japanese inspired looks and love that she has it for kids. I will say though that I dont pair most of her items together in a WHOLE outfit, it just looks to busy if I did. I will be getting one of the nautical sailor dresses for my daughter who is almost 2. Its so cute!

kjc on

I just checked out her line at the link provided, and I think a lot of it looks pretty cute. I agree with Cali, that I might not pair items together, but on their own I think they’d work. I’d also put my little guy in a sailor romper, I think it looks adorable.

Now, we don’t have target where I live, so I haven’t seen the clothes in person. I would hope they’d be good quality, but if not that might change my mind.

Catca on

The clothes are actually the most expensive in the little kids clothing lines in my Target store and probably the worst quality (very thin and poor stitching). Some of the pieces individually do look cute and are fun with whimsical designs, but the quality stinks. For the same prices I can buy something at Hannah Andersson or Mini Boden that is just as cute or cuter and significantly better quality. I don’t think Gwen’s designs are the problem but rather the execution which is surprising because her L.A.M.B. line for women is decent quality. I know Target is a discount store, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have had better quality control.

cn tower on

I hope they appreciate the (presumably) free advertising.

Cammy on

Oh dear, looks like time for Halloween. And while there are some cute girl’s clothes for the collection – some are a bit too “mature” for girls – more like tween clothes, and their prices are a bit high…

Holiday on

Wow that outfit being shown is seriously absurd! I have a 6 year old son and there is no way he would ever even want to wear something like that. It is so silly looking and leggings for boys???

Shannon on

Cute but poorly made!

G on

I AGREE with everyone below. The fall line was hideous and the quality of the fabric felt very cheap, even cheaper than Target’s house lines like Chico. I wouldn’t put my baby or any of my friend’s babies in it. All of it was on the sale racks at my store too. Not moving. Gwen should stick to L.A.M.B.

Jillian on

Holiday, I totally agree with ya. My older son is about the same age as yours and would never wear leggings, like those. He wears them for sports and snow sports. Even if he decided to wear them just to hang out, those leggings look like they don’t fit. They look like pants that are now floods!

Rain on

You people are harsh. Open your minds, aren’t you sick of the cookie-cutter, same old recycled styles that come through year after year? These are original pieces and our children are creative little creatures, I’m sure they would love the fun bold prints! I think it’s awesome. My son has a lot of the clothes and if I had a daughter, she’d really be decked out because the girls stuff is even cuter!!!

JosieK on

Disappointed that the line doesn’t extend to boys sizes (6-12)..I think we’ll have to wait until her boys get to be that size and then we’ll see it! There’s so much she could do with older boys designs..hope she does it!

Hiroko-mama on

I agree with Rain, if any of you people know about fashion, these clothes make statement. The clothes are Japanese inspired designs, which have a fun and spunky attitude just like children do. I bought 5 different outfits ranging from rompers to jeans and shirts of her winter collection for my now 8-month-old son and he was ROCKIN every single one of them. Especially the black and white bow tie romper suit!!! Like Rain mentioned above these cookie cutter outfits are Bo-ring. Have fun. Be unique. And if your child can ROCK IT like my baby can, I say wear it. (^_^)//