Look for Less: Knox Jolie-Pitt’s Casual Cool

01/31/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Masatoshi Okauchi/Startraks

Just like his fashionable brothers and sistersKnox Jolie-Pitt is establishing his own sense of style now that he’s growing up.

Our evidence:  The 3-year-old looked adorable in an easy, yet polished ensemble as he and his family made their way through Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on Nov. 8.

Knox wore La Miniatura‘s French Terry Cardigan ($80) with a navy T-shirt, dark jeans and white sneakers.

Love his mini airport style? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $20!

Courtesy The Children’s Place


With its stylish ribbed trim and roomy front pockets, The Children’s Place cozy Uniform Cardigan ($20) is the perfect topper for chilly weather.

Courtesy American Apparel


Every little guy on-the-go needs an arsenal of colored tees. Our pick: American Apparel‘s Cotton T-Shirts ($11), which come in a variety of cool colors.

Courtesy Crazy 8


Give your tyke a dressier denim look with Crazy 8‘s Rocker Jeans ($17). The dark wash style and clean lines add instant polish.

Courtesy Dillard’s


From the easy style to the comfy fit, it’s no wonder Converse‘s Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers ($20) are such a big hit with Hollywood’s mini set.

— Anya Leon

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cbaker on

why do these kids always look so unkempt. do they not own hairbrushes ?

sarah on

Cbaker…How about you stop insulting innocent kids!

His clothes look very neat and this pic was them just getting off a flight.

Happy kids don’t need their hair done all the time!

p on

adorable, INDEED!

Luci on

He’s so cute! I think he looks quite stylish. The sweater looks like a hand me down or he’s been photographed in it before.

His hair looks windswept…

asdf on

I love how he looks like a girl, and shiloh could not look more butch.

A, Heilbrunn on

Little Knox looks really cute here. I know I’ve said before, with all their nannies that are “hidden”,one should have a hairbrush! It appears to look windblown, but most of the time it looks matted and unkempt.

Daddy Brad, could use at little care too. Brad’s is always stringy and greasy.

cbaker on

sarah – i was not being tacky about the child. my comment was directed at the parents or nannies. almost every photo of these kids (mostly the younger ones) their hair is tangled, greasy, just a mess.

i agree hair does not have to be “fixed” all the time, but you should be able to tell it has been brushed that day.

mom is always put together looking great. dad used to, but lately he looks more unkempt than the kids do.

JM on

this is not my child, however, i feel i have the absolute authority on how this child and his siblings should look. of course my opinion is so important, because if brad and angelina’s son wears his hair long and their daughter wears her hair short then it has a huge effect on my life and my family. therefore i have no other choice but to make insulting remarks about small children.

i mean, i am sure you can see what a bind i am in. a child’s haircut is right up there in level of importance with the state of the economy. in fact in many ways it is more important. can you imagine if someone else’s children didn’t dress and wear their hair the way I wanted them to? i mean, that would be mayhem, whatever next? people adopting pandas as children? cars as electoral candidates? or aliens? possibly?

yes, i feel it is very important that i state my opinion here every time a child’s hair goes slightly above or below the length i consider acceptable for that particular sex. i mean, we can’t let things get out of hand now can we? who will think of the children?

Katie on

I think he looks adorable. Hair included! I can do my daughter’s hair at home and in twenty minutes still at home it can look like I never touched it. This is the time to live a care-free life. When you’re a child! Let him be!

Lily on

Oh my gosh people! Stop judging others! I’m sure all your children look perfect every single minute of every single day!

stacey on

well, regardless of what he’s wearing, you can be absolutely certain that it’s going to be either black, white or gray.

Alyssa on

Knox looks like a girl, Shiloh looks like a boy…this family is all messed up.

Tara on

LMAO @ JM you are spot on!!

loren on

@ JM great comment!!! I hope this post doesn’t elicit 400+ comments with speculations, prophecies (about these children will turn out) and on, on

loren on

He is a cute boy, growing nicely and looks very good in his outfit. Love to see all of them 🙂

Sarah K. on

Lol JM. Best comment ever made on this blog 🙂

mylie1313 on

Handsome little fella, looks like his grand-pa John Voight.

Anonymous on

Hair doesn’t bother me, clothes don’t bother me….what BOTHERS me is the fact that PEOPLE (as in the mag) keep calling these CHILDREN “fashion trend setters or fashionistas”. It is RIDICULOUS. IT’s bad enough kids these days grow up too fast and have to be more mature at a younger age, but holy cow, lets be serious for one brief second here. It’s the PARENTS who pick out and pay for the clothes. Sure the kids have a “say” in what colour they like or what shoes they would like, but for the love of God, STOP calling these TODDLERS “fashionistas”…it’s getting so old!

marina on

JM – I feel like hugging you now. Best comment ever! Thank you!

Hea on

JM – “cars as electoral candidates? or aliens? possibly?”

Well, George W Bush did get elected president and he’s an alien. 😉

kendrajoi on

WTH is with this family? The boys look like girls and the girls look like boys. At this age of the kids, it is the parents’ doing. I realize we are talking about eccentric celebrities who can afford to be weird, but why should it affect the children SO much?????

kendrajoi on

To JM and anyone who agrees with this troll- are you so incredibly stupid that you don’t realize what the comment section is for? I am glad to see someone has the time to dictate what others should post. Good job!

emily on

LOL Kendrajoi…..I guess JM’s comment went waaay over your head…

Sarah K. on

Kendrajoi, JM was being funny. You’re just being rude and insulting. Lighten up.

sat on


M on

This just in: celeb kids wear clothes! Yours should too!

Hea on

@ kendrajoi – Are you so “incredibly stupid”, as you yourself so neatly put it, that you don’t understand a clever and sarcastic joke? One incredibly obvious joke at that.

MollyFa on

Kendrajoi, I guess you don’t know sarcasm. That’s what JM was doing, being sarcastic. And well done, JM.

MiB on

Exactly JM!

I used to work in kindergarten, and many of our children had thin, flyaway hair that would look just like that within 20 minuntes after I had seen their parents brush their hair. Brushing a kids hair every 15 minutes or so just so it would look neat is not really humane (when would they have time to play?).

Jen DC on

Oh, JM. Why would you ever try to bring COMMON SENSE to this board?!

Kendrajoi, what eccentricity do you see here that is going to ruin that boy’s life? Also? Way to play right into JM’s hands. Shooting fish in a barrel easy.

He looks adorable in his little hipster grandpa wear. Love the whole thing. Easy to clean, not so expensive I’d be worried about letting him feed himself and appropriate for the weather and situation (travel).

At 3 years old, he probably screams bloody murder in the barber’s chair. I was just at the barber (keep a close shave myself, got called “sir” the other day, not a lesbian or otherwise adversely affected by folks calling me out of my gender, thanks, I think they’ll also be fine) and this three year old did the stiff board maneuver (you know, where they stiffen up so you can’t sit them down?) and ended up on his dad’s lap for the duration.

Now, given that these people have 6 kids, one of which likes a close cut (Shiloh) and one who might not (Knox) I reiterate: Why fight unnecessary fights? So his hair is a little long. It seems clean, untangled and he seems happy. I say: Case closed. Let the boy keep his hair. Let Shiloh keep cutting hers off, lucky little girl.

I was forced to comb my long hair until finally allowed to cut it off at age 13. LIBERATION, I say. LIBERATION FROM HAIR TYRANNY.

AmandaC on

Boy does he have chipmunk cheeks, he is so adorable. That little grin is too much!

AmandaC on

BTW that pic is from Nov. 2011, really PEOPLE!

annachestnut on

he is so cute.

Molly on

It’s a style post not a photo post, duh.

Catca on

I keep hearing about how fast kids grow up these days. My circle of friends and family actually say the opposite. Kids are far more managed and aren’t allowed to do things until much older.

They have babysitters until they are about 11 – 12 years old now – that’s the age I began babysitting others and I didn’t need a babysitter after I turned 7 or 8. In kindergarten I walked to school with the other kindergartners in the neighborhood – close to a mile walk! Our parents came with us the first couple weeks to make sure we knew the way, and then we were set free. Now if a kindergartner walked to school the parents would lose custody (and I grew up in an urban area).

There has always been crime against children, etc. but kids are actually quite sheltered compared to the past and the studies show they are taking longer to reach adulthood.

I’m not saying the change is bad, but I also wouldn’t make statements like kids grow up and mature so much faster these days. The only way in which that is true is exposure to sexual content primarily on the Internet – and much of that can be blocked by the parents.

Sasha on

Cute kid

MariBee on

Cute kid – all of the Jolie-Pitt kids seem to be well-behaved and well-adjusted.

I read a comment from Brad Pitt recently – apparently 4 of his kids don’t mind/are able to ignore the paps and 2 don’t like them.

kimmie on

“people adopting pandas as children? “… well this may be off topic but few years ago there indeed were talks and research whether women could actually carry and birth panda cubs to save the endangered species.

Whitney on

He is the only bio kid that looks like Angie more than Brad… He is super cute and that outfit is adorbs. I love that they wear hand-me -downs from the older kids. I love the Jolie-Pitts. They need to stay in NOLA more often.

Mar on

He’s cute! I love his long hair. I also love Shiloh’s short hair. 😉

Jillian on

JM, You ROCK!!! Best post ever!!

Toya L. on

LOL@JM!! He is so stinkin cute!

Hea on

@ kimmie – Whaaat? For real?

AmandaK on

How precious! @ Catca, I totally know what you mean. One of my coworkers won’t even let her 10 year old use a microwave or toaster! This generation isn’t going to know how to do anything for themselves if this is the norm!

Terri on

Cute kid. I’ve never noticed the dimples before. I think those are dimples…

Pandabear on

I am so glad that you too understand the importance of hairstyles on children. I thought I was the only one worrying about the hairstyles’ impact on society. Cars as electoral candidates? Too funny! You win best – editorial- ever.

Mia on

He’s the carbon copy of his mom – Shiloh is 100% Brad + I see a lot of mom in girl twin Viv….but I think she favors dad a little more than Knox.

Maria on

so do he and vivienne have downs syndrome? or some other thing similar to that? If so it is mild but I definately notice it when i see them. Is that just something random- a fluke- or was it caused by something? Did angelina use clomid to have twins? Isn’t it pretty rare to have non identical twins? Did she have ivf? why do people not talk more about the twins’ downs or whatever it is? I don’t think that kid is that cute. Shiloh is beautiful- I don;’t care how she dresses or wears her hair! If anything maybe her family is trying to make it so that her beauty is more in the background- if she always wore dresses and bows pepole would bug her more like poor suri cruise-.

JM on

thanks for all the comments lovely sane people.

i just figured i had had enough of arguing with some of the mindless weirdos on the shiloh thread that it seemed like the best thing to do was to highlight how ridiculous they sound. could be a future technique to use as it seems to have somewhat curbed the hateful comments in this thread, maybe because they realised that it would begin to be difficult to differentiate between my post and their bullying post.

always happy to be fighting prejudice, narrowmindedness, and bullies – even if you have to go about it in a slightly loopy way 🙂

Janna on

“…always happy to be fighting prejudice, narrowmindedness, and bullies – even if you have to go about it in a slightly loopy way”

You go, girl!!!!!

ana on

Maria, you believe that twins have down’s syndrome? That was a lie written in tabloids two years ago that was many times disputed. I can’t fathom that there are people who actually believe what trashy magazines write and they actually see signs of disorder in perfectly healthy kids. Just crazy.

tlc on

*standing ovation for JM* SPOT ON!!

I also agree with the poster who said that toddlers are not fashion experts nor fashionsitas. It’s really far fetched to think that a 3 year old even give’s a rat’s ass what he/she wears. My three year old has never argued with me about wearing pants or a dress! Maybe she is not the norm?

Kids today are not the problem..it’s the helicopter parents that are! Kids are so micro-managed it’s unbelievable. My father in law has a friend with a late-in-life daughter and she is only home one day a week. Between school, piano, singing, acting, horseback riding, cheerleading, and then dancing (which she does four nights a week along with the other stuff!) this kid has NO down time.

I know parents who sit in the basement with the kids while all the other adults sit upstairs. Why? They don’t believe that their children will be “okay” without parental supervision at “all times!” These kids are 8 and 10 years old!!! It’s sad…

Maria on

ana- I do think the twns have some version of that- I don’t know the specifics obviously. but I don’t beleive it because of what I read- more because of how they look. I did read that article you mention but I only thought- oh finally someone is talking about it!! I think Brad and Angie hanlde the whole thing very well by not talking about it but if you look at their faces there is something there- as I said I do not know what- but some thing on that spectrum.

ana on

Maria, for God sake, what is wrong with their faces? And what spectrum are you talking about? You obviously don’t have a clue what is down’s syndrome and it’s insulting for people who know that to read what you wrote. There is no spectrum in down’s and you are obviously mixing it with autism and that is just one of the idiotic things you wrote that you’ll never going to apologize for, like you’ll never going to apologize for writing something like this about these children.