Fashion Star: Meet The Guncles’s Daughter Simone!

01/27/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
John Sciulli/WireImage; Inset: Jen Lowery/Splash News Online

Look who’s already rocking the red carpet!

From her ankle boots to her chic scarf, Simone Masterson-Horn is quickly becoming quite the fashionista.

It’s no surprise considering her aunt (and godmother!) is trendsetter Tori Spelling and her dads are the actress’s best friends (and Home Sweet Hollywood costars) Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, a.k.a The Guncles.

But we’re not the only ones to notice this mini style star! Kiddie fashion blogger Natalia Caver also has Simone on her radar and has even created a site dedicated to the 19-month-old’s adorable ensembles.

“[Simone] is a little princess, funny with a great personality, and a lovely wardrobe,” Caver tells PEOPLE.

“One day you see her with fancy dresses like Suri Cruise and [the next day] with fur boots, a scarf, and a beret like her cousin Stella McDermott.”

Known to step out in brands ranging from Target to Zara, proud dad Horn jokes his little girl knows what she wants — and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion! — when it comes to her sense of style.

“Simone is starting to point to things she wants to wear and often lets us know if she isn’t in the mood to wear something we’re about to put on her. We’ve created a clothing monster!” he says.

— Anya Leon

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Mira on

What an adorable little girl. She’s so super stinking cute. I love how they’ve dressed her too.

Did Tori donate an egg or something? This girl looks like she could be hers.

meghan on

she’s adopted.

Laura on

She sure is cute! Mira, I wondered the same thing… not because I think she looks THAT much like Tori specifically, but she looks just like Tori’s daughter Stella, don’t you think?

Brooke C on

Oh what a sweetheart!! She is absolutely precious!

annachestnut on

adorable and stylish!

Ashley on


Maryam on


Sarah K. on

Too cute!

aurora mia on

Ok…so when can start posting pictures of my kid…I think I am as much a celebrity as these men are. Seriously!

And…she’s freaking adorable 🙂

megan on

Too cute! Funny houw much she looks like Stella : D

Noelle on

I agree, this girl looks so much like Stella. Makes me go hmmmmmm

Noelle on

The more I look at her, the more I see one of her dads (don’t know his name, but the one on the left).

Melissa on

She is beautiful!

Nutmeg on

Yeah I don’t care about tori spelling, let alone these guys…

but THAT is one CUTE freaking KID!

kjc on

Adorable little girl! …and great outfit!

Rhonda on

She’s Adorable! These guys are really blowing up. I read an interview that they’re the 1st gay family with a child to be regularly appear on reality tv. That’s a huge thing actually!

I also follow their blogs on Parenting and the Huffington Post. Finally a gay family for me to look up to (and not a gay stereotype on Logo Television). I commend them for being role models and commend People for covering them on this site. Thank you.

Simone on

Pretty name for a pretty girl…

Brittany on

She is beautiful! I love her outfit!

stacey on

she looks so happy-how sad that she has to grow up with parents who are gay. That will be rough in junior high and high school.

Karen on

I’ve thought from very early on that she looks very much like her father, Bill.

jessicad on

She does look a lot like Stella in my opinion, so who knows, it’s their business! She’s adorable:)

Shelley on

Wow, I thought this little girl was Tori’s daughter Stella at first! This child could be Tori and Dean’s she looks so much like Tori. She is so cute and dressed so sweet! Adorable little girl!

Amanda on

Wow, looks like Dean knocked someone up and had her give the baby to the guncles! I’m not sure that little girl could look any more like Stella without them being twins.

JM on

if that isn’t one adorable little girl…

love how she is dressed too, her daddies have great taste.

mg on


meme on

Love her outfit. She is a sweet little doll.

Sarah K. on

There’s always one. Stacey, Simone will be just fine. She’s loved and supported, which is the most important thing for a child.

Every child has a rough time as a middle/high schooler. The problem is treating the victim of bullying like it’s their fault or that there is something wrong with them. It’s the bullies that are the problem, not the victims.

Amanda S on

There is NO way she’s not the biological child of the taller guy without facial hair. No way. The eyes!!! She looks just like him.

I wonder if they used a surrogate. Would they not technically have to “adopt” the baby from the mother since they are both males even if one is the father? I’m not sure if that’s different than a gestational surrogate when you are a man/woman couple.

AmandaC on

Wow does she look just like Bill in the face & hair. I wonder of they used his “jeans” in the process of their child. Wow is she a cutie!

Melissa on

Stacy – what an awful comment to make. My sister in law is gay and they raise their children together and everyone is fine and happy and no one cares that their parents are gay. Get a life!

Ang on

I used to work with a guy who as a middle aged man went through the process to become a woman. Very tough on his teenage son. Simone will be fine.

Michelle on

Stacey – really????

Erika on

What a beautiful little girl! She is so adorable and well dressed. I agree that she does look like Stella, but I think it is probably a coincidence, as they have said she was adopted.

Stacey- Why would you feel bad for Simone? This little girl is fortunate to have 2 parents who love her and care for her, regardless of their gender. There are millions of orphans in the world, and many other children who are abused or neglected. *Those* are the children you should feel sorry for. Not a kid who is loved and taken care of, but has gay parents.

Hopefully she won’t get picked on for having gay parents, but that stems from people raising children to be intolerant, NOT from gay people raising kids. I am straight, but would never teach my future children to hate on others just because there is something different about them.

She has two parents who love her and I’m sure plenty female role models in her life if she ever needs them. She is fine.

ecl on

Actually, empirical evidence shows that children of gay and lesbian partnerships tend to do as well, if not a bit better, than children from heterosexual married partnerships. So no need to worry about her.

Besides, she’s in LA, right? They aren’t as close minded about that stuff around there.

kendrajoi on

She’s freaking adorable.

Megan on

Stacy – you are a moron. Another example of an ignorant fool who, I’m sure, has a picture perfect family of her own. How judgemental of you. You should be embarrassed.

As for Simone, I think she is a doll! I am a huge fan of Tori and Dean’s show, and so I have seen the “Guncles” go through the process of adoption. What a beautiful story. I myself have always thought Simone looked like Bill!

Karen on

We should really ignore people like Stacey. She is probably just trying to get attention. Let’s resist the urge to acknowledge such negative comments!

JD on

looks like Dean. Probably donated his sperm.

Ella on

Why are y’all going on and on about who she could be related to? They’ve been very open (even if you haven’t caught the show and seen the whole process) about this being an adoption. This is not a surrogacy situation. She’s not biologically related to anyone in their circle. The birth mom lives across the country. They’ve talked about it, they’ve blogged about it, it’s been on TV.

Pammy on

Wow, she is adorable. And, to me, she looks just like Dean…

kimmie on

Known to step out in brands ranging from Target to Zara ===> Zarget wardrobe !

amaya on

Wow I was going to say the same thing before i read the comments, that kid looks a little tooooo much like Tori Spelling’s kids to be a coincedence/

showbizmom on

Stacy with all due respect Shut up! I’m the product of gay dad’s and I’m fine, same with me and the hundreds of other kids with same sex parents. But just in case I’m not fine, I’ll call my therapist and ask. Since you think people like me will grow up and be damaged in someway.

ClaireSamsmom on

She is soooo cute! I love seeing a picture of her! Bill & Scout are great Dads!

sherri on

can you say Adorable???? look at that smile!!! a sure sign of a happy child! Just precious! I have watched tori’s shows and the guncles seem like awesome guys…what a lucky little girl!

Jane on

Too, too cute. She’s like their own live baby doll.

JMO on

just cause you blog about it or tell a story about how it supposedly happened doesn’t mean it’s actually true. Just saying.

I’ve always thought she looks ALOT like Stella. But I think Stella looks like Dean. And I douubt they’d use someone else’s sperm when they’re capable of probably producing their own. So yea most likely she’s truly adopted and has no relation to the Spellings but it does make you go hmmmmm!

Shannon on

A star in the making!


she looks EXACTLY one of the fathers. A princess

jessicad on

If she has a rough time in high school it will be because of close minded people who teach their children to hate or make fun of children with gay parents, that’s what I find sad and I hope she doesn’t have to go through that because of people like Stacy. I definitely teach my daughter otherwise.

Ali on

I’m with Jessicad on this. Stacy, it’s people with closed minded views who don’t teach their own kids to love and respect EVERYONE that have the problem.

I firmly believe that bullying and negativity towards others is a trait that we learn from our parents, who are supposed to teach us our rights from wrongs from the start.

I have a gay sister and she is an extremely well rounded human being with an incredible amount of success in her life. She has been with her partner for over 8 years and they have a daughter together and she is literally the happiest little girl in the world. None of the kids in her classes have ever bullied or made fun of her for having two moms. I don’t know if it’s location-based though or not. It could be. They DO live in a fairly bohemian area where everyone is pretty free-spirited.

I wish everyone felt that way though. People are people.

Beautiful baby! She DOES look a lot like Bill!!

jm on

Tori Spelling is referred to as a “trendsetter” in this article…what? Huh? She is?

missnorcal on

Her outfit is so cute. It kind of makes me sad that she, at such a young age, is ever so much more fashionable than I am. 🙂

marlee on

She is one of the cutest little girls I’ve seen in a long, long time. Love the outfit too!

Pencils on

She’s totally adorable, and look at the smile on her face! Looks like she has a great personality too.

However, and I’ll probably get savaged for this, but I don’t think it’s safe to put a scarf around the neck of such a small child. I have a three year old and I wouldn’t put a scarf around her neck, I know perfectly well what would happen. The two year old son of a schoolmate of mine somehow hanged himself over the back of a chair while his grandmother was “watching” him. (I shouldn’t be mean, it probably happened really quickly and I’m sure she’s never stopped blaming herself.) I wish people thought more about safety than fashion in this instance, as I’ve seen a lot of little kids with fashion (not cold-weather) scarves lately.

Jillian on

Jessicad, well said!

Hea on

“she looks so happy-how sad that she has to grow up with parents who are gay. That will be rough in junior high and high school.

– stacey”

There’s nothing sad about it. She has two loving parents who appears to ADORE her and I bet they’d walk through fire for her. If you want to feel sorry for kids, feel sorry for sad kids. You said it yourself, Simone looks happy. That’s because she is happy. There are plenty of kids out there today who are living with different kinds of abuse and complete jackasses for parents. Or worse, no parents at all. I doubt Simone needs your pity.

TLH on


If she has a rough time in junior high and high school it will be because of people like you.

My kids are in junior high and high school in a rural area and they could care less if a student is gay or their parents are gay. They look at the person.

Maybe you should try it sometime.

B.J. (the girl) on

Oh my goodness, I can’t get over how adorable this little girl is!! She’s precious. Her daddies are so lucky.

Amy in Oregon on

I just adore the Guncles and Simone is just a little doll! She does resemble Bill a lot and I wonder if it’s just in her learned facial expressions????

Nicole on

I have to agree with the other commenters, Stacey, if Simone has problems in Middle/High School it will be because of children who were raised by someone like you.