Lindsay Sloane Welcomes Daughter Maxwell Lue

01/26/2012 at 10:30 PM ET
Michael Kovac/WireImage

Lindsay Sloane is a new mom!

The actress, 34, and husband Dar Rollins welcomed their first child, daughter Maxwell Lue, on Thursday, Jan. 19, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“We thought we knew what love was until we met her,” the couple tell PEOPLE of their “sweet little girl.”

Rollins and Sloane — who has appeared in Horrible Bosses, as well as on Weeds and Sabrina the Teenage Witch — wed in 2004.

They announced the pregnancy in August.

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Angela on

Congrats to her, and I really like that name.

Stef on

I have to say, I’m not thrilled about the name. Maxwell is traditionally a boy’s name and this child is going to have a lot of people calling her and expecting to talk to a man. My fiance has the opposite problem (his name is Cailin…he goes by Casey for obvious reasons). Parents need to think about these things before they name their children.

crg on

Really? Maxwell? Come on. I usually don’t write negative posts here, and she can name her baby whatever she wants, but as a mother of boys I get defensive of boy names that should be left boy names and not make the slow crossover to being a girl name. Well, congrats to them.

bcuzisaidso on

Oh, I like it! Will be super cute! Max is a great nickname for girls, I think! Good for you – ignore the haters!

Julianna on

My cousin is named Lynn, which his mom swears is a boys name. Well, no one ever expected him to be a boy. The most embarrassing was a salesman who came to the house when Lynn had graduated high school, having gotten his name off the graduates list, and was ready to sell him china and silverware.

I am really opposed to naming a child a name that is traditionally connected to the opposite sex of the child. It may seem like a cute thing to do, but it’s not. And I don’t know how many couples I knew, like Morgan and Morgan, where they both have the same name. Very confusing when you are conversting with someone about them.

Kat on

My niece’s name is Maxwell…and it totally suits her…her nicknames include Max and Mackie…I like the name 🙂

Brooklyn on

Not a fan of the name, but congrats to her!

Shane on

As being a female, with a predominately male name, Shane, I like the uniqueness to having a different/male name. Does it cause me some issues? Sure.

I’ve gotten mail for a Mr. Shane X. I’ve also had to deal with the selective service coming after me for not registering upon my 18th birthday. They were embarrassed after I showed up, showing that I was very much a female.

I laugh those incidents off half the time.

Definitely makes you memorable with having a “different” name. I am vividly remembered at my high school, because I was the only female named Shane. And I like that.

I have even met other girls named Shane as well. And I find it funny when I meet a guy who is named Shane, but they spell it Shayne, which is traditionally the female version of the name.

That being said, I love the name Maxwell for a girl, they can call her Max.

Anon on

Kat, Why does it suit her? Is she very boyish, like that name?

Casey on

Freakin LOVE this name on a girl. Some of my favourite names for girls are boys name && this has just joined the list. Kingston, Dylan & Asher are up there. I’v always said when i have a baby girl she will have her DADDYS name as a middle name.

ELO on

Many congrats to Lindsay and her husband. Very cute name. Different but not bizarre.

Me on

Why do people do that to kids! There are so many beautiful and meaningful names for girls, why pick a boys name? Also, if it was so necessary, they could use the male name for the middle name. My grandmother wanted to name me Brucette, my dad was Bruce, and I am so thankful my mom did not let that happen! My mom’s 1st name was her dad’s first name and she hates it to this day, always going by her middle name instead.

Anonymous on

Julianna- Actually, your cousin’s mom is partly right. Lynn is, in fact, a unisex name (I once knew a man with that name myself, actually!). Granted, most people with that name these days seem to be female, but it can actually work for both sexes.

Anyway, congrats to Lindsay and her husband, and while the name is not my favorite, but they might call her Maxie, which I think is a cute name for a girl. 🙂

Anonymous on

Ugh. That should say, “they might call her Maxie…” without the “but” at the beginning of the sentence. I really need to start proofreading my posts better!

Julie on

Congratulations to the parents, but I don’t understand why someone would bypass the gorgeous Maxine or Maxime and name their “sweet little girl” Maxwell. I’m fine with unisex names on girls, but Maxwell is sooooo masculine… this really blows my mind.

Tara on

ummm … you guys picked a boy’s name for your daughter! duhhhh, how dumb are you? let’s keep boy’s names as they are and stop trying feminize them, k?

Kristine on

My mom’s name is Patricia and she goes by Pat so people that don’t know her don’t know if she’s a man or a woman. My cousin’s name is Skyler and he’s a boy so that will be confusing as he gets older as well. Now, I have a friend who named her daughter Charlie. Don’t have a clue why and I wouldn’t name my daughter an obvious boy’s name and vice-a-versa!

kk on

Not too thrilled about Maxwell… I agree with the comments that people are going to see her name on paper and expect a man… Unless she goes by Maxi and given the term Maxi Pads, that would be just plain bad.

My husband has a traditionally female name and I hate it – I think people assume that I’m a lesbian when they see our names together! lol

Anonymous on

You’re a spastic

Nat on


Pixie on

Lynn Swann, Stacy Keach and Carroll O’Connor seemed to have done pretty well for themselves having traditionally female names.

You want to see a celebrity do something different? Let’s see one of them have a son, name him Penelope, and then justify by saying, “We’ll just call him Pen!”

Mia on

Why not Maxine?

Erin on

First congratulations to her on the birth of the baby! It is her child, she most definitely can choose whatever she wishes HOWEVER, people, ESPECIALLY celebrities should really set their own egos aside when naming their children. What is cute and sweet now, is going to be a burden when the child is out in the real world, for a myriad of reasons. Children can be cruel, who needs one more problem growing up for the sake of a name like Pilot Inspektor or Moxie Crimefighter…I mean, really?? Naming her Maxwell isn’t as bad because it’s an actual name, but still, I’m sure she will come across issues because of it.

Jane on

Maxwell is disgusting on a girl. I bet the same people who say it’s cute would freak out if someone named a boy Ashley or Taylor which are male names and not even unisex. Ugh.

How about Teresa for a boy? That would be sooo unique! Oh wait.. I forgot. It doesn’t work that way. Name her Maxine and call her Max. Give the kid some options.

I’ve never understood why someone thinks it is unique to give a girl a boy’s name. Especially a popular name like Max. There are tons of boys called Max so it’s hardly unique. A teacher won’t call out Male Max or Female Max. They will just say Max.

I’ve met many males named Lynn. It’s very popular down south.

Jane on

Lynn is male. Lynnette is female. Shayne is Shane misspelled. There is no feminine way to spell Shane because it’s male. It’s a form of John.

Jane on

It won’t be long before she is called Maxi Pad. Kids can be cruel. Especially to a girl with this name.

JJ on

I have seen some bad names but this is the only time I’ve really gone WHAT THE???

cest la vie on

Although this one is not odd, just gender confusing, I will never understand this obsession that “thespians” have with naming their kids with odd ridiculous names…wonder why they feel like punishing their kids that way

JM on

not my kid so i don’t care, they can name her turkey for all i care.

my opinion on the name itself: nice for a boy, horrible for a girl. i always think it either makes the parents sound really unintelligent or really try hard (‘we’re so unique and different and the only way we could show that was by calling our daughter Paul or Tom or Marcel or something’.)

like i said, i’m obviously not saying they shouldn’t have named her that. totally up to them. they would probably find my kids’ names boring.

Lori on

Couldn’t she have named her Maxine? Ugh… poor kid. Oh well… I wish the family well.

lizzie on

Lynn, Stacy and Carroll were traditionally males names though.

Babbaganoosh on

Max could be a cute name for a girl… until she gets into middle and high school where mean girls will call her Maxi Pad.

Just sayin

lizzie on


Maxime is also a masculine name, so I don’t know why you would name your daughter it.


Skylar is the Americanized version of “Schuyler”, which was also a traditionally a masculine name at one point.

Ashley on

Maxwell Lue. MAXWELL LUE. These “celebrities” are unbelieveable. You have a beautiful little GIRL and you choose this name????? Ugh ugh ugh.

Reese on

Congratulations to her. Not a fan of the name, though. Poor boys. Sooner or later, there won’t be any names left due to all those parents who attempt to be “unique” when naming a daughter.

I have no idea... on

The baby is a blessing, the name is the name, but who in the world is Lindsay Sloane and why is it, usually, we only hear about these “actresses” only when they announce they are pregnant or when they give birth. Perhaps she should have more babies and get her name out there more regularly because I have never heard of this “Lindsay Sloane ” until now.

Lily on

While I personally do not care for the name, it is their child. It will be their burden to bare if she does indeed get teased, but I expect they will cross that bridge when they get there. Atleast it’s not an outlandish name. I think people just need to learn to tolerate and get over their aversion to certain names being used on different genders. There are way worse things out there.

Jeanne on

There are so many masculine names being taken over for girls, it feels like someday there will be no masculine names left because people like Lindsay Sloane will co-opt them all for girls. Names like Lynn, Ashley, Carol, Aubrey, and Stacy were male names once upon a time. Now you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t see them as feminine names. I have a unisex name myself (my screen name is not my real name) that I’ve long wished was more feminine.

Amber829 on

Maxwell is a dog’s name. It does not qualify as a girls or boys name. This poor baby will be traumatized until the age of 18 when she can legally change her name. I hate when celebrities use their children to call attention to themselves. These parents were intentionally cruel in naming their baby.

crg on

Yes, Lizzie that’s exactly my point 🙂

Kristine- Skyler/Skyler is a BOY name which was originally Schuyler and then people started giving the name to girls and spelling it differently. Yes, people are going to give their girls boy names sometimes, but over time these names are then completely recognized as girl names, just like Schuyler, Taylor, Jordan, Morgan, Cameron, Riley, Avery, Harper, Finley, Emerson, Bailey, Logan- and some that I’ve started seeing to trend toward girls over time- Noah, Mason, Eliot?

Many names that we think of as girl names today were used a lot more boys at one point: Lynn, Dana, Vivian, Aubrey, Courtney, Kelly, Marion, etc. Do you see any girl names crossing over to the boy pool? I don’t think so.

I guess it’s just the way things go in our society, but I think it’s kind of sad. My relatives outside of the US are confused by it! 😉

amw on

maxwell is a ballsy choice. im sure the nicknames will be plentiful so dont worry people. its a little risky not to give her a useable middle name but its not my choice. may daughters name is Dexter and we totally dig it, she’ll be able to handle it. the name totally suits her, so i cant imagine having named her anything else.

Samantha on

Oh I am a D List celebrity, so let me name my child an off the wall name. That way, people will talk about me!! Does she realize that this child is stuck with this name for life?! Horrible!!

ruby on

Wow, a girl named Max. If they have a boy next time, will they name him Susan?

Heather on

Love the first name! Yes, traditionally Maxwell is a boy’s name, but (no offense to all those named Maxine), I personally like Maxwell more than I like Maxine (no offense to all those named Maxine). Lue…eh. But I’m so happy for the Mom and Dad…I’ll bet Maxwell is a beautiful little girl…and lucky!

Lissette on

I am sick of celebrities and their name choices. Maxwell? That’s a BOY’S NAME. There is not gender neutrality to that name at all. How about Maxine if you really liked Max?


That poor girl is going to be made fun of and people will mistaken her for a boy ALL THE TIME.

Lindsay has set her daughter up for failure and she’s only a few days old. Way to go Lindsay, that must be some sort of record.

Your mother gave you a normal name. Why couldn’t you have done the same for your poor innocent daughter? on

I am surprised at all the negative backlash on the name. I guess I kind of like it but I have always loved the boyish girl names- Not like John or Matthew but I love the Sam or Teddy or Frankie for girls names. I am sure it will suit the child as they grow.

Congrats to the new family!

S on

WOW. Y’all are getting really heated over something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. It’s a name. Not your child, someone else’s. Wish them the best, and MOVE ON. LET IT GO. Sheesh.

Romy on

Maxwell is so heavy and masculine and Lue is masculine too. Sure there can be nicknames, but wouldn’t want it for my own name so I wouldn’t do it to a baby girl.

Sarah K. on

I love Max/Maxie for a girl, but I personally wouldn’t have had the full name be Maxwell. I usually don’t hate on baby names and I still think it was her parents’ right to do this. But, Maxwell is so pervasively known as a boy’s name that people who see her name written will assume she is a guy. Whatever, it’s their kid. Maybe the name means something to them. And, she can also change it if she wants to once she turns 18.

Kyla Bree on

That actress, Nikki something from “Vegas” and her comedian husband, Jay Mohr, named their son Meredith. That’s my niece’s name. If it’s a family name and you just have to have it, give it as a middle name.

V on

So, she must have really wanted a boy. Poor girl.

m on

I love traditionally male name on girls. I have seen Eliot, Cooper, Spencer, Parker, Blake, Devon, and Bradley on girls and love them all.

My own girls’ names are “unisex,” although I think they are truly unisex and not exclusively boy names. We each have our own preferences.

I agree that names like Isabelle and Sophia are beautiful, but I simply don’t care for frilly, uber-feminine names. I feel like a unisex name is more flexible–can fit a tomboy or a girly-girl.

Anyway, Maxwell is a name I’ve certainly never considered for a girl and I wouldn’t choose it personally, but you know what? Not my kid. As long as they are good parents, don’t care.

Susan on

There are a lot of closed minded people on here. So what if it’s a predominantly male name? There are men named Leslie, Lynn, and Ashley. Women named Ryan, Jordan, and James. Welcome to 2012 people.

Mira on

I don’t like the androgynous names trend and this name is awful. What is Lue??

Girl on

I am just curious: do all the people here who love boy names for girls also love the reverse? Because if we are being progressive, I would think the answer to that should be yes, but as someone already pointed out, no one is naming their boys Teresa or Sophie or Juliette. No one seems to think it’s empowering and cool to do that. Why not?

I would be curious to hear the reasoning from those of you who feel that way. We are trying to find a boy’s name, and it’s very difficult since pretty much anything seems to be fair game for girls these days. Not asking for much here: just something classic and straightforward so there’s no confusion in the child’s future.

Sarah K. on

“There are men named Leslie, Lynn, and Ashley. Women named Ryan, Jordan, and James. Welcome to 2012 people.”

@Susan: Leslie, Lynn, and Ashley are actually boy’s names. They were turned into girls’ names in recent history. Same with MadiSON, AddiSON, etc. We think of them as girls’ names now only because of the number of girls with those names. That doesn’t make their roots any less male. I personally don’t care who names their kids what, but I just figured I’d point that out.

Courtney on

First of all, @Amber829, your post about Maxwell being a “dog” name is both offensive and ridiculous. “Rover”. “Spot”. Those are dog names. Maxwell is an actual name, used for PEOPLE, for more generations that you must be able to imagine. My son is named Maxwell and he is in no way traumatized. He will not require therapy. He does not think of himself as a dog. He knows he has the name of a much-loved ancestor and takes pride in that.

Also, as someone named Courtney, I can also speak to the gender expectations. Did you all know that Courtney was, initially, a male name? Truth! When I went on a choir tour to Europe in high school with my best friend (also named Courtney) as my roommate, the host families kept showing up to bring the two teenage boys back to their house and were very surprised, indeed.

Christina on

You people are seriously crazy. Just be happy she had a healthy baby! She can name her whatever she wants! So many names are unisex now, there’s practically no such thing as a “boy’s name” or a “girl’s name.”

a on

I must say I get agitated at people taking boys names and making them girls names. I named my son Caelan because it is the Gaelic version of “Nicholas” which is his dad’s name. Shortly after he was born I realized how many little girls had the name and to be honest… it’s annoying. Out of the millions of girls names out there you pick a boys name for what reason? Just to be “different”? Whatever floats your boat.

JMO on

Some unisex names work. Some don’t. For me this doesnt. I know too many male Max’s.

Whitney on

I grew up with her. Her name is also a male name as well as her mom’s name – and look, her husband is named Dar. I hope they don’t call her Max – I hate the shortening of names. It is Lazy – congrats Linds.

Melissa on

I dont really understand what these people are thinking when they’re discussing baby names with one another.wife:”Oh,honey,i really like the name Maxwell for a girl so what do you think?” husband:”well,its not a boy and maybe i can pretend she’s a boy sometimes so i love it,honey!” Lol.Really? C’mon now…

Austen on

I love the name! I have always loved traditionally male names for girls. My name is Austen, which is traditionally a boys and I love it. I’m so thankul to my parents for giving me such a great name.

Sarah on

I always laugh when celebs announce their baby names – EVERYBODY seems to have a comment/opinion. Who really cares what people name their baby. Honestly, how does someone’s name affect you in any way?

Sarah on

@Whitney: You hate the shortening of names because it’s “lazy” but you just referred to her as “Linds”…..interesting……

Amber829 on

There is a very fine line between unique and bizarre when choosing a name. They crossed the line. It’s unfortunate that the child is the one who will have to live with this name for the next 18 years.

Julie on

Oops, I meant Maxima, although in German speaking countries Maxime is a form of Maxima.

Sounjirah on

Regardless of the various spellings, Lynn, Stacey, Carol, Kimberley, Beverly, Tracey, Evelyn, Ashley (Recall: Gone with the Wind), Elliott, Kelly, and Jodie to name some are all originally boys names. Sure now a days most of those are thought to be female names, but that does not mean they weren’t originally male names.

As a teacher, I have seen males and females named: Kelly, Peyton, Skylar, Jaden, Aiden, Jude, Hayden, and Jodie. I have also met a male Kaelen and a female Cailin.

Names are so personal and no name is going to be everyone’s choice. Personally, I would not pick Maxwell for a girl, but perhaps people wouldn’t like my boy’s name Jude. To each their own. 🙂

Jayda on

I love unisex names but I don’t like the fact that they used two named that are predominantly male names isn’t my style at all.

Reese on

Girl, I’m sure if the tables were turned and a celebrity named their son Grace, Julia, or some other female name, 10x more people would be “outraged”.

RKF on

Maxwell for a girl? Sorry, no, that’s not unisex, unique or interesting – it’s selfish and ridiculous. What next? Someone names their son Jennifer or Amanda? I sometimes wonder about the collective IQ’s of celebrities…

shannon on

my name is shannon – which is unisex. my dad’s name is leslie carroll. my brother’s name is leslie scott. i’ve grown up in a family with TONS of weird/unisex names and we all turned out alright. i like the name maxwell lue. very cute 🙂

Janie on

Maxwell?? Honestly, I think this is ridiculous. It’s bad enough to saddle this girl with a boys name but think of how all the males named Maxwell will feel.

For goodness sakes, Ladies, stop stealing boys names and using them for your daughters. There are plenty of girls names out there that are strong names.

Tina on

Now this is just getting plain stupid.

You can see the wheels turning: Lindsay Sloane is a minor-league celebrity to begin with. She probably figures, name my kid something really out-there and at least I’ll get some attention.

Jeanne on

@Kyla Bree

Meredith was another name that was originally male, so they’re actually using it properly.

Julianna on

Most of these names like Lynn or Stacy were considered male names over a hundred or more years ago. Unless you’re a Jane Austen fan, most likely you don’t think male when you hear the name Courtney or Ashley.

Like I said in my earlier post, I know several couples who both have the same name, and it is so confusing. One time one of them was ill and as friends were talking about how we could help it was so confusing, we kept having to say “Lee the wife” or “Lee the husband”.

I can only imagine how many Taylor and Taylor or Skyler and Skylers there will be.

crg on

Kyle Bree- Meredith started off as a masculine name meaning “lord of battle”, it’s one of those names like Marion that is now feminine:

“I am just curious: do all the people here who love boy names for girls also love the reverse? Because if we are being progressive, I would think the answer to that should be yes, but as someone already pointed out, no one is naming their boys Teresa or Sophie or Juliette. No one seems to think it’s empowering and cool to do that. Why not?

I would be curious to hear the reasoning from those of you who feel that way. We are trying to find a boy’s name, and it’s very difficult since pretty much anything seems to be fair game for girls these days. Not asking for much here: just something classic and straightforward so there’s no confusion in the child’s future.”

This is exactly what I’m talking about and I can empathize with you! It’s not that I don’t think the name Morgan or Riley can suit a girl. I’m not very girly girl myself and don’t like overly “flowery” names. BUT my son’s name is Lochlan and then you have people like Vince Vaughn taking a completely masculine name like that (very popular in Australia as a boys’ name), spelling it “girly” (Locklyn) and giving it to his daughter. In the future is my son going to have to deal with a bunch of girls with the same name. I feel bad for a friend who has a son she named Riley right before it took off for girls and now everyone assumes he’s a girl.

crg on

“For goodness sakes, Ladies, stop stealing boys names and using them for your daughters. There are plenty of girls names out there that are strong names.

– Janie on January 27th, 2012”

Right on, Janie!

Corie on

I actually like the name. I also love boyish names for girls. The name I plan on using for my daughter is tradionally given to boys. I know ladies, my right to reproduce should be taken away !! 😛

Shannon on

Wow I never thought of Maxwell for a girl but I like it. Congrats.

Andrea on

Worst. Name. Ever. And just an FYI I knew a Maxwell, HE was a Golden Retriever!!! Ew, ew, and more ew.

JLL on

I think Tina nailed it on the head!!! And I am wondering when will this picking ridiculous names for their babies thing stop with the celebrities? 90% of the names I am hearing for these kids is insane!!! When picking a name, think about what they might have to go through in school, and life in general. They are being put in a position where they are going to get teased beyond belief.Soo sad.

Niko on

Maxwell? Tahahaha! That’s like naming a girl Edward. Why not at least try to feminize it by adding an “a” to the name? Maxwella sounds WAY better……

Whitney on

@sarah -yes I did!!! I am laughing at myself….I mean as a general name.
Like wanting to call your child Katie but naming her Kathryn….

I don’t mean to be a hypocrite!

Bree on

As a teacher I find it easier when looking at class lists if names are gender specific but there are so many unisex names these days that really adding Max to that list is no big deal (And I have had female students named Maxwell before)

My husband and I choose a clearly feminine name for our daughter (Elianna) because we have lots of friends family members with unisex names that have had issues (Darcey, Spencer, Morgan, Lindsey, Randy, Sam to name a few) but that was our choice and we think the name suits her and goes well with her middle and last names.

As parents one of the last aspects of control we have after giving birth is what we name our kids and it’s not like Maxwell is something really horrible like the couple a couple years ago that named their kid Adolf Hitler!!

@Whitney, I totally agree with what you are saying, (Although my husband shortened our daughter’s name to Elly the day she was born and it has stuck!!) my parents had a horrible time for opposite reasons, my mom is Cathryn and everyone keeps trying to shorten it, which she HATES, and my dad is Randy, which was only used as a nickname when he was a kid, he actually had a teacher kick him out of class because she did not allow nicknames in her classroom and he “refused” to tell her his full name.

jessica monroe on

Have you ever heard of Lynn Swan, he was a Pittsburgh Steeler, great player. Carol,Jan are mens names.. Carrol O’Conner

michele on

Why do Celebs HAVE to find a name they would not Normally use if they were “Normal Everyday people” ?!?!?!?!?!?!
CONGRATS REALLY…….BUT, What a stupid thing to do….
Did you Ever consider Maxine?! Not a cute name either but better than giving her
a Male Name!
Maxwell…………That Poor Little Girl! She’ll be teased by other kids cause kids can be very cruel!