Aaron Johnson, Sam Taylor-Wood Welcome Daughter Romy Hero

01/25/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Dave M. Benett/Getty

Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson and fiancée Sam Taylor-Wood are celebrating the birth of their baby girl.

Romy Hero was born at home on Wednesday, Jan. 18, in London, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Both mother and daughter are well,” a statement reads.

The couple, who met in 2009 on the set of the artist’s directorial debut, Nowhere Boy, are already parents to daughter Wylda Rae, 18 months.

In 2010, Johnson, 21, told PEOPLE that Taylor-Wood, 44, is “lovely and a fantastic mother.”

The artist is also mom to Jessie, 5, and Angelica, 14, her daughters with ex-husband Jay Jopling.

— Simon Perry

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JM on

that’s a sweet name. the age difference wouldn’t be for me. but they seem happy so more power to them. congrats to the whole family.

Cory on

Gruesome twosome.

Cory on


Shelley on

Wow! She is 43 and he is 21. What he would see in her is beyond me as he could get anyone he wants and a far cry younger than this. She is fugly to boot! Quit having babies at your age fugly lady!

DE on


Heather on

Congrats! Romy’s nice, but in my opinion, when I heard her middle name, I automatically thought “foot-long sandwich”… But congrats nonetheless! I’m sure you’re going to be great parents!

Anna on

ADORE THEM! Congrats

Alexandra on

Wow, Shelley.

Sarah S. on

Congrats to Sam & Aaron, and big sis Wylda! 🙂

Julianna on

Congratulations, Sam and Aaron. I like the first name, very classy and elegant. The middle name, not so much.

Vanessa on

I am honestly disgusted….she could be his mother…im sorry i just don’t get it!

RachelJane on

I love both parts of the name, Hero’s the main female in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. And I really hope Aaron’s hair (colour!) is for a role :S

kbrande8242 on

she could be his mother!! gross!

kjr on

Is that a photo of a mother and her son??? Just saying.

amanda on

Who cares about the age diff, they clearly don’t. Who are we to judge??????? Each to their own

kjc on

I have a hard time seeing what they would have in common. I’m 28, and I can’t see myself dating/marrying/having children with a man who was in his early 20’s. …or a man in his early 40’s for that matter. Oh well, can’t knock it ’til you try it, I suppose.

Congrats on the baby. I think the name is very nice. Good choice!

Ms. Button on

Congrats on pulling off a homebirth after 40. She’s obviously in good shape if she can make that happen. Yeah, she’s a lot older than he is, but props to her. I mean, how often do we see much older men sporting hot, young things and having lotsa babies with them? (Kelsey Grammar immediately springs to mind.) Go cougar mama. You can’t deny she snagged a good one.

JT on

I wish them well -as I would any new parents- but I’m still asking myself: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???

Lula on

I personally do not see a problem with the age difference. I am 29 and my husband is 51. We have been together for 7 happy years and counting, we know some people do not agree with our relationship, but we know that is THEIR problem, and we just worry about our happiness. We should respect everyone’s choices and decisions. Lets be happy that they are happy. That’s all that counts.

Christina on

Really Shelly? How old are you? Beauty isn’t about one’s looks beauty is about the person’s whole being. There is something about her that he fell in love with, her looks may or may not have played a factor. Remember beauty isn’t just about one’s look, it’s about how they treat others, the way they help others, their ideas and more. To judge a woman you don’t know just on her looks and call her fugly shows the beauty or rather lack there of in your heart. I can only hope someday you realize beauty is MORE than skin deep. Remember these to says “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” and “THINK before you speak, don’t speak before you think it keeps you looking like an idiot.”

Cate on

Wow, such nastiness over what should be a happy occasion. Their age difference is their business. If you can’t say something nice why not just scroll on by ?

Lauren on

I thought her ex-husband was Sam Cooper, Lily Allen’s new husband?

torgster on

Age difference who cares it’s their business. My biggest problem is with the selfishness of all these celebs having babies in their mid-forties. I just feel sorry for the kids. I shudder to think of my parents having been in their 50s by the time I started school, senior citizens by high school and of my kids missing out on the joy of their relationships with their grandparents.

mags on

This is why I don’t like cougar they take away all the younger men & all we have left is older one, & I’m freaking 20! Madonna, Demi, J-LO, & now this lady. Please go out with someone you’re age & leave us some guys that we can date.

Anonymous on


jill on

mags….would you really WANT to date that guy? he looks like a porno star. gross!!!

gigimama on

Shelley, Shelley, Shelley, Shelley (said while patting your hand condescendingly). Ugly thoughts, ugly words = ugly heart. You should read the fairy tale “Toads and Diamonds” to determined what drips out of you.


Reesca on

Umm.. is it just me or does she look like the mom from Stephen King’s The Shining?

Ameli on

I really couldn’t care less about their age difference (Not my place anyway & In fact, they’re both pretty hot- when he doesn’t look like that- but I think he makes himself look older for her) but let a WOMAN have 2 kids (hell, even 1) by 21, famous or not, she’s “irresponsible,” “slutty,” “ruined” what have you. Such a double standard!

addie on

Why does she always look so stunned ? Can she smile ?

lyla on

I actually like the middle name – I associate it with Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, the character is sweet and kind and romantic.

Shawna on

I’m sorry but in my mind she is a predator. He was barely turning 19 when they started dating. Yes that is legal age but JUST legal age. And she was 42. It is disturbing. Sorry, but I will judge when I see a middle-aged woman preying on a barely legal adolescent boy.

jurby on

one word: WHO?

Sarah S. on

@jurby…Aaron is a British actor who was in “Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging” a teen film from England featured on Nickelodeon a few years ago. Sam is a British director.

Ella on

Aaron starred in Kick-Ass, which was a really great film by Matthew Vaughn. It came out a year or two ago.

Elisa on

Ashton and Demi just prove how much too much difference of ages does matter… now things are fine, but when he will be 40 she will be 60! besides he was 18 when they started to date! I’m 25 and a guy that old that would be too young for me! people don’t think on the future, specially now that marriages don’t seem to last much long….

RKF on

@Torgster – Your idea of “selfishness” is quite different than my mine. You made a very blanket statement, when there are multiple “grey” areas in having children.

For one, a person would be LUCKY to a wonderful, loving, supportive parent – regardless of age! Since when is a woman in her 40’s too old to have children? How ageist and irrelevant.

Some people don’t get married until they are a bit older, so it’s inevitable they will have children later. So, women in their 20’s and 30’s are the only ones capable of raising children because they’re slightly younger? Selfishness is a parent of ANY age who has children for selfish reasons. Period.

mp on

I congratulate the family, but my concern is that Sam’s cancer will return and Aaron will be raising his daughters alone.

J on

Cate, can you try to do the same with posts you don’t care for as well?

Brooke on

Very sweet name…

If any of you followed this couple, you would know he is mad about her. Despite their age difference, they are wildly in love.

I find it hypocritical, as if this were the other way around, no one would give it a second look.

Valerie Ralph on

Woah @shelley, is it really necessary to be so cruel?

What of it? on

First of all … love the name. Secondly, mad props to Sam. I have no idea who you are but I wish your family much happiness.

Ainsley on

If they love each other enough two have two babies in less than two years, they will be just fine.

emily on

Gigimama you understand condescension and hypocrisy are pretty ugly traits too right?

Mira on

The double standards exemplified on this thread are mind-boggling. I really hope these people stay together and continue defying stupid norms forever.

Also, congrats to Sam on the home birth. Wow! I’m truly impressed.

Finally, Romy is a nice name. I hope it’s a tribute to Romy Schneider. I don’t like Hero, but it’s a middle name, so ok. I like Wylda Rae a whole lot.

Sarah K. on

I don’t have a problem with their age difference per se. I was put off though because he was only 17 when he started working on Kick-Ass (where they met because she was the director). So, to find out they started dating when he turned legal was disturbing. But he is an adult now, so who am I to judge? I wish them the best of luck.

Liz on

They are an odd looking couple. The age difference is huge but doesn’t 100% really bother me per se. It’s more the fact of HIS age in general. He is a boy, a baby really, just out of the teen years. Having two babies with a woman in her 40’s at his age is a bit gross, sorry, it just is. Sounds like some kind of psychological issue with him if you ask me (her too really). If he were 28-30 I would be a bit more accepting.

Janna on

Four daughters? He’s surrounded by estrogen! All the best to them!

Erin on

It looks like the name Hero is slowly but certainly gaining popularity among British celebrities (http://www.namesociology.com/h/hero). Makes me wonder whether American celebrities will follow the trend…

Kat on

umm eww! her fourteen year old prob has more in common with her husband than she does. Its like that 51 year old man who married the teenager! people are soo sick!

Cate on

J- I always do- and I don’t act like a 12 year old. Thanks for the concern.

Mira on

Good points, Sarah K and Liz. I was more put off by the “she’s too old” comments.

Daniella on

Okay, I’m just pointing out something here, but doesn’t practically everyone rail against 18-22 girls who have babies? Yet this guy’s the exact same age & most people on here seem to just overlook that. Quite the double standard there.

And I usually don’t care too much about age differences, but from looking at the babies ages, he had to be REALLY young (like barely legal) when they started dating. Now that’s what creeps me out. I’m the exact same age as this guy (21) & the mere thought of a man 40+ flirting with or dating me or one of my friends just gives me the heeby-jeebies.

And to those who said if it was the other way around, no one would give it a second look. Ummm, no, almost every girl my age calls men (40+) who date college girls our age one thing….perverts. It’s not the age difference per se that gets that response from us, but the fact that we’re SO young (as in barely legal). That’s probably where the term “robbing the cradle” originated from.

Rusty on

Sam is the same age as David Schwimmer, Benicio Del Toro, Neal McDonough and John Henson… I don’t remember anyone calling them selfish for having children at such an advanced age. Nice double standards.

Meg on

I think Sam could do better but from what I can see he’s mad about her. As long as the family’s happy and healthy that’s all that matters and I wish them the best. Very sweet name for the baby.

Corrie on

Congratulations to both of them! I was wondering when this announcement would happen. 🙂

Mamie on

ROFL @ “gruesome twosome!” With that name, she can hang out with Moxie Crimefighter and they can be superheroes, or attend therapy sessions, together.

Mamie on

My husband is 12 years younger than I and most people have NO idea I am older. We have a lot in common, have lots of fun together, he’s a great father and a fantastic provider. We are frequently told that we are a “cute” couple and that our relationship is an inspiration. We are still in love after 13 years and our children are very happy, smart and well-adjusted. Every once in awhile someone comes along and finds out our age difference (because we don’t try to hide it) and, suddenly, they treat us differently, but that says a lot more about them than it does about us.

Having said that, yes, their age difference is a bit out of the norm and might raise some eyebrows, but to each his/her own. I don’t like the middle name Hero, but like the first name, Romy. Let’s not stereotype because of the age difference or call people “cougars.” It doesn’t speak well of YOU who say it.

Steph on

Some souls are just meant to meet and to be together. I love their daughter’s names!

Ali on

I also think it’s slightly odd but I can’t really judge them since I don’t know them. As long as he was LEGAL when they started their relationship it’s ok.

I’m seeing such a strong double standard towards women dating younger men. Men do it ALL THE TIME! Look at almost every Hollywood male star and his partner. There is almost ALWAYS a 10+ year age difference with the male being older and no one even bats an eye. That’s the thing that gets under my skin. I wish that double standard would go away. It’s so unfair!

cécile on

She’s selfish for having a baby in her mid forties?

Funny on how everyone was enthusiastic and thrilled on the Lisa Loeb thread, who at 43 just announced her pregnancy.
It always comes down to this : there are well-liked celebs, who can do nothing wrong (havin kids early/late, dating or marrying partners much younger/older etc..)and there are the others, obviously very low in the popularity contest, who’ll never please anyone.

Regarding the age gap, it’s the same as, let’s say, Trump with his current wife. No one seemed to worry about what they had in common.

RainbowStar on

Aaron Johnson is such a good looking young man and I really like him as an actor..

Is fiance is one lucky women and so are their kids…I hope them every happiness…

I don’t understand the age thing…I always dated older guys…When I was 21 I was dating a 50 year old man…and he looked as good as Aaron does at 21. If I could put a picture up of him ppl would agree…But the bottom line here is that it too each is own..No one can really judge Love…Cause no matter the age…Love is Love…

I wish you both a wonderful life together love each other like it’s your last day…

And spoil your children every chance you two get…^_^

RachelJane on

@Lauren – No, her ex husband is Jay Jopling – but Lily Allen did date him for a bit, which is probably why you’re getting confused.

cécile on

She’s selfish to have a child in her mid 40s??

Well, why was every one in awe of Lisa Loeb, 43, when she announced her pregenancy? Every comment on the thread was all “sugar”, admiration and congrats.

And for the age gap, it’s the same between Bruce Willis and the current wife, Trump and the current wife. Oddlt enough, nobody seemed to worry about what they “can possibly have in common”.

It always comes down to this : some celebs rank high in the popularity contest,and will never do anything wrong. Some others,obviously less liked, will never please the crowd.

kjc on

I think most people’s concern about the age difference stems from the fact that he was still a kid when they got together, and she was a forty year old women. Had he been, say 25, and her 45, I don’t know if it would have been as big an issue. My opinion anyway.

Sam on

Everyone has issues because it’s an older woman with a younger man. No one says anything if it were the reverse — like half the relationships in Hollywood. No one was aghast that Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes or that Kelsey Grammer, Bruce Willis, Tommy Mottola, Steven Tyler, even Sir Paul McCartney’s new wife — they are all 20 years younger, and this is just off the top of my head, I’m sure People’s list would be MUCH more extensive. Quit the hypocrisy. If it’s creepy for a woman to marry a younger man then it should be creepy for a man to marry a younger woman.

gigimama on

Emily ~ Yup.

And then you chided me. It’s like some sort of circle, no?

Holiday on

I find it odd that he was a teen when they go together. Actually disgusting is a better word! And if a man in his 40s went for a teen girl I would think that situation is wrong too. I can just she her getting caught trying to seduce teen boys on “To Catch a Predator”!

ClaireSamsmom on

What a long face she has.

Maddie on

Congrats on another healthy girl!

I thought the age was a little off putting at first, but obviously it doesn’t bother them. They’ve been together for a while now, they must really love each other. Kudos to them.

NickyAngel on

Isn’t Sam’s daughter the same age as Aaron?

anonymous on

Who in the heck are these two???? Never heard of either of them, but they look scary in that photo! And Romy Hero? Both names sound masculine!

Sarah K. on

NickyAngel, the oldest daughter is 7 years younger than Aaron.

JLL on

Excuse me, I need to go throw up now!!!

Amanda K on

Never heard of either of them but congrats. Who cares if she’s having a baby in her mid forties? Since he’s 23 years younger he will be around after she dies, so it’s not like the kids will have nobody.

Jane on

To me every time a woman dates an older man, it perpetuates this sense of wide open freedom that men get to enjoy well into their golden years while older women end up being alone or worrying about being alone. It seems so unfair that men are so valued by our society that we don’t even blink at the idea of some poor young woman being with some crusty old guy (and his old balls) while he gets to enjoy her relatively hot and tight body. It’s not fair.

On top of that, men die earlier than women which means that just dating a man your own age means that you’ll probably spend a good 10 years alone after you’ve spent the five or ten years before that feeding him and changing his diapers. F#&k that! Why is a man’s time treated as so much more valuable? I’d rather be single than be some old guy’s prize. Date women your own age.

Sharon on

I’m assuming most of the ladies condemning the age difference here are women younger than 40. They probably see 40 as just a hop, skip and a jump away from retirement and rocking chairs. Sheesh. Just wait ladies, you will be 40 before you know it and will hopefully realize how immature and judgemental you once were.

rose on

What hateful comments on this board. Just be happy for them and leave it at that. Most of you women wish you were as fertile as her and with a man that good looking. Is that why some of you are all bitter and jealous? You are sterile and your hubby’s dont want you anymore. What is wrong with women today? So miserable with themselves.


Hold up, this pruned face bag got a 21 year old to give her 2 kids? She could stop a clock with that mug and he’s got more sugar in his swag than a Mississippi Plantation!

Kitty Litter on

God help it and call the March of Dimes if that kid looks like momma!

ME on


Her oldest daughter is only seven ears younger than her second husband. Ewwww!

Kara on

Wow some of you are just ridiculous, what difference does age make? Some people don’t like it, then good don’t date someone alot older or younger but others see no problem with it. And Shelley, he’s clearly not a jerk like you who judges people based on their looks. There in love and happy, most of you need to lay off or at least fall in love yourself. Your disgusting.

J on

Kara spare us the illiterate scoldings please.

Paige on

When I first heard that at 19 he was having a baby and engaged to a 40 something year old mother of two, I was plainly shocked and disgusted. I remember him in Snogging movie and in Nowhere Boy, Kick ASS, he looked so young and childish. But now I see that there together with their second child and it doesn’t look weird to me. He seems to have transitioned into the part well, and the fit together nicely. They dont look odd together either. Good luck to them .

asherarara on

whatever it is all the BEST to them.
Nobody know what going to happen tomorrow