Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Debuts New Haircut

01/24/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has gone short — again!

On Sunday, we spotted the 5-year-old with an updated pageboy cut while hanging at the Farmer’s Market in Studio City, Calif. with mom Angelina Jolie and brothers Knox, 3, and Pax, 8.

Considering she let her blonde locks grow to shoulder length recently, we’re not sure what brought on this sudden hair change. But we do think it looks adorable.

TELL US: Have you ever cut your daughter’s hair into a shorter hairstyle?

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Amanda on

I think Shiloh is very pretty, but if I saw her on the streets, I’m not sure if I would recognize if she was a girl or a boy – especially with the outfit choice. I think at 5 they are able to state what they want, so if this is what makes her happy, more power to her. I would never make this choice on my own, but if my daughter wanted it, I would be okay with her having a short crop. I don’t know if I would go this short though.

Ashley on


Anonymous on

Here we go!let the comments begin!!

coco on

I did cut my daughter’s hair once. It had grown almost to her waist and began shedding badly so I had my cousin who is a stylist cut her hair to a shoulder length (obviously not as drastic as Shiloh’s cut) but it was an adjustment nonetheless. It is currently growing back.

I believe in the freedom of expression and feel Shiloh is a gorgeous child who shouldn’t be thrushed into gender stereotypes this young, however, I wouldn’t be able to tell if she was a boy or a girl. But I guess Brad and Angelina don’t care. I would be concerned a bit about Shiloh having an identity issue but hopefully she is a happy, healthy child.

TJ on

Wow is right! 😦

Luci on

@ Anonymous:

Here we go!let the comments begin!!

I thought the same thing when I saw this picture… “THEY” are coming for Angelina!!!!! LOL!!!!

Melissa on

I have never seen a picture of this child dressed remotely female. Even when she was a baby she was in plain pants and plain top, and you could never tell if she was a boy or a girl.

I realize at 5 she can now state what she wants, and from the sounds of it the boyish look is her idea, but I wonder how much of her parents decision to dress her like a boy when she was younger influences this.

She’s a cute kid regardless tho 🙂

jc78 on

She’s 5! Everyone needs to simmer down.

Y on

She looks like a boy…I guess that’s what they want…I am not a fan of short hair on little girls

p on

short hair. long hair. no hair. the child is beautiful.

SadieA on

Cute pixie cut!

Bee on

Poor girl! Her mother must be envious of her good looks so she’s trying to keep her down!

J on

Ok then.

SMiaVS on

Melissa, do a little research. There are plenty of early photos where she’s dressed femininely. The more masculine apparel didn’t show up until her personality did.

Bee on

Poor girl!:( It seems her mom is trying to disguise her beauty, I guess she’s realized that Shiloh will be far more beautiful than she’s ever been…;)

Sara on

Amanda-My thoughts exactly.

Ang on

I think Shiloh wants to be a boy. There I said it. Not a bad thing, merely an observation.

Ali on

Maybe Shiloh IS a boy.

Brooke on

She wants her hair like this, she seems to identify more with a masculine look, so who cares. It is HAIR.

There are a ton of pediatric cancer patients out there that would be very thankful to have that hair.

Lau on

@Melissa: I’m pretty sure I remember a pic of her in Angie’s arms wearing a dress, back when her hair was still long (before she was 2 I think), so that probably had nothing to do with her decision 😉

I love Shiloh and love that she sticks with what she likes. Probably her admiration for her brothers has a lot to do with it. Also, the style suits her well, in my opinion. Though I do think that the best length on her is just a tad longer than this. Still very short, only a little longer.

Also, it’s true that if one crossed her on the street, it wouldn’t be certain if she’s a girl or a boy. But I don’t see the slightest problem in that.

Cali on

I’m guessing Angelina is raising her to have a self-worth that is based on more than just her LOOKS. It kills me that people think how you look is that important. It’s pretty gross.

C Dub on

She looks like a mini Justin Beiber.

showbizmom on

I don’t see what the big deal is, tons and tons of little girls in my Husbands native Korea and other Asian Countries cut their little girls hair short in a similar way. Shall we start talking about those little girls parents and how awful they are for cutting their hair? Its just hair it does tend to grow back. Chill out.

Tiffany on

I am no Angelina and Brad fan, but I do applaud them for allowing their children to express themselves the way they wish. My daughter has been picking her own clothes out since she was 16 months old, and I leave it all up to her. It seems Shiloh is a little tomboy, and it’s so nice that Angelina doesn’t give in to the overwhelming societal pressure to dress a child in a certain way.

And I couldn’t possibly be more appalled at these comments about a child, and one none of you even know, at that. This is all rampant speculation (especially the one about Angelina dressing Shiloh this way on purpose because she is jealous of how pretty Shiloh is.)

Abbe on

my almost 7 year old daughter has hair about the same style/length as shiloh’s and no one questions it. she wanted to cut her hair in the fall when her grandmother died of cancer, and we’ve kept it short since. she likes to show off her earrings and she wears girl clothes, sporty clothes….it really doesn’t matter, does it?

joan on

that’s not an updated page boy. That is a boy’s haircut, plain and simple.

joan on

There are plenty of girl clothes which are not overly feminine which would suit this child just fine. I wonder how much of an influence that her mother has on her.

That is not an updated page boy. That is a boy’s hair cut.

Holiday on

It seems Shiloh is comfortable dressing as what most people consider a boy style. If it makes her happy it should not be a problem and I hope she doesnt have to encounter rude remarks about it! Who knows, maybe it is a stage or maybe she does feel like she is a boy in a girls body but adults need to leave it alone and not be bullies! That is what makes it so hard for gay people including children, all the ignorance and judgement.

Shawna on

That is not an “updated pageboy.” That is a boy cut with bedhead. I will be honest and admit that I think it looks horrible. I also think it is horrible that they are encouraging their daughter to basically try and be a boy. Let the flaming begin!

Vanessa on

I have 2 daughters and I would never have the nerve to cut their hair that short! But that is me…I think a hair cute a bit longer would be better. And I agree with others, this is a “boy” haircut. And those are boy clothes as well. I am sure this is what she likes. Possibly influenced by her older brothers. I wonder if the kids at school make fun of her…

guest on


Sue Patrick on

Who cares? I had a short hair cut when I was a little girl because I had unruly curls that no one wanted to manage. When I got to be 5 or 6, I asked to grow my hair out and was still only allowed to grow it to a bob. Once I could take care of my hair myself, I was allowed to do what I liked with it. Shiloh is a child. If she’s a tomboy, so be it.

Momof3girls on

Little Brad is adorable!!!!

c baker on

this poor child. she is not a cute kid at all. she and knox are not. viv is the only one of their biological children that is cute. all of the adoptive ones are adorable !!!

A, Heilbrunn on

Poor Shiloh, can’t do anything right. Too bad she chickened out a few months back when “Z” got her ears pierced. That would help all the naysayers. How about dressing in all black, like Mommy? Is that bad too?I had boys, but if I had a girl, I would cut it a little bit more girlish, bobbish with bangs. That’s just me.

katie on

Introducing Brad’s son Shane! Just awful, but she is a beautiful child!

Janet on

Another Chaz in the making.

SY on

It’s a hair cut and she’s 5 years old…do we really still live in a world where clothes and hair matter that much? Kids have enough to deal with these days without them having to worry about what others think of them. Also, shouldn’t we be teaching them it’s what’s on the inside that counts? Whether Shiloh wants to dress as a boy or identifies as one should have no bearing on what or how others treat her.

Liz on

I think she looks cute. So what if it looks like a boy’s do’? If its what she wants then more power to her.

I think its great that she is given the freedom to express herself and be who and what she really wants to be. I would hate to be the child of some of you ladies who seem to think there is something terribly wrong with a young girl not wanting to prance around in frilly lace skirts with long curly locks.

I applaud Brad and Angelina for allowing her to be herself and not trying to stifle and force her to be something she is not.

Sarah K. on

I’m more shocked that this is even an article. People “isn’t sure what brought on” this haircut? Huh, maybe she wanted to get a haircut? It isn’t rocket science. Way to take sensationalism to another level, People.

Her parents have said that she prefers to wear her hair short and likes her brothers’ clothing. She may or may not have a gender identity issue. But, chances are that she’s just a 5 yr. old with no concept of society’s ideas of what girls should look like. Why should a small child care what society thinks of her clothes and hair? She has her whole life to worry about that.

Melissa, Shiloh has been photographed wearing dresses on several occasions as a baby. Sorry, you’re just wrong.

Bee, that is crazy. First of all, Shiloh is beautiful regardless of her hair length. Second, Angelina seems to dote on all of her children. Why would you think she’s jealous of them?

mj on

My daughter had a super cute pixie cut when she was 5-6 yrs old, but she was totally girlie. I’ve never understood the need for most mom’s to grow their daughters’ hair long when they’re young. It’s usually a rat’s nest and every girl has the straight bangs long hair deal. I find it unattractive and boring.

I went the Shiloh route when I was a kid – short hair, tomboy clothes and I turned out (relatively) unscathed. Leave the kid alone. It’s her mother that’s the freak!

JM on

Melissa i wish people like you would stop making such ridiculous comments. it is simply not true that they didn’t dress her in ‘girls’ clothes when she was a baby. may i introduce you to google so you can check for yourself before making yourself sound like a moron.

and as for all the sad faces and ignorant comments from several other posters here.
i hope you are proud of yourselves for being the people that make this society just that little bit worse. shiloh is a beautiful girl who no doubt encounters other children when she is at the park/cinema/shops/streets etc. and some of these kids may have parents who are ignorant enough to complain about a girl having a ‘boyish’ haircut or so called ‘boys’ clothes. i hope you are even prouder of yourselves when your children then regurgitate your mindless comments to shiloh and girls who look like her. you are the ones who breed the bullies. children learn narrow-mindedness at home.

my daughter is what i guess would be classed as a tomboy. i know that when some kids in her school made fun of her for liking football, cars and dinosaurs and said she wasn’t a ‘real’ girl and should go and play with the ‘other boys’, i know that their parents are like you. and i wonder whether they are happy that they have created people who bully a 4 year old girl because they have been told that something about her appearance doesn’t fit their narrow view of what is right for a girl.

sad sad people. naming: shawna, bee, tj, ashley and anonymous. do you feel you make a positive contribution to society with your views?

kendrajoi on

I get a Chaz Bono vibe with this kid. I think she’s got that gender-dysmorphic disorder or something.

mekt on

Cute kid, cute hair.

NWatts on

The thing is, I dont even think its Shiloh’s choice, since she was sooo little when Angelina started making her look like a boy. I think Angelina is just determined to have a gay girl, or to make a statement related, and she’s using her first born to do so. Dont under estimate the cleverness of Angelina Jolie. I wonder what she would have done if Shiloh had been born a boy, dress him like a girl maybe… how shocking would that be.

Kat on

seriously… there should not be a debate about this… kids should express who they are and what they want to look like… it creates far less emotional and psychological problems down the line. Also, it creates a much stronger and more free relationship between parents and child. Shiloh is lucky because she is allowed to be the person she is… she knows her parents will support whatever it is she wants to be and whoever she is and she knows she can be honest with them about all that.

Whether she ends up gay, straight, or transexual, whether she always dresses this way or she grows out of this style and develops a more traditional one, she is going to be stronger and more confident in herself and in her parents’ unconditional love.

My own daughter has worn short hair, long hair, and in between. She’s gone through phases of not wanting me to do more than brush it to wanting it up and styled. She’s gone through phases where all she wanted was dresses and skirts and others where it was the opposite. She’s even had days where she wanted to be a boy like her brothers… and I just let her be her… whatever that was that day. Because of that, she is the most confident her she can be.

The other day, she expressed concern that she would be teased if she borrowed her brother’s bakugan lunch bag. Her brothers, father, myself, and I all reassured her that no one would… that boys would just think she was cool for liking bakugans and girls wouldn’t care or also think it was cool. Believe me, kids feel that pressure to think that things are “boy” or “girl” when what really makes something for a boy or for a girl is the person who has it.

Jessie on

I doubt Brad and Angelina forced her to dress boyish, she probably likes it and good for her parents for supporting her. I think she’s adorable, and who cares if you wouldn’t recognize if she was a boy or girl on the streets? Sad that a 5-year-old has more courage than a lot of adults here.

In case people have forgotten, Brad and Angelina have TWO more daughters, one older and one younger than Shiloh. Both dress femininely and maintain feminine hairstyles so the idea that Brad and Angelina are forcing Shiloh to dress masculinely is ridiculous.

Tamara on

This is a for sure a WOW!!! Understand some of the comments that she is 5 and can now voice her opinion about what she wants….Regardless they are the parents and at 5 you can’t allow your child to make decisions for themselves, you can however work with them to make decisions that the both of you can agree on. I don’t think this cute is in anyway a cute for a 5 year old little girl (just a matter of opinion). Have we became so lax in our parenting that we are allowing are kids to parent us????

Cate on

Yes, I cut my 6 year old daughters hair as short as Shilohs one summer-she’s 27 now and still hasn’t forgiven me.

Olivia on

My mother had my sister’s hair cut about that short at around the same age. Sis fought tooth and nail EVERY day to have her hair combed until Mom decided she’d had enough. I’ve been keeping my hair in a pixie cut for over ten years, so I understand if Shiloh prefers having and easy hair cut that stays off her neck.

Jane on

My mom got my hair cut extremely short when I was around 12 and I was constantly mistaken for a boy. Since then my hair has never been that short again.

Carol on

I just watched The View and the report is that Shiloh wants to dress more like her brothers and use her nickname Shaq as her name. Of course the discussion led to gender identity, sexual identity and the sort. She is 5 and I hope that Jolie-Pitt have the sense to talk to their child about these issues in age appropriate language so that they can help her grow into the human being she wants to be. I am sure we will see more on this in the future. I just hope tabloids don’t exploit this little girl.

Liz on

JM- Perfectly said.

I’m stunned at some of the rude, narrow-minded comments on here.

Brooklyn on

Not gonna lie, when I first glanced at the photo I thought it was a little boy…

ClaireSamsmom on

She looks just like her Dad.

Carrie Jo on

It makes me sad that people are so bothered by Shiloh dressing like a boy. If Shiloh is happy and healthy, why does it matter?

Anon on

Whoa! I would have never guessed that was a girl!

Jen on

I am a firm believe that children should be who they are, but I still think it’s a shame that a little girl this gorgeous feels like a boy 😦 Oh I know,that’s not “pc”, but still. Oh well. Even as a boy she looks just like her Dad so will be gorgeous either way! I see future modeling female OR male in her future!

showbizmom on

@NWatts Hate to break it to you sweetheart, but you can’t make a person gay, their born that way. Please save your ignorant comments for the fox news entertainment comment section.

Toya L. on

She is a pretty little girl and looks just like Brad. Some people on here are just sad, sad, sad!!! I don’t have to wonder how children that are bullying/have bullied other children, that have even led to many kids ending their lives, are the way they are, because there are parents just like them right here on this board. I find it hard to believe that the hateful parents on this board are raising well rounded, non judgmental children who get along with other children no matter what their outer appearances are!

Sri on

She looks cute! When my daughter was 6 years old, she wanted to have her hair short like Pink!. So we brought her to the hair salon and had her cut. Her hair was as short as Shiloh’s…maybe even shorter. She loved it. Now that she’s 8, she wanted to grow her hair long. Kids go through phases, people! Furthermore, it’s just hair. No big deal.

ForeverMoore on

Geez, she is 5…definitely old enough to have a say in how she wants to wear her hair. Grown women have hair this short (even shorter – Michelle Williams!) and they looks beautiful. Why should it be any different with a little girl? My 19 month old son has gorgeous brown/blonde hair that curls at the ends…he rocks his curls! I don’t want to cut it just yet but I’ve had people say “oh she is so cute!”…I don’t let it bother me though.

EEK on

Honestly, it’s just not a cute or attractive haircut for a little girl. I bet when Shiloh is older, she is going to look at pictures of herself around this age and ask her parents why they did not try to steer her in a better direction with her fashion and hair choices, especially considering how much better her sisters (and often her brothers) dress. I know she’s just a kid, but she is in the public eye and photographed often, and she will see these pictures and others where she is dressed in ugly, ill fitting clothes and boys’ hand-me-downs. My guess is she won’t be happy at what she sees.

There’s a balance to be had between letting a child express himself or herself and providing some sort of parental guidance. I feel like this kid is getting all of one, none of the other.

Then again, considering Angelina’s natural looks and the money at her disposal, I am often surprised at how badly dressed she is. Maybe she just has no sense of style herself, and thus doesn’t know how to pass it on to her children, either.

Alexandra on

Some of the commentators here are just cruel. Even if she was a Chaz in the making, what’s the prob? Chaz is a great person. There could be worse role models! Stop judging, people.


Give the child (and her parent’s) a break. She has older siblings, 2 of those are boys, maybe she is a tomboy. Trust me…. there is nothing wrong with that and I am sure she will grow into a beautiful feminine woman when the time comes. Until then, let her be a child and she should not even be in the public eye…. thanks media.

ecl on

I have to agree with the many who said that those narrow minded women on here are the ones that are creating tomorrows bullies and just all around thoughtless, unempathetic jerks. I think my favorite comment comes from NWatts : “What would she do if she had a boy? Dress him as a girl for shock value!” Well, since she has THREE boys and doesn’t dress any of them as girls, I think you have your answer.

I also enjoyed the comment on parents should parent. They are parenting! It’s just a different style than yours! And do people passing her on the street have some need to know if she is a girl or boy? Why? It is somehow important to sexualize a 5 year old? Or do you need to know whether to compliment her on sports skills vs shoe choice? Get a grip people! Shows how fragile gender identity really is if you are all so threatened.

stacey on

Another Chaz in the making……I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!Her parents have taken the “let your kids be who they are” a little too far!!!She is going to have a hard time growing up through her school years if she continues this. For a girl, she looks plain awful.

yarr on

This kid is 5. 5 years old. What the hell is wrong with her parents that they let a 5 year old dictate what they want to wear, how to do their hair etc. OH i get letting your child have a say and pick out some clothes but I know that at 5 years old I wanted to wear my galoshes and pj’s everyday and my parents were actual PARENTS and didn’t allow me to do that.

Allowing your kid to have free reign over everything isn’t a good idea. Kids need boundaries. Not to mention the fact that at 5 years old, they might not understand the stigma of dressing as a different gender but if the subject is not discussed by the parents, that poor kid is going to get bullied at school and not understand why.

Parents need to stop being FRIENDS to their kids and start being PARENTS.

go ahead and call my viewpoint “ignorant”–just shows me that you’re a doormat for everyone in your life.

kelly on

I have cut my daughter’s hair short because when it’s long it’s always a mess! The deal is keep it neat and out of your face and you can have it as long as you want. If not, it needs to be shorter so it’s managable. She actually asks for it to be cut to her chin and stacked in the back. She hates the hassle of me brushing her hair and getting after her because she looks a mess. That said, she is the girliest girl I know, adorable and everyone loves her hair!

Daniela on

She looks like a mini brad with the new ‘do. And, to me, even if she dressed in more “girly” clothes she would still look like an adorable little boy to me – it’s more about her features than the clothes that makes me feel that way. Regardless, she’s cute tho!

Anne on

He is the cutest little boy.

Toya L. on

@Janet I have 4 daughters and I would definitely hold my head high if all of them were kind Chaz Bono’s in the making and hold my head down with shame if they turned out to be the most feminine acting and looking, ugly spirited, prejudiced, intolerant to differences, narrow minded females ANY day!!!

Anne on

He’s a cute little boy

Anne on

I love all of the support for this little kids haircut and how everyone hates people being negative and mean. Yet I’m sure you are the same people who bag on Republicans and yet pat yourselves on the back for being so open-minded! Perhaps you should all practice what you preach instead of just using words.

Anne on

I love all of the support for this little kids haircut and how everyone hates people being negative and mean. Yet I’m sure you are the same people who bag on Republicans and yet pat yourselves on the back for being so open-minded! Perhaps you should all practice what you preach instead of just using words. Have a nice day

Ali on

Some of you people make me sick. Your comments are just hurtful, hateful and plain disgusting.

I have an older sister who is gay and we ALWAYS knew she was. She dressed like a boy from the time she was about 3 years old. It was much to my parents dismay. She wanted a short haircut, she wore boyish clothing and she was a rough and tough tomboy. It was never my parents PUSHING her to dress how she dressed or to act how she acted. My parents had me and my other sister (who were both always very girly) and my brother who was very sporty to raise and we all turned out amazingly. My older sister’s sexual identity doesn’t define who she is. It was always IN her. She was always gay. I do believe she was born that way. But, it doesn’t mean anything to us. We love her regardless. She is more successful then any of us and has her own business and has been in a stable, long term relationship for 8 years now. She is a human being.

I mentioned her because Shiloh just reminds me of her so much. I do believe she knows what she is inside and is embracing what she loves and I think she identifies more with boys then girls. That is how my sister was. This is much better then a child being stifled and closed off or not allowed to be who they are.

I have a male friend who is gay that told me how whenever he went to play with dolls or whenever he told his parents he wanted to be put in a dance class he would be yelled at and laughed at. His parents forced him to do things he never liked and he still resents them to this day because of it. I would never want my kids having those feelings about me. I let my three kids do whatever they want to do that makes them happy that doesn’t hurt anyone. My oldest daughter is very girly and takes ballet and never stops singing or dancing. My second daughter is a total tomboy but she still likes dolls and the occassional duet with my older daughter. She has a shorter haircut (it was HER call!) and loves it. My son loves sports, reading and just asked to take hip hop dance class. I support them in what they want to do regardless as long as it’s healthy and non-violent.

People need to just STOP judging other people for how they raise their kids.

Anne on

I love all of the support for this little kids haircut and how everyone hates people being negative and mean. Yet I’m sure you are the same people who bag on Republicans and yet pat yourselves on the back for being so open-minded! Perhaps you should all practice what you preach instead of just using words. Have a nice day

Anne on

Hey Ali – RELAX! Get a beverage or take a nap. You are wound too tight

Sunny on

This child is 5 years old ….. she adores her brothers. So what? She shouldn’t be of interest to anyone except her family. Shame on you for this article!

Delilah on

Angelina wants her to be gay. It would make her more PC to the world so she is encouraging her to look as boyish and act as boyish as she “thinks” she wants.

I am going to get bashed all day long, but kids NEED their parents to parent them. It doesn’t sound like there is a lot of parenting done there. Angelina and Brad just pass it off as another thing they are doing as “ultra-hip” and modern parents.

People need to encourage their children to explore the gender they were born as before shoving homosexuality and androgyny down their throats.

Sierra on

No matter what anyone says about it being a cute hair cut, not a cute hair cut, the child being gender confused, etc.,the truth is that this child WILL have a tough time in school and will most likely be bullied if she continues to dress this way. Of course if they are home schooled or have a tutor or something similar, she obviously won’t be exposed to children they way she would if she were to attend public school.

I’m all for letting your child express herself, but at the same time I think I’d definitely be honest with my child and let them know that they could possibly be made fun of and tormented,because of the way the choose to express themselves. Children are cruel, and no parent wants to see their child being put through hell for being different. Let her wear her hair this short when she’s older. For now, let her be expressive in moderation.

Gigi on

I think it is a very cute cut.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

When my little sister was around 4 or 5 my mum cut her hair short (like Shiloh’s) because she had really thin ratty hair and Mum’s best friend was a hairdresser and suggested it. It worked a treat because now her hair is beautiful, thick and long and she is a now a hairdresser herself. There is method to madness sometimes (not to say short hair is madness!)

Who really cares about how Shiloh dresses or has her hair – it really isn’t any of our business! Especially because Shiloh is a little girl and only in the spotlight because her parents are famous. Comment all you like about Brad and Angelina – they have opened themselves up for those comments, but you should leave their kids out of it!

marina on

For those saying that she is a Chaz Bono in the making, you guys remember that he used to wear pink dress, bows and had long hair when he was little, right?

Bree on

I am NOT a Brad and Angelina fan but I am totally going to defend this one. When I was Shiloh’s age my hair was very fine and very wavy and almost impossible to maintain so my hair was very short, at times shorter than this until I was old enough and interested enough in taking care of it, I was a teenager before my hair was past my shoulders and people still knew I was a girl and saw nothing wrong with the length of my hair, in fact a lot of people thought it was cute. There are days now that I am tempted to go back to the short hair even.

My daughter thankfully has inherited her father’s amazing thick hair and so she will can grow her hair out but if she wants it short like this I am not going to stop her.

Helen on

I think it’s fabulous that Angelina lets Shiloh dress and have her hair the way she likes it!

Mamie on

Has everyone forgotten the mag cover shot introducing Shiloh to the world? Angelina dressed her in goth boy clothes, complete with skulls. Shiloh has had a few photos taken and published in a dress but, in the ones I recall, she was posing with Brad.

Angelina has talked about her own identity crisis and issues with self-hate, cutting herself, etc. She was even in a lesbian relationship for years. Angelina was molested by a friend of her father’s (Jon Voight’s) which was part of the reason for the rift between her and her father (the other part was the way he treated Marcheline Bertrand, Angie’s mother) and she later downplayed her looks and beauty which common self-protective behavior in girls/women who have been molested. Some girls purposely gain weight after a trauma like that just to feel “safer” and less noticable to men.

This is “Shiloh’s” choice because it is Angelina’s choice. I don’t know if she’s subconsciously “protecting” Shiloh because she is beautiful (and in her mind associates that trait with a man’s abuse) or if she is imposing her own fears and traumas of abuse onto Shiloh, so she dresses her in a less feminine way. I’ve known women who did not remember being molested in their young lives until their own daughters reached the same age the mothers were when they were abused…then the memories flood back and they are terrified for their daughters. Whatever the cause for Angie’s choices regarding Shiloh, those choices started in the cradle and were obviously not made by Shiloh.

Julianna on

This is not a pixie cut. It is a boys haircut, styled like a boy, and she always dresses like a boy.

Toya L. on

He’s a cute little boy
– Anne on January 24th, 2012
Yet I’m sure you are the same people who bag on Republicans and yet pat yourselves on the back for being so open-minded!
– Anne on January 24th, 2012
Don’t worry, I’m sure your positive representation of Republicans will make those that you speak of, have a change of heart, so pat yourself on the back and have a nice day!

Christine on

Is there a reason that Shiloh has such a masculine hair cut and dresses like a little boy? The other girls are dressed girly with girly hair…I respect a girl’s right to be a tomboy, but this seems extreme and looks like she is being groomed to dress “trans-gender”. I feel she is too young to demonstrate her sexual preference so why dress her so clearly like a boy?

ClaireSamsmom on

While I am not a Brad or Angelina fan at all, I do think that if this were my little girl and she was adament on having her hair cut short, or wear more boyish clothing and that made her happy…I would have to be okay with that. I would want my child to know that I loved him or her no matter what. My main concern would be that my child felt like Mommy and Daddy were on their side…not against him/her. We all know the world can be a cruel place, so why judge this little girl on how her hair is cut or how she wants to dress. Not really a big deal in the big scheme of things.

Anon on

When we were about 5 and 8, my sister and I decided to be boys for probably a year. We wore t-shirts and those funny little 70s shorts and had our hair cut even shorter than Shiloh’s. Whenever a stranger called us boys we were delighted! lol 🙂 Then we went back to being girly and, bar my sister’s later slight goth stage, we both turned out beautifully 😉

B.J. (the girl) on

It’s a hair cut, one that Shiloh probably chose herself. The rude and insulting remarks of all of the so-called adults on this website are ridiculous. I’ve had short hair like that before, does that make me a target of ridicule?

I’m not even a fan of Brad or Angie, but I like Shiloh. She has a strong sense of self, and if she wants to be boyish in character and appearance? Good for her! And good for Brad and Angie for letting Shiloh be Shiloh! I feel sorry for the children of all the haters on this website, who will clearly never experience UNCONDITIONAL love.

What if YOUR son wanted to wear a princess dress? What if your daughter hates Barbies? Open your minds, girls don’t have to love dresses, fashion, or the color pink.

Lynda M Neider on

She’s a Lesbian. All the clues are there short hair or not!

marlowe on

‘she’s a lesbian’ you say lynda. how amazingly aware you must be. she is five years old and she must be a lesbian because she wants to dress like a boy.

i think you need to check yourself.. you and all of the others who say vile things about shiloh’s parents, shiloh’s sexual orientation, anything negative about these people that are just people like all of us, struggling and trying and making mistakes and getting it right… and ALL of it, they do with the added ‘bonus’ of being in the glare of the media who will not leave them alone.

shame on you all.

alycia on

Most of the comments on here are down right narrow-minded. Its scary to think that some of you are raising children of your own. This is a big problem in our society, people are always trying to press their own values and ideals on others. The Jolie-Pitts are raising their children how they want and don’t have to have yours or anyone else’s approval.

And get a grip, I seriously doubt if Shiloh will ever be teased in school since she’s probably never going to attend a traditional school until she’s goes to college. Stop with you negative and hateful comments and let this child enjoy who she is for the moment. As we all know, children go thru many phases on their journey to adulthood.

REbecca on

Everyone’s making a big deal about a little girl being a tomboy. Just cuz she wants to be like her older brothers when she is a little kid, once she hits puberty then we’ll see whether or not she maintains her ‘masculine’ attitude. People make too much out of nothing, and if she grew up and she was a lesbian, I’m sorry, but there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that. I shouldn’t even have to preface that thought with an apology, but I know I’ll catch flack from a bunch of right wing, bible thumping, “God-fearing” hate mongers.

Get over it. People are gay, and GASP God made them that way too. I believe the most important commandment found in the Book of Matthew is to love God w/everything you are, but the SECOND MOST IMPORTANT commandment would be to love thy neighbor as thyself. It doesn’t specify to only love thy “heterosexual” neighbor. I’m not even religious but I do know a bit about the bible which is often quoted misguidedly to crucify people.

Let Shiloh decide how she wants to look, it’s her life.

Anonymous on

not cute at all!!!

Karen on

What a cute little boy!

Ali on

@ REbecca


Ali on

@ Anne

Why should I relax and “take a nap” when I feel passionate about something and want to express myself about it??? There is a difference about being “wound too tight” and being enthusiastic about something.

Suz on

I don’t see the problem. If she likes a more boyish style, so what? I absolutely prefer this parenting style to a style that allows a preschool girl to wear heels. Inappropriate and bad for the still growing bones.

B.J. (the girl) on

I will add, I am a lesbian, and I have long hair… So short hair is NOT an indication of sexuality, especially in a FIVE year old! How absurd.

scc on

Her hair is perfectly OK. BUT, it’s wrong to give toy machine guns to their son Pax. Which they do.

Kim on

She looks cute and happy. My four kids have all had strong opinions regarding their own hair and clothes since they were around two years old and we’ve always given them the freedom to choose. I always figured if they’re loved, clean, fed and happy then who cares what anybody else thinks. Kids are not dolls for goodness sake, they are PEOPLE~~~young people with thoughts and ideas and opinions of their very own which should be respected. They aren’t little soldiers to be marched around in whatever mommy happens to like.

Kim on

Short hair makes you a lesbian??? LMAO, I can’t wait to tell my husband that I’ve been a lesbian ever since I got a pixie cut last summer!! Who knew, hahahahaha!

J on

Suz, what does that mean, this parenting style? It’s safe to say you are talking about Suri Cruise, so how are Angelina and Katie different when they let their kids do pretty much whatever they want style wise? Or are you saying that you think the parents ARE dressing and styling their kids rather than the kids having a say like others argue here.

Jen on

My youngest sister wanted to be a boy when she was little. Cut all her hair off by herself one day at the age of 4 and would only wear boys clothes (and she had no brothers, only 3 older sisters!). None of the other kids at school messed with her, in fact they all thought she was awesome. And now she’s an amazing 20 year old who does dress like a girl…no harm done by looking like my little brother until she was 12! Kudos to Angie and Brad for letting her look like she wants to!

um on

So, is this a social experiment to see if they can turn her into a lesbian?

alycia on

Sierra, do you really believe that parents shouldn’t allow their children to do certain things because they can possibly be bullied or made fun of. Im sorry but that is not what I want to teach my children. Id much rather have my kids be true to themselves and to have pride in themselves and in their appearance.

It would be a total shame if everyone discouraged their kids from doing things that may get the disapproval of classmates. Kids who join band, honor society and other such academic clubs in school often get teased and bullied by the “in” crowd or popular kids. Should we do away with these activities as well.

And really what makes any of you think this child has an identity/gender issue or will grow up to be gay because she wants her hair short and wants to wear boy clothes. I never wanted to wear dresses when i was 5 either, and sorry but I’m not gay.

Kay Pasa on

Did they want a boy when she was born? What gives?

Imogen on

She’s five does it really matter how she wants to have her hair? When I was that age I preferred to dress like a boy and have a haircut like a boy, it wasn’t a big deal as I got older I became more girly. That might happen to Shiloh or she might choose to have a more masculine look for the rest of her life, I don’t really see how it’s a problem, she doesn’t seem very concerned so I don’t see why you should all be freaking out.

alicejane on

To all you people who claim that Shiloh is going to be bullied by other kids: If she is, it will be by the children with parents like YOU, who think it is strange and wrong for a little girl to want to dress in “masculine” clothes and wear short hair. Your attitudes only perpetrate the problem of bullying. Maybe if you could focus on the fact that Shiloh looks like a pretty happy little kid, instead of her haircut, you could pass that on to your own kids, who then wouldn’t even think to bully someone else.

It’s sad that this is even a debate, Shiloh looks like a sweetheart.

Shannon on

She is still a beautiful child no matter what her mother is trying to do.

Liz on

“She’s a Lesbian. All the clues are there short hair or not!”

– Lynda M Neider on January 24th, 2012

While I highly doubt that you do indeed know that this child is a lesbian I have to ask; So what if she is?

Karia on

Angie doesn’t give one red zip about Shiloh…its just the way I feel. She called her a blob in the beginning and you rarely saw her carry her like she would the other two. The twins she shows more attention to than she ever did Shiloh. I feel sorry for that little girl because she is in an identity crisis. She adopts Pax so quickly after having her and she carried him around and yet not her. Her son with Brad she picks up and pays attention to. Zahara is the one she pays attention to. Mom and me purses she has never tried to dress/make Shiloh look like a girl and they all look like bums most of the time with all her money. She can give it away but those kids look like rag muffins most of the time. She allows them to pick their clothes give me a break folks. They need a little help and you all know it. She has allowed Shiloh to pick clothes for years and the kid is 5 or 6. God help her when she goes to school because kids can be cruel.

Lady on

You people never let me down with the rude, ignorant, insensitive & hurtful comments smh.

While I wouldn’t want my child’s hair that short, she’s not my kid! She still looks adorable nonetheless

Stephanie on

I think there should be a happy medium – a balance between what a small child supposedly wants and parental guidance….. I think the haircut looks horrendous – especially on such a breath-takingly beautiful little girl.

But in the end, I guess if Shiloh is happy and healthy that’s all that matters!

(Will be interesting for sure when those kiddos all grow up and write books about their lives…)

Stephanie on

Awesome post, I totally agree,

Indira on

Lol my best friend is a lesbian and her hair touches her breasts. NEXT. Lets not rush to judgments on a five year old. If she is a tomboy or a transgendered child its no ones business.

tlc on

I was a tomboy at this age too….hated dresses, wanted only pants and t shirts. However, my mom gave me a short hair cut suitable for a girl…this cut isn’t even screams boy to me. But, hey to each their own.

Curious though, I just finished reading this week’s HELLO magazine that features Angelina in a three page spread. She states that VIVIENNE has made her more feminine and more in touch with her girly side. Angelina never mentioned Shiloh at all (or Zee for that matter). Zee dresses very girly but in dark colours most times. Angelina also stated in that article that she never EVER had any pink or purple in the house until Vivi came along and TOLD HER that she wanted pink clothing. I do believe that Angelina DOES let her children dictate what they want…doesn’t make it right, but not my problem.

First we have Suri dressing too girly and now Shiloh not girly enough. Nobody can win!

JM on

and the sad pathetic losers who insult a 5 year old just keep coming.

nwats, tamara, EEK, stacey, yarr, anne, delilah

i can only ask again: do you all feel like you are making a positive contribution to society by being hateful individuals?

you’re not, you are breeding a culture of bullying, i feel sorry for your friends and the kids who go to school with your kids who have heard their mothers bitch like this. i would be ashamed if my children behaved the way you did. but to see adults acting this way is pathetic and sad and you should ashamed of yourselves!

km on

it’s terrible. Still, we have all had a bad haircut. A question tho- does the kid ever smile? she always looks so sour. actually, they all look pretty serious on a regular basis.

Gena on

At 2 my daughter had gorgeous blonde hair down her back but her baby hair was shedding and looked very fly away. I decided to cut it into a chin length bob which was about 7 inches of hair. My husband was very concerned but I am so happy I did that because it was super cute. A few months later I decided to go a step further and give her a very short wedge and EVERYONE just loved it including me. It was summer and it went so well with cute little dresses and short outfits.

Hair grows. If this is what this child wants then more power to her! She is beautiful no matter what.

Kasee on

Ali, I thought what you posted was quite articulate and nice. You sound like a really good mom.

Do you people who say that Shiloh will have a hard time in school realize that it is because their parents taught them that there is only one way to be and if you don’t fit that then you deserve all sorts of verbal and physical abuse and judgment?

I also think its funny that people think being a tomboy = lesbian. There are tomboys who are straight, and there are girly girls who are gay (think Portia de Rossi.)

Kasee on

@Suz, totally agree with you – this is way better than something like Toddlers and Tiaras, which is horrifying.

soph on

Lol…try harder, Toya.

andilea on

You people really need to grow up. This child is 5 years old. SHE IS A TOMBOY!! I was a tomboy until I turned into a teenager. I wore boy clothes and rode boy bikes and played with GI Joes. My mother didn’t envy my good looks, and guess what? I like men! OMG! I love that she is who she wants to be. I admire the fact that Angelina Jolie doesn’t force her to wear what she doesn’t want to wear.

And on the off chance she does turn out to be gay??? It isn’t/won’t be a big deal. I am sure her PARENTS would love her just the same. At the end of the day, who cares what we think.

Cammy on

In the 1970’s as a girl my Mom gave me the same haircut! (I did have bangs). As soon as I was about eight, I did grow it out, and kept it long. It’s cute, practical, so just let her be a kid. It looks like most commenters support her and her parents’ choice to let her be a child, however she wants to be…

Corrie on

The comment about Angelina wanting a gay daughter is stupid. Have you talked to her personally? No? Then you’re being an idiot. I had my hair short for years, and guess what. I’m not a lesbian. And to everyone who is saying “what a cute little boy”,.you are not clever or funny either.

skunknuggets on

I didn’t read all the comments, but maybe one of her siblings cut her hair and this was the best a hair stylist could do to fix it. That happened to a neighbor of mine. Her son cut his sister’s hair and it was so bad they ended up having to do a pixie cut on the girl.

Mya on

As a Mom of a boy who has long curly hair he often requests me to clip back with his “pretty clips” and who chooses to dress in bright pink most of the time.. I applaud Angelina and Brad on allowing their child to also be who she is without interfering and putting labels on her 🙂

Tami on

She is totally adorable, not that it matters in the slightest what she looks like. Kind of appropriate that MLK day is this week – it’s heartwarming to see so many people here judging this little five year old by the content of her character

NWatts, if someone came by your house and forced you to wear clothes from the male section of a store and cut your hair short, would you suddenly morph into a gay woman? No, I didn’t think so. No matter how clever you think Angelina may be, forcibly changing the identity of her child is something neither she or anyone else can do. Even if she wanted to have a gay child to be “trendy” or whatever reason you think, it would be impossible for her to do so except by chance.

And as people have said, Shiloh was wearing dresses up until she was well into the toddler stage. She wore a white dress in the photoshoot introducing Knox and Viv. The boyish haircut didn’t start until she was almost three.

Laura on

Honestly, she’s FIVE. Who cares if she wants a short haircut? I was a complete frilly pink pigtail-sporting girly girl as a child, but my cousin was a total tomboy. Always had a “boy” haircut and lived in a t-shirt and jeans. These days, she’s a beautiful woman who still hardly ever wears dresses but is completely comfortable with herself and her femininity.

If my child were a bully, or unhappy, or struggling with school, I would be concerned. I wouldn’t give a damn what she looked like. It’s just ridiculous to act as if letting your child dress in a more androgynous way is somehow akin to child abuse.

Amanda K on

I think she looks precious! To those of you grown women bashing this innocent child and calling her a boy, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Not only are you making yourselves look bad but you are passing this kind negative influence to your children who will end up bullying some poor classmate. Grow the hell up!

Jen DC on

haha @ BJ: I’m NOT a lesbian, and I have short hair!

I’ve rocked short hair and men’s clothes for reasons other than my sexuality all my life. The primary reason is that short hair takes little to no care and men’s clothes – jeans especially – fit my thighs better.

My parents tried to force me to be more girly, the end result being I avoided traditionally “girly” things through my 20s and ruined a lot of nice clothes in the interim. Now in my late 30s, I still can’t bear make up, but high heels and dresses are part of my wardrobe, as are (still!) men’s jeans and shirts.

I guess my point is this: Shiloh is who she is. Her clothes and haircut aren’t going to MAKE her a lesbian; and since we’re not privy to her inner most thoughts, we don’t actually know what her sexuality is. If I were Brad/Angelina, my thought process would be this: There are other things I actually NEED her to do, such as brush her teeth, not argue with or hit her brothers and sisters. If letting her wear her brothers’ cast-offs and cutting her hair off leave me with two fewer arguments in a household of 6 children, two mega-watt careers and nonstop international travel, hell, give her the clothes and where are the clippers?!

m on

these comments are freaking ridiculous. If you are such a control freak that you can’t even let your kids decide how to cut their hair, I feel incredibly sorry for your children. Even if they do get teased at school, it’s a good lesson in making choices.

I have a lot of expectations for my children but none of them involve forcing them to look like a gender stereotype. As long as its not hateful or offensive, they can wear what they want and cut their hair however they want. some of you are absolutely arrogant and pathetic.

Jen on

Sadly, many of the people commenting on this post are the people that reinforce unfortunate gender stereotypes!

Do you also forbid your sons from playing with dolls and tell your daughters they can’t play with trucks?

What a sad sad group of people many of you are!

Catca on

There are a lot of women Shiloh would see with short pixie cuts. Maybe Shiloh is a Harry Potter fan and saw Hermione Granger with her very short. Michelle Williams, Hayden Panettiere, women on the street. All beautiful and stylish women.

Shiloh asking for a short hair cut does not mean that she has confusion about her gender. Frankly little boys clothes are more comfortable than a lot of the stuff for little girls as well – maybe Shiloh likes these clothes simply because she’s active and likes really comfortable clothes to move around in. She’s a five year old little girl – don’t read so much into this.

Brianna on

Cute! Boy, girl, it doesn’t matter. Let kids be kids, let them enjoy their style, let them be who they want to be. She is 5, it isn’t the time to fight battles over this- she isn’t dressed like a hooker or anything. If it is appropriate and the kid is covered, there is nothing wrong with anything they wear.

When she is older, she may decide to wear feminine things if she wants to or feels forced because others make fun. If not, so be it- she can dress however she wants- her body, her clothes, her hair, he choice! Gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgender- we are all human and we are all who we are. This is a disgusting conversation to have about anyone. Especially a 5 year old CHILD!

Brianna on

Seriously guys? She is a 5 year old girl, and just wants to express herself. She might just be going through a phase, or maybe some day she will want to be a boy. There is nothing wrong with that. As long as she grows up to be a respectful, kindhearted person, it will be successful. I assume, considering how loving her parents are, all of the kids are going to turn out well.

Everyone really needs to leave her alone. You “adults” are insulting a 5 year old girl! You realize, that she is capable of making her own decesions. We have had my 4 year old cousin pegged as a “girly girl” since she was 18 months or so.

Sarah K. on

The sheer number of posters on here claiming Shiloh is a lesbian, transgender, “a cute boy,” etc. is disturbing. First, who cares if she is? But more importantly, she is FIVE years old and you’re ADULTS. What makes you think it’s ok to discuss the sexual orientation of a child you’ve never even met? What if people were discussing your kindergartener’s sexual identity? You wouldn’t be disturbed that anyone would even think about it?

I feel so sorry for children who, in addition to facing society’s rejection, can’t even find acceptance in their own homes. Judging from some of these comments, some of those children might be your own. Shiloh is an incredibly lucky child to have supportive parents who love her regardless of what her hair looks like.

kristan c. on

Well, no matter what, it doesn’t matter if the child says she wants to dress that way. Shiloh isn’t the one buying the clothes or paying for the haircut. Mom and Dad are doing that. At 5 kids can pick what they want out of the gender appropriate attire that is purchased by the parents.

I have a 4 year old boy and he doesn’t say he wants long hair or wants to dress like a girl. I buy his clothes and let him choose from the selection he has. It all comes down to what mom and dad are buying. They are purchasing boy clothes for their little girl, so they obviously want her to be a boy. Nothing wrong with letting them express themselves, but they can do it through the gender appropriate clothes.

Her haircut is straight up boy. I’ll probably be tarred and feathered for what I have said but let boys be boys and girls be girls. A girl can grow up with great self-worth without looking like a boy.

I mean lets be honest here, Angelina says she lets her kids choose how they dress. Well what if thye wanted to go out naked or only in underwear. Would she allow that? I am going to venture a guess, NO. This is not about Shilohs personal choice. There is another agenda or issue at play. There is always another motive for what people do.

S.S. on

My daughter has a haircut like this, maybe a little longer. I think it looks adorable on my daughter, but she dresses very feminine. Even wearing pink and dresses all the time, my daughter gets teased at school by other kids telling her she looks like a boy. She complains all the time that she wants her hair to grow longer again because she hates the teasing. Even though myself and other adults think my daughter’s hair is adorable, I don’t want her to be teased all the time, so I won’t be getting it cut this short again.

If Shiloh wants her hair like this and wants to dress as she does, then fine so be it. If the parents are pushing this on her, then I think it’s wrong.

Makka on

I don’t know which era some of you are living in, but last time I checked…it’s 2012.

When I was a little girl, I did have the long hair and wore feminine clothes, BUT as I grew older I felt that wearing ‘girly’ clothes wasn’t my thing. So I was lucky that my mom didn’t force me to wear clothes that I felt uncomfortable with and she has always accepted my choice in clothing because it’s what made me happy. So what if I was and still am a tomboy? Does it make me less of a person? Like everyone has heard before–true beauty comes from within no matter how attractive or unattractive you are on the outside.

mel on

Wow….so glad that a lot of you don’t come into my house.

I can just imagine the heartattacks that would happen if you saw my 3 year old son dresses up in princess dresses (complete with tiaras and shiny high heels) with 3 of his 4 sisters and then ask for his toenails to be painted, just like his ‘girls.

As for the fourth sister? She likes to dress up like characters from Star Wars or Transformers, depends on her mood.

Do we stress over the fact that only 2 of our daughters like to wear pink, or other gender clothing that are considered stero-typical? Not really.

They are kids. They are having fun and if they would rather wear jeans than a skirt, who am i to stop them.

Has my son run around my house in a dress? Yup. He ADORES his sisters. Why wouldn’t he? He’s in a home dominated by girls.

One of his older sisters hasn’t worn a dress since she was 18 months old. The other? Screams when we suggest pants/shorts.

His own twin? Hates dresses. Our youngest? Doesn’t really care yet (she’s only 2) but she’s leaning more towards the pants over dresses thing.

Am i a bad mother? Nope.

Are my kids comfortable enough in their own bodies to state what they like to wear, despite what others think? Yup.

Are my husband and i totally in love with our children for WHO they are? Damn straight.

People really need to relax. To me, seeing Shiloh displaying her independence through her hair/clothing choices speaks of a child who is well-loved and happy and secure. So she has short hair. Is it causing her physical harm? Pretty sure that hair grows back.

Leave her alone. She’s 5…and i’m almost positive that if someone questioned what your child was wearing, you’d take offence to comments made in your direction like the very ones you are posting.

Shari on

Shiloh has never dressed like a girl. She is five now from what I read in comments. So I hardley believe she has chosen to dress male for so many years. I am guessing the parents have an influence on this. Why did they pick this girl out of the three to dress this way. They have boys.

Maybe she is a boy! Jokes on everyone. I don’t get it! Kind of weird.

Mya on

Kristen I feel bad for your child(ren)

Since Shiloh has older brothers I am sure she wears their hand me downs.

As for shopping? My son will pick a tractor shirt from the boy section but just as excitedly squeal over the pink princess shirt in the girl section. Guess what? I buy both. It’s what he wants to wear.

He can choose from whatever he wants to wear. His wardrobe is very colorful and he’s quite happy with that.

Most of you sound extremely frightening as parents!


Toya L. on

@Soph, hey how are you? Did you enjoy your holidays? I haven’t heard *seen your name* from you in a minute. I hope all has been going well with you.

Ali on

Thanks Kasee!

I think my main point in my post was that Shiloh needs to be accepted for who she is regardless of how she is dressing. She is coming into her identity and her parents are being accepting enough to let her embrace who she is and go with the flow. I love that. I think that is the best approach to parenting. I find stifling a child’s personal choices extremely negative.

I love that my daughter’s are each so different from one another. It actually makes me happy knowing they both have such unique personalities. My younger daughter is content to sit with her father and watch sports. She rough-houses with my son and fits in with all his little boy-friends. Her best friend is a boy. My eldest child is all girl. She is a pink-loving, ballerina who wants to be an actress when she grows up. She loves flowers and dolls and is the complete opposite of my middle child! But, I love that about them! Watching those individual traits, likes/dislikes in them has been monumental for me.

I see so much of myself in my oldest child but I also see my ferocity and competitiveness in my tomboy daughter. It’s pretty cool to me. My son is also totally individual and I have let him do his thing.

I know some parents who actually wouldn’t let their little boys play with their daughter’s dolls or girly toys and my son was always playing with my girl’s toys. I never had a problem with it! Let them be children and discover what they love!

Shiloh may or may not be lesbian or transgender. The point is to love and accept her for who she is regardless. When negativity comes out of yourself aimed at a child of five years old there isn’t something wrong with him/her…there is something wrong with YOU. A grown adult who has internal issues that are unresolved.

What harm is Shiloh dressing up how she does really doing YOU? Really? Think about it.


This poor little girl. If she grows up to be a confused gay we will all know her parents firmly and deliberately put her on the path to it. We all are helpless witnesses.

Mia on

She’s a girl – but has short hair + wears “boy” clothes….she’s 5. Yes- she very pretty girl like a mini-Brad Pitt with her mom’s mouth + I like longer hair better on people in general…but…

I preferred wearing “boys” clothes when I was young too because I had an older brother + they were more comfortable – with better colors.

I bet when she’s 15 – she’ll be wearing dresses + make-up….polar opposite to her 5 year old self now.

Once again – she’s a 5 year old….calm down people.

EEK on

JM, since you called me out, can you point out where I was being “hateful” to Shiloh? Just because I said I didn’t like her haircut? That was more of a comment on her parents then on her, because a 5 year old doesn’t go get her hair cut by herself. You should actually read people’s comments carefully before you post about them.

I think the discussion around gender identity and whether or not Shiloh is a lesbian is a ridiculous one to have about a 5 year old child. 5 year olds have no concept of gender identity, sexual preferences, etc. And if Shiloh turns out to be a lesbian, I really don’t care or think how she dresses has anything to do with it. I’m sure she will have a great life whether she is gay or straight.

To me, Shiloh simply looks like a child whose parents don’t care about her appearance. Stephanie above said it best – she is a beautiful little girl, but it seems like her parents are trying their best to hide it (or let her hide it, which is really the same thing when you are talking about a small child) behind ugly clothes and haircuts.

I am not saying that she should be dressed in the opposite extreme, like the kids on Toddlers and Tiaras – that is also very wrong. I am not even saying that she should be more “girly”, like Suri Cruise. But when a 5 year old clearly makes all of the decisions as to how he or she dresses, what haircut to have, etc., and ends up looking like an 18th century street urchin (which Shiloh does most of the time), someone is not doing their job as a parent.

Let’s put it this way – what if we were talking about food, and Angelina let Shiloh eat nothing but corn dogs and pickles because that’s all she wants to eat? Would we be saying that Shiloh has good parents that let her make her own choices, or would we be saying that her parents are not paying enough attention and giving her enough guidance?

I think taking care of a child’s appearance is a more subtle version of that – it’s fine to take kids’ opinions into account, but give them some guidance, too. Don’t force her to wear dresses, but how hard is it to find NICE clothes that are gender neutral? Why the black, depressing, shapeless schmattas and the prison haircuts?

Madeline on

Honestly how do we not know that Shiloh didn’t cut her own hair or one of her sibling did and it had to be cut this short again to even it out? I remember as a child my sister and I thought it would be great fun to do so and wound up with hair not much longer than this after our mother took us to get it fixed and even if it’s just because she wanted it that short,who cares? It does not concern any of us,as we are not her parents.

Sarah K. on

“Let’s put it this way – what if we were talking about food, and Angelina let Shiloh eat nothing but corn dogs and pickles because that’s all she wants to eat?”

EEK you’re comparing apples and oranges. What Shiloh eats directly affects her health. If her parents let her wear shorts in a blizzard, it would affect her health. But her haircut and the color of her clothes? Nope, doesn’t have any impact on her health. And, she doesn’t seem to be suffering from any mental health problems either. She’s a happy, smiling, 5 yr. old.

Of course parents are supposed to guide you. But, it’s obvious that this is not a battle her parents want to fight. While appearance is clearly important to you, it’s not something they’re focusing on. As long as Shiloh is in clean, weather appropriate clothing, they are dressing her just fine.

Mar on

I did a really horrible, amateur bleach job on my hair in July of 2011 which completely damaged by hair beyond repair. I cut my hair super short and bought a bunch of pills and topical growth aids to help my hair grow fast. The growth aids actually worked and helped me grow 7 1/2 inches of hair since then. But guess what? Last week I went to the hair dresser and decided I missed having short hair. Now I have a cute pixie cut that is only about 2-3 inches long. I love it! I am so glad I had that hair disaster last year or I would have never discovered how much I love short hair. It looks great on me and its very easy to take care of. Moral of the story? I have short hair yet I am a very normal and balanced individual. I am very feminine otherwise.

Loosen up people, its just hair!!!!

Its quite sad that you people put so much of an emphasis on looks. A 5 year old girl shouldn’t care about what she looks like. At this stage of development, all that matters is that she is loved, well cared for, and is developing a strong personality and good character.The only people who will be bullying Shiloh are the children of ignorant people (like some of the commenters on this site) who are raised to be closed-minded and judgmental!

Hayley on

I think she looks totally cute, remind’s me of myself at that age (I wasn’t blessed with her genes though) I had short pixie hair cuts for many years since I just hated my mum brushing it and loved that I could get out of bed and be ready like my brother. I also wore (by choice) mostly boys clothes, would borrow my brothers clothes because they were more practical for the kind of ruff play I preferred.

I grew out of that and wear more feminine clothes (still don’t own a pair of heels) .

Shilo may change her mind as she grows or she may not, as long as she is happy and healthy who cares (or has the right to judge) about her hair and clothing?

Janet on

Yes, my mom gave me a boy cut style when I was like in the 4th grade. It was the silliest thing and my cousins laugh & tease me about it til this day! haha

Mar on


“Let’s put it this way – what if we were talking about food, and Angelina let Shiloh eat nothing but corn dogs and pickles because that’s all she wants to eat? Would we be saying that Shiloh has good parents that let her make her own choices, or would we be saying that her parents are not paying enough attention and giving her enough guidance? I think taking care of a child’s appearance is a more subtle version of that – it’s fine to take kids’ opinions into account, but give them some guidance, too. Don’t force her to wear dresses, but how hard is it to find NICE clothes that are gender neutral? Why the black, depressing, shapeless schmattas and the prison haircuts?”

Letting her choose short hair and boyish clothes is not harming her in any way like eating corn dogs and pickles every day would. That is not a very good analogy.

Its YOUR opinion that her haircut and clothes are ugly. If she were a boy and dressed like that, you wouldn’t say her clothes and hair are ugly. So what’s the real problem here? She is healthy, loved, and well taken care of; why are you putting such a big emphasis on looks? How come people have no problem with mothers who insist on only letting their daughters wear pink and other bright colors, but if Angelina Jolie lets her daughter wear only black she is judged? They are just COLORS on CLOTHES. They are keeping her warm and protected from the weather. They have no other purpose.

Besides, there is no such thing as “female clothes” or “male clothes”. This idea of gender specific clothes, roles, etc are all social constructs; they do NOT exist in nature!

Jane on

Shiloh looks adorable. I had short hair when I was around 9/10. It didn’t harm me at all. People need to relax.

kasia on

is that really shiloh in the picture?

Kiff on

I grew up with very short boy haircut myself because my mum thought it would be easier to look after and looked nice, that didn’t really stop me being mistaken for a boy which was really horrible and I hated every haircut until I started doing dancing and long hair was needed to put up into a bun sort of thing.

I don’t recommend it if your daughter is hating it and telling you this but if Shiloh does want it so be it. I doubt Angelina and Brad are forcing it upon her and she’s at an age she can wear what she wants and knows how she likes her hair.

My daughter is nearly 3 and had lovely blond hair to her shoulders until early one morning I woke up to find her 5 yr old brother had thought her hair was too long and cut it all off (shorter than Shiloh’s!). To say I was angry/upset/despairing was an understatement and am now waiting for it to grow back lol but if she wanted it short later on then I would allow it but let her know the repercussions of this.

Marky on

I know 2 transgendered people, both of which knew they were transgendered by the time they were 4, and told the parents so. Of course, they didn’t use the word “transgendered, they simply said, “I’m not a girl, I am a boy!” and the other said they “know I am a girl”. The first went through a gender change at 20, and the other at an older age. I cannot tell you how hard it was for the older one, who had struggled since “she” was very young to be the male everyone thought her to be. It is much harder for them than it is for those of us who are family and friends.

That being said, I have no idea whether Shiloh is transgendered, or just likes short hair and jeans. Either way, this is not YOUR child and you need to stop being bullies and leave her alone! When she was born, I anxiously awaited the first pictures, and she was dressed in very feminine white clothes as were Brad and Angie. No skulls or anything like that.

Truthfully, many people enjoy their children a bit more as they grow older, and think of them as being precious, but not so much fun until they are a little older, especially when they already have an older child and didn’t go through the tiny baby phase with the first one.

You are so accusatory without having any real knowledge of what the truth is. I had a harder time with my first baby and it turned out that part of that was PPD, which affected how I viewed everything about my baby until I recovered after the first few months. If I had been honest, I did a great job taking care of the baby, but had a hard time really relating initially.

Shiloh looks adorable, and her hair doesn’t look like a boy’s. One of my daughter’s had her hair cut like that because she got sick of always having to comb it, fix it ,etc. When she was older, her hair was very long, but if she had kept it short, so what? Yes, I paid for it, but it was what she wanted and cried all the time for. Their child, their rules! Leave them, and Shiloh alone, pleeeeeze!!! Some of you should be sooo ashamed!

Discusted on

First of all a 5 yr old shouldn’t be making any decisions on her appearance she’s 5 and if you let your kids run you like that you have problems!! She cannot decide if she wants to be a tom boy or what not at the age of 5!! She should be out playing sports or ballet!! Not worrying about if she wants to be a boy or a girl humm I find something wrong there!!

& for the person that commented that maybe her hair was to long to manage so they cut it, if your childs hair is to long to manage then ur lazy!! my kids have always had long hair!! its called conditioner & add some layers & use some no more tangles.. I am not saying you have to have long hair but there is something wrong when you cannot tell if the child is a boy or a girl hummm! & the child is going to do what ever mommy or daddy says looks cute!! so I doubt Shilo said Mommy please cut my hair all off give me a break!! Angie’s hair is long HELLO!!

Kresta on

I don’t care if Shiloh has a short haircut. It’s practical and she obviously likes it short. It’s just not very well cut. It looks like a quick cut that a mother would give her child at home. I am sure that Brad and Angie can afford for a very qualified hairdresser to style Shiloh’s hair better.

Daisy on

Why would Angelina be behind Shiloh’s “boyishness” but “allow” Vivienne and Zahara to be very feminine?? I always take time to look at pictures of this family because I think the kids are all adorable and it’s quite clear that Shiloh is happy to be styled more towards the boyish side of things. I think it’s great that Angelina and Brad let her wear what she wants. Going by the comments here, I’m sure there are lot of kids who wish they were so lucky.

i need a name on


Laura on

She looks like John F Kennedy in this photo!!

coco on

we cut our daughters hair very short, into a pixie. She was a puller and twister and the hair broke off causing bald spots. When the stylist explained to her why her hair was being cut she stopped pulling. TOday she has shoulder length beautiful hair!

mom of 3 boys on

I am a 46 yr old mother of 3 boys….. I grew up playing sports,all of them, I had only one baby doll and one barbie(cher)doll. I rode my bike and skateboard, did jumps and tricks on them, I played softball from the 3 grade until the summer after I graduated high school, the only sport I did not play was soccer, we did not have a team, if I could have played football I would have. Once I was driving my dad made sure that I could do just about any kind of work on my car, I can cook just about anything, sew anyting I want.. I dated several GUYS during school and after and then I married a MAN and now 19 yrs later I have three BOYS. AND I AM ALL WOMEN!!!!! I wore my hair long and short, I mostly wore jeans, sweats, t-shirts throughout my school years, had a few dresses but not many utnil I started working and then I wore dresses and dress slacks.

The point I am making is that it doesn’t matter how Shiloh, or any child for that matter, wears her hair and dresses, if she likes the way she looks more power to her !! IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT SHE IS OR WILL HAVE AN IDENTITY CRISIS !! DOES NOT MEAN THAT SHE WILL GROW UP TRANS-GENDER OR WANT A SEX CHANGE BECAUSE SHE “THINKS” SHE’S MALE !!! ALL IT MEANS IS THAT SHE IS A “TOM-BOY” AND NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT !!!! Her parents, like mine, let her make her choices and because of that she will grow up into a strong mind and willed child and adult, one who knows what she wants in life and not afraid to do it !!!!

michelle on

Perhaps this is the child’s way of stating that she identities with and prefers her fathers company.

michelle on

This is simply Shiloh’s statement that she identifies with and prefers her father

RainbowStar on

This little girl is going to come out…^_^

Allyson on

She looks like a boy, and I think it’s by design.

nikkigurlz on

who would’ve guessed that a beautiful woman and an over-rated-on-the-look man would make such a not-good-looking baby! she’s not ugly, she is just not pretty PERIOD! and it doesn’t help that she don’t even look like a girl!

Clare on

She is doing her thing. When I was that age, I played with male cousins, and brothers.. My mom got tired of pulling things out of my long, so I got a short hair cut…….

Diana on

*** We don’t know these people however I did have this cut as a child but only because my sister cut my hair when she found scissors leaving my mom to have to get the rest cut….That being said, when Angie just had Shiloh she only called her the blob…She said herself it was hard for her to connect with Shiloh since she had only adopted kids before…It was a TV interview just not sure with who…..

Amy on

I don’t understand why people say Shiloh is so pretty, because she’s not! She’s the ugliest celebrity child I have ever seen. I know it’s not nice to say such things about a child, but it’s true! Her cheeks and chin are too wide, and her mouth looks like she got a fat lip. Only celebrity children who are almost as ugly are Honor Warren and Adam Sandler’s daughter!

JMQuinn on

She looks like a mini Michelle Williams! Maybe the Jolie-Pitt’s don’t attach a “gender” to hair length. Brad’s hair goes from long to short to long again on a regular basis.

s on

I can’t believe how awful some of these comments are. This is a 5 year old child. Just because an online magazine article wants us to judge her, doesn’t mean we have to.

Honestly, it’s no wonder some children are bullies…look at the so called adults making comments on here.

Regardless how you feel about her parents, SHE is a child!!!!

D. Carter on

What a shame-and I don’t mean the hair cut. A little girl looks cute with long hair or short hair or anything in between. What’s sad is that you never see this little girl DRESSED like a little girl.

I truly believe these Hollywood creeps are trying to make this little girl boyish. Stop trying to rear your little girl to be gay and then scream “she was born that way”.

Anna on

Shilloh and Viv look so much like Brad. Just Knox is Angelina’s mini me but girls look nothing like her

Veronica on

Is really hard to believe that both parents seems to be proud they are encouraging her girl to be a lesbian…is not that Im against lesbians, I know they want their children to be free, and they want everybody think they are cool, but I think they are very stupid, we all know that parents should be a guide, not let them do whatever they want…they will regret they raise them sooo bad…

Angel on

Why do they insist on making this child look so unhappy and like a boy. All the other kids do not have to go through this transformation.

AH on

Angelina’s been quoted more than once as saying she lets her children decide what they like to wear and play with, so long as it’s safe. Given that, Shiloh has always chosen a more ‘boyish’ look. Neckties, sportcoats, etc. as well as more boy-type toys.

I applaud them for letting her be HER, rather than what the ‘norm’ is supposed to be. If she grows up lesbian, no one will be surprised. But she’ll grow up comfortable with herself. Good for all of them.

Jorja on

When I was her age I was a tomboy and while my hair was long I never brushed it or careed about it. In old pics, my hair looks like a rats nest. But I still always had a big smile on my face, having fun, and thats all that counts…those are the memories.

Besides if she is a tomboy, maybe the long hair gets in her way or in her eyes especially if she is running around sweating and playing sports. Or maybe her parents did it because she wasnt taking care of it and it was too hard to manage…tangles and mud can be a bytch to get out lol.

mabel on

Well said Tiffany….I think first that girls a taught very young that they have to look pretty all the time. I think it is great that they are letting their kids dress the way they want. Anyone who has kids know that they can start deciding these things and having an opinion at a very young age, right down to their socks!

My daughter went through a phase when she wanted to be a boy…don’t blame her. Being female can be tough. But if Shiloh feels like a boy inside and they are letting her express that, good for them, and for Shiloh. If she didn’t want her hair cut short, she definitely would have said so.

kasia on

is this really Shiloh?

Jill on

My 5 year old daughter just got a very short haircut and it’s adorable!

I have always loved very short hair on little girls. But they have to have a finer features like my daughter does. She ended up with this haircut because one day she found my scissors and gave herself a haircut, chopping all of it at the crown. So I had to take her to the salon and get it fixed, which resulted in the short cut. Anyway, I have to admit, I was happy to have an excuse to cut it very short as she never would have agreed to it otherwise.

I think it’s so important to let people be who they are, they will be happier in themselves and in their lives and in turn, spread kindness and empathy to the world around them instead of bitterness and misery.

I have 4 daughters and one thing that is always said about each of them is that they are kind to other people, and that is what I am most proud of. I don’t care if they are lesbian, trans-gender, whatever. They are beautiful, I am so grateful to have them and all I want for their lives is for them to be happy and proud of themselves.

s on

Honestly, what is wrong with these people and their hateful comments? I honestly don’t get where adults judge a child so harshly or anyone for that matter.

Some people just can’t handle anything outside their box of “normal”.

Please teach your children to be more compassionate and understanding.

meme on

my four year old daughter has shorter hair at the moment. she cut it herself, and the only way we could correct it was to cut it very short.

Maybe that is the case with Shiloh, or she just likes her hair short. I I know my daughter loves her hair as it is now. who cares? she is just a child, and the fact that my daughter thinks her choppy, uneven hair looks beautiful, is all that matters.

I love the fact that she is too young, to realize, that society would consider her hair unattractive. I hope she always keeps this confidence….but sadly she probably won’t . No doubt down the road, society and tbe media will dictate to her what is considered attractive.

Let Shiloh be a confiendent, innocent child, and love herself regardless of how others view her hair style.

Rachel on

I think Shiloh ‘s hair is cute…I like it.

Anonymous on

It’s just a haircut, and she’s just a kid. I’m 50 years old and I had the same pixie-cut in 1968 and I loved it.

angie on

I think Shiloh was/is a beautiful little girl. I also think that her mother is a psycho. It seems she has a child of every ethnic, and culture which is great, if you are doing it for the right reasons. Now I think she wants to turn her little girl into a boy. Does she think she will end up having a child that is gay in order to prove a point to society.

Nikkie on

I’m not a big fan of this family anyway, but I do agree that the child is beautiful whether her hair is long or short, or if she’s dressed more feminine or masculine.

My recently turned 2 year old daughter has blonder hair than Shiloh and it’s very short. Not our choice, it just hasn’t grown in. And, she’s in dresses and/or girly clothes 6 days out of 7, has her ears pierced and often has a bow or headband. People still call her a boy…most folks just need to be more observant. And, the thing that really matters is whether or not the child is happy and she certainly appears to be.

angie on

The haircut is not the problem. IT’S THE MOTHER!!

anonomanus on

She, “he’ is very cute.. Why can’t they let her look like a girl ???

Ang on

Shiloh looks so much like her grandfather, Jon Voight! 🙂

JM on

Veronica you are a very sad individual, what century are you living in? you can’t ‘encourage’ someone to become a lesbian. just like you can’t encourage someone to grow a third ear.

please please educate yourself beyond a primary school level and stop sounding so ignorant.

IF shiloh does turn out to be a lesbian (so far we are basing that on her hair and clothes right? yeah? just checking the level of psycho some people are displaying in this thread), then why the hell shouldn’t her parents be proud of her?

so sad to see this thread filling up with more and more bullies. i dare you to say anything like that to a mum like me with a daughter who seems to have a lot in common with shiloh.

J Bird on

Hmmmm. So what’s the problem exactly? Would I ever cut my daughter’s (if I ever had a daughter) hair this short? Probably not. But there is a lot of girls in Asia who cut their hair this way. I don’t think it looks so bad.

As far as “encourage her to be a lesbian”. Uh, clearly you need to educate yourself outside of your conservative little brain. I was never “encouraged” to be bi-sexual, I just am. Besides, she is FIVE. That’s it. Five. Even if she does grow up & announces she is lesbian, so what.

It is just hair. It will grow back. Geez.

angie on

Wish I could agree with you, but I don’t. I think you can encourage your child to be anything, including a lesbian! It dosen’t mean she will turn out to be one, but to instill those traits into a child is definately possible. She will hopefully learn to make her own choices in life.

Bancie1031 on

WOW!!!! Just for the record that wow isn’t about the haircut but rather for the comments that I couldn’t stomach to read 😦

Shiloh IS a beautiful little GIRL!!!! If boys can have long hair why can’t girls have short hair?

Angelina dresses Vi and Z like little girls so I don’t understand why people think she’s intentionally trying to make Shiloh look like a little boy. I’ve seen some comments where it was stated that Angie has made Shiloh look like a boy since the cradle and that just IS NOT so …. A few posters (myself included) have posted links in previous posts showing Shi in plenty of dresses when she was younger, she has taken to dressing this way when she was old enough to voice her own opinion.

If this is what makes Shiloh happy then so be it! Good for Angelina and Brad for letting her be an individual and make her own decisions instead of making her look and dress the way society says she should!!!!!!

Just My Opinion on

Can you say “adult bullies” with some of these comments.

Bancie1031 on

JM – I agree with you!!! Very nicely said!

J on

I wouldn’t exactly call it bullying Just My Opinion but some of the comments are pretty harsh.

HighwayMiles on

My daughter decided to get her hair cut short last year and she loved it that way. She never had to deal with knots, no fighting to manage her cowlicks and she was one of the only girls in her class who didn’t get lice that year! I was actually sorry she decided to grow it out again, but that’s how she is. Bangs to no bangs, short to long. She changes her hairstyle constantly.

Amy on

While I don’t like Brad and Angelina, just because Shiloh dresses in that way does not in anyway mean she will be transgender, etc. She’s 5! Lots of girls are tomboys when they are little, I was one. I have a niece that dressed in boys clothes up into high school. She doesn’t anymore and is 23. Kids go through phases, it doesn’t have to be all that people are making it out to be. Let her enjoy her childhood.

Sarah K. on

It’s obvious nothing will convince the uneducated, illogical posters that there is no proof that Angie (apparently Brad gets a free pass) is forcing her child to be gay. There must be some grand conspiracy to prove some point about gay people to the world through their child ::sarcasm::. What would they be trying to prove, by the way? They believe people are born gay!

Angie has said that Shiloh had sobbed earlier that she wanted short hair and that she wasn’t going to refuse her based on what other people thought. What would her explanation be? You can’t have short hair because you’re a girl? Right…I don’t think so. Shiloh’s happiness is her main priority – not bigoted strangers who she’s never even met.

Liz on

While the majority of these cruel comments on here had been making me shake my head in disbelief they are honestly beginning to make me laugh.

I think it is hilarious that so many of you people think that they are making Shiloh “become” a lesbian. Hello!!! You don’t become a lesbian. You are born that way.

I think it is hilarious that so many think Shiloh must have “gender identity issues”. She is a 5 year old child. She is a tomboy. She enjoys wearing boyish clothes. She doesn’t want to wear dresses. So what? I honestly doubt she is is telling her mom that she wishes she had a penis.

I think it is hilarious that so many of you think there is something wrong with a girl having a super short hair cut or going so far as to say that it is “lazy” on the parents part to cut a girl’s hair. There is nothing wrong with Shiloh having a cropped do’. If that is how she wants to have her hair cut, so be it.

I think it is hilarious that you think Angelina and Brad wanted her to be a boy and are now trying to make her be a boy. That is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard!

I think it is hilarious that society hasn’t progressed enough in that there are still so many cruel, narrow-minded people out there. The harsh things that some of you say are stunning. The mind sets that some of you have are throw-backs to years gone way by that I thought we had learned and grown from. I feel sorry for the children belonging to every single one of you. What a shame to have a parent who doesn’t believe in letting a child express themselves and be who they are.

-“Oh no, my daughter can’t dress like a boy! It’ll make me look bad around all the other granola moms at the country club!”

ecl on

God! I wish some of you people would stop pushing sexuality on your poor, little, innocent children. Why are you forcing them to wear clothing that clearly will make them heterosexual? I worry they will grow up with issues like being as narrow minded and judgmental as you all are. Quit pushing your own heteronormative agenda on your kids!

Ashley on

What a photo. Considering Shiloh was one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen, this is something else! Definitely not an attractive photo of her, no matter how you slice it!

Liz on

Why are they trying to make this cute little girl look like a boy? this does not look good on her!

Jennifer on

She’s 5. It’s nice to know mothers of children are judging a 5 year old based on her haircut. Makes me wonder where bullies end up getting it from.

showbizmom on

Really people? You really believe that you can make a person gay?

For you Straight folks out there that believe that, imagine your parents having a set of best friends who happen to have a nerdy little boy named Paul, whom they think will be perfect for you one day. So they encourage you to befriend him and push this for years and years. Oddly enough, Paul isn’t your type, why? Just because he’s not. You’re into Tall redheaded men that are athletic and not into Star Wars. Is that bad? Nope, just what you prefer, no matter what your parents did to encourage that relationship with Paul, you know it’s not going to happen because you know YOURSELF and what you like and don’t like in a mate.

Point, is you can’t force sexuality on anyone! I got this my whole life, having two dads, everyone was convinced I would turn out to be a lesbian. Here I am married to my amazing husband expecting my third child. Not that they pushed anything on me, becasue like most smart people and lady GaGa we know that people that are gay, straight, Asexual or just Nerdy, are in fact born that way!

JM on

angie, what even tiny evidence is there that angie (as others have pointed out brad is obviously not at all involved in these accusations) is trying to ‘make her daughter gay’. i still not accept that premise by the way.

and why shiloh. her other two daughters regularly dress in a very ‘girly’ way. and her boys in ‘boyish’ ways. (i hate even defining clothes like that).

if they really have this absurd agenda then why just with shiloh? honestly some whack jobs on here are unbelievable.

NikNak on

If you agree that children should be allowed to express themselves through clothes and hairstyles, then you should be fine with this. Her parents have stated time and time again that this is what Shiloh wants. She wants to be called “John” and she wants to dress like a boy.

If you feel that young children don’t know any better and need to be guided in the world about the appropriate way to dress, then obviously you are not fine with this, but I think we can agree that every parent has their own ideals on how a child should be raised.

As long as Shiloh is not on the street wreaking havoc and grows up to be a caring person who respects others, I personally don’t think we should be forcing our views on how a child should be raised onto these people we don’t know personally.

True on

I remember as a child, growing up with brothers, I was also a tomboy and I remember my mom putting me in dresses and me taking it off as soon as possible. It’s usually a phase most little girls grow out of.

Even if the child wants short hair, I would think twice about cutting it that short. As a parent, why would you allow your child to look freakish and dress her like a boy? As a parent, you must guide your children.

kristan c. on

Can you read? In my post, I said nothing about that child being gay. I wouldn’t make a comment about a childs sexual orientation.

I said the parents are basically responsible for how she is dressing. I am a great parent and my son is happy, healthy, and well cared for. He picks what he wants based on what I buy for him. He is a boy and should wear boy clothes. That is my view and shouldn’t be attacked for thinking boys should dress and look like boys and girls should dress and look like girls. Especially at the age of 5.

If when they are older, then they can choose what to wear, but at 5 parents should be the parent and choose for the kid. Kids don’t know what is appropriate and what isn’t. They would be happy to go out and play in underwear, but that doesn’t mean as a parent that you let them.

Think about the seriousness of letting a child make all these decisions for themselves. The parent now loses all control over everything. When that child reaches the teen years, she is going to experiment with everything under the sun, because she never had any appropriate upbringing. As someone else said, parents need to be parents and stop trying to be their childs friend.

Sarah K. on

Kristan C. (and others), just because you think boys and girls should look a certain way doesn’t mean you’re right or that all other parents agree with you.

Who says Brad/Angie will lose control “over everything”? Their children have always been dressed in clean, weather-appropriate clothes. How is that a loss of control? It’s just that YOU don’t like the color/style. That’s your personal preference, but it doesn’t mean Shiloh isn’t being parented well.

Learn the difference between WANT and NEED. A child needs clean, comfortable, weather appropriate clothing. Everything else is personal taste. You don’t have to like it.

Hea on

Shiloh is a person who will, in time, grow up and start figuring things out. Leave the kid alone to grow up and mature in peace. I am sure that it will all work out OK no matter what. Do not be mean to an innocent child. I am sure that your precious Gods, if you have any, will hate the lot of you if you are.

proud mom on

I have a physically beautiful, incredibly bright, kind, creative and emotionally mature 9 year old daughter who I like to call “feminine averse”.

She has never liked pink or dresses (although she begrudgingly wears them to church as long as she has some mutually agreed upon studded boots, etc., to wear with them.) She has grown her hair long only in order to donate it twice when she cut it off above the shoulders. She prefers to wear black – Converse tennis shoes, 1980s concert t-shirts, etc., and I love that she is so unique.

I am surprised by the occasional “what’s with her?” type comment from people who think she should be more girly, but I couldn’t be prouder!

As far as celebs go, who cares what they do? They’re strangers to us. I’ve got plenty to worry about in my own life!

megan on

I think short hair on little girls looks super cute…WAY better than what you usually see..stringy hair hanging in their face. NOW…the outfit is another story. What a terrible outfit, all of these kids look terrible. Anytime they are pictured they are dressed like bums.

Great hair, bad outfit!

Marina LaRocca on

I see Chaz Bono all over again. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Beautiful Mother and a daughter who feels she can never ‘live up” to her mother’s looks/reputation.

kristan c. on

@Sarah K.
It does mean that I am right. Just because you think the way you do, doesn’t mean that you are right. If she was meant to be a boy, she would have been born a boy, but she wasn’t. She was born a girl and should therefore look like a girl.

There is nothing wrong with feeling that way. I guarantee that 95% of every parent feels that way. Yes kids need the appropriate weather clothing, that is clean, but that can be accomplished in gender specific clothing. That’s fine if you think it is okay to dress a girl like a boy or a boy like a girl, but I don’t.

And I still feel as if it comes down to inadequate parenting. As a parent you cannot let your child make all the decisions about what they wear or how they look. At 5 (I’ll say it again, at 5) they do not have the capacity to know what is appropriate. That is why as a parent you have to guide your child(ren) into what is correct and appropriate.

Sandy on

AWWWWW she’s so cute! Amazed at how passionate people get about this subject.

As a person who studied child development in college I can tell you that a young five year old wanting to dress like a boy because she wants to be like her brothers is okay. She is only expressing herself and being who she wants to be. Does not mean she is going to be a cross dresser or a lesbian. I don’t think she will ever be the girly girl type but who knows?!! There are many women who prefer short hair and jeans & t-shirts. NO big deal.

She is only five years old! My daughter at age three pretended to be a kitty for almost a whole year before she out grew that and moved on to a wolf!

True on

I agree with kristan c. A parent needs to set guidelines. Most children would run around naked if they could, that doesn’t mean that you let them. I personally think that Shiloh is wearing her brother’s hand me down clothes. At least buy her some cute tops to wear with her pants.

showbizmom on

@Marina LaRocca
Please go read about what it means to be transgendered. Chaz is Chaz because of how he was born, not because of Cher’s beauty and fame.

True on

I’m kind of wondering why they put Zahara in very stylish clothes and even gave her hair extensions and they put Shiloh in ugly clothes and gave her a boy’s haircut. I don’t get it.

maryann on

She looks like Chaz Bono,only younger…as Lady Gaga sings….born this way…..she only wore dresses when she was younger because her Mom dressed her…now she’s into her own person and the way she wants to be…to each their own and you can see it’s not a choice if you’re born in the wrong body…Yay Shiloh

Whitney on

It’s only hair!!!

Hea on

@ – proud mom

Forgive me if this is too personal but why does your daughter have to wear dresses to church if she doesn’t want to?

Anonymous on

I admire Brad and Angelina but letting their daughter looks like a boy is absolutely absurd. They should mold her into what she really is.She is too young choose what she wants to be. It’s the responsibility of parents to guide their children not to introduce them to what they want them to be.

T on

She looks like Brad’s mom….

e on

I had a super short hair cut until I started the first grade. I had no say about it. Nor did I have a say about the perm that plagued my existence from age 8 til 12!

I spent 12-15 wearing my older brother’s oversized shirts and baggy shorts with a very short bob, and 2 years later I was wearing 50s dresses and cat-eye glasses with long curls. Still to this day (mid-30s), I WISH I had a boy’s body (tall, slim hips) because I love how clothes look on skinny guys. Does that mean I want to be male? Nope! Happily married to a man with baby #2 on the way.

Bec on

Get over her short hair, which does not automatically mean she’s transgendered! Stop being so ignorant, it’s just rude and quite weird

mary jane on

Children should be able to make clothing and appearance decisions when they have reached the age of reason. Isn’t that age 7?
She has always looked like a male child and her poor decisions are encouraged by her parents. Have THEY reached the age of reason???????????????

Sarah K. on

“Just because you think the way you do, doesn’t mean that you are right.”

Kristan C, that’s my point exactly. No one on the face of this planet has all of the answers or the formula to raising perfect children. Who even decides what is boy v. girl clothing? Shiloh is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The only thing that makes it “boy clothing” is the color.

You feel that Brad/Angie are “inadequate” parents simply because you don’t like the clothes their child is wearing? Inadequate parents are those who deprive their children of food, clothing, shelter, and love.

And, once again, what makes you think they’re letting their kids do whatever they want? The only freedom we’ve seen so far is style choice. That’s not exactly evidence that the kids are running around wild. It’s called picking your battles. And style is obviously not something they’re choosing to focus on.

Of course, it’s not wrong to dress your girl in dresses and I never said it was. I wore dresses as a child, so I have no problems with it. But I also don’t accuse people of being inadequate parents just because I don’t think their daughter wears enough pink. Sorry to sound harsh, but get a clue as to what real inadequate parenting is.

DD on

Kind of sad when the adults in the room are the bullies.

So many mean kids these days and they clearly get it from their parents.

BEC on

In a few years from now, we will all see that what Chaz Bono said is absolutely true. My sister was the same way as a child and she is openly gay. I love my sister, gay or straight. Go Shiloh!!

Mar on

I 100% agree with Sarah K! We don’t know ANYTHING about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s parenting style. The way they allow their children to dress is not in any way reflective of how lenient or strict they are as parents. All 6 children seem very happy, healthy, and normal to me. As long as the children are being guided in the right direction in terms of health and education, I don’t see the problem.

Clothes are just clothes. ALL clothes are gender neutral whether you like it or not. Once upon a time, all humans were naked. Once clothes started being fabricated, men and women both wore the same exact things! Its not until society evolved much further that people started assigning color or designs to sex. Gender specific things do not exist in nature. Gender itself doesn’t exist either. Sex is our biological makeup, but gender is what we CHOOSE to identify as. There is no such thing as “feminine” and “masculine”. That is just how we are conditioned by society.

Don’t believe me? Go to college and educate yourself. Sociology 101 is a class that almost all college freshman are obligated to take.

Katie824 on

SMiaVS: You realize those pictures were all taken at the same time, right? So even though there are a lot of them, it doesn’t really count since it’s all from the same outing. And also she may have been in a dress but it was very plain and white. There are very few pictures of her dressed femininely even when she was much younger. If she is in a dress it is almost always extremely basic and either white or black…no cute patterns or colors. I have even seen pictures of her when she was much younger wearing clothes that are clearly masculine.

Mar on

When I have children, I plan on allowing them to be what they want. I will dress my sons in both male and overtly female clothes, and the same will be done with my daughters. I will buy them both “masculine” and “feminine” toys. I won’t cut their hair until they are old enough to make their own decision about whether they want short or long hair. Then when they are old enough, I will allow THEM to choose whether they want to dress “feminine” or “masculine”.
They are just clothes. They won’t traumatize anyone. My uncle wore female clothes until he was about 5 and he grew up to be a successful doctor who happens to be straight, is married, and has a daughter. His mother wanted a girl, so she dressed him in cutesy “girl” clothing. He turned out VERY ok and still turned out to be “masculine”!

El on

Would have loved this myself when I was her age. Long hair was expected in the 60’s. Tangles and rats. I was just as boyish, still am. Not lesbian, but happily married to a man. Just like short hair–so much easier to take care of. Never was into someone else’s ideas of who I should be. Happy being myself.

matthew on

She is def not a girly girl, but who cares! She’s cute and if thats how she is comfortable let her be!!

RKF on

My little sister had this same haircut at Shiloh’s age. As an adult, she happens to be ultra-feminine and “girly”, with quite long hair. It’s freaking hair, people. I’m shocked at the “lesbian” talk – she’s 5, and sexual orientation isn’t learned! If Angelina pushed her to have a girlfriend at 5, then I’d be concerned…

Some people on here need to take of the Tarzan outfits, and evolve.

mary on

jeebus, maybe she cut it herself. Ever hear of a 5 year old doing that? Maybe this was the fix? or maybe she just wanted it cut. Trust me, my 5.5 year old would not let me cut her hair like that if she wasn’t on board. She also wouldn’t wear clothes she didn’t want- you people are ridiculous.

Megan on

shame on people for assuming shiloh wants to be a boy. has no one ever heard of the word tomboy my sister used to have short hair like that and wore clothes but she then she grew out of it. plus shes got an older brother she might want to emulate him. the point is shes only 5 calm down.

Linda on

They are systematically turning this little girl into a little boy…why?

Anonymous on


alycia on

Amy, you’re one sick @#$%%. “I don’t understand why people say Shiloh is so pretty, because she’s not! She’s the ugliest celebrity child I have ever seen.” Well its pretty obvious how you feel about yourself considering you chose to berate children. Its people like you who have young girls starving themselves and later in life undergoing tons of plastic surgery so they can conform to society’s ideal of what beauty is.

“Her cheeks and chin are too wide, and her mouth looks like she got a fat lip” Your post shows how pathetic you are that you have to pick out individual features of this child to complain about. No matter what you look like on the outside Amy, i must say you are one of the ugliest people on the planet. Your insides must be black and rotten!!!

loren on

@- T exactly, same hair cut as her Grandmother too. Magazines need to leave children alone. Why does this site moderate comments? it allows everything anyway?

Momofthree on

It amazes me to read all these nasty comments on here. When I had my only daughter, I vowed I would not dress her “girly” and I never have. She dresses like a girl, and she wears her hair long (her choice that she began making at the age of 3), but lately she has decided that she wants to go more with the “tomboy” look. So she has decided that she no longer likes the colors pink or purple, and that blue and red are now her two favorite colors. So I can’t buy her any clothing that has pink or purple in it, and while that’s been a challenge, it’s been a fun challenge to see what new and different clothes we can find. It is her way of expressing who she is and my husband and I are fine with that. My two sons also express who they are in their own ways, and we encourage them to do that as well.

Shiloh is 5 years old, she’s a cute little kid and she should be left alone. As many other people have pointed out, a lot of you on here making the nasty comments about this poor little girl are the ones who raise bullies and think it is okay for your kids to pick on other kids because those other kids are “different” or don’t fit in to society’s views of what is “normal”. My three children will proudly tell you that they are NOT “normal” and that they never want to be normal.

Good for Brad and Angelina for allowing Shiloh to be herself and to express herself in the way that makes her comfortable. She is very lucky to have parents like them who don’t force her to dress “like a girl” or who don’t force her to wear her hair long if she doesn’t want to.

Alyssa on

She spends so much time looking like a boy, maybe she really is one.

alycia on

all of you hypocrites need to give it a rest. So many love to hate Angie for whatever reason ( i think you’re jealous), but what I would love to know is why I never hear this kind of outrage thrown towards other celebrities who don’t necessarily conform to the norm where their children are concerned, like Gwen Stefani for instance. She lets her son wear multi-colored nail polish and i haven’t heard anyone stating her son will grow up to be gay. And people wonder why this world is in the state its in, some of you people are so small-minded its a wonder how you even get dressed.

shelly on

my mother gave me a crew cut one summer – I was five or six AND made me wear someone’s hand-me-down toughskin jeans… I survived and Shiloh will be fine, too.

DOTSmom on

Why would they do this to her? It’s one thing if an older child/teen realizes they are not born in the body or in the gender they wanted, but to purposely do this to her is baffling…she’s a girl, dress her like a girl for goodness sake…this politically correct junk has gone too far.

kristan c. on

@Sarah K
Well no shit. That was my whole point. You said that I was wrong, so I was pointing out that you and your thinking may not be correct either. Guess you can’t read between the lines.

FYI – if parents let their children make decisions about their looks at 5, then chances are pretty good that the parents have ZERO authority over their child(ren). Anythime those kids are photograped with Angie or Brad they look like rag muffins (as someone else put it), who got their clothes out of a second hand thrift shop. For people who travel the world and make 20 plus million a movie, their kids should be dressed better and dressed in gender appropriate clothing.

You’re attacking me and others because we think boys should be boys and girls should be girls, just as nature intended. If there was no such thing as gender than we wouldn’t have labels of boys and girls. The labels would be “IT”.

Inadequate parenting does not have to just be those that “deprive their children of food, clothing, shelter, and love”. Inadequate parenting can include those that don’t simply parent their child(ren), that don’t guide them in what is right and wrong, that raise bratty / spoiled children. It is not just what you said. Bad parenting entails more than that. And Brad and Angie are bad parents for not guiding their children to what is appropriate and acceptable.

And for the others on here pointing out that she is probably a “tomboy” and that tomboys like to wear boy clothes and cut their hair short, is B.S. I was a tomboy growing up and I wore pants but they were girl pants with a girl shirt and my hair was long. Being a tomboy does not mean that the girl actually looks like a boy.

JMO on

I can’t read through all these comments but I will state that little girls can and will make up their mind about what they want to wear at a very young age. My cousin, who is now 22, was and still is a tomboy. From the time she was a year old she would protest wearing girly looking clothes. She hated pinks and purples. She had short hair and rarely ever was seen in a dress (unless it absolutely called for it). Even today she much preferes jeans, t’shirts and a pony tail then dressing up.

This does not make a child gay. I know many tomboys who are married and have children. And if Shiloh is then that’s okay.

Short hair is not the end of the world. I will admit since I’m very much a girly girl that if my daughter wanted to be a tomboy it would break my heart. But what can one do?? I think siblings and parents can influence a child’s style. Obviously Shi has older brothers so maybe that’s where it started. But at the end of the day she’s still beautiful, looks happy, and that is truly all that matters!

p on

I was a MAJOR tomboy growing up. I ran around shirtless in the summertime until the age of 5! I sported a pixie haircut and I love all things trucks and sporty. AND when I married my husband years later, my wedding dress was all silk and fluffy tulle.

kristan c. on

no one is jealous of Angie. she is not that pretty. she is skin and bones and pale white. that is not pretty. i’d much rather look healthy like reese witherspoon. she is thin but healthy looking. angie looks sickly, definitely not pretty. negative comments do not mean someone is jealous of that person. i don’t know why people like to say that it is just jealousy when something negative is said. guess people just can’t handle it when others don’t like someone, so they have to claim “jealousy”.

as for Gwen Stefani – no one complains about her boys because they look like boys. they are not out wearing dresses or skirts or any other girl clothes. they actually look like boys.

thinking boys should be boys and girls should be girls has little to do with the state of the world. you are being a little over dramatic. the world is how it is because of wars, no jobs, no money, terrorism. has nothing to do with thinking girls should look like girls and boys should look like boys. it doesn’t make people small-minded. the rest of us can and do function, shocking as it may be for you, but we get up, get dressed in gender specific clothing. shocking isn’t it. we can dress ourselves. omg, no way. you’re acting like a 5 year old. guess you and shiloh would be great playground friends.

ecl on

Kristan C – You are entirely wrong. Gender is a social construct. YOU, on the other hand, are talking about sex. At least get your terms straight.

Then you should try to understand that clothing and hairstyle are cultural, not biological, so they have no meaning besides what we give them. There is no such thing as male clothing or female clothing. Boys have short hair because we have decided they should, not because there is something “male” about having short hair. Apparently you have a massive fear of anything that isn’t rigid conformity.


I dont like their choice for this kid. To me the impression is what Shilow wants Shilow gets. So, while they may be cool by letting her express herself in her looks, they also can be creating someone who will never acept a “No”, as an answer.

marina on

showbizmom – I know that. English it’s not my main language and what I said may had sound strange. What I mean is that Chaz weared dresses as a child, and it didn’t affect any way how he feel about his body. Putting Shiloh in a dress won’t change the way she feels, and I doubt it will affect her in the long run.

Saying that she is a Chaz in the making is stupid and simplystic. We have no idea how she feels about her body or why she choose to dress like that. Just because she use “boy clothe” doesn’t mean she will be a transgender, or gay. She very well might, but the clothe she is using now, whatever it’s a dress or trousers, won’t change it.

marina on

showbizmom – I just notice that you were talking to another marina… Sorry about that!

JMH on

She is also someone who lives all around the world and isn’t boxed into a certain way of thinking things should be. That’s not a bad thing at all. And we see such random samplings of pictures of these kids – no one knows what she’s really like. I’m just so glad no one is chasing down my family taking pictures!

Mary on

No matter about her hair… Good sport…..

Sarah K. on

“You’re attacking me and others because we think boys should be boys and girls should be girls, just as nature intended.”

Kristan, how did I attack you? I didn’t call you any names or curse. Way to blow that way out of proportion. But, I’m done. This is just going in circles. If you think Brad and Angie are bad parents because their child doesn’t meet your style standards, it says more about you than it does about them.

Sarah K. on

ecl, perfectly said. Not so long ago, it was baby boys who wore pink and girls who wore blue. This idea of feminine v. masculine clothing changes over time.

The problem people are having with this outfit that Shiloh is wearing is the fit and the color, right? You naysayers think her shorts and shirt should be shorter and tighter (and pink/sparkly, of course). Makes perfect sense to me…

DarlingGal on

I love how everyone is blaming Angelina for Shiloh wanting to express herself. I’m pretty sure she is Brad’s daughter, too. Personally, I don’t like the cut. But, I’m not her mum or dad and I don’t know them or Shiloh personally… so my opinion doesn’t matter. And guess what? Neither does anyone else’s besides Shi and her parents. She is a beautiful child and self expression is a good thing. So what if she wants to dress like a boy? She is doing what makes her happy. That’s all that matters.

Anonymous on

From the picture, that is just the wrong hairstyle for her all the way around.

I always had my daughter in a short style but a flattering one for the face and texture of hair.

kristan c. on

@ecl – i swear i have had problems with you in the past. you’re like an insect that won’t go away. has to just keep pestering me for how i feel.

sorry, no gender is not a social constuct. seriously? are you kidding me. boys have a penis, and a girl has a vagina, there is no way around that. sex and gender go hand in hand. gender, sex, x and y chromosomes all amount to the same thing. boys are boys and girls are girls. there is no changing any of that. so how do you want to be called, shall i call you an IT since you think gender is a “social construct”? i think that’s what i will do. so hi IT. how do you like this and that IT. has a nice ring to it don’t you think? notice the sarcasm. you can’t have a boy and call him a girl. genders are boys and girls, there is no changing that.

and for our culture boys dress like boys and girls dress like girls. that doesn’t mean that a girl can’t wear pants, you know, clothing manufacturers have started a new trend, they are making pants now for girls, you don’t have to shop the boy department anymore if your daughter wants to wear pants. shocking i know, you may want to go to the store these days and look and see that girls can wear girls pants.

men and boys are meant to have short hair. men who wear long hair are dog ugly. it is gross. every man or boy i see with long hair, i just want to shave their heads like a military haircut. there has never been a gorgeous man with long hair. it looks unnatural. and so what if it is our “culture”, that is what we live in.

don’t sit there and insinuate what my “fear” is. you don’t know me, you know nothing about me. my opinion has nothing to do with fear or conformity. it is my personal preference. i feel boys should dress and look like boys and girls should dress and look like a girl. that is not fear or rigid conformity. it is called, preference. i’ll go out on a limb and say you are probably one of those hippy, love the planet, the trees, don’t eat meat, non-armpit shaving, peta people. it’s called my viewpoint. doesn’t make me wrong.

Sam on

She used to look like Ellen. Now she looks like Chaz Bono.

Haddie on

They(the parents) decided this girl was to follow angie’s gay-tomboy past path at the beginning.Name/ clothes/ hair- I feel sorry for her. I have never seen her in any kind of girly clothes what-so-ever- EVER. No matter what age she is or has been. She does not have a chance in H*** of having or chosing her own life style.

JoesMimi on

She looks like she could be Chaz Bono’s child.

kristan c. on

@sarah k

no one is saying her clothes have to be pink and sparkly or short and tight. a 5 year olds clothes should not be short and tight. but they do make clothing cut for a girls shape. girls clothes are made in colors other than pink. there is white, purple, orange, black, brown, green, teal, red, etc, etc, etc. it’s not specifically the color. it is that the clothes are boys and the haircut is a boys cut. there are woman who wear pixie cuts and they still look like a girl. the problem is that the whole package is made to look like a boy. and she is not a boy.

and you were attacking me because you are b*t*h*n* at me for what my opinion is. i am going to stand up for myself against people who say i am wrong. i am not going to sit here and hide in a corner, cry, or bow down to the likes of you or anyone else.

Karia on

JM said (and the sad pathetic losers who insult a 5 year old just keep coming.)

No one is insulting that poor little girl. She is a sweet precious angel and deserves better. She needs a Mother who guides her and introduces her to fashion and things. She had longer hair and now it keeps being cut so short its shorter than her brothers. She is a girl and even a tomboy has longer hair than she does most the time. This little girl doesn’t even know where she fits in. A five year old doesn’t know fashion any better than a 3 or 4 year old and that’s how long she has been picking her own clothes and shoes. When you give a child that much power your wrong. They need the guidance and they need the love and attention. Angie’s attempt to be the United Nations in kids is one thing but we all know a middle child gets the worse of it. You have the first born the baby of the family and some how the middle child lacks in the attention. No one is picking on this adorable child its the parents we have an issue with.

CC on

It appears her hair is VERY thick as was mine as a child. My mom kept my hair short also. Much easier to manage. Yes, Shiloh is a girl, but a tomboy. Years from now, we’ll know her true gender. Just leave her alone to grow into the person she will be. It isn’t our business. She’s still adorable.

El on

What, exactly, are “boy clothes” and “girl clothes” and who gets to decide what fits into each category. And in what world does wearing something designated for the other gender mean one is a homosexual? Men can’t wear pink shirts? Women can’t wear football jerseys? Check out the J Crew catalog or visit their store. Lots of women’s fashions incorporate men’s styles. And I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a salesperson at some store tell me that women buy from the men’s department for better fit (not all bodies are the same, you know?), style, or the quality of the product. Style is personal and there is great variation–all over the world. I thought society was waaayy beyond caring what people *wear* or how they style their hair.

ecl on

Sorry Kristan, but you are still incorrect.

You continue to talk about sex and gender like they are interchangeable, when they are not. It doesn’t matter if YOU want them to be the same or if you think them to be the same, they are not. I can call a boat a fart, but that doesn’t make me right. There remains something to be said for knowledge-based discourse.

It in no way makes sense for a haircut to be natural or unnatural since, by definition, everyone’s hair grows the same. If it was natural for boys to have short hair, it wouldn’t grow past a certain length.

Anyway, males have a penis and females have a vagina and then we have assigned certain characteristics to go along with biological difference. Those are indeed associated with the genitalia, but they are not determined by it.

As for this being your preference, you are correct and you prove my point that it is chosen and not determined. And preference and rigid conformity are not mutually exclusive.

Leo Lady on

I think there’s more going on here than just a short haircut……………..just sayin’.

Sophia on

Sher is adorable, cute little girl, love her hair….

Allison on

@kristan c.

I completely agree with ecl and I’m not “one of those hippy, love the planet, the trees, don’t eat meat, non-armpit shaving, peta people. it’s called my viewpoint. doesn’t make me wrong.” I’m a white, middle class, suburban elementary school teacher. I consider myself well educated, which is why I respect and acknowledge other people’s opinions. But, I hope to God none of my students ever grow up with an attitude like yours.


Yes, I have cut my daughters hair short. It was a pixie hair cut. Like a tinkerbell hair do. It was so adorable! She actually got more attention than the other girls with the long hair. Every where we went she got lots of compliments. She looked like a Rock Star!

Daze on

Maybe she’s another Chastity Bono and will have a sex change operation when she gets old enough. I believe Brad and Angie are trying to honor her view of herself, which I’ve read she stated she wanted to be a boy and be called “John”, by letting her at least be gender-neutral in dress and hairstyle and when she is old enough to make an adult decision, she can decide what she wants to do. She may be a transgendered child, or she could hit puberty and turn completely femme and girly-girl. Time will tell.

alicejane on

kristan c., I’m actually genuinely curious about what you think about people born with ambiguous genitalia, or conditions like 5-alpha reductase deficiency? These are real, albeit relatively rare, conditions. You said boys are supposed to be boys and girls are supposed to be girls, and look as such, so really – what about people born with male AND female genitalia?

(FYI I’m not saying this is the case with Shiloh. I don’t pretend to know anything about her, but my assumption is she’s just a tomboy.)

JM on

kristan c, you really enjoy showing your ignorance don’t you? do you not even know that gender and sex are two different things? jesus christ, spend a little bit of time educating yourself so you don’t have to spout such rubbish.

JM on

oh and kristan c, guess what? racism is also ‘just an opinion’. that doesn’t make it right or justifiable.

hate breeds hate, why not choose to be a good person rather than a bad one?

Sarah K. on

Stay classy Kristan!

Jude on

I had short hair until I was about 13 or so. Never wore dresses much. Where is the problem?

marina on

Kristan C, you are wrong.
You can raise your children whatever way you want, and think what you want about Shiloh clothing, but you are wrong about believing gender and sex are the same thing. They are not. Yes, boys are boys because they have a penis, and girl are girls because they have a vagina, that sex, the biology diferents. Gender is related to the characterics that we, as society, put at each sex. It’s mostly just a theorical, man made convention that is install in our head by the same society/people (well it’s one of many, actually).

Read some antropology or sociology book about it.

Daniela on

She is just precious.

Daniela on

When I first saw the picture, without looking at the name, I thought it was such a cute little boy. When I looked at the name I simply shook my head. Ever parent does what he/she wants but this is too much.

princessbaby1128 on

Awful. To short,such a gorgeous child too, one of my girls is a tomboy who will not wear dresses,only jeans but she still has long blond hair,I would cry if she cut it, I am so proud of her beauty.

Dee on

You people are a mess. It’s a cute haircut. It’s not a “boy’s” haircut, Girls have been wearing pixie haircuts forever. I had a pixie when I was 5. I was a tomboy. I climbed trees, and monkey bars, I played treasure hunter and pirate down by the creek. I loved my short hair, because I could jump out of bed in the morning and be gone all day exploring, without having to fuss. As an adult, I’ve worn a pixie cut often. Depending on the shape of your face, it can look VERY feminine, and sweet. Ask my husband. It’s the perfect haircut for dainty earrings and necklaces.

AnnEGetYourGun on

I have read a lot of the comments made and the majority seem to think Shiloh is cute and that the hair style is cute. I do not see a cute child but she will probably grow up to be a beautiful young woman. The hair cut is atrocious, horrible. Regardless of whether it is a boy-cut or new style bob it is a bad hair cut and I hope they didn’t pay the stylist for it. There is nothing wrong with a little girl having a short haircut. NOTHING! Regardless of a woman’s age her hair belongs to her and what she chooses to do with it is her choice.

Her choice of clothing is another so what. These people can afford to dress their children in the most expensive clothes. That they allow their kids to dress as they choose tells me they want them to be comfortable with who they are and in their own skin. Peace out!

Shelley on

Poor little rich girl ~~ She looks like a HE !!

Mar on

Kristen C

Just proves how uneducated you are that you do not even know the difference between gender and sex. Sex is biologically determined, gender is not. Sex only defines whether someone is biologically male or female. Gender, on the other hand, is a social construct and it defines what someone identifies as. Look up the definition of gender. Sex and gender are NOT the same thing. Go to college and take a basic, freshman sociology 101 class and you will learn the differences. Sex and gender are not interchangeable.

Further proof of your ignorance is how you only refer to American culture. So your idea of “male” and “female” is what is typically seen in America, but about in other countries? As others have already pointed out, in some asian countries girls have their hair cut short. In other countries males wear dresses and skirts. In other countries people live in primitive societies or tribes and the men and women wear the exact same clothes. In some cultures people are naked all the time.

A long time ago women were not allowed to wear pants. In some cultures, women STILL aren’t allowed to wear pants.

Clothes differ from culture to culture and styles change all the time even here in our own country which is proof that clothes are NOT gender specific. Maybe 100 years from now dresses, skirts, and pink frilly things will be considered “male” clothes.

Stop being so closed minded.

Mamie on

The decision on Shiloh’s clothes and hair is Angelina’s…end of story. She is the one who dressed her like a boy in her magazine debut. She is the one who referred to her as a “blob.” She is the one who said she had a hard time feeling anything for Shiloh because she was born into privilege…then went on to treat the twins like treasures. She dotes on every single one of those children except Shiloh. I have NO idea why she has treated this child with disdain from birth. It just makes NO sense.

Shiloh is beautiful and looks like Brad with Angelina’s lips. I think Brad was so proud of his first biological child and doted on her when she was born and I think Angie was flat-out jealous of that child. I have seen other parents pick a child that was their favorite…and I’ve seen them pick ON a child for NO apparent reason. Angelina is at the root of this. Don’t tell me a newborn baby chose her skull-covered baby clothes or a toddler announced she wanted to be “John” and wear boy clothes. Do you people not read the body language that Angelina has when photographed with this beautiful child? It breaks my heart for Shiloh!

jules on

I feel extremely sad for this little “girl”. She is obviously dealing with a trans-gender issue and I don’t believe any trans-gender person would choose to be so. She’ll have a life-time of challenges. Society is what it is: charitable, selfish, loving and hateful. Luckily, there is still more love in the world than hate.

And yes, I think her hair-cut looks horrible. It doesn’t suit her face at all.

cassie on

she is still cute!!!!!! =)

Courtney on

Is Shiloh Jolie-Pitt the next Chaz Bono? She’s morphed into a lil’ boy.

nancy on

sexual confusion at such a young age-

Mya on

LOL @ Kristen C

Men with long hair are ugly!? Wow. I find men with long hair attractive!

Just because YOU have a preference doesn’t mean the entire world does (thank goodness) Personally I hate the military hair cut even though my husband has one.

My son will wear his hair how he wants (which is currently long and clipped to the side with a hair barrette).

Same to my future daughter.

Clothes/Hair do NOT make a person sway one sexuality or another. I’m seriously sick of comments on these posts. The ignorance is wild.

Mya on

It’s funny so many of you are in arms over her allowing her child to dress the way she wants but yet the same ones would think nothing of altering their boy child’s genitals (circumcision) to look the way YOU want them to look.. one is a phase the child may or may not grow out of and will be non permanent. The other is a permanent cosmetic alteration to a human without their consent based on the parent’s preference of what they think a penis should look like.

I’d be more upset over THAT then a child’s hair which grows back.

kristan c. on

For those of you that are saying that gender and sex are different. When you meet a new woman, do you say “she” or do you say “he”? No. You call her a her. Don’t sit there and say it is what society determines. It has been this way thousands and thousands of years, at least. When you read the bible, it doesn’t call people it. Seriously.

I do not have to justify myself or my education to any one. I have an education. I have gone to college. I have a degree. DON’T YOU DARE BRING MY INTELLIGENCE INTO THIS. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS LITTLE GIRL LOOKING LIKE A BOY.

@mya – gross you find men with long hair attractive. your choice fine, not mine. i have no desire to be married to a man with long hair. since you find men with military style haircuts to be unattractive, does that mean you aren’t attracted to your husband? if you don’t like it, why would you marry someone who by your statement, would be unattractive to you?

there is nothing wrong with how i think. majortiy of the world is that way. and thank goodness not everyone thinks like you, otherwise we would have a world full of gender confused idiots.

a hospital, professional business, store, restaurant, all prefer not to hire men who wear their hair long, or people with piercings, or tattoos. it is because it looks unprofessional. that is not my doing, it is the doing of society. so clearly the majority is on my side.

also, now your attacking cicumcision. do you know anything about it? for many cultures and religions it is customary to do it. it also reduces the potential for unnecessary infections. reduces the risk of getting stds. ask any medical professional. it is not just “cosmetic” to look like others. there are medical benefits to the procedure. a male who is uncircumcised is at a greater risk of having bacteria build up in that foreskin which will lead to an infection, than a man who is circumcised.

Mia on

Actually sex and gender are different……not on the basis of pronouns – but sex is the physical appearance/reproductive organs + gender is the behavior.

paul on

Long or short hair, this kid just isn’t cute.

mommytoane on

I didn’t read a single comment, since I know that most of them are going to be from the negative nancy’s of the web. I personally find it a cute haircut. I actually had ome similar when I was her age. SHes a little kid. Let them be little and stop judging.

Hea on

– kristan c. and a few others

Educate yourselves. Your comments show nothing but tragic ignorance.

Gender and sex is not the same thing. Get it through your heads.

people watcher on

I would very much like to give you some insight as to how your lives, and the lives of your kids will turn out in the near future. NOTE: YOU MIGHT ALL WANT TO PRINT AND SAVE THIS! SO THAT YOU CAN SEE HOW RIGHT I WAS. Here goes:
ANGELINA JOLIE WILL NOT GET THAT JEAN HERSHOLT HUMANITARIAN OSCAR. People will see that she spent so much time on others, that her own kids suffered greatly. Big turn off for Academy voters. JOLIE AND PITT WILL NOT GROW OLD TOGETHER?
MADDOX: This is the one child to be the proudest of. MADDOX will do some impressive stuff, and will be the most stable child in the brood. He will also be a wonderful humanitaria
ZAHARA: She is super- bright, and will most likely lead a life of fun, but will be well educated, and do lots of work in her native Namibia.
SHILOH:She will have difficult times, due to the weak parenting in her childhood. The child has no boundaries, nor any encouragement in terms of embracing her femininity. This is a very confused child, and if anyone is going to write a Mommy or Daddy Dearest book, it will be Shilo’s to write. The parents need to go to family counseling or else. Unless Shiloh is encouraged in finding herself, you will have a Chaz Bono on your hands, but Shiloh may not be as strong as Chaz, and this may lead to tragedy.
PAX: Angry, Confused, Rebellious, Jail time and WORSE, sadly await this child. Taking him back to his birthplace and the orphanage where he suffered lots of abuse was a HUGE mistake. His Parents are treating this child and his siblings like guinea pigs. The proof will be in most of the kids difficulties- which are already being manifested in their private times at home.
VIVIENNE AND KNOX: The little girl will also not be encouraged to embraced her femininity. It seems to be a trait that only non bio girls get encouragement with this. Vivienne will mostly be an out of sight, out of mind child. Knox will be lucky. Since he is the only bio son, this is the one Pitt will be closest to. These twins will need help with developmental disabilities. But they will contribute much to this Earth. A separation is in the future for this couple. Pitt is in it just for the kids. There is nothing else.
PAX will have many kids; but won’t be marriage material.

people watcher on

Future predictions of The Jolie- Pitts:

The parents will not be together for much longer. Kids are reason Pitt stuck around this long.

ANGELINA JOLIE: THE JEAN HERSHOLT WONT BE YOURS. A humanitarian award works when a person’s own Children are not neglected for the sake of publicity-grabbing visits to foreign countries. BILL AND MELINDS GATES ARE TRUE HUMANITARIANS-& EXCELLENT PARENTS. YES, IT CAN BE DONE!

MADDOX: No worries- This Child was born to climb and conquer mountains. What a sweet soul he has. The least affected. But he needs guidance to find his way. He’s not getting it from his parents.
ZAHARA: She will find her purpose earlier in life, and will do alot for her birthplace of Namibia. She will have her own talk show and hold public office.
SHILOH- Lots of problems, and they’re already here. But she has also raised herself, so that is what happens. A very sensitive child, who has a sweetness to her. Shiloh is confused, and the parents need to get all of these kids in to counseling fast.
PAX: Fireworks come to mind when I think of this child. Literally. This boy will be in JAIL more often than not, and that’s even before he is an Adult! Confused, angry, mean, violent- that is what is in this boy. Pure trauma and turbulence.
VIVIENNE: Gentle, shy. But she will make her own mark, her own way
KNOX: Just like his Dad! Dynamic and fun, he will break many hearts. But he will be the one to carry on the family Oscar legacy.
Time is, sadly- running out for the parent’s relationship.

people watcher on

Brad, Brad, Brad-

JM on

kristna c there was a time when most of the western world felt the way you do but about black people. did that make it right?

again, why wouldn’t you want to be a good person rather than a bad person? it’s a choice you know…

oh, and i don’t know what college you went to, but maybe you want to educate yourself a little further. i hope you didn’t pay for your education. gender and sex ARE two different things.

peggy kelley on

some kids are free spirits the instant there born.there on there own path,they dont care whats expected of them,they do what they want anyway.her parents seem to be going with her flow,let her be true to her self,she dont want frilly dress up stuff,so save that stuff for vivienne.let me be me.

marina on

Kirstan C, no one is calling stupid (or on the very least I don’t think you are), just closed minded and wrong about this particular issue.

You keep saying the same thing, calling the way you want it to be, but that doesn’t make any more true.

Sex and gender are two differents concepts, even if you don’t want to accept it.

Anonymous on

Seems like Jolie wanted her to dress like a girl…. Shiloh had different plans. Me, personally, wouldn’t let my girl dress that much like a boy (to the point where she is unrecognizable as a girl)… that’s me. Jolie raises her kids differently.. People here are crazy saying that she is “jealous” of her daughter’s beauty and is making her dress like a boy… ridiculous.

Kelly on

Why are some of you completely forgetting that there are 2 other girls in that family? Have you seen Zahara? She dresses totally girly and doesn’t cut her hair this short. Why would Angelina make Shiloh a boy, but not the other two, if that is what she’s trying to do?

I have a 2 year old and she’s been picking out her clothes for awhile now. I highly doubt Angelina is forcing Shiloh into ANYTHING. If for no other reason, she has 6 kids to raise.

Clothes is 1 battle moms of many, like myself, choose not to fight on a daily basis. As long as the clothes are clean, weather appropriate and in good condition, who cares. I even let my daughter pick out clothes she likes from the boys department! Shame on me…

dilind on

I agree with Ali’s comments and applaud Shiloh’s parents for allowing and encouraging her to be who she is.

Luci on

Welll…. to add my two and a half cents, it looks like Shiloh is wearing hand me downs (which is cool), she probably picks out her own clothes and her parents or nannies choose to let her wear them (she looks clean and well fed). I think it may be a phase, but either way, it’s her parents’ business, not ours.

I am African-American, but have seen many of my kids’ friends who are Caucasian go through “tomboy” phases. One of my daughter’s best friends since 1st grade has gone through several different phases with her hair. She has a twin brother and was more of a tomboy when they were little (really short hair, pants/shorts/tree climbing/rough housing). She now has hair past her shoulders and wears make-up to school.

Last thing, as another poster pointed out: Grandma Pitt KEEPS her hair short. If you google Jane Pitt, you’ll see pictures of her (from Brad & Jen to now) almost exclusively with short hair. Here’s a link:

I really think that some of the posters here might want to travel a little, take a few classes, and learn more about other cultures, etc. I also think we all could learn to allow others to be themselves. I think that seeing someone BE themselves sometimes scares us and stirs up deep seated fears, prejudices, and biases.

Donna on

I think the question is more like what is in the water in Hollywood.
Warren Beatty and Annette Benning’s daughter is now a male, Cher’s daughter is now a male, and looks like little Shiloh may be headed in that direction. It is strange to me that so many celebrities are having gender confused children.

Donna on

I think the question is more like what is in the water in Hollywood.
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening’s daughter is now a male, Cher’s daughter is now a male, and looks like little Shiloh may be headed in that direction. It is strange to me that so many celebrities are having gender confused children.

Liz on

After watching what Annette Bening and Warren Beatty are going through with their daughter who has come out as transgender, I’m wondering if the Jolie-Pitts are in for the same rocky road. I have a feeling that Angelina allows this child to choose what she wants, and she obviously relates very deeply to being a boy, or at least lesbian. Well, good for them if they can embrace her as something other than a girly girl at this stage, as she won’t grow up miserably conflicted–not sure I could do the same thing!!

Linda on

She looks cute; she has good parents and siblings and she is five years old. My own adorable son wore an Indiana Jones hat to school and every where he went at 11. If you could see him at 38 you would not believe that; and it is fun telling his friends (or showing them) his childhood attire and haircuts. Or even worse, going back to the 70’s and looking at how I dressed. Ooh! I’m just saying…….

Karen on

Hair length and gender specific clothing are such culturally specific ideas, so it’s ridiculous to question ANYTHING about this situation. You’re going to judge someone’s parenting on how long they keep their kids hair, or what kind of stitched together pieces of cloth they choose to clothe them in? Ridiculous.

showbizmom on

Donna, Do you live in a small town in middle America? Because the comment you made is truly ignorant and wrong. I live and work in Hollywood, and there is nothing in our water. Trust me, transgendered youth and adults are all over the country. Sadly becasue of people like some of the folks on here, they can’t deal with those issues and live their lives with shame, thinking something is wrong with them. When in fact nothing is wrong with them, something is in fact wrong with those that think all humans have to be the same.

Mary on

He is a REAL carbon copy of his dad…..and cute too!

Sindy on

baby dyke. And Angie should find someone her own age. Brad is too old for her.

Halee Rosser on

Shiloh looks like a boy. I can’t stand when little girls have short hair like hers. If I was her parents I would want my child to look like they are a boy or girl. Her parents are NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!

m on

I think all you people are making a big deal out of nothing. She’s 5 and she’s a tom boy. So what. I say as long as she’s clean, happy and loved, let her dress the way she wants. That doesn’t mean, id be okay with her wearing a budweiser shirt or something along that line but wearing a short haircut or boy’s clothes is not a big deal. I just wish her to be happy and to like herself.

sous chef on

At least she still looks like a child and isn’t wearing kiddie high heels like some other celebrity little girls I could name who will probably have bunions by the age of 12. Short hair on little girls is cute and even a little retro! And hey, they’ll probably never have to cut bubble gum out of it.

Roro on

She is such a cute little girl but I wouldn’t pick that hair cut for her. Pixie cuts look better on SOME older women. I hope it was her choice and not the parents to make her look so tom-boyish. Anyway, we all have akward kid pictures i’m sure. 🙂

NeeNee on

I think she is a very cute lil girl but she resembles a boy so much that even other kids would not know the difference, and these days it makes a difference to other kids when interacting. For some reason this girl has been pushed more and more into acting and looking like a boy, makes me think there is another Chaz Bono in the making.

NeeNee on

and for the record…I am a retired hair stylist and that haircut looks like something that came out of a blender…not very attractive at all, looks like a complete mess and like she didn’t sit still when she got it.

GJO on

I would never cut my daughter’s hair this way. This little girl looks like a boy. She looks like she has been stripped of her femininity. She is only 5 years old and I doubt that this is a decision that she would make. Yes, children in Asian countries wore short haircuts, but the girls still looked like girls.

I have to print this: I hate it when others view your opinions as ignorant or narrow-minded because you don’t agree with their point-of-view. Not everyone is accepting of certain lifestyles. If I see something, I’m gonna speak my mind about it.

patricia on

I think Angelina Jolie is threatened by her daughter’s beauty. That little girl becomes more beautiful every day and she was very striking just before this chop job.

Ang doesn’t want to be eclipsed by her daughter.

Lyoness on

“Why are some of you completely forgetting that there are 2 other girls in that family? Have you seen Zahara? She dresses totally girly and doesn’t cut her hair this short. Why would Angelina make Shiloh a boy, but not the other two, if that is what she’s trying to do?”

@Kelly – Thank you! Most people forget this little fact. Shiloh is not being abused or hurt. All of their kids look happy and healthy. They have 6 and people just focus on this one. Let it go, people. They aren’t paying your taxes…

Nancy on

As a pre-teen, my mom used to make me cut my hair really short. Kids would constantly ask me “are you a boy or a girl?”. I thought it meant that I was ugly :>) In a few years no one had any trouble figuring it out, and I started wearing my hair the way I wanted. Now I love it short, so much easier. This means nothing to me. I think they are letting their child do what she wants.

Lyoness on

And in 15-20 years, Shiloh will probably be a spokesmodel for something and we’ll all be saying how gorgeous she is. LOL!!

natasha on

I think they dressing HER as a boy – is it on purpose?

sojourner on

What is this “dress like a boy”, “dress like a girl”, “dress like a tomboy”? Honestly, people, this is SO LAST CENTURY! This is a CHILD! Androgyny is the new “norm”. Long hair tangles, blows into your eyes, maybe she just doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of it? Skirts on little people lead to “don’t let your panties show”, sitting “modestly”, etc. and are thus so much less practical than trousers. I’m not the least interested in how this child dresses or wears her hair, as long as she is loved and nurtured. What I do find interesting is the plethora of comments here. Kudos to those who support FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

Normandy on

No wonder bullying, cyber bullying, suicides and suicide related attempts is becoming such a problem in schools. It’s learnt behaviour coming from the home – from adults and parents. This thread is littered with cyber bullying. Adults bullying, ridiculing and taunting this little girl over a haircut. Some of you should be ashamed.

LynnG on

I see a very cute little girl, whom I think looks just like her dad must have at that age. She is only what, 5 YEARS OLD?? At her age whatever catches her eye and her imagination goes. Wherever her life leads her is NONE of our business…she has a strong mom..and I am sure she will let her become whatever SHILO wants to become.

Annia on

It’s only hair. It will grow. Change is good. My dad shaved my head once when I was, I think, in the 3rd grade, because I had gotten lice from other children. Trust me, I would rather have Shiloh’s short hair cut over a shaven head any day. LOL.

Sharon Little on

First of all,thats not a pageboy haircut.Second,hello future Chaz Bono.

Sharon Little on

Geeze,seriously?Don’t we have better things to do than care/comment about a 5yr old kids haircut?Evidently not!

Sharon Little on

Hi,baby Chaz.

mom on

angie dressed her in boy clothes when she was weeks old, on the first magazine cover, saying ‘hello shiloh’. she had on a tiny grey tshirt with skulls on it, and pants. its her business how she dresses her kid, but she started this, NOT shiloh. Her newborn outfit had SKULLS on it. this is an attention getting mechanism by angie. if she has a gay kid….. pretty sad.

Franzy on

I just question why parents who know their children will be in the limelight would ever decide to let their child have such a polarizing haircut. Seems like a cry for attention to me. I am all about freedom of expression, but a parent’s job is to issue a little control over their children when they are learning to make decisions. You can have short hair without looking like the opposite sex.

Franzy on

What kind of discussion would we be having if Knox was wearing cute little dresses with tights and his hair in pigtails? I would be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on that.

guest on

Angelina afraid her daughter will take the spotlight away from her? Dress a girl like a girl. She doesn’t have to wear dresses but come on. She outright puts her in boys clothes. Sorry, I don’t believe at that age they choose. My kids didn’t.

Jennifer VT on

She is a tom-boy, big deal. I was and as I got older I became more girly, but weather she always remains a tom-boy or if grows into a girly girl, that is her choice and she has the right, even at 5 to have short hair if it pleases her and to play with boy toys and wear pirate hats. I think people are looking her and thinking tom-boy equals lesbian later on and people need to stop looking at people like that. She is just a little girl, a child. Find a real issue and go forth and conquer…

HL on

Angelina has said she allows Shiloh to dress like a tomboy. She might grow up to be a lessy or be a late bloomer and then just embrace girly things at a later age.

Neisha on

SHe looks a HOT MESS! They already let her dress like a ugly little boy so now just cut her hair off and let her look even more like a ugly little boy! because whoever thinks that looks cute on a little girl is just as messed up as her parents who are barely around!

Lola on

Love her hair. She has thick hair like Daddy.
It grows like mushrooms.
Who said Angie cut her hair? oh, a tabloid? LMAO.
That looks like a haircut by a hairdresser.
Shi is a baby still..she has her own personality & a very high IQ.
She makes her own decisions, I can sure bet on it.
She will be a tour de force to look at in the future.

Let the lil’ girl be!
Leave her Mom & Dad alone for cryinh out loud.
It’s hair. duh.

Kathie on

She’s a cutie. I also allow my children to express themselves as they want and my 5 year old son has longish hair by his choice. My daughter was a tomboy when young and she’s is now 26 and a confident girly-girl with an Architecture degree. Children are individuals and should be encouraged to choose certain things on their own. Those with controlling parents will grow up with “issues”.

Susie on

As a matter of fact I had to take my 5 year old to the salon today to have it cut. It’s a bit long on the sides than Shiloh’s but not by much. The hairdresser still had to get the clippers out to clean up the base of her hair. *my poor heart hit my feet*. Her 2yo sister found scissors in the night and CUT HER SISTER’S HAIR! OMG.

sharon on

first of all i can’t stand brad or angelina that being said … she’s just a child getting a hair cut, people need to relax! I remember having a short haircut as a child a pixie and everyone thought it was cute, now if a little girl gets one in this day and age she’s considered a freak or OMG she might becoming gay!

Please leave the kid alone, she’s a child a little tomboy and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I have to say I’m glad the parents aren’t making such a big deal about it and you know what if this is her way of expressing herself then so be it!

not every little girl likes wearing dresses and being covered in pink, she’s got 3 brothers… let the child be, if someday we find out she’s gay or transgender then kudos for brad and angelina for letting her be herself….. and not pretending to be something that she wasn’t….

i think it’s just a little girl wanting short hair… geez

mary on


Nancy on

Shiloh is just a little tomboy – so many girls are. Plus, she hangs out with her brothers. Gee, you should have see the way I dressed at her age: pixie, blue jeans, red Keds.

DD on

Shiloh is very blessed to have the great parents she has. Angelina
and Brad have very little concern for fashion beyond award shows, and their energy is spent on issues in the world they care about and on their
art. Those kids have fabulous experiences every day and are lovingly cared for by teachers, nannies, family, and their beautiful parents. We
probably have no idea the effort it takes just to protect these kids from
outsiders who desire contact with them. It is a major project just to get them clothed and out the door.Have you checked out kids at the mall or on the playground lately?? Very few look well groomed, and even
fewer seem fashion focused. That is a good thing! You go, Shi!!

Shi lover on

Shi is a beautiful little girl with a bright future no matter how her hair looks.

Deb on

From what i have followed from the pics of Shiloh i would say that she is way to young to ‘want’ any type of style because cognitively she would be unable to differentiate and i also think a lot of people were right when saying her parents/nanny/who ever has been dressing her in boy clothes forever….SORRY BUT AT AGE 2 i don’t see her ‘telling’ mommy that she prefers boy clothes…..AND COME ON GUYS…NOBODY KNOWS WHAT GOES ON WITH THESE people so quit talking about them like you all know them….but in my Psychology experience (working on a Masters of Psych) there is def something amiss with BOTH parents dressing her in BOY clothes….yes i am all about individuality etc….but i have worked in schools and KIDS WILL TEASE other children who appear different and this WILL CAUSE the teased children much stress!! THIS IS REALLY no different than SILLY MOMS who put their girls thru pageants at ridiculous ages….( 3,4,5) that is INSANE and selfish!!!!

Susan D on

What’s the deal with the hot messes these celebrities walk around with? Brush your kid’s damn hair for crying out loud! Self-expression is one thing; teaching them personal hygiene and grooming is another!

Dawna on

Please just let this little girl decide for herself what she wants to look like,she will come into her own as she gets older……Lots of love to the whole family…

Roch on

Has anybody even entertained the thought that maybe the kid cut her own hair and they had to fix it?? My daughter is the same age and rocking the same haircut because she took the scissors to her own hair and it had to get cut really short to even it all out. Turns out 4 year olds aren’t the best hairdressers, but clearly this must just mean she is a lesbo.

Gina on

“What kind of discussion would we be having if Knox was wearing cute little dresses with tights and his hair in pigtails? I would be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on that.”

EXCELLENT POINT! I can guarantee you the discussion/opinions would take a 180 degree turn ;o)

Gina on

“What kind of discussion would we be having if Knox was wearing cute little dresses with tights and his hair in pigtails? I would be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on that.”

EXCELLENT POINT! I can guarantee you that the discussions/opinions would take a 180 degree turn if that were the case!

JM on

Gina, speak for yourself. if Knox was wearing a dress or a skirt i for one would not care. you know why? because i am a better person than one who puts down and bullies a small child. aside from the fact that i do not understand why some people are so threatened by the idea of people wearing clothing that hasn’t strictly been deemed appropriate for one particular sex. what is this insecurity people have? where does it come from? why does it offend you so much? and can you rationalise it? (i’ll answer that last one for you, no you can’t. there is no, and i mean not a SINGLE rational argument for your opinion, it is pure narrowmindedness).

Tee on

She looks like Tom Brady 😦

An on

wait so all that time that I have kept my hair shorter than Tiggy did in the 70s, meant that I was a lesbian? Seriously people, let this child be a child. If she wants to dress like a boy or have a hair cut like a boy, then that is her choice. At her age, she is more than able to decide what she likes and doesn’t like.

To those saying that her parents are “making her” into a lesbian, shame on you. People aren’t made into lesbians or heterosexuals, that is just the way you are born.

Do you mean to tell me that heterosexuals chose to be hetero? That they aren’t born liking the opposite sex? see how that sounds absurd. We are born the way we are meant to be born no one can make us into what we are not.

anonymous on

come on a 5 year old expressing herself like that, that is because Angie choose to dress her like a boy

JungleCat on

I don’t like that haircut on little girls. She looks like a little boy. Little girls should have long hair. Angelina has beautiful long hair, and I think she would want her daughters to have the same. I never have understood why mothers who have beautiful hair medium length or longer, take their little girls to the beauty shop and get them boyish haircuts. I never had any girls but if I had they would have had long or at least medium length hair and loo0k like girls, not boys.

JungleCat on

I do not like that haircut at all. She looks more like a little boy than girl. I don’t know what Angelina was thinking since she has beautiful long feminine looking hair. To get her daughter’s hair cut like a boy is beyond me. So many times through the years I have seen mothers with 6-7 year olds getting them boyish haircuts. I never quite understand the thinking of these mothers. Boys should look like boys and girls should look like girls.

My Thoughts on

She’s the spitin image of her dad. Very cute!

Elizabeth on

It’s so obvious that she has gender issues and there is nothing wrong with that. She will grow up and have a sex change, simple as that. I do believe that some people are born in the wrong physical body and identify as another sex. It isn’t that common but it’s not abnormal. Hopefully she will grow up to be happy with herself and not hide anything!

Gina on

I made no negative comments concerning the issue of whether or not I agreed with the narrowminded opinions of some of the posters here… you are the one who seems to be making rash judgments & labeling someone (me) as not being as good a person as you are based on nothing more that conjecture on your part.

Cheryl on

Brad’s mini-me

karin on

Dressing up Chastity Bono all feminine with long hair and girly clothes–how did that work our for her? She is now a legal He and suffered greatly from not being accepted. He is now Chaz Bono-the trick to parenting, it seems, is to instill in your children self worth, humanity and the right to be who they are.

nancy on

She’s only 5. Lots of little girls go through tomboy stages. Personally I think that’s infinitely better than the deranged mothers who put their daughters in pageants. That seems a lot more warped to me than letting your daughter dress in black and have short hair.

Do you even remember what you wore at 5? I was too busy being a kid to even care or think about clothes. What I wore at 5 as absolutely no bearing on who I am today.

Gay on

Touche’ Karin! If only some of the commenters could realize this. Instilling self worth in a child by allowing them to make choices and having conviction about their choice. It’s not about the hair, or clothes people….it’s about letting her make a choice. She’s 5…yes old enough to know what she likes. But she has plenty of time to grow and develop. Whether she’s cute….not cute….she made her choice and her parents are supporting it. How do we know if they like it? There is a possibility they don’t …but have allowed Shiloh her choice. Hair grows back! And for those of you who think this is a move on Angelina’s part to subdue her daughter’s beauty for fear it will surpass her own….really? Get a grip!

Cynthia on

I think Angelina is very jealous of her beautiful daughter. It’s not uncommon for a mother to downplay her girls so the attention stays focused on them! Put a dress on her and let her hair grow!!!!!!! You are sooooooooo stupid !!!!!!!!!

Cher on

I do think that Angelina has a lot of input on how her children look. Most young kids dress how they know until they get into school and have the pressure of Peer Pressure. If you look at her children from newborn to now, none of them wear color. Angelina does not seem to like color, very neutral colors and now that is what the children know and buy and probably want cause that is all they have ever known. I really not to concerned with hair style but it would be nice to see some color in there life.

Cher on

I agree with Cher.

When was the last time they put color on their children. Nothing!!

Guess it does boil down to parents huh!

Cher on


Colour Please

Donna on

Angelina always dresses Vivienne in cutesy little girl things…but never poor Shiloh…i think she wanted Shiloh to be a boy…the cut is ok but to me it is a little to short for a girl…either way though Shiloh is a doll and a beautiful little girl who looks more like Brad the older she gets…i think Angie is jealous of her daughter’s looks and hope to detract attention from her

Mia on

I was picking out my own clothes by the time I was 2 …or 3 – I started the terrible twos – @ 18 months.

If she’s anything like me – strong-willed, stubborn + has her own path of independence – she picks out her own clothes/style.

Also – Jolie has said in interviews that Vi is a girly-girl + naturally loves that stuff – the others not so much.

Mia on

Knox + their other sons also have long hair – wear nail polish (see the twins pictures) – Shiloh has short hair.

Whatever they are comfortable/want to express seems to be what’s important.

Kids look androgynous until they hit puberty anyway.

Jo on

What on earth is wrong with people on here to make such awful comments about a child?! She WANTS to dress like a little boy and wear her hair short, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s who she is. Show some compassion.

Debbe on

Just the question alone is offensive and insinuates something is up. Nothing is wrong with a girl dressing as a boy. Something is very wrong with the media for making this a big deal, this is why we have problems with gay community right now, and the things they are going through because people want to tell them how to act, what to wear, how to cut their hair. This is a little child, I don’t care if she wants to be a future he or not, leave the freakin child alone and stop bringing up issues like this and being part of the problem, especially when you allow other ignorant people to respond and put their two cents worth in on what a child should look like. Leave the child alone, you guys are pathetic.

Debbe on

She is a future “Ellen” so what. Why the bullying? You all think Angelina wanted this? hahha how ignorant of you all….obviously you never had this type of child. My son wanted dresses and two. SO WHAT….so what so what so what so what. SO WHAT! People, your lives are too short for this crap! Get over it, stop it, each individual should wear what they WANT. come on stop dictating.

Anonymous on

I had a pageboy haircut when I was little and I’m not sure that I always dressed “like a girl”. I’m sure I put on play clothes and went outside and I’m almost sure they didn’t have flowers all over them or were pink…she will be just fine. She is a little girl, if someone mistakes her for a little boy, big deal…that happens all of the time. How many babies not dressed in the traditional pink or blue are mistaken for the opposite sex?

JM on

Gina, for the record i was not labelling you that.

the latter part of the post is directed at all the sad individuals complaining about how a 5 year old looks.

janet on

@Toya L
Like yourself.. I made my opinion, just as you have. How do you know anything about me in those few words I mentioned?
Your comments below:

“@Janet I have 4 daughters and I would definitely hold my head high if all of them were kind Chaz Bono’s in the making and hold my head down with shame if they turned out to be the most feminine acting and looking, ugly spirited, prejudiced, intolerant to differences, narrow minded females ANY day!!!”

ok – and your not intolerant to differences? think about what your comments, that is if you can think!

amaya on

for the cripes sake, it is pretty obvious no matter how you sugar coat it: that kid has issues. Kids go through things in phases, and Shiloh has been pretending to be a boy for 3 years now. ISSUES!!!!! Kids are smart, maybe she thinks her mom likes the boys better…

Gina on

Well thank you for that… although that’s not how your post read. I myself wore corduroys w/rolled up flannel cuffs & boy’s t-shirts until I was 5… and in fact when my Mom would dress me up in frilly outfits I would still hide my Wyatt Earp six-shooters under my girly coat ;o) None of it hurt me a bit… not the “boyish” clothes nor the frilly dresses. Clothes & hairstyles do not create nor influence our gender nor our sexuality. We’re born to be whoever we will be. I just think if one of the Jolie-Pitt boys dressed in frilly dresses w/bows in their hair that many responding to the issue being discussed here would take a different stance. Sad but true…

Mar on

@ Franzy

I wouldn’t care make a negative comment if Knox or any of her other boys were dressed in female clothes. There’s no double standard on my behalf. All clothes are gender neutral and people should be allowed to “cross dress” without being judged.

My great aunt dressed my uncle in girl clothes until he was about 5 years old. She wanted a little girl so badly. He didn’t mind the girl clothes because he didn’t know any different since girl clothes are the only clothes he had been wearing since birth. Guess what? He has no emotional problems and if it matters for anything, he is masculine, 100% straight, married, and has children. He also is a very successful physician, so I wouldn’t say being dressed like a girl for 5 years of his life ruined his life.

JLL on


Capricorn on

It’s always been stated that Shiloh ‘wants to be one of the brothers’. I’m fine with her dressing like a boy with short hair but neither of her 3 brothers has hair cut that short. I don’t understand why they can’t have her dressed in jeans and plain tops without them having to be so boyish. Angelina says she was a Tom Boy but she always had long hair as a little girl. The dressing issue stems back to her parents as at 2 1/2 to 3 years old I am sure her parents bought and chose what she wore.
Deep down it doesn’t really matter and if she didn’t have high profile parents no one would care. As long as Shiloh is happy and becomes the person she is comfortable with who are we to judge.

Ashley on

I’m 15 – and my mom let me chop off all my hair into a pixie cut shorter than Shiloh’s when I was 12. I know there’s a huge age difference there, though.

I’m no fan of Angelina or Brad – but I think that at 5 years old, Shiloh is just a tomboy. I think she recognizes she is female – she just runs with the boys! There’s nothing wrong with that! I think that she’ll probably grow out of it. Or she could remain a tomboy for the rest of her life! It doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian, or gender confused. Maybe she just doesn’t like girly clothes and long hair. I’m pretty girly, and I love stereotypical “girl” things – long hair is just annoying to me. I think Shiloh’s look is fine for a 5 year old. Besides – 5 year olds are messy! Imagine how easy it must be for Angelina to tote around one of her daughters in a manner as such; she just throws some slacks on Shiloh and she’s ready to go 🙂

Soshann on

At 5 years old she’s old enough to make a choice about her hair.If the child *wants* the short haircut,I think nothing of it,but if the parent decides,well,that is just wrong.I speak from experience.When I was about 4 and my hair finally got over my ears,my dad ordered my mom to shear it as short as possible and keep it that way,not because he wanted me to look like a boy(quite the opposite,he expected me to wear frilly dresses 24/7),but because he hated that my hair turned out very dark and thick and didn’t want people “staring cuz they thank we got wop ancestry” or something along those lines.Every where I went people thought I was male,and if I had on a dress,sometimes other kids would ask me why my parents dresses me like a girl(!).So I say as long as it’s the kid’s decision,it’s fine,but a parent should never shear off a little girl’s hair just for their own selfish reasons.

Donna on

showbizmom –

I don’t live in middle America, but I do think a greater number of people with gender issues live in Hollywood. I didn’t say it was wrong, but it seems odd that so many celebrity children are having this situation going on.

Just like autism, we have to wonder what is causing these things?

m-dot on

I’m sorry but i think she looks terrible. She’s a naturally pretty girl but it seems they do everything in their power to have her look like crap. Maddox was always kept looking super cool. He had cute cuts, and edgy but still cute attire. Every kid after him looks like a garbage pail kid, and that sucks. They have enough money for these children to not walk around looking unkept. Sorry at 5 yrs old my mother dictated what my style was. It’s cool to include kids in the decision making, but you can’t let them run the show.

sgtmian on

wow, there are some horrible parents on this site. pretty much all of you. glad i didn’t grow up with moms like you, i feel sorry for your children. shiloh wears what she wants. the fact that you force your child into your idea of a “perfect” girl says more about you than it does about angelina.

Niko on

I have a feeling Shiloh is inherently a lesbian.

sinclair on

I have a good friend going through exactly what you described with your hair–please share what topical hair aids and pills worked for you. My friend is trying to keep it cool about her dye job, but I know it will be snip-snip soon. Thanks, any info would be appreciated!

Mom of three girls on

I have three little girls 4,3 and 1. My 3 year old was so strong about wanting short hair she will cut her own hair. I asked her and she said, Mom I just like short hair, i don’t know i just like it. So i keep it short for her. I mean why not? Just because someone is smaller and young does not mean they do not have an opinion about the way they look. My 4 year old girl is complete opposite loves her long hair and wants it to grow long like a mermaid. I have no sons to influence my 3 year old nor do i push “boy” stereotypes on her, Her favorite color is green, she loves Dora and Diego, Dinosaurs and Ballerinas. Its just how she is! Its just who Shiloh is. I completely understand.

Anonymous on

my mother gave me a bowl cut when I was a kid I hated it!!

veggiemama on

Well, two things. One, Shiloh probably wants to be like her brothers. That’s normal. She’s a tomboy, fine. However, I also see her mother as someone who loves to shock. So, she likely encourages Shiloh to dress more boyish, to allow her her freedom and also gain some shock value at the same time! Hope as Shiloh gets older she can be whatever she wants to be and not be encouraged either way.