Sharon Osbourne: ‘I’m Going to Be the Grandmother From Hell’

01/23/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Sharon Osbourne has never been known to hold back — and she certainly won’t start when her first grandchild arrives later this year.

With son Jack and his fiancée Lisa Stelly expecting a baby in April, the giddy grandmother-to-be is already counting down the days.

“It just gets better and better, the thought of it, as we’re getting closer and closer,” Osbourne, 59, told PEOPLE at Guitar World‘s Rock & Roll Roast in Anaheim, Calif. on Thursday. “I’m getting more and more excited.”

Holding off on buying for baby until the big debut — “I’m very superstitious,” she reveals — Osbourne isn’t shy about sharing her future intentions!

“I am going to be the grandmother from hell because I am going to spoil this baby so bad,” she says. “My son and Lisa are going to be like, ‘Get her out of here!'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jessica Herndon

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Reesca on

I feel sorry for that baby.

Susan on

Oh bad Sharon. I am g’mother to 8 and would never think to spoil them. It is super unfair to the child and parents. You need to rethink your decision !!!!!

JM on

Susan lighten up a bit. grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandchildren a little bit. mine did and i am in no way spoilt because of it. i appreciate everything they did for me and do not take it for granted.

you can spoil your grandchildren a bit without interfering with your childrens’ parenting. my parents spoil my kids when they see them because they love them so much and it brings my parents so much joy to do it. they know when to not cross the line and they would never go against me or my husband if we said no first to the kids.

and spoiling them doesn’t always mean in a material sense. when i was talking to my grandmother i felt as if i was the centre of her universe. everything i did was interesting and wonderful. obviously i don’t go through life feeling that way about myself, then i really would be spoilt, but it’s nice to have that memory of at least one person making me feel like that.

Hea on

Susan – I doubt she’s planning on ruining the child.

I wish them all the best. 🙂

RKF on

@Susan – Lighten up, killjoy, it’s her first grandchild! Just because you choose not to spoil your grandchildren doesn’t mean others aren’t allowed to. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

Jillian on

I let all the grandparents spoil my children. That is part of the fun for them! I also let their aunts and uncles.

Jm, you nailed it! It’s not only about material things. For us, it can be extra hugs, arts and crafts, sleepovers, etc. My older daughter has a garden with her name on it at nanas. There are special things she does with them and only them!

Susan on

Wow…you are all nasty today. I give my grands extra hugs and kisses. I play with them, do arts and crafts with them, etc etc etc. What I was trying to point out is we all know Sharon does everything to the extreme. I was pointing out she needs to know when to stop and back off. Do any of you really think she will know where the boundaries are?

RKF on

@Susan – way to change your story. Re-read your initial post – you said nothing of Sharon Osbourne, you only implied it is unfair to spoil grandchildren. No one is being nasty to you, we’re merely commenting on your post.

cynthia on

sharon will be a awsome grandmother ,i have a granddaughter and shes the center of my life i spoil her with gifts and love shes the most amazing little person we have a garden also with a big rock painted with fairies that says gramma and keiras garden ,when shes here we do all sorts of things we even made little ornaments at xmas for her tree at home with her name and mommy and daddy and shes only 17 mths i do these special things with her so she has special memories i never had grandparents i think its a differnt kind of bond i want her to have someone to go to if she feels she cant her parents and i always ask when giving her special things so my son and his wife dont feel bad and they feel its my right im her gramma

stacey on

Soooo funny! Her grandkids are going to be lucky to have her for a grandmother.

Liz on

I think Sharon will be an awesome grandma. I know that she does tend to do things to the extreme but I think she is smart and knowledgeable enough to know when to step back.

I can’t wait to see Ozzy as a grandpa! That’s gonna be great!

Mia's Mommy on

Eh my mom and dad spoil Mia rotten. She thinks when they come over, they come bearing gifts. She is literally the best thing in their lives. I let them spoil her, it’s their first grandkid. It’s really not that huge of a deal. She’s going to shower that kid with love and affection.

JMO on

Grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandkids that’s their job and I think they’re entitled to it.

Amanda on

There’s different ways of spoiling but I can tell you she may reret it! With the way my kids acts after coming home from my moms I think of excuses to not send or bring them there, don’t have that problem with my in-laws….

Anonymous on

JM and Anonymous- You pretty much just described my relationship with one of my grandmothers. Although she DID get me gifts from time to time (particularly from the store where she worked), most of her “spoiling” was in a non-material way. Whenever I visited her, she gave me her undivided attention for a good chunk of the visit (naturally she had to give my grandfather, parents and brother attention, too!).

She would play dolls with me and tell me stories, and sometimes we would just sit out on her deck and talk (usually with me sitting in her lap!) or do some “gardening” together (she kept a bunch of potted plants on the deck). It was also usually she who put me to bed when I was visiting (due to the distance she and my grandfather lived from my family, our visits were virtually always at least overnight). Even becoming ill with cancer and having to go through chemo treatments didn’t stop her from “spoiling” me. She would cuddle with me and talk to me, just as she had before she got sick.

I was only six years old when my grandmother lost her battle with that horrible disease, and I will forever cherish the memories of the short time I got to spend with her.

So having lost a grandparent at such an early age, I say let your kids’ grandparents spoil them…because you have no idea how long your kids will have them in their lives! Take it from me, your kids will be forever grateful to you for doing so, especially if they do have the misfortune to lose a grandparent when they’re still very young! 🙂

Tabitha on

I think their is a certain extent to spoiling, I love that my daughters grandparents spend all the time with her that they can but at the same I hate that my daughter thinks they need to do something fun and exciting every time she goes over there and when they don’t she gets upset. So then I have to explain to her that she doesn’t have to do something all the time. Like here at home we do fun stuff when we can. But it’s like playing a bored game and watching a movie together or going for a walk. With her grandparents she expects them to take her swimming or to build a bear. So I have to try and explain the happy medium to her that just spending time with them is special. So I understand how frustrating it can be from a parent stand point only because my child doesn’t understand it not because of her grandparents its their jobs to spoil them rotten then give them back.

Nichele on

I agree that there are different levels of spoiling a kid, but frankly, I think it’s a grandparent’s prerogative to spoil their grandchildren. Really, what’s the harm in receiving a little extra love now and then from a grandparent?

I’m 24 and don’t get to see my grandparents all that often, but to this day, when I do get to visit them, they still like to spoil me and my brother. My grandmother loves to cook us our favorite foods, and my grandfather always insists on giving us a little money if we’re going out “just for a little treat” (I mean along the lines of coffee or a new shirt or something like that — nothing excessive).

Neither my brother nor I ever expect anything from them, and we’re both extremely grateful for every way they choose to dote or love on us (to use my Mimi’s terms).

Besides, spoiling a grandchild isn’t just what you give a kid. It’s about the time you spend with them. Growing up, my brother and I always knew that when Papa came to visit, it meant getting to watch sports at the dinner table and having good-natured arguments about which baseball team was better (I’m an Angels fan, he’s a Cardinals fan…which prompted some more good-natured arguments recently), whose football team had a better overall team (he’s a Rams fan, while I root for the Saints and Cowboys), or about whatever sport happened to be in season.

It’s memories like that that both my brother and I cherish.

Hea on

Susan – Actually, I don’t know Sharon so I don’t know what she’s like as a mother and as a person other than what I’ve seen on a somewhat staged reality show. I do think she knows her boundaries very well however. I think she’s a family oriented smart woman with lots of wits and that she’s quite sensible when it comes to it. All in all, I think she’s like most of us except for the fact that her life is different from most of us.

Mya on

Sounds like Jack and his girlfriend need BBC DWIL

Daniella on

I hope my mum & in-laws spoil my kids to a certain degree. It’ll be a nice change from how I grew up, considering my poor grandparents had 20+ grandchildren (on each side, so that’s over 40+ cousins!). It’s really hard to give equal attention to that many kids, so it’ll be nice that mine won’t have to fight for attention like my brothers & myself had to do our whole lives.

RainbowStar on

Another entrapment baby..

MollyFa on

I think Sharon will be a great grandma. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I think she’ll give her grandchild lots of love.
Also, Susan, retread your first response.

Ainsley on

No matter what people say about the Osbournes’ lifestyle, Sharon’s kids and Ozzy always speak very highly of her. I am pretty sure she will be a loving grandmother.
And pretty much all grandparents spoil their kids. It is in the nature of their job 😉

Ann on

This is what grandparents are suppose to do……..we’ve earned the privilege of spoiling grandchildren and its all good……

Steve on

Hopefully Sharon’s grandchildren will turn out better than her own messed up kids. If they are the result of her “spoiling” than best to keep her away.

Holly on

The right to spoil the grandchildren is in the very very fine print on the back of the birth certificate. Pretty sure of it anyway. Have 1 now 2 yr old boy n 2nd 1 on the way any day. I LOVE spoiling them if it’s getting them a new toy when they come over next or having him help me with dishes. You GO SHARON!!!!

Jesse on

I have one grandchild and while I do spoil him I also give him boundaries… I don’t think Sharon will do anything wrong with this child. Susan you are a killjoy and a backtracker and should just stop trying to dig yourself out of the hole you started.

Congrats to Jack and his girlfriend… For the person who called it an “entrapment baby”, you should be ashamed, you know nothing about his fiance to even say that. Grow up.

Ami on

Grandparents should spoil their grand children!

NeeNee on

hey it’s a grandparents right to be able to dote on their grandkids and spoil them a lil bit, there are so many kids these days that don’t even know who their grandparents are!

Barb on

Grandbabies are awesome! If I’d have known they were so great, I’d have had them first!!!!

Mainoh on

Good for Sharon. My parents moved faraway and my husband’s parents had nothing to do with our kids. I would have loved for my kids grandparents to spoil them.

Lily on

If i was born into this family, i’d kill myself in the womb.

KellyGreen on

I think she’ll be a great grandmother. However, I thought it was a little upsetting that she said: Holding off on buying for baby until the big debut — “I’m very superstitious,” she reveals —

Parents are already nervous/anxious/superstitious enough; what they need from grandparents is confidence that everything will go right. The fact that SHE is superstitious is a bit selfish – focus on making the parents confident and, in return, the baby happy. That is a major role of the grandparent, IMO.

stephy on

they are only young once. enjoy and spoil, it’s not grandma’s job to discipline.

Kay on

I adore my grandaughters…I had boys, so they are very special to me. As far as Sharon Osborne being extreme…well, it will be up to Jack and his wife to set boundaries if there is a problem. We have nothing really to say about it.

Britt on

LOVE Sharon!

guest on

better and better, closer and closer, more and more excited.

What’s wrong with her? Repeating repeating everything.

Donna on

Any mother on earth who upon seeing their Child have their own children WILL feel something they’ve NEVER felt before. You think you loved your child to pieces. Wait till they have children, NOTHING permeates your heart in the same manner or ever will.

Ladies I lost my first child to crib death and my Only child since is gonna be 34 tomorrow.

Sharon is not only gonna rock as a Incredible, Loving, Attentive, Granny. She will share wisdom and love like no other with Her Child’s Blessing. I’m So Tickled for you Sharon and your entire family. What a blessing from God that brings every member of the family Together in joy. 😀

corney on

i’m just glad susan’s not my grandma…i’d take sharon any time. i’m sure she’ll be a wonderful grandma!

guest on

I’d rather have grandparents that spoil then ones like my children have. my husband’s parents act like everything to them is a “chore” when it comes to their grandkids.

joy on

The best thing in the world for me is to spoil my grandkids. My husband and I raise my oldest grandson who is 5 and he is very spoiled and that is the way we like it. there is nothing wrong with spoilng them,

showbizmom on

@Lily I’ve met a couple of members of the Osbourne clan, and I have to say they are lovely people. They have overcome a lot and the kids have turned their lives around. Jack did a great Doc on his father and I thought as did many think he has a future as a director. That baby will be blessed to be apart of a family that doesn’t hide their demons of the past, they confront them head on and deal with them as a family. Not to mention, their kids are hard workers and not at all like some of the entitled kids I work with and come across everyday in Hollywood.

That being said, all grandparents spoil their grandchildren. There is more then one way to spoil a child. But yes, you have to set boundaries with our parents sometimes, it’s hard but does need to be done at times. God knows if my husband and I didn’t set some boundaries with our parents in regards to our girls, they would be little demons. Good luck to Jack, his fiance and the whole Osbourne family.

rachel on

Misleading title! I was a little scared to see what Sharon had to say.. I am relieved it was what she said! She will be a great grandmother I am sure. Who cares if she wants to spoil her grandkid, as long as the babies parents don’t spoil the baby rotten I am sure the baby will be just fine. Congratulations to them all.

Farzeen on

Being born into that family, that kids first words will be shit, hell and fuck. I hope all those people are “clean” otherwise that poor baby will get a hold of a crack pipe or a dirty needle. Poor kid, it’s already doomed.

marilyn on

Grandmother from Hell?
Seems like Sharon is also Mother from Hell?

If I remember correctly none of her 3 children graduated from high school…

And how many of the three kids have been in rehab so far?

Not a great job on parenting skills…so what is Sharon’s skill?
The gift of unimportant talk and an unhealthy craving the spotlight

Anon on

I’m sure that baby will have a mouth on it, just like the Osbourne clan. Poor baby. A curse word will probably be it’s first word. What a shame.

Julie on

I think that it’s a grandparent’s right to be able to spoil their grandchildren. They had to go through the same thing when they had their children. Now I do think that the grandparent’s should respect the desires of the parents as well, and not get tot he point where they don’t want the kids to go see the grandparents. But let the grandparent’s have the fun, it keeps them feeling young. My parents spoil my daughter but they also know the limit and she loves every minute that she gets to spend with them (the same way that I enjoyed every minute with my grandparents when they were alive). my parents have said that they feel younger when they spend time with her and they can always tell when she has stayed the night with them, the house is more quite and feels empty.

Tammy Scott on

I’m with you Sharon I have two grands girl and a boy, I spoil them and I don’t care who knows it. good for you.

Sandy on

I think that Sharon will be a wonderful grandmother. Good for her wanting to spoil the baby.

Jamie on

Funny thing is, Sharon is already a grandmother other older daughter Aimee’s child. Funny how the media ignores that fact.

Lawrence on

Spoiling the lil ones is well within the rights of the grandparents, it all a part of the fun.
You just have to watch Ozzy and make sure he does not try to bite the head off. lol j/k
I think Sharon will be the best Grandmother ever. PeAcE

Toya L. on

My children have wonderful grandparents on both sides that spoils them and I love the relationship my children have with them. Even though my mother tends to overstep her boundaries a lot, she’s an amazing grandmother. I’m still wondering why they (the grandchildren) get to do/get away with things that we never got too?

I think she will be a great grandmother, congratulations to them!

doseedo on

She sounds as bad as my ex-almost-would-have-been MIL. Never again. Keeping the in laws a few states away, I’ve learned, is key. Butt out, Grandma. You raised your child, I’ll manage just fine- thanks.

Snow on

Don’t do it Sharon! It takes a village to raise a baby. I know it seems loving, but overspoiling your grandchild doesn’t prepare him/her for life. And it will only result in conflicts with the parents. Trust me as someone who had a grandparent who spoiled my son. He had so much handed to him, that he never had any struggle to prepare him for making it in the world on his own.

okay on

why do people feel sorry for the baby?? This baby is gonna have a better life than most adult do. The first grandchild is always spoiled, but there is a limit too. There is a difference between spoiling and raising the child. Sharon whatever you do let them raise the baby they choice too, whether you agree or not.

Jan on

You go Sharon and spoil that grandbaby. That is what grandparents are for. When mom and dad say no, ask grandma :).

Melissa on

Never spoil your grandkids?? WTF are grandparents for?? My parents are so happy they can spoil my kids….they get enjoyment out of being able to do that. Geez……some ppl should lighten up–**SUSAN** at the top. You probably are not any of their favorites. Get the mothballs out of your wallet.

Melissa on

Susan open that wallet of yours and stop being a fuddy-duddy.

The Baking Fairy on

@KellyGreen – It is hardly selfish of someone to not buy gifts for a baby before it is born and admit she is superstitious about doing so. You have no idea what Sharon or her family/friends have gone through with other babies. I have a friend whose family does not throw baby showers until AFTER the baby has arrived because her cousin lost a baby at 7 months along. The family is, I think understandably, superstitious now. Perhaps the same thing has occurred to the Osbournes. Without knowing Sharon personally, I can only imagine she is giving Jack and his fiancee plenty of moral support but is merely refraining from gifting the baby until it is safely in this world.

Tara on

My mom spoiled my son rotten- before he was even born. She couldnt get enough of him and they became extremely close. When my mom would babysit- theyd go out and do stuff. if my mom were invited to a cookout or something- it was always an invite for the 2 of them. Yes, she bought him all kindsa stuff and he had the toy room from hell- more toys than he could play with, but they were so ridiculously close and absolutely adored eachother. Im not gonna say its not difficult now that shes gone and I cant afford to buy him everything he wants- when me and my mom used to split his christmas list, but I am so glad they had the relationship they had and hope that all grandparents are given the chance to “spoil” their grandkids- and not just with material things, but with all the love they can give!!

Jesse on

First off I don’t believe Aimee has any kids, and secondly they don’t talk about her because she doesn’t want to be talked about. She purposely opted out of The Osbourne’s show on MTV and is rarely photographed because SHE wants to be OUT of the spotlight.

DeebaMama on

“Grandmother from Hell”, only means she’s going to spoil the baby. If that’s the case, then my own mother is a “gradmother from hell” as are a majority of grandmothers out there.

Those that said the child was cursed being born into that family – who the hell are you to say that? Maybe your parents were cursed when you were born into theirs! Shame on you.

We are not to judge the Osbournes, it’s not our call. I say congrats to them all. … I just wonder what Ozzy will sound like singing a lullaby.

rhonda on

Grandparents are there to spoil not just with the materialistic but with the exta love and cuddles. I had in my life one grandparent that I dubbed 5 minute Nana. Stopped in dropped off Christmas gifts with a peck on the cheek and she was gone. Wish that Grandmother spent more time with us, would have loved to hear stories about her youth and about my dad growing up. Instead my memories are one kiss and gift. I am glad my parents are nothing like her and want to spend time and relish in it. Sharon Osborne has every right to dote on her grand baby when it arrives. She’s earned it……

Erica on

Susan, wow, you don’t spoil any of your grandchildren? I was raised by my grandmother who spoiled me with love, affection, and toys. 🙂 I grew up to be self reliant, responsible, and good morals. I have a good friend who has a grandmother that never spoiled them in anyway. At Christmas or birthdays the gifts she would give were personalized company pens, paper, or hats.. her grandmother owned her own business so all the grand kids got gifts representing her company… my friend needless to say doesn’t think that highly of her grandmother. No, it’s not all about gifts, of course, it’s just as a grandmother that’s not normal behavior….

Sandy on

My grandmother spoiled me- not with material things-but with her time. She was a true grandmother (looked like one) who baked cookies with me, taught me how to tend the garden, had me spend weekends where we did small town simple things but most importantly listened to me and was so loving. She never bought me much- but she did give me pennies from her dresser to go get penny candy! Every happy memory I have comes from the time I spent with her in a very small town in Minnesota. Spoil- yes, but not with stuff that costs money.

Lori on


Will you be my Grandma?

JavaJunkie68 on

Spoil away Grandma Sharon & GrandOZZY…Enjoy that grandchild to the fullest!!!

AKrietz on

You go Sharon! I had a crazy English grandmother, and I totally adored her.

soph on

RKF: not being nasty? So you were just all sweetness and light with that “lighten up, killjoy” comment, huh? Get over yourself, hon.

cheryl on

you go sharon, thats what us grandmas are for, spoil them rotton.

Liz on

@Susan are you best friends with Sharon? Otherwise you don’t know how she is. Just whats portrayed on T.V. for ratings. This woman married a rocker, maintained a marriage for how many years? Raised two children fairly well with a few rough patches that could happen to any family. I do think she knows her limits as well. I think you don’t know what your talking about and I doubt you know her personally to make a judgment call like that.

Dawn on

This family is the typical American Family in so many ways. So maybe most of us don’t have a Dad who wears black nail polish, but we all make fun of Dad and his fuddy duddy ways, and this family is no different. There seems to be a lot of love and closeness too and I think this Baby is lucky to be born into a family that will cherish it.

maryam on

My son is the first grand child of my parents and the most loved one also, he gets spoiled by both of my parents.He knows he is loved so he is confident in himself and takes pride in it.I feel so happy when he says he loves my parents even more then me.I am a single parent so I cherish all the love that my child gets and he is truly blessed.He never feels he does not have a father because he has so much love around him.Go Sharon!!

Siobhan on

I’ve been a grandmother for almost 16 years. I watched my granddaughter for her first four years while her parents worked. I found I was much more relaxed with her than I’d been with my own children. I let her do more than I’d let my children do and I wasn’t as strict with her. However, I made sure she’s grown up knowing that if Mom/Dad say no then so does Bama. I’ve never felt it was in a child’s best interest to undermine his/her parents unless obviously it had to do with a safety issue or something equally important. She also knows, though, that I’m always there for her and she can tell me anything with no judgment from me. I firmly believe that grandparents can enhance a child’s life as long as they realize there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Sage49 on

I just love spoiling my 18 month old granddaughter, with love and affection, and I will play with her until we’re both drop-dead tired and need a nap. My son and his wife haven’t complained about my “spoiling” her and look forward to my visits. I would say that my grandmotherly spoiling skills are spot on.

Gail C. on

Congrates Sharron and Ozzy..on the newest addition to you wonderful family. Not perfect; whos family is..Just know grandchildren are great.I spoil my three as much as I can.God Bless The whole family,You all seem to be doing GREAT!!! Congrates agein on the bundle of love coming your way!!!

Toya L. on

@Tara- your post is soooo sweet. @Soph- hey, I’m glad we’re back on speaking terms. I guess you were having an extra bad day and asked me to leave you alone, so I did but I’m glad you broke the ice and spoke to me first. Are you ready for the super bowl?

Gail C. on

Congrates Sharron and Ozzy on your newest bundle of joy coming your way.Being a grandparent is the best..As far as the nastyness coming from others..shame on you..this is a time for happyness.What kind of people are you? A baby is a blessing.I say SPOIL them as much as you can.My three grandchildren know theyre limits,but I will do everything in my power to shower them with love and yes “stuff”..Thats why Im the MaMa..So simmer down and let them have this… Congrates and good luck to Jack and Lisa as well.. Much Love!!!

RKF on

@Soph- Your consistent over-attempt at witty repertoire is old. Find something better to do with your time than spend hours trying to come up with brilliant one-liners.

Anonymous on

no such thing as a spoiled grandbaby….just well loved

Amy on

Marilyn, sometimes parents and family do everything right and the kids are still gonna get in trouble, try drugs, end up in rehab. To say that they would let their child around drugs, etc is pretty ignorant of you. For the record, no one is perfect and we all struggle with something.

That’s what grandparents are for, you spoil and give the kid back. I think Sharon will know her place in her grandchild’s life. We all have demons, but you can tell that they are a close family and love each other.

I think Jack and Kelly turned out well. They owned up to their problems, got help and are doing great now.

Megan on

Oh, Dios mío. Nunca me gustó esta mujer boca sucia! She needs to sit down, so annoying. ugh

RH of WI on

You know Sharon, most grandparents do the same thing. Congrats to you, your son and the rest of the family. Enjoy, there’s nothing else like grandkids…love every moment!

soph on

Toya: what now? I do believe you’re on the wrong post.

RKF: Aww, nice try, but no hours spent here. It was easy…I just pointed out the obvious.

karen on

Sharon is gonna make a great gma! Ozzy must be used to it by now he has around 4 or more grandchildren.

Jillian on

Rfk, you aren’t alone in your thoughts. She has logged many hours on this site and always has one liners, which she thinks are witty and has to have the last word. Waiting or it……..

Karen on

I thought her Oldest daughter already had a baby?

Kayte on

I cant stand Sharon. She’s so obnoxious and will stab her ‘friend’s’ in the back to get ahead personally. Hopefully she will be a better grandmother than mother. At least two of her children were out of control with drugs/alcohol at a young age. Without the Osbourne money they never would have made it.

soph on

Waiting for what, Anonymous? How cute…too scared to address me directly.

If visiting a blog to read amusing, idiotic posts from people like you and simply replying to them means “logging many hours,” well…I’ll just let you keep thinking that, sweetie, if that’s how your little brain works.

Anonymous on

Kayte- As other commentors have said, Jack and Kelly could have end up on drugs even if Ozzy and Sharon had been the best parents in the world. Likewise, we have no idea whether they would have made it if they didn’t have their parents’ money. One of my grandfathers was an alchoholic, and although it was not an easy journey, he went to rehab and counseling and got sober…and he was certainly not rich!

I’ve also known other people with alchohol and/or drug problems who, though not rich, managed to turn their lives around and succesfully kicked their habits. Personally, I give Jack and Kelly, not their parents money, credit for cleaning up their acts and bettering their lives. After all, in order for someone to give up a habit like drinking or doing drugs, they have to WANT to give it up!

Anonymous on

And another thing, Kayte. Again, as other commentors have pointed out, we don’t know the real Sharon Osbourne, just how she was portrayed on a reality show.

Kayte on

No, Anon. I watched Sharon on her talk show…where she at least pretended to be herself. She is loud, obnoxious, and not nearly as funny as she thinks she is. She later said on the Howard Stern show that she was the one that had Holly Peete and Leah Remini fired from the show. These were two women that she again must have been ‘pretending’ to be great friends with. Then she wouldn’t speak to them once she got them fired. Sharon is not a nice person. She and Ozzy were not good parents. It is extremely unlikely that 2 out of 3 children would become addicted to drugs/alchohol as teenagers and none of them finish high school if they were good parents.

Kayte on

And another thing, anon, Jack and Kelly do deserve the credit for apparently straightening out their lives. But, without the family money they would not have had the benefit of repeated intense rehab to help them get there. That is not to say that someone without money can’t kick the habit, but it sure does make it easier with the support that money can buy.

Anonymous on

Kayte- The fact is that none of us really know what kind of parents they were/are (their kids may be grown, but they’ll never stop being their parents!). We don’t really know them other than what we see on TV (even Sharon’s talk show persona could have been different from her private one), and we have no idea what went on behind closed doors as their kids grew up.

I’m not saying they’re perfect parents. No parents are (just like no person is perfect period!). But to call them bad parents when we have no way of knowing whether or not that was the case is harsh, in my opinion. I agree that they appear to be a bit of a dysfunctional family, but as my mother always says, “I have yet to met a functional one!” (meaning that ALL families have their quirks and problems). 🙂

Bottomline: I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree. In fact, I’m done discussing this.

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Ha! I am done discussing this with you as well, anon. But to no one in particular I think it is clear that when the majority of children/teenagers in a family become addicted to drugs and alcohol and none of them finish high school that there is bad parenting going on. Minor children are the responsibility of the parents, and when they are completely out of control you can’t blame the children. The parenting is obviously a failure. It can hardly be considered a ‘quirk’.

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Yi am not the same anon from above. I am not a sharon fan. My annoyance is when people make stuff up and act like its a fact and when people present speculation as fact. you are speculating and throwing in a lot of false statements. Sharon didn’t say she had them fired while she was on Stern……I heard the show. Here is what she said.

“Some people dont really know who they are,” the reality-TV veteran continued, “and you have to know who you are when you’re in something like this,” meaning a come-as-you-are network talk show. So “weird chemistry” brought down The Talk’s original quintet (or sextet, if you include Marissa Jarett Winokur, who stepped down even earlier), Stern concluded.
“Yes!” Osbourne agreed.

Please tell me at where I am missing it. I just replayed it and still can’t hear it. None of the articles I read did either. If I am wrong, fine, just tell me where……

You don’t know that she is not a nice person or a good parent. These are opinions. It’s like me saying you are ignorant and a bad mother. I can speculate all day, but have no first hand knowledge.

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Yes, I’m quite sure you aren’t the ‘same’ anon. Ha! I’ve read this in many places, but here is just one link where you missed this little gem:

“Osbourne then admitted that she told Julie Chen she didn’t think Leah and Holly were working on the show and that the chemistry was “weird”. ”

The only thing that was ‘weird’ is that Sharon acted like she was great friends with them on the show and once they were fired never talked to them again (this info is easily found on their personal twitter sites). I don’t know how you judge nice people, but in my book Sharon could not be further from a nice person. It doesn’t take any speculation to see that. It is also not speculation that her children were addicted to drug/alchohol as minors and none of them finished high school. If you can prove that this is not true, let me know. And if you think that is the description of a good parent, so be it.

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I had so much typed as a response and realized, I am wasting my time! You are twisting everything, speculating and just making stuff up. I look forward to reading your posts on future pages for humor. You have become so caught up with “hating” her that you don’t even realize the nonsense you are spewing!

Oh and the “gem” you think I missed…….. You need a pair of glasses, honey because you clearly can’t read!

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Ahhh, Jillian. So it’s you. It is difficult to argue with facts in black and white especially when you have nothing to back it up, huh? Thats ok–You’ve really given me a chuckle today. Thanks for that, and have a great week!

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I have not a clue who Jillian is, actually. You wouldn’t know a fact if it smacked you in the face! When you show me the video where Sharon says, “I had them fired,” I will continue talking and stop laughing t you.

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Hahaha! Is denial your motto, jillian?– I guess CBB is undermining you too? You’ll be ok. Laughing is good for you.