Baby No. 3 On the Way for Drew Brees

01/23/2012 at 12:30 PM ET
Jim Smeal/BEImages

He may not be headed to the Super Bowl, but Drew Brees has even bigger plans: another baby!

The New Orleans Saints quarterback, 33, and his wife Brittany are expecting their third child, Brees announced via Twitter.

“Thanks for the well wishes for Brittany and Baby #3,” he writes. “She is 2½ months. Training camp baby.”

As for big brothers Baylen Robert, 3, and Bowen Christopher, 15 months, they already have their hopes set on whether the newest addition will be a boy or girl.

“Bowen wants a lil bro, Baylen a lil sis,” Brees shares.

— Anya Leon

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Mikaylah on

Great news! I love Drew and The Saints, and he has such a cute family. It would be great if they had a little girl.

Erika on

Congratulations to them. It would be really nice if this baby is a girl! There is nothing sweeter than seeing a big football player wrapped around his little girl’s finger lol.

Amy on

Congratulations to Drew & Brittany! How exciting and what a blessing!

kimmie on

Awwwh Erika so true !

I have never heard of him until last week when I red the book Koda and she talks about him and his wife briefly when describing the Superbowl victory. So sweetly …

Nicole on

Why on Earth would anyone announce a pregnancy so early?

Anonymous on

You are a idiot

Nancy on

If training camp is in July/August and it is now end of January, how can she be 2 1/2 months???

brooklyn on

nancy- that would mean the baby will be born around training camp time..not concieved during training camp!

anon1 on

nicole, isn’t three months along when a lot of people announce a pregnancy? so two weeks before that is “so early”? yes, i would probably wait a while longer but i don’t think it is too early for them if thats what they choose. they probably know what to expect from a pregnancy and maybe were ready to announce it earlier than most people.

Jesse on

Why on earth would someone hate on the fact anyone is announcing the blessing of a baby? Grow up.

JMO on

I don’t think 15 month olds really have a clue about the difference between a brother and a sister lol!

Congrats to them. I am betting on another “B” name!

Tee on

Well, as a New Orleans native this certainly excites me! Congratulations, Drew and Brittany!

Missy on


Drew Brees can announce his wife’s pregnancy whenever he wants to. There are people who have lost their babies when they were 6 weeks pregnant as well as people who have lost their babies when they were 7 months pregnant. Nothing is guaranteed. Waiting until you are at least 12 wks to announce a pregnancy is recommended because the likelihood of a miscarriage decreases after the first trimester, but no one can foresee the future. It’s a personal choice. I felt comfortable telling people I was pregnant when I was only 5 wks along. I felt confident and had faith that my baby would make it.

Saintsgurl on

Congrats to them. Since all the boys have “B” names like Brittany, if it’s a girl would it be a “D” name like Drew? Either way we welcome another Saint’s baby to the team.

Cristina on

Congrats to Drew and Brittany!

Missy on

Some people will find negativity in anything

Joanna on

Congratulations to Drew and his growing family! I became a Saints fan during their winning season, and I was so happy that New Orleans finally had something to cheer and be happy about after Hurricane Katrina. I’m sure that as long as this baby is healthy, it won’t matter to them if it’s another boy or a girl.

Bzey on

He’s got a football team going!

Jillian on

Aww, so exciting!! I am a huge Drew Brees fan! Boy or girl, congratulations!!

Jmo, 15 month olds, that I know do know the difference between wanting a boy or a girl. It’s really not that complicated of a thing, lol!!

Anonymous on

What kind of a name is Baylen and Bowen?

B.J. (the girl) on

I’ve heard stories about the odds of having a girl after two boys. From (literally!) all the families I know that have had two of the same gender (and then tried once more for the sole purpose of having the opposite), they ended up with three girls, or three boys.

So I’m going to guess it’s another boy!

Maryanne on

I am a big drew brees fan. He is a stand up guy. Congrats to the whole family!

Jillian on

My sister has two boys than a girl and both my brothers have two girls than a boy. The other siblings have more than three. I guess we beat the odds!

vanessa on

Congrats to them and their growing family!

Sharon on

Congrats to Drew and Brittany. They are a wonderful example for all, especially for the people of New Orleans!

AMaureen on

Why on earth would anyone other than the parents care or comment on WHEN people announce their own pregnancy?

Lola on

Drew Brees is a great leader on the football field and great humanitarian. Brees and his wife have truly utilized their celebrity for causes greater than themselves: through their tireless dedication to philanthropic endeavors impacting those in the New Orleans community whilst truly taking a vested interest in enriching the lives of the less fortunate. Congratulations on your impending arrival, you both deserve the light and love of another child.

Angela on

I’m with you, JMO. I don’t know many 15 month olds who know the difference between a boy and a girl (and I’ve had three of my own!).

Kristie Wilson on

congrats to the brees family!! 🙂

JOY on

Congratulations Drew, Brittany, Baylen and Bowen. Praying for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and a healthy new little Brees. God Bless Them.

Pamela on

@BJ, I know what you mean! Even though there’s always a 50/50 chance of a boy or girl, I’ve actually read articles that say with a family of 4 children, it’s often 3 of one gender and 1 of the other! Either way, I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful and loved baby! I’m not a Saints fan per se (go GMEN 🙂 but I am a fan of Brees. He’s a stand-up guy and a great qb.

Ali on

I totally understand the whole “3 of the same gender” scenario. I know so many families that are like that! I myself had 2 daughters and then my son so I know that it doesn’t ALWAYS happen though!

I do however see Drew as a dad to all boys for some reason though!

Rachael on

How exciting for them all, congrats!!

Mira on

I’m hoping they have a third boy. I’m very curious what’s the third ridiculous name they’ll come up with– Blobben Jacob? Biben Nicolas?

Caitlyn on

Some of you are taking the whole “Baylen wants a girl and Bowen wants a boy” thing too seriously..I have a really strong feeling he was just joking. Anyway, congrats Drew! Who Dat!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! To weigh in on the issues being talked about here, I guess I’m pretty much the odd one out in that I think you’re actually more likely to have the opposite gender after two of the same gender. That has been the case with most of the people I have known with three kids (including my own grandparents, who had two boys and a girl). So I’m guessing that Drew and his wife are having a girl! 🙂

In terms of announcing the pregnancy so early, I have to admit it makes me nervous when I see couples announcing so soon, but that’s probably because I know several women, including my mother, who have had early miscarriages. Because of that, I personally would wait until I was at least three months along before saying anything (I know people who have had late-term miscarriages and even stillbirths, so believe me I am well aware that there are still no guarantees once the three month mark has past, but I’d still feel safer waiting until then to announce!).

That being said, Drew and his wife obviously did what was right for them, and I don’t think they deserve to be jumped on for chosing to announce their pregnancy so early on!

Melissa on


My friend announced her pregnancy at 6 weeks, her thought was the more love that was directed towards the baby the better.

People can announce whenever they want, there is no rule that says you must wait until 12 weeks.

Paige on

While I’m not a Saints fan, I love Drew. Still remember the adorable pics of him and Baylen after the Super Bowl victory.

Congratulations to Drew, his wife, and their sons. 🙂

Rachael on

Have to chime in on them announcing so early.. this is a fun, exciting time for them, and while I’m surprised they announced the pregnancy this quickly, good for them. My son was stillborn at 38 weeks, and I had a wonderful, easy pregnancy with no complications and no sign of any trouble. There is no way of knowing what is planned for this child until he/she enters the world, and even then you cross your fingers hoping those ten fingers & toes and everything in between is just perfect.

They seem like a very happy, well rounded family that make great parents. I wish them nothing but a happy, healthy next few months and can’t wait to hear about the new arrival later this year.

Nichele on

Such great news! Congrats to Drew and Brittany!

Kristine on

Congrats to Drew and his wife! I think a couple can announce a pregnancy whenever they want. My friend and her husband just happened to miscarry their 1st baby today. She was only around 7 weeks along but was so excited that they told their family and friends. She actually found out she was pregnant Christmas morning! 🙂 It’s up to the individual couple on whether they tell people that they’re expecting or not. I pray that they have a happy, healthy little baby!

Shannon on

So happy for them, Drew & Brittany, you are truly blessed!

JMO on

I worked in a daycare for 10 years. I met 15 month olds who could barely speak let alone tell me if they themselves were a boy or a girl lol. Good that you know some! 🙂

Jillian on

Working in that profession, you should know, not all children are the same…..some speak a lot more than others. So if Drew says his son does, why would you chose to “challenge” him? If you didn’t work in the profession, I’d say, you just don’t know. I have seen plenty of 15 month olds capable of this and more.

:) on

Nancy, I think he meant the baby will be born during training camp not that it was conceived during training camp.

mmc2013 on

wth is a “baylen”? did Chewbacca name their kids? (Just try it- say those names in Chewbacca’s voice.) please people, quit with the trendy gener-neutral names that are just two syllables smashed together and sound like last names. Hope he gives the new one a real name.

maggie on

Congrats Drew, Brittney, Baylin, and Bowen, I just hope the baby is healthy. Can’t wait til next year, Super Bowl here we come!!!!!!!
WHO DAT!!!!!!

Lori on

I like the names Baylen and Bowen…they are masculine and yet, creative…and they aren’t the same old name you hear all the time. I think they are cute and unique. I am hoping if the next baby is a little girl, her name will start with a ‘b’ too.

liz on

If training camp is in July/August and it is now end of January, how can she be 2 1/2 months???

he means the baby will be born during training camp. I am due 9/8 and I am exactly 2 months along. SO thats what I figure he means.

Terri on

I don’t think the person questioning the early announcement was hating on anyone. I did wonder that myself for a second, but I guess after healthy pregnancies you feel pretty secure in announcing a little early.

Sue on

If they have a girl they should name her Summer Brees.

Sam & Freya's mum on

Personally I hope that they choose a nicer name for baby no. 3, just saying…!

Miko_Max89 on

@- B.J. (the girl)
That’s not necessarily true, My mom got what she wanted 2 boys and a girl in that order. I’m so happy for them what a happy moment for their beautiful family! I have much respect for both Brittany and Drew, So down to earth and not all caught up on the celebrity life!