Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler Expecting First Child

01/22/2012 at 06:30 PM ET
Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup

Last year provided some ups and downs for Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, who broke off their engagement in July. But after reconciling in November, they’re starting off 2012 with big news.

“We are thrilled to announce we are expecting our first child together,” they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

“It’s an amazing time in our life and we can’t wait to meet the new addition to our growing family.”

Shortly after Cavallari, 25, and her Chicago Bears quarterback beau, 28, renewed their engagement, the former Hills star and Dancing with the Stars contestant said, “Sometimes, in order for things to get better, they have to end – even if it’s momentarily.”

Cavallari’s rep from EMC-BOWERY also confirms the pregnancy.

— Jennifer Garcia

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Brooke on

BRAVO Kristin. Your hooks are in his wallet for ever. I can hear the conversation “OMG….I must have thrown up my birth control. I don’t know WHAT happened!!”

kendrajoi on

Well, that’s one way to make sure he doesn’t get away again. Sad. Some people will come on here and say, “You don’t know what happened, don’t make assumptions!” It’s not an assumption it’s putting 2 and 2 together.

Rachel on

I’m very suspicious of pregnancies conceived during rocky relationships and/or the end of relationships especially where marriage is an issue.

Call me cynical, but I don’t think they’ll marry. He’ll stay around long enough not to get the Tom “He dumped her when she was pregnant” Brady tag, then he’ll head for the hills.

She’ll join the ranks of Bridget Moynahan and Brynn Cameron- NFL Baby Mama, but I’m sure in her mind as long as she gets 28% of his NFL paycheck it’s OK.

anon1 on

wow, so its her fault they are pregnant? last I checked it takes two to get pregnant. if he didn’t want a baby he could have used a condom, yes i know condoms aren’t 100% effective but they still protect.

Just my 2 cents on

She’s never really seemed motherly, alot more party party sorta gal, definately didnt expect a pregnancy announcement from her.
Congrats Jay and Kristen

alicejane on

So kendrajoi, a man has no control over whether he gets a girl pregnant or not? Good job “putting two and two together”.

Congratulations to them, I hope they’re in a good place and wish them all the best!

Rachel on

It’s really simple.

A couple will either

a. Use birth control and a condom
b. Use birth control sans a condom

The guy is depending on his partner to be honest about being on birth control. She can go off her birth control without him knowing, and then here comes the “surprise” baby.

I find it hard to believe no one has come across a woman or women who deliberately go off their birth control without their partner’s knowledge to purposely get pregnant

a. To keep a relationship going
b. Get him to marry her
c. Get a substantial child support check for 18 years

This has been happening for years especially in athletics where the motivation is mostly for a nice percentage of a regular multi-million dollar check.

I’m all for saying a guy should always wear a condom if he doesn’t want a child or to pay child support, but let’s not act like women don’t have self-serving motives in these “accidental” pregnancies.

Hen on

I’m sure he’s thrilled. LOL

emily on

Yikes! You know ladies, men can actually WANT children,too. There is nothing in the article saying it was a “surprise” pregnancy, so why assume that it was an accident? They could have been wanting this baby. It’s odd how women can be the most sexist sometimes…

anon1 on

rachel, i agree that a woman has a responsibility as well as a male to prevent pregnancy if not wanted. but in this situation we don’t know the full story. maybe kristen’s birth control failed for other reasons, maybe she went off it because she was no longer with cutler and then got back together before the birth control was effective again, and maybe she did it on purpose to get pregnant; whichever the case is, we don’t know.

Anonymous on

anon1- I agree. It irritates me to no end that so many people seem to think that men don’t know how babies are made or how to prevent pregnancy. I’m sorry, but if a man isn’t prepared to deal with the possible consequences of having sex (no method of birth control is 100 percent effective except abstinence), then he shouldn’t have sex, period (the same goes for women, naturally!)!

That being said, I have to admit that warning bells DID go off in my head when I read this. They haven’t been back together for very long and it never seems to work out well when a couple concieves under those circumstances. But maybe their spilt really was just because they needed to take a break and they’ve worked out their issues. I hope so for the baby’s sake, anyway! And congrats to them!

Anonymous on

emily- Exactly!

kjc on

I don’t know if she did it on purpose or not- but now we know why the engagement is back on.

A baby is a blessing either way, and I’m sure no matter what, they’ll both feel great love for their child.

Me on

Who is this chick and why is she relevant??

ecl on

I didn’t get the impression that they got back together and she got pregnant to keep him. I got the impression that they were still hooking up, found out she was pregnant, and then decided to give it a go. Also, she has money on her own. Maybe not as much as he does, but she comes from a wealthy family. And I agree with those who say that if he didn’t want a baby, he should have used a condom.

Alexis on

I can’t wait to see Kristin act motherly. This should be good. /sarcasm

kendrajoi on

I wouldn’t think anything of it if he hadn’t kicked her to the curb once already, right before the wedding. She’s taken out an insurance policy, that’s for sure. Let’s be real, how many couples are in committed relationships and using condoms? Usually at that point it’s up to the woman to take care of it. If she wants to get pregnant *trap him* ahem…it’s really easy. Poor gullible Jay.

Lady on

While I could really care less about these people are MEAN!!! You don’t even know them all you know is what the media reports quit being so fricken harsh….

Congrats to them both & GO VIKINGS!!

Jillian on

It cracks me up that you are all saying it’s her fault they got pregnant as if she tricked him! He had no problems with a baby joining their lives and was actually thrilled when they found out. Continue on making things up about people you don’t know. It’s quite comical.

Amber on

“He’ll stay around long enough not to get the Tom “He dumped her when she was pregnant” Brady tag, then he’ll head for the hills”

Cue The Hills intro…

Amber on

Alexis…I thought the same thing about Nicole Richie…but she seems amazing with her kids.

Sarah K. on

I’m no Laguna Beach fan, but it’s unfair to accuse her of trapping him. It’s not like she got pregnant on her own. If you’re sleeping with someone, be prepared to deal with pregnancy. That’s just common sense. Besides, he could be thrilled about this for all we know.

missnorcal on

Wow. The comments on here are just insane. I wish them a happy and healthy pregnancy. I hope they get a lot of joy raising this child regardless if they stay together as a couple or not.

Erin on

Rachel, I hope if you have a son you teach him that contraception is totally in his hands (pun intended). I LOVE how women like you let men off the hook with the whole entrapment rap. Men have been claiming that one for centuries, and women like you make it easy for them to do so. Buy some condoms fellas, and if you’re worried that’s not enough – watch a DVD and take care of yourself.

sara on

Rachel, a condom IS birth control.

Nella on

Who really knows their situation except them two, so it isn’t fair for us to judge what went on. Last time I checked it takes two people to make a baby. Why should it be only the woman’s responsiblity to take care of the birth control, he is the one with the sperm! Haha sorry to be so blunt, but seriously people, in a relationship both people should be responsible for a pregnancy, not just one. While this pregnancy may have not been planned, maybe they are both happy about it. Whatever the case may be I wish Kristin a healthy pregnancy and wish them both the best!

Jillian on

What does, “go vikings,” mean? Are you just a fan of the Vikings? Just confused……

Lee on

I wonder how far along she is.

Toya L. on

There are definitely women who get pregnant on purpose by celebrities to ensure child support but she doesn’t NEED his money. I’m not sure if the pregnancy was planned but unless he used a condom that did not prevent conception, then there should be absolutely no reason for the “she got pregnant on purpose theory”. He’s not 6 years old, I’m sure he knows how children are conceived. There are also men who try to get women pregnant on purpose to keep the woman around too!

In this day and age, for men to throw all precautions to prevent an unwanted pregnancy on their end to the wind and leave it totally up to their sexual partner, (with the exception of ones that are in a stable, long term relationship/marriage) is down right careless and can no longer be added to the, old “she tricked me for whatever reasons excuse”. If men do protect themselves and that condom failed to prevent a pregnancy, then that’s the risk they take from having sex and it still can’t be added to any type of, “she tricked me excuse”. With both sexual partners using a form of birth control, it increases protection against an unwanted pregnancy and std’s and also eliminates any future false pregnancy theories to be thrown mainly at the woman. Congratulations to them!!

Catca on

Here’s a thought, maybe they both agreed not to use birth control because they were already committed to each other and let fate take its course. You all act like they just started dating or something. They were engaged and while split up, they were still speaking to each other and working out their issues by all accounts. There is something to be said about keeping your opinions to yourself, particularly when you have no idea what is actually going on or even knowing the two people involved personally.

My thought when I heard the news was simply how wonderful for them. Congratulations!

Nicole on

Wow. So she’s what? 8, 10 weeks pregnant at most? Way to rush the announcement. Or it isn’t his. Hrm….

Kasia on

Congrats! Kristin is so beautiful.

JEN on

I love Jay Cutler. I was never a fan of Kristin until Dancing with the Stars. I was bummed when they broke up and thrilled when they got back together. I’m excited for their new addition. Best Wishes!!

jessicad on

From what I’ve seen of Kristin she isn’t lacking in self confidence and definitely doesn’t seem like the type who would try to “trap” a guy by getting pregnant. It doesn’t matter, congrats to them!

valerie on

Doesn’t anyone have kids the old-fashioned way anymore – you know – AFTER marriage?

Lee on

How far along is she?

Lissette on

Well, well well Kristin you are a SMART blonde after all aren’t you? What a sly girl. Way to trap that poor man into a committment and trying desperately to grasp onto something that was fading and slipping through your fingers.

Oldest trick in the book but it worked.

At least she knows how to get things accomplished. Even now, if this doesn’t work out and Jay leaves her, she and that kid are still set for life.

Way to go Kristin! Here is proof that not all blondes are dumb.

Jill on

So I’m guessing it’s over for good with Justin Bobby, lol

Diana on

While I was never particularly a fan of hers WOW you all are harsh. You have NO IDEA what happened and to assume that she tricked him is totally unfair. I’m assuming none of you were in the bedroom when this baby was conceived.

Dominique on

valerie – welcome to the 21st century. You know, where the world doesnt revolve around being married. People can be in very committed relationship and have kids without being married. People need to broaden their horizon a little.


Sarah K. on

Lol Jill. Perfect comment 🙂

Jen on

Well, if he didn’t want a child, he should have worn protection. The idea that it is her responsibility is ludicrous.

Niko on

Hmm, looks like someone is trapped!…LOL Yet another statistic: An out of wedlock pregnancy…and she’ll give birth before she walks down the isle, I betcha.

RKF on

Why is everyone so concerned about the logistics of her pregnancy? What’s to over-analyze – it’s pretty straight-forward. She had sex with her fiance/boyfriend, got pregnant, and is thrilled about it. People do it all the time. Congrats to them!

Michelle on

I think this is hilarious!

They break up – they start sleeping together again – she gets knocked up – they get back together – they get engaged.

It’s pretty simple.

Lady on

Um he plays for the Bears, our rivals.

Jen on

Lol Jill!! Justin Bobby dodged a bullet, thats for sure.

KC is THE most selfish self centered girl I have ever seen. She will have a nanny before this kid even grows arms and legs and is out of the womb and she will have THE most selfish child. Her picture should be on packets of birth control: “THIS is what kind of kid you could have.” That would be birth control enough for me. Now let me go vomit!

Amanda K on

I hope she has given up the booze and drugs for her baby’s sake. I hope the best, but they don’t seem to have a stable relationship.

Sal on

Awesome. That should fix the relationship.

Brooke on

Things happen even with the best of intentions. There are many ways to prevent things from happening but we are only human. Kristen isn’t the first and will certainly not be the last girl to get knocked up out of wedlock. I’m willing to guess that not all of you posting nasty comments about protection had perfectly planned out pregnancies.

I also find it funny that people are posting about her not seeming “motherly”. As a mother I feel like very few women actually know what it means to be motherly until they are put in that position. I hated kids before my own, I never even held a child before mine was placed in my arms at twenty-six and I’m doing just fine. None of us know what kind of parents we will be and certainly don’t know how she will do.

So unless y’all are saints and judging by the *itchy comments I’m guessing not then you should probably keep your mouths shut because no one likes a hypocritical witch.

Anonymous on

Congrats…….Jay is coming back to the Bears next season? Welcome to Chicago.

Jillian on

Ummmm…..anyone that’s a fan of football should know he’s on the Bears.! I, too was confused by your Vikings comment……not everyone knows they are your rivals. I am a Bears fan and I didn’t know that one. Green Bay are the Bears rivals.

Sus on

Men have the ability to wear a condom. It was HIS choice, too.

Best wishes to both of them!!!

Lisa on

I am appauled at all of these comments. It is people who are in Hollywood who are not married and have kids all the time. Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson, etc. and no one talks bad about them. She is happy and we should be happy for her. I don’t think she did it to trap him. They are engaged. I think she will be a great mother. Having kids does change a person. Nicole Ritchie is the perfect example. One minute I see a mugshot of her and now she has pics with her husband and kids. Just cut her some slack. Kristen and Jay I am happy for you!

Ashley on

Oh he will get away and she will sink her paws into his nfl paycheck some would say smart yet so sad and stupid. She will be a single mom with 3 nannies in no time

A. on

Great, now Kristen is gonna have two babies on her hands: Jay and the one she is expecting. Hopefully Jay can share his array of pacifiers with the baby. Good luck, Kristen.

Mia on

Hope things last – healthy pregnancy.

While it may be the 21st century to have kids and be “committed” but not married – I still think it’s BS.

Jillian on

How do you figure Jay is a baby?

Mandy on

Who cares that she is pregnant. HE should pay more attention to his job.

Karyn on

How Sad – they ‘reconciled’ in November – everyone knows you don’t announce you are pregnant until 2nd trimester which means she got pregnant in October…. I”m guessing she had it all planned out so he would be forced to get back together with her. That is so desperate.

JLL on

Another unmarried couple, and out of wedlock baby on the way. Awesome!!!

Anonymous on

get a life losers

Sun on

I’m appalled at all the nasty comments. Can no one be happy for the couple? They seem happy to be together and happy that they’re expecting a baby. They’re adults and they’re human beings who have made mistakes and have hopefully learned from them. They broke up and got back together and now are expecting a baby — you don’t even need to be a celebrity to do all that.

I, for one, am happy for them. Best wishes on your engagement and baby, Kristin and Jay.

Lori on

I hope they are ready for a baby. It changes your life. And Kristin better change her life from being a party girl or you could turn out to be like Casey Anthony. And we all know what happen there. Not saying that her life is going to end up like Anthony’s but nothing ever becomes good of partying it up and having children. Being a Parent is a Full Time Job.

MJ on

Wow, after reading all of these comments, I am angry at some and incensed at others! First of all, you should never take ANY article posted on a gossip celeb magazine worth salt! People may be #1 for a reason but even they have to sell magazines and induce web traffic and anyone with a brain knows that salacious headlines and attention-scandal-grabbing terminology will do it. I saw the “Hills” not a fan really but I was babysitting and they always watched it and I must admit it does get addictive, BUT there is no reason to believe that both were having a rocky time and split up (TMZ said Madame Cutler did not like the girl period.) we all know when a man’s mom does not like the girl he’s hooking up with, there WILL be problems – b/c guys ALWAYS listen to their mammas’s eventually dont’ get it twisted and don’t delude yourself. Kristin has an established party rep as one person said earlier and we have no reason to believe she’s motherly at the least, BUT the proof is in her pregnancy. Is she wearing the maternity clothing or the ones she wore as size 4? Is she wearing super high stilettos and hiding her belly with her fancy gucci bag or embracing the wonderful joys of having a baby and expecting one. Life is all about choice, and yes they may not get married, but married or not, you choose to be a GOOD parent or a BAD one. There is no black & white when it comes to raising a child. Doesnt’ mean you can’t learn, she has great parents who despite their rich status seem to be down to earth therefore give them a chance to prove it the next 9 er I guess 6 months. Pictures (of them) are worth a million words and actions always tell the story. Some of you may be proven right and others may be proven wrong, but bashing their characters just b/c you can is remotely ridiculous and very juvenile. We cannot judge based on what we see on a reality show I mean c’mon its ALL for show to get ratings and our money and our viewship and our DVR space! Look behind the smokescreen and decide if any part of the story you read is EVEN true. “trusted sources’ likely do not exist, and many rags bank on Celebs not going through the exhaustive expensive public process of suing a magazine for slander, they start but they don’t finish – notice? Very few celebs have actually completed the process of getting an official public retraction from People, TMZ, US Weekly. So (shrug) there must be something more constructive you can do with your time online than personally attack people you have never met except for on TV. I guess for some its fun to follow the pack, but for once it would be nice for one to be the bigger person (blogger, commentor) and say look give it a break, watch their actions and then you can comment. Past is the past and no one even celebs can change it (they can pay to hide it) but usually via TMZ it re-surfaces! Meaning that present is all you can see therefore now that they’re parents, the proof is in the ‘pudding’ as they say in America (not sure why that makes no utter sense! :P)

alex on

i personally never really liked kristin…always a lauren fan lol. But planned or not….wanted or not….this baby is on his way. And who cares if we’ve never seen her act motherly….we havent seen this girl living her day to day life in a long time. And fyi to all these people speculating about whether she planned this….ever thought that maybe its why they broke up? And maybe why they ALSO got back together….either way….Congrats Kristin and Jay on the upcoming birth of your son, and hope the labour is quick and easy going (i know, i know…..who am I kidding!!!!??? Lol)