Jenna von Oy Expecting First Child

01/20/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

In October 2010, Blossom star Jenna von Oy married Brad Bratcher — and on their one-year anniversary, the two had another big reason to celebrate: they learned they were expecting their first child, due in June.

“We agreed on no presents, but I told him that I had something that was very, very small, which it was — at the time it was the size of an appleseed,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively with a giggle.

“I handed him a handmade that card and when he opened it up, it said, ‘You’re going to be a daddy,’ and it had the EPT test underneath. It was the most beautiful evening!”

The actress, 34, and her Dell computer data consultant husband always assumed they were having a baby girl — even referring to her baby bump as “she” and “her” — and this week, they learned that their suspicions were spot-on.

“Brad is so cute because the other night I said to him, ‘She’s going to have you wrapped around her finger,'” says von Oy, who now lives in Nashville and, in addition to acting, works as singer/songwriter.

“He gave me this wonderfully defeated look and said, ‘I think she already does.’ I can tell he’s looking at me like I’m a little more fragile because there’s a girl in there!”

And while von Oy admits she did have a bit of morning sickness (“It’s an all-day affair!” she jokes), she can’t wait to meet her daughter and has already begun thinking of names and brainstorming nursery décor.

“We’ve always wanted children, and we wanted to start having a family right away,” she says. “We’re so excited!”

— Lesley Messer

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katie on

yay! how nice, can’t wait to hear the baby’s name 🙂

Julianna on

That’s so great! I think they’ll make awesome parents. Congratulations, Jenna and Brad!

Abbie on

So happy for her! I loved her growing up on Blossom!!! They will have an adorable baby girl!

Gayle on

Congrats, “Sixx’!

mommame on

In the words of Joey…WHOA!!

Shannon on

Congrats! She is lovely!


Yaya von Oy

Sherri on

I’ve watched her grow up & always loved her!! Congrats!!

ecl on

Actually, male fetuses are more fragile in utero.

Jes on

Congrats Jenna and Brad!. I was at my daughters choir concert last night and heard a beautiful girls name “Tanaya Hope” It was a senior concert so they were honoring the graduating seniors in the choir and I just thought if I ever have another daughter I might have to take that name.

librababe on

aww congrats! i like her … sweet.

J on

Congrats to her, I did not realized that she was married, or had a man in her life.

Jen on

Congrats and God bless.

Elle on

I love her on Blossom and The Parkers, big congrats. The pic above makes her look like a Cullen

Tee on

I never watched that show, so I’m not familiar with this woman but that is such a sweet story! Best wishes to them!

Mary on

Blossom was on from 1991-1995- it ENDED 17 years ago. Why is this F-list actress, who hasn’t done anything since then, and whom 98% of people have no idea who this is, why is this news? Are you kidding me! Obviously her publicist is a friend with someone at People magazine. This is a total FAIL!

Doreen on

I remember her!! She used to talk really fast on Blossom!! I liked her but she was annoying talking so much. lol Hope she doesn’t do that in real life! What has she done since Blossom? That’s been FOREVER ago!!

meghan on

Mary, judging from the 15 posts prior to yours, many people remember Jenna and have fond memories of her. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean your opinion is the final word.

I for one like an occasional update on the child stars I grew up with. I think it’s wonderful that Jenna is so happy and appears to have a good life. I’d much rather hear about “Six” than the reality show trash the press loves to ram down our throats.

klutzy_girl on

Mary – If you bothered to check her IMDB, you’d see that she’s done a lot since Blossom ended and even has a movie in post-production. So clearly she’s done stuff.

I remember her and Blossom. Congratulations to them.

monogrammedeverything on

Awww that’s awesome, congrats to them!

Janna on

@Mary — Yet you still stopped to read and post on the article, giving People Magazine all it needed: attention.

I think this is a cute story and since 100% of the people who posted here know who she is, I’d say that still makes her a celebrity of some sort.

Why on earth would this bother you so much?

EdnaG on

They will name the kid Vey, so the kid will be listed as “von Oy, Vey”

Deb on

I loved her on both Blossom and The Parkers, but I really like the thought she put in to telling her husband. Not only are they lucky to have that closeness, but to be able to share it with their little girl is awesome!!

Romy on

will she be next guest blogger here? random to post her

H on

I have no idea who she is and never found pee sticks to be romantic or keepsakes gross

Connie on

For those of you who haven’t seen Jenna since Blossom, look up the sitcom “The Parkers”. Jenna was on this hit TV show for years. Congratulations!

Anonymous on

EdnaG- The baby’s last name will probably be Bratcher (since that’s Jenna’s husband’s name, and probably the last name she uses in her private life, too), not von Oy.

megan, klutzy_girl, Don’t waste your time trying to reason with Mary. She has posted pretty much the same thing on EVERY pregnancy or birth announcement post involving a non A or B-lister (or the equivelant of those for singers and other types of celebs) lately. Clearly she’s a troll and just wants to stir the pot!

With all of that being said, congrats to Jen and Brad. And I love how their baby girl seems to have her daddy wrapped around her finger already!

Sandra on

Meghan, well put.

I also like to hear about former child stars…

And I remember her as well.

Congrats to Jenna and Brad

J on

meghan she never said her opinion was the final word. Don’t like her comment then just move on.

Katie on

I agree 110% with Mary!!! Yeah I remember her, but I’d rather see news of working actresses. Not from 19+ years ago!

jessicad on

I remember her from Blossom and like hearing about actors from my childhood, congrats to them!

I also saved my positive pregnancy tests, all 5 of them, it was the moment my life changed forever and I put them in a bag and in my daughter’s first year box along with a note about how I reacted, she can read it later in life. May be a little gross, but to each their own!

Toya L. on

I also loved her on “The Parkers”. Congratulations to them, it was really cute how she told her husband that she is pregnant, I wish I had thought of creative ways to tell my husband.

@jessicad – awwww that is really sweet.

meghan on

J, don’t tell me what to do. Stop telling people what they should or should not respond to. Every thread I read, there you are telling people what they shouldn’t bother commenting on. What business is it of yours what people comment on?

Anonymous on

Katie- She IS still working. As Klutzy_Girl said in her post: “If you bothered to check her IMDB, you’d see that she’s done a lot since Blossom ended and even has a movie in post-production. So clearly she’s done stuff.”

Jillian on

J — Your advise could just as easily go to Mary. If you don’t like an article, just move on.

meghan — Why argue? There will always be people who think this should be I agree with you, and like the updates about child stars. Not everyone will agree, however.

CC on

Congratulations to Jenna and her husband. I think she should name the baby girl Six. It will be born in June and that’s the sixth month on the year. It’s perfect! And I also like hearing about child stars who grew up to have happy and normal lives. Not these today that are getting arrested, on drugs and in rehab for the 100th time. I think a sweet story is a breath of fresh air.

Debbie on

Sick of negative comments. I happen to watch her everyday and all day on Saturday re-runs of the Parkers with Mo’Nique. But I’m sure because it was an African-American based sit-com many of you didn’t find it worthy of watching. I hate haters and negative people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

I’m sooooo happy for you dear!!!!

Hailey on

I’m happy for Jenna and her husband. I grew up watching Blossom, and loved her character on the show. She has an amazing voice as well and has a few CDs out. As funky as the clothes were, that was a good show. Too bad there aren’t things like that anymore.