Jessica Alba Launches The Honest Company

01/19/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

As a wife and mother of two girls, Jessica Alba constantly found herself hitting a dead end when searching for eco-friendly products for her home.

So, the actress partnered with friend Chris Gavigan to launch The Honest Company — a collection of completely toxic-free household cleaning goods, diapers and wipes — to help eliminate the hassle of hunting down natural options for every family.

Theo Wargo/Getty

“I created Honest because I was extremely frustrated trying to find safer, eco-friendly products for my family that actually worked,” says Alba, here at the line’s official launch in New York City at ABC Kitchen on Tuesday.

The mom-of-two also admits that one of her goals was to place greener options at all parents’ fingertips. So not only can you sign up at to interact with the company’s online community, but you can also order product bundles to be shipped directly to your doorstep.

The Honest Family Essential Bundle ($36) includes yummy skin and hair care products plus laundry detergent and hand soap. And the Honest Diaper Bundle ($80) features a month’s supply of non-toxic, chlorine-free and plant-based diapers and, for a limited time only, their extra soft wipes.

Alba, who welcomed daughter Haven last August, is already a huge fan of the company’s adorable diapers. “They’re the best! They have the cutest designs and patterns and they work better than any diaper I’ve ever tried before,” she reveals.

“Before, I was actually layering two diapers together on Honor to try to prevent overnight leaks. With the Honest diaper, we all sleep better!”

Best of all? A portion of every dollar earned will be donated to Baby2Baby, a local charity group that supplies needy Los Angeles families with baby supplies and gear.

— Anya Leon

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Motomama on

80 dollars a month just for diapers? I’m sorry that’s insane! Why not go for a truly Eco option and use cloth? Or gdiapers like I do if you don’t like the mess.

I would question the cute designs and coloring on those diapers, I don’t want any chemicals touching little ones skin. And what’s the biodegradable rating on those diapers?

If you walk into any whole foods there are a ton of Eco friendly options for baby’s and kids.

I applaud her effort but perhaps more research should be done on her part.

Y on

“I created Honest because I was extremely frustrated trying to find safer, eco-friendly products for my family that actually worked,” says Alba

Really? It seems like everywhere you look these days, there are “green” cleaning supplies and baby stuff…sigh another celeb trying to reinvent the wheel lol

Emily on

I have absolutely no problem finding eco-friendly, non-toxic products that actually work – and I live in Iowa (not exactly ahead of the trends around here). From my cloth diapers & wipes (along with all natural wipe solution), to my Seventh Generation & Full Circle cleaning products, my house is not only spic’n’span, but largely toxin-free. And none of it is terribly costly, either…which I doubt can be said for Alba’s products.

Sarah on

I like her BUT … anytime you see her stepping out of a car, it is always a great big gaz guzzling thing. Not very eco-friendly. So, while it’s OK to pollute everyone around her with her car, she will not use anything toxic on her kids or around her house. Double-standards to me.

I think she means well but I think she needs to see the whole spectrum : eco-friendly means looking at a whole wide range of things and behaviours … I know it’s not for everyone but I’m not sure she has a washable diaper in her line. Same for wipes, landfills are full of those things when all it takes is a warm cloth and a bit of water and then you are sure absolutely NO chemicals are involved.

I’m not being sanctimonious but being ecofriendly does not just mean buying ecofriendly stuff. It means changing your behaviour as well, starting by recycling, not using over-polluting vehicles, and also, buying less stuff.

Ariay on

I believe that the more options the merrier!

LuvBigCity on

So she is creating cleaner toxic free products and charging $80.00 for a diaper bundle. But putting this stuff at all parents finger tips….ok?!?!?! Give me a break, I have affordable “green” products here in our local grocery store.

Sandy on

Um come on! We aren’t stupid. There are many eco products out there. She is just another celebrity who has kids and is making a buck endorsing products for babies/kids. They all come up with clothing lines, etc…
Like someone else said- go to Whole Foods or use Google and you will find perfectly green/safe products available.

Jen on

Looked on her “honest products” line and did not find the cloth diapers. What? Seriously? Wow, I thought she cared about the environment.

Mira on

I can’t wait for the infomercial NOT.

I think her looks are going downhill. It’s a good thing she checked out of acting already.

Ivy. on

If you think about it when Honor was born what – 3 or 4 years ago – the products weren’t has easily accessible as they are now. I’m just a company takes more than just a few months to launch. Maybe her idea doesn’t sound new now, but perhaps when Honor was a baby, it was?

Julianna on

All you need for green cleaning is vinegar! It’s cheap and it disinfects. Borax and baking soda are also inexpensive, safe cleaning products. I used cloth diapers on my babies and wash clothes as wipes. Simple and cheap.

Jane on

Alba drives the Audi Q7 TDI, like I do. It uses diesel so it is actually better for than environment than other SUVs. If I could fit my kids and all their crap in a little tiny prius, I would but I need to be able to haul all their car seats and stuff. I’m sure it is the same for her. I’ve never been a huge fan of hers but I like the concept of this venture. I can find Seventh Generation at my store but they really are the ugliest diapers. I like that there is a cute eco-friendly option. So maybe it isn’t the best option period, but it fills a gap in the market.

I’ll give it a try mostly because I respect Christopher Gavigan. I read his book when I was pregnant and he seems like on of the most knowledgeable sources in this area. I don’t see him being behind a crappy product.

Indira on

My friend recently had a baby and I asked her how much she spends on diapers a month, she said usually between 70 and 80 dollars. There’s a chart on the site comparing the price of their diapers with other brands(eco and non). Honest diapers are only a few CENTS more than the main brands and they fall in line with other eco brands. My question is what constitutes a monthly supply? I bash Alba strictly on her acting but, she seems like she’s really into the environment and if her name helps people take care of the earth then props to her.

And many people don’t want to use cloth diapers, being eco-friendly is about being better not perfect!

megan on

I love how every time a celeb schills a product, they claim they couldn’t find it in stores before. Shoot, I’m not rich but even I know where to get that stuff cheaper

Shannon on

There are already a bunch of companies like this. Jessica needs to stick to act…oh wait. Maybe this is a better career for her. 🙂

Sun on

Geez, why all the inflammatory comments? You don’t have to buy anything from her company if you don’t want to.

Me, personally, I already use green household cleaning products: Ecover; Seventh Generation, etc. I have NOT found an automatic dishwashing detergent that actually gets the dishes clean as good ol’ phosphate-rich Cascade. I’d be willing to try The Honest Co.’s auto dishwashing detergent, if it works.

Another item I haven’t been able to find that works really well is mildew remover; nothing works as well as bleach, which I KNOW is not eco-friendly, but if you really want mildew gone, what are the options?

alicejane on

I don’t know a ton about the “green” industry, I use green cleaning supplies because I hate the thought of putting chemicals back into our water and land, but it took me a few different tries before I actually found a brand that worked. And I have heard that there are green brands that aren’t actually as green as they claim to be, which is worth looking into. Again, I don’t know much about the industry.

But why do people come to a celebrity website if they’re just going to bash the celebrities featured? I say good for Jessica for caring about the environment and what products she is using on her body and on her children, as well as in her home. After looking at her website, her prices didn’t strike me as outrageous at all; they seemed very reasonable to me.

RKF on

While I was initially skeptical of Jessica’s involvement, I see Chris Gavigan is also involved. He is highly regarded and respected in his field, and I doubt he would endorse products with Jessica if he felt any reservations about her. Also, I have many friends who spend $80+ a month on diapers, so this doesn’t seem unreasonable for those unsatisfied with other eco-friendly brands.

MotoMama on

Okay I use Gdiapers which is a VERY eco option and I spend 32 dollars a month on Amazon auto ship.

Anonymous on

“Before, I was actually layering two diapers together on Honor to try to prevent overnight leaks. With the Honest diaper, we all sleep better!”

that must be uncomfortable, maybe I am strange but I never layer diapers.

Pmh on

You can get them half off at zuiliy right now, 39.99 for the diapers. I will give them a go, but 80 is pretty steep.

Janna on

@MotoMama — I’d LOVE to know how you get the refills for $32 a month. Do you have the link for the ones you order? My daughter uses these and pays WAY more.

Jillian on

Anonymous, I know ppl who have layered for leaking (pretty common). It gets expensive, but the children didn’t complain.

MotoMama on


I just get them from you choose the subscribe and save option, and I am an Amazon mom member so I get an extra 10% off for a total of 30% off.

I just looked and it’s 35 a month it went up 2 dollars, no biggie!

Anonymous on

just spent $80 on 360 diapers from amazon, thats about 3-4 month supply, and they’re ecofriendly (seventh gen). always weary of these sites that send you ‘bundles’ each month

elizabeth on

Jessica, you are doing your best for the good of the environment. There will be ignorant and jealous people out there, finding faults with everything that prolific people do. That’s the way it goes in this country. People who are bored and cannot find consecutive ways of using their brains and hands, will be criticizers of anyone who tries to use their productively. I am a grandmother and I’m expecting my only daughter’s baby girl in the summer and will spend all that is necessary for the good of my grand kids. Good luck and God bless.

Megan on

Did anyone else notice that the shampoo and a ton of the other bath supplies contained sodium benzoate? Thanks, but no thanks!

David on

You people are just full of negetive comments arent you?

I think it is a wonderful idea..and its something that Jessica can lean on if she doesnt want to act anymore.

You people need to lighten up a little and feel happy about someone that has a great idea…I hope Jessica succeeds in this idea.

skeptic on

It more than likely she was approached with the products to try them out by a friend .(A friend who wants to leverage his relationship with her for her celebrity status to help their business) after she tried them out for “free” She was asked about them and when she liked them in comparison to actually paying for them. They offered her a deal, be our schill and we will supply you with the good. A Deal and struck and now she pretends this is about the environment. I assure you honestly its about getting something in exchange for her status and image. I don’t blame her but don’t take me for a idiot with the term Honest Co.

Britney on

Motomama, these are for people who can afford them, like rich celebrities. I don’t think anyone is going to answer your questions here; write to the company silly….

Anonymous on

“I created Honest because I was extremely frustrated trying to find safer, eco-friendly products for my family that actually worked,” says Alba.

NO! You created Honest because you like money and nothing more!!

sunday on

“I created Honest because I was extremely frustrated trying to find safer, eco-friendly products for my family that actually worked,” says Alba.

NO! You created Honest because you like money and nothing more!!