Jennifer Garner: Violet and Seraphina’s Baby Name Choices ‘Definitely Disney’

01/19/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Older siblings often want to help with baby names, but their choices sometimes aren’t the most desirable.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are learning this as they prepare for their third child — and are getting an avalanche of suggestions for names from daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3.

“Our girls are working on names. At first they were definitely Disney. It was like, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse Affleck,” the Butter star, 39, said Wednesday on The Tonight Show.

“And then they’ve moved on. Then it was Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Smee.”

Kevin Winter/Getty

With those character names not really cutting it, the girls moved on to other strategies.

“They’re coming up with lists, and coming in and saying, ‘Let’s have a baby-naming contest! Let’s have a baby-naming poll!'” Garner, who’s due in the spring, says. “They ask everyone, cause they just want to know. But we’re not telling.”

Garner knows the sex of the baby, but declined to reveal it on the show. Asked if her husband wants a boy, Garner — who has said she wants a third girl — said she actually didn’t know.

“I would have thought so. At first I think I really thought so,” she said. “And then he kind of said, ‘Well, we have girls. We know how to do girls. My girls love me. I’m the big guy in the house.’ So, now I’m not sure.”

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— Tim Nudd

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Erika on

I hope it’s a girl! It is so sweet to have a bunch of sisters. I think it is adorable that Ben loves his little girls and would love another one- my dad always said he would be happy with all girls as well, even though he has a son. He loves me brother, but he says there is nothing like being wrapped around your little girls finger lol.

Corrie on

Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Smee? I’m thinking boy.

aurora mia on

Love her!

klutzy_girl on

Corrie, I’m thinking the same thing – She may have unintentionally let it slip there! Besides, there’s rumors they’re having a boy, and I’ve noticed that 99% of the time, those types of rumors tend to be right.

I’m not buying this “spring” due date, though. I’m thinking she’ll have the baby some time next month, and at most, early March.

mypiecesandbits on

I think it would be fun if they had a third girl. I always thought it was a sweet coincidence that Ben and his childhood friend Matt Damon both got married right around the same time and both had their first 2 daughters around the same time. What a nice way to round it out if Ben had a 3rd daughter not too long after Matt.

Just my two cents.

JMO on

She said the girls do not know the sex of the baby so therefore if they’re saying Donald, Peter Pan, etc. they’re not saying it based on knowing it’s a boy.

I was very surprised too when she said she wasn’t due until spring that she only just looks this big! I am thinking end of Feb too. She looked cooked and ready to me and seems to be pregnant for awhile now πŸ™‚

Hea on

She looks like Julia Roberts here.

gottabelieve on

I hope it’s not Belle or Ariel. She needs a more normal name. Like Rumer, Scout or Tallulah (eye roll)!

Y on

I am also due with my 3rd in the spring (April) and I am bigger than Jennifer I think…some women just get a really big belly lol

Tammy on

This is her 3rd child…her muscles know how to act now…so of course she is going to look bigger and more ‘cooked’ earlier in the pregnancy. I had 4 kids…and I looked bigger & bigger with each one…with #4 I looked ready to pop at 6 months…so her Spring Due Date may be correct…but with the 3rd baby, it could come early. Who knows…each woman is different when it comes to pregnancy.

I think Jennifer looks great in this picture…although she doesn’t really look like herself…I think its the angle…she is a pretty woman and she looks good pregnant…some women don’t…myself included…I did not look good pregnant.

Kim Wattman on

Love Jennifer, it’s so refreshing to see someone like her and Ben who are not self absorbed like so many of the rest in Hollywood and they look like an all around wonderful family and I wish them all the best…boy or girl the baby is going to be gorgeous!

Jac on

She also mentioned Minnie Mouse Affleck, so how could she have let it slip? According to the article, her daughters don’t know the sex of the baby.

Michelle on

I think Girl based on her comments about not knowing if Ben wanted a boy or girl.

sarah on

Soon she will have 3 kids to parade in front of the paps every single day! Her poor kids have to see the paps everyday because Jen makes Zero attempts to avoid them and find pap free places in LA (which do exist).

Her kids are the most overexposed and photographed in Hollywood. Far from normal.

It is very possible to live in LA, go out and not be photographed. LOTS of other celebs manage to live in LA and rarely be seen. A very famous family with 6 kids have been in LA for the about the past 2 months and have hardly been seen at all.

Allie on

Most women look larger, earlier, with each subequent pregnancy. Your muscles relax with greater ease, your organs shift earlier and your uterus expands faster. All of those things contribute to a burgeoning belly and make size irrelevant concerning due dates. If you’ll notice, most pictures of Jennifer over the last couple months do show changes in her body but her belly size seems about the same. I had that effect with my third child. I looked HUGE at six months and the only thing that expanded were my hips and butt (charming right? πŸ˜€ ).

jessica laine on

LOL @ Smee! I wanted to name my sister Beetlejuice

mileysucks on

This is the only pregnant woman that I have ever seen whose gigantic belly doesn’t make me want to throw up. Jennifer! You are beautiful! And you make beautiful kids! Congrats!

Anne on

Love her. I like that the entire family seems like normal folk

Michele on

If a BOY, I like Jameson Alexander Affleck, and a GIRL, I like Sienna Joy Affleck. They make such adorable kids and pictures of them together look like they actually still LOVE each other!

dddd on


Leslie on

I love these two! They’re so cute together. They seem happy and just crazy about their girls. I hope this baby is a girl too, and that Jen has had an easy pregnancy. Hope for a healthy baby and Mom. Good luck to Ben, Jen and their girls!

Heather on

Jennifer, I love you, even if you tend to choose the same romantic comedies over and over instead of utilizing your true talent as a beautiful actress (sorry…off topic)

As for the baby’s name…if you do go Disney…please don’t go with Captain Hook or Little Mermaid. Try Tiana (from Princess and the Frog)…or Jasmine (from Aladdin)…or if you want to go classic…Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) is nice.

If you do have a boy prince…Phillip (from Sleeping Beauty)…or Edward (Enchanted)…or Adam (Beast’s Real name from Beauty and the Beast).

Just my possibly worthless 2 cents. Whatever you choose, your baby will be a beautiful prince or princess, even if you do go with Little Mermaid Affleck or Captain Hook Affleck :D. Congrats!

Terry on

Are these “stars” nuts? They make a couple of movies then become baby-making machines. Why not try something like helping the planet feed everyone by having fewer kids?

Y on


Why would a pregnant woman’s belly make you want to throw up?? You have some serious issues!

edjoy74 on

Jennifer all the best to you and Ben and whatever sex the baby is you and Ben are great parents. You take care of yourself and no matter what name you all choose I hope that it is a good one.

Anon on

This message is for the previous poster who complained that Jennifer’s kids are always being photographed, while other kids in Hollywood manage to avoid the cameras.

The reason for that is simple. Those other kids are usually with nannies and other caretakers…NOT their parents. Certainly not a ideal photo for the paparazzi now, is it?

Jennifer spends A LOT more time with her girls than other celebs do. She’s very, very hands-on compared to other Hollywood moms. She takes them to the park herself, she drops them off and picks them up from school, etc. The photogs want pics of the celebs with their kids…not the nannies with the kids. Jennifer just gives them more opportunities, because she is always with them.

Just my .02.

Holly on

I think it would be great if she had another girl. She also grew up with only sisters, so I think she would be used to an almost completely female household.

mimi on

I love Jennifer Garner!! I hope she has a healthy baby, boy or girl. Her and Ben make a cute couple, and her kids are beautiful too!! Wish them all the best!!!

boohoobytch on

lol, too cute

Dash on

I think her girls are adorable! I hope they have another girl but I think Jennifer would dress a son very dapper and he’d be super adorable too! She seems to be a very hands on mom and those kids are lucky!

kim on

I think “I would have thought so.” let it slip that it’s another girl!!

Jean G. on

She looks so pretty and I love seeing news about her and her family. They seem so real and happy and in love. So nice to see from a Hollywood couple. LOVE HER!!

lisa on

Im thinking it’s another girl since she said she would like all girls. I dont think she would say that if she was having a boy. Congrats to them!

Heather on

@ Terry (save the planet person)…I agree that the planet needs a little TLC and that it’s important to care about it.

However, I’d also like to respectfully point out that you are on a celebrity based site and that the people who visit it do so mostly for the baby-making celebs.

Also, making a living by doing a couple of movies is legit, and if you can make it in the entertainment field where the success rate is a 2% employment rate, good for the person who makes it.

I am not saying that blue collar workers or the white collar majority are any less important, but come on…a job’s a job as nutty as you might think it. It may be a good idea to explore other sites to suit your tastes, and/or lighten up a little. Just my opinion. πŸ™‚

Danielle on

Suri can learn from these two adorable girls Serafina and Violet…with regular names and down to earth parents….!

Gigi on

Love her!! She’s so refreshingly normal and seems like a very hands-on mom.

J.J. on

Well I’m in the minority. I am kind of hoping it’s a BOY this time!! Mainly because I always wondered what a son would be like of Jen and Ben and can see a cute little guy snuggled with his parents and two big sisters ♥. Am like that with everyone where I wish for the opposite as I always wonder what each a son and daughter would be like for them (had they had two boys instead, I would be wishing the baby would be a girl.) However, before I had a huge feeling it was a boy, but now I have a gut feeling it’s girl #3, which is cute too!! But either way, that baby will be just as gorgeous as his/her big sisters!

Mary on

I don’t think her daughters’ “Disney names” are any worse than what she and her husband have come up with: Violet and Seraphina?? those are normal names?! Well, at least they’re not Aleph, Apple or Moses.

katie on

i guess girl based on the fact that she said she wants all girls. either way, it will be a precious baby. can’t wait to hear what they name him or her πŸ™‚

ruby on

Does EVERYONE in Hollywood get Botox and fillers in their faces?! She raises her eyebrows and her forehead doesn’t move. Yuck. Not only is that disgusting, but it’s horrible for the average young woman who thinks she has to look like she’s 25 at 40 >_<

anon1 on

Sarah, so jennifer is supposed to change her life and where she goes because the paps are constantly taking pics of her? that makes total sense, jennifer should just move her home so the paps don’t know where she lives, go to food places she doesn’t normally go to so the paps don’t take pics of her, and should transfer her kids to a different school (nevermind the friends they have made at the school) just because the paps found the school. celebrities shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells just to satisfy your want of their privacy. and frankly, you are among the reason jennifer garner and other celebrities are pictured often because you read the articles and see the pics like many people in the world do. if we didn’t show an interest in the images, then jennifer wouldn’t have to worry about where she went.

bob on

Frumpy Bore- How she made it in Hollywood is amazing to me. She’s such a plain Jane.

Silly on

@ Terry

Am so bored with that type of mentality. I find it interesting that those that sqwak about “over population”, or abortion rights have the priviledge of making a stink because your mother and father decided to have a baby. Ironic, and pathetic. How many sustainable farms have you helped to create, Terry? Or do you do nothing, and compain when you think you are not getting your fair share?

Marilyn on

She looks due sooner than spring and I thought it was announced she was having a boy, but maybe that was some tabloid report.

Aija on

Girls are fun, but when You have brother You get to understand boys a bit better πŸ˜€

jp on

Whoa, look at that picture! Not sure which chin is bigger…

Ariana on

It’s a boy. She gave it away in a comment she made last night. They were talking about Hugh Jackman in a love scene she did with him and then it was something about nameing the baby “Jackman”..and then she covered it up by saying “Jackman Louise”….it was very strange but she realized her mistake and then covered it up by adding “Louise” to “Jackman”..

annachestnut on

She seems nice. Bio chem major too so she must be smart.

Msmlnp on

I think Jen and her girls are adorable. I say another girl for her. When I was pregnant with my 3rd son, his brothers named him Buzz Lightyear…so I guess the disney name ideas are kind of common with this age group

Linda on

She seems so nice. I agree. Looking forward to hearing about their new arrival and of course the name they choose.

jamie on

I normally don’t post comments based on other peoples comments but I had to for this one.

Ruby, how many pregnant women have you been around? Jennifer is swollen in the face. A lot of pregnant women get fuller lips and their noses get a little more pronounced during the last few months of pregnancy.

Lisa on

Jennifer is so stinkin’ cute! I think that she and Ben have made a beautiful family, and whether they have another girl this time, or a boy, I’m sure they will come up with another great name!

Emily on

Didnt they already announce it was a boy? I thought that was old news..

rlb237 on

It is very possible to live in LA, go out and not be photographed. LOTS of other celebs manage to live in LA and rarely be seen. A very famous family with 6 kids have been in LA for the about the past 2 months and have hardly been seen at all.


LOL, Sarah! I hope you’re joking. I’ve seen more pictures of the Jolie-Pitt kids lately than I have of the Affleck children. Brad & Pax in a motorcycle is the most recent one that comes to mind. And the pictures I have seen of the Affleck kids, they’re either on their way to ballet class, or at the farmer’s market. It isn’t like Ben & Jen parade their kids around to restaurants like the Ivy. Get over it.

Joni on

I love Jennifer, she’s such a natural beauty inside and out. She’s a wonderful Mother too. You can tell, her children have inherited her beautiful smile and it’s a smile that radiates love and security and happiness.

klutzy_girl on

Ariana – You’re right! I completely forgot about the “Jackman Louise” comment. It was weird.

Yeah, definitely think this one’s a boy!

Sabina on

I`m just love JenBen! Nothing more to add … Best wishes for their family.

Heather on

I LOVE her. She seems like such a great mom! I hope she has another girl – the ones she has sure seem to adore her!

Anonymous on

That’s my girl!! Love her and miss Alias so much. Boy or girl this baby will be loved and cherished.

Hannah on

They do not parade their kids in front of the paps, they just live their lives like normal people. They walk their kids to school, take them to dance class and go to the grocery store. None of these things are a secret. The media is going to take their pictures because like it or not, they are celebrities.

Love this down to earth family!

Flora on

I love Jennifer and Ben as a couple! I’m hoping they have a boy though! Whatever the baby is I wish them well!

Ali on

I think she kind of gave away that it’s a boy in her response to how Ben would feel with having a boy.

Lindini on

why in the world does this woman continue to color her hair during her pregnancy? i always thought she was up on health and wellness for someone in the spotlight. now, i have changed that opinion!

eggy on

Corrie – I read it that the girls haven’t been told if it’s a boy or girl… so they’re just throwing out both.

Belle on

I too, was surprised that she is not due for a couple more months… for some reason, I thought she was due this month. I do believe it is true though, that many women show sooner, and show more, with each pregnancy. I have two children (girls), and with my second pregnancy, I was showing much earlier… and got really huge! By my 7th month, I seriously felt like I was 9 months pregnant and ready to deliver. Of course, she ended up being a 10 1/2 pound baby (yes… ouch!), so that might have had something to do with it(;

Farzeen on

@Sarah, I think you’re confusing Jennifer with a karTRASHian. karTRASHians parade for the paps at any cost.

Julia on

If it’s a boy, I think: Joseph Luke Affleck, and a girl: Evelyn Marie or Victoria Grace.

mindy on

When I was having my second baby, 13 years ago, my oldest (age 4 at the time) wanted to name the baby Mulan if it was a girl. Disney names are very popular among the preschool set, LOL

Jamie Brigham on

@Sarah I think she is one of the smarter celebrities there are, She has decided not to let the media decide her children’s lives. She let’s them live among everyone else. Why do they need to be sheltered? To cause Fear? She and Ben are amazing parents who don’t care about the paparazzi’s following them around, they are living their lives to the fullest. Sarah let’s hide your kids from sight for 6 months and see how quickly you want them to be back to normal

Leigh on

When I wa pregnant with my son, my daughter wanted to name him Tarzan!!!!! Just too cute!!! Love Jennifer and Ben…they look like great parents and the way they don’t let their fame stop them from being a normal family is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Brigham on

Are you a whack job? Why shouldn’t they have as many children they want, they can feed their children, No need for them to go elsewhere. They want their own biological children then so be it. Who made you Queen of fertilization and saying who can and cannot have a child or 3 by their choice? They have more money then any of us will make in an entire lifetime, You need to get a grip Terry. How many children do you have? How much of your paycheck goes to feed the other children in this world? I cannot wait to see your answer… pathetic

Jamie Brigham on

I am positive Jennifer would never do something to harm her child, she is probably using organic hair dye or something to that affect. Pregnant women color their hair all the time, they say to not breathe in the fumes… You need to get your facts straight you don’t know her from a hole in the wall… what is up with all the judgmental people today, this is about the name of her 3rd child not what she does, how many kids she has or where she takes them.

Anonymous on

Does anyone actually care?

Lisa on

To me there is something so likable about Jennifer. Her girls always look so happy, always smiling and doing every day errands with their mom and dad. Great thing to see. I wish Jennifer and Ben another little one as happy, healthy and lovely as their two little ladies.

Bancie1031 on

I have always loved Jennifer Garner (Affleck)! I love how Violet and Seraphina are trying to help Jennifer and Ben to come up with a name for their brother or sister. They seem like a very loving and happy family. I can not wait to see what name they pick our for this little girl/boy πŸ™‚

bob on


Anonymous on

Sarah –
Really??? Get over yourself!

Mad@Myself4Commenting on

I said that I was not going to do this but:

Just wish the people well and wish them a happy, healthy BABY because NO ONE knows what the baby ACTUALLY will be UNTIL they are BORN. Sonograms are a PERCENTAGE of a CHANCE of what they MIGHT be. With mt oldest daughter, I was told by my DOCTOR after each sonogram that my SON was doing great, he was growing right on target and would be on time and was very healthy. I ended up having to have a c-section and as my doctor was pulling my baby out he asked me if I was ready to meet my so-Holy Wow, daughter. So with my second pregnancy when my doctor asked me if I wanted to know what I was having I told him I didn’t need him to tell me because I already knew what I was having to which he asked me if I were so smart what was I having to which I answered him with, “a baby”.

Plus, several people on here were right, they are VERY normal people that are living THEIR lives they just happen to be famous and they do what they can so they can teach them what to do in life.

God speed, good luck, and CONGRATUlATIONS!

P.S. Way to go Ben! My husband was also a daughters DADDY.

julie Walsh on

She already told the press it’s a boy this time. Has she forgotten? We haven’t! In a household with two girls already, a boy is such joy!

Ella on

No she didn’t Julie. That was a rumor from Life & Style, a tabloid one step above Star magazine.

juliea on

Jennifer is the only Hollywood celeb who seems like a real person. I wish her all the best with Baby #3.

Tabitha on

They are people just like the rest of us, who cares if they go out, the paparazzi need to leave them alone! It is not their fault they can not live a normal life, its our fault because we buy the magazines or read the articles that pay the paparazzi the money to go out and get their pictures so get off their backs.

Nat on

Absolutely love Jennifer and Ben…best wishes to them, their girls and the baby

Kim on

One of the most normal families in Hollywood! Love them! I don’t care if they have a boy or a girl as long as it’s healthy.

Megan E. on

May I point out that just because her girls suggested Captain Hook and Donald Duck, that doesn’t mean she’s having a boy. My older brother Matt, called me Matthew Jr. for months even after being repeatedly told I was a girl.

Of course, my parents didn’t have the heart to tell him my name had already been chosen for him as doctors told them he was a girl as technology wasn’t nearly as advanced 24 years ago (none of the 3D and 4D stuff they have now)

Maria Julia Scott on

It is definetely a girl .That became very clear to me based on her comments about not knowing whether Ben wanted a boy or girl. Also, that ” I would have thought so” let it slip it’s a girl. Becase, she kind of denied the wish of her husband of having a boy saying he’s fine with girls. She would NEVER had said that if a boy was on the way.

Plus, recently she said that it’s awesome to be one of 3 sisters, she grew up like that herself. This is also a tip about the gender, she clearly does that to refrain people from saying all the time they hope sshe’ll have a boy!It’s a girl, now, let’s wait the name..

I personaly think this is great, I’m the 2nd daughter of 5 sisters, and my sisters and I have always been very close, a real sisterhood πŸ™‚

jane on

blah blah blah – sorry they are so boring – and yes they have nannies too. She works all the time and so does he. So sick of seeing a daily pic of her looking like crap in her sloppy clothes. Going to ballet – farmers market – drinking starbucks like she is a major stockholder – weekly lunches and breakfast.

Wish her well – she has never had a scandal or caused a problem but do we need to see them everyday.

laurapalmer on

@Jane – If you are so sick of ‘seeing them every day’, why are you still looking?

Anonymous on

Maria Julia Scott- You make some very good points. Her comments here DO seem to point to another girl. But on the other hand, the whole “Jackman Louise” thing mentioned by other commentors (where she talked about naming the baby Jackman and then quickly said “Jackman Louise”) seems to suggest a boy. I don’t know what to think!

klutzy-girl- Funny you should mention that about tabs being right when it comes to gender rumors 99 percent of the time…because I think just the opposite. In fact, to me, hearing a tab say a baby is going to be one gender is almost a guarantee that the baby will be the other gender! Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Kingston Rosdale, Suri Cruise, Maddie Aldridge (Jamie Lynn Spears’s little girl), Max Bratman, Harlow Madden, and big-sister-to be Seraphina herself are just a few examples of celeb kids who were stated by the tabs to be the opposite gender before they were born!

It’s funny how differently we all interpret things. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m with everyone else in that it seems as though Jennifer has been pregnant FOREVER! Her being due in the pring makes sense to me, though, because back in November she said she had four months to go. That would make her due in March, and Spring begins around March 20th. Incidentally, it just occured to me that if she IS indeed due in March (especially if it’s late March), then she was only about two months along when she and Ben announced the pregnancy (they did so in late August).

It would appear that she didn’t wait near as long before announcing as we all initally thought! πŸ™‚ Whenever she’s due, I wish her (and Ben and the girls!) the best of luck….and I can’t wait to see that baby! πŸ™‚

JMO on

I forgot about the “Jackman” comment. She did cover it up quickly. It’s probably a baby boy which is exciting and a nice change! But either way a healthy baby is all that is needed!

Dinah on

They seem the type to only ever have girls, i think. Nobody needs brothers, EW! LOL. i have 5 brothers, 3 sisters, so i know what i’m talking about hehe.

Guest on

Bottom line; their kids are ALWAYS smiling and seem to be genuinely happy. Let’s all hope their family values stick for a lifetime!!!
Best Wishes to ALL of them.

Taylor on

If she is telling the truth about her due date, then she is definitely carrying differently than her last two pregnancies. I’m thinking boy…

sara on

“Does anyone actually care?”

No, no one cares. That’s why there are over 90 comments on this post.

lol on

smee affleck. lol. little kids are awesome:)

julia on

she is having a BABY BOY .even she tries to deny it,And YES Affleck dreams for a boy ,but she wont say it here ……

Elisha on

I was from a family of 3 girls (stuck right in the middle) but I always wanted a brother. Less moody.

JEM on

As long as their baby is healthy it won’t matter to them what they have! As for everyone saying they don’t believe the spring due date, this IS her 3rd child. Everyone gets bigger faster with their third and any others after that as well…I should know, we have 5 girls!!

JaneC on

I don’t have a feeling either way what’s she having. To me, it’s clear that she’s trying not to marginalize her daughters by expressing her or her husband’s interest in having a boy.

Mm. on

I agree with JaneC. She’s trying to confuse everybody because they want the baby gender to be a surprise for the press, etc.

Lady on

That was kind of a weird interview….but best wishes to them.

Jerrie on

It would be nice to see the baby being a boy and naming him using her last name as a first name. Why not “Garner Benjamin Affleck” or using Ben’s middle name with “Gardner” as his middle name. If it’s a girl they could use maybe the middle names of the girls combined. I know when I had my second child my oldest was helping with a name. The only problem we had was he kept calling his brother “Melissa” instead of “Nicholas” for a few months…Congrats to both Ben and Jennifer, Violet, Seraphina.

Becca on

Our granddaughters wanted to name their baby sister Annaliese (Disney movie character). Their parents said okay and did so. They call her Anna. Sometimes a Disney name works out because some of them are very cute.

Kallie on

The girls choosing Donald Duck i don’t think means anything..

We had a boy first, he’s 3 and a half, and we’ve just had our second a little girl, we found out the Sex, but didn’t tell our families or our son coz he would blab, but he was choosing names, he suggested Lightening McQueen (which his dad thought was a great Idea), he suggested, Buzz, Thomas, infact my inlaws were convinced from my son’s comments we were having another boy.

B.J. (the girl) on

Odds are, if you have two girls, another one is going to follow! I love this family and can’t wait to see the new addition. They pick the best names πŸ™‚

Mia on

I think it’s a boy – Congrats!

Anonymous on

julia- Not all men “dream for a boy”. One notable celebrity example would be Brad Pitt. Before he met Angelina, he said several times that he wanted “little hers”, that he’d like “a house full of girls” and that “little girls, they crush me” (PEOPLE magazine even ended up using that adorable quote as a caption for one of the pictures in Shiloh’s first photoshoot!).

Sorry, but people saying that all men want sons has always been a huge pet peeve of mine!

Jillian on

Once she has the baby all the posts of…..I knew she was having a ____, will follow, as they always do and people didn’t know.

Maria Julia Scott on

She’s sooooo having another girl. She gave all the tips through her comments about Ben!

JillyM on

@Mary up there – Violet and Seraphina are “normal” names – you just don’t hear them as much – my daughter’s name is Violet and it fits her perfectly! I agree with you about Aleph, Apple and Moses though πŸ™‚

kimmie on

Are these β€œstars” nuts? They make a couple of movies then become baby-making machines. Why not try something like helping the planet feed everyone by having fewer kids?

– Terry on January 19th, 2012


Just when I thought we’ve seen it all, Terry comes along and chips in.

Anonymous on

JillyM- I agree! Violet and Seraphina are both “real” names that have been around for years. I do, however, have to disagree with both you and Mary about the other names you listed, except maybe Apple. Moses, like Violet and Seraphina, is very much a “real” name that has been around for ages. And Aleph may not be the type of name we’re used to hearing here in the States, but it IS a “real” name…a Hebrew name (Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet). Not only that, but Natalie is Jewish, so it honors her heritage.

If a name has a lot of meaning to the parents and/or honors the heritage of one or both of the parents, I tend to be a lot more open to it. To each his/her own though! πŸ™‚

Terri on

I originally thought the baby was due this month, but maybe it’s next month?

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Terri- She said Spring, so if she’s telling the truth, that means the earliest she’s due is late March.

Helen on

It’s definitely girl!I said exactly the same, when I was expecting for my third daughter. Congrats to them!

Anya on

I think Jen is just playing games. I’ve read so many comments on here people jumping into conclusions saying it’s def another girl, but I think it’s really because THEY ARE HOPING it’s another girl. I actually hope they have a little boy!! The reason why I said that is because my aunt when pregnant wouldn’t tell anyone the gender (but she knew) and said things that made everyone believe it was a boy and that my aunt slipped it. WRONG! She had a girl!! Honestly if you read and listen carefully, she may just be messing around and giving confusion to people by saying things that can hint it may be a boy at one instance and then girl at another instance. Just watch it comes to be a boy where as 90% guessed girl LOL!!