Poll: Would You Waterslide While Expecting Like Elsa Pataky?

01/19/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
FameFlynet; Inset: Frazer Harrison/Getty

With their first child due this spring, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are getting in a babymoon before their new addition arrives.

While vacationing in St. Barts with Matt and Luciana Damon, the couple was spotted riding an inflatable slide off the group’s yacht — prompting a few Moms & Babies readers to chime in.

“I am currently pregnant and there is no way I would be sliding down that steep slide into the water with such precious cargo on board,” commenter Mel wrote, expressing concern.

“Your baby is very well cushioned in the amniotic sac,” poster Catca replied. “Nature has provided protection for these types of things — if it didn’t, we’d all have to be bedridden for 9 months!”

Adds commenter kjc: “It looks like a blast — does seem a bit rough for a pregnant lady — but if you’ve had no history of complications I say go for it.”

TELL US: Would you waterslide while pregnant?

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Tieraney on

Personally, I think it’s fine.

Heather on

Dear God, do we have to criticize EVERYTHING pregnant women do? Sheesh.

It would be different if she were nine months pregnant. She’s barely showing. No doubt the baby is fine.

nainai on

NO. Sadly my mother did something similar on a roller coaster back in the 70’s while pregnant with my sibling and lost the baby at 6 months. It isn’t worth the risk. Having 3 kids of my own, I know you are not as delicate as glass while pregnant but reasonable caution should be taken, its only 10 months.

Mrs JP on

Come on People Magazine, really now. R u guys that stupid u have to put in a poll to see if someone out there was having a baby to see if they’d go down a waterslide. Wow you guys really need to get a grip!

Franciki on

At that far along in the pregnancy I see no problem with watersliding. If she was days away from giving birth, it might be a different story! 😉

Kristin on

It is not about the cushioning of the baby… it is that it is very dangerous to have water rushing up “there” when you are pregnant…

I can’t believe she would risk her baby for a few seconds of fun… So not worth it!

Ani on

A roller coaster is of course different from a slide though personally I wouldn’t do either.

Kim on

I wouldn’t intentionally do something that might hurt my baby. Yes, the baby is protected with amniotic fluid but it’s not 100% protection from doing stupid things. She could rupture her placenta. If something were to happen, this will come back to haunt her.

BoFan on

Why not? I swam, rode my horse (until the doctor told me to stop), ran, exercised, etc. Being active is a good thing.

Reesca on

I’m not sure where you got your information from, but water going “up there” while pregnant is no worse than having sex when pregnant. That early on in your pregnancy, your cervix is tightly closed. Not to mention your baby is protected by the amniotic sac. There is absolutely no harm to get water in your lady bits when you are pregnant.

PDXsara on

So NOT worth the risk!

Mags on

That’s like saying you shouldn’t walk because you may trip! It’s probably the smoothest safest way to exit a yacht! And a roller-coaster is COMPLETELY different from a soft inflatable slide. That’s why pregnant woman aren’t allowed on amusement park rides and they ARE on slides.

Conda on

Being active is great, but you need to use some common sense about it. Waterslides/roller coasters, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, etc. are all pretty common no-nos during pregnant. Even with the amniotic fluid protecting the baby, all it takes is one hit the right one to the stomach and you have lost your child.

JA on

If she is active normally then more power to her. I never had the nerve to do that when I was pregnant. The only thing I had the nerve to do is wear high heels and jog. And that isn’t even cosidered to be dangerous by today’s standards.

Anna on

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to sit on your butt all day. You can do pretty much anything everyone else can do. Roller Costers are different because there is a constant jarring of your body. I don’t see why a waterslide would be a problem.

As for water rushing up “there,” I don’t really get this comment. That baby is very well protected. Don’t be too cautious while your pregnant or it will carry on until that baby is here. You can’t live your life in fear that something bad will happen. And pretty much every doctor will tell you the same thing, pregnant women can still do it all.

Arun on

There’s no water rushing on a soft inflatable slide. And everything Mags said. People need to breathe and relax.

Wendy on

I snorkeled in the ocean at 7 months pregnant….is this any less risky… i don’t know but who am I to judge. I’d rather see this than a pregnant mom smoking.

e on

All women are different. Some of us have risky pregnancies from the beginning and are told not to rest, not lift, not do much of anything.

Of course when very active women do lose their pregnancies, we are not supposed to think that what they did contributed at all, we are supposed to just think it was one of those things.

Michelle on

It’s her child, her body, leave her alone.

Ashley E on

I rode carnival rides during my first pregnancy up till I was about to pop. The baby was fine. It depends on the person. I say she’s fine cuz Water slides are not as jerking as say like Bumper Cars. I’d always stayed away from them. Harmless fun like that is perfectly fine for a pregnant woman.

vanessa on

who cares what anyone thinks if they are not her doctor??? you know what they say about opinions…lol. and comparing an inflatable slide into the ocean versus a roller coaster in just stupid! And water down there?? are you serious? where did you get your medical information? 1765?

Jaybee on

When my fourteen year old sister got pregnant (unbeknownst to us), she legitimately did not show other than a little pouch of what appeared to be baby fat until about 7 months. She was riding these types of rides at her summer camp which took trips to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach all the time. Being young, she didn’t realize it was a risk to her child. Gave birth to a healthy 8 pound baby girl two days after her due date. I would say, its okay. Always consult a doctor if you worry 🙂

Audie on

At first thought, I was thinking this woman was crazy. Then, I thought that REALLY, it’s not much worse than running while you’re pregnant. There’s no need to freak out over every little thing pregnant women do. They usually know their limits. Now, if you’re smoking/doing drugs/drinking while pregnant… that’s a different story.

Kim Wattman on

Stop judging people, it’s really fine the baby is well protected I went on a moped in Bermuda while 2 mos pregnant with my now 11 yr old son and we were in an accident but other that a few bruises my ob/gyn said that wouldn’t cause me to miscarry so relax people!!! My husband was worse off than I was don’t think I would go on one again though pregnant or not! LOL She’s fine what is going to happen going down a damn water slide!!!

Christine on

She is Fine! Its only off of a yacht and its inflatable!!!( so its not that big) if it was one of the worlds largest water slides then i would be concerned and she has the bottom on her legs crossed so don”t worry about water “splashing” up there that’s the same rumor as if you have sex in water you will die!!! NOT TRUE!!!! come on people it not YOUR baby! Im sure you did things during your pregnancy that other people would disagree with your just not in the spot light!

Kate on

Water rushing “up there”??? LOL

Brittany on

I think it’s all about how the woman feels. I was 19 weeks and went to a water park, just started showing and as much as I wanted to go on a tiny slide, I didn’t feel comfortable. It was my first pregnancy though, so there’s no telling about later ones. I was told not to go on amusement park rides but nothing about smaller water slides.

I do want to add my sister went on some ride at the fair that dropped 100ft without warning when she was 5 months pregnant with my nephew. I was younger then and didn’t see the risk, but I find her a complete idiot now that I think of it. Thankfully, my nephew is okay.

Dianne on

I slipped and bounced on my butt down an entire flight of wooden stairs when I was 8 months pregnant. Went to the doctor, I had a broken (chipped) tail bone, my daughter was perfectly fine.

I figure if she could survive that, and a roller coaster ride (before I knew, could not figure out why I got so sick) then that water slide looks like a walk in the park.

I would gladly have done the water slide over the steps any day! hah

Love Me Some Shoes on

What do you think women used to do in past centuries…give up riding horses, stop working in the fields, please. We are designed to protect the baby. I have noticed with friends lately-the more careful they are the more problems they encounter…like watching every little thing they eat since a random person told them it was dangerous…those are the ones with the allergies, the unactive kids whose mom didn’t exercise and baby herself while pregnant.

Anonymous on

Everyone need something to complain about. Worry about your own lives.

Amy on

Okay. I can definitely weigh in on this one. My husband and I shared an innertube down a waterslide together. It was fun and it was safe. I was six months along at the time and all belly. There was no danger for us or my babies. There was no danger for Elsa’s baby either. Please stop trying to tell other moms what they should and should not do. My twins were born healthy and there were no complications during or after the pregnancy.

It’s so easy to sit on the soapbox and preach about what you should and should not do…

Autumn on

I have 4 children and with every one while I was pregnant, I did something like, go on a roller coaster at Disney, down a water slide in FL, went to a concert in IL. Your pregnant not dead. Yes you have to use reason. [No I don’t think you should go bunji jumping or ride the sky coaster at Six Flags but don’t act like you can’t have fun.] Some women can do these things and if they can then so be it. No one should criticize her for doing what she wants to do. I am sure if there was any thought of her not being safe she wouldn’t have done it. Besides I don’t think this is any of our business.

Hea on

Water rushing up where? Into your vagina? Really, ladies, can’t you even write the word? Lady bits? Oh my…

Twizzy on

The issue with roller coasters and other amusement park rides is that the jarring and abrupt motion can tear the placenta away from the uterine wall. This isn’t an issue until after 20 weeks. The idea that rushing water “up there” would be a problem is absurd and sounds like something my Grandmother would have said.

Kristin on

If they were so safe… why do the signs before the ride say that pregnant women should not ride…

Also, yes, rushing water into the vagina is BAD! Duh!

Water slides are not advised while pregnant. Water can rush into your vagina at a fantastic rate of speed and cause issues with premature rupture of the membranes, introduce bacteria and debris into your vagina, and the like. I went to a water park at Disney World while 15 weeks pregnant with my first and I was able to ride inner-tube rides and wade in the pool. My doctor told me not to go on to water slides. You should always call and check with your doctor.

Also, there may not be water going down on the slide, but what happens when you HIT THE WATER?

People say “but I did it and it was fine” okay, but there are the people that it was not okay, and if there is even a little risk, why take it? Pointless.

livia on

the first 3 months are soo delicate that anything you do you can lose the baby, i wouldnt risk it, doctors would prob say no also

Michelle on

I swam pregnant. I ran pregnant. I hardly think a waterslide is a huge deal.

Dimmy on

Well, who said pregnant women can’t have fun??!? I see no reason to criticize it, she has free will to do whatever she wants, still her body, each person know how far to push it. Me myself, wouldn’t do it, but that’s ME, thumbs up for those women who has the courage to do it. It’s passed time for people to start concerning about their own lives and let others live.

mel on

this is ridiculous, its a slide, going into water, she is not bungee jumping off a bridge, or cliff jumping into shallow waters, the slide is not even that big, shes not crashing stomach first into rocks here.

some mothers are waaaaayyyy too protective

denise on


HuJo_MD on

Why are you elicting the opinions of armchair MD’s? If you’re really interested in the risks of watersliding during pregnancy, why don’t you ask the medical community?

Exercising during pregnancy is fine, the extent of exercise will depend on several factors (e.g. were you active beforehand; do you have any medical conditions that would preclude exercise?) That said, watersliding is hardly exercise (although swimming is a great exercise for pregnant women)! Any exercise where there is a risk of abdominal trauma should be avoided, and in my opinion, watersliding, especially from high heights would be dangerous. Travelling at a relatively quick velocity and stopping abruptly when you hit the water = possible abdominal trauma. That’s my two cents.

mel on

AM I the only who can see the slide cannot be huge and that there is no way that the slide can be huge because its off a boat??? She is not in a water park going down a death tube here.

Give her a break and stop telling I wouldnt do it, a baby is a precious cargo, remember a 100 years ago we didnt have this knowledge and ppl turned out fine and these women were riding horses! Bet you wouldnt ride a horse today if you were pregnant

Preggo2xs on

With my first pregnancy, I rode horses (as I did before pregnancy) until about 5 months. I also did rode on a wave runner until 6months. No problems with either one. That was when I was much younger and in shape and baby was fine- Dr. approved of all activities. Just took it a bit easier than normal and stopped the activities when I felt it was too much. She looks barely pregnant and in good shape- don’t see what the big deal is.

Shellibelli on

uhh get your history right. women “back then” gave up horse riding and walking because it was considered the very tacky and not fashionable to be pregnant. once they hit 6months or more they were confined to the house till the baby was born, as to not offended the public.

Kelly on

My friend took a fall while water skiing (not pregnant) and the water entered her with such force that it ruptured her uterus. She went into shock and nearly died. She had to have a hysterectomy. Why would you take such a risk when you’re sheltering another life? Check out what a gynecologist says about it: http://www.babycenter.com/404_what-activities-should-i-avoid-during-pregnancy_7229.bc

mel on

@ Preggo2xs well said 🙂

Twizzy on

Ok. I just clicked on the link and looked through the pictures. The slide is pretty big. Tt’s steep and it looks like they get a good deal of speed and a pretty tough landing on the bottom.

So, I’m not sure I’d take the risk. But, I’m not her and I’m not her doctor so really, who cares?

(And I still think the bit about “water rushing “up there”” is just nonsense.)

Jenn on

Sheesh, y’all need to get a grip! It’s a wonder any of us survived the 70’s and 80’s (or earlier if you’re younger). Oh, wait! We did, and just fine. Stop being so damn safe and live for once!

Donna on

Hey, have a glass of wine afterwards! One little glass couldn’t hurt, right? So selfish.

Brandy on

I have four chidren. This is not something I would do. However, I do not think it is my place to judge her for deciding to do it

Jill on

It makes me SICK to see such a blatant disregard for her unborn child’s life.

Of course she is risking this pregnancy–taking a steep slide down, and pounding her body into the ocean.

I am currently undergoing IVF treatments, because I would TREASURE a baby.

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for two years.

Its interesting how pregnancy clearly holds so little weight for some…and it means the world to others.

River on

Honestly, who cares? Its not our business. I personally don’t think going on a waterslide is bad for you. Pregnant women can do 99% of things non-pregnant women do without danger. And even if it did cause danger, who cares? If she wants to risk miscarrying her fetus that’s her business. End of story.

sunny on

I’m sure matt Damon’s wife would speak up if it wasn’t safe? She’s been pregnant a bunch of times and would probably know

Amanda on

If no history of complications, I’d say it would be fine. Me, personally, probably wouldn’t have done it….but then I just happen to know that my whole pregnancy was no joyride 🙂

Melanie on

I don’t see the problem with it. She looks great and looks like she feels great. And she isn’t exactly going down on her stomach. Not sure how far along she is, but she isn’t very big yet, so I don’t see the harm in it. If you notice in the picture she does actually have her hands cupping and holding her stomach for support. Like the others said if you aren’t having a risky pregnancy then being active is a good thing. I have been on water slides like this and I have never had a great force of water shoot up my vagina like some were talking about in comments.

Melissa on

Really people? What right do you have to criticize what this woman does? Women have been having babies since the beginning of time and in early times women worked and played harder than we do now. It seems like every time a celebrity woman gets pregnant some women think it gives them free range to say and criticize her every move! I’m sure she is under a doctor’s care and is just fine. Sometimes people just need to keep their opinions to themselves and sometimes those opinions are wrong! Let’s leave the poor lady alone and let her play and relax before the little tike arrives. (And before anyone asks, I am a mom who has been through the pregnancy, labor and delivery).

Kris on

I am sorry but she looks great. Pregnancy is when I felt the most beautiful. Negative people really just need to stop hating on everyone and appreciate life. Try to focus on the good.

vee on

Just because your pregnant doen’t mean your handicap, as long as you use some caution and common sense the baby will be just fine….we find any excuse to critize a person!

River on

@ Jill

Women like you are so obnoxious. Nobody cares that you are infertile. Don’t be bitter that other women can easily get pregnant and they choose not to live boring lives like you do. Elsa Pataky is not endangering her fetus by being active and having fun. Even if she was somehow putting her fetus at risk or miscarriage, why is that your business? Who are you to judge her?

Jill on

This is terrible.

I bet she lives in a dream world where nothing could go wrong.

Wake up, lady.

This is a DANGEROUS thing to do to your unborn child!

Laine on

Come on, she’s barely pregnant. It’s not like she’s 9 months pregnant with a whiskey in her hand. Have a great babymoon, Elsa!

kjc on

I don’t have a problem with a normal slide, but I’ve seen other pictures posted, and it launches them at the bottom. …a little too rough in my opinion. -but like I posted on the pregnancy announcement, I’ve had a rough history in regards to pregnancy. It may be completely safe- but I wouldn’t chance it.

Alyssa on

Its not like she’s 9 months pregnant or jumping thousands of feet out of a plane she is sliding down a inflatable water slide while maybe 3-4 months along

JC on

Yes, they critize EVERYTHING. It is a reason I try to avoid reading any comments anywhere online since they are filled with people who think they are experts because they sit on their butts all days reading WebMD.

ccj on

none of our effin business. All people do is criticize criticize, it’s not your body she can do what ever she wants.

HuJo_MD on

To use the arguement that “x did that activity while pregnant and x and her baby are fine” as a justification for engaging in certain activities/behaviours during pregnancy is ridiculous.

Many infants of mothers who smoke, drank, or even do drugs during pregnancy come out fine, but signficantly greater proportion of them don’t compared to women who did not engage in these activities.

And to say that women in the psat did this and that and babies survived – sure, but the infant mortality rate was 3 times greater in the 1960’s than it is today (and like 50 times greater at least, than it was pre-1900’s)

AJ on

I’m on the fence about this. While I think when you are pregnant you should take as many precautions as you can, you should still be able to enjoy yourself. For most women, this probably wouldn’t cause any harm, but to some it may and you just don’t know if it is going to effect you or not, so why risk it? Ultimately it is her decision and she is the one who will effected by it, so why should I worry about what she does?

When I was about 4 months pregnant with my child we went to a waterpark and there certainly were many signs stating that pregnant women should not go on the slides and indeed I was not allowed to go on a slide, one more tame than that! But I understand that many places have to err on the side of caution because of the litigious nature of our society.

Huntress on

Re: Kristin… “It is not about the cushioning of the baby… it is that it is very dangerous to have water rushing up “there” when you are pregnant”…WOW…does water rush up ur vagina on a water slide??!! If so, u need to put a bathing suit on and cross ur legs Sweetie! It TOTALLY amazes me how some people “think”…

Erin on

I went on a bigger waterslide than that at West Edmonton Mall when I was pregnant with my very first, at about 8 weeks. I miscarried 3 weeks later. Was it related to the waterslide? Who knows…but I would never take a risk like that ever again.

Lily on

I have waterslided pregnant, but kept to the milder ones…didn’t do ones with big drops into the water or the ones that almost vertical. To the person whose mother was on a rollercoaster….that’s a HUGE difference & I would not consider doing that while pregnant.

Layla on

Someone actually said, “water rushing up there.” Oh, honey. First of all, “there” is a vagina. Say it with me V-A-G-I-N-A. Good.

Libbi on

I would definitely ask my doctor first, but she seems so early that the baby probably didn’t even feel it!

Erin on

It’s her body, her life, noone else’s business. I wouldn’t do it but if she wants to – who cares.

Though to those commenting that she’s barely pregnant, she’s apparently due in 2-3 months. Just because she has a small bump does not mean she isn’t well into her pregnancy.

atwood on

She is pregnant not dead!

Michelle on

Jill, I am undergoing IVF too and I would slide down a waterslide into the water while pregnant. Are you saying I don’t treasure my baby?

Let me guess, you’ll be one of those “everyone gets a trophy” type of moms.

Kim on

Women have been having babies forever and a little splash in the water isn’t going to hurt her or her baby. If she was jumping off a bridge or bungee jumping, you might have a reason to be concerned… but otherwise it’s none of our business. She is an adult and more than capable of making her own decisions.

Kms on

I feel we should leave her be. I understand peoples concern, i have my own.But I trust in mothers intuition it works! and who of us on the comment list here knows her? my guess is none so who are we to judge? No one. we have no right to say anything to her or judge her actions. what she does while carrying her child should be between her and the babies father not any of us. but then again this is just my take on it.

Janet on

I wouldn’t do it but I know people who kept up their running workouts while pregnant.

Karen on


Tina G. on

I can do what I did before I got pregnant, while pregnant. Running, sports, be cautious. Geez, do I have to stop having fun? No, I do not. I’d go on an inflatable water slide, just because you wouldn’t doesn’t mean I can’t. So you do what you will with your pregnancy and I shall do what I will with mine. We’re all VERY different people and no one on here should be FORCING their views on others. oo I even went on ALL the rides at Disneyland while I was pregnant, shame on me for enjoying Peter Pan or Pirates of The Caribbean. If you feel the need to go live in a bubble during your pregnancy then by all means go live in your bubble, but don’t think for one second that gives you the right to tell others what to do.

Tina G. on

Holy MOLY where did this commentator get her information from

“It is not about the cushioning of the baby… it is that it is very dangerous to have water rushing up “there” when you are pregnant…

I can’t believe she would risk her baby for a few seconds of fun… So not worth it!

– Kristin on January 19th, 2012”

“water rushing up “there” when you’re pregnant”.. You have got to be joking!? Or a teenager. Seriously? “water rushing up there” is your argument. Look that little phrase up at least, before you let it come out of your tiny little mind. Don’t ever say that out loud, you might get slapped.

Gwen on

I personally don’t see an issue. She’s not heavily pregnant and it’s an inflatable slide. Judging by how, in the picture, she’s going down with her knees up and her feet on the slide, she’s not going that fast at all and was in control of what was going on. I don’t see what she’s doing to be any more irresponsible than the people who smoke while pregnant, the people who have a poor diet, the people who gain too much weight, who gain to little weight, etc. I doubt a soul on this forum was or will be “perfect” about their pregnancy either.

In the end, it’s between her and her other half and I’m guessing she got the a-ok from her doctor before she got on a plane and came down for the vacation.

Either way, I don’t think you can judge how precious she does or doesn’t think her pregnancy is, or how easy or hard of a time she had getting pregnant based on what she’s doing here.

shalay on

I personally don’t think I would do that, but I don’t see anything wrong with HER choosing to. It’s a personal choice. If she was riding a roller coaster or smoking I would be very quick to say that’s “wrong”, but I don’t feel strongly about this one way or the other.

As for the person who referenced her friend having her uterus ruptured from a water skiing accident, um, have you ever been water skiing? You’re moving at a rapid speed and the impact when you hit water is dangerous for anyone, pregnant or not pregnant. To compare water skiing to plopping in the water from a water slide is ridiculous.

Ally on

Click on the “vacationing in St. Barts” link and look at the pics of that slide. It’s off of a 2 story yacht, and the people are flipping and flying all over the place at the bottom. We’re not talking about a short slide like on a playground.

jessicad on

Jill, please don’t take your anger at being infertile out on those who aren’t. Yes it’s unfortunate for you but it doesn’t mean she cares less about her unborn child and is a selfish thoughtless person, she’s simply enjoying her vacation.

To answer the poll, yes I would go on a small water slide like this one while pregnant. If it was a bigger one with twists and turns obviously not, but this one seems small and harmless and I’m sure she’s not hitting the water very hard.

and Donna, I did enjoy a glass of red wine toward the end of my pregnancy. My body was craving it for months and when I started having early contractions my Dr suggested I drink a small amount with lots of water to relax my uterus. I’m so selfish and probably a horrible mother too, the nerve of me huh!!!! 🙂

shalay on

Ally, that’s true, but all the photos of the people being flipped and flung are of the men, who are going down head first. If they’re anything like my husband or brother, they were launching themselves down that thing with as much force as possible to try and get maximum speed. Guys love doing that sort of thing.

KC on

I am 8 months pregnant and I dont think I would risk it – but it is personal choice. If something were to happen, she would be the one responsible for the baby. My friends and family freaked when I stepped on a step ladder (2 tier) at 5 months pregnant LOL so to each their own I guess.

Becky on

I did the same thing when I was about 3 months pregnant! Only the slide was bigger!! My daughter is almost 21 and perfect!

mary on

I think we need a doctor to chime in.

On that note I played soccer till around the 7 month mark. I could have played longer since the doctor told me I could play until I lose my balance than that would be the time to quit. But I got punched in the face by the goalie (an accident) and broke my nose; it was my husband who said ‘no more’.

Jennie on

Um Kristen.. really? If there was water “rushing” up there, you’ve got “bigger” problems than going downn a water slide. Prett sure no woman would EVER go down a waterslide- pregnant or not- if that were a problem.

R on

Wouldn’t that big of a drop scare her fetus??

K.W. on

There’s “active” and then there’s “stupid”…this is a picture of stupid..when something happens she’ll sue them..welcome to the American way of thinking..

K.W. on


okay…does this look safe for a pregnant woman?? Or let me rephrase that..does this look safe for an unborn child??

Laz on


Sarah K. on

Why is there a poll about this? Really People? It’s none of our business what this woman does. There is no need to make a federal case about it. It’s between her, her husband, and her doctor.

meghan on

“water rushing up there”

An impressive display of anatomical knowledge. How stretched out do you think her “up there” is?

Stacey on

I don’t see the problem! As long as you have a healthy pregnancy, it should be fine!

Amy Spadoni on

This is so stupid! I played softball up to eight months pregnant with my kids! Doctor said it was completely fine! Why don’t all these people worry about themselves and let other people be. Heck, most are jealous I am sure that they didn’t look that good in a bathing suit pregnant!

Kate on

I actually went down a waterslide when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my third child! If you’re fit and up to it then why not! The baby is beyond protected. Pregnancy isn’t a disease!

Kerri on

Ok well I have to admit I went to waterpark hotel summer 2011 I was 8 months pregnant and I went one time down a slide I figured if my water broke the baby was old enough to be delivered and still be healthy if a 3 month pregnant women went into labor from the slide the baby wouldn’t survive. I didn’t go again cause after the 1slide I didn’t feel good so I just sat with my daughter in the wave pool. I probably shouldn’t have gone but I wanted to try at least one slide. I’m not prego now so we r gonna go back to the water park so I can enjoy all the slides

Gail on

Same here, played softball through the first 4 months of two pregnancies. Ran, hit and played catcher. I quit playing when I started to show and it felt awkward to run. Kids are now 11 and 8. Elsa isn’t that far along, baby is teeny tiny at this point. She’s not doing it her third trimester, I don’t see the harm in it.

Adrius on

OK this is silly…

a) There is absolutely nothing wrong with water going “up there”. Seriously, what on earth!?!?! You can have intercourse throughout pregnancy and then lots more than water gets there. You cam also go to a pool throughout your pregnancy and water will get there as well.

b) You can do anything in pregnancy as long as it’s not “high impact” or high risk of trauma.
Going down a water slide like that does NOT put you at high risk for atrauma and it’s not considered high impact. An example high impact would be water skiing… this slide definitely does NOT qualify.

Mom Of Twins on

Her body, their baby, her business!

Summer on

My mother Water-Skied till she was 8 months pregnant. The doctor said it was fine, in fact his wife did they same thing with all their 5 kids too.

c on

DO NOT DO THIS!! I am an OB nurse & we had 2 pregnant patients, who were friends, & decided to go on a waterslide….THEY BOTH LOST THEIR BABIES!!!!!!! Exercising during pg is great! Just make sure you talk to your doctor about the type & intensity. That being said….DON’T run a marathon…I don’t care if you were already a marathoner (or what the doctor says)….b/c yet again we had a pt who lost her baby right after running a marathon…& she was a seasoned runner. I hate when ppl say, ya well I went down a slide & my baby lived. Or, my baby slept on her belly & she didn’t die. Guess what….some babies HAVE died!Don’t risk it!

i need a name on

I know women who have used treadmills and ran miles up until the time they gave birth with no complications, and the Babies where delivered fast ! The babies also seemed bigger than normal – all 9 pounds and larger.

Ladybug on

I personally would never do this. I lost a baby and subsequently went
on to have a healthy son who is now in college. My husband & I are
very thankful for him. Maybe the first baby would have been lost no
matter what, but I was VERY careful the 2nd time and am glad I was.

Elisa on

the thing that can happen is early uterus contractions, which is not good in any time before 37 weeks… the baby is within the amniotic fluid, but the uterus doesn’t have any kind of protection around it so it can be estimulated… my grandmother fell on her bely while pregnant and the baby died… isn’t wise go on that “the baby has the water around it”… better not risk!!

Tami on

This is absolutely ridiculous. I am 5 months pregnant with my third child (my other two are 14 and 16) and I can’t believe how judgmental some of you are. That slide is not a twisty, swervy amusement park ride, it is a slide off a boat. For the person who says:

“Being active is great, but you need to use some common sense about it. Waterslides/roller coasters, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, etc. are all pretty common no-nos during pregnant. Even with the amniotic fluid protecting the baby, all it takes is one hit the right one to the stomach and you have lost your child.”

…comparing this little inflatable slide to a roller coaster, surfing or scuba diving is asinine…especially scuba diving. One hit, huh? I guess we should all live in a bubble while pregnant. Ridiculous.

Maggie on

That slide is ONLY like 6 foot long, to go from the boat into the water. That’s safer than going down a hard metal ladder backwards…..leave the girl alone

Stephanie on

@ nainai,
well for one your mom was 6 months along

two it was the 1970’s and technology was less advanced (Ill assume the rollercoaster didnt have nearly as many saftey guidelines as we do now)
three- BIG BIG difference in a Rollercoster and a water slide of the side of a yatch!

Come on Really ppl there have been several ppl involved in accidents while they were expecting and Baby survived without any harm. The baby is well protected, and Im sure the media is making it out to be a much bigger or steeper slide than what it is. There are things far worse that people do while they are expecting… Go PICK ON THEM

RachelfromBoston on

I actually asked my doctor about water slides (we were going away) while pregnant and she said “no way” – but every doctor is different too

Jill on

This is an open forum. Who are you to judge ME. Stay off the board if you are going to hate on people. You are probably a fat cow that hates the world, and is jealous of the rest of us.

Gottasaysomething on

As a health care professional, there are a lot of donts pregnant aren’t supposed to do. Ride a bike, go on slides, start a new aerobic routine if you aren’t used to it! The reasons are related to blood flow and the changes our bodies make during these “exercises” and how they affect the baby! We are supposed to avoid stress (which includes exhilarating experiences) for the health of the baby. You will see on all thrill rides a warning to pregnant women to not ride. Do you know how easily the placenta can detach? I see it every day!

Jill on

I got pregnant and I am being super careful.

Better safe than sorry! I would not fly down this slide into the ocean.

I am someone who values this life very much, and try not to do stupid stuff.

Vicki on

I did cannonballs into the pool with my neices and nephew all summer long while I was prego and my precious 2 year old now is perfect…..she knows all of her abc’s, 123’s, shapes, colors, animals, you name it she knows it! It’s called life what’s meant to be will happen and you can’t stop it!

BR on

Personally, I wouldn’t have done this while pregnant. While being active is good while pregnant, caution should be involved too. To me, this is not a safe activity to be doing. And just because she isn’t far along, that doesn’t mean it is any less risky. You really never know how your body is going to handle pregnancy-we are all different. Some women have to be on bed rest half their pregnancy, some women can do any activity deemed safe by their doctor.

Jen on

water doesn’t just go “rushing into down there” when you have a swimsuit bottom on. Get a life.

minnie on

Looks like a blast. I suppose you would have her bedridden and avoid physical activities too? Guess she’d better not have sex with her husband either?! Seriously, who are you people? Stop treating pregnancy like it’s a friggin disease. She’s more at risk driving her automobile than sliding down an inflatable slide. Seatbeats and wombs…not so good. Playing in the water, no problemo! Have fun honey. Enjoy this while you can 🙂

Toya L. on

This is an open forum. Who are you to judge ME. Stay off the board if you are going to hate on people. You are probably a fat cow that hates the world, and is jealous of the rest of us.
– Jill on January 19th, 2012
Why are you talking to yourself?

jacquelyn on

It’s not like she is 7 8 or 9 months pregnant!! Geezzz..who cares!! It’s an INFLATABLE water slide!! Who cares!!

katy on

Why do people feel just because a woman is pregnant they have the right to comment on what she is allowed or not allowed to do/eat/ect. The only two people that should have any say in matters like this are the mom and her OBGYN. It’s not your baby, it’s not your body, it’s not your business!

kjc on

I widh People would post more pics of this slide. Everyone should click on the link that KW posted – it may change some of your minds.
To the commenter that says the slide is ‘only like 6 feet’ you are definitely wrong. I’d say it is more like 30-40 feet.

Not my body, not my baby – but the more I look at it, the more I am completely against it.

guest on

If I was her advanced materinal age (she is 35 years old), I sure wouldn’t risk it. If something did happen to the baby that would be all her fault for choosing to waterslide.

Loa on

I think it’s how you feel about yourself during your pregnancy. More paranoid first time moms wont want to do it but she seems comfortable in her pregnancy. Besides, she’s not that far along, the baby isn’t that big in her belly and its just water. She isn’t skydiving or doing anything stressful. She seems pretty happy and content.

sat on

Fascinating thread! I would definitely do this slide not pregnant, but I might avoid doing it while pregnant if I knew that close-up photos of it would be broadcast publicly for critique! Talk about having to have a thick skin.

Momma K on

I did it myself and everything was fine. I had a sore back the next day though. 3 years later I have a healthy, active son. I hated “the worst case scenario’s” I got from mom’s when I was pregnant and see it hasn’t stopped. Keep it mom’s, scare those new mommies.

Alina on

Whether its safe or not for the development of the baby I would NEVER take such a chance. Any freak accident can happen! That inflatable slide could burst or she could somehow slip over and fall. Strange, crazy stuff happens and she can waterslide after the baby.

Me on

If you think back 25, 50, 100, and even 200 years…pregnant people weren’t coddled and meant to sit on their rumps and do nothing. Heck, women used to work the farm hardcore during the entire pregnancy, give birth, and be out there asap. So a little waterslide won’t hurt. It’s not like it was a HUGE one like at a waterpark. We women do not have to live in bubbles while pregnant…and neither do our kids once we give birth. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie on

Uneducated people make me laugh. Are you an OB/GYN? If not what you are stating is most likely JUST your opinion. I went on a roller coaster when 10 weeks pregnant, with the doctors OK. I went on waterslides, I played basketball, I ran, I continued to do everything I would normally do, especially when only 4-5 months along. When you are further along, you have to scale back, but each person is different. My guess is most of the people weighing in about how awful it is are lazy, non-athletic people, who if they weren’t pregnant would be sitting on the couch just watching others.

Satah on

Oh my god! Water sliding?!? What a crime!!
I had an ECV ( where 3 drs white knuckle your belly to physically turn a breech baby.
I can damn well slide down a slide. And I inner tubed too! Gasp!
My babies are perfect. Not Nuerotic and paranoid.

Ps. If you get in a car and drive while pregnant you are taking a chance.

Alexandra on

I think there’s a difference between a Rollercoaster and a waterslide. Just because we’re pregnant doesn’t mean we have to stop doing everything that’s fun. I went down waterslides and never had any complications during my pregnancy. Why do we have to scrutinize everything?

me on

omgosh! everyone just calm down. this is something safe for her to do. she is on an inflatable slide while in her first trimester. no dr. would fuss. if she was on a plane that needed to emergency evacuate the passengers, what would they do to get her off quickly?? anyone.. anyone..? they would put her on a slide and send her down at anytime but her last trimester. get a grip! or a medical degree.. or just call your own dr. and ask.

Lucy on

I have a better question – who is taking care of Dad of the Year Matt Damon’s kids while they are off partying in St. Barts? We are in the middle of the school year here in NYC.

Feefee on

None of our business people, just because she is a star doesn’t mean we tell her how to live.

Brianna on

No way I would ride. These things have postings all over them saying not to ride if you are pregnant. Newsflash people, they are there for a reason. Yes, a water slide does seem safe and harmless but, what if something happens? God forbid you fall off or land in the water wrong and hurt your stomach. What if someone else riding is kicking as they try to swin out of the pool in empties into and accidently gets you in the stomach (honestly people don’t look- I get smacked every time I go on one of those things). God forbid a kid loses a life jacket and the parent and/or child are kicking wildly and hard so the child does not drown- they aren’t going to take the time to notice that you are pregnant and move away from you and if they hit you probably will not stop kicking because, they will assume you can get out of the way and be focuses on more important things. Yes, these are extreme examples but it is your job as a parent to prevent everything possible from harming your child. This just isn’t a risk that was worth taking. Quite honestly, this is just not a risk worth taking- yes the waterslide will be fun for 30 seconds but, you may lose your child- just not a good trade off for you and plain cruel to the child.

You can look at it anyway you want but the truth of the matter is, she put herself first and this innocent child second! She decided that she wanted to have fun and that superseded the babies safety. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. She can do whatever she wants with HER life and takes whatever risks she feels appropriate with her OWN life. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, I am not in a position to stop it. For this 9 months that she is responsible in every way for the survival of another human being, she must do the right thing- simple as that.

No, I am not saying that women should be bedridden for 9 months that is crazy. The need only avoid unnecessary risks. I see no reason why she can’t just go to the water park and either watch her family or try out other attractions that do not jostle the baby so much or put it in so much danger.

Not judging, maybe she really didn’t consider the dangers and does love the child and want to protect it. But this, is not okay!

Amanda on

I’ve had five miscarriages but I would not feel scared going down a small water slide. To the commenter worried about water rushing into the vagina, it’s not water that you have to worry about when you’re pregnant. It’s air. If air is forcefully pushed into the vagina, it can cause an embolism or a blood clot from bubbles getting into the bloodstream. This is medical fact, and the reason that one of the few sexual activities that women are discouraged from participating in during pregnancy is the act of the partner blowing air into the vagina.

As far as all the “risks” go that you women are talking about and saying that you wouldn’t risk it, I hope that you’re not planning on circumcising your child. More babies die in the neonatal period every year from circumcision complications than from SIDS and auto accidents combined. There’s a real, legitimate risk for you. One that I did not take, and, if you’re worried about the welfare of your baby, you shouldn’t be comfortable with taking, either.

jen on

Is she CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never ever, ever take this risk!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

K.W.- According to the caption of that photo, the woman in that photo is Lucy Damon (Matt’s wife) not Elsa. And just because Lucy plunged in that way doesn’t mean that Elsa plunged in the same way.

With that being said, I think what’s doing is fine. It’s an inflatable slide, and as other commentors have said, she’s holding onto her belly AND she has her feet against the slide, indicating she wasn’t going very fast.

And as for water getting “up there”, that is actually impossible during pregnancy. Up until just before the baby is born, the vagina is sealed shut by something called the mucus plug (the “bloody show” that a lot of women experience right before labor is the mucus plug being dislodged and discharged from the body). So unless you do something to jar the mucus plug loose (and that would have to be something that could cause a HUGE amount of impact to the pelvic region, such as, say, a water-skiing accident), nothing, whether it be water, a man’s sperm, or whatever else, can get anywhere near the baby!

Anonymous on

me- The article says she’s due in the spring, so she’s in her second trimester, not first.

Lucy- Perhaps the kids are there with them. Even non-celeb parents sometimes take their kids out of school for vacation. But even if this was an adults only trip, what’s wrong with that? Parents ARE allowed to take “couple” trips just for the two of them! Also, for what it’s worth, this might be the oldest daughter’s (Alexia) time with her father (from what I’ve read, he’s still involved in her life).

Anonymous on

Toya L.- Perhaps there’s more than one Jill on here? It’s a fairly common name.

Anonymous on

Amanda- Where are you getting your info about circumcision statistics?

Shannon on

No way. I guess her maternal instincts haven’t kicked in yet.

Anonymous on

First of all it is NONE of your business what this women decides to do with her own body and to all of the people that say that this is an unnecessary risk, she could walk outside, trip, fall on her stomach and lose the baby are you saying that pregnant women should’nt walk either?

Carrie on

At first I was thinking that people were up in arms about nothing, that we aren’t talking about a water park slide it’s a small side off the side of a boat. Then I saw the boat (with its helipad). That slide is probably 30 feet high, and curves up at the end. If you came off that slide and ended up doing a belly flop or landed on the water on your back I can see how it could possibly be dangerous. But this is her pregnancy and her baby, what she can and cannot do is ultimately up to her.

Anonymous on

when I was pregnant I went jet skiing,boat riding, mountain hiking, running, walking, biking, had sex swimming,and was in a bad car accident at 5 months and my DR. said it was OK and my baby was just fine

Margaret on

As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner who cares for pregnant women, this is definitely a dangerous activity any time during the second and third trimesters. Yes, there is amniotic fluid cushioning the baby, but the strong impact when hitting the water at the bottom of the slide could pose a significant threat to the pregnancy. It puts her at risk for an abruption, which is forceful “trauma” to the abdomen, such as this situation of hitting water at a significant speed (same thing can occur from falling, car accident, getting hit in the abdomen etc). An abruption occurs when there is force enough to cause the placenta to basically rip free from where it’s attached to the uterus, causing internal hemorrhage and fetal distress from the baby not being able to get oxygenated blood. This is NOT an activity that is condoned!

Amanda on

Anonymous, my info comes from thewholenetwork.org, drmomma.org, and the CDC. 🙂 And a host of other reputable websites, studies, and medical associations. If you’re curious, check them out. You can never have too much knowledge on a subject. This one happens to be very close to my heart, as I know two families who lost their sons to circ complications and know many, many men who have had to live with botched surgeries. I had to say something here because I fail to understand the hysteria of the unnecessary risk of riding a water slide when many people wouldn’t think twice about the much more real risks of subjecting a baby to cosmetic surgery that is not recommended by any medical organization in the world.

Holiday on

I would not go down the water slide. Why risk it while you are carrying the most precious gift ever. I have had 2 babies and I was still active ,even went to Disneyland during my 2nd pregnancy and rode the small rides but this looks dangerous to me.

Jennifer on

I am currently 4mos pregnant and I would never attempt to do something like this. I know it looks innocent but things happen and I just wouldn’t take the risk. For all of those posting that if you are active before and it’s ok with your Dr then be active during, ok but still put some limits on it. Riding horses, sliding down water slides to me are way to active. Like most people have post it’s only 9mos, you can’t chill out during then for the great gift you get in the end? Come on people really?

Toya L. on

– Although the comments have the same writing style, that could be true. I think she may have put her name instead of the intended person though.

Toya L. on

@anonymous- Although the comments have the same writing style, that could be true. I think she may have put her name instead of the intended person though.

Sara on

I don’t think the people commenting here understand just how big the slide was… please check http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2088569/Chris-Hemsworths-wife-Elsa-Pataky-plummets-steep-water-slide-just-hours-announcing-pregnancy.html to understand that this ridiculous woman could have easily harmed her unborn child!

Butt Out on

Her body, her (well protected) baby, mind your own business. It’s horrible, judgemental people like so many of you that makes me never want children of my own. So much for the ‘sisterhood’. I thought women were suppose to look after each other. None of you know her, none of you have any idea of what advice she’s been given, you know nothing about her body or her limitations. Give her the benefit of the doubt that she knows whats best for her and her baby. How dare any of you assume that she doesn’t treasure that bump as any other pregnant woman does.

Ainsley on

@Lucy, I think the pictures were taken during the winter break.

Amy on

In my last pregnancy I rode on the back of my husband’s motorcycle for the first 3-4 months. My youngest is now 4. Now, I think when your belly is out a lot more you need to be careful. Any Dr will tell you that your big belly throws your balance off. Also, just because women are sometimes overly cautious does not make their baby anymore unhealthy or the woman stupid. You can easily look up the activities to avoid. Lastly, everyone judges someone for something.

Amy on

Anonymous on

Seriously who are we to rant and rave on what some unknown cleb is doing while barley pregnant .. Do whatever u want- who gives a fuck!

megan on

If I was on a private yacht, in St. Barts, with Matt Damon and looked that good in a bikini then yes, I would slide down that slide.

Sandy on

I doubt her doctor would say it was okay to go down a slide this steep! Come on- use common sense! WHO would take that chance? Just shows what an idiot she is.

Pam on

I was about 8 months along in my pregnancy when I went down a small water slide that was not nearly as steep as this one. I seriously injured myself and I didn’t even know it. I hit the bottom harder than I expected but I thought that I was fine. Five days later my placenta separated and I started hemorrhaging. The only thing that saved me and my baby from the impact of the initial landing was that my blood started clotting immediately and maintained the blood supply intact between the baby and myself during those five days. I had to have an emergency c-section in order to save the baby and the doctor told me the only thing that saved my life was a blood clot the size of a grapefruit. I just advise you to be careful and not take unnecessary risks. You can lose your baby and your own life.

Toya L. on

@ Jill
Women like you are so obnoxious. Nobody cares that you are infertile. Don’t be bitter that other women can easily get pregnant and they choose not to live boring lives like you do. Elsa Pataky is not endangering her fetus by being active and having fun. Even if she was somehow putting her fetus at risk or miscarriage, why is that your business? Who are you to judge her?
Jill shouldn’t judge them but you get to judge her and other celebs like Kelsey and Kayte? Bawaa, oh the irony!!!

jean on

Chris and Elsa if u all had a good time that’s awesome. Don’t let all these comments spook u. I’m sure u all ask ur doctor just like we do about the do’s and dont’s so be happy enjoy ur vacation and pregnancy. Love you guys!

reagan on

Oh please… if she’s healthy enough, why not? I did farm work while pregnant with each of my kids. Sliding down an inflatable raft is nothing compared with throwing hay for 6 hours or mucking out three horse stalls.

sal on

she is sliding….down a slide…into WATER. She is not DISABLED for goodness sakes, she is pregnant! You dont have to be strapped to the couch for 9 months. I remember when I told my mom and dad that I was pregnant and he wouldnt let me drive home and he made me drink some milk before he insisted on making my mom drive me home…yes, Im serious LOL

mari on

personally and been that this is her first pregnancy, i wouldnt do it.

during my 1st pregnancy i was extremely careful, as i didnt know how my body would react to the changes my body was going through. during my 3rd pregnancy i was more carefree.

kyrie on

Oh my gosh, how horrible for this woman to see that a tabloid has turned her into a maternal safety poll! I am pretty sure that if pregnant women are told they can still go running (which they are, in almost all cases), then one trip down an inflatable waterslide is NOT ‘risking the life of her child’ selfishly. Jeez.

Anca on

Every woman is different and every woman knows her body. I had two kids and I ran with my second one till almost 5 months and I exercised right up until the day before giving birth. I have two very healthy kids and never been at risk. Please, don’t patronize another woman with opinions of righteousness. What is right for you does not mean is right for another.

Manda on

Every pregnancy is different. When I got pregnant, I was told to stop all of my activities because I was a high risk pregnancy, whereas my friend who found out she was pregnant just days after I did was told that she could continue to run and workout. So it depends on the mom’s history. She slid down a slide, she didn’t ride a roller coaster.

Manda on

@ Reesca – OMG, love it! Lady bits… too funny! You’re absolutely right though.

Anonymous on

People – the water rushing comment is from when she drops off the slide and into the ocean. Water will rush up “there” when she hits the ocean going somewhat fast. You are not supposed to have a “rush” of water up your vagina when you are pregnant. I read that in several baby books and was confirmed when I asked my Dr about it during my first pregnancy.

Miracle on

She’s fine.

I went white water rafting, rock climbing, cycling, and all sorts of things while pregnant.

I also ate sushi, drank coffee, lunch meat, and had the occasional glass of wine.

I have two healthy and beautiful children. I think it is getting to the point of absurdity as far as not “allowing” pregnant women to do certain activities or eat certain foods. We are handicapped…just pregnant.

shann on

Ok..i am currently 18 weeks pregnant and i still do all the same activities i was doing before i got pregnant.There is absolutley nothing wrong with her enjoying her pregnancy!This is where we are suppose to be happy..not enslaved to our bodies..get a grip and get off her ass..its like saying you cant have sex how you want when you are pregnant…some of you are soooooooo Old fashioned!

Anonymous on

I went off diving boards while I was pregnant with my first 2. The baby is nice a padded inside moma…I think it’s fine!

Kelly on

I personally think it’s fine. I had permission from my doctor to go paintballing when I was 3 months pregnant as long as I didn’t do any heroic moves…lol I’m sure the baby is well protected so I don’t think it’s a big deal!

heather on

people who are comparing this to someone falling while waterskiing are ridiculous. and the whole water rushing up there is also ridiculous. close your legs. it’s simple.

Janne on

She’s pregnant, not broken. I’m sure she’s just as concerned with her baby’s well being as any mother, but not everyone sees the situation in the same light. She’s not even that far along from the looks of it. Lots of people exercise while pregnant. Perhaps people should worry about their own children and not others?

Janne on

Water rushing into your vagina? Are you serious? Do you even know how the vagina works? Do you think water will inflate your uterus and the baby will drown? The womb is locked tight. Do you people even get in a pool or the bath?

AmandaC on

Heck I grew up on a horse farm and pretty much rode my whole life and used to go out on hours of trail riding while pregnant and gasp, showed when I was very pregnant. OMG!

AmandaC on

Good thing I didn’t have paps chasing me all over while pregnant, OMG they would have taken my baby away before it was born, youre pregnant not disabled.

lizardbrain on

I did do waterslides when I was 3 months pregnant. At that point in pregnancy the baby is so tini tiny and very well protected. By 6 months I would find it to be too risky.

Andi on

I find this whole conversation to be incredibly hypocritical. Women are always complaining about pregnancy being treated like a “condition” instead of a natural process. Yet in this case when a women who happens to be pregnant is just living her life she is blasted for being irresponsible. So I think the pregnant women of the internet need to make up their minds.

Jenn on

I rode on Test Track and other high intensity rides at Disney World both times I was pregnant. I had healthy, normal pregnancies. Both of my children are healthy. Give her a break. Only you know your own body and if she’s having no complications, there should not be an issue.

Jorja on

Oh please! I did worse. I didnt know I was pregnant and I smoked huge FAT blunts full of weed and my son is now a healthy normal 9 year old! A pregnancy is a remarkable thing!

ashley on

i say, for all you Haters, Deal with your own Children! Her Child and the way she raises it or takes care of it, is not YOUR responsibility!! i don’t like they way some raise their children, but i sure would be pissed if someone commented on my parenting!! & i think you would be too, so lets stop pretending to be a bunch of Saint mothers.

Micaela on

A tame waterslide, yes. As long as it was nothing too jerky. I jumped off boats into the lake when I was like 6 months pregnant. There is a certain limits that I think most mothers can determine are acceptable.

Multilingual Family on

Although I would not do this during a pregnancy because better save than sorry, I think she can do whatever feels good and disagree with @Jill who is a little too strong on her comments but I understand her frustration. I think she is not disegarding the life of her child, she just doesn’t have your problems therefore is more relax and easy about her pregnancy. Should she not eat sweets because other women have problems with sugar during pregnancy? I don’t think so.

Also @Jill… Why did you write first that you and your husband are trying to get pregnant and on another post you wrote that you are already pregnant… Being a mother is wonderful, but also a big responsibility, kids are not the way we want them, but the way they come and you need to be patient, tolerant and understanding… try to exercise those when reading and writing about others…. also don’t lie.

gina on

I didn’t really think much of it at first, but after seeing the pictures on the link Amy posted, I say she took an unnecessary risk.

Cierra on

I lifeguarded at a waterpark…had this girl who was super pregnant, bellybutton popped, who tried to ride the boogie blast…a boogie board ride that’s semi dangerous in general, if you fall off you take a kinda hard hit… i was so shocked! not to mention you ride laying on your stomach anyways.

Monica on

I have 2 kids and I would not have done that during either pregnancies. Granted, I’m a wuss so I probably wouldn’t even do it now, but still I wouldn’t take that risk while pregnant. I’m going to assume that she didn’t get the ok from her OB before she went on her trip because she probably didn’t know about the slide beforehand. I bet if her OB saw the pix now he/she would not be happy and would tell her no more risks. No one is saying to stop living while you are pregnant, but just use some caution and if you really want to do something, wait a few months and do it after the baby is born.
And for the record, she is not just a few weeks pregnant, she is in her 2nd trimester but isn’t showing much yet because it’s her 1st. So even those of you who say what she did was fine and you did xyz until you were 4 or 5 mos along- she IS 4 or 5 mos along. Do you still think it’s ok??

Romy on

when I looked at the big picture it didn’t look very dangerous. of course I didn’t see the slide in person. it’s soft, didn’t look that big.

Stella Bella on

I clicked through the link and personally, I wouldn’t do it when I was pregnant. But, what she does is none of my business!

Alexandra on

Her body. Her baby. Her decision. I wouldn’t do it.

Indira on

Celebrity baby blog going back to it’s ‘sound off’ days? Personally, I would do it.

Janna on

I probably wouldn’t do it, but it’s none of my business if she does it. When did we all become the pregnancy police?

@ AmandaC on January 20th, 2012 — I’ve often said the same thing when people blasted Britney Spears for every move she made!!

River on

@ Toya

Because obnoxious, hateful, ignorant, judgmental people like her deserve to be judged. I don’t go around judging people otherwise. Her comment was so ridiculous, though, that someone NEEDED to say something about it! I’m not the only one who got offended by her comment so why are you singling me out?. And no, I am not being a hypocrite by “judging” her. I just stated the truth.

If you can’t see why I snapped at her then you are an imbecile plain and simple.

River on


Also, I did not judge Kayte and Kelsey. I called them trashy, which they are. Does the truth hurt? I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t think that cheating on your wife with a woman young enough to be your daughter and then getting her pregnant when you already have 4 kids with 3 different women isn’t trashy.

You clearly don’t know what the word judgmental means. There’s a difference between stating the obvious (e.g. what I stated about Jill or what I said about Kelsey Grammar) and being excessively critical about something like Elsa going on a slide.

But allow me to be judgmental for once: I don’t expect you to know the difference when your name is Toya. You’re probably uneducated and come from the “hood”. Only a ghetto person would name their kid that.

How’s that?

Amanda on

Completely doubled over laughing at River’s hypocrisy. Bet she will come judge me now…even though she doesn’t go around judging people unless they deserve it. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

Toya L. on

@River, lmao my name is not Toya and no I’m not uneducated nor from the hood. I know what the word judging means, it is what Jill did to Elsa and then you turned around and did to her (being excessively critical, all over an opinion). You don’t know her to state your opinions of her after one comment that rubbed you the wrong way as if they were facts. Example: she’s obnoxious and bitter (your posts make you seem that way to me) she lives a boring life (how do you know), infertile (how do you know that, there are people that got pregnant after trying for ten years).

Maybe our definitions do differ then. I don’t have to allow you to be judgmental, just from reading your posts, I expect you to continue to be. I do find continuing to go back and forth and not being able to get a point across without name calling, to be straight ghetto so on that note, I wish you well!

Maeve on

@nainai a roller coaster is FAR different from a water slide.
I think its fine if your not too far along. Im sure theres tons of people who do this who also had healthy babies.

kelsey on

Not my choice for a pregnancy activity, but it’s her body and baby and if she’s willing to risk it, go ahead. I’d be scared of a blow to my belly personally 😦

Anonymous on

Toya L.- Jill herself said she was infertile. Also, infetility does not mean you’ll NEVER get pregnant. I think what you’re think of is sterility, which DOES mean you can never have kids. Other than that, however, I agree with you entirely!

Multilingal Family- The Jill who posted that she was pregnant on another thread might not be the same Jill that posted on this thread about being infertile. If both posts had been by someone named, say, Bluebell, then I’d see your point. But Jill is a fairly common name. 🙂

Janne- I agree with you entirely! To add to what you’ve said, I’ve gone down waterslides TONS of times (including several that make you plop into the water pretty darn hard!)and not once have I had water rush up my vagina (and I don’t normally close my legs when going down waterslides, either)! So I don’t get all the “but water will rush up there!” comments!

kelsey on

I wouldn’t do it. I’d be scared of a blow to my belly 😦

luis on

Polls like this are the reason that the whole world thinks Americans are stupid

Jillian on

Due to the amount of comments, I see a new trend…….fabulous.

River, You either know you are judging or you don’t know what the word means. If you were able to conclude that Kelsey is trashy…….then you formed an opinion by judging him. That’s how judgements work. I, like many others, did the same about you. Anyone who would wish miscarriage to their two unborn babies is worthy of being judged. Kind of like you judged Kelsey and Kayte and Jill.

Toya L. on

Thank you anonymous!

Dawn on

I am currently PG with my second child, when I was pregnant with my first one. I slipped and fell on a wet floor, the OB nurses told me that it would take severe truma to hurt my baby. I don’t think sliding down a waterslide is going to harm the fetus at all. As long as she isn’t high risk, and she feels up to it, I think the baby will be just fine.

ali on

Of all the groups that could use less judgement it’s moms! It’s kind of funny that mom’s tend to be the most outspoken and critical group of “their own kind” on the planet. How about a little more love because being a mom is hard enough without the cattiness!

S Marks on

There really isn’t enough information to form an informed opinion. Most of the danger comes not from damage from bouncing around or the impact from landing but from the possibility of water being force deeply into the vaginal canal. If the slide ends in a pool of water with enough impact, water could be forced inside. This could cause an infection that could cause preterm labor. This is one of the reason why Drs advise against using jetted tubs/hot tubs etc.

S Marks on

After looking at the entire slideshow I’ve changed my mind from “Depends” to “No”. Not only is the slide very steep, but the landings aver very out of control and in sea water. Too much of a risk of injury or of forcing bacteria seep into the vaginal canal.

Roxie Dean on

NO way! That is too much force on the stomach… compare it to a small car crash… sheer ignorance sorry

Stingrae on

This is the stupidest argument ever. People don’t bat an eye when you kill your child through abortion because it’s the mother’s choice but yet when a mother chooses to go down a freaking water slide people throw a fit.

Kristi on

Considering I am 6mo pregnant right now, I wouldn’t take a risk just for a few seconds of fun, while pregnant with my first I went to Turks & Caicos and was tempted to do all the water slides and other fun stuff but didn’t becuase it’s the better to be safe than sorry attitude..

cb on

I probably wouldn’t have thought this was a big deal if I hadn’t seen a photo of the ship with the slide on crazy days & nights. It looks huge to me. I wouldn’t go down it not pregnant!

Check it out here (scroll about 1/4 of the way down to see the picture I’m talking about): http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2012/01/random-photos-part-two_19.html

Anonymous on

Anonymous- (and before anyone says anything, I’m a different anonymous. I assure you I am not talking to myself! :)) People are wishing for Kayte and Kelsey’s babies to be miscarried?! That’s AWFUL, especially considering the fact that they’ve already been through one miscarriage!

I wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on anyone, not even my worst enemy. And knowing that other women do frankly makes me ashamed to be one!

Melanie on

I would never do it, but if she wants to – more power to her! God has a plan for her and that baby. What will be, will be.

Anonymous on

Melanie- I think you said it best of all (“what will be, will be”)!

joan on

I wouldn’t take the chance, but I know some women who bike, hike, and everything while pregnant. Pregnancy throws off your balance so some women can not do the same things as other women.

And for the “lover of shoes” who stated women in the “old days” kept working and riding horses – the death rate for babies was much higher. Perhaps if more precautions were taken?

Jillian on

River said those exact word anonymous…….mad me sick to my stomach!

tori on

“Sorry,why take unneccessary chances.This woman is an idiot for doing so!!!

Anonymous on

joan- I think the higher death rate for babies back in the “olden days” was mostly due to the fact that people didn’t know about germs back then (hence they didn’t take precautions to make sure the birth was in as sanitary of an enviornment as possible, which often resulted in the mother, the baby, or both contracting an infection) and they didn’t have nearly as many ways to deal with childbirth complications that we do now.

Also, there was no way to fix birth defects and other things that can threaten a baby’s life in the neonatal period back then. Not to mention the fact that there were no vaccines, so pregnant mothers could much more easily contract diseases such as german measles that can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, or other complications. Personally, I don’t think that women being more daring with what they did had that much to do with the infant mortality rate back then. But that’s just my opinion. Obviously we will probably never know for sure!

Sun on

People, get a grip. Being active is encouraged during pregnancy, especially if the mom was active before pregnancy. The benefits of staying active during pregnancy are well-documented, but for some reason, people seem to think that pregnant women need to sit with their feet up and be wrapped up in bubble wrap for the entire 9 months.

Paula Radcliffe, perhaps the greatest female marathoner of our times, ran during both her pregnancies, running 14 miles a day, and both her daughter and son were born healthy and without complications.

Sunny on

I swam,ran,and did yoga the entire time I was pregnant I even *gasp* took my 2 year old (at the time) nephew down the kiddie slides at the splash park. My son was born healthy and is a happy 6 year old. She’s pregnant not dead. I highly doubt going down an inflatable water slide into water that pregnant people have been in and out of since the beginning of time will be her or the babies undoing.

Angie on

Water rushing up there? Really? It is perfectly safe to engage in water activities or swim while you are pregnant up until you lose your mucus plug, which isn’t until a couple weeks or later before delivery, if that! You don’t want to get into a hot tub or into a bath or shower with very hot water but other than that, it’s fine! Obviously you also don’t want to do any activity that causes a lot of jarring but our bodies are made to protect the baby. Why do people always have to make negative comments and complain on these things? People need to be more positive and educated before they start posting things. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something then don’t do it! It’s not like she is jumping off a cliff into water, she is sliding down a SMALL inflatable slide. IF water could get “up there” it wouldn’t by going down a slide that a small child would be safe going down. My 3 year old could go down this slide! My goodness people. Stop judging and live your own life.