Kaia Gerber Models for Versace

01/19/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Versace, Inset: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Like mother, like daughter!

Not only is 10-year-old Kaia Gerber the spitting image of mom Cindy Crawford, but she’s decided to follow the supermodel into the family business.

Gerber is the new face of Young Versace, a new rock ‘n’ roll- inspired collection for boys and girls aged 0 – 12, that is debuting this spring.

“Like her mother, Kaia has a very special gift. The camera really, really loves her,” said Donatella Versace, creative director of Versace.

“Having Cindy on-set for the shoot took me back to all the amazing Avedon shoots we worked on together. It was such a special treat watching Kaia walk in her mother’s footsteps!”

The campaign, which was shot by famed photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, features Gerber and several other young models wearing chic tops and bottoms featuring playful prints, bright colors, mixed patterns, as well as the brand’s iconic Greek key motif and Medusa head logo.

So how does Crawford feel about her daughter’s budding modeling career?

“I’m so thrilled that Kaia was chosen to be part of the first Young Versace Campaign,” she shared.

“I have so many fond memories of the times I spent with Gianni and Donatella. [And] being on-set with my daughter watching her in front of the camera was a fantastic experience. I am so proud of her.”

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Donna on

All well and good, but Kaia has basically lost her childhood now.

All we needed – another precocious preteen – in the world.

Julianna on

Never thought Kaia was so much like her mother, until I saw this picture. Wow!

Valerie on

Am I the only one who thinks her skirt is a tad bit too short? She is beautiful and a natural, but should these revealing clothes be advertised to such young girls?

Miche on

Black socks with sandals is hot now??

Indira on

This girl has always looked way too mature for my taste. I’m not feeling that short skirt, the jutted out hip, any of it really. Socks and sandals? Thats a no go.

Sarah S. on

@Miche…I know, right? My Grandfather has been hip for decades then!

Michelle on

I think she is beautiful, just like her mother. And with her mother to guide her, she should turn out just fine. Her mom was a child/teen model and turned out to be a lovely lady and great mom. We should be so lucky compared to what we see in young hollywood now.

Cindy on

Kaia is a beautiful girl. If my daughter tries to wear a skirt that short when she’s 10, I’m locking her up!

marlee on

Is Kaia’s brother modeling as well? They are both gorgeous children.

Jessica on

Sarah S. – LOL!

Leslee on

It’s Baby Baby-Gia. Time really flies………..

Manal from Jordan! on

Saying she lost her childhood is too dramatic! so all of the other children modeling for ads have lost their childhood too? Just because she’s the daughter of a celebrity ppl think it okay to criticize her.. That’s non sense. She is a beautiful girl!

Shannon on

She looks uncomfortable. Brooke Shields she is not. The son looks much more like a model anyway.

Tee on

She’s a beautiful girl, for sure and certain, but I don’t care for the clothes at all. Modesty seems to have gone out the window in today’s day and age.

Karin on

I agree, her brother Presley does look more like a model. She is very pretty, though.

Heather on

I agree that with her mother closely monitoring she will be fine. Cindy Crawford seems like a good person and has managed to stay out of trouble. I actually think she looks a little more like her dad, while their son looks just like Cindy to me. He is stunning!! They are both beautiful children.

I actually think the photo and outfit is much more age appropriate than many of the other campaigns out there, like Abercrombie kids for example.

London on

Talk about winning the genetic lottery! Lucky girl! And her son is so gorgeous too!

Miracle on

She is a gorgeous child….but that is just it. She is a child…

Grace2 on

She is gorgeous, but unfortunately, those clothes are not. Versace for grown ups is awful and gaudy. This world doesnt need kids wearing it too. These are not clothes for a 10-year-old girl. But, what do I know.

Toya L. on

She is a beautiful little girl.

Mira on

Why did People put an inset photo of Janice Dickinson with this pic?

ruby on

Boo, let her be a kid. And if she asked to do this, MAKE her be a kid. And that skirt is MUCH too short.

Cammy on

If I recall, there was a picture of her daughter at 7 or 8 wearing makeup/lipstick which was met with a lot of angry comments. Well, her Mom knows the business, and wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps, so there it is…

Mamie on

Mira, that’s Cindy…after a lot of “face work.”

NickyAngel on

The clothes are a little to provocative…but she’s a very beautiful girl

Kasee on

There is a big difference between children modeling for catalogs and children modeling for Versace. And Cindy Crawford started modeling in high school, not when she was 10. What is wrong with waiting until she is 13? Or 16? Her mom is Cindy Crawford, I don’t think she’ll have to worry about missing her moment at 10.

Amit on

Mira – that’s Cindy Crawford, HER MOM, in the smaller photo!

Catca on

Yes, Cindy Crawford was a child/teen model and an extremely successful one at that. Guess what – while having a lot of her time taken up modeling she still put her time in studying and graduated valedictorian of her high school. She’s a woman with her priorities on straight that knows the business and will guide her daughter well. Let’s also not forget Kaia’s dad was a model as well so both parents know the business and its pitfalls. And that’s definitely not an inset photo of Janice Dickinson, it looks nothing like Janice.

I think Kaia looks a lot like her mother and looks beautiful in the pic. I don’t care for the clothes though – definitely not appropriate for the pre-teen set.

Jen on

Looks like “Toddlers in Tiaras” to me. Not age appropriate at all. My 10 year-old daughter doesn’t wear hoochie clothes like that, NO WAY.

Mira on

Haha, I know it’s Cindy. I was just being sarcastic. I’m really not digging all the plastic surgery on Cindy.

Sara on

Cute outfit for some older. Losing her childhood may or may not be a strong statement. It depends on hos much she does. The one Kardashian daughter started modeling and was still in cheerleading and hanging out with friends… at least that’s what was on the show a while ago. 10 is still soo young. If it’s a one-time thing … maybe, but I hopw she isn’t trying to make a career out of it now. It’s like she should be modeling for Sears or something, not Versace! I think Cindy is a good role model, though, as far as body issues and stuff.

Lisa on

Wow.. sad and disgusting at the same time.

J on

Cammy, having one’s mom let them overdo the makeup at 7 and 8 means nothing, so there you go. Nothing wrong with a little gloss and mascara but why does an 8 year old need a full face of makeup?

kezie on

wow she looks ALOT older then 10
alot older
yea i have a 3 year old.. and no way would i dress her like that at 10
more appropriate for a teenage girl

Shawna on

I am disturbed by this picture. How can anyone not think that skirt is way too short for a 10 year old? My daughter is 9 years old and over my dead body would she be wearing a skirt like that.

JMO on

Kaia Gerber is not going to look 10 at 10. She never looked 7 at 7. She’s tall, really beautiful, and has grown up with a supermodel mama! She’s not your everyday average little girl.

With that being said I think the outfit is fine and she is modeling not doing a risky pose for a sultry magazine!

I never think it’s great when little girls try to be too grown up. Her childhood isn’t gone but she certainly shouldn’t be so quick to want to grow up. I hope at home, behind closed doors, away from paparazzi she’s a typical 10 yr old doing normal things for her age. I have a niece who is 7 and I tell her everyday to be a little girl for as long as she possibly can. I think we just live in different times. And for one thing many parents make their little girls out to be their personal accessories to exploit around town. Just let them be kids!

shannon on

She made her daughter grow up way too fast. Shes freakin 10 years old, she should be looking like a 10 year old not a miniature version of her mother, short skirts and lots of skin showing, not for a 10 year old. But hey..thats my opinion, I want my daughter to stay as innocent as she possibly can.

Leslee on

Keep in mind that this is a clothing line for girls and boys 0-12 and this girl is tall and has legs up to her chin. The skirt hits much higher on her than on the sketches. Aside from that, they have some great leggings that would coordinate nicely or give it a bit more funk all the while providing a bit more modesty.

None of this will be issue for me, extremely unlikely I will have the bank loot to lay out for this collection.

SAR on

Kaia is definitely a beautiful girl, but she’s only 10. Isn’t that a bit young to be modeling? She’s not even a teenager yet.

Romy on

that outfit is not cute. Kaia’s cute but also airbrushed. The whole Gerber/Crawford family look so much alike. kind of sad she’s in modeling already. i’m sure Cindy couldn’t turn it down for her.

sfmama on

Cindy is such an egomanic that she feels the need to pimp out her children. Get a life over the hill hag

Shelley on

Wow, why are all these celebrites, well the majority of them with daughters trying to make them look and be older than what they really are? Let them be 10 or 12 or 14, and not be 20 and modelling and not looking the way they should look. I believe down the road when they are grown they are going to wish they would have loved to have their childhood back and not rushing to grow up. I don’t know, that is just my opinion.

krewcat on

my daughter is the same age…just shy of 11. There is NO WAY ON EARTH EVER my daughter would ever be allowed in a skirt that short, or in an outfit that looks more like a 1980’s streetwalker.

I think I am VERY happy that my 10 year old still believes in santa, still plays with barbies and thinks chapstick is lipstick!!

Kait on

If she bent over an INCH you could see her underwear. That is crossing the line. Model momma or not. She is beautiful but even if she wanted to do that, Cindy should have been a little more modest with the designer who got to dress her daughter up in the skirt up to her armpits. She does look uncomfortable and if putting socks on under her sandals was supposed to make this seem less sexualized I only think it draws in the creeps more. Cindy is a good person but lipstick and now this? I think even a few models from American Eagle look like nuns compared to this outfit. And she is TEN. At least wait a few years before she models in these kinds of ads.

Pandabear on

Oh my goodness! She is the spitting image of her mom! WOW. She does not look 10, I agree, but she just has a look even without makeup, that makes her look older. I am sure Cindy will always be with her if she decides to model. Cindy seems like a good mother, so I am not worried for the child.

I don’t think the skirt is too short for a 10 year old, but the material, cut and design (looks like suede to me, and that Greek key design) do look better suited for adults. I kinda like the socks and sandals, it’s geeky. I used to wear sandals and socks at 10 (it was the late 70’s and early 80’s) and seeing her wear that gives a certain innocence to the ensemble. Maybe that’s why they did it?

The shirt is fine, but I also agree the jacket seems more adult like. I would like that jacket for myself, and I am 38. That being said, other than clothes I really don’t think 10 year olds would want to wear, the picture itself is not sexual or provocative to me. Just a typical high fashion kids clothes campaign, which always feature the kids in older looking clothes with strange expressions. With Cindy as her mentor, she will be a-ok.

tara on

I don’t know if it’s the way too old outfit, the make-up, the hair or what but that child does not look 10 years old. What ever happened to little kids looking like little kids

Sasha on

It’s funny that, overall, people are supportive of Cindy’s daughter modeling. However, when the article is about Willow or Jaden, the majority of comments are absolutely disgusting and disapproving.

Mamie on

There has always been something very, well, unsettling about Cindy’s permissiveness and/or pushiness in the areas of makeup and improper clothing (or lack of clothing!) for her daughter. Even from when she was very young, there have been photos of Kaia that are just so sexualized that it’s more than a little bit disturbing. It’s sad how some celebrities think that the end justifies the means, and fame, forture and power are more important to them than their child’s innocence, safety and mental health. Once lost, however, that innocence cannot be found again. I won’t be surprised if things so quickly downhill for this child at an early age. So sad. 😦

LuvBigCity on

I knew this would happen one day. Look at her, she is very pretty like her mom! She has not lost her childhood because she did a few shoots and she was born to famous people so this is her life. Does anyone remember how smart Cindy is, she has not once thrown her daughter in the spot light. Very pretty!

Jude on

She is beautiful and all and stuff, but this is not necessary. And it makes her look like an adult. Not good in my opinion.

Also, in the world of fashion, or just in this world where everything travels so fast and goes beyond borders, you really should think of what name you take on. I know it’s her father’s name but she should know that in French ‘gerber’ means to puke… And if she wants to be a fashion model in Paris and other places, that name is just not pretty!

Stormy T. on

The name Gerber means to puke in French? Really? The name Depp as in Johnny Depp means idiot in German. I’m not making that up. Maybe he should of thought of his name if Kaia should of thought of her’s.

I’m 4 years younger than Cindy, so I remember her modeling pictures etc. very well back in her hey day. Eveyone was saying she was big or fat for a model back then. Her pretty daughter has the height and look for a model but sadly she won’t be thin enough to be one nowdays or in a few years. Cindy even said that she herself wouldn’t be able to be a model nowdays because of the industry standard of being a size 0, 2 or 4. Any bigger than a 4 and you can forget it. That’s really too bad because atleast back then there was more of a body variety compaired to now. I remember the only supermodel with fake boobs was Stephanie Seymour (figures she’s from California) and maybe Elle Macpherson. Now you have to have a young man’s body with fake boobs (usually) and lip injections.

Sorry Kaia but your mom won’t be able to pimp you out for too long. Oh, well she has furniture and face creams etc. to pimp out. I agree that her pretty boy son Presley (sorry about your name, atleast it’s not Banana or something even dumber like that) should be a model. I guess mom couldn’t get him to do it; otherwise it would’ve been a done deal already. Her son does look like a blonde haired, green or hazel eyed version of Cindy complete with a mole on the right side of his face.

Hea on

Stormy T – Yeah, well, Brad Pitt’s surname means dick in Swedish. Can’t always win. 🙂

dick on

Her skirt is not to short, her legs are to long..

Rachel on

Sorry – but she really does not look like her mother – it’s kind of annoying how people follow the propaganda around it and can’t use their brain. She looks like her dad and may be a cute model but does not have the ‘stunning’ factor like her mom.

Glove on

Bring up an old Photo of “Kevin Arnold” from The Wonder Years. Kaia looks just like him then !

Glamslinky on

Young Versace? Lawd, each dress on average, will set you back $400 plus shipping.

What a joke.