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01/19/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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JM on

re: the modern family article: if there are people offended by the ‘F-bomb’ (what an infantile term for it) then they are some pretty sad individuals. i never understand this, if people are offended by swearing on tv (which is a pretty weird thing to be offended by) then the answer is simple, switch the tv off. no one is forcing you to watch it. it’s always so odd to me when there are actually people who call and complain about this, how empty does your life have to be for you to do that?

e on

Instead of giving new moms at hospitals free bags filled with formula, maybe these companies should donate them to shelters and charitable organizations.

Erika on

I agree with JM.

There are far more offensive things on television than a curse word. Most people hear way worse in real life.If you really can not stand to hear it, turn off the tv or change the channel. It is not the only show on in that time slot. As for people saying that children shouldn’t be exposed to that kind of language, well Modern Family is not a children’s show. The episodes run until 10pm (at least where I live) and children should be in bed. It is really geared towards adult viewers and parents should expect that there could be content that is too mature for young children.

Reese on

JM, could not agree more!

Lissette on

Those offended by this obviously have NEVER EVER said a curse word in front of their kid or had their kid utter one out in a public place before. C’mon people. Its a fact of life. It happens. Modern Family is trying to show how life really is. And kids will listen to everything you say and soak it up and repeat even the bad things. Its a fact of life. Stop being so upight..

sushi on

Here’s the thing about pacifiers. Why don’t you just not use them?? I’ve seen people with kids as old as THREE with them. I see no need for them, and neither did my mom. We all sucked on our thumbs. But if you do use them, try not to use them longer than six months really. Less time is better.

Anonymous on

sushi- Who in their right mind would take a pacifer away from a 6-month-old BABY?! Also, it’s been suggested the pacifer use can help cut SIDS risk, at least for the first few months of life.

Sarah K. on

“sushi- Who in their right mind would take a pacifer away from a 6-month-old BABY?!”

Lots of people do. In fact, some people don’t let their babies have pacifiers or suck their thumbs. The HORROR!! Lol it’s not really a big deal. Babies get over it, quickly.

JM, agree 100% about Modern Family. The shows airs when small children should already be in bed. It has never been advertised as a children’s show. The little girl also wasn’t actually swearing! She said “fudge” and they bleeped it out and messed with the pixels to make it seem like they were censoring a swear. That storyline was really cute and had a hilarious ending. It also depicts something most parents go through since the show is for adults.