Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky Expecting First Child

01/18/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity

Mirror, mirror on the wall, will Chris Hemsworth be the fairest dad of them all?

The Snow White and the Huntsman actor and wife Elsa Pataky are expecting their first child, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Chris and I are ecstatic, very happy and excited,” the Fast Five actress, 35,Β tells Hola! magazine.

The couple will welcome the baby this spring and have opted for a delivery surprise. “Since it’s our first child we don’t care if it’s a boy or girl, our only wish is that it’s healthy,” the mom-to-be explains.

But although they may not be able to stock up on pink or blue baby items just yet, Pataky reveals there’s still plenty of preparing to do — including Hemsworth, 28, brushing up on his Spanish skills.

“I’m only going to speak to the baby in Spanish. I already told my husband, ‘Get ready fast with Spanish because, if not, you’re not going to be able to understand what we say,'” she says.

As for her pregnancy cravings, Pataky admits her healthy eating habits have gone out the window since discovering she was pregnant.

“Everything healthy I used to like, I now don’t like. All of a sudden, the only things that sound good to me are all the sweets in the world, hamburgers, and french fries,” she tells Hola!. “I have never eaten popcorn, and with the pregnancy I eat it all the time.”

Pataky adds that since tying the knot with the Thor star in 2010, the pair have been basking in newlywed bliss.

“The balance in this first year as a married couple is wonderful, it’s been a constant honeymoon,” she says. “I feel so fortunate to have found the person that completes me.”

— Anya Leon

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kami on

Congrats that is gonna be one good looking baby.

Miriam on

She’s 35? Wow, she looks great!

taytay on

cool congrats !!!

Lauren on

Awww, that’s so sweet. Except the marriage isn’t going to work because Chris wants me. He just doesn’t know it yet. LOL

Tori on

This woman sounds stupid, “She’s only going to talk to the baby in Spanish” so her husband better learn it who he won’t be able to understand them”? That’s one of the most selfish and,dumb things I’ve heard in a long time. I hope they misquoted her!!

Sunny on

He is very good looking. I feel this is the look brad Pitt was trying for but failed.

Alisha on

35, huh? She looks pretty darn good! Congrats to both!

joule on

Congrats to them, but that last bit of the interview bothers me, no woman should be looking for a relationship to complete her.

Miche on

Joule, you must not have found your soulmate yet. When you find that person, you’ll understand how they do truly complete you.

Congrats to Elsa and Chris!

Anonymous on

I know a family where the mom only spoke German to her babies and the dad only spoke English to them. Both of their children are fluent in both languages at ages 7 and 10 now. It is amazing!

jess on

congrats to them!

also, its the look brad pitt already had (legends of the fall)!

kasia on

perfectly normal that she’s going to speek with baby in her native language. if my husband would be other nationality that wouldn’t change the fact that i’m going to speek with my kids in my native language so they could speak it. and spanish is very easy and simple language, so accusation of selfishness is no excuse

Sherri P on

Just because she says he completes her doesn’t mean she didn’t think she was complete before. Marriage and children put a new perspective on what you believe completes you. I was perfectly content before my husband and kids, but nothing could compare to the euphoria I have now that I have them, I just didn’t realize it would be nearly as much of a difference as it really is. Anyways, congrats to them!

Hea on

@ Tori – I think you misunderstood what she’s saying. I’m sure Chris will teach their child English and Elsa will teach Spanish and, Elsa who already knows English, apparently thinks her husband could do with a brush up and maybe a class or two of Spanish. Learning languages never hurt anyone.

sarah on

so happy for Chris!

RKF on

@Miche – Can you be any more condescending? Joule is entitled to her opinion. I bet divorced couples also thought their ex-significant other completed them too.

Sarah K. on

Not surprised people found things to nitpick over. Lol at it being “selfish” to teach your kids your native language. It’s good for kids to be multilingual. I’m pretty sure she was joking about purposely excluding her husband. I think he realizes that his wife speaks Spanish and will want to share that with their child. And, saying that someone completes you is a common phrase used to mean you found your soulmate. Not really something I would take exception to.

Sarah K. on

Oh and congrats to the couple! That will be a good-looking child

Maggie on

@ Miche – I’m complete on my own; my partner just enriches me and my life. But I am not, never have been, and never will be half of a whole. I am whole all on my own!

Alyssa on

Congrats but why only speak to the child in Spanish the family lives in a country that speaks primarly English the child should learn both languages that what i did i spoke English but also learned Italian because must of my family is from Italy and speak Italian but because everyone of my friends speak English i grew up speaking that language and learned another throughout my life

Anonymous on

great, the honeymoon bliss lasted so long. I think that might change a bit after baby makes 3 πŸ˜‰ Either way, congrats!

Tara on

Alyssa, are you a complete moron? Obviously she will speak Spanish to the baby because that’s her native language and she has fluency in it. Just like Chris will speak to the baby in English as he is Australian and fluent in the English language. Why speak poorly in your second language to a child when you can teach it how to speak fluently in another language? Get off the internet and go out more honey. Maybe you’ll learn some common sense!

Multilingual Family on

My kids speak four languages and the oldest is just in Kindergarden… my husband speak on his language, I speak two, one at home, the other when we are out witch is also the language I speak with my husband and then is also the country language. I will still learn two more optional languages at school, and it’s totally effortless for them and for us.

Congratulations for the Pregnancy!!!

Eliz on

@ Tori – I don’t think what she said is stupid at all…actually, she sounds very smart to me. I’m due in 3 weeks & my husband (and his family) will speak to our child in Spanish. I, too, better brush up on the language. Otherwise, I’ll be lost! It will be an excellent learning experience for me. And hopefully, our child will know both his parents native languages.

Click on

Tori, a lot of couples who speak multiple languages choose to do this with a child. A child’s brain is very absorbent at such a young age. They will pick up two languages very quickly and that’s amazing. I would kill for that if only I had the opportunity. Alas, that Australian accent and the child learning Spanish is likely to be hilarious.

jennrae on

Silly me. My first reaction was how awesome it would be to grow up bilingual and how much easier it must make it to learn third and fourth languages.

Amanda on

Dangit. I was hoping he would leave her for me! Oh, well. Life must go on…

Mary on

@People magazine- please STOP announcing every D and F-list “celebrity” that is pregnant.

Licia on

I think it’s great that she’ll teach her child Spanish, I’m Chinese and if I have children I will definitely speak to them in Mandarin in addition to English. I enjoy being bilingual and would love for my children to be too.

Cyn on

I hope a bilingual baby is what she means by that statement. Not ‘screw you, we’re only speaking Spanish.’ Which would be incredibly selfish, giving that A. the baby’s father is an English-speaking Aussie and B. They live in the USA.

@Joul – when you meet your soulmate, you’ll know what she means. Until then, try not to make a feminist issue about a woman finding the man who ‘completes’ her. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

And that baby is going to FREAKING GORGEOUS…

Katie on

I wish I was expecting by him too! What a total hottie!!!!!!!!!! Lauren that made me laugh! HAHA

Betty on

cute! πŸ™‚ congrats!!! love that their child will be bilingual!

i only speak to my children in my native language as well. They’ll learn English soon enough when they go to school!

Harley on

Congrats and best wishes on a healthy pregnancy!

As for the language thing – fairly normal for multi-lingual homes. I had a friend who only spoke to her son in Taiwanese and whose husband only spoke to him in English – he now also understands Cantonese because her parents speak that around him so, voila – tri-lingual 3 year old. Nothing wrong with Chris brushing up on his Spanish skills to understand what she’s saying to him/her – I think the translation/intention behind it was just lost in print.

Mel on

I know you shouldn’t judge but just saw these pics of Elsa going down this massive inflatable water slide.

I am currently pregnant and there is no way I would be sliding down that steep slide into the water, with such precious cargo on board.

Jill on

Tori – I think what she means is that she plans on speaking to the baby only in Spanish and he’ll speak to the baby in English so that he/she will be bilingual. I had a foreign language teacher in high school who did that.

damoiselle on

Congrats!!! I still remember Chris from his Home and Away days *sigh*

I don’t understand the ‘negativity’ around Elsa saying she’s only going to speak to the baby in Spanish. Seeing as it was an interview with Hola, it’s likely that something got lost in translation. My husband and I have 4 languages between us and there is no question that our future children will be bilingual (my in-laws don’t speak English and my parents don’t speak French). Children are like sponges at that age so it’s much easier for them to pick up new languages!

When I was teaching in France, there was a little girl who had an English dad and Spanish mum, yet the girl only spoke French while her parents were bilingual. The saddest thing was that French wasn’t even either parent’s first language!

Kara on

New babies are the best. I think the baby learning two languages is wonderful. I am obviously fluent in English but also know American Sign Language so my kids will learn that too. If my husband speaks another language that will be great too πŸ™‚

No One on

That gorgeous man married THAT?!

Cyn on

@Betty – “They’ll learn English soon enough when they go to school!”???

You HAVE to be kidding.

If we assume you live in an English-speaking nation, this is the dumbest thing you could do. Set your children up to be behind the eight-ball the second they’re enrolled in school. Nice one.

Lisa on

WTH with the comments …..she is 35? wow she looks great! LMAO I hope she looks great at that age, it’s usually when you look your best, I guess the ones commenting are what 12?

Jen on

I think tori and joule are getting the last laughs out of this article’s comments! Looks like they got the biggest rise out of everyone else commenting. LOL! If they are living in the US, her kids are going to need to know Spanish too. By the time the kids are old enough they won’t even be able to get a job any more without being able to speak it. Very smart foreward thinking woman.

fran on

She comes off sounding like speaking English is a bad thing by stating that she will be speaking ‘ONLY’ Spanish with the child. And, what if picking up a foreign language is not the father’s strongest suit? Anyone can always learn of course but to the level of vocab/speed/etc. of natives which the mother & child in this case will be at, he might not understand certain parts having started at 28. Does she still want him excluded from the conversations? That’s a strange way of forcing a language on someone, the father of your child at that.

Lizzielui on

Fran, you do realize this is how bilingual homes operate right? One parent speaks to the child solely in one language, usually their native tongue, and the other parent does the same. Totally normal.

My father is from the Dominican Republic so he spoke to us in Spanish only. My mother is from Washington, DC and spoke to us only in English. Since my mother does not speak Spanish my parents spoke English to each other. My siblings and I grew up fluent in both languages, conversing and reading/writing in both.

Again, there is nothing out of the ordinary about it and is the way most multilingual homes operate.

Ana on

@Sunny: Honey, grow up and learn! This is Brad Pitt’s look that Chris Hemsworth copied. As the smart guy I think Chris is, he knew it would be a success. This was Brad’s look at the time of The Legends of the Fall, about 15 years ago. Chris copied from the best. well done!

Anonymous on

So now celebs aren’t even allowed to say that their spouse completes them? Good grief! What’s next (I don’t even want to know!)?!

Mel- I don’t think that’s Elsa going down the slide. For one thing, if you compare that photo to the one in this post, it doesn’t look like her. For another, this post says the baby is due in the spring, and the woman going down the slide doesn’t look even remotely pregnant, let alone due in the spring!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Mel- I stand corrected. I just looked through the pictures and there IS one of Elsa going down the slide (at first I was just looking at the “overview” photos, stupidly thinking they were the only ones!). That being said, I’ve gone down inflatable slides like that before (albiet not into a pool!), and I can tell you that the baby almost certainly wasn’t in any danger. You don’t even go very fast on them (in fact, you practically have to push yourself down them!). In fact, I’d say going down one of those slides is probably safer than going down a “regular” slide at a playground.

showbizmom on

Jeeze folks not a big deal that she’s going to speak only in Spanish to HER kids. I’m sure the kid will also speak English. Growing up bilingual isn’t a bad thing. In fact most folks in other countries speak more then one language.

My husband speaks mostly Korean with our girls so does his family. This has been going on since the girls where infants. They’re older now and speak English, Korean and a bit of Spanish. Never once having a problem speaking either language.

It’s a good thing, not a knock of our American ‘culture’ it’s celebrating all that this baby will be and grow up with. Congrats to them!

ecl on

She may not be knocking our “American culture”, but I will. How lame is it that a culture is so weak that a bilingual education will threaten it? How lame is it that most of the white people in the US can only speak one language (I’ll include myself in that group)? The more languages the better and the kid better learn them at home because our educational system is terrible at teaching them.

Anonymous on

At the risk of sounding weird, does anyone know whether Chris is related to Liam Hemsworth (Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend)? I’m kind of thinking they might be, since not only do they have the same last name, but Liam is also Australian like Chris. πŸ™‚

Caroline on

She looks like his mom…

Shelley on

Damn, that is one hunk of a man! I could look at him all day long! Lucky woman. She looks good for 35 years old! He looks like a young Brad Pitt when he played in “Legends of the Fall”. Brad was hot in that one too.

Jillian on

I have never heard of them what are they most known for…..other than what’s mentioned?

Anyways, congrats! I think raising in a bilingual home is not only good for them but an incredible sensible thing for their child as they integrate outside the home. My aunt and uncle did the same, but with Italian.

Anne, I totally agree with you!!

Carli on

He’s sooooo handsome!!!! Congrats to them, and that baby will be lucky to learn two languages!!

I’ve heard that Chris actually already has a daughter from a previous relationship, not sure if it’s true or not.

@Anonymous, Yes, Chris and Liam are brothers.

alicejane on

Congratulations to them! I wish just about everyday that I were bilingual, I’m in Canada where French and English are both our official languages and oooh, do I wish my parents had put me in French immersion when I was starting elementary. It is so much easier to learn another language as a small kid than it is as an adult.

Anonymous on

@Anonymous, yes, Chris is Liam’s older brother. There’s another Hemsworth brother too (oldest of the three), but I forget his name and don’t know if he’s in show business.

He looks good in the picture above but I thought he was smokin’ with the short hair prior to this new look. But silly me, I assumed he grew it out for his role as Thor, not because he was copying Brad Pitt (personally prefer Brad with the short hair too a la his Joe Black days).

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple! My friend is going to be so upset when she finds out about the baby–she thought he was going to marry her someday. πŸ™‚

sushi on

@Anon- He is the older brother of Liam Hemsworth.

sushi on

I think that raising a child in a bilingual environment is a great idea. I know someone who’s husband has been speaking only French to their five year old and now she’s practically fluent. I think if she wants to speak in only Spanish then let her. Why should we stop her? Imagine the benefits for the child later in life.

Lindsay on

He copied Brad Pitt’s look…really?! Umm, no, he’s Thor. I guess you guys don’t get out and see movies much. And before you tell me that Thor has already been released – duh – he’s had to rock the look again while shooting The Avengers. He usually has short preppy hair, but either way I think he’s gorgeous. Enough with dragging Brad or Angelina into every People story comment section, it’s really getting old. I had to Google his wife to find out who she is…the cop in Fast Five that becomes Vin Diesel’s love interest at the end – who she looks nothing like in this photo…and she’s a very beautiful woman. This baby’s gonna be gorgeous!

Angi Dudas on

What an advantage that child will have. This world is full of people who speak other languages besides English. The negative comments about are just foolish.

Tiffany on

Anonymous, Chris is Liam Hemsworth older brother. Actually, Liam said he got into acting because he saw Chris doing it and thought he could be better πŸ™‚ Ah, sibling rivalry…

Erin on

I may be a cynic but I was sure this marriage wouldn’t last considering it was such a quickie and she’s know to be a bit of a famewhore (it still may not last but a year in hollywood is a few years regular people time).

Not the biggest fan of her based on past interviews and things that went down with her exes however I hope for the baby’s sake their marriage lasts long enough. Though I agree with others, that Spanish comment was obnoxious. It’s fine and understandable to say I’m going to just speak to the baby in Spanish or I will only speak Spanish to the baby. But the “Get ready fast with Spanish because, if not, you’re not going to be able to understand what we say,” – that’s a bit off. And yes she looks good for her age. But she’s had a tonne of cosmetic surgery (and heck, 35 isn’t old).

@Anon – Yes Chris and Liam are brothers.

@Anan – I doubt Chris ‘copied’ Brad. They have similar features and his look in terms of his hair is for his Huntman role.

C on

Speaking more than a language is so wonderful. There’s so many languages in the world, not only English!
And I totally agree with Elsa: Spanish is her native language and ALSO the baby will have the half of his family who speaks that language, so he/she has to learn that language to communicate with them!

I can’t undernstand why there are some people who are so close minded.


Emily on

Hmmm for some reason I don’t really like her. Not sure why, just don’t. Really like Chris though. He was a huge favourite of mine on Home and Away so very excited for him!

MiB on

Well, that’s how bilingual/multi-lingual families work, each parent speaks to the children in their mother tongue only, if the parents don’t understand each others mother tongue, then they will keep speaking their lingua franca when they are together, and if they live in a country where neither of those languages is spoken, then the children will be exposed to that language outside the home.

The children may chose to use all or only one language (though up until about 3 they will speak a pretty garbled language before they realize that one parent uses chaise, the other Stuhl and people around them sau chair. Children learn other languages really quickly, I had one child in pre-school whose mother spoke italian, father arabic, they spoke french as a family and she quickly learned to speak the same language as the rest of the kids in daycare.

I think it’s great that she is going to teach her child her mother tongue!

Cyn on

@Anonymous – they’re brothers. Chris is older than Liam. I believe the third brother is the oldest. They’re from Frasier Island, just off Melbourne.

Andy on

@Anonymous on January 18th, 2012. Chris is the older brother of Liam.

Julianna on

@Anonymous, Liam is Chris’ younger brother πŸ™‚

I believe most bilingual couples talk to their children in their native language while growing up. In my opinion it’s a way to keep them close to their cultural background, since they don’t primarily live in Spain and Australia.
Chris is hot, but I don’t exactly like that picture of Elsa, her face looks weird. Congrats on the baby.

Jen DC on

Aw, congratulations!

The whole thing about dad catching on to Spanish is pretty simple to understand, nothing lost in translation… IT’S A JOKE. CALM DOWN.

Second, we don’t know where their child will be educated, and it may be that English is not the language of the culture where s/he’ll be enrolled. It’s entirely possible that the kid won’t suffer because English isn’t its PRIMARY language. (Although I also argue that the child will have two primary languages instead of one.)

@ Penny: Brad Pitt nailed this look in the early 90s. I won’t say he “invented” it because I know better than to believe my generation did everything “first” or “better.”

@ Anonymous: They are brothers.

@ Mel: The baby won’t fall out on a water slide. You were that kid in first grade who told on EVERYONE, regardless of how harmless the so-called “infraction”, weren’t you?

sheep on

@Anonymous Yeah, they’re brothers. Liam is the youngest and they also have a brother named Luke who is an Australian actor. 15 seconds on Google told me that.

Erin J. on

@Anonymous – They are brothers.

He is so hot. Can’t wait for the Avengers movie this summer πŸ˜‰

Catca on

Yes, Liam Hemsworth is Chris Hemsworth’s little brother so Miley’s boyfriend is going to be an uncle.

With respect to languages, every child rearing expert recommends that if one parent is fluent in another language, you should speak it to the baby. Humans turn off their foreign language learning capacities around age 7. You can still learn it, but you’ll have an accent and it’ll always be a second language in that your brain will always be translating. Learning foreign language prior to age 7 allows you to learn as many languages as you want, and you’ll learn it as another first language. If you start kindergarten slightly behind in english because of it, studies show that not only will the child catch up but will surpass their 1 language only peers. The U.S. is the only developed country in the world that waits until middle school, i.e. after the language learning centers in the brain are shut off, to start teaching foreign language. The world is getting more global every year – knowing a 2nd language is crucial for your child’s future success.

As far as the inflatable slide, your baby is very well cushioned in the amniotic sac. Going down the slide will not hurt the precious cargo on board. Nature has provided protection for these types of things – if it didn’t, we’d all have to be bed ridden for 9 months!

Rather than nitpicking what Elsa said in the interview, the first thing I thought with the pic above is how great Elsa looked. I thought she was the same age as Chris, i.e. mid to late 20s. I had no idea she was 7 years older. She looks fabulous and that is going to be one good looking baby!

Karin on

She looks really good but she also looks like his mother!!!

Sarah K. on

Anonymous, Chris is Liam’s older brother. Don’t worry, that wasn’t a weird question at all, although I understand the fear of having someone jump down your throat on this page for asking lol.

kjc on

Okay, I have no idea who she is, but she looks nothing like this picture. I looked her up on IMDB, and she is much prettier than this photo suggests.

Also, in regards to the waterslide, I checked out those photos too, it looks like a blast – but does seem a bit rough for a pregnant lady – but if you’ve had no history of complications I say go for it. I personally wouldn’t have, but I’ve had a bad pregnancy past and wouldn’t have risked it.

Anyways, congrats on the baby!

JMO on

My cousin married a spanish guy. Their daughter is now 8. She understands spanish but she REFUSES to speak it and will only respond to you in English! lol

So good luck with that one!!

gottabelieve on

odd looking couple.

Lolita on

Damn – I was hoping to marry him too, but dont tell my husband! I prefer the more edgy look he had in The Perfect Getaway.

As for Elsa’s comment, I dont think that anyone has a problem with bilingual babies. It is what she said in the quote and the way she said it. Maybe it was a joke, or maybe she is a control freak. Only those who know her personally could say for sure.

Elsa may have been pregnant when they married in Dec 2010, at least that was the rumor in Spain. It would explain the quick and very private wedding. If that is true then any prenup she may have signed would not hold up in divorce court. So for Chris’s sake and for the sake of this child, I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

Paula on

I’m a linguist and the best way for kids to learn two languages is to have each parent speak to him/her in their native language. On top of that, there is a higher level of intimacy speaking in your native language, that is why it’s easy to say “I love you” in a foreign language while it is not in your native one. A parent, then, can have a closer relationship using their native language with their children.

Now, how can it be selfish to speak to your child in your native language? It would be just as selfish for the husband to expect she only uses English. On top of that she is already bilingual, why couldn’t her spouse become bilingual as well?

English is not the only nor the most important language in the world. Giving a child the gift of multilingualism is the best thing a parent can do, whether the child is born in a multilingual family or not.

Tara on


Erin on

@Tara – There was a delay in posting up our comments so when we had commented, there weren’t the same hundred beforehand re Liam. The person asked a question – we answered. Get over that!

Anonymous on

Lolita- Um, no, she wouldn’t have been pregnant then unless she’s an elephant (if she had been pregnant in December 2010, then she would have been pregnant for over a year already)! πŸ™‚

Elsa is right on

ELSA IS ALREADY BILINGUAL!!! She HAD to learn English (at an adult age) to be able to get roles in Hollywood. In fact SHE’S MORE THAN BILINGUAL she also knows how to speak Romanian, Italian, and French! So Yeah she expects the same from her husband to at least try to learn another language than his own! Is that so hard to ask??? By the looks at some of these comments it seems so. Those who got easily offended by her quote are not cultured. You don’t seem to understand that the rest of the world have to bust their balls but you can’t learn another language other than English?
So yeah if he fails to learn, then he won’t understand what they’re saying, Dugh. *chuckles*

Lolita on

@Anonymous – It is not the same pregnancy! Many women have miscarriages, but I guess you didnt realize that.

Lolita on

@Anonymous Obviously if Elsa was pregnant in 2010 we are talking about two different pregnancies. It is only a rumor anyway.

Anonymous on

Lolita- I didn’t realize that. I thought you were talking about this pregnancy. And of course I realize that miscarriages happen (heck, my own mother had two of them!). I just wasn’t thinking was all! πŸ™‚

Jillian on

Lolita, while you are correct about the pregnancy being two different ones, if one signs a prenup while pregnant and then miscarries and divorces, that doesn’t discard the prenup. Do you watch Revenge by any chance?

m on

I must be looking a different picture than everyone else. She’s 35? She looks much older to me.

Maria on

There’s something about her that i just don’t trust, i think she’s using him to get stardom since he’s A list and she’s D list, Adrian Brody bought her a castle before she dumped him too.

Maria on

I think it’s great she will be speaking to her baby in her native language. I wish my daughter could speak my language. I didn’t teach her bc my hubby doesn’t know it and thought it was a good idea just for her to learn how to speak English alone. English is my second language. I speak 2 different languages my native Spanish and French. I think it’s fantastic for babies to learn other languages (besides English) as it enhances brain development, and fact adults who learn a different language also maintain healthy brain function and can create more brain cells πŸ™‚ So Elsa would be doing Chris a favour, lol!