Lindsay Davenport Welcomes a Daughter

01/17/2012 at 01:45 PM ET
Graham Denholm/Getty

It’s a girl for Lindsay Davenport!

The tennis star delivered a daughter on Monday, Jan. 16, she announced via Twitter.

“We are so excited to say our third child arrived this a.m.,” Davenport, 35, writes.

“A big, beautiful, healthy baby girl … 10 lbs!!! Everyone is doing great.”

The new addition, who joins siblings Lauren Andrus, 2Β½, and Jagger Jonathan, 4Β½, is yet to be named.

“We don’t have a name yet,” adds Davenport of her baby girl with husband Jonathan Leach. “Hopefully by tomorrow.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Erika on

Congratulations to her and her family! That’s a big baby.

Abbie on

Congrats to the family!!! Can’t wait for a name!

Kate on


Jen on

WOW! She over cooked that baby!

moonstar on

She had enough time to tweet about her baby but not to name it??

That makes no sense…

boohoobytch on

lmao, goodness – congrats…massive babies are adorable b/c they’re little Sumos lol

kjc on

Moonstar – that baby is going to live with that name forever… Of course she should take her time with it.


Well, 10lbs is no surprise, Lindsay is 6’3″ after all!

Kelly M on

Congrats to her and her family! I, too, had a 10 lb, 4 oz baby. She was hardly “sumo-like”. She looked like a 3 month old, instead of a tiny, frail newborn.

JC on

“She had enough time to tweet about her baby but not to name it??

That makes no sense…”

Why? This comment makes little sense. They obvious haven’t settled on a name yet.

Holiday on

Wow that is a huge baby! My sister just had a 10 pound 2 ounce boy and it tore her so badly. My babies were tiny at both barely 6 pounds and I am thankful for that.

AJ on

yikes! that makes me cringe just to think about it. congrats to the family though!

Anonymous on

My first son was a 10lb 8 oz baby boy…who looked like he was 3 months old…and its called C Section people…C Section… He had no fat rolls at all…all 23 inches of him…He is now 6 ft 4/ 225 football wide receiver…so it all works out..

Dawn on

Not that it’s a big deal or any of my business but I always find it funny that a name hasn’t been picked by the time of the birth. Yes, it’s important and one should ponder such a thing, but they did have 9 months.

Also I don’t the person who made the sumo comment meant it as an insult. A lot of people like chubby babies. I think it’s adorable, mine were long and skinny, I always wanted a big chunk! Best of luck to her and her little one, or big one depending on how you look at it!

lucy on

no name? hasn’t she had approx 9 months to choose one? how stupid.

Mark Brown on

It should read that she serves up a baby.

jones on

@Dawn. I actually think it is stranger when people pick out a name, decorate using the name and refer to a baby by a name before he or she is born. What if he or she is born and you realize the name does not match the baby very well? I think it is good to have a few names in mind, but not be settled on one until you actually meet your baby.

kim on

congrats to her πŸ™‚ my son was 10.5lb and my daughter was 9.5 lbs so I feel her pain, lol… and no, I didn’t have gestational diabetes!

Siera on

@lucy. Some people choose to wait until their children are born to decide on a name. Apparently, Lindsay and Jonathan are two of those people. Congrats to the whole family for your new baby girl, and little sister.

Amber on

So what they are taking their time? At least they didn’t just spit out a name like “Blue” or “Apple”..they are taking their time. And even if they do have a overly weird baby name and they take two days…so what? They are the parents, it’s their decision.

Also, I SERIOUSLY doubt 10 pounds would be considered a “sumo” baby. In any case, congrats on a healthy baby!

Heather on

I had a 10 lb baby and I’m only 5’3, 120 lbs- there was no explanation for it (it was not gestational diabetes) but I did have to have a c-section. πŸ™‚

She definitely looked like a 3 month old when they pulled her out, we were shocked (we knew she was going to be big, just not that big).

Tee on

Good grief, people. A ten pound baby doesn’t mean that the baby is “over cooked” nor does it mean she had to have a c-section! Babies can be safely delivered at that size with no problems.

melissa on

congratz on the new baby!!!

Anonymous on

@ Kelly M. I totally agree with you I had a 10 lb. 2oz. baby girl and she also did not look like “sumo like” baby, she was beautiful….It all depends how many babies you have had and of course like someone else posted her height and I had gestational diabetes,but anyways enough of that.

Congrats on your new addition…

Anonymous on

moonstar– are you kidding?

Jes on

My best friend had a baby girl the day before(15th)that weighed over 10lbs as well. She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Lindsay and her family what a fantastic way to start the new year!

carolyn on

Wow 10 lbs. my son only weighted 2 lbs. but congrats.

Someone You Know on

My younger brother was 10lbs, 8oz and was the cutest chubbiest thing.

EsmeR on

My son was 9.5 and only 20 inches and looked like a 3 month old too, but he never had very much baby fat, and today, he is 6’2″ and might weigh 165 sopping wet! I had no gestational diabetes, either.

On the other hand, his first cousin weighed 5 lbs 3oz and 18 inches – today she’s 5’8 and 180 or 190. Birth weight doesn’t seem to be a very good forecaster πŸ˜‰

I did hear Lindsey was put on bedrest earlier in her pregnancy, so perhaps in this case at least, her sugar did get out of whack. All the best to them!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

I was 10 lbs when I was born too! πŸ™‚

JungleCat on

That’s a really big baby for a girl!!

Holiday on

Moms who have 10 pound babies often but not always over eat to the point that it makes their babies huge.

RKF on

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her not picking out a name yet – geez! I had a pre-selected name, but my Mom took one look at me when I was born, and changed it immediately – saying it didn’t “fit me.” This happens frequently, and is normal.

NeeNee on

my baby girl weighed 11 lbs 2 ozs and was 24 inches long and I didn’t get the option of having a c-section.

she came feet first and yes it took longer to repair the damage to my under carriage than it did to have her, 2 hours start to finish. just because it’s a big baby doesn’t mean that you automatically get a c-section. also if they’re breech, doesn’t mean you get the auto option.

I also had no pain meds and I wish I HAD that option but seeing as how I was a military spouse having her in a german hospital, they didn’t care to give meds. that was back in 1987.

Mason on

My first son was over 10 pounds, born on his due date, no c-section, no gestational diabetes, I did not overeat – actually was very fit, he looked like a healthy 3 month old not a sumo baby…there’s no rule about any of this.

Congratulations to her and her family!!!

NeeNee on

and nope miss holiday…I did NOT over eat and cause my baby to become that big!

j on

My daughter was 10 pounds and born on the 16. Congratulations!!!!

meghan on

I’m guessing an athlete would avoid overeating. And ten pounds is big, but stop saying huge. good grief.

Holiday on

I didnt say ALL moms but the moms I knew including my sister who recently had a 10 pounder did over eat and gain a ton of weight. Not all though πŸ™‚

kelly on

Some people want to see the baby first before naming them.

Reese on

Holiday, your sister shouldn’t be a reference point for all women who have larger babies. That’s one person you know compared to a million others. Plenty of women have larger babies in the absence of gestational diabetes and/or other health problems (i.e. Lindsay, Miranda Kerr, etc.). Many factors are involved including genetics, ethnicity, even the child’s sex.

nana on

@Holiday.. just because a baby is large, does NOT mean that the mother over ate or gained alot of weight.. my son weighed almost 12 lbs and was 59cm long… i gained a whooping 29 lbs for him.. and, had him naturally. my daughter weighed 10 lbs 2.5 oz was 23 inches long and i gained a whole 18 lbs… BTW, i’m 5’2″ and my husband is 5’8′.. diet, exercise and heredity impacted my pregnancies.. so, CONGRATS to their new baby girl.!!

Amanda K on

Maybe they had a name picked but didn’t feel that it suited the baby? I’ve heard of that happening before. Congrats to them!

Jillian on

My experience with large babies is the opposite, Holiday. If you research it, you will see, plenty of moms who overeat can have small size babies and moms who eat healthy can have large babies! There really is no correlation.


CS on

My son was 10 pounds 10 oz but he didn’t look like a sumo wrestler just a big newborn. He was born totally natural – no medication. It wasn’t any harder a birth than my 8 1/2 lb son and 9lb daughter!

Liz on

Big babies usually have diabetes. Doctors better check that baby.

Anonymous on

My 3rd baby was only 2 day overdue…11 pounds, 7 oz., 23 inches long NOT delivered by c-section. I gained 29 pounds with my pregnancy and had no gestational diabetes. Sometimes these things just happen! Congrats to a healthy baby and mom.

Jen on

My first son was 12 lbs, 12 oz via c-section (2 wks overdue), my second son was 10 lbs 12oz (3 weeks early), and my third son was 10lbs 9oz (2 wks early)… I was only diabetic with the third one, and I love love loved my chunky boys πŸ™‚ Although with my first, they had to rush to pediatrics to have clothes and diapers for him bc they were not prepared for his size….

naturallylisa on

I had a 10 lb 14 oz daughter 16 yr ago….she is now 5’2″ teensy weensy healthy active teen! She was fully fatted like a 3mo old when born, and the fat burned off as soon as she could crawl. My dad was a 10+ lb baby and turned into a 6 ft 160lb adult. Who knows why we have those big babies! Enjoy your little sweetie!

Debi on

Liz, that’s the first thing they do! My baby boy was 10lbs 13.5 oz 21 1/4″ long and by regulation, they checked his blood sugar level. They do that will all babies over a certain weight. He was perfectly healthy and no high blood sugar (diabetes).

Debi on

It can be done without c-section, but not all women’s bodies can have a baby that way. My sons head was simply too big for him to come out and no amount of meds was helping me dilate. I was 10 days overdue and only progressed 3cm. But bravo to the women that can push out big babies!

Debi on

Overeating can have something to do with it for some women, but that wasn’t the case for me. I gained a total of 40lbs, but a majority of it was a lot of water weight. My stomach looked like I was carrying multiples, but I lost all the weight I had gained in two weeks with no exercising!

Congrats to Lindsay and can’t wait to hear what they named her πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Liz- I think you’re confusing diabetes (which is permenant unless it’s gestational diabetes) with a temporary problem with blood sugar levels. It is extremely rare, as far as I know, for a baby to actually be born diabetic. But big babies, especially those whose mothers had gestational diabetes, ARE often born with their blood sugar a bit out of whack (and usually the issue they have is hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, not high blood sugar).

Luckily, that’s fairly easy to correct, and most babies don’t suffer any lasting damage.

But anyway, congrats to the family on their new addition! πŸ™‚

Jess on

I NEVER post on any of these things but had to share….I had a 10lb baby and I weigh 95 pounds soaking wet. I did not overeat, but gained 40 lbs and it all came off. My son looked like a 3 month old like everyone else is saying here but is 4 now and looks like a normal sized kid!

Renee on

My daughter weighed 10 pounds 3 ounces at birth. And she was delivered naturally. She did not look like a “sumo”, rather more like a three month old. She was always very content and good natured, I think bigger babies tend to be, JMO. I worried that she would be bigger when she got older, but today she is a gorgeous 26 year old tall thin blond.

kate on

Many, many congratulations to Lindsey and family – great news!!!

I have had type one diabetes for 11 years and have had three babies. It sometimes annoys me all the focus there is on gestational diabetes, when being pregnant with Type 1 is very very hard.

You have to control your own insulin levels and food intake while your body is changing and during the morning sickness phase when severe vomiting can upset everything. You have to be aware of associated risks such as pre-eclampsia, kidney problems etc. And the recovery time and breast feeding can be sooooo hard. All my babies were born early and small, and I never gained too much weight.

Can we have some credit for the Type 1 mums who have healthy babies with the daily challenge of diabetes and lets not dismiss big babies as being only due to gestational diabetes – I would have loved some chunky monkeys!!

Kenner on

Congratulations! I know how it feels to deliver big babies. My first was 10lbs 15.4ozs and my second was 11 lbs 13ozs. Chubby and cute!

Kim Wattman on

My mama delivered me 40 yrs ago and I was 10lbs, 13 oz!!! Congrats!!!

Kim Wattman on

I agree Renee bigger babies don’t look like sumos that was a dumb comment someone made and just because your born bigger doesn’t mean you grow up to be fat! People post the most stupid things!!! Bigger babies are beautiful….love them big…my boys were both born over 9lbs and my younger son is a little stringbean now and he’s going to be 8!!! They didn’t look big though….they were beautiful newborns and I had c-sections both times…no squished up heads….lol….perfect round heads!

kirsty on

I gained twenty pounds when I was pregnant and had an almost 9 lb baby and she had a huge head, always over the 100 percentile!

Anyway most people I know do not over eat. Now I know someone that just had a tiny baby and she was eating like a horse! My family just has big babies, I was just under ten lbs my aunt had an 11 lb baby and my cousin also had an 11 lb baby!

Shannon C on

Congratulations Lindsay! I am so happy to hear that you are so happy.

Lots of xoxox from the Corrough family!

patty on

Lindsay!!!! So happy for you and your entire family! I do miss you on the tennis tour and am just now watching the Aussie Open! I do think of you when watching these tournies! Maybe when the kids are grown, YOU will be in the booth, like Chris Evert is today! I was a fan and rooted for you in every tournament!!!

Jennifer on

To all the people making unkind remarks about women overeating and having huge babies, you’re extremely off the mark.

I had a daughter over 9 pounds and was sick my ENTIRE pregnancy, I threw up at least 5 times a day, couldn’t keep anything down. I had no gestational diabetes and my baby was perfect, just a bit large. Large babies simply run on both sides of our family, maybe that is how it is for Lindsay.

On the other side of the coin, the majority of my friends who’ve eaten like hogs during their pregnancy ended up with 7 pounders.

There really doesn’t seem to be any correlation there. People really need to learn decency and not just make up info that is in no way true! PS, the majority of “statistics” are completely fabricated!

Mama Marian on

CONGRATS’, LINDSEY AND JONATHAN! A CUTE NAME MIGHT BE ‘LANETTE’ LEACH. Like in French – ‘La Net’! Lanette (Lovey) Leach! Better than Game Set Match! All the best!

i need a name on

I have friends that did the treadmill and ran for miles and miles while pregnant and they had huge babies. The ‘runt’ was 9 pounds and some ounces. All the babies where big and robust. One girl ‘gained’ 20 pounds – and her baby was 10 pounds 8 ounces. Fast deliveries too.

Sassy on

I think it’s funny that people can’t believe she doesn’t have a name. I think for sure you should have names picked out beforehand but what if you decide on John and you’re calling him John all along then he comes along and you realize that well, he just isn’t John. I think it makes sense to wait until you see your little one before you officially them name. This is something they are going to live with for the rest of their lives, it’s not something that should be just picked willy nilly.

Nella on

10 lbs sounds like a healthy baby to me, I wouldn’t call it a “sumo baby” or that it was overcooked, it’s a baby not a turkey. I love chunky babies and having a big baby doesn’t necessarily mean that the mother over ate. My niece was 9lbs at birth and my nephew was 10lbs, my sister put on a normal amount of weight, but she just happend to have a big babies, they came out perfectly healthy and adorable. They are both in school now and aren’t overweight. One of my friends gained around 65lbs during her pregnancy with her son and he was only 7lbs at birth. Anyways, congrats to Lindsay and her family on their new bundle of joy!

Jorja on

Big babies do run in families. I was 10 lbs (my moms biggest baby of 4). My brother was 9 lbs and my TWIN sisters were a little over 6 each. No gestational diabetes!

Anyway, I got pregnant and my sons father told me he was 10 lbs when he was born so I figured I would have a big one. I was 19 years old when I was pregnant and the baby came out 9 lbs, 22 inches! I am almost scared to have another, wondering what the weigh of that one will be lol.

Sam & Freya’s Mum on

My sis in law’s three kids weighed almost 10pds, 11pds 3oz then 11pds 5oz, all 3-4 weeks early by c-section, due to diabetes. My son (who is 3mths older than his 11pds 3 cousin) who was 3 pds 9 oz would’ve looked like it was a David and Goliath battle in the maternity ward if in there together, lol.

Carmen on

I had to laugh when I read the posts of those who had 10lb babies. Also how some people like “chubby babies”. My two were 5.12 and 6.14 lbs when born. Tiny looking. Within a couple months they were so chunky I was worrying they may grow up to be big kids. They were so cute when little. Round faces, rolls on their hands that looked like someone had put a rubber band on their wriste and then removed it. Oh my they were so adorable. They outgrew it though, thankfully.

What I am trying to say is that it doesnt matter if they are born skinny and become fat or are born fat and become skinny. Babies are just so stinkin’ cute!