Josie Maran Expecting Second Child

01/17/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
A. Nevader/WireImage

Model mama Josie Maran is expanding her family.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant and husband Ali Alborzi, a photographer, will welcome their second child in July, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The new addition will join big sister Rumi Joon, 5½.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself by watching Rumi Joon grow up,” Maran, 33, tells PEOPLE.

“Just seeing her smile makes me realize that being happy is the ultimate beauty secret, and I can’t wait to welcome this new addition to my family.”

The Josie Maran Cosmetics founder, who told PEOPLE in the past that she “wasn’t rushing” towards baby no. 2, says her memories of pregnancy are returning quickly.

“I’ve already gotten back into prenatal yoga, and I’m just bracing myself for the weird food cravings to kick in — last time it was chocolate ice cream with pickles, so who knows what to expect this time!”

— Sarah Michaud

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guest on

so wonderful-their daughter is beautiful-best wishes

lucy on

i cringe every time i see her on qvc. she’s not well spoken and always seems drunk or something. she acts like a dimwit idiot.

Kelly on

Rumi Joon is actually a painful name. Yikes. Can’t wait to see what this child’s punishment, I mean name, is.

Jane on

Wow Lucy and Kelly…they announce Josie’s news and you take the opportunity to act like jerks. How amazingly classy of you.

Congrats to Josie and her family! Nevermind these rude people.

Lola on

Rumi is not a painful name, it’s Iranian. The father has an Iranian name.

Tammy on

I see her on QVC and she just irritates me. She irritates me more now that I know she named an innocent child Rumi Joon. Idiot!

Rebecca on

Argan oil, argan oil, argan oil!

Mira on

Rumi is an okay-sounding foreign name, which unfortunately is too close to a type of alcohol and a card game, which makes it sound silly in English.

Anonymous on

It is amazing how one woman who represents such love and widespread consciousness can be treated, those of you who chose to be disrespectful to her should be ashamed.

Rumi’s father IS Iranian, and who cares whether you like it or not?!?

I am so in love with this woman’s product and personality it is so sad that someone who is trying to make the world a better place could be treated so poorly.

kjc on

I didn’t think the name sounded bad… And the I read some of these comments. Huh. I think it sounds like a nice foreign name. I also assumed it was pronounced Roomie, anyone know for sure?

AndreaRL on

rumi is a beautiful name. it’s pronounced roomie not rummy.

Jane on

Thanks you Andrea for speaking up. To all of you people who thinks it sounds so “foreign”, I suggest you open up your eyes to diversity and try picking up a book for once. Rumi is a famous poet and the books are famous.

Furthermore, unless you’re dumb, you’d realize that QVC personas aren’t real. QVC is cheesy. That’s how it works.

Arewa on

Sheesh, she may not be the best saleswoman, but the negativity to her news and the name of her daughter is just silly.

It’s a non-American name, not a “foreign sounding” name, not an attempt to be unique (ahem Apple and AudioScience), it is a name based not in Western Culture and you are more than welcome not to like it, but comparisons to Gin Rummy and Rum are just proof positive that moronic Westerners’ ability to find beauty in anything not apple pie is pretty much non existent 🙂

Kelly on

Haters hahahah

Granted anyone can post whatever they want but I’d really love for these snide women to post pics of themselves. They’re probably losers who love to gossip and live off of drama – oh wait, and hide behind computers while making these nasty comments. If you don’t like someone, then why waste your time clicking on the link and reading the post you nut jobs? How ridiculous.

Kelly on

Break it down Kelly! Congrats to Josie and her family!

Rox on

Lucy, I totally agree about the drunk comment. She always seems out of it. She also dresses really slutty when she’s on QVC. Don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful woman, but she looks ridiculous wearing a super tight, low cut, mini skirt dress while on the Q. She’s definitely a space case.

kjc on

I just want to be clear here – I called the name foreign, but that in no way means I don’t like it… As some of you have made it sound. (I actually said it sounds nice, and guessed the right pronunciation even as a ‘moronic Westerner) I don’t think I have ever criticized a name on this site, as I love different names and embrace individuality. And that goes for names like AudioScience and Apple.

Anonymous on

For what it’s worth, I think Rumi Joon is a beautiful name! AndreaRL already said Rumi is pronounced like roomie, and I’m guessing Joon is pronounced like June. That doesn’t sound so bad to me.

Anyway congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Also, I’ve noticed that this is at least the third pregnancy and/or baby announcement we’ve heard in recent months in which the older sibling is five years old or older! Tina Fey’s older daughter is six and she welcomed her second last year, and Maggie Gyllenhal has a five year old daughter and recently announced her second pregnancy.

I wonder if 2012 will be the year of the widely-spaced celebrity siblings (I realize that Tina’s daughter was born in 2011, not 2012, but still!)? 🙂

Anonymous on

Rumi is one of the most famous poets in history. His words are some of the most inspirational ever written. And yes, he’s Persian as is Rumi Joon’s dad. Joon (pronounced June) is also a very common Persian name, so GET OFF IT and think about something useful, like making a contribution to the planet instead of having uninformed and ridiculous comments about someone’s name.

Josie is beautiful, smart and successful. To those of you who are ridiculing her, are you jealous because she’s got so much vision? I’ve been following her career for years and see that she’s one determined, hard-working and conscious woman. A great example to us all! Go Josie and congratulations!

Indira on

PTD on

To all who are mocking the name – Rumi is a Persian name, and “Joon” is a term of endearment in Farsi, meaning “dear.” It is commonly used in conjunction with one’s name, like “how are you, Sara Joon?” Some of my dear friends are Persian and speak Farsi in their home, and “joon” is used frequently. I think it’s lovely.

Educate yourselves before poking fun. It’s simply impolite.

Kristine on

Tammy, didn’t you read that Rumi is an Iranian or Persian name and her boyfriend’s name is middle eastern as well? Can you really be any more rude?

Anonymous on

Rumi is also a Japanese name for girls.

Kim Wattman on

Haters need to go away, it really cracks me up too when they put anonymous put your real name down if you have so much to say, they are just jealous they are not ast as pretty, I always say that..that is just total jealous, congrats to the family…it’s always an exciting time when you are expecting a baby so leave her alone!!!

Holly Pelletier on

why do people have to come on here and be mean about what other people name their babies…does it affect your life. Different cultures have different names…its life.

jane doe on

Josie is a hard working mother and has achieved a lot in a short amt of time. It’s sad to see that women have such a tendency to tear other women down. We should be celebrating that fact that she: 1) is successful 2) is doing something she loves 3) that her line is good for the environment 4) worked hard to get where she is at. So what she dresses more provocatively..who cares? Why are you all so quick to judge? Says more about your character than hers. Sad, so sad.

lucy on

clearly, some of you have never seen her on qvc. again, she acts like an idiot, a drunk idiot at that. not judging, just saying. oh, and congrats to the airhead! – classy lucy 🙂

Mary on

PEOPLE magazine: Please STOP announcing every D-list “celebrity” and every American Idol reject who is expecting. They are nobodies. Get some real celebrity news on your website!

Jane on

Seriously Mary? Josie has been a model for over a decade. She had the longest contract with Maybelline in their history. And now she has a company. She may not be in the movies, but that doesn’t make her a “nobody”.

How’s your sad, anonymous Middle American life working out for you, by the way?

MollyF on

Okay, Mary, who put your knickers in a twist?

Abbie on

@Jane – While I agree with you telling Mary she is rude. I don’t agree with you cutting down Middle America. I am shocked you would cut down what you probably are… Middle America is the heart and soul of this country and the people who work and never get thanks.

Jane on

Next time you worthless women want to rudely comment on someone else’s life, look in the mirror first. Just because you can’t have children or your baby looks like an alien doesn’t mean you can harass somebody’s successful life. Josie has been a model, actress, and started her own makeup company. What have you done lately? Congrats Josie!

pookiewookie on

1st child’s name is horrible. Probably will be teased like Demi’s kid Roumor.

Tee on

PTD, thank you for explaining the meaning behind the child’s name. It does sound unusual but it has such a pretty meaning.

Anonymous on

Mary- This is a celebrity baby website, hence news about pregnant celebrities (which is what Josie is) is posted here. If you don’t like, then I suggest that you find another site to go to!

Anonymous on

*If you don’t like IT

Jillian on

Kelly, way to applaud yourself……

Act like a lady on

The degree of cattiness between the women on this site – not only towards the joyous news for another woman reported in the article – but also to eachother, it just downright disgusting.

So much for supporting the sisterhood, ladies. With friends, mother’s and sister’s like you, who needs enemies?

Emma on

Congrats to Josie on her upcoming bundle of joy.

kimmie on

Ive never heard of her but she’s beautiful, and big congratulations ! Her daughter’s name is lovely. I doubt she’s a D-lister, whatever it means…

trevor on

Best wishes to Maran and family this coming valentine’s day. I always liked her modeling; such a beautiful young lady. I cant believe she’s 33!

Mar on

How sad that people can only see beauty in names from their own culture. Rumi is a real name. Just because its not a biblical name or a typical english name that we are accustomed to, does not mean it is ugly, horrible, trashy, or made up.

JE on

“Rumi” is Persian and “Joon” is Persian for “dear”. My Persian stepfather adds “joon” to all of our names either in print or while speaking. What’s wrong with honoring one of the parent’s heritage? Read up and educate yourselves before making tacky comments.

Marissa on

She is a top model…what do you think she should wear? Truly, move with the ages, she is beautiful..what nasty people on here and jealous too! She has been on every top fashion magazine and achieved a wonderful business for herself outside of modeling and the cats come out on here to talk vile. When you speak poorly about others is bring out the UGLY in you!