Miranda Kerr’s Sweet Treat to Her Son? Birthday Cake!

01/16/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Charley Gallay/WireImage

For his first birthday on Jan. 6, Flynn Christopher received an extra sweet surprise from parents Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom: cake!

“It was the first cake he had ever seen or tasted. It was a gluten-free cake and organic, of course,” the model mama, 28, told PEOPLE during her debut as the Qantas airways ambassador on Thursday.

“He put his face in the cake. It was a healthy kick-start to his first birthday.”

The proud parents welcomed a few friends and family to celebrate Flynn’s big day, which aside from cooking courtesy of Kerr, also included plenty of activities for the little ones.

“There were a lot of balloons,” the Victoria’s Secret Angel says. “We had a balloon man come because [Flynn] likes balloons. That was a lot of fun.”

But, after spending time with “five little friends … about the same age,” the birthday boy was ready for some much-needed rest. “He was awake for a couple of hours and then it was nap time,” shares Kerr.

And with Flynn “doing something different” every day — he’s “almost walking!” — Kerr raves that her husband Bloom, 35, is always ready to tackle daddy duty.

“He has really stepped up to the role and is very hands-on,” she says. “It makes me proud that he is such a good dad.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mia McNiece

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karen on

how original…………….

MariBee on

It’s always fun to see 1 year olds and cake. Happy Birthday Flynn!

…waiting for the balloons are dangerous comments to start :::rolleyes:::

CanadaGurl on

As someone with celiac disease, who has to eat gluten free, I really don’t understand why people are eating it just because.

Food costs so much more than “normal”

victory on

They’re called ‘smash cakes’. My 1st grandchild celebrated his big 1 birthday, my daughter stripped him down to his diaper and let him have at it. His first taste of cake and frosting, it was fun to watch and tasted great.

Jorja on

Why does her son have to eat gluten free? Does he have celiacs disease or is she just being overly anal about healthy stuff? My sister has celiac’s and I can say gluten free food tastes like crap! I hope she isnt letting her son not eat sweets because SHE is a health nut. Kids CAN have sweets in moderation and not be fat or unhealthy!

TC on

While I see nothing wrong with cake I don’t see how a gluten and organic cake can be called healthy. Is it sugar and fat free? Is it chock full of vitamins?

Flynn is adorable and I can’t believe he’s already 1, time sure flies.

Jen on

The first cake he had ever seen? Ha! That right there blows the rest of the story into what phony baloney bs is coming out of her mouth for sure. Sounds so perfect, but she still let him stick his face in the cake. You know, getting some of that stuff in his nose or eyes could still cuase asphyxiation or allergic reactions. She should be more careful for such a “first time” thing. Oh brother, tell me another good story. She probably thinks frozen pizzas made out of cardboard are good too, in order to eat all that other “organic, gluten-free” crap. LMAO!!!

Belle on

@CanadaGurl – As a fellow Celiac, I agree with you. However, I believe there has been some research that has shown that introducing gluten at a later age can help prevent the onset of Celiac Disease. Obviously nothing is definitively proven, but they could just be playing it safe. Some people also just think gluten is bad for the human body.

Becca on

Kids are so cute at that 1st birthday….. congrats!

Brooke on

I do not understand why it would be gluten free “of course” I understand organic but if you aren’t allergic what is the harm in wheat?

It really bothers me how celebrities put their own health obsessions onto their children. It’s one thing to teach them to eat in moderation and to make wise and healthy choices but its another to teach them to be fearful of foods!

Rose on

“It was a gluten-free cake and organic, of course.”

OF COURSE. Maybe it’s just something lost in translation for me, and maybe I’m just too cynical, or reading it the wrong way, but I felt very talked down to by that comment.

Like everyone can afford organic, gluton free cakes…they cost a fortune! Glad she’s able to afford it, but not everyone can and you’re not any less of a parent if you can’t.


rice starch is easier to digest especially for babies

tina on

Why is everyone dogging her because she feeds her child a gluten free, organic cake? Gluten can be an issue for little one, even without having actual celiac disease. Maybe he is sensitive to it, maybe she notices certain symptoms when he eats gluten. Maybe she doesn’t want to expose him at an early age. I think it’s smart.

Besides, there are lots of gluten free foods that are very good, and it’s always good to eat organic in general. Even organic snack type foods as alternatives to the “grocery store” junky kids foods are better – they have better ingredients, less chemicals and preservatives, no fake coloring, etc.

Good for her for watching what is going into her child. More parents should pay attention to it. Kids today would be much healthier.

JMO on

I also don’t get the gluten free. There is a reason there is gluten free products for people whose bodies cannot handle wheat. Unless Flynn is allergic there really is nothing wrong with having it. Organic is fine who wouldn’t rather eat healthy organic foods? Unfortunately it isn’t always affordable for most people to buy!

MommyKnowsBest on

These negative comments are silly. My daughter is 17yrs old now and for her 1st bday she had an all natural apricot cake with no added sugar and applesauce instead of oil. Guess what? She loved it.

You aren’t depriving a child by not giving them something they don’t need anyhow. Do you crave grasshopper’s legs? If you’ve never eaten then I’m going to guess no. Baby isn’t missing what they’ve never had. Why introduce a 1 year old to a sugar filled fattening food such as “normal” cake with icing just because you like it?

It grosses me out to see the things people feed their kids cause they don’t want to deprive them of what they think is yummy. Kids aren’t born craving sugar, soda, cheetos, and all that crap. They crave it cause they’ve eaten it.

I say kudos to Miranda for not trying to make her kid develop bad cravings that would make him sick or fat.

Ella on

Miranda is actually a certified health coach and has studied nutrition – I’d venture to say she has some idea of what she is talking about.

Mya on

None of us in my family NEED to follow a gluten free diet, but we DO including our toddler because it has helped me to lose weight, stopped a lot of my IBS symptoms and my son has been gobbling up the food.

We’re extremely low income and we can afford it so anyone saying it’s not cheap? that’s dumb.

Kara on

Some of you are reading way to into it. Maybe her son does have Celiac, if not it’s her choice what she feeds him. It’s not hurting him. You guys need to lay off and just enjoy a story about a boy enjoying cake, taking something you see as a negative and turning into something big is ridiculous. It’s not hurting him and what he eats is up to her, there’s nothing wrong with it. It may not be completely necessary if he doesn’t have celiac, but it’s her choice thats not doing any harm.

Aura Lee on

If she wants her kid to be gluten free, who cares? They certainly can afford a gluten free diet! My youngest has celiac disease and I don’t really care if other people are gluten free just because. It’s a very healthy diet and tends to eliminate processed foods. It’s not like she’s trying to offend you by raising her child gluten free. I think it’s a great idea! First birthday smash cakes are always so entertaining and result in the cutest pictures!

kimmie on

“Miranda is actually a certified health coach and has studied nutrition – I’d venture to say she has some idea of what she is talking about.”

That is a good point (although sometimes certified health people get obsessed and go overboard as well) My problem is with that “of course” comment, and her attitude of this being the only right way, indirectly implying that other parents are morons for giving children non glutten free cakes.

Lillian on

Why are people complaining b/c they don’t like the kind of cake she gave her son? If she wanted to give him a plate full of carrots thats her business. The kid had fun on his birthday. He watched balloons being made, had fun and ate cake. What’s the problem?

Anonymous on

Gluten is unhealthy for you period!! Why would any parent give that to their child??? I have 2 small kids and they/ve never eaten gluten, processed foods or any artificial sweeteners. For bdays I make them raw cakes that are sweetened usually with dates or agave and I use almond pulp that I get leftover from when I make almond milk as the base. They taste amazing and are healthy for you!

Emily on

Maybe it seems odd to some people that she would choose this for child’s birthday, but she should not be criticized for helping her son develop healthy habits that will be helpful later in life.

Jane on

@Ella “Miranda is a certified health “coach” and has studied nutrition” as far as I know she studied what a year??? And she is an expert??? Please, she got chefs and people who help her with her diet, you people would believe whatever these celebrities say, and then call them role models, so they can make stupid comments like the one she does, the ” of course” in that sentence just proved my point of how stuck up she is. Ok you eat healthy organic food because you cand afford a lifestyle like that, but why you keep rubbing it in people’s faces in every single interview??? shut up already.

Tammy on

I think it’s ridiculous to not let your kid eat sugar once in awhile. I feel sorry for kids who are brought up like that.

RKF on

@Rose – over-analyze much? She’s not speaking to you directly, nor is she condescending anyone. The cliched “I’m soooo glad she can afford it” comment is so overused, and lame. No one said anyone is less of a parent because they can’t afford gluten-free, and organic. The only time people mention that is when they feel inadequate and/or bitter about their own lifestyle (or lack thereof.)

gabrielle on

everyone needs to stop being so sensitive to others comments. I understand that a full organic diet is not within everyone’s reach. It is better however for you and there is no denying that fact. I personally only give my family organic foods, however, we have cut back our expenses on other things in order to provide this for the family. There are also many grocery stores that now carry their own line of organics such as Stop-n-shop, trader joes’, etc.

Gluten free can be given to a person for so many reasons. Celiac, IBS, allergies, etc. It is always easier to judge someone than to just listen and move on. also, many celiac containing products are processed food that is not good for you anyway. You also don’t have to be an organic food person to serve healthy alternatives for your children…..

I am just shaking my head as to how negative people are towards this article that is really just discussing her 1st born son turning 1!!!! Get over it people!!!

i need a name on

I need my weekly ‘fix’ of a Flynn photo, please. Happy Birthday Baby Precious !

ANN on

When is everyone going to learn being Gluten Free does not mean you are eating healthy – there are a lot of sweets and snacks that are gluten free and it is not “diet” food. You can eat normally for cheaper and be on a diet. Dumb a**es!

Christine on

OKAY seriously…..why is it that people need to find something to bitch about with every article. if you don’t like how she parents….then OH WELL….and really what the heck does it matter what she is feeding her son. Maybe the baby has an allergy….? Maybe they have an allergy? Maybe they prefer the taste…..UGH…I get so angry at people that need to find something to complain about!!!!!

ClaireSamsmom on

“it was gluten free and organic, of course.” Heaven forbid he eat a regular piece of cake! I think this baby is the cutest…and happy first b-day to him…but her comment rubbed me the wrong way too. I cook for my family just about every nite…going out to eat is a treat for us. And I try to buy organic veggies/fruits/products when I can and advocate healthy eating for my kids….that being said…my kids do enjoy the occasional slice of real birthday cake, ice cream or chik-fil-a every once in a while. It’s okay.

Anninah on

One cake, big hoolabaloo.

I don’t see anything truly wrong with this thing, Flynn having a gulten-free, all organic cake. We don’t know if he’s allergic to wheat, now do we? 😉 That’s something that isn’t anyone’s business but theirs alone. Miranda knows her own son the best anyway so why make this a big deal?

My own cousin has celiacs so I’m at least a bit aware of what it’s like to have it. I have also tasted her cookings and they didn’t taste bad. I believe a one year old can have something sweet every now and then, just not all the time. To me this is only a healthy choice, nothing more, nothing less.

Bzey on

If you’ve never had to comfort a child or change the diaper of one that has a sensitive stomach and has trouble with gluten, wheat, etc., don’t make comments. Her “of course” comment could simply mean that she thought others knew they don’t do gluten or he has issues with it.

Kate on

I think Gisele Bundchen is teaching her son to believe that broccoli is cake.

J on

Victory, we know what they are. No need to explain them.

Ariana on

Balloons around children are not a good idea. Several children have died from inhaling pieces of balloon which can block their windpipe and there is no way to save the child from suffocating.

roanna on

One year olds do not need parties, and no one needs balloons. they’re not recyclable and they don’t degrade. Parties for babies are just for the adults. Indulgent and silly.

Sarah K. on

Lol at so many people acting like she is “depriving” her son of sugar and “feeling sorry for him.” Are you serious? If this kid’s worst problem in life is that his mom doesn’t want him to eat unhealthy foods, I think he’ll be ok. And before I get responses about how if she deprives him, he will rebel, don’t bother. He is a baby and has clearly been allowed to eat cake. She is not depriving him of anything.

Harley on

@kimmie – exactly what I was thinking.

Brooke Coleman on

I wish I had a 1 year old boy to feed a gluten free, organic cake too. Chill people and be happy for them. Happy birtday Flynn!

Grace on

I assume the “gluten-free, of course” comment was made because Miranda writes a blog where she talks about gluten-free living.

Tami on

Sarah K, where does it say the cake was sugar free? It says it was gluten free and organic which doesn’t imply anything about how healthy it was. The cake could have been stacked with organic sugar and fats.

Reminds me of when Kate Gosselin used to feed her kids marshmallow fluff when they were toddlers and assure viewers it was still healthy because it was organic fluff. Organic does not necessarily equal healthy.

ClaireSamsmom on

ha ha! Tami, I had forgotten about that Kate Gosselin marshmellow fluff thing. Yeah…I thought that was really absurd. You are so right, organic doesn’t always mean healthy.

Jillian on

balloons can be around children. They just don’t need to be in their face or hold them. If a kid likes a balloon, then put them in the room. If the are high in the air…..no harm!

I fed my daughter a healthy cake as well. A child doesn’t need pure sugar, adults don’t either, which is why we don’t eat them!

Becca on

Gluten is actually good for you so there is absolutely no reason to not eat it if unless you have a disease or an allergy.

I hate stupid food fad’s.

speaking of fads; organic food can actually be worse for you

Tink on

Holy cow some people are self righteous idiots! The ‘of course’ comment relates to the adjective ‘organic’, if you had any kind of brain you’d know that MK is rather big on organic products, including her skincare range.

She’s not talking down to you dumb*ss, she’s talking about her own life. smh at the fools who get so uptight over what famous people say!

Grace on

@Becca: No, gluten is not good for you.

emily on

Ariana and Roanna- LOLLLLLL

Balloons aren’t safe around kids? Then who exactly are they meant for? Adults? And nobody “needs” parties at all…its a fun thing to do… Maybe the most ridiculous pair of comments I have seen yet.

meghan on

J, I’ve never heard of a smash cake. Stop telling people what you don’t think needs to be elaborated on. What business is it of yours?

kimmie on

“it’s always good to eat organic in general”

Umm … not always. They have been cases recently when organic spinach, for example, contained e-coli. There have been many cases when people consumed food sold as organic and it was not.

Belle on

I have Celiac Disease, and I quite frankly couldn’t care less if Miranda feeds her son a gluten free cake.

I think the issue that some fellow Celiacs have, is that the gluten free diet has lately been promoted in Hollywood as a fantastic quick and easy way to lose weight. I think that some people who promote gluten-free as a “fad” diet don’t realize that for people with Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance, it’s the ONLY way for us to live a healthy life!

I feel that sometimes people overlook what a serious, full time commitment going truly gluten free actually is, and how imperative it is to our health. I certainly don’t want people to ever get the impression that I am gluten free because it’s a great new popular diet. I need people (like restaurant personnel) to take it seriously and to know that living gluten free is the only way to treat my disease!

Sarah K. on

Tami, I realize that which is why I never said the cake didn’t have sugar. I was responding to comments like this: “I think it’s ridiculous to not let your kid eat sugar once in awhile. I feel sorry for kids who are brought up like that.” I even made it clear that I was responding to comments that were made.

Belle on

Also, being gluten free can actually cause health problems if the diet is not taken on for medical reasons and is not adequately supplemented. Cutting out all foods that contain gluten can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

However, I assume that if Miranda has some dietary training and/or has chosen to have her son lead a gluten free life right now, she knows how to create a nutritionally balanced diet.

Stacey on

Happy Birthday Flynn!

Jorja on

Here is something else nobody mentioned….what kind of guests would want to eat a cake that doesn’t taste good?? (I’ve had gluten free food and it SUCKS). Sure, the baby might be used it and Miranda and Orlando might be used to it, even PREFER it, but that doesnt mean ALL your guests do. Dont you throw a party and cater to your guests? You make them comfortable, you do things for them…shouldn’t they have a good tasting cake?

Kate on

Gluten free and organic? For crying out loud; give the kid a real damn cake. It’s his first birthday!

Tami on

Sarah K, I was responding mainly to your comment “If this kid’s worst problem in life is that his mom doesn’t want him to eat unhealthy foods, I think he’ll be ok,” implying that by giving him an organic cake his mom doesn’t want him to eat unhealthy food.

mypiecesandbits on

Roanna, do you work in cahoots with the Grinch?

I say so what if Miranda wants to feed Flynn an organic, gluten-free cake? It’s her child. Whatever they may be, I’m sure she had her reasons. I can’t wait to see pictures!

Jillian on

Becca, gluten is not good for you. Fact. Ask any nutritionist.

Kimmie, while I agree organic is not necessarily always the best…..using the spinach example is pointless bc it having e coli had nothing to do with it being organic. In my state spinach and lettuce had the same issue recently and they were not organic.

Jorja, often people will have a different cakes for guests…..

Sarah K, I love all of your posts all the time!


Imogen on

She can feed her child what she pleases, as her and Orlando do the whole organic thing you would assume that their baby would too. As for the ‘of course’ comment that’s probably because when someone hears cake they don’t assume it’s really healthy and such and she was just saying hers was because despite it being his birthday she still wanted him to eat what she sees as the best way too eat.

Seriously, there is no need to read that much into two words. Calm yourselves.

Mary on

Why is Miranda Kerr on people.com website practically every day? This is a NON-STORY! Does her publicist have a good friend who works for People? She is an “Angel” not a tv or movie star. Please stop stories about her. They are utterly boring!!!

Grace on

@Jorja: Not all gluten-free food is gross. There are bakeries that make really good gluten-free cake and baked goods. BabyCakes, for instance. Their baked goods are fantastic.

Aria on

My niece was allergic to Wheat for the 1st 6 years of her life, she would eat everything gluten free. Maybe that’s the case and she doesn’t have to explain anyway if that’s the case of if its just because she wants to give him that, its her son! Happy Bday Flynn!

Shannon on

Cute! Can’t believe he’s one already!

Anonymous on

read the book “Wheatbelly” and you will never go near wheat again….celiac disease or not

Marky on

Some health professionals and nutritionists believe that eating gluten-free when you do not have issues with gluten, is not good for you because you are eliminating things which are healthy and needed for your body,as long as you are not allergic to it. Eliminating gluten is more than just not eating wheat; it’s not eating yeast, oats, barley, and many spices (which may have gluten hidden within ingredients you don’t even know about.

My DIL has Celiac, and has worked hard to learn how to prepare foods, order properly in a restaurant, and shop well to find what she can eat, and we try to accommodate her at all family gatherings, but insisting that everyone eat that way? Not nice, people, and where did any of you get the idea that anything containing gluten is automatically horrible for everyone? Some people may not be able to eat peanuts, but they are only bad for those who are allergic, not everyone!

Sarah K. on

Jillian, thank you! That’s really nice of you to say.

Tami, as previously stated, I said that in response to a comment about “feeling sorry” for a child who doesn’t get to eat sugar. I said it to mean there is no reason to feel sorry for him because that’s obviously not the worst thing that could happen to a child. I was not referring to the article itself. But in case you want me to clarify further – I do not know if Miranda feeds Flynn unhealthy foods. Happy?

Becca on

Look I know about gluten free diets, my sister has celiac’s. I also have a friend with a wheat sensitivity. For them a gluten free diet is necessary (my sister will vomit if she has anything with even a tiny amount of gluten in it) but for people who don’t have a disease, allergy, or sensitivity there is no reason for it. Unless of course you like eating expensive, gross tasting bread.

diggity on

Man. These threads are hilarious with the know-it-alls dousing their wealth of info on fellow Moms. So what if Miranda feeds her kid gluten free even if he doesn’t need it. So what if the kid gets covered in a thick layer of frosting and requires saving. He’ll be fine, I’m sure.

I got a kick out of Ariana’s balloon comment, which apparently a number of folks took seriously. Good grief, people…. book a winter getaway to Cabo. You’ve been indoors for too long.

Grace on

@Becca: Obviously you don’t know very much about gluten if you think it’s good for a person and that there’s no reason for a non-allergic or non-celiac person to avoid it.

Daniella on

I agree with Belle. My aunt has Celiac disease & it’s been a very tough lifestyle for her to adjust to over the years, especially since our family loves to try anything & everything when it comes to food. Because of the recent gluten-free fad, it’s actually become harder for her to be taken seriously when she requests such foods at restaurants. Her doctors also recommended against her husband & children taking up the diet because of the high possibility of nutritional deficiencies, a problem they’ve noticed in many people who’ve switched to gluten-free diets without a pressing health issue or allergy. I’m inclined to believe them before anything I’d read on the internet or even from some nutritionists.

Going gluten-free is very difficult, at least for diverse food lovers like my aunt. It’s been very tough for her to give up many of her favorite dishes over the years, especially the Italian & Greek ones. And I do agree with the people who said it’s not the best tasting food at all. Not totally horrible, but I’ll take my gluten instead of what my aunt has had to eat at meals. Not to mention that the stuff is outrageously expensive compared to most other foods, even organic. To those who said it’s not that pricy, I’d like to know where you live, because my aunt’s food bill is nauseating to look at.

Anonymous on

Daniella- I don’t think anyone’s saying gluten-free foods aren’t pricey, just that you don’t have to be a celebrity or otherwise very wealthy person to afford them.

That being said, I actually kind of agree with both sides of the argument. On the one hand, I don’t think that Flynn having an organic, gluten-free cake for his birthday is the end of the world. But on the other hand, I also don’t think it’s neccesary to be super extreme when it comes to food (unless, of course, you have a medical reason to do so). Having cake (regular cake, that is) and other sweet treats (and other wise decidely unhealthy foods) in moderation is perfectly fine! 🙂

Marky on

Grace, sincerely don’t want to be rude when I say this; you have truly “bought the kool-aid”! Many cultures have eaten wheat and oats for thousands and thousands years without keeling over. Over-reaction!

Abbe on

Wow, some idiotic comments! Not one person took the time to actually comment on the party. It sounds like it was very low-key, especially for celeb parents. They sound like they really adore their son. 🙂

Sarah M. on

Mya – I don’t know where you live, but in Colorado where I’m at gluten free food IS more expensive. And unless you go to a specialty store your options are very limited on what you can actually get. Calling others ‘dumb’ is kinda ridiculous in light of this!

Belle – 100% agree with everything you said!

People hear I’m gluten free and automatically assume I following a crazy ‘Hollywood diet’. In actuality, I’m gluten intolerant. It makes me feel terrible and is awful for my insides. I didn’t stop eating it because I was trying to make my life easier. It took many months into it to get used to it!!

I’m also milk intolerant and have issues with many different fruits (I don’t have an EpiPen, but I should due to my reactions to them!). People jump to the conclusion that I’m just a picky eater, but I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to eat any number of things outside of my 25 things I know won’t make me. I don’t have that option right now.

Another thing I didn’t see mentioned, when one person in a family has to be on a special diet it’s infinitely easier if everyone in the house is on the same diet, too. I’m the only one gluten free at home and it does make it harder. I have my name on ALL of my food in the kitchen so that I know it’s there when I’m hungry. I can’t use the toaster because they use it for their bread and my toast would be cross contaminated.

Also, celiac disease and gluten intolerance often run in families. If either Miranda or Orlando, or anyone in their families, have either of these conditions Flynn has a higher chance of having them than someone whose family doesn’t. So they may be being cautious until he’s a bit older.

Sorry for the novel. Assumptions like the ones in some of them comments get annoying after a while. If people would learn to ask about it, rather than judge without the knowledge, they’d maybe learn something!!!!!

Sara on

Now her boy is one can we PLEASE stop reading about her STILL breastfeeding and how fast she lost the weight – its been a year!

Jurnee on

I agree with the posters who said that her baby might have a wheat/gluten allergy or sensitivity. How would we know? I was allergic to wheat, dairy and other foods as a baby. Also, it is becoming known that a huge portion of the world’s population is actually allergic to gluten but remain symptom free (their intestines would display it should a biopsy be taken.)

Wheat in its current state is not a natural grain. It was changed by farming practices over many years, and is not compatible with millions of people’s immune systems. Since there’s so much interest and debate on this thread, here’s a great article for those of you who wish to become more informed on gluten allergy/celiac disease.


Sarah M. on

Also, while there are a ton of gluten free foods that taste awful, there are some that taste really good and you wouldn’t know were gluten free. Just like ‘regular’ food that does have gluten in it can taste good and it can taste bad. It’s just a bit harder to find the good gluten free stuff!!

Tiffany on

For God’s sake, why does it matter that her kid had an organic gluten-free cake? No, one slice of cake isn’t going to kill him, but come on people, he’s one year old. You really think he cares about what he gets as presents, much less what he’s putting in his mouth? Babies don’t miss what they’ve never had.

I think the “of course” was because she and Orlando both eat organic as well. Some people are so easily offended…get off your high horses and get a life, the world isn’t out to get you.

Anonymous on

most gastroenterologists will recommend a gluten-free diet to potential suffers of IBS or other stomach ailments even if they are not celiac or gluten intolerant. it’s hardly harmful to your body to eliminate gluten. gluten is NOT so beneficial or healthy that its elimination is bad.

Amber on

Jorja – By the sounds of the article Flynn had a smash cake therefore the cake was for him not the guests. Are you suggesting that Vegans should serve non vegan food, and those with other dietary beliefs should go against them to suit their guests, I guess that means if your visiting a Japanese family they should cook you italian if your italian. I dare say the would have had more than just a cake for guests anyway

kimmie on

The biggest problem with a child that has gluten-free diet without actually needing it, is that when he grows up, it will be really hard for him to eat out or go to the party or school, as he will not be used to eating gluten foods, which will most likely be served.

Wouldn’t that possibly be an issue, could he possibly get sick or develop a life-long allergy? I am not arguing this or that, I’m simply asking if anyone has any input about this.

Lora on

If people would eat more gluten-free food, the price would come down. The truth is that there is nothing healthy in gluten. Wheat is just a cheap ingredient that is why they use it. You can get the necessary fibres from seeds or pure oat and enjoy a gluten-free diet.

I eat gluten-free food because I have to and I wouldn’t go back to eating gluten even if I could. I have had some wonderful gluten-free treats, cakes etc. And my mom makes the best gluten-free bread and pizza for me. You can make a lovely cake of your own (with plenty of sugar if you feel like a bad parent…)

Please stop judging other people for their decisions. I for once was pleased to hear about the organic and gluten-free cake 🙂

elaine on

wow, who would have thought, cake for his birthday! I do find it hard to believe that their son has never seen cake before! Our 7 month old has already experienced seeing cake 4 times for members of our immediate family, while he hasn’t tasted it, he has seen cake

shalay on

While I have no idea what Miranda and Flynn’s health issues are, this comment is in response to some of the previous comments.

As someone with digestive issues, who was once on a gluten-free diet (and has also worked for a registered dietitian), let me clear something up. Gluten is NOT bad for you, unless you have Celiac disease or an intolerance that’s been diagnosed by a doctor. Going on a gluten-free diet when you’re perfectly healthy just doesn’t make sense to me. I think many people are confused by this.

Just one quick Internet search brought up these two articles that both talk in depth about what gluten intolerance is, but also point out that cutting out gluten when it’s unnecessary can lead to iron, fiber, and vitamin B deficiencies. Here are the articles from Women’s Health http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/gluten-free-diet and CNN http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/04/12/gluten.free.diet.improve/index.html.

Please do research before eliminating all gluten. Anyone who insists that gluten is bad for everyone is simply stating a theory, not a fact.

Mary on

Reading those comments I can say that it’s amazing how many people have so much time on their hands and how they care so much about the cake they weren’t invited to eat.

Back to the point: My best wishes and Happy Belated Birthday to the adorable Flynn & his family!

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My son has celiac disease, and he hasn’t been deprived in the least for eating gluten-free. I bake often, and not just for him, and if I don’t tell guests they’re eating gluten-free baked goods, they won’t tell the difference, and give me rave reviews… so I don’t know why people are complaining gluten-free doesn’t taste good, I guess you haven’t been eating at the right places.

And there are no nutritional deficiencies in a gluten-free diet, it’s just a normal diet minus gluten from wheat, barley and rye. Whatever nutrients you get from that, you can get from other grains, such as sorghum, quinoa, amaranth, teff… Gluten is not a nutrient, it’s just some sort of glue that holds baked goods together, and no, you don’t need that to survive. So Miranda can choose gluten-free if she wants or needs, no harm comes from that.

Rebecca on

I second the comment about reading “Wheat Belly”. Why anyone, especially those susceptible to weight gain and diabetes, would eat an allegedly “healthy” product with a higher glycemic index than a crummy Snickers bar, is beyond me, but hey, choice is just that – choice.

If y’all want to eat wheat-based products, good for you. If Miranda Kerr, like many others, does not wish to feed her child gluten-based food, especially since she doesn’t eat it herself, good for her!

Welcome to America, land of alleged freedom to choose your own diet! Although I routinely forget that America is also the land of routinely criticizing each other over the most inane things, too, like birthday cake choices. 😉

Janna on

Has it occurred to any of you whiny, self-righteous hags that the reason they had a gluten-free cake is that someone ELSE at the party has Celiac? I mean, besides the fact that it’s none of your GD business. Amazing that this women is being ripped to shreds about a freaking cake.

My favorite comment: “Maybe it’s just something lost in translation for me, and maybe I’m just too cynical, or reading it the wrong way, but I felt very talked down to by that comment.” I mean, that is just priceless! Some lunatic feels “talked down to” by a woman talking about her son’s birthday cake?!?! LOL LOL LOL

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Yum, organic gluten-free cake, just what a baby wants. Give it to him now because he isn’t going to eat it later 🙂

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I know a lot of people who don’t have celiac’s disease that eat gluten free diets for health reasons. I’ve never tasted it, but one of my girlfriends who had health issues related to extreme sensitivities to the environment (she’d get sick if ChemLawn sprayed their lawn, etc.) her health really improved with the gluten free diet.

As far as it being bs that Flynn didn’t try cake until his first birthday, why is that so hard to believe? My son’s first taste of cake was at his first birthday as well. It’s very easy to keep babies and toddlers on very healthy diets because they haven’t tried junk food yet so they don’t know any better. He’ll get plenty of junk food later when he goes to school and his friend’s houses, and I’ll bake him treats on occassion as well. I’m not depriving him or being overly strict, but I am taking advantage of the time that he only knows what he’s introduced to.

Keeping him away from the tv is harder because he’s seen adults watching tv so I did give in with that and let him watch sesame street, etc. But not until after his first birthday. He’ll be 2 in a few weeks and I have not introduced the computer yet. I keep him engaged with active play. It’s not hard to do.

Of course he’s an only child and if I had another one, that child would see his/her big brother watching tv, going on the computer, eating junk food, etc. so it would be harder. But with an only child it’s pretty easy to accomplish. Why do people find it so hard to believe Miranda is doing it?

JMO on

Is it just me or does it seem like EVERY child these days has a food allergy to something?? When I was growing up (I’m 28) there was not one kid that I ever knew of who was allergic to something. We were allowed to have peanut butter sandwiches in school and bake cupcakes for our birthdays. Now they designate tables to peanut allergy kids in schools so the cafeteria people can make sure they don’t even look at peanut butter the wrong way!

I’m not saying this to be nasty but what happened with kids?? I swear parents got TOO cautious and in the end it is causing kids to have allergies. One ped will tell you no peanut butter til 1, then it becomes 2, then it becomes 3.

What is it? My mom said she fed us peanut butter as infants, we also went on cow’s milk anywhere between 6-8 months. None of us have any kind of allergies or intolerance to food products and we are really thin.

Today there is not one kid that I don’t meet that doesn’t have an allergy! I’m just not understanding why.

Sorry for the rant just trying to figure out why things have changed so much in the last 10 years!! 🙂

Brooke on

I have Celiac Disease, and forcing someone to eat gluten free just sucks. I would cut off my right boob to be able to eat normally again. Don’t force it on a small child.

Grace on

@Marky: No I have not “bought the kool-aid” as you so rudely put it. I have done extensive research on the subject and consulted with a variety of doctors. You really should do more research before spouting of your rude and ill-informed opinions on the internet. And yes, people ate wheat and oats for thousdands of years. They also had a life expectancy of about 30.

And I have no idea where you’re getting this idea from that I’m over-reacting. I didn’t write some hysterical post about how gluten is going to kill people. I merely said it’s not healthy. And it’s not. I didn’t get all hysterical and act like it was going to zap people dead instantly. So I think you’re the one who is over-reacting.

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Thats good for the kid but why is she famous? she looks like a chipmunk!

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I totally wonder the same thing. I’ve no idea why kids have so many allergies these days and I don’t think the docs know either – it’s an issue being studied. My son does not have any food allergies but he does have an allergy to cats and dogs. No one in my family or the father’s family has any allergies whatsoever and we had a dog and 2 cats for my son’s first year of life. The early exposure was supposed to make it really unlikely he was allergic, yet it turns out he is. Why?? Where did it come from?? I honestly wonder about the correlation between the increase in pollution and the use of chemicals and the increase in allergies. Correlation does not equal causation of course, but it seems a likely culprit.

Meg on

Yes, Miranda Kerr, we get it. You are better than all of us.

Indira on

This is where critical reading skills come into play; she said nothing about sugar-free. Also, we have no way of knowing how she said these words unless their is a video. I personally read the “ofcourse” sarcastically to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a regular ol’ cake. Especially after she joke it was a healthy kick-start to his birthday.

Kelly on

These stars kill me would you eat GLUTEN free & organic if you weren’t in the limelight? I mean does it really matter and the first time he has ever had CAKE do u actually call that cake? I read these stories where these stars say their kids don’t knwo what a chip is or friend food or a McDonalds and you always see them shopping at the WHOLE food stores.

REALLY come on once in a while especially w/ cake for a birthday non the less can you splurge? I give you props for going organic saving the plant taking care of your body but god forbid you have a little break once in a while? The whole story reads weird everything in it sounds odd.

Thanks for another boring story PEOPLE.

Laura on

I really doubt she meant to sound condescending by saying “of course”. We all say things that I’m sure out of context and in print sound worse or more critical than we meant 🙂

Happy Birthday to Flynn! and to Miranda too. The first birthday can be so emotional for a mom!

kao on

lol…i think EVERYONE gives there child cake for their first birthday! and yeah why gluten free?! is it cause its the new”thing” im sorry but gluten free food taste HORRIBLE!! even the store bought kind from whole foods..i just dont like it! maybe since they are rich they can afford a really good gluten free baker?!?

ok i gave my daughter a vegan banana cake i made for her first and a vegan strawberry cake i made for her second..but hey were vegetarians who (if we can get away with me) do alot of vegan food…and really?!

every child loves balloons..i had them their for my daughters 1st&2nd bday party….i dont know but this sounds like a normal birthday party to me..which dont get me wrong im glad! so sick and tired of hearing stars spending millions on their childs birthday…but to praise her almost for doing something everyone else does is kinda stupid!

and yes orlando bloom seems to be a amazing dad..he’s always carrying or holding his son and he just seems to love every minute of it!

JMO on

Catca I agree it must have something to do with environmental factors.

I also heard early exposure to animals decreases chances of becoming allergic to them.

I worked in a daycare and I swear their were allergies I had never even heard of! The list that we had up on the wall was overwhelming! It came down to almost banning ALL foods lol.

Grandma on

I will remember fondly how incredibly “healthy” little Flynn was brought up when I see his adorable, drunk face plastered all over TMZ in 18 or so years.

Celeb parents neec to get over themselves.

Hyman on

My son is 5 mo old and I BF him and he’s SOOO sensitive to wheat that I have had to eliminate it from my own diet … he throws up every time I cheat. I read that it sometimes takes a while for children to be able to digest wheat … so maybe that’s why? I don’t know.

But yes, this whole story DOES read weird!! I wonder if it is even true or translated weird?

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JMO- As other posters have said, it’s not known for sure why there’s such an increase in allergies in kids. However, there is one popular theory, which I think could be at least part of the explanation. Google “Hygiene Hypothosis”. 🙂

Jurnee- Thank you! I wanted to say pretty much that exact same thing last night, but didn’t know how to go about it. Gluten is one of those things that isn’t the best for us simply because we were never designed to digest it. We weren’t designed to drink milk past infancy either, which is thought to be a major reason for the prevelance of lactose intolerance among children and adults. Just goes to show what can happen when we try to go against mother nature! 😉

Anonymous on

As far as how gluten free food tastes goes, I think it depends on the food. My family is friends with a family in which one of the members has celiac disease, and once they gave us some gluten free lasgna that they had left over. I am not kidding, I honestly could not tell the difference between that and “regular” lasgna! If I hadn’t been told it was gluten free, I wouldn’t have known!

Marky on

@Becca: Obviously you don’t know very much about gluten if you think it’s good for a person and that there’s no reason for a non-allergic or non-celiac person to avoid it. (Grace)

Grace, I wasn’t intending to be rude or hateful when I said that about “buying the kool-aid”, so relax a bit.

I have done a lot of research since, as I said, my DIL has Celiac Disease, so gluten-free is a part of our everyday life. I am also a member of the medical profession, and myself have IBS. I am NOT poorly informed on the topic.

What I am saying and will say, based on true research, not just reading blogs by people who are absolutely “over the top” about foods and different diets, is that people are designed to eat grains, including wheat, and that some people have allergies or problems like IBS or Celiac, which may influence whether they eat wheat, oats, or even (for me) iceberg lettuce.

I just say that if you don’t have a negative reaction, don’t get sick, then you don’t need that type diet and may suffer nutritional deficiencies as a result.

Many people pop as many as 30 “supplements” per day to make up for that loss in good natural nutrition, and thus end up ingesting “chemicals” which most of us are trying to avoid with eating a more organic, natural diet.

I think if Miranda and Orlando want to give their child gluten-free cake and follow an organic diet, it should be because Flynn has had problems with gluten, or because their Pediatrician said that was his/her recommendation, not because they decided to eliminate foods on a whim. He is their child, however, and as anyone who has seen those fat little legs would say, he looks like he’s doing fine!

No need to argue; everyone has very strong opinions on this thread, it seems.

Nani on

What I found most stupid with some of you people is that you think they are plain idiots: seriously, @ariana “Balloons around children are not a good idea.” Sounds to me like they’re going to let the kid eat right away the piece of balloon… Or like @jen said “…You know, getting some of that stuff in his nose or eyes could still cuase asphyxiation or allergic reactions.” Babies age 1 are still developing and learning how to hold their heads up, and barely understand the whole hoopla about smashing their faces into a cake. I believe Miranda has enough common sense to clean his face if he does so.

A lot of people like the taste of the food whether it’s vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free or other something-free, just because. Many of you sound like you are right about everything… guess what, you don’t. Stop being so judgemental.

Anonymous on

Nani- Um, most babies learn how to hold their heads up when they’re just a few months old.