January Jones: Life With Xander Is ‘Getting Really Fun’

01/16/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Let the fun begin!

Now in her fourth month of motherhood — son Xander Dane was born in SeptemberJanuary Jones is having a “blast” with her baby boy.

“He’s wonderful. Every day he changes drastically — he’s getting really fun and giggly now, and I can play with him,” the Mad Men actress, 34, told PEOPLE during the show’s party for the TCA press tour on Saturday in Pasadena, Calif .

“He’s not just a little bundle. He’s taking shape, which is really amazing to watch.”

But in addition to all the fun and games, welcoming her first child has also forced Jones to put the brakes on life in the fast lane — at least temporarily.

“Since I had the baby, [I] won’t be able to take off to the Middle East with the baby,” she jokes. “For a little bit, [I’m] just sticking around home.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Susan Young

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Amy on

I cant help but wonder who the father is! I know it is none of our business, but STILL!!! (whines like a 14 year old girl)

Michelle on

I feel the same way, Amy. I KNOW it is none of my business. I totally respect her privacy her desire to keep that part of her life private. She doesn’t OWE us any sort of explanation.

But I still WANT to know.

ADH on

LOL! Now I can’t wait for Mad Men S5 to start (its been far to long tbh) in part now to see ‘Betty’s mothering skills’ and if they’ve improved any now that January is a mother in real life. ;P

Simone on

I wonder if it is really Aston Kutcher’s baby..some magazine and made reference to her during the Ashton Demi breakup..

Sandra on

Amy and Michelle, feel exactly the same way – I want to know 🙂

Anyways, cannot wait to see pictures 🙂

J on

Michelle, no one needs to add the “It’s none of my business but I want to know”. We get it, people just want to know out of curiosity.

Amanda on

Since when are a child’s parents ‘private, it’s usually just common knowledge unless there’s a reason to be hiding it….sorry, I cannot respect that and I’m pretty sure we all know who it is anyways

kendrajoi on

GAG. I cnnot STAND her.

Rebecca on

“Everyday he changes drastically”, really at four months. What a silly statement.

Julianna on

Apparently a lot of single women use sperm banks, you can even get sperm and DIY insemination kits online, LOL. I have a feeling that is the likely explanation for why no father was named on the birth certificate.

January has had lots of relationships that didn’t work out so maybe she decided to go for a baby on her own.

rebecca on

January Jones is a stranger to all of us. Just because you’ve seen her on TV doesn’t mean you have a right to know all of her private business. Would you go up to a woman on the street and ask her who fathered her child? No you wouldn’t.

Ainsley on

My money is on Jason Sudeikis. I saw on a new picture of the baby on another website and I think he seems to resemble Jason.

kendrajoi on

She probably doesn’t know who the father is…let’s be real.

WTH Next??? on

I wonder who she lost her virginity too and at what age? How many sex partners has she had, did she always use protection, how many times did she sleep with her son’s father etc… Gosh so many questions she owes us strangers. What’s a gal to do? I’m calling out of work tomorrow.

Megan on

Remember, January may be in the lime light but that doesn’t make her different to us. She deserves as much respect as any of us.

I come from a similar situation, my mom was well known in her community and she never released my fathers details, they werent on my birth certificate.

She didn’t tell any one who my dad was until I was 15.

Just remember she deserves respect too, not only for herself but for Xander too.

And yes I do know who my father is.. There’s no guarantee that Xander won’t know either.

Anonymous on


Anyway, I agree with majority of the comments. It’s none of our business who Xander’s father is!

Tara on

she’ll reveal the father when her career hits a down turn and she needs the publicity. cynical but true. that’s usually the way it goes folks.

Sheri on

I agree with Julianna … I’ve always gotten the feeling that she had this baby through a sperm donor. At any rate, I’m sure she’s a wonderful mama and it takes courage to take on being a single parent. Can’t wait for Mad Men either … best show on TV! 🙂

mypiecesandbits on

Rebecca- I think that is clearly what Amy and Michelle are saying. They realize that No, it is not their business who the father of January’s child is and yes, she has every right to keep that part of her life private. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t still be curious.

Pamela on

I saw a pretty recent picture of him and he’s absolutely adorable!!! I don’t know why people have such a strong reaction to January, I think she’s awesome. And a really good actress, because Betty is such a bitch lmao

eryka on

The father is Jason Sudeikis.

Anonymous on

eryka- And you know that how?

Rebecca- Clearly you’ve never been around a four-month-old. 🙂

Megan- Excellent point about how Xander deserves privacy, too. And in fact, that could be why January hasn’t revealed the father yet (assuming that she didn’t use a sperm donor, of course). Maybe she would prefer that Xander hear what the deal is with his father from her rather than from the media (or from a classmate or someone else that heard it from the media).

I also want to say that I hope that every post about January isn’t going to be filled with comments about who the father is and why she hasn’t announced it. Because if that is the case, it’s going to get old really fast!

Rebecca on

Anonymous, get a life!!!

soph on

Rebecca, that is seriously the best you can do?

Janna on

@Tara — Really? Is that “usually the way it goes”? And your evidence of this is…………. ?????