Baby No. 5 On the Way for Kelsey Grammer

01/15/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Roger Wong/INF

It’ll be a bump debut at Sunday’s Golden Globes for Kelsey Grammer and wife Kayte Walsh Grammer — she is in her second trimester with their baby, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

A previous pregnancy for the couple — who wed in New York City last Februaryended in miscarriage in the fall of 2010.

This will be the fifth child for the Boss star, 56, and the first for Walsh Grammer, 32.

Grammer is already dad to son Jude, 7, and daughters Mason, 10, with Camille GrammerGreer, 19, with Barrie Buckner, and Spencer, 28, with Doreen Alderman. He’s also grandfather to Spencer’s son Emmett, 3 months.

— Sarah Michaud

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, yay! I’m so happy for them after the miscarriage. Congratulations!

Patti on

Just another woman to screw and another kid to screw up. He’s an absent father to the two small kids he already has. He definitely needs to spread that seed of his.

Guest on

4th baby mama, huh?

judy on

nice family values, kelsey…republican hypocrite.

Gigi on

Of course!! She’s got to have a little “insurance” policy for when the marriage ends. Duh!!

Maren Schultz on

This is not ok. 5 kids and 4 baby mamas is not ok.

Jen on

It looks like he is the one carrying around a bump.

Liz on

He’s such a disgusting creature! Team Camille!

Anonymous on

This is sick.. He is a disgusting man.. It’s only a matter of time before he cheats on this one too.

ziggy on

He’s sooo gross!

meghan on

I threw up a little in my mouth. This “man” is a pig.

Siera on

Can’t wait to witness the trainwreck…

Sandy on

What ever, don’t like him…or her either…..

inyourface on


klutzy_girl on

wow, i cannot believe some of the comments here. really?

i can’t hate him after what he’s gone through in his life:

i think it really screwed him up. i am excited for him and kayte. hopefully, the baby will be healthy and that is all that matters.

ella on

All I can say is ew. Any man at 56 impregnating a woman who’s 32, just seems perverted to me. He’s old enough to be her father. Shame on you both! There’s no future for either of you and on top of it, you’re bringing another child into the world with yet another woman Kelsey. When is enough, enough.

Debi on

Of course she is pregnant.. how will she get any money when she leaves his old ass if she doesn’t have kids

any on

Not a fan of kelsey at all!!!!!

Becky on

Yuck. Yuck. And Yuck. Kayte-if he’ll do it WITH you (cheat)… he will do it TO you. It’s only a matter of time, dear, before you are sitting in the same spot as the wives before you. Raising that baby by yourself while he is out messing around with someone else. But I agree, she needs a little “insurance” that will pay out big time if he leaves her. He’s just vile.

Denise on

Kelsey please stop

Grammerh8tr on

Dont respect the man after what he did to Camille. His NEW replacement has NO morals. How do you bring up a child when you treat woman like throw away dolls.

Penney on

People that don’t take care of kids from their previous marriages….should quit having babies! He’ll dump her when she starts aging too!

Leslee on

I just can’t bring myself to like Kelsey Grammer. I’m really afraid he is on the fast track to make a square peg fit into a round hole again, pardon any pun.

It’s hard to jump up and down with excitement over this one but I do wish for this child to have a happy and healthy life regardless.

Guest on

Ok, I am happy that they are happy and all but his new wife is only 4 years older then one of this own kids…gross. He needs to keep it in his pants and be a better father to the kids he already has. He’s a grandfather..jesus.

Kate on

And how many of those kids has he actually helped raise?

CParker on

Yuck… how does this guy keep getting women? He is a typical Republican hypocrite!

meghan on

Yes, Kelsey has gone through hell in his life, but that is no excuse to treat people in his life like garbage or to act like Johnny Appleseed. At some point you have to grow the hell up and rise above the things you’ve endured.

CParker on

He is a disgusting typical Republican hypocrite! What is wrong with these women who are attracted to him?

Lisa on

I think its sad that people are so judgemental because of their age. It’s not the age that bothers me, as my husband and I are many years apart. And neither one of us could be happier with anyone else.

That isn’t the problem, and Kelsey certainly has the financial means to care for his children. What bother’s me is the lack of values, the fact that he cannot seam to make any relationship work with any of these women and the public humiliations that occur from both sides.

Very sad………

Someone You Know on

Oy…5 kids…4 baby mamas…and I thought my family was whacked out and dysfunctional!

sheelly on

It saddens me that there are women on this planet who have such little self respect that they’ll marry and have children with men such as Grammer-addict, philanderer, absentee father, etc. The negative adjectives I could use to describe him are too numerous to list.

Liz on

Wow his child will be younger than his grandson. Let that sink in…

Angie on

Not surprised. He showed no class when he flaunted his affair and abandoned his kids. She’s a fool for having his child and letting this cycle continue.

Mia on

Gross – but hope the baby is healthy.

Stella Bella on

I am 32 years old, and, well, that colors my opinion of him. And her. Yuck.
I feel sorry for Spencer. Her “stepmom” is 4 years older than her.

leslye on

Happy for her but he is such an asshole. What is the saying if he will do with you he will do it to you!! It is just a matter of time before he will be on to the next and it is sad that he is just generating more children to have to go thru the pain of a break up. I hope for her sake that it works but she was having an affair with him when SHE KNEW he had a wife an most importantly CHILDREN who would be hurt by a broken marriage. WOMEN WHY DO YOU DO THIS!

Anonymous on

Like we know what happened in his marriage to camille. Even his older kids did not like her.
So if he is happy and content who are we all to judge….all the best.

Stephanie Moss on

Well,Kayte…..guess what you get when you have a man who will leave his wife and kids? That’s right, a guy who will leave his wife and kids!….So…..congradulations???

Aussie on

I do feel sorry for the life Kelsey Grammer has had, but you have to live with the past and it never leaves you. He needs to have counselling to help him with the past.

But do stop having more children with different wives, as it is not good for the children.

Catca on


You are getting a one sided story from Camille via her reality show. Reports are that Camille had been cheating on Kelsey for quite awhile before he cheated on her with Kayte. Seems to me that none of us were part of that marriage nor are we friends with either party which makes it a bit silly to be team Camille or team Kelsey. Suffice it so say we don’t know the true story so why not wish both Kelsey and Camille well and hope they both move on and find happiness.

m on

He makes me sick! How many baby mama’s does he have now? People magazine needs to stop putting these morally bankrupt people in the headlines.

Laila on

Wow…flight attendant really hit the jackpot…

tink on

great news after the miscarriage.

One can never be sure what goes on in others lives, but a recent episode of Piers Morgan opened my eyes to his awful losses AND the fact that perhaps Camille is not the wounded party she’s been playing.

Corrie on

I like Kelsey as an actor, but his personal life is a pretty hot mess. Wishing them the best, regardless. A baby is always a blessing.

emry on

Kelsey is such a disgusting disgrace, and completely inappropriate and clearly has no values, hes absent from his other kids lives, this poor woman obviously has something wrong with her because there is no good explanation of why shes with him in the first place, im team Camille!!!

Pinky Yye on

Goodness MAN! cut this stuff out already good god. and the women who . never mind . just non sense I respect and love this man so much but lately he is killing my feelings lol i will pray for him

richie3d on

he does all this because he can afford to, and the women just want a caretaker

Sophie on

OK i think he is wayyyyyyyyyy to freaky old to be a dad again i mean geez keep your pants up

Margo on

Another family for Kelsey. What joy! Another family to grow and abandon. More conservative offspring to claim moral superiority while committing multiple marriages and failing to be a father in his children’s lives. Well, isn’t this special.

Lynn on

I dont see why people are concerned with how many “baby mama’s” he has or had….he can afford it…..who are we to judge. At least he takes care of his kids

Amber on

I am not Team Camille. I am not team Kelsey. I think they both ignorant, vile human beings.

I hope the child is healthy and happy.

Tracy on

Gross! Looks a daughter standing next to her father.

Tony on

Why does it matter that he is a Republican? Stick to the point and your agrument. No One said a thing, when BILL Clinton was having affairs in the White House, and ran for re-election while being Impeached for the very same conduct. You who art without sin cast the first stone. Look at yourself before you condemn others!

Jen on

OK, because everyone seems to get on his case so much about having kids with different women. Welllll…..this is nothing that Charlie Sheen (5 kids by 3 women), Clint Eastwood (7 kids by 5 women), Mike Tyson (8 kids by at least five different women), Mick Jagger (7 kids by 4 women), and Kevin Costner (7 kids by 3 women) haven’t done, too…and there are more, shall I go on?! AND cheating happened in several of these cases, too. This happens all the time by celebrity men. Is it cool? Not at all. But is it right to villify just Kelsey Grammer? Not unless you villify the others too. Be fair people!

Jennifer on

Team Ca3mille

Van on

Look at those fine Republican values. 5th kid with 4th wife and the kid will be younger than his nephew.

Liza Frazer on

Looking at the comments above I notice that they are all female and by some of their remarks probably Democrats. Is this venom and nastiness coming from those Democrats who profess to be so fair minded?? Better that you should look in the mirror. You mayl see the mean-spirited person that you accuse others of being.

connie on

Pah leeze!!!! sick-sick-sick..So easy for many “stars” to marry,divorce,have babies..This chick is young & inlove w/his stardom & $$$$,having a baby only adds to her monthly allimony check,once they’re divorced!!Why you think she got preg!!?!!

Tammy Scott on


Cathi on

Hmmmm! Wondered how that happened (besides the normal way)! Talking about usage of a whole lot of Viagra! Because the coxafloppin! Bahahahahaha!

Mmo on

Do us all a favor, Kelsey and please get snipped. Such a dirtbag.

Prima on

Match made in heaven right there… *eyeroll*

Donna on

I have one word for Kelsie……..KARMA!!!

Daniela on

Debi – Exactly what I was thinking!

Most 32 yr old women are not interested in men over 20 yrs older than they are unless money is involved. What could they possibly have in common? But to each their own…. I guess.

J on

Judy grow up. Meghan, choke on it.

Jennifer on

Kelsey is a perfect example of a good, ol’ Republican. He talks
the talk, but does not walk the walk. He has children with 4 different
women and supports the conservative platform all things Republican.
He’s super rich and super arrogant. Take care of your children
Kelsey, be a real father and man-up. It’s a little late to live up
to those “Republican Family Values”, but it is not too late to
have real relationships with your children.

Just Sayin' on

She’s got to ensure that when he gets tired of her she has a paycheck, too bad that it’s a living, breathing one who will suffer the consequences of an absentee father.

Lynn on

He is a self centered person. I wouldn’t even call him a man. And his new wife is a gold digging home wrecker. She new he was married and she still slept with him. I wish there child well wishes because with parents like that the child will need them.

Allison on

She is a disgusting human being. She gladly had an affair with a married man with no hesitation, remorse or shame. She knew what she was doing from day one, secure her future financially. She continues to get pregnant intentionally so she can lock him down. She needs to remember that he cheated on his wife with her and will cheat on her soon enough but of course she won’t care because she’s looking at her and ONLY her bank account. . What goes around comes around. I have no respect you or anyone who knowingly cheats and breaks up a home!

DTT on

Give it a rest ole’ man! Enough already!

Leone on

What a jerk! I agree get snipped.

Journey on

I won’t watch his re-runs or anything else he may be in. The guy is a total puke and his wife is no better. She messed around with him knowing full well that he was married with children. She is just as disgusting as Eddie Cibrian and his now wife, Leann Rimes. Horrible people–selfish and think about no one but themselves.

Leone on

What a jerk! I agree that he needs to get snipped 🙂

Jeana on

Is he hoarding wives, divorces and kids?????????

Big Fan on

I cannot stand this guy after what he did to Camille. He’s a pig, and eventually, he’ll cheat on this woman too, if he already hasn’t. You reap what you sew. I feel sorry for the child born into such a mess.

JJ on

I like Camille. I no longer watch Kelsey Grammer…not necessarily because of Camille but because he’s soooo stupid. How many women do you need to impregnate? And after he hooks up with each one he says the best things about them and then all of a sudden it’s off and he calls them the devil and that he never loved them. Kelsey Grammer is delusional!! Therefore I no longer watch his shows. I have lost respect for him. Why doesn’t Kelsey Grammer just get a psychiatrist and save the reading public from hearing about all these mistakes he makes in life, which he blames on everyone but himself?

Kathy on

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…he’s ewwwwwwwwwwwww…always has been. Would not want him as the father to my children or myself.

chris on

I would hate to be his kid

DPR on

Kelsey needs to get a vasectomy…

mw on

Great. When the kid graduates high school, kelsey will be peeing himself on a walker.


kELSEY GRAMMER IS A GUY. That being said, he is a good actor, nice to look at, and has lived life his way. So what the fuss, we could use more GRAMMER in this seedy world. You go Kelsey…..

Nat on

OMG. I cannot even believe this. I mean congrats to them but four baby mamas? Thats a bit over the top. And he’s 56 years old!!!!!! The poor kid is going to be 15 and putting him in a nursing home I mean seriously….come on.

guest on

Good for them, as she suffered a miscarriage before.

But the age difference grosses me out. I am the same age as her and my father is like 5 years older then him . . .it’s disturbing and gross.

Clarissa Smith on

What does being a republican have to do with this? A republican or democrat for that matter is NOT perfect. Leave the political views out of this. This is about a famous person who has a bunch of kids from a bunch of mamas. Liberals are supposed to be all about non judgement and acceptance. Typical hypocritical liberals. Doesn’t it make you feel bad for someone to stay that about you? Quit judging everyone because of their belief system. If he doesn’t follow what he supposedly believes in that’s his issue. Most celebrities are liberals and I don’t see them following their beliefs. If he was liberal would this make this situation any better? Each person should be judged on being a person not their political views. This anger, hatred, and putting people into certain groups is whats dividing people.

Anonymous on

How about a vasectomy. Has he not heard about the population crisis?

Tiffany on

It’s not the age difference that bothers me. It’s the fact that he has NO morals whatsoever. Ending a 15 year marriage over the phone? If you’ve been with somebody that long, no matter what they’ve done, you owe them the dignity of telling them that to their face. And saying his kids will “get over it”? Even if Camille did cheat, at least she tried to make it work. Kelsey found something better and was immediately gone. Watch out Kayte-once a cheater, always a cheater. If he did it to her, he’ll do it to you do.

kendrajoi on

There two are disgusting. He’s a scumbag and she’s a gold-digging homewrecker. Gross.

Nicki on

4 baby mamas? This man needs a vasectomy. But smart insurance move for the wife. He is a Republican like me -what about our family values? He is a disgrace to Republicans. He’s a pig. GROSS KELSEY! This wife better be prepared. He cheats on all of his wives…doesn’t seem to care about the sanctity of family. Poor children!

aspidv on

Nobody knows the true about their marriage! Therefore I will not crucify him. So Congratulation for baby #5, hope this marriage last!

Also why is everybody mixing politic, moral and celebrity life style? Our society is full of cheater, children out-wedlock and not moral value! WHAT IS THE SURPRISE HERE??????????? At least they are married!

P.S. Jen well said!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them both! In the spirit of living life each day, having no regrets, and living for the present- I am very happy for them both. Until we Walk in their footsteps, there is no sense in judgement. My husband is 22 years older than me, we have other children, and I would hate for anyone to not be happy for a new baby if we were to have one. :O)

J in NYC on

Yuck. What some women will do for a little cash. Sad. She always has that ginormous silly smily expression. And what has she done to her hair? That carrot top does nothing for her. The pair is just too much to stomach.

Pete on

It’s only a matter of time that Kelsey does the same thing that he did to Camille to her. I have lost respect for him and I cannot believe that he did that to poor Camille and their children. From real housewives of beverly hills, it seems that Kayte Walsh removed all of Camille’s belongings from their home and shipped it to her.

Camille was such a good wife to Kelsey, better than Kayte can and ever will be. She stood by Kelsey when he was at his worst. She helped him through his alcohol and drug addiction and she abandoned her acting career to raise a family. How could he do this to her? Well, we will see what happens in the next 13 years. If anyone still cares.

shrimperdan on

Such a horred man…

christa on

I am team Camille.

Stella Bella on

Yes, Kelsey has gone through hell in his life, but that is no excuse to treat people in his life like garbage or to act like Johnny Appleseed. At some point you have to grow the hell up and rise above the things you’ve endured.

– meghan on January 15th, 2012

I totally agree.

Louise on

I can understand Kayte wanting to get pregnant. She’s at that age. It’s unfortunate, however, for the baby to have a father who is old and who doesn’t really care about raising children.

Anonymous on

Clarissa Smith, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you for saying it much more succinctly than I. But now that I see these hateful Liberal comments, it makes me even more happy to be a Conservative.

JessicaB on

4 baby moma’s??? he an lil wayne can start a club. the “i can’t keep it in my pants club”.

jamie on

It’s unfair to the child to give him/her such an old father. He has no business making babies at his age.

Anon on

Some people need to quit procreating!

Shannon on

FOUR baby mamas? Time for a vasectomy, dude. Good grief.

Amanda on

What’s with all these guys in Hollywood fathering children well into their fifties? Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should!

Kaycee on

This is wrong on so many levels. He was 24 years old when she was born! I think he’s a really poor role model for a father. Pretty certain this marriage won’t last either and another broken family for him to deal with. Marry someone your own age and enjoy the children you have and quit repopulating the earth!

Kris on

Enough with the hateful comments. It’s a life and a baby. Congrats to them both!I hope they have a healthy baby & a happy life together!

pookiewookie on

Another throw away wife who is most likely a gold digger since shes way too young for him. Why is he having more children at his age?

juan on

ridiculous…. wheres his (or hers) family values

His old enough to be the kids grandfather and she’s clearly in love with his money!

Get a vasectomy, then he can no longer make another female pregnant!!!

LaLa on

I don’t care! I am going to feel bad for that baby. He is a jerk & she is just as bad.

disgusted on

I loved watching the old Frasier shows and his new show. But, he is just too much. The person is so disgusting, I can no longer overlook him and enjoy his work. For me, the final straw was his bashing of Obama and suggesting a platform of Dream (which he could not define while Hope was well defined.) He has joined the ranks of those whose position is just to disagree. We can’t survive many more of these.

Smokey on

All of those above negatives comment about Kelsey and his wife must be sort are all angry EX’S. Just ignore negative comment, Kelsey.

Postive comment Good for Kelsey and Kate baby on the way I wish them both a best of luck and happiness. Congrulation Kelsey winning Golden Globe award.

At least Camille did not win any Golden Globe awards at all not very good actress. Not a fan of Camille she look like Mortica Addam to me.

klutzy_girl on

Kelsey apparently revealed backstage they’re having twins!

meghan on

Kayte better be careful when hiring babysitters.

bcuzisaidso on

she’ll be the ‘ex’, just like the others, in no time!

Emily on

Its kind of disgusting that his new baby mama is only 4 years older then his son (spencer)! And honestly when your grandchildren are older then YOUR kids, its time to give up the ghost!

Siera on

@Emily. Spencer Grammer is a woman, so she is his daughter, not his son. But I definetly agree with you that it is disgusting that his wife is only 4 years older than his daughter, and his 5th child will be younger than his grandchild.

Laura on

5th baby with 4th woman. Sounds like your typical conservative Christian. Hypocrite!

Lorelei on

As a mom who had a late miscarriage with her first I wish all the best to them. The political rhetoric is truly getting ridiculous and remember no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors in a marriage.

Lady on

People talk about Lil Wayne & this disgusting man is no different………..typical

Dottie C on

I’m sorry but this man should really stop passing his genes along.

Mamie on

Disgusting man.

River on

Why are people bringing up the fact that he’s a republican? I’m a republican and I think Kelsey Grammar is repulsive. Him being a Republican has nothing to do with his behavior. There are good and bad republicans just as there are good and bad democrats. Besides, being Republican is NOT about “family values”. That’s what the religious right wing nutjobs want people to believe, but that is not the truth. Republicanism is all about a SMALL government, low taxes, and maximum liberty. Many Republican politicians PRETEND to be religious, but they are just trying to cater to the stupid religious voters. Republicanism has nothing to do with morals or family values or whatever else people may think it has to do with. Democrat = big government verging on socialism; Republican = small government, pro-capitalism. That’s all.

Isabelle on

Well Kate has a pernament meal ticket. These two disgust me. How long do we have to endure this man’s midlife crisis??? I mean your child will be younger than his nephew!!! And don’t tell me that Kate is not there for anything other than money and warped sense of fame. I need a long shower after reading this and possibly throw up alittle.

sunnysys on

Good grief….again…grammer needs to be a grandpa..and stop repeating being a dad…time to hand over the torch…

Deanna on

What can you say , he can afford her
Older man with money finds younger sugar daddy
I cant say I blame her , why if he is willing to shell out the money
why not ,
Whats really funny is the old guy thinks she is in love with him
In the end he will say whe went ofter him for the money

I had a room mate who used to hook up with old rich guys because they took them on expensive vations and bought them things but most keep a young lover

In the end a fifty year old is never as hot in bed as a guy your own age

Deanna on

He will eventually dump her but hey she probally will be glad to get rid of the old guy and date a guy her own age

Still when there is that big of a age difference ,neither of them are looking for soul mates
She gets a sugar Daddy and he gets a younger girl
Thats what his money buys and if he loses all his money she will
probally miss him

mari on

2 uglies

Lisa on

He’s a PIG! He’ll be onto the next one in 4 years….and he’ll never look back…its his M.O. He probably calls it creative license….PIG I refuse to watch anything he’s in again….Did you notice all of the people not applauding last nights win….

Catca on

Based on these comments, women only marry men who are rich because of their money – never for love. The age difference is just as big for Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas and they had children together that they are happily raising and the two of them appear to be very much in love. And yes, Michael Douglas cheated on his first wife a lot!

Kelsey had some drug and alcohol issues earlier in his life and Camille is credited for helping him clean up his life but something went wrong in that marriage long before he met Kayte. Why is it so hard to believe that he found happiness with someone and that maybe she loves him and wants to start a family of her own with him, irrespective of the money.

From what they said on the Piers Morgan interview, Kayte didn’t throw herself at Kelsey – he had to chase her.

Pat on

I can’t stand him anymore.!! His politics have nothing to do with his personal life. I wonder how long this marriage will last?

JC on

Well said River!

Cris Frantz on

They met on an airplane, how romantic that must have been. I know it’s always two sides to every story, but this self-centered man thinking only of his physical needs and desires, chose to begin a life in New York with a woman he met on an airplane !! Did he have temporary memory loss? He already had a family in Beverly Hills !! And for MANY months he stopped all communication with his two beautiful children that he shared with his then wife Camille. How can you just walk away from your children? It appears as though you are getting quite good at this Kelsey – how does it feel knowing you can turn your love for someone on and off? How does it feel knowing that you have children that were crying & crying wondering what they did because their Daddy doesn’t bother with them anymore? Kelsey, are you proud of yourself? What a man you are, what a man!

JMO on

She should of just went to a sperm bank and got a sperm donor. Basically gonna turn out to be the same thing. Difference is she’ll get money out of this scenario!

HappyTim on

What would you call a woman who had five children with four different men? Should we call a man who has five children with four different women the same thing?

Shari on

I used to really like him, but WTF? This guy needs serious emotional and mental help. What a jerk, having all these kids and then just abandons them. I WILL NOT WATCH his new show.

Bonnie on

Gosh Almighty they have both took a serious beating with the ugly stick. I feel sorry for those babies.

sandra on

Congrats??? Seriously? She’s a scumbag for messing around with a married man with two kids at home? And Kelsey? He is a seriously disturbed individual who uses women and casts them aside when a young model comes along. His twisted past has seriously messed with his mind. This man does not need to have any more children! He should parent the children he has and stop breeding. Seriously.

aa915 on

He’s disgusting and creepy, and she must be pathetically desperate to be willing to settle for a three-time loser.

Connie on

I always forgot his daughter is Greer, I remember Greer from when she was 13-14? and she’s bestfriends with American Junior girls Taylor and Tori Thompson

Karma on

I hope he treats her like garbage too in the end. Karma’s a bitch. Women must stop disrespecting each other and thinking they’re special (unlike the last woman) enough to avoid bad treatment from bad men.

Anonymous on

He needs to get fixed. Stop reproducing. It does not make you younger or more ‘hip’. Date women closer to your age and not your childrens babysitters age. Also lets just try concentrating on making it to your most recent childrens high school graduation. You’re old. Stop, for their sake.