Kelsey Grammer ‘Looking Forward’ to Twins

01/15/2012 at 09:00 PM ET
Jason Merritt/Getty

Kelsey Grammer is about to be on double duty.

The Boss star seemed thrilled to gush about expectant wife Kayte Walsh, 32, and announce that they are having twins.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting these new arrivals,” Grammer, 56, told reporters backstage at the Golden Globe Awards after his win.

“Fatherhood’s always different, based upon the character that comes into your life. They arrive and tell you what you have to do.”

Much of his excitement stems from adoring the person who is carrying the new additions.

“[Kayte is] extraordinary,” Grammer says.

“She’s one of the most loving, amazing, warm human beings I’ve ever met. She’s funny and serious all at the same time. She’s an amazing person and I think she’ll blow [the kids] away.”

— Dahvi Shira

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krewcat on


Ali on

Double the paycheck for her!

klutzy_girl on

Well, I was wondering if/when there was going to be more twins in the boom! I’m actually surprised there aren’t more with the number of pregnant celebs right now.

look on

What about the old arrivals he left behind when he decided to cheat on his wife and start a new life in NYC?

Mamie on

How many wives and children does this announcement bring the total up to? I don’t know whether he’s nucking futz, a sleaze or both.

Julianna on

While I disapprove of how this relationship started, I wish Kayte a healthy and safe pregnancy.

River on

Both trashy. Hopefully she has another miscarriage.

klutzy_girl on

River – WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Why would you wish a miscarriage on anyone? That is a horrible thing to say.

Ali on

Eeeeek @ River. I dislike both of them but that is kind of crossing a line, don’t you think??? Yikes.

Jurnee on

Both are disgusting! I feel so bad for the kids he already has!!

Kylie on

@ River WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL!!! Those babies are innocent in all this

RKF on

Wow – some disgustingly judgmental folks on here. Who are we to judge someone we don’t know? And, @River – what a depraved, abominable comment. I wish her a happy, and healthy pregnancy and the best of luck to both of them.

Stella Bella on

Wow, that’s depressing news. Two kids dragged into this instead of just one. How sad.

look on

Wishing a miscarriage on a woman is abominable. And while judging others is wrong, some of us feel anger over the way he dumped his two kids after deciding he wanted a new life. So when we hear him gushing about his eagerness to meet the “two new arrivals,” we can’t help but express frustration over his abandonment of the two children he already has. Perhaps, however, it’s best to keep our mouths close since we don’t actually know any of these people.

Isabelle on

“She’s one of the most loving, amazing, warm human beings I’ve ever met. She’s funny and serious all at the same time. She’s an amazing person ” Did he not say that about Camille too while having an affair with this one??? And when he bounces to the next TWEEN he will call her manipulative witch while these poor kids will have to ‘get over’ their dad’s callous behavior. Just sad, I feel for those unborn children.

missnorcal on

I wish her a healthy pregnancy, but the whole thing kind of makes me ill. I wish those babies a happy future.

River on

Judge me all you want, I don’t care. That’s how I feel. The world would be better off if more trashy people had miscarriages instead of bringing more filth into the world.

Its not as if I’m wishing death on a live baby. Its an embryo at this point. It wouldn’t be a tragedy if she miscarried. Women willingly miscarry (abortion) their embryos every day, so what’s the big deal? The child will be better off not being born than being born to unstable parents and a life of suffering.

Lori on

River, you strike me as the sort of individual who just likes to stir up trouble with such comments; as if you’re not aware of how awful you sound when wishing such a horrible thing upon a mother (regardless of who she is). I believe the “blogosphere” calls people like you Trolls.

For the rest of the users I suggest you ignore her blatant, attention-seeking nonsense because then we’ll just be giving this desperate attempt more fuel for the fire.

look on

@River, how could you wish death on something that wasn’t alive? The fact that you can naturally means it is alive, just obviously not fully formed.

In addition, it’s probably best for the future fully formed boy or girl—and not you—to decide for themselves whether it’s better not being born than being born to unstable parents.

Vanessa on

We can all pass judgement on these people but its the information that is flawed, we dont really know what these people are like because the media decides what we find out and whether its true or not is another story. I dare say no one who has commented so far actually knows these two people in real life and are only going by what they have heard or read. I say congrats to them and I hope that these children are well cared for and loved no matter whom their parents may be.

And @ River, you are not even worth a rebuttal.

Leslee on

I understand that trauma can really steer people in all the wrong directions. Kelsey Grammer has his pick of treatment and therapy, most women and most any living situation he chooses, yet he still stays on the crazy train.

What I take away from all this is that he couldn’t waste one minute of time in getting the old marriage out at the curb and on to the new one, no matter what the cost, financially or otherwise. That doesn’t bode well, at all.

His wife may adore his every thought, breath and step now, but once those babies are born, it may very well change. Multiples are very demanding of time, even with help, time taken away from admiring his every thought and word. Once she stops filling in all the gaps, blanks and empty spots when the babies are born, the marriage may slide.

Hope for the best.

mary on

River SEEK HELP !!!!!!!! NUF said!

christa on

Cannot stand this pompous a$$ and his cheap trick.

Tara on

@ River – Seems to me like the world would be a better place if people like you were aborted!!

melissa on

Congrats to Kayte and Kelsey! It is amazing how many people are blessed with twins. I hope Kayte has a great pregnancy, she looked happy last night on the globes.

As to River- I respect your right to speech and totally know there is a debate on when life starts. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t claim an embryo that I am providing for on my taxes lol. Anyways people take stuff so seriously on this site.

hahzu7 on

wishing someone to have a miscarriage is the most evil, mean, disgusting and admonible thing a person could wish for. Especially to those of us that have had them. No human being should wish that a baby dies based on the sins of the parents. WHATEVER he and his ex went through does not warrant you wishing the current wife unhappiness or health issues. Just because he left his ex, doesn’t mean that the ex-wife was so PERFECT. just looking at her on TV gives me a few reasons of why. Judge not be judged, live your own life and makes comments on it because regardless of what you say here, you cannot be in a happy place to wish bad things on others. you should be ASHAMED.

Anonymous on

Why isn’t there a flag button here for comments to be removed?

Trolls go away!

SLB on

Double ewww!

tamara on

Dear River, I think you should go see a psychologist because obviously you have some issues… You need help! and I’m saying it in the nicest way possible! Good luck to you!

Sarah K. on

River, it’s also trashy to wish for someone to have a miscarriage. Did you really think that made you sound classy?

jennifer on

I personally know Kayte and Kelsey and I am just amazed that you people can judge them when you have never even met them. This pregnancy is a blessing and if you even remotely knew anything about them besides what you read in the tabloids, you would know that they are just two wonderful people that have finally found true love. She IS NOT a gold digger….he IS NOT a sleaze. Get to know someone before you can pass such harsh judgements on them…..

cb on

More kids for him to ignore, while he’s off finding his next wife.

meghan on

Jennifer, get better friends.

Maddie on

Wow, I cannot believe River wishing miscarriage on these two. I wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on my worst enemy.

Anyway, congrats to these two. Think what you may about Kelsey having more kids, but these are going to be his wife’s first children, so that’s exciting and fun for her.

PDXsara on

Wonder if she used Kelsey’s left over pub die to die her hair that awful orange color.

MollyF on

River, you’re disgusting. Wishing a miscarriage on someone, just because you think they are trashing is horrible. I wish would ban you for saying that.
I’m not going to judge Kelsey or Kayte, because I don’t know them. How can people judge those we don’t know? I don’t agree with what he did, but it could be scewed by the media and The Real Housewives show producers.

J on

Wow River. Classy…

J on

@Look. You don’t need to explain the hateful, judging comments. Just wish the woman well on her pregnancy and ignore Kelsey if he bothers you that much.

J on

Jennifer, just ignore the trolls here. Meghan, get a life…

Jurnee on

I’m sorry, I agree with Meghan. I won’t say how, but members of my family have personally met Mr. Grammer. Let’s just say Meghan is right on.

meghan on

J, stop telling people what they can and cannot explain. Fricking hall monitor.

Julianna on

River clearly hasn’t ever gone through, or witness closely, the pain a miscarriage causes.

emily on

Remember everyone…he cheated on his wife. He didn’t murder your parents. Ease up.

Shannon on

IVF alert! Ridic!

Nat on

I thought one baby was gonna be bad but two?!?! Those poor babies!! They’re gonna be 15 and putting their own father in a nursing home…..i mean Kayte won’t be around at that time…he’ll move on by then!!!!!

MollyF on

Can we all stop judging them? Nobody knows them. I’m not a fan of Kelsey’s, but I think it’s rude to judge them. They didn’t attack you personally. Kelsey does have an ego, but I’m not going to bad muth him for that. Flame me if you want, but that’s my opinion.

I used to like this site more when it was privately owned before People bought it out. They should have some moderators to take some of the comments (like Rivers) off.

Danielle on

I congrats to Kayte but Kelsey is such a prick and jerk. I don’t care how much of an asshole your spouse is, you never cheat. Ever. I’m mad at Kayte because she knew he was off limits and went for it anyway. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Jillian on

Tara, your comment is just as bad as Rivers. I can’t believe the things people say. I often wonder if people feel about their comments……or how they would feel if their children said them.

I don’t know Kelsey. I know he cheated and I think cheating is horrible, but we don’t know the whole story. Regardless, him cheating has nothing to do with these babies. I will not pass judgement on her because I don’t know what she knew…..maybe she thought his marriage was over. I don’t really care…..not my marriage. I will not be trashy and make trashy comments like a bunch of you.

Isabelle, so he can’t love again? That makes no sense. Millions of people make comments like that about the person they love. Millions of people have more than one love. Did he go about it the wrong way? Sure, but nothing wrong with him feeling that way or saying it!

TJ on

Yea he’s enthralled right now but in a few years, he will move on and have more kids without a full-time father and an intact family.

I bet if there are girls he will give them a boy name. He seems to dislike girly names. I think he would prefer to have boys as he seems to have a dislike for most women (except when he first “falls in love”)

Anonymous on

@Shannon, what on earth do you mean? If indeed they did IVF, it may in fact be the least ridiculous (or relevant to anyone but them) of the facts in the story.

Shannon on

“Kelsey Grammer ‘Looking Forward’ to Twins”

And I’m sure his wife is looking froward to the child support.

Darcy on


AmandaC on

He gives me the skeevy’s, and she’s an idiot (sorry) for being with him, oh I’m sorry, forgot, there in love (for real).

Carrie on

Truck + River = Roadkill

samantha on

at 56, Kelsey Grammer still can’t refer to his children as that…they’re ‘characters’ who will be ‘blown away’ by their mother..!! He’s disgusting…he doesn’t know the first thing about being a REAL father!! UGH!!

jennrae on

The real crime is Kelsey Grammer winning the Globe that was rightfully Bryan Cranston’s.

Also, I can’t help but think Camille’s whackadoo behavior the first season of RHoBH was orchestrated by Kelsey to win favor for himself once he left her. It’s easier to act crazy than sane, which she has been this season. I can see him suggesting to her that an outrageous character would get her more screen time, press, leverage with producers. And in return, Kelsey could leave Camille while the world wonders what took him so long. If even a little of that is true, he is vile.

Camille on

I feel sorry for Kayte…she doesn’t know what she’s in for. I give it a year, two at best. Good luck to both of them, they’ll need it.

Georgina Chrissanthakopoulos on

For goodness sake, men like this are just disgusting to say the least. So this wife is good. Don’t tell me he had children with the other wives because he hated them. Come on grow up. Sad for the kids. Worse for Mr. Grammer who doesn’t realize what a fool he really is.

Melissa on

Say what you will, I feel desperately sorry for these children that he already has and the ones that are on their way. The one thing that you better know going in is there is no room for “selfish” in parenting. That belief easily eliminates 90% of Hollywood.

Jamie on

Congrats to them both

A. on

Kelsey Grammar is a schwein (German spelling) and his wife is a whore. Hopefully their two children will grow up with better moral compasses than their parents. I don’t see how these two people expecting children is considered good news.

Andrea on

I will not wish anything bad for KElsey or his wife hope the babies will be healthy. All I will say to the new wife just remember how you got Kelsey.When he leaves you for another woman you will then know how a wife and mother feels your turn will come.

Terri on

They’ll get theirs, but in the meantime I hope the babies are healthy.

mg on

god, that woman is hideous. they make a great pair.

WhyNot on

Is he not going through a child custody battle? He wanted one not both kids. As far as I’m concerned, he is the one who should have been neutered. He is dropping litters faster than an alley cat and with the same morals.
In a few years, it will be Kayte’s turn to go through child custody battles. How is it possible for women to pick up a sleazy, stray dog and think she will be the one to change them. Once a stray always a stray. It would have been better for her to have a sperm donor and in vitro, bypass the suffering and go straight to the joy of motherhood. Of course, if she had, she would miss out on the alimony and support pay’ts. Hollywood sure does breed odd bedfellows!

Stormy T. on

Just what the world needs, more fertility twins. He has 3 daughters and a son from 3 different women. One of the older daughters doesn’t even speak to him at all. So now he’s up to 6 kids by 4 different women. Wow, I think Kelsey must really be a rock star and not an actor.

Mrs Mac on

I don’t where to begin…..Does Kelsey even know the name of his other kids? He cheated on Camille and their two children and then abandoned them. Now he’s fighting with Camille for custody of their children WHY? Because he’s pure evil!! Kelsey thinks everyone can be replaced with no regard for anyone feelings.
He should have a shrink on speed dial!!

amelia on

Kelsey is a sleezball. A cheating D-O-G!!! I am at a loss who still supports this man after the way he acts. Again, when are you who ask “who are we to judge”, you know you are on the People site, right?? You know Kelsey is a celebrity, right? That’s what we do on this site & other like them. This man abandoned he two children with one of his ex-wives & now he is excited about two new ones. It seems to me he tires of woman and children very easily. Again D-O-G!!

deedee on

First of all HE DIDNT DITCH his 2 other children..He wanted to gain Custody of them. SO for those of you who are not Informed, you should educate yourself before you post such Blather!

And on that note, I will say,

deedee on

And I cant imagine why PEOPLE is allowing some of these disgusting comments here..

Sophie on

Wow, he’s like a real dog. He breeds and then moves on to the next.

Amy on

I understand how awkward it must be to meet the love of your life when you are already married…. That said you have to stay true to your previous commitments as just because you have money doesn’t excuse acting like you are can live with a different set of rules than others.

A. on

Kelsey tried gaining custody of only one of his children with Camille, rather than both of them. Get a clue, deedee.

Whocares on

Ragmags like People exist so people can judge other people. Those blogging and commenting are judging. No ones judgement is superior to the anothers. Celebrity and twins go hand and hand like fertility treatments and celebrities. This lady just had a miscarriage now she is pregnant with twins?? Maybe what River should of said was that if you can’t get pregnant naturally without medical intravention then you should not be having babies. Nature plans things for a reason.