Mark Wahlberg: I Take My Kids to Get My Tattoos Removed

01/14/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
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Love hurts — and Mark Wahlberg is making sure his kids know it.

After acquiring “six or seven” tattoos over the years, the actor is in the process of getting them removed in the presence of two important people: Ella Rae, 8, and Michael, 5½.

“[All the tattoos] have meaning to me, but it’s both personal and professional,” the Contraband star, 40, told Today on Monday of his decision.

“I don’t want my kids getting tattoos. And I wanted them to be [removed] by the time I did The Fighter because putting make-up on and covering them up has always been a pain in the butt.”

In an effort to deter his children from getting any ink of their own, Wahlberg makes the trips to the office a family affair.

“I’ve taken my two older kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is and what I have to go through,” he reveals.

From body art to life in the limelight, the doting dad is pulling out all the stops to prevent his kids from following in his footsteps. In addition to his onscreen roles, the father of four is also a producer and restaurant owner.

“I don’t want my kids to be in the entertainment business either, which is why I’m trying to build a lot of [separate] businesses,” Wahlberg says. “If they feel [passionate about acting], and that’s the decision they want to make, then I’ll support them. But I’ll do everything I can to point them in another direction.”

Also dad to Brendan Joseph, 3, and Grace Margaret, 2, Wahlberg admits it’s his youngest son that has him reminiscing about the younger years.

“When my son looks at me and says, ‘Daddy, go out of the room. I want to watch this by myself,’ I know he’s up to something,” he shares. “So I’ll walk out one door [and] come around the other when he’s on the counter trying to grab the scissors or the knife.”

Recently, however, Brendan was too quick even for Wahlberg’s watchful eyes. “He got a hold of his antibiotics and ate three. Of course I go into a panic attack and I called our pediatrician and he said, ‘Don’t worry. The worse he’ll get is diarrhea, he’ll be fine,'” he recalls.

“And I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’ [Brendan’s] like, ‘They taste good, Daddy!’ My youngest son is the one I really have to watch.”

Despite the chaos, at the end of the day, Wahlberg’s focus is on one thing: family.

“I’ve always said, ‘If I succeed as a businessman and I fail as a father, then it’s all been for nothing,'” he explains. “That’s, by far, the most important role that I’ll ever play in my life … being a parent and a husband.”

— Anya Leon

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Karen on

I’ve heard that the tattoo removal business is booming, especially with women removing their tramp stamps once they become mommies 😉

Brett R on

“Tramp stamps” lol. Yeah, I would invest big $$$ in tattoo removal. Total turnoff on women, which is just my opinion, but I doubt I’m the only one. Watch for the backlash in a couple years. It’s like splashing mud on a Monet. Tats are U-G-L-Y, people– stop the madness!

JessicaB on

is he the one cheating on his wife? or do i have him confused w/ someone else?

Karen on

You have him confused with someone else.

Karen on

What’s wrong, Brett? You think there’s something unattractive about someone having green cartoons permanently dyed on their body? Having cartoony art on your skin you wouldn’t dare hang on your wall? Nothing lovlier than a female celebrity in a beautiful dress with their life’s motto tattooed all over her arm 😉

Susie on

JessicaB, you must have him confused with someone else. He’s pretty dedicated to his wife and kids.

Andie on

You have him confused with someone else.

Mary on

Wow, what a judgemental crowd. Acceptance, people. Acceptance. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years in many different cultures. So lets not judge. We all have the right to do whatever we please with our own bodies and that´s that. Brett, darling, the same way that you hate tattoos, there are plenty of people out there who like them. Its all personal taste. Dont date a tattooed girl, then. its that simple. Lets all be pro life, right? We each take care of our own. 🙂

Donna on

I have many tattoos all in a similar theme…none of which are trashy or ugly or even unsightly…

Cindy on

Imagine women at age 75 with saggy arms and droopy heart tattoos on them. YUCK!

Just Lise Just Lise on

Next he will be applying for Saint hood. Tattoos are considered an art form and a form of expression. Sorry Marky Mark, but your kids will get tattoos if they really want them. You should know , better than anyone, that kids don’t listen to their parents. If they did, you wouldn’t have done jail time!

Jessica on

Priorities Straight = Good dad

Lori on

I hate tattoos and I hope the next generation will be so sick of seeing them on their parents that they won’t want them at all!

Shelley on

I think getting tattoos is ridiculous! They look so trashy and I can see it now, here is an 80 year old man or woman with all these wrinkly looking tattoos on their bodies! Wow, what a sight that will be right? Girls and women getting them and then wearing a wedding dress with these gross looking marks on their body. I bet that is a great sight to see too! Why anyone would put any kind of ink or anything on their skin is beyond me. GROSS!

mandy on

That is very refreshing to hear he is so down to earth and involved with his family and wife. The is true, if you fail as a parent you are a failure.

D on

I have a few tatts. I waited 12 years for the first one because if it’s going to become a part of you, it has to mean something. Now there are those who get tatts without even thinking about the years down the line. To those people: Think before you ink. But to the ones calling all tatts trash, don’t judge. We are taught to never look a skin color to define a person, right? Same thing with ink. It’s a very personal choice. Don’t hate.

Patricia on

If he no longer likes his tattoos, he should have them removed. As for myself, I like what I have, and I don’t cower to the kinds of abusive people trying to work their aggressions out on others here.

Suzie on

Different strokes for different folks people. If you don’t like tats, then don’t get them…simple as that. Yes we change our minds as time goes on, but I have no problems with people who have tats…it’s a personal choice. When you’re 80, everything droops and not just your tats!

me on

Geeze guys it’s not about tatoos being the worse thing in the world. It’s just that they are not something to be taken lightly and they can truly make a difference in the workplace. He’s trying to show his kids just how big a deal it is to get them removed, which I think is great because they’ll think about it twice before getting a tatoo just because it’s cool.
Overall Mark seems like a great caring parent to me. 🙂

Lucy on

Tattoos don’t make you trash, but that doesn’t mean they are sexy to some either.

I don’t care what someone does with their body, but I would find them a complete turnoff on women and on men I wouldn’t want more than one maybe two and they have have to be small and meaningful, not ‘hehe we got drunk and I could only afford this’.

I like M.W. and commend what he is doing, he is trying to be a good role model for his kids. Isn’t that what you should be doing as a parent? Really like how he leads his life and puts himself and his image out there now. Seems like he was really learned from the past.

Anonymous on

why in the world would anyone get a tattoo–to permanently mark your body is beyond me–I think it’s the reality ink shows that have made this a craze

Robin on

@ Patricia, I agree with you 100%.

Heychica111 on

Ahh, so he joins the list of the do as I say but not as I did parents. He’ll be squeaky clean and boring now (must be trying imitate Madonna who seems to have forgotten how low class she was to get famous). And tattoos are no less attractive then 60 year olds w/ implants, botox, and fake tans (see Sly Stallone and every “real” housewife).

HateTats on

Tattoos = branding of the uneducated lower class.

cb on

I’m glad to hear the trend is turning around. Have yet to see one that remotely resembles “art.”

Sandi on

While not a fan of magazine tattoos, those being random ink with no originality or no personal meaning, I do think tattooing can be a true expression of self. I have tattoos, 10 of them in all and every single one of them hold great meaning. All are significant of a lesson I’ve learned, a struggle I’ve conquered, a journey I’ve taken.

For me, the pain and the permanency is every bit as symbolic as the tattoo itself. Life lessons hurt, they dig deep and they last forever. Will my tattoos look funny to you when I’m 80 years old? Very likely! but then again.. I didnt get inked for you. I got inked for me.

mon on

so many haters in here i see,

Dorothy on

dick i hope his kids get tattoos

Jane on

They have more than enough kids, what, 4 or so? Hope someone has gotten “fixed”, sounds like he’s going to have trouble with having so many already.

PA on

A 3 year old that can swallow pills? More likely chewy vitamins I suspect!

Joanna on

That’s the most popular comment from the “no tats” crowd…”Imagine how they are gonna look when your skin is sagging at 70!”

Call me crazy BUT…Dear Lord in Heaven, PLEASE tell me I have my crap together enough at 70 that I don’t care what YOU think?!?! At 70, as long as my husband (of almost 20 years) still thinks they are hot THAT is all that matters…cause I know, no matter how much they sag or wrinkle, my tats will still be just as meaningful to me, then, as they are now!

And tip of the hat to Mark Wahlberg…even though his kids may decide to get tats anyway, he will know, in his heart, that he did all he could to discourage it. That’s a good man in my book.

AnnEGetYourGun on

A fried of mine wanted to get a tattoo and wanted me to go with her and get one myself. I told her as I have told my children. Over age they grow quite unattractive and fade and what we do in our youth we live with forever, so no I would not join her in getting a tattoo.

Good for you, Mark, and all others who decide to remove them and especially those who are strong enough to say NO!

robjh1 on

Tats are wack! I actually so Mark headed out in NYC to a tat parlor to get one of his tats.

cindy on

I have tattoos and they have a great meaning to me and they are in good taste they are for my son i understand that not everyone likes them but alot of us do so each to their own.

Angelina on

The more you try to prevent your kids from doing things, the more they will want to go do getting tattoos.

I’ve always been a creative type and my mom pretty much prevented me from getting them because she was so judgmental about them. She and my dad are both passed on now and I have four of them. There is nothing wrong with creative expression, and if his kids choose to have them some day, that is their own decision.

noam on

after reading all the comments about what tattoos will look like when the person is seventy, i had to go check. so i went downstairs, where my eighty seven year old grandfather was watching tv and asked if i could look at his tattoos. he got them when he was in the navy, during world war ii. one he got in san francisco, of my grandmother’s name, and two he got in new zealand, where he was recovering after being wounded. one is a maori tribal ring meant to signify strength and the other is the longitude/latitude of where the battle took place. i asked him if he regretted getting them, and he said no. they may be nothing to someone else, but they come from a very important time in his life. the ink may have faded some, but their importance hasn’t.

i agree that some tattoos look foolish, and they may very well come to be regrets. but the vast majority of people who get tattoos get them for meaning. if you wouldn’t judge the rose garden you plant in memory of someone, why should you judge the rosebud tattooed on someone’s wrist in memory of someone?

Dee on

Wow!! Let me say first that I have three tattoos. They each mean a lot to me as they are symbolic of something important in my life. I am morally strict woman. Guess I am just someone who doesn’t care who judges me for my choices! Who in the world cares what my skin my look like in another 40 years??? If I live that long, they will still hold the same meaning the tattoos did when I got them!! If my having tattoos means that I don’t date a judgmental person, I will be a happy girl!!!

If my having ink makes me trashy, then trashy I am! I accept myself flaws, tattoos, and all! It is very easy to stand on the outside and judge someone else. Loving someone is still way, way more important!!!

Anonymous on

uneducated and lower class?! are you kidding me? there are people out there (who i know personally) that work for the government or law that are extremely intelligent people… most likely smarter than you.

how dare you say that just becuase someone did something that you disagree with makes them uneducated and lower class? i am not saying that i do or don’t have any tattoos. thats not the point. i just don’t understand how someone can be so small minded. it honestly boggles my mind…

Shannon on

They’re only tattoos. What’s the big deal? Mark did worse things in his younger years that he will have to explain to his children someday:

(from wikipedia) “Wahlberg claims to have been in trouble 20–25 times with the Boston Police Department as a youth. By the age of 13, Wahlberg had developed an addiction to cocaine and other substances.[7][8] At 15, he harassed a group of black school children on a field trip by throwing rocks and shouting racial epithets.[9] When he was 16, Wahlberg approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and, using a large wooden stick, knocked him unconscious (while calling him “Vietnam fucking shit”). He also attacked another Vietnamese man, leaving him permanently blind in one eye, and attacked a security guard (again using racist language).”

Good for him for getting himself together, seemingly. Hopefully his children can learn from his past.

Wow on

For the record, HateTats, I’m a successful woman with a Masters degree. I came from a stable, two-parent household in the ‘burbs. I’ve got two so far, both in discreet locations so as to not impact my job, and I love them and everything they represent to me. When I’m 80 and they’re wrinkled and sagging, I’ll look at them and laugh because I’ll know I enjoyed my youth and never judged someone based upon the markings on their body. Good luck saying the same.

erin on

“Tattoos = branding of the uneducated lower class.”

That’s interesting. I have tattoos and two COLLEGE degrees. Both from top tier schools. And I’m part of an uneducated lower class? Please, enlighten me…what exactly does your comment say about you and your education? Absolutely nothing. Because you must have no education to make such a statement. Think before you speak.

MrM on

Many people who have tattoos look trashy. It’s very difficult to have tattoos that amount to a work of art, hence I prefer to not see them if at all possible. One thing I really hope for is that my daughter is smart enough not to get tattoos.

Wow on

And really, aren’t all parents “do as I say not as I did” parents? Isn’t that just called life experience? Wouldn’t all parents want better for their children than they had or did? It sounds quite logical to me.

MOM on


MLE- on

I will tell you this about myself, I am a very educated female in my 30’s.

Before you judge others for having tattoos, just remember, there are tattooed people everywhere. You never know when one might just save your life.

I am a fully sleeved emergency room Doctor and a volunteer E.M.T. who despite my choice of art, doesn’t make me any less of a person.

karla on

Or he could go the other route and prepare his kids for what life is really about, “choices”. Sometimes using yourself as an example of what not to do is enough. We all have done silly things in our past.
I do not agree with Mark on this one.

karla on

Or he could have gone the other route and simply said we have “choices” in life and use it as a teaching moment. Sometimes being uber strict can backfire..I dont agree with Mark on this one.

Stephanie on

wow harsh much???? didnt kno tattoos where U-G-L-Y…. seeings as everyone i kno has 1 or more and i have 1 and im in the process of getting another dedicated to my SON.. first one is dedicated to both of my grandfathers who have passed…

MamaBear on

Having a tattoo doesn’t make you trash. But talking smack about people who have tattoos on a magazine website pretty much wins you the trashiest person of the year award.

brooke jones on

I’ve heard each tatoo removal session takes a couple of hours. Does he really make his two very young children sit with him through this?

Mel on

I don’t like tattoos, which is why I don’t have any myself. Do I like how they look? Not especially. But plenty of my friends have them, and that was their choice. If MW wants to get his removed, and doesn’t want his kids to have them, that’s his option as a man and as a parent. It sounded to me like his reasons were pretty valid. I’ve seen so many young people get tats that mean absolutely nothing, they’re just getting them to be on trend and be followers. Not to mention all the misspelled, ugly, and poorly-drawn tats that are out there (and easily found with a quick google search!). I guess I just don’t understand why people get so worked up. You don’t like them, don’t get them.

To the person who said MW is a “do as I say, not as I do” parent: uh, yeah, that’s what parents are supposed to be in some situations. If I found out my parents dropped acid when they were younger, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want me trying it myself.

Anonymous on

Shelley, I didn’t realize the word “faith” on the inside of my wrist was trashy. Man, I wish I had consulted with you first before I got it!

Here’s the deal, folks: if you don’t like tattoos, fine. That doesn’t mean they are all ugly or in bad taste or ‘trashy’. Just like anything else there are extremes. Tattoos can be very classy and simple. I have two and I can’t count how many times I have had people (many times OLDER adults who normally hate tattoos) tell me how much they love mine. We all have things we like and dislike but there is absolutely no need to tell someone their tattoo is trashy just because you don’t like them. Let’s grow up a little.

Chrissy on

I think he sounds like a pretty good guy trying to be a good dad. I don’t judge people for tattoos, but I don’t love them either. There’s nothing wrong with NOT liking them for yourself or wanting your kids to have them. Of course he knows they’ll make their own choices as adults, but he’s hoping his decision and the difficulty involved might influence them some, and there’s nothing wrong with that: that’s a parent’s job to try to steer their children the way they think is right.

Mae on

I’ve heard similar things about how the tattoo removal business is booming, mostly because women and men are finding out that employers are now turning away from people with tattoos as much as they can. My sister had a wrist tattoo and she got it removed because every job interview she went to, no matter how much cover up and long-sleeved shirts she’d put on to try and cover the tat, the employers would always see the tat, and after that the mood would basically change and she never got a call back. Don’t get me wrong, she was able to get jobs at like department stores and candy stores, but she had bigger aspirations than that so that’s how she decided to get it removed. She says if you want to get a tattoo get it somewhere where it will be easy to cover up, like your shoulder.

Julie on

I personally like tattoos on anyone over the age of 18 whether their male or female but I would also like to add that getting something that is ridiculous and is shown to the world and called artistic expression is not a smart move. An example of that would be a big psychodelic mushroom on ones forearm or hand. What people need to understand is when your in the job market you can have art on your body but 99% of employers want you to be tat free or you have to cover them up and the same applies to piercings. I love them and I have both a tattoo and my ears pierced but I have friends who have actually had to take lip,brow and nose rings out just to work and now they have nasty scars where they had them at and to me it is just not worth it.

Mark Whalberg is a devoted husband and father and he is setting a wonderful example by taking his children along with him and having them removed because they can not only see the pain but actually his financial devotion to them. It is a great thing.

Kat on

The Tattoo is a mark of the soul…

It can act as a window we can see in
or it can be our shield
to protect us from those
who can’t see past the surface.

Stacey on

It’s neat he wants to teach his children what a pain it is to get them removed! Bravo for being an excellent dad!

Cathleen on

He seems like a great dad, and I’m glad to hear about celebrities who are down-to-earth and name their children conventional names.

Weeee on

It’s all good, I wouldn’t want to date someone who judged me by my tiny, inconspicuous tattoo anyway…which, by the way, I got with my 70+ grandmother. Talk about special meaning! I will never regret it. An opinion is one thing, people. Judging others, and assuming things about their character is just ignorant. If you don’t like tattoos, good for you. No one is forcing you to.

Really? on

All of you who are hating tattoos because it is a permanent way to mark your body, do any of you have your ears pierced? I think it is a total turn-off to see someone with holes in their body, I mean geez. See, now how does that sound? Meaningful and tastefully done tattoos are the same as ears pierced. It doesn’t have to be the same as having 10 piercings in your face.

Really? on

Church often lasts a couple of hours…would you make your little children sit through that?

Judy Glossup on

I admire Mark Wahlberg for the direction he has taken with his life.
Why all the negativity here?

Jen DC on

If he believes having his children watch the pain of removal will change their minds… Good luck. I applaud the fact that he’s thoughtful in raising his kids and he’s trying to impart some sort of wisdom. But it’s unlikely that watching him in pain will really deter them.

As far as you tattoo haters… As everyone else said, don’t like ’em, don’t get ’em. Both my tattoos have meaning to me and my employer (a HUGE international law firm) doesn’t hold them “against” me. That’s the great thing about living in a major metro area: Minds are more open to accomplishments rather than looks; thoughts trend toward whether you can get the job done, rather than how you might look doing it. (Admittedly, there is a dress code I follow, but if I roll up my sleeves [which I do everyday] you can see my art.)

I got them without fear of repercussion because – as I said when I grew my dreads and my parents complained about the added “issue” (because I am also black and a woman) – if this offends you, I don’t want to work for you ANYWAY. There are some things – a lack of bias in the workplace, open-mindedness – that are more important values to hold. It’s all worked out thus far. And I plan to go into business for myself eventually, which means the boss will TOTALLY be down with tattoos.

Hilariously, my lovely boyfriend HATES tattoos. But he loves me. I don’t know whether he looks past them or whether he sees them as part of me, or what. I don’t know how he reconciles it in his crazy little head. (He knew me well before the tattoos; then we separated for five years and reconnected after.) All I know is, he respects that it’s my body and he finds the package and what’s inside attractive. And that’s what’s important to us.

BTW, I’m 37 years old. I got my first tattoo at age 35 and my second just last Thanksgiving. The important thing is to know yourself, to think about how you want that represented on your body, if at all. I also know I’m not done tattooing. I’m entranced by the idea of sleeves, but ow ow ow! Plus I only do black and white (too dark for color to show well), so that might work against me.

Marky on

My son, who is 32, is a Marine who is now out, and he has a “sleeve”, nas well as several other tattoos. He says every one of them have a great deal of significance to him, but here’s what everyone else sees. He hasn’t got enough money to pay his bills, can barely get by, and always has to watch what he wears for work or anywhere else. The truth is, it’s been more of a “hardship” than anything elsr, and all that “meaning” hasn’t helped when he went to court to increase visitation, or when he has looked for jobs (has special licenses and training and is very capable, but he gets the sideways glance at the skulls and serpents which are so meaningful to him, but just look frightening to the general public. He can never wear a short-sleeved shirt to work, and when I look at all the “arthwork”. I can see why it’s s a “turnoff” to the general public who is not necessarily awayl

denise on

I have tats got my 1stt 36 MY KIDS names! Get over people. Grow up! It is NOT your body or your choice. If you do NOT like them good for you I may NOT like you! I think tats can be beautiful, meaningful and YES some vey trashy, but it is NOT your call to decide Brett! Get off the horse darling and go with the flow. You will live a more filling life. Life has GRAY areas and some with COLOR baby!

ltlrose on

HateTats – Tattoos = branding of the uneducated lower class. You’ve got that one all wrong. I have tats and guess what I am a Microsoft Network Engineer! Please don’t hate or judge just because it isn’t something you prefer. I don’t judge you. God Bless you!

liddy on

Finally, someone in Hollywood has it right…a dad and husband are his priorities.

Tifany on

I just love him!!

maggie on

I’d rather see the tattoos than all the violence in his movies – priorities a little screwy Mark?

NikNak on

Awesome! Great parenting, Mark. GREAT to see an actor/parent who isn’t a narcissist. “That’s, by far, the most important role that I’ll ever play in my life … being a parent and a husband.” Looks like his kids (and marriage!) will have a chance in life thanks to him putting what’s important first. I’ve always been a fan and THIS is the biggest reason. Kudos!

gottabelieve on

MORON! That’s nothing you teach a 5 1/2 year old. Kid was probably traumatized. And they won’t remember the event in a few years anyhow, so no lesson learned!

mald on

gosh i love him! he’s sexy bc he’s a family man and dedicated to his wife and children! thats a REAL man! i would not find him as hott as i do if her were a cheater or player! he’s the total package!

Laura on

I personally am not a fan of tattoos but my biggest complaint about all the tattooing is people getting stuff just to add something to their body. If it has meaning, if it’s something really important then that’s a good tattoo but if you’re just adding things willy nilly you are leaving yourself open to a world of regret later on.

My oldest has a cross on his arm. My second son got his own design tatooed on his back. My daughter got a heart created out of musical symbols that she designed put on the inside of her wrist. They all have meaning to them but no one else can really see them. I’ve told my kids to be sure of what they are doing and really think it through before adding more art to their bodies.

Mark, I applaud you for deciding that you want your kids to see the good and the bad side of what you did as a kid.

Mrs.Doodah on

I’m getting a tattoo of a lady on my boob so when I am 90 one of us will be tall and skinny.

mimi on

I know of at least 2 people who didn’t get jobs despite being well qualified for them, because their tattoos showed when wearing normal clothing and the employer felt they were inappropriate.

One was applying as a job as a physical therapist who worked with an older clientele. The boss felt her tats, which were somewhat vulgar, projected a disturbing image which was inappropriate and might offend his clients.

Another lady was applying for a front desk receptionist job at a technical business and it was a similar situation. Her tats ran up one side of her neck and down her arms to her hands. The human resources person asked if she’d be willing to wear cover up make up to work and the gal said no, it was too hard to cover them up. She was told the tats were unprofessional looking and since all employees were expected to dress appropriately, didn’t get the job.

so… there’s a lesson here.. if you must disfigure yourself with tats, keep ’em in a location that won’t show when wearing business attire.

Misty on

Eh, if he wants the tattoos gone, then good for him. But he’s not going to stop his kids from getting them if he wants. And to everybody that hates tattoos, then don’t get one. I have 2 and personally don’t give a rip what your opinions are on the subject. 😉

Jwd2012 on

I get tired of a haircut, earrings, a car or a sweater that I LOVED last year, in a very short time. I wouldn’t put something permanent on my body that I couldn’t remove or take off whenever I wanted to.

A friend got a really pretty bouquet of roses on her stomach and then got pregnant with twins….not pretty…they now look like a really bad scar!

Stacy on

Being trashy makes people trashy…a tattoo does not.

Brooke Coleman on

Such a conversation here… Let me begin by saying I think I understand where Mark is coming from trying to parent, however misguided he may be, he means well. We all want better for our children.

However, for him, or any of the commenter’s above, to judge those of us who choose to be tattooed – to attempt to assume that by having permanent ink on our bodies we are less intelligent, less employable, lower class, less desirable partners, or will age in a more unattractive manner – just shows their own intelligence. My art is my own. If you see me out and about, feel free to ask me about it, otherwise shut your trap. The wind coming out of it pollutes my air.

BoFan on

Wow … tattoos = trash?? Amazingly ignorant and small minded. DO you know how many soldiers with tattoos are risking their lives for low-class, small-minded folks like you? People from all walks of life have tattoos, young and old. And who the hell cares what your tattoos look like when you’re 70 or 80. Just be grateful you lived that long. Wow, who are you to judge? Live and let live.

Jwd2012 on

I get tired of a haircut, a favorite blouse that I LOVED last year… a pair of shoes that I couldn’t live without… so for me, I wouldn’t put something on my body, that I couldn’t remove ‘very quickly’ if and when I wanted to. I have a friend, that got a tattoo of roses on her stomach and then got pregnant with twins! It now looks like a really nasty scar.

ruby on

All of you complaining about people saying tattoos are trashy: it’s everyone’s right to have differing opinions about tattoos. I think they’re gross. That’s my right. I don’t have any, I don’t like them on others, and I broke up with a guy because when we started getting serious, and I saw him without his shirt, he had tats. So your saying “It’s our right blah blah blah” it’s also OUR right to think they’re gross!

Patricia on

You see what a huge ego this man has. When he gets his tattoos, tattoos are good for everyone. When he has his tattoos removed, suddenly tattoos become bad for everyone. All we can do is listen and obey.

Pixie on

Noooooo!!! 😦

Kim Wattman on

You people on here who have so many negative things to say, my friend’s good friend knows Mark personally, he is his driver when he is Philly and he is a stand up guy, a great father and husband. He is very down to earth and he said he is the nicest guy you will ever meet so stop judging!! You have no idea what you are talking about!!

wow on

Wow I can not believe the amount of idiots on here. There is nothing wrong with tattoos. SO for all of you to make stupid comments is just appalling.

Mark never said he did not like tattoos or the ones he got, he just feels for his kids that he does not want them to get them so he is practising what he preaches BUT if he did not have kids he would still have the tattoos



... on

Racist dirtbag.

Carol on

I really like Mark Walhberg and he is doing the right thing by having those TRASHY tattoos removed.


As someone who works for an executive recruiting firm, do not think for one minute that employers do not consider visible tattoos when hiring. I know of several people our firm interviewed that while experienced for the job, were not hired due to the “unprofessional” look of a visible tattoo (sorry, but many employers I work with find them VERY unprofessional). Agree or disagree, it is what it is. I’m not against tattoos, but if you work or plan to work in a professional environment, consider tattoos that can be covered by clothing. It’s really that simple.

Good parent on

I have one tattoo from 20 years ago that I recently started a cover up tattoo because it’s so faded, and I made my 11 year old twin girls come with to see how painful it is. Good for him to take them to see what the consequences are when you realize you don’t want tattoos on your body anymore. I like to look at fresh, professional ink, but 20 years later it all blurs and looks horrid, sorry people, it does. These younger girls don’t think about how ridiculous it looks down the road, especially when they have a bunch of them. I’m just grateful I picked a spot that is easily hidden. Oh, and the cover up? A bouquet of all my kids’ birth month flowers. And then I’m DONE! One of my girls wants one down the road, the other one says no way!

Mick on

First Tat should be across forehead saying “It seemed like a good idea at the time “

Annie on

So it’s ‘Trashy’ to have tattoos, Huh? Well Mark Wahlberg is not the poster boy for good samaritan. He is just another Hollywood big mouth who has served time in jail for brutally assaulting a man in his teens, a man who was assaulted so bad by this punk that he has to live with that pain for the rest of his life. He has mentioned in earlier interviews that his tattoos did have meaning to them. Now he has gone back to his Catholic ways, yadda, yadda, yadda. But to call someone trashy for them having ink is ludacris. I know lawyers, doctors, etc. that have ink. So are they trash too?

Nicole on

How did he get “Nicole 4 Eva” removed? That thing was etched in!

carlo on

@Annie…Everyone has the right to change for the better. So stop living in the past and be happy for those who want to correct wrongs they did in the past…

crystal on

WOW, It’s crazy what people say on here. Listen people were all entitled to are own opinions and we tend to go off the deep end sometimes when speaking them, to each his own. If you personally don’t like tattoos fine by me but don’t stereo type and say the people are trashy or gross. Personally Im a 32 year old mother of 2 boys and I have quite a few large visible tattoos and I do get looked at when out and about or at my kids school(but it does not bother me what people think of me when they see that im a tatted mom) but it dont make me less of a mother or less of a person because I have them. If your opinion is that you dont like them or find them attractive thats all good then dont look at ones with them, but again it dont make us trashy…….

Bill Modlin on

I’ll be impressed when he takes his kids to meet the poor fellow he blinded but Markey isn’t man enough to do it, much less compensate him from his outrageously huge paychecks. Keep your tats. They suit you.

Faye Muss on

His comments on the Chewstroke homepage leave us smiling daily….we love mark!

Anonymous on

I don’t understand those who stress how ugly tattoos will look on an 80 year old with wrinkled saggy skin. When I’m 80 I’m sure Ill be just as sad about the wrinkled skin on my body that isn’t tatted as I am about the skin that is tatted.

Tattoos aren’t for everyone. If we all had the same perfect flawless skin we would all be super models. Or maybe none of us would because we would all look the damn same!

Learn to appreciate differences in people and quit being so judgemental.

If I am so lucky when I get older that tattoo regret is the only worry of my life I think I can live the few remaining years of my life extremely happy and proud.

Anonymous on

I’d say a lot of the judgment people are showing on here is also very trashy. Such an easy word to throw around…I

tim on

Tats are a way of getting attention…. period. Kind of like motorcylce dudes with loud both instances..just trying to get people to look at them in hopes that on-lookers think they are cool.

duncan seville on

Is Mahhhky Mahhhk going to take the kids out and show them how to beat up a middle aged man and help him lose an eye? Or how about showing the kids how to chase young black children while throwing rocks at them and calling them niggas? How about that Mahhhky Mahhhk you punk racist?

Charlom on

He brought me to tears with this. It’s refreshing to see the lengths a far will go for his children. Even if they choose the route he has come to reject, at least he tried presenting another option. Admirable! #teamMarkWalhberg. 75 with saggy Tats is NOT HOT people! I concur 🙂

WhyNot on

He seems like a really good man. I am always impressed with his interviews and have seen him in real life often at mass. I read once he goes to mass every day no matter where he is. He is very humble and kind.

Maria on

It’s cool that you want to take off your tatoo’s Mark and taking your kids to watch you get them removed will definately spook them and maybe even in their dreams.

angry on

Seriously tattoos are the last of his problems. Maybe he can teach his kids to not beat on people. He beat some asian folks, causing one of them to lose an eye and got 45 days.

Lydia Davis on

Hello Everyone,,
This is for SHELLEY!!!!! You are intitled to your opinion but I rthink you took it a lil too far.If you had said that to my face I would have slapped it!!! But I will give you this much, I tell everyone that is young an wanting a tat,,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,,,PLZ DON’T..Then I show them what a 20 year old tat will look like as I lift up my sleeve..I ws in a different time then a rebel now I am 53 with this damn freaking almost black thing with wings!!!!!!!Now it would cost me about a grand to get it off,I am poor so all I can do is have another tatoo artist try to do something with it cause I cannot let it stay black and wrinkly its disgusting!!!!!! Just my opinion,,LIKE DOING DRUGS>>>>JUST SAY NOOOOO
Thanks for taking time to read this

Sas on

I recently got my first and probably only tattoo. I’m 52. I thought about it for a long time off and on. Then my son asked me to promise to go with him to get a tattoo after he returned from Afghanistan. I did it for him and me. It’s pretty, my favorite flower (I am a gardener). I’m not too worried about what it will look like when I am 70 or 80. I’m pretty sure the sagging and wrinkling of my body will be all over – not just where I got my tattoo! I know school teachers with Master’s Degree’s and pizza delivery guys with tattoo’s that I call friends, what I don’t want is people with narrow minds and cold hearts in my circle.

Don on

The general public is so gullible about what looks good. Tattoos are gross and I’m tired of seeing them. People get them thinking they look cool…NEWSFLASH..THEY DON’T. I’m liking Mark Wahlberg a lot after this article for many reasons.

sammy on

Mary said they have been around for thousand of years, true but look at the savages they are on. People with little or no education living on a dirt floor are your usually tattoo infested savages, they scream trash and on a “”woman not lady”” they scream tramp, pure and simple. Don’t get mad at the messenger who speaks the truth.

Colleen on

every time my little one gets caught doin somethin he shouldnt, he always says its an sounds very similar…

SallyMJ on

Smart dad.

Dustin on

You guys are mistaking him, hes not the one that cheated on his wife. He is the one that blinded the Asian guy with a stick while making squint eye, chink and other racial comments.

funnymakers on

I think the tattoos great but how other people react on it, therein lies the problem I think

renee on

When I worked in a SNIFF, were people have to be carried for before death. There were men there with tattoos. They had suffered strokes and coudln’t talk. Some were military. They just layed there alone waiting to die. It was so sad but the tattoos on their arms told me who they were. It reminded me that they were humans that had lives. The tattoos told me something about them. I dont think at 80 it matters what your tattoo looked like when you were 30. I dont think you should remove a tattoo unless it is hurtful in some way. It tells your story.

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