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01/13/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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t. on

So “Taylor’s” parents have filled her head with hate and it’s news?

Mya on

The girl scout boycott is pathetic. That girl has some issues.

CIO is unsafe and I’m glad it’s being made more public as such.

Tee on

The Girl Scout article was quite interesting! I have to say, Taylor sounds like a level headed young lady. Good for her for standing up for what she believes in. I know there will be many that disagree with her but GIRL Scouts should be for GIRLS only!

Rachel on

Oh for pete’s sake! That cry it out article was clearly written by a very anti-cry-it-out individual looking for a way to sway the argument. If you meet and talk to parents who actually utilize the cry it out method you’ll find that for the most part parents let their children cry only for short periods (minutes) at a time and DO go in to reassure their children.

The point of cry it out is to teach children to self soothe and this is extremely important. There will be a point in every individual’s life where they will HAVE to fall asleep on their own or comfort themselves and self soothing will be necessary.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do agree that allowing a child to cry for extended periods without any comfort is harsh and ridiculous, but it is also not the norm with parents who practice this method.

mary on

ARGH! Where do I start? The article on ESSAY: Should insurance be forced to cover Autism? This Is so upsetting. To think that any insurance companies or any government would actually think that insurances should not pay any coverage for autism. This sets a dangerous precedence about the future IF we continue to let the insurance companies choose what, and whom they choose to cover. It’s almost like discrimination. I can’t imagine being a parent of a child that has a disability and be turned down for coverage.

On a side note when our daughter was 5 she was put on medicine that was not prescribed for children under 18. The longer she went without that med the more sick she was getting. I had to fight and take it to arbitration. This was not only time consuming, emotionally draining but frustrating to say the least. I have the means to fight that system. But I know there are people out there that do not. And I feel I must be very vocal and say that EVERY child deserves to have health care and not have their disability dictate which carrier to go with.

Insurance companies and their lobbyists along with the drug companies make billions; yes you are reading that correctly BILLIONS yearly. To have to hear that a child won’t be given a chance to improve his or her life is unacceptable.

Medicaid was started for certain people and families with low incomes and resources. The people who are on or serviced by Medicaid are U.S citizens, legal residents, low-income adults, children and people with certain disabilities. I am proud to pay into our taxes that go to funding to help such peoples.

I hope that in the very near future that parents are given the choice of using Medicaid or private insurance. and that with those choices they are equal in the treatment and care and that they won’t have to settle for the cheapest and subpar care for their loved ones.

JM on

The Girl Scout article: so sad, so young and already so hateful.

i can’t believe there are people here defending it. what is a child supposed to do who feels like he or she was born in the wrong body? their problem right?

sad sad state of affairs. doesn’t this spoilt brat have anything better to do that to pick on a 7 year old. i would be ashamed to call her my daughter.

Emily on

Girl Scout boycott huh? I guess I should call my friend up to let her daughter know to put me down for more boxes.

Sarah K. on

Emily, my thoughts exactly. I will definitely be ordering extra Girl Scout cookies this year.

Suddenly transgender children are dangerous? That’s a real stretch, especially since the child is only 7. Also, the guidebook she’s quoting also clearly states that they cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation. This has very little to do with the Girl Scouts (which in a lot of ways is simply a play group) and everything to do with this family’s hatred and bigotry.

Stella Bella on

I have no idea why it would be necessary to explain that having a penis precludes involvement in the GIRL scouts. Jeez. Biology folks.

rachel on

gender and sex are not the same thing, stella bella. grow up & educate yourself a little.

e on

A friend of mine let her 8 month old cry when he woke up in the middle of the night. When she went in the next morning, she found blood on the sheets because he had banged his mouth against the rail. He was perfectly fine and had gone to sleep after about 20 minutes, but she felt terrible about it. Maybe a video monitor would have helped.