Spotted: Britney’s Sons’ Hair-Raising Trampoline Trip

01/12/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Britney Spears

With her tour wrapped and a ring on her finger, Britney Spears is settling back into a quiet life at home with sons Sean Preston, 6, and Jayden James, 5 — and the proud mom has been posting the photos to prove it.

“Jayden is having some hair-raising fun on the trampoline!” the popstar wrote Wednesday, sharing a photo of her boys playing together outside on her Facebook page.

On Tuesday, Spears — who celebrated her 30th birthday last month — also showed off her “little Hercules,” Tweeting a photo of Preston flexing at his gymnastics class.

The boys’ father Kevin Federline recently praised his ex-wife’sΒ new fiancΓ© Jason Trawick, saying, “I think he’s a great guy. The kids speak highly of him. Her family loves him.”

Courtesy Britney Spears

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MEg on

Kids look soooo much like her.

rainee on

Good for you Britney! You deserve a parade for making it to a life your family can flourish on.

Stephanie on

Cute!!!! Sean looks like Kevin and boy does Jayden look like Britney!!! Fun pics, glad she has settled down:)

Shawna on

Wow, Jayden is sure a mini-Britney! They are both adorable!

fan on

Cute pics Britney! So glad to see her happy. She definitely deserves it after how hard she works to entertain her fans! xox

Susie on

In before the “trampolines are dangerous” crowd. CUTE! Her boys seem very happy.

nat on

sooo cute. and so proud of britney for getting her life back together πŸ™‚

adorable family.

Lisa on

I am truly so happy for Britney. First off her boys are adorable and she’s engaged. But I really thought she was “over” after her breakdown and I am so happy to see her happy again. And may I say how are her kids 5 and 6 already!?!

Also, I love that Kevin is supportive of Britney and I hope she finally found the right guy in Jason.

Suzy H on

Her kids are just too cute. Jayden sure looks like momma. I am glad her life is getting better for her. She is such a sweet person and I wish the media didn’t destroy her back in the day. WTG Brit.

kendal on

Adorable! Britney Spears has really turned her life around. So happy for her πŸ™‚

Pamela on

Cute boys!! I’m just curious, why is Sean Preston only called ‘Preston’ on this site now? Does Britney call him by his middle name?

Devon on

Wow! Jayden looks just like his mama and Preston looks like Kevin! Adorable boys!

Karen on

Things have certainly turned around for Britney πŸ™‚ The boys are precious. She’s happily engaged. What else can I say? Everybody loves a happy ending.

Sarah K. on

Pamela, I think Britney and their family have always called Sean Preston by his middle name. If I’m remembering correctly, Preston was Britney’s preference, but for some reason they used it as the middle name.

xx331836xx on

Honestly, I am SO happy for Britney Spears, considering everything she went through the past few years. She really did a 180 and I wish her all the best.

Reese on

Glad to see Britney happy and doing so well. Her boys are adorable.

Cory on

A heck of a lot better parent then Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She actually swims, and plays and does things with her kids other then feeding them with expensive gifts, and an occasional movie. Kudos to Britney.

susan on

Why does this person put her children out there, is it for more attention? If she was a loving and caring parent, she would not put them in the limelight so much. They are cute, but deserve to have thier lifes more private. They can make choices later about thier lifes when they are more mature.

Pamela on

@Sarah, thanks!!!

Jayda on

I believe Sean was after someone and that’s why they used it as a first name and called him by his middle name, Preston.

They are both adorable and it amazes me how much Jayden looks like Britney.

judy on

sorry, but those are some homely kids.

ceci on

They’re are so cute! And look just like their mommy.

Alisha on

So nice to see this girl happy and that things are going good for her! I really hope her and Jason are together for a lifetime.

Katie on

Judy, how are they homely? They’re super cute! They have dimples, chubby cheeks and big ole’ eyes. They may not be “exotic” looking but they are sure are adorable.

Anonymous on

They look like her, cute! looks like they are having fun..

Sam on

Most of these commentors are idiots. Hope you have gotten your own lives together. Mind your own business.

Tammy on

Cute little guys. I’m so glad Britney is healthy again, especially for the sake of her boys.

Kim on

They look exactly like their mom. They are super cute!

Indira on

I love Britney, I love her music(she can’t sing worth a lick but she’s a great performer) and she seems very sweet. I’m glad her life is on track!

Tee on

Well, if I were being honest, I’d have to say that I’m no Britney fan. But it is REALLY nice to see that her life seems to be coming together in a way that is good for these kids. She had me concerned for a long time.

Helen on

Absolutely adorable! Britney’s life sounds wonderful these days πŸ™‚

AllisonJ on

love the pics. Those kids are so darned cute! Look at Jayden’s little dimples!

tracy on

what cute boys…

JMO on

I am glad she got her life together too. It was hard to see her go down that road but she looks healthier and stronger and her boys look happy. I hope she maintains this lifestyle for herself and for them.

Jayden is by far her mini-me and yes Britney has referred to Sean as Preston in various interviews so I believe he goes by his middle name more then his first.

ethel on

I am so happy for for Britney’s 360-degree turn in life…her kids looks so much like her.

kiki on

How is she any different from the thousands(even millions) of parents who show off their kids on social media networks? I mean people have ALBUMS of pictures online dedicated to their children. That’s all she’s doing, she just happens to be famous and people like you and me are interested in it.

Anyway, cute photo. Glad to see them doing well.

Ali on

How do you know what kind of parents Angelina and Brad are to their kids? Just because we see them out and about buying toys doesn’t mean they aren’t hands-on in their private home-lives.

I don’t know how either Britney OR the Jolie-Pitt’s parent their kids but as a bystander just basing things off the media and what I see I would actually be more negative towards Britney’s end. Angelina actually got her act together when she adopted Maddox and really matured and became a humanitarian. Her deeds have shown that. Britney has spiraled out of control WHILE her kids were young and is only now seemingly getting her act back together.

But, I don’t know either of them personally (as if!) so I can’t literally judge them and how they parent their kids.

meghan on

Ali, she’s not “only now” getting her life back on track. She’s been doing well for years now. The only difference between Briitney and any woman her age is that the conservatorship is still in place (which was for the best to make sure she continued to do well).

anon1 on

I agree kiki, she put the photos up on twitter like many parents do. only, since she is famous an online blog used the picture.

mypiecesandbits on

Its very nice to see that Britney is getting her life back together and that her boys appear to be doing so well.

Its also very nice to hear that there doesn’t appear to be animosity between her and Kevin. That makes things so much easier on the kids.

Jen on

I hope she keeps those kids really grounded. It will be so much better for them as time goes on too. See, if they keep playing on the trampoline they are at a risk of getting hurt on it. I hope she has a fence thing that goes around it for their sake. My kid has had to have knee surgery and both legs from being on the trampoline and kids bouncing and falling on each other. Your kids are doing great Brit! Keep up the good work! And I know you are a good mom that will make them wear their helmets when biking and skiing. Love the latest music of yours. Congrats, too!

gottabelieve on

Kids are not cute. Average at best.

Kim on

Such cute boys πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Ali- Couldn’t have said it better myself! Not only can we not possibly know what things are like in the Jolie-Pitt home (or Spears home) behind closed doors, but we can’t even possibly know if all of those toy shopping trips are in fact to get toys for their kids. Some of them could easily be to buy birthday gifts for the kids friends, gifts for Brad’s nieces and nephews (he has a lot of them, from what I’ve read!), or toys to give to charity (Angie has said multiple times that they donate toys to charity).

Not to mention the fact that most of the stuff they buy for the kids seems to be stuff that encourages creativity, such as costumes, “props”, and art supplies. I, for one, think it’s wonderful that they seem to so big on kids using their imaginations! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Getting back to Britney, I love these pictures, and I love how she’s turned her life around. I wonder if she and Jason will ever have a baby together?

Mamie on

Um, Ethel, I think you mean Britney made a 180Β° turn in her life (having her going in the opposite direction) not a 360Β° turn. If she made a 360Β° turn, that means she turned all the way around in a circle and is headed back in the same bad direction! LMAO! On topic…Jayden certainly looks a lot like Britney. Preston is a mix of both she and Kevin. Both boys are adorable.

meghan on

Jen, there is clearly a mesh fence around the trampoline.

Liz on

Cute! Too bad they have her for a mother!

Sam on

I’m the ORIGINAL SAM, not the one that posted nasty on here earlier today!

I was going to comment on the trampoline too. There is definitely a mesh net around the tampoline (you can even see a pole at the left of the picture). Trampolines are tons of fun, normal every day fun. Good for these little boys. Jump on guys (only maybe not on your brother! lol).

Afan on

Britney donated $1 million for 9/11 victims, and $500 thousand for hurricane katrina victims. She is even an ambassador of St. Bernard Project, an organization which helps those made homeless by the devastating storm which ripped through her home state of Louisiana in 2005. So saying she does not do charity like Jolie-Pitt is news to me.

P.S her kids are super cute. God bless them, she calls them her super heroes awww!

Renee on

Jayden really looks like her! I still love her music, even from the first CD! She has been through a lot in the public eye and I hope she is happy.

Renee on

This is for ‘Susie’ cracked me up with your comment….you nailed it tho….

Mia on

SP has looked like his father’s mini-me since he was a newborn + same for JJ as Britney – I love genetics.

Leslee on

What impresses me most is that there has been a successful blending of families, even through breakups and divorces. Kevin’s children with Shar Jackson, then Britney and now his little one Jordan with his current partner. There is Brit’s new engagement that seems to be settling right into the mix.

Perhaps not the Cleaver’s or Ozzie and Harriet but they all seem to get along and reasonably respect each other. No public feuding. Even though that’s how it should be, it’s still amazing. Kudos to them for acting like adults.

Diana on

This is a cute picture.

Anonymous on

Leslee- I agree! What impresses me even more than the succesful blending of familes is the fact that Kevin and Shar and Kevin and Britney now seem to be friendly and on good terms with each other…despite the fact that neither couple parted on very good terms (and Shar in particular has every reason to feel bitter, since Kevin left her when she was eight months pregnant with their child!).

What a wonderful example of how it IS possible to work through your problems with your ex and be a good co-parent with them. I wish more Hollywood ex-couples could be that way (sadly, the seemingly peaceful interaction and co-parenting that we see between Britney and Kevin seems to be an extreme rarity among celebs)!

Fan on

Glad to see her bad karma is over with for a while –
everyone wants and needs happiness.