Beyoncé and Jay-Z Buy Lucite Crib for Blue Ivy

01/11/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Nurseryworks, Inset: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Kelly Rowland wasn’t kidding when she said Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s new daughter would have everything. Not only will Blue Ivy be styling in cool Bob Marley duds, but she’ll also rest her head in NurseryWorks‘ lucite Vetro crib ($3500, above).

The R&B diva, who brought her new bundle of joy home yesterday, purchased the luxe baby bed last November while shopping at Maison 24 with sister Solange Knowles and mom Tina. But she isn’t the only celeb fan — Tony Romo and Robert Downey, Jr. have also bought the same style.

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Kristen on

Man I feel sorry for my kid…how in the world did she survive in a $100 crib? Just because you have a ton of money does that mean that you have to find the most ridiculous ways to spend it?

Leslee on

I’m wondering how Lucite looks when a baby has been teething on it. I know wood doesn’t fair too well. Keeping it looking beautiful must take a lot of work but if you have help, I bet it’s a great choice.

Btw, I think if you can afford $3500 for a crib, you probably aren’t too concerned about a 10% discount 😉

Serah on

Lmao Kristen! Agreed 100%!

Mo on

That is one ugly crib… and to think it costs $3000 more than what I spent on my son’s nursery, car seat, stroller and accessories all together. It’s funny how much of a fashion statement children are these days…

Em on

@ Kristen

hahahahahaha. Right on!

kelley on

I am sure $3500 is a simple $100 to us that spend on our kids. When you are a mogal and own your own record label, that is just peanuts.

Shelley on

Wow, what does the baby know or care about? The baby is just in there to sleep! How these rich celebrities spend money like its flowing water is beyond me! Yes, I will spend $3,500.00 on a crib tomorrow and definitely will use that 10% discount! NOT!! Unbelievable! Why don’t they use some of that money they make and donate it to the less fortunate of this world, right??? I know there are many people who would agree with me!

Catherine on

Cute crib~never seen one made like this before. I’m sure that $3500 didn’t put her account in the negative so…If you got it, spend it.

candy cane on

Of course if you have that much money you spend it different than somebody who doesn’t.

I just don’t like that style and wouldn’t want to have it

candy cane on

It reminds me on one of those acrylic bird cages

Bree on

Ugh, that crib is darn ugly. *shutter* It looks like cheap plastic.

Reesca on

So do we have an update on when this baby is going to take its next poop? What’s her feeding schedule?

kirsten on

My daughter’s first car probably won’t cost that much! lol I don’t like the crib either- to each their own I guess!

katkat on

She could have bought a nice crib for $500 and used the remaining $3,000 to donate to an organization that buys nursery furniture for low income families…but that would be too practical.

Jem on

That is one freaky looking crib! It reminds me of Hugh Hefner’s smoking jacket robe…

Kells on

OMGEEEE..why hate on what money they have.? Life’s too short, if you have it then spend it up. This they’re first child and of course they are gonna want the baby to be independent like mommy and daddy which is Jay and Beyonce.. STOP HATING.. THE CRIB LOOKS NICE. conqrats to Jay&&Beyonce.. Thats all anyone should say. Dont be negative about EVERYTHING. get off they backs.

Sarah on

It doesn’t look safe? What if baby rolls up against the clear front panel and gets stuck without the railing that provides ventilation? Also the rails look like they have hard, sharp edges. Fashionable is one thing, but safety should be #1.

pry on

ugly crib but I agree when you have so much money $3500 is nothing.

amw on

hahaha. look out Suri there is another baby who will be taking your place for most spoiled brat. you can finally rest a little easier.

kjc on

I think that crib is pretty darn neat, although it will be pretty hard getting a sleeping baby all the way down in there without waking her up – and it’ll be a killer on the back… I know, we just dropped the mattress on my sons crib, and the front rail doesn’t slide down. Ouch!

What’s the big deal about her spending that much on her baby?!? She probably made at least 1000 x what I made last year, Why wouldn’t she spend it?!? I’d do it to. And just because you don’t hear about what charitable organizations they’ve supported doesn’t mean they don’t give.

enixa on

yes cuz im sure newborns kno how to play with balls.

Annoyed on

I think everyone needs to stop. These are two very hard working parents. They have every right to spend the money that they have however they would like to, just as you or I do.

PFT on

Reminds me of those cheap plastic office organizer paper-stacker thingies. Hideous.

cestmylife on

Dont be angry cause you cant afford a $3500 crib for your child. They have the money so why not? Everyone tries to give the best to their child, the Carters just so happen to have the means to buy expensive things for their kid. Whether you think its pointless or not really doesnt mean anything ESPECIALLY coming from those who cant afford it.

They work hard and should be able to buy that they want without people bashing them about it. They’re purchases doesnt affect your income in anyway so stop being angry and be positive!

Elle on


Steve on

You people are nuts. If you had around a billion $$ you would do the same thing. So many haters. Give it to charity? They both donate millions. Look yourself in the mirror before you comment.

Hila on

That’s not the crib that was shown in the NY Daily News today…

AmandaC on

Sorry but that is one ugly crib. JMO

idiotsgetalife on

Its not right that these 2 get criticized 4 everything they do, when i’m sure some of you alls favorites do the same thing. Donate to charity they do that in abundance. The Carters donate millions every year and have a lot of their own charity foundation. Folks try 2 judge the wealthy by their own standards. They have the money to spend.I spoiled all my children. If I had their money I would do the same thing. U cant take it with U.

Myrissa on

@Shelley… actually a ton of celebrities do donate to the less fortunate. & I’m talking about the absolute less fortunate, the ones living in shelters or on streets and can barely afford to eat or clothe their children. Just because you aren’t getting any of their donation money doesn’t mean they don’t donate. You obviously aren’t that unfortunate, you are using a computer with your own internet, am I right?? & $3500 is nothing for her.. she makes enough money to be able to spend on whatever she wants. So don’t get mad at her because she wants to splurge on something for her FIRST CHILD. We’ve all splurged on our children every once in a while, but to us it seems like nothing compared to how much they spend. So don’t assume, it makes an ass out of u and me. 🙂

Varsha on

I think the thing everyone needs to realize is that it’s their money. They earned it and they can spend it on whatever they want. Just because you wouldn’t spend that kind of money on this particular item, doesn’t mean the people who do are stupid. Stop hating on these celebrities for having money. It’s their money, they earned it.

Terri on

Whatever they choose to do for their child – is their business. People are so overly critical of celebrities. They have money – so what! They had a baby – so what, people have been having children since the beginning of time! Our society places celebrities on pedestals and it’s becoming too much. It makes everyone else feel not worthy. Life is not about that – its so much more! Congrats to them and every new parent out there. It’s a complete blessing but not worthy of a constant spectacle.

Susie on

Why on earth would you want your baby to sleep in a crib made of the same material as stripper heels? Whenever I see lucite, I automatically think of the shoes that strippers wear on stage. TACKY.

Teresa Berry on

It’s hideous. I love my cherry crib, much more classy.

Shelby on

Forget how much it costs, the last thing I want is my newborn surrounded in plastic that is probably chock full of BPA. I’m so thankful that CBB is posting every item these two have purchased/received. Jennifer Garner, please deliver so we can get back to our favorites

Eli on

I agree that people can spend THEIR money on their things….jeez, isnt that the way it has always been way before Beyonce & Jay? Are they asking you or the government for a handout to pay for this?

what do we care, what YOU decide to buy? People love to critic others rather than look at their own situation and buy things they cannot afford.

amanda on

It’s too modern!! I prefer a traditional style.

Caligemm on

Who lets their baby sleep in a crib!? lol, ijs

Kamilah on

You have a right to spend whatever you want on your children. Look at the ppl that put all their money into these toddlers for these pageants. Why are so many ppl negative about them anyway? Its like really don’t you have something better else to do. There not the only celebrities that spend outrageously on their kids.

Lisa on

Soooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about these two already!

JessicaBiggestfan on

I spent 159.99 on 1 crib and it was the best crib I ever brought and i used it for 3 kids!!!! I would never spend 3,000 on a crib, that they will out grow before you know it lol

Can’t wait to see what kind if car or house this little girl will get if she don’t have one already!!
14kt gold diaper rash free diapers Also haha!!!

Kelli on

Beyonce: “Hmmmm….I know what kind of crib I need for the baby!! One that’s made out of stripper shoes!”

I was skeptical on her pregnancy, but that is pure, hormonal, craziness buying that trashy piece of furniture!

Danae on

Oh and the spoiling begins!

Janet Keyser on

If that crib is open like that , the baby could get out of it easily. Oh right; they have nannies galore to wait hand and foot on this little infant. $3,500 for this? Think of one charity that could have used that money! Whatever. It is their money.

Janet Keyser on

Sorry – I can see now that it is a clear wall there!! No escape for the baby like I had thought in my other comment… OOPS! I will say it is different!

roo on

What an ugly crib! It’s so cold looking, not warm and inviting like what baby should be sleeping in. Such wierd parents, but it’s their money. I guess no amount of money can buy class.

Jennifer on

I know everyone is hating on their excessive money spending (and yes that crib is ugly), however, their spending will help boost our economy so let them buy her a silver spoon to eat off, diamonds for her ears, and a Rolls Royce for her to drive around in..someone needs to get this economy going again!

Yami on

That nice fitted sheet isn’t going to look so pretty with baby throw up all over it.

Catherine on

@ Susie ~ stripper heels? Now we know what’s in your closet.

Mimia on

It looks very cold and uninviting.

Eliza on

This is ok I guess since their are children in Haiti and Africa and Cuba and Ethiopia and all ver the world who dont even have a roof over their heads but oh well its the devils world, isnt it?

Mo on

Why do some people care how J&B spend money? It’s their money, their business, they earned it and they can choose how to spend it. They help tons of charities and those less fortunate but the media chooses not to share those stories. Spend less time worrying about how others choose to spend their earnings!


Honestly, I think its an innovative and unsafe looking crib. We’ve all gone above and beyond for our first born, both my husband and I are in the medical field. He’s a plastic surgeon, I’m a dermatologist, 3months ago we had our twin boys Levi and Isaac (yay for biblical names). I brought each and every piece of nursery furnishing from POSHTOTS.COM if you don’t know how expensive it can get, I spent over $10’000 furnishing their rooms, including strollers, plus car seat, bassinets, bedding, changing tables, decor, safeguard, Keya not even go into diapers! Well let’s just say $3’500 can furnish an entire house, and yeah she could’ve done something else with HER money, don’t judge, we’ve all done it. She’s a mega star and she’s going to lavish her child with the most trendy kinds of style, fashion and material she can. Let’s just all pray for blessings, and love to Mrs. Carter and her newborn.

Carrie on

I would also like to point out, that the likelihood of them donating money every time they want to buy something is slim to none (although I bet they do donate an awful lot). And in all honesty, spending large amounts of money puts money into the economy which ultimately helps everyone anyway. I’d rather they donate it, but if the options are to spend it or hoard it, they are better off spending it. Just another thought on it.

Catherine on

@idiotsgetalife ~ People are going to find something negative to say about Bey & Jay. Had they purchased an inexpensive, $100-$200 crib then someone would comment on them having all that money and being cheap. Some people are just natural born happy complainers.

Stacy on

Yep, that should like really pretty with boogers & slobber smeared all over it too! lol

Jean on

Jay Z and Beyonce are proof that money does not buy class.

ClaireSamsmom on

My whole wedding cost WAY less than that crib. Personally, I think it’s silly. She’ll sleep in a crib for like 2-3 years, then move on to a big bed. Or be like my son, and move to a bed at 18 mo! Yes, they are famous and can spend their money on whatever they want….yeah, yeah, yeah. But in my opinion, it is outrageous and over the top! I am starting to lose alot of respect for these two…..

JMO on

Well it’s true. They can afford it and to them a $3000 crib is nothing. But I know right now if I won 25 million tomorrow on the lottery I can almost guarentee you I’d still be shopping for groceries each week at Target with my coupons in hand and my 5% back on my credit card! LOL

Susie on

@Catherine…you’re so witty. ::eyeroll::

Anonymous on

It’s a socialist’s field day on this site right now….

SpeakTheTruth on

Uhhhhh Why do people always spit out inaccurate information or questions what celebs do to give back. She and Kelly Rowland already has a nice apartment complex built for people with low income not to far from their youth recreational center they had built. Not to mention her cosmetology school that allows women who are getting out of drug and alcohol rehabs a chance to go to a funded school to support themselves. She gave money to Haiti, Africa, save the music, cancer, clothes of our back, funding in Scotland, she donated her entire salary from the movie Cadillac Records (4 million dollars) to the Phoenix House rehabilitation charity. I could go on and on but you get the jest and Jay-Z does just as much. Sad, sad, sad!!!

Rlg on

It’s their money and they can spend it anyway they please without having anyone say anything to the contrary.

RKF on

I don’t care about how much the nursery costs – but, I will say this – that is one of the ugliest nurseries I’ve ever seen in my life. The wall color is the only tolerable part of it. It looks like a tacky Studio 64 prop room. But, then again, I would expect nothing less from these two.

S* on

I don’t care how much it cost, it still looks like you’re putting your baby in a creepy plastic box!
I think it’s the solid sides – maybe they should be slatted too???

Indira on

There’s no accounting for taste. I will say it looks like the cage my cousin dances in, she works at a nightclub. The hot pink mattress doesn’t help.

Taunya Curry on

Don’t really care for the look. It looks cheap. But hey, to each his own.

Sarah K. on

I don’t think this is a picture of the actual nursery, just a sample of what the crib looks like.

Between the two of them, Jay-Z and Beyonce have literally donated millions of dollars to charity, but shame on them for spending $3,500 on a crib for their first child? Ok…I see how that might make sense…

These people are extremely wealthy. They can spend millions of dollars on charity and still afford to buy their baby expensive things. It’s not like they won’t donate this year because they bought their baby a crib. $3,500 is basically $35 to them. They earned all of their money, so what is the problem? They are allowed to spend their hard-earned money on their child.

krul on

Beyonce’s head on this picture is the same head on the “fake” babypicture that was released.
This proves that the fake babypicture was really fake.
And the crib/room if they like it who cares.
If it were 1000 or 100.000 dollars its there money
The name if they like it thats fine.
People have to stop looking at others. Look at yourself.

Jessica on

I just think this crib is ugly!

LeeZee on

They are entitled to choose what they like, but it looks a bit too sleek and uninviting to me. Where’s texture, where’s color, where’s a non-slippery handhold for eventual pull-up help? I hope that tufting on the mattress/covver is done with stitching and not with buttons. Each to their own. But…enough, already!

Shannon on

Hate it. But who cares what I think? 🙂

allyson on

i love it! so cute

Alyssa on

I’m surprised it’s made of plastic, you would think it would have been diamond encrusted 24k gold with rubies, emeralds and sapphires…pillars, fountains a couple sculptures.

Julie on

It doesn’t really matter what this crib costs because I guarantee you Blue Ivy would rather sleep snuggled next to her mom and dad.

Its_ME on

Its nice to see the economy isn’t hurting them!

Kristin on

RKF, LeeZee- this is not a picture of their nursery. This is just a promotional picture for the crib. So you can hate the nursury all you want but don’t say that you “expect it from these two” when this isn’t their nursery.

Mara on

Ugly, ugly,ugly. Don’t look kid friendly and very cold and uninviting.

GiGI on

cute!! tired of hearing people complain about how THEY SPEND THEY’RE MONEY!! People have to understand that when you’re worth millions you have a complete diff mindset you dont think like the average American when it comes to finances. I’m quite sure Bey and Jay have their budgets and finances together people are just plain jealous!! Worry about whats in your wallet not everyone else! Sad

Felice on

Well, it does look like plastic and I personally would not buy it. I couldn’t afford it. As long as they worked and spent their money to pay for it, I don’t have a problem with it! It’s their overpriced choice!

Sreno7 on

So it isn’t your style. No one is forcing you to have an acrylic crib. $3500 is a pittance to them. I thought Americans were all about free enterprise and against socialism so why can’t they buy what they wish for their child. I imagine that is an ad, not a photo of their personal nursery and they won’t keep the balls or balloons in it when they put a baby in it. They aren’t stupid. Oh and Shelby there is no bpa in acrylic. Acrylic or Lucite is poly methyl methacrylate.

Doreen on

Crazy amounts of money for that crib. Just think about the babies around the world that don’t have cribs and these two spend $3500 on this?! That’s when you have too much money and you really don’t know what to do with it.

loren on

I thought it was $35,000, at first. 🙂 $3,500 doesn’t seem unreasonable for them.(last time I saw them on a Forbes list they had each made 80 million dollars each) I wish prices weren’t listed for anything, its in bad taste and people get so upset about how rich people spend their money. Congrats to them and to the retailers who will be making ton’s of money providing stuff for little Blue.
agree with Sarah K. that is really not that much considering how much money they make (and have been making for years)

Andrea on

Acrylic typically has BPA in it….expensive doesn’t always equals safe!

Think I’ll stick with my $250 crib.

Eve on

Jay-Z & Beyonce are receiving so much negative criticism & hate b/c they’re an extremely rich AFRICAN AMERICAN couple who can afford to buy their child expensive items. No one spoke such hateful things about Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes for buying EXPENSIVE high heels & clothes for Suri who started wearing heels at age 2! Racism still lives in America!

Niche on

Lmao at these comments. So just to clarify… Robert Downey Jr and Tony Romo will have their babies sleeping in cribs reminiscent of stripper heels and should donate instead of shopping for their kids too, right?

Or would it be acceptable if they were the only celebs to purchase that crib? Everyone would be so happy they had such great trendy, modern taste. I understand now. Yeah, right.

Alyssa on

Eve…Ummmm you’re wrong. Tom and Katie got a ton of flack for letting their daughter where heels, make-up and no jacket in the dead of winter. They get criticism all the time. Tom can’t do anything without people calling him gay or nailing him on his spiritual beliefs. That’s got to get under his skin after awhile.

Race doesn’t have to do with this, it’s a sh–ty economy for 99% of the people out there, when they see a couple dropping $3500 on a plastic baby crib, they’re going to get the comments slung at them.


I see all the HATE regarding these two are back. I bet the majority of the haters are white women who are jealous. Why all the hostility against these two???????? My God, if this was Jennifer Garner, no one would say anything. This world is so SAD….ALL YOU NEGATIVE PEOPLE.

dilitant on

Hate the crib. It looks cheap . . . sorta like it was built from clear Lego pieces. Plus, Lucite is basically plastic – I would worry about the chemicals in it (although, to be fair, I am sure wood cribs are sealed with chemicals too). Not loving the name Blue either. I thought Beyonce would come up with a really beautiful name for her little girl. Oh well – her kid and her crib – everyone can do their own thing.

dilitant on

@ CHACHA . . . read your comments closely . . . you jumping to the conclusion that all the “haters” are ” white women who are jealous” actually paints you as a racist. It is called reverse discrimination. Look it up. BTW, I am a white woman who just hates the crib. Robert Downey and Tony Romo (two white guys) bought the crib too, and I still hate it. It isn’t a race thing . . . it is a personal preference thing.

melissa on

I can’t imagine keeping this crib clean. I just imagine millions of tiny fingerprints. Anyways the crib is not for me but I hope they enjoy it. Congrats again on baby Blue!

SP on

My initial thought when I saw this crib was how ugly it was, and then I started thinking WHAT exactly made it ugly. The crib is just glorifed see-though plastic, not my choice, but how can something see-through be ugly? And then I realized it may not be the crib itself but the horrendous nursery decor. I went to the web site and sure enough they use such gawdy colors for an infant nursery that it’s really, really unappealing. Throw in some weird dolls on the dresser and what looks like leftover New Year’s Eve tinsel on the wall, and there you have it. I think it would look much more pleasing to the eye with a traditional dresser/changing table, pink sheets, matching pink area rug and a rocking chair with matching pink blanket slung over the side.

I’m going to add that for 2 celebrities who have in the past have been very successful at keeping their private lives private, I’m shocked there is information being released on a daily basis regarding their baby. I’m hoping it’s just their excitement and that they want to share that excitement with everyone, but I really have a problem with anyone (celebrity or not) who demands constant attention and then suddenly claims they want privacy. I’m really looking forward to them going away for a bit.

There is something definitely fishy going on with this couple. They stay at the hospital for 3 days after the baby was born? For a vaginal delivery? Conflicting reports about other parents not able to visit freely their own children in the NICU (and now a report out that 2 formal complaints have been made)? And I don’t believe for a second that we’ll be seeing Beyonce and the baby out and about anytime in the near future. If we do, there definitely will be no sign of a postpartum bump.

Tish on

Celebrities are excited about expanding their family just like everyone else. What they choose to spend on their children is their business. They deserve to enjoy becoming parents and doing all the loving things parents do for their children. They do not owe anyone an explanation. Enjoy parenthood Mr. And Mrs. Carter. Spoil your baby all you want…just make sure she is well behaved, values education, and respects herself and others. I can’t wait to see a photo, but I respect your privacy and won’t chase you down next time you are in the Bayou City.

Tasha on

Safty is what I would worry about and no sneakin up to peak if she feel asleep because she will see u

Karen on

It looks like the Doozers made it on Fraggle Rock.

Jen on

I wouldn’t want a crib that not many people have… You know all of the ratings on bad baby beds because thousands of people use them. How many people do you honestly think have this baby bed? Not a bed I would want at all! I want one that thousands of people have used before I stick my baby in it… just sayin’

Mamie on

I think I saw that crib at the grocery store, but they were selling $3 bouncy balls out of it. That thing is fugly.

Pandabear on

Jealousy doesn’t look good at any of those making snyde, nasty commentary. I think it’s very interesting looking. They don’t need to justify how much they spend or how much they donate to charity to anyone. Green, green, green. Only Kermit looks good in it

Janet on

@SP: I delivered vaginally and I stayed in the hospital for 3 days. It’s routine for the hospitals I know around here at least (northern california)

Well, I think the crib looks space age-ish. Who knows? They may not have even bought this? We don’t know–we’re not her close family or friends.

Congratulations to the new parents! Babies are a blessing! What matters most is their safety, health, & happiness!

J on

Eve grow up. It’s not about race. YOU made it about race. Some of you Beyonce fans are quick to cry race regarding their nay sayers and it’s getting old.

HammysHome on

Reminds me of one of those Habitat hamster cages.

Lady on

I loooove Beyonce & Jay but I prefer more classic styles, especially for my child’s crib….not my kid tho! Many congrats to them, can’t wait to see baby Blue in 5 yrs lol 🙂

Sarah on

That is the ugliest crib I have ever seen. Just sayin’

amandamay on

I can’t imagine having to clean the millions of fingerprints and slobber off the plastic “walls” daily!!!! I hope they pay their housekeepers well 🙂

Siera on

@Eve. Please don’t play the race card. It just makes you seem ignorant.

Lisa on

“It looks like the Doozers made it on Fraggle Rock.”

LOL Karen! I was about to comment the same exact thing! I sort of expect Wembley to come along and start snacking on it.

ashley on

im sure this crib has met all safety codes like any other crib that is made out there.. and who cares what they spend there money on its there money and there baby so ppl quit hatin because u dont have the money like they do.. and they do donate and do alot of charitable work so them spending $3500 on a crib is there business and they do plently of charity work look it up before you talk back up your so called info..

michelle on

how could something so cheap looking cost so much, sorry but it is ugly to me and does not look comfortable. Think how many cribs they could buy for needy parents for the cost of 3500.00.

MiB on

Seriously, most baby furniture is chosen by the parents to reflect the parents taste (and hopefully within their budget), wether it’s a cherry coloured sleigh crib or a super modern acrylic crib, don’t pretend anything else. If someone decorates the nursery in Winnie the Pooh, then that’s because they like it (for a baby), if someone decorates the nursery totally in white, then it’s because they like it. Just because you don’t like the crib or wouldn’t spend that amount of money on one doesn’t make it a bad purchase, it only means that it’s not the right purchase for you.

And no, I wouldn’t buy that crib even if I did have the money, but I wouldn’t buy the cherry coloured sleigh crib either.

I’d also like to point out that the only thing we have heard from Beyonce and Jay-Z themselves is the statement they issued about being in heaven. Everything else comes from other people, hospital officials, shop owners and passers by. While you can restrict what you say to the public, and ask people around you to do that as well, you can’t really control what anyone else is saying. Also, the Health Department apparently reviewed and dismissed the complaints.

Ag on

That is one ugly crib.

Toya L. on

I don’t like the crib but if they do and want to spend their hard earned money on their child, that is their business. I do like the fact that they donated their baby gifts to charity though.

Sarah K. on

“Think how many cribs they could buy for needy parents for the cost of 3500.00.”

Because the MILLIONS of dollars they’ve already spent on charities isn’t enough? $3500 pales in comparison to how much they’ve donated. They have and continue to donate a lot of money to needy people. But, they have more than enough money to go around and shouldn’t be shamed for splurging on their first child.

Do some of you just say the first thing that comes to your mind instead of giving it any real thought? You’re complaining about the few thousand this family spent on themselves when they’ve already spent a few million on other people. It’s actually laughable that so many people are complaining about their charitable contributions considering how much money they’ve given.

Catca on


Fellow Poshtots customer here – and yes – they can get VERY expensive – especially the outdoor playhouses. Fantastic store, great customer service, and a range of prices. For all you haters talking about how much Beyonce and Jay Z spent, Poshtots has a princess crib retailing at $14,000 and yes, some celebrities have purchased it. $3,500 is not that outrageous considering the coin they have in the bank and the fact there are a lot of cribs on the market that cost much more than that. I personally don’t care for the crib because it’s a contemporary style and I prefer traditional styles, but the pic above shows a cute contemporary style nursery if that’s your style preference. Even I with traditional taste have to admit that I think the dresser/changing table is rather cute.

Amanda on

SP- insurance is pretty much the only reason postpartum moms are kicked out after 2-3 days. I’d be willing to bet Beyonce pays medical bills without insurance so could probably stay as long as she wanted. I have 4 kids and if I could have stayed 3-4 days I would have! Don’t believe everything you hear, lots of people are just seeking attention

I think the crib is probably the ugliest one I’ve seen, but whatever it’s their money. I’ve seen ‘normal’ people spend just as much on fancy round canopy cribs and bedding. I spent $250 on two cribs between my kids(first one was recalled) and they are just fine, and a lot more appealing to the eye I might add

Jen on

My brothers and sisters and I were in the crib my mother was in and my children were in the same one. We just had high bumper pads for the bars and no lead paint, just wood. None of us are the worse off for it – didn’t cost us a penny.

Hea on

I’m sure it will look great even as it’s constantly exposed to drool and snot and fingerprints… Why not take home one of those plastic boxes the babies sleep in at the NICU/hospital instead? Much cheaper and it looks pretty much the same. It seriously looks like hospital equipment.

Luci on

I’m not sure that I would buy this crib for my children, but that’s because as so many others have pointed out, it’s not my taste. What does it matter though – it’s not my baby.

I’m saddened by the vitriol, negativity, and outright jealousy I’ve seen expressed towards these two across the internet. Here are two people who dated for a long time, got married, and now have a baby. They are two regular human beings with mistakes, faults, etc, but, super star celebrities. We come to this site to get CELEBRITY baby info: to see pictures, read about the latest celebrity who’s expecting, etc. The sheer bias that some folks seem to feel comfortable expressing behind the “safety” of their keyboard and computer screen amazes me and scares me. I’m sad because despite the fact that it’s 2012, it really feels and seems that it’s 1960. You’d think technology would bring understanding, but instead it seems that folks festering ignorance (no, not about the $$$ or these particular celebrities taste in interior design) and bias has simply grown and flourished….

However she had the baby, what they named the baby, whatever they decide to spend on the baby is completely their business because again it’s THEIR money, and their baby.

God, Universe, Creator, (however one chooses to refer to the deity they worship) bless them. I’m happy for them and for anyone else. I love my children, and give them the best I can within MY means. I also try to give to charity as well. If I had their money I’m sure I would do the same: continue to give my kids the WORLD within my means while giving TO THE WORLD.

Lynn in Alabama on

That is an ugly crib! Money can’t buy good taste, apparently.

Marsha on

I’m sorry but it looks like a room in a mental hospital (I am flashing back to Hannibal’s cell in Silence of the Lambs) with all the plastic looking furniture. It doesn’t look very “baby-like”. I think it looks a bit odd. But hey, to each his/her own.

showbizmom on

Wow! Some of you need to chill out. First of all Beyonce and her ‘team’ didn’t release this information about the cost or type of crib she bought. From what I can tell she went to a store like we all do when expecting to pick out a crib with her sister, they bought it and went on. It was the press ( this website) that found out and released this information. So I highly doubt that Beyonce did this to promote herself or how much money she has. I’m fortunate and will not apologize for the amount of money I and my husband choose to spend on our kids or materials for ourselves. It’s OUR money and it’s THEIR money! You don’t know how much they donate to charitable organizations. So why all the judgements? It just seems like good ole fashioned jealously and that’s cool we all get jealous from time to time. Just chill out, what I do or what others do really have no effect on how you raise your kids. Let it go and just be happy that another human being (regardless of their fame) is happy and healthy and in love with their new baby.

Candace on

Kind of reminds me of a miniature version of Hannibal Lectors prison in Silence of the Lambs. (In the beginning where Clarice Starling meets him?) LOL

Amanda on

Geez, people. Does anybody have a problem with the upwards of ten million dollars that Jay spent on Beyonce’s engagement ring? And I may be low-balling it. Couldn’t he have just bought her a three thousand dollar ring at zales and donated the rest to people who can’t afford to buy engagement rings? If we were worth hundreds of millions of dollars, you can bet I’d have one heck of a hunk of rock on my finger…and my kids would have the best of everything. (We cosleep, though, and my son’s crib is still in the basement. In pieces.:)) And yes, I would still donate to charity.

Angela on

It’s interesting to me when I hear people talk about how much money rich people should donate. It’s their money. They can spend it however they want. I’m sure they do plenty of charity work!

Lyoness on

I really like the crib! It’s different and interesting.

I’m not even a huge fan but I really wish all this Beyonce and Jay-Z hate that has flaired up over the past few weeks would go away already. They’re a long-term married couple who just had a baby. That pretty much sums up alot of couples in America. Although, they’re celebrities, they keep things private. It isn’t so serious. I’m ashamed of all these comments on some of these blogs around the internet calling the baby a ‘devil’, saying Beyonce had a surrogate… Just be happy for them and move on.

ClaireSamsmom on

Even if it was Jennifer Garner buying a $3500 crib I would still dislike it and think it was WAY over the top and extravagant. No matter what the crib looks like, that amount of money spent on a crib is just ridiculous. I think Tony Romo and Robert Downey Jr are silly for buying a crib that costs that much too. That being said, I just think for these two, this is the first of many over the top things that we will hear about regarding their daughter…..

denise on

I don’t care about THEIR money. they earn it, it’s theirs, so it’s their decision what to spend it on. I don’t like the crib though, being see-through isn’t cosy at all. but personal taste differs not everybodys loves the leander either. so what?
it’s their money, their house and their choice. I wish them well and hope they can peacefully enjoy being a small family.

Bijou on

Some of these comments are so full of hate and judgment it’s funny…NOT.

For every person who said they spent $100 or so on their child’s crib, TRUST and BELIEVE there are many people (forget Africa, Haiti, or Ethiopia) here in the US who can’t even afford that! Those people probably think,themselves, “$100 for a crib? I can go down to the Goodwill or Salvation Army and get one for $20 or free…!” My point?!?! damned if you do, damned if you don’t. To Beyonce and Jay-Z, $3500 are pennies in the bucket. And in regards to giving to charity/the needy, they both have given more to charity than all of us on this blog collectively.

The crib is not aesthetically pleasing to my eyes but neither are boring “cherry” traditional cribs either. To each their own. Get off your high horse and come back down to earth. A new life is born to two loving parents who can afford to raise and provide her with the best life has to offer…. what’s to hate about that?

name on

Whats gonna happen when the baby starts crawling? lol She’ll think she’s free, she’s gonna crawl towards the glass and bang her head!BOOM! You know her Skull doesnt close until 12 to 24 months??

oomyyyyyyyyyy on

This is one of many type of cribs they bought for their child! They could try it out and change as their daughter grows and also they may have a crib for more than one area of their home It was design for baby and they are trying it out I had more than one baby bed for our children and we had a summer home, city apt and grandparents had a crib in their home too

StandsAlone on

Maybe just Maybe this story isn’t true! I don’t believe everything I read.

toya on

If you want to spend thousands of dollars baby furniture, FINE!! But at least buy stuff that’s PRACTICAL!!! The crib is ugly, looks like plastic. You can’t lower the side, only change the height of the mattress; going to be killer on the back. It won’t even convert into anything else!! I’m pretty sure there are some beautiful cribs out there for that much. Look at the ones Mariah has. And she went with her mom & sister to get this?!?! They couldn’t even give her any advise???

orangekitty on

ummm, beyonce knows a baby is supposed to sleep in there right? it looks like the ball bin at the toy store. oh beyonce!!!

Andrea on

I find it amazing that we are harping on a Black woman buying this crib when the article states that two White men bought the exact same ish. What, people can’t believe that some wealthy Black people like to spend THEIR hard-earned money on nice (albeit, tacky) things?

Andrea on

So two White men (who act the fool and do all kinds of crazy ish) can buy this crib without any comment, but let a Black woman actually spend her own damn money and the world goes nuts? Oh, America!

Jodie on

That is the ugliest baby bed I have EVER seen!!! It is just downright awful and they paid that much for it? I think they got took on that purchase.

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