Brooke White Expecting First Child

01/11/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
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Last January, Brooke White made her acting debut in the FOX TV movie Change of Plans, telling PEOPLE, “the theme of the movie is unexpected things come into your life, and those unexpected things are the best.”

This year, that theme comes through for White as she makes another debut — as a first-time mom!

White, 28, the season 7 American Idol finalist known for her sunny vocals and piano skills, is expecting her first child in May with husband Dave Ray.

“We’re so excited,” White tells PEOPLE. “By the time the baby’s born, we’ll have been married eight years. I met Dave when I was 19 years old — we’ve been together a really long time, and we’ve always wanted to be parents.”

White first revealed her pregnancy on Dec. 16 through her blog Brookie Babble in a cute video post with her rubbing her tummy and taking an excited leap.

“My baby’s been a gem to me already,” says White. “I really haven’t slowed down since finding out the news in September. But I kept it a secret until about two weeks ago. There are a few really hard secrets I’ve kept in my life — one was American Idol and the other was being pregnant. I’m a confidentiality pro!”

At the halfway point in her pregnancy, White is still producing music with writing partner Jack Matranga as the duo Jack and White, and shooting video shorts with Eliza magazine editor Summer Bellessa under the name The Girls with Glasses Show.

“I thought I would be miserable and having every symptom in the book,” White says. “Dave was excited for the day we’d have kids but dreaded the day I’d get pregnant because he wasn’t sure he could handle me! But I’ve been on the road doing the shows and minus some pretty good exhaustion and heartburn, I’ve actually done really well.”

A touring life does have pre-natal scheduling challenges, though.

“Come 7:30 at night,” White says, “you really have to trick yourself into staying awake. That was really hard on the road when you have an 11 o’clock show and you have to drag yourself up there sometimes. One of the amazing things I’ve experienced — and it just started happening Monday — was feeling her kick for the first time.”

As White describes, “I was laying down in bed and had the sniffles. I had my hand rested on my stomach and boom, I felt the kick on my hand, and she did it five times. That was beyond one of the coolest feelings I have ever experienced!”

At 12 weeks, White and Ray were told they were expecting a girl, but will know for sure soon.

“So I’ve been buying little outfits and I can barely contain my excitement,” White says, “but honestly — and I genuinely mean this — if my little girl decided to change her mind and become a boy, I’d be stoked either way! I’ll just be happy to have a healthy baby.”

— Cynthia Wang

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Bubbles on

LOve her!! so happy for her 😀 She actually announced it a few days ago over facebook…

klutzy_girl on

Aw, yay! I loved her on AI – She was one of my favorites that season. Congratulations to them!

LA on

SO EXTREMELY HAPPY for Brooke and her husband.

She was excellent on American Idol and always a kind and caring person during and after the show was over. We all loved Brooke. This couldn’t be happening to a nicer person.

Good luck. We’ll be praying for you and little baby.

MrsKennyD on

That’s wonderful! So excited for her and her hubby! Side note: I’m pretty sure you can’t tell the sex of the baby as early as 12 weeks. As far as I know “they” won’t give you an EARLY anatomical ultrasound until 16 weeks…just sayin’! Still very exciting!

Jeana on

I liked her on the show.congrats

Casey on

I always loved her. Congratulations, Brooke! 🙂

Elaine on

Not that I don’t love her, because I do, but I have a bone to pick here. I hate it when people say “as long as the baby is healthy.” What if it’s not healthy? What if there is a problem or a congenital disability? Do moms really mean it when they say they won’t be happy if their child has a problem? I don’t think so, and I think our language should reflect. Boy, girl, healthy or with some “problems”, every baby is a joy to the world. I hope someday the words “as long as it’s healthy” are not a part of pregnancy anymore.

shalay on

I love when people wait awhile after getting married before having a baby. I know it’s not for everyone, especially those that get married a little later in life. But I got married 4 years ago at 21, and I plan on being married for another couple of years before we have a little one. I just love this time with my husband and I know that when the time comes, we’ll be so ready to be parents. Congrats to Brooke and her husband!

Sarah on

I fully expect the details on how she conceived. As a matter of fact, I demand them, right here right now. If she doesn’t share she is a terrible human being and a bad role model for women. 😉

yep on

Elaine– she didn’t say she wouldn’t love the baby if it wasn’t healthy. She is simply saying she wants a healthy baby, for the baby’s sake! Don’t all parents want their children to be healthy and happy?!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! That being said, I’m really confused by that part: “At 12 weeks, White and Ray were told they were expecting a girl, but will know for sure soon.” What does that mean? Why would a doctor tell their patient what gender their baby was if they weren’t sure?

Anna on

So cute that they’ve been together since 19 and are just beginning their family now. So much alone time together but now they’re ready to share their bond with a baby!


Anonymous on

Elaine- Well, would you be happy if your child was born with problems? Personally, I think it would be a little odd for parents to be happy about their child being born with a disability. That would be like an adult being happy about being diagnosed with diabetes or a congenital heart defect (some, such as having what is known as a bicuspid aortic valve, can actually go unnoticed until adulthood!) or somthing.

That doesn’t mean, however, that parents won’t love their child if she or he ends up having a disability. If a parent were to say that (that they wouldn’t love their child if he or she had a disability), then I would agree with you. But I don’t see anything wrong with saying things like, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. I’ll just be happy if it’s healthy”. There’s a big difference between loving your disabled child and being happy she or he has a disability!

emily on

Elaine….you’re kind of reaching. Generally, people make the “as long as it’s healthy” statement after someone asks their gender preference. So they’re essentially saying they PREFER their child to be healthy over all other things. That’s a no-brainer. People don’t bother saying “…but of course I would love it if it weren’t healthy” because it’s a given. People are offended by EVERYTHING nowadays, it’s so tiresome.

Tori on

Well, I find Brooke White untalented and annoying. She was terrible on Idol, but good luck to her for a smooth pregnancy anyway!

Belinda on

Yay for Brooke and Dave!!! This is exciting news!! Congratulations from Australia!!

shalay on

“but honestly — and I genuinely mean this — if my little girl decided to change her mind and become a boy, I’d be stoked either way! I’ll just be happy to have a healthy baby.”

Elaine, is this really the statement that you took and ran with? I think you’re totally twisting her words by saying that she’s implying she won’t be happy unless the baby is healthy.

Most normal people hope to have a healthy baby. It doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love a child that was unhealthy or had a disability, it simply means that they don’t want their child to have to suffer through anything. Ask anyone what they’d prefer, a healthy baby or an unhealthy baby, and I can guarantee that 100% would answer “healthy”. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that.

Mira on

Elaine’s comment takes the cake for idiocy. Wow.

Doctor: Your baby has a heart defect and will require multiple operations.
Mother and Father: Yay! That’s so great! We’re so thrilled to hear it!

Sfmom on

Yay! My dh and I really liked her on AI (that was the one season we actually watched). It sounds like she’s due right after me (I’m almost 22 weeks and would have found out baby’s gender a week or two ago).

On being told she’s having a girl at 12 weeks, there’s at least one blood test done around 12 weeks that actually does tell gender. It’s a genetic test that they’re more and more often for pregnant women, even those under 35. So it’s totally possible she was told with good certainty that it’s a girl.

But yeah…if some tech did an us and thought they saw labia and told them it was a girl at 12 weeks, that would be so extremely unreliable it’s sad.

Heather Lynn on

Great news! I loved Brooke on AI and am happy to hear that she is expecting! I, too, think it’s great that she and her husband have been together for so long– that’s a rarity nowadays!

Linda on

Dr’s can and will sometimes tell you early if they think they have a good idea what you are having based on an ultrasound, although at 12 weeks it’s not very accurate at all. My doctor told me at 12 weeks he THOUGHT I might be having a boy. I found out at 20 weeks that it was a girl. So, her statement makes sense.

Hea on

Of course people want healthy babies. Who wants their child to be sick and in pain? I don’t wish that on anybody. The parents whose babies are born sick are usually worried and hurting over the fact that their highly loved child is suffering. And sometimes it’s harder to connect to a child that’s sick and a natural process of grieving is common.

There’s nothing wrong or strange about that and it doesn’t mean that parents do not love their children no matter what. It just means that some of life’s hardships can be overwhelming and a true struggle to deal with where you wish your child had been healthy.

When I got sick at 15, my parents wished I had been born healthy because we discovered that my disease was caused by a remnant from like week 7 of gestation. We didn’t now about it until then, however. That didn’t mean they wished I had been different as a person or that they loved me any less. They simply wished my life had been easier and that I wouldn’t have to be so scared and risk a lot of damage or death.

Janie on

This is great news! Congratulations Brooke 🙂 You and Jason Castro were my favorites that season.

Anonymous on

Here’s a good article explaining how it’s possible for some doctors to be able to make a pretty good guess about the gender at 12 weeks (you’ll need to scroll down a bit to where it says: “Angle of the Dangle” and click there for that portion of the page to show):

Anonymous on

Scratch that. The link I posted takes you directly to where it talks about finding out the sex at 12 weeks, so disregard what I said about clicking!


Yeah…sometimes at the NT scan the tech can give a guess as to what the sex of the baby is. They will probably try to confirm at the anatomy scan around 20 weeks…if the baby cooperates!!!

Holiday on

I found out at 14 weeks with my daughter. At 12 weeks they can guess with about 80 percent accuracy. Congrats to her! I was never a big fan of her style of music and never felt she was a good singer though.

drgrady on

So happy for her and her hubby!

Lisa on

It is absolutely possible to tell the gender of a baby @ 12 weeks. For sure. I was told the gender of my twins @ 11 weeks 2 years ago. Not only was the tech correct but he was able to show me what he saw and it was clearly one boy and one girl, perhaps some people don’t have a 3D sono but if you do they show alot.