Look for Less: Benjamin Brady’s Puppy Love

01/10/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Brian Flannery/Flynet

Who knew a dog’s best friend could look so cute?

On Nov. 19, we spotted Benjamin Brady stylishly showing off his family’s puppy love while out and about in N.Y.C. with mom Gisele Bündchen.

The 2-year-old wore Bambeeno‘s Cashmere Dog Rollneck ($148) with dark wash carpenter jeans and dressy brown shoes.

Love Benjamin’s cute outfit? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $27!

Courtesy Dillard’s


Class Club‘s sweater vest looks just as adorable as Benjamin’s. Even better? It’s part of the brand’s St. Bernard Set ($27) that also includes a striped oxford shirt and khaki trousers.

Courtesy Old Navy


Keep your tyke looking good and comfortable in Old Navy‘s Loose Fit Painter Jeans ($17). We love the rugged dark wash and wide side pockets.

Courtesy Amazon


On the hunt for a sturdy and stylish shoe that works for all occasions? Our pick: Kid Express‘s Bruce Sneaker ($24). The rubber bottom offers plenty of traction for your on-the-go boy.

— Anya Leon

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Helen on

I love this look on a toddler, and could he be any cuter?

Anonymous on

He is a cutie ,but mom should of bought him a size up …..

melissa on

oh my he is soo cute!! He is one well dressed little boy.

Mira on

What an adorable little guy! And so smartly dressed too. My new favourite celebrity baby.

Me on

$148 for a sweater??? $148 for a sweater for a toddler-someone that grows in a blink of an eye. Ridiculous!!!

Maryanne on

It looks like he grew out of it already! Cute kid, though. Janie and jack has a lot of dog shirts/sweaters like that.

Sarah K. on

Me, relatively speaking $148 is mere pennies for that family. Relatively speaking, middle-class families shopping at the Gap spend more on clothes. Who cares how much they spend on his clothes as long as they’re not asking you to pay for it?

Benjamin looks adorable as usual! Love the way they dress him.

seila on

i don’t think he’s cute, i’m sorry, its hard to believe with such good looking parents.

Kimberly on

Buy. $20 shirt and donate the rest to kids who are starving and/or have nothing!

Mari on

You guys, stop trying to apply your own budgets and sense of what’s expensive and what isn’t. They’re very wealthy, you’re not, the same rules don’t apply. Sanctimonious isn’t an attractive look.

Shannon on

I agree with Anon that the sweater is too small but who cares when you’re as cute as he is. 🙂

loren on

ITA with Sarah K. 🙂 Ben is such a cutie

Sara on

I agree celebs can do whatever they want. BUT Gisele Bundchen has no problem telling women they’re bad mothers if they don’t breastfeed. Therefore, I am going to express my opinion that $148 is waaayyyy toooo much money for a toddler’s sweater. Sorry, Sarah K.

Sara on

I agree that celebs have the right to do whatever they want. But since Gisele Bundchen thinks it’s OK to tell other women they’re bad mothers if they don’t breastfead, etc. I think I have the right to express my opinion that $148 is way too much for a toddler’s sweater.

Mira on

Yes, Sara, both you and Giselle speak the truth. Haha. Is that the sentiment you were going for?

Sarah K. on

Sara, why are you apologizing to me? Lol, go ahead and disagree with me. Just keep in mind that some people think that spending $25 on a child’s sweater is wayyyyy toooo much. It’s called spending within your budget. And um, she never said women who don’t breastfeed are bad mothers. That’s just what you read into it.

Kimberley, something tells me that Gisele and Tom donate a lot more money to charity than you do.

Sara on

You’re right, I don’t think she used the words ‘bad mother.’ But she said something pretty close. And, apparently, I’m not the only one who read too much into it, because she had to issue an apology or a clarification or whatever it was.

Maybe Kimberly does donate, but I’m sure it’s not as much as the Bradys, but it could be ‘within her budget.’ They make billions.

And, yes, I do happen to think $25 i a lot for MY baby’s sweater. I think sweats and cotton pants are a lot more comfortable and practical. I’ve gotten some brand new looking outfits from resail shops and hand me downs from relatives that I’ve used for photos, etc. That’s just my opinion!!

Whitney on

someone put cashmere in the dryer

Sarah K. on

“Maybe Kimberly does donate, but I’m sure it’s not as much as the Bradys, but it could be ‘within her budget.’ They make billions.”

My point exactly.

SpeakTheTruth on

He is such a cute little boy.

RKF on

@Kimberly – What a cliched, sanctimonious, cringe-worthy statement. It’s not every human’s responsibility to save the world. So, if I make over a certain bracket of money, it’s my responsibility to give part of that to charity? With that theory, I’d like you to go buy a $10 sweater, and give the other $10 to charity. Would you do it? Doubtful. If you have such an issue with those who can splurge on materialistic items, then try getting a better paying job.

pry on

That is a expensive sweater!! I thought Giselle was “pao dura” , whatever…cute kid though

Jessica on

While I agree that Tom and Giselle’s budget is much more than mine, I would like to think that even if I was rich I wouldn’t be wasteful. I rememeber a story about a celeb who was shopping in the clearance section of the Gap and someone yelled at her. Her response was “I may be rich but I’m not stupid” I agree 100% with that!

Sus on

What a cutie!

Hea on

“It’s not every human’s responsibility to save the world”

Actually, it is. It doesn’t, however, have to be through monetary donations.

meme on

what a handsome little dude. The fact that his sweather is a little on the small side, just adds to his adorableness.