Lisa Loeb Expecting Second Child

01/09/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Andreas Branch/

There’s another baby on the way for Lisa Loeb!

The singer/author, 43, and husband Roey Hershkovitz will welcome their second child in June, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I grew up with a big family, so I’m excited for Lyla to have a sibling!” Loeb tells PEOPLE.

The couple, who wed in 2009, are already parents to daughter Lyla Rose, 2.

Loeb can now be seen on tour for her children’s song book, Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs.

“It’s a little bit of a challenge to try to balance my work with my family, but my family comes first,” says Loeb, who also designs frames for her eyewear collection.

“My daughter is so beautiful and sweet and funny.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Ulrica Wihlborg

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Diane Smythe on

LOVED her in her MTV show a million years ago.

What a lovely person.

I will bet this is one Hollywood marriage that lasts.

Yeah, Lisa!!!

Amit on

I was just wondering how she’s doing, so it’s nice to get an update… Happy she’s going to be a mom again!

kasia on

good for her 🙂 i always wondered if she’s going to give her daughter a sibling

Gigi on

I just saw her on the subway in NYC. Seems like such a nice, normal girl. Happy for her!

klutzy_girl on

I saw pictures of her and Lyla this morning, and I thought she was pregnant again! Congratulations to them.

Cammy on

Yeaa! Gives inspiration to Mom’s in their 40’s that want to have another child. There are risks, but not everyone is lucky enough to find “Mr. Right” in their 20’s or even 30’s….

Sara on

43, wow! I wonder if she needed any help from doctors to make that happen. If so, I think it would be wonderful for her to tell her story. Infertility is so hard to deal with and so few people talk about it. Normal Americans start thinking it’s normal to be able have babies in their 40s and it’s actually incredibly hard to do.

Joanna on

Good for her! She seems so normal and down to earth. She’s never tried to be photographed on the beach every 5 minutes like LeAnn Rimes does. I’m impressed that she wants to live a normal life with her husband and family. You go, Lisa!

LP on

She is my favorite singer/song writer and I love that I can introduce her kids CDs to my litte girl! on

Congratulations to her! She looks awesome- would love to hear her secrets of not aging! I swear- having a child has been the best thing ever, but aged me twice as fast!

Pamela on

Lyla is such a sweet name!

Michelle on

Great news. I love Lisa!

Liz on

Awesome! She seems like such a cool person. Good for them!

Tara on

I agree Sara. I remember when she had her first child, I thought she was an older than average mom. I don’t like how so many celebrities over 40 pretend that it was divine blessing that resulted in their pregnancy instead of scientific intervention. Get real and give us some credit for being intelligent ladies!

AllisonJ on

Congrats to her! I can’t believe she is 43 – she looks amazing!

sister7 on

Well…I had a surprise with my last one at age 42. Let me tell you! There was no hocus pocus involved or doctors. And look at Mrs. Duggar….45!!!!

Sarah on

@Tara… Why don’t you “get real” and realize some women do get pregnant naturally in their 40’s. How someone conceives is no one’s business but that person.

I can’t stand this “you owe me an explanation” mentality people have about a stranger’s pregnancy.

Daisy on

Sara and Tara, my best friend and my sister both got pregnant in their 40s without any help, and both had healthy babies and no complications. If I know two people who managed it, there are a lot more women out there just like them.

I agree with Sarah; nobody owes either of you any details about something so personal.

emily on

good gravy. She is under no obligation to discuss HOW she conceived. Or to be a spokesperson for fertility treatments.

katie on

great! can’t wait to see the new baby!

Shannon on

I know lots of women who got pregnant naturally in their 40s. It’s quite common actually. Well at least in my circle.

Terri on

I agree, Sarah. My aunt got pregnant naturally at 40 and 43, no treatments involved.

Anonymous on

Congrats to the family!

Kim on

I was also wondering if she had IVF this time around. I am a few yrs younger than her and I am experiencing infertility, which the DR says is age-related. After two failed IUI’s (and a miscarriage) and lots of failed natural cycles, I am on to IVF. It is hard to conceive naturallly at 43… not impossible but hard, especially without the help of a fertility specialist.Anyways, best of luck to her. She seems very sweet and I still listen to Lisa Loab and Nine Stories.

Michelle on

Plenty of women in their 40s conceive naturally and plenty of women in their 20s experience infertility and need medical assistance. I’m 38. On paper, my DR says my bloodwork is that of a women in her 20s, yet I still can’t get pregnant.

I really do hate the “she owes us an explanation” mentality. However, I do wish that actresses who battle infertility and conceive healthy children would share their stories. There is no shame in needed assistance. But there is also nothing bizarre about a 43 year old, healthy woman getting pregnant naturally.

mypiecesandbits on

Sara & Tara- Why in God’s name would you think that this woman or anyone else for that matter owes you, a complete stranger an explanation on how they conceived? That is the same as some random person on the street coming up to you as a pregnant woman and saying that you owe it to them to explain whether you used scientific intervention or not.

Catca on

Well said Michelle!

Holiday on

Yes it is possible for a woman to get pregnant naturally at 43 but it is not likely! I believe statistically the odds are way way against you at that old of an age.

Maya on

Yes – Michelle – very well said! And to you other ladies – jealousy is bad karma and will not help you conceive any faster. Just be happy for someone else. Really.

Anonymous on

Michelle- Has your husband/partner been checked yet? Sometimes it’s the man that has the issue, not the woman. So that could be one reason why your bloodwork shows up as that of a woman in your 20s and you still can’t get pregnant (by the way, I don’t expect you to answer my question. It’s none of our business, after all! I was just asking it as a way of pointing out to you that the issue with getting pregnant may not lie with you at all!).

Wayne on

Great news! Congratulations to Lisa and Roey!

Anonymous on

Maya – “that old of an age”….very insulting.

Congrats to Lisa and family from a very old age of 40 who got pregnant naturally and now at 43 working on #2!