Keri Russell Steps Out 10 Days After Baby

01/09/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

Wow, that was fast!

Ten days after welcoming daughter Willa Lou, a smiling Keri Russell gives us a glimpse at her slender post-baby body in an all-denim ensemble while leaving her Brooklyn home with husband Shane Deary and their kids on Friday in New York.

We think the new mom-of-two looks amazing!

“Everyone’s happy and healthy,” the actress’s rep says of their new addition, who joins big brother River, 4½.

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nadya on

After ten days…She looks great!! Im still trying to lose my baby fat and my daughter will be 5 months this week. 🙂

Karen on

She looks great!

Nicole on

I’m the same height as Keri, and this gives me so much inspiration. Everyone tells me I’m going to balloon out when I become pregnant. They say it’s inevitable that I’ll end up like Jessica Simpson.

alysia on

She didn’t gain much of a belly when pregnant and shes healthy so I’m not suprieed she looks so awesome. Love her baby girls name its a good name.

krissa on

Wow she looks great! Glowing and happy!

ecl on

She looks great because she probably didn’t gain any weight anywhere but her stomach. We can’t see that because her shirt is loose, but I’m sure it isn’t back to normal yet.

ClaireSamsmom on

wow… would never even know she had given birth two weeks ago!

Tee on

My goodness, she looks happy!

Catca on

I am surprised she looks so awesome – it takes 6 weeks for a uterus to shrink back to its normal size and she looks like it’s already back to normal. Granted she’s wearing a loose shirt but still… She obviously hit the jackpot with the gene pool because the majority of women, no matter how fit they stay during their pregnancy will not look that great 10 days after giving birth. Wish I hit that same gene pool, but regardless, congrats on the new addition!

Amanda on

It’s defi itely genetics. I was back in my prepregnancy jeans within 2 weeks with my first two kids and yes it was shocking how fast the tummy went away. My 3rd and 4th were a different story, took a little longer but I’ve still gone back. I workout but I workout with moms who have not bounced back so quickly and work just as hard, so definitely luck of the genetic draw

cris on

Ten days, hmmm, she must have had one of those Beyonce bumps…I kid, I kid!!

She looks spectacular!!!

Thursday on

Nicole,exactly what is wrong with Jessica Simpson?She looks perfectly healthy and glowing too me.let me guess you are referring to the size of her tummy?you vain cow…………..I think a dose of post par-tum depression is just what you need.

RKF on

She looks as stunning as always!

@Thursday – You are nuts. Wishing Postpartum Depression on anyone is evil.

N on

A close friend of mine was like Kerry after her 3 boys… I went to see her maybe a week later and no belly?! It was insane! But it happens!

Kerry looks great!

Shannon on

Good for her.

M on

I don’t even know if I believe this photo was just taken. In New York in January in that outfit? It is in the thirties there!

Marissa on

I live in Brooklyn and it was just about 60 degrees this weekend, it was lovely. This morning was a rough start!

ForeverMoore on

I CANNOT wait till I am back in pre-pregnancy shape …but my son is so worth it! She looks insanely fabulous…jealous!

Anonymous on

Thursday- RFK and right. And Nicole said it was her FRIENDS that were saying that (to her) not her!

Allison on

lol yes it was in the 50s and 60s this weekend here in the northeast. Seems like someone hasn’t been watching the news, or stepped outside much – the temperatures all over the country have been flipped upside down.

Shay on

I always thought i would balloon up when i had a baby but that wasnt the case. With all 4 of my kids i was nothing but belly and was in my old jeans a week after each baby. Thanks to breastfeeding i would even go a jean size smaller by week 2. But yea she definitely hit the genetics jackpot.

amw on

she looks great. she said after the birth of her son that credit for her post-baby body went to genetics. she wasnt trying to give other reasons. cant wait to see pics of willa.

Keli on

Aww she looks great. I wished I looked that good now, lol and I have an almost 8 and a four year old. I got some stubborn jiggle that ive accepted is here to stay but like someone said about the possibility with her shirt, the right clothes can hid anything.

Also for some reason I wasnt really feeling the name willa a few days ago when I heard it, but I am really loving it now.

Tara on

WOW Thursday sounds to be like you need to get laid!!

kjc on

She might also be wearing maternity jeans under that shirt. My tummy went away pretty quickly after my son was born, but I kept wearing my jeans for awhile because it held my tummy tighter which felt better, and also helped to hide it!
Either way, she looks great! And I live the name – it was near the top of my girls list.

Mel on

She looks great! It’s probably a combination of genes and being healthy during her pregnancy. I’m still trying to lose pregnancy weight and my baby is 2..LOL I gained 62 pounds from conception to delivery date. A combination of fertility drugs and believing eating for two meant cheesesteaks and strawberry milkshakes..LOL The first 40 pounds melted away, but these last 22 are hanging on for dear life. Next time I’ll know better.

sat on

Impressive! Congrats!!

Amanda on

Holy crap, Thursday. You call someone out for being what you perceive as mean to a pregnant celebrity and then proceed to call that poster names and wish very serious medical conditions on her. There is a lot of meanness here, without a doubt, but your comment may truly take the cake. I think a dose of the golden rule and some regular human decency are what you need. Geez.

Tara on

umm, she looks better than me & i don’t have any children! boo hoo

Kat on

I was in the room when a friend of mine had her baby. Literally an hour after the baby was born, her tummy was so flat it looked like she never had a kid. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. A week later, her face lost the slight pregnant puffy look she had. She was literally all belly while pregnant, and everyone thought her baby would be tiny. Her daughter was well over 7 lbs. Being that small after having a baby just happens sometimes, especially to women with a very high metabolism, who are naturally very slender to begin with.

Marsha on

Why do we glorify these women being stick figures after giving birth? It has been TEN DAYS, people. Good grief.

Rachel on

I wonder if a pic from the side would show her belly.

misha1980 on

i wore my jeans home from the hospital, with both of my kids! Was all baby so once bub was out there was nothing left but saggy skin which is easily hidden. I wore my normal clothes right the way through my pregnancies also.

Janna on

I don’t think she looks like a stick figure. She’s just naturally thin, didn’t gain a ton of weight, and wearing a shirt that doesn’t show her stomach.

She looks great, period.